Statement of intent

Statement of intent


Statement of intent is also known as the statement of purpose. There is a need to write the statement of intent or statement of purpose referred to as SOP if you wish to seek admission in a university and must be sent with the application.


What is it?


A statement of intent is essential to be sent with your applications if you wish to graduate school, e.g., M.A. in Economics, or a PhD in Physics. Most applications of the graduate schools will prompt the topics to discuss, but in case there are no topics specified, here is the guideline that the schools may be looking for:


  • Write a SOP maintaining a double spaced statement for 1-1/2 page or single spaced statement leaving more gaps between paragraphs.
  • Why you wish to apply for this program
  • How do you think your experience in work or academically support you to enter this program?
  • Professionally, what is your plan to do earning this degree


The statement of intent must focus on the academic subject to be pursued. The Admission committees are not keen in knowing if you enjoyed the subject or if the new graduate school will be fulfilling or challenging. They just wish to understand how committed candidate you are and are you truly motivated and prepared to pursue rigorous study. This is an opportunity to reveal you as a committed and serious applicant.


General guidelines


A statement of intent should represent your goals and ideas, while your aim should be very clear showing you have a distinct sense of that you wish to do and also enthusiasm to pursue the chosen study. Your essay must reflect your abilities in writing; reveal your focus, clarity and your depth in thinking.


Before writing anything, consider that your reader may be considering. The Admissions committees may evaluate several things from your statement, including:


  • Commitment and motivation to this study field
  • Writing ability
  • Work or Research experience
  • Areas of interest
  • Expectations towards the program and career
  • Long-term and immediate goals
  • Educational background
  • Reasons stating pursuing graduate education in a specific field
  • Personal uniqueness of what diversity you would add



Two main approaches towards writing the statement of intent begin with:


Organizing an essay


Outline the points to cover and expand them. Put the ideas on a paper as it comes to your mind, keep going over them, if required eliminate sentences and ensure to attain a logical sequence. Making an outline will ensure to achieve a well-organized essay. If you wish, you can ask someone to evaluate your essay or take guidelines from friends who are successful in getting their admission in graduate schools. They will tell the things to stress and how to keep brief. However, you have to decide presenting yourself in the best possible way.



  • Introductory paragraph should be strong to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Maintain reasonable length, not over two pages
  • Keep double space or 1.5 and legible size and font
  • Include on each page your name.
  • Be truthful.
  • Ask several people to review your sop before submitting.



  • Explain why low score in exams
  • Use third person
  • Be overly humorous
  • Use multimedia presentations