sponsorship for employment visa

Some Facts about Sponsorship for Employment Visa Status

When you are looking for an employment visa in United States you also have to know about sponsorship for employment visa status. If you are a foreign worker and is looking forward to get United States employment visa then you will require a company sponsor for travelling and working in United States.

By the term sponsorship for employment visa status you mean that a foreign worker gets permission to work in the states as it is sponsored by a company. US employers hire foreign employees for working in specific position. For this they ask for H-1B visa status for each employee.


Why is sponsorship required?

With the help of H-1B visa you can work in US as per their job based criterion set by the U.S. citizenship and Immigration services. As a foreign employee you must have at least bachelor degree or above. There are certain degrees that will give you a good chance of working in US. This is applicable for those positions whose demand is high in United States. Such bachelor degree includes degree in engineering, technologies, accounting and others. The employer sponsors must show that they have requirement of specific talent who are able to work at an expertise level.


Is there any problem associated with Sponsorship?

Once you get sponsorship for employment visa status from an employer you can go to United States and start working over there. Apparently there is no such problem in it, but if the sponsored employer goes out of business then you may have your visa revoked.

In such you may be asked to return to your country as your sponsor is no more running their business. However, there are certain exceptions to it and you can take help of a lawyer there who will suggest you what can be done then.