how to search job Canada


Effective ways of job search in Canada

Many job seekers want to know “how to search job Canada”. Those who want to get job in Canada should have the patience to wait for a few months. Before trying for job the job seekers should have clear idea about the work culture in Canada and also the expectations of the employers.

Those who want to know how to search job Canada may make use of various resources that provide information regarding job search and support to job search. The job seekers in Canada can get important information from the website about searching and applying for jobs. For information regarding employment in particular province they can refer province’s or territory’s website for newcomers. Job seekers can adopt different methods to search jobs in Canada. Many companies post the job opportunities on the company’s website. Hence job seekers should concentrate their search in the websites of the companies where they prefer to get job. The job seekers may also contact the employers directly to find out whether they intend to recruit manpower.


Different ways of job search

Those who attend the job fairs in the respective city or town get a lot of information and ideas about how to search job Canada. Besides searching the career websites one has to go through the classified columns of local newspapers also. The Job Bank is another popular site where every day not less than 2000 job opportunities are posted. Those who want to know about the job opportunities in the federal public services may visit either or the Public Service Commission website. Those who know how to search job Canada will also search the sites of various recruitment agencies and also the nearby Service Canada Centre. Gathering information regarding employment opportunities from friends and relatives who are working in Canada is also a way of job search in Canada. Job seekers who have a network of contacts will find their job search easier and also by way of Networking they can search for jobs in the hidden job market. By way of Networking the job seeker can send the message to a lot of people that he or she is in search of a job. While learning about how to search job Canada, the job seekers should also bear in mind that apart from searching online for jobs and going through the employment news pages of the local newspapers there are more effective ways to search for jobs such as networking, making cold calls, information interviews and taking up volunteer works.


Information interview and volunteering

The information interviews are very useful to learn about the work culture in Canada and information interview is totally different from job interview. The information that one gets during the information interview will help him or her to build up the career according to one’s interest and preferences. Those who work as volunteers without pay get very useful work experience. When the job seekers work as volunteers they get the opportunity to develop a lot of new contacts and also they will come to know about various jobs that are not advertised.



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