Sample cover letter for job application

Sample cover letter for job application

Boost the chances for bagging your dream job with the best Application Cover letter

Are you about to apply for your dream job? In those instances, you take every care to make your resume such attractive that it gets you the attention of the recruiter. This is obvious as these days, the professional domain features cut-throat competition and to bag the job, you will require competing with a good number of candidates who will be equally good as you are. How to win over this intense competition? One of the most effective ways is to prefix a comprehensive and appealing cover letter to your Biodata. Fortunately, you can download a sample cover letter for job application pdf online that will serve your purpose gallantly.


What is a job application cover letter and its importance?

Put in simple words, this the application that you will prefix to your Biodata, while applying for any job. Thus, it is a document that the recruiter will get to see, even before they are having a look over your Resume. This is a document that briefly describes your candidature and hence, it will be right to say that this serves as a preface for your Curriculum Viate that follows this document. In other words, this is a communicative document that will narrate your eligibility to the prospective employer and before they move to your Biodata, this document will create some interest in their mind about your profile.Sample cover letter for job application

The discussion made above, establishes the point that this is the most important documentation when you apply for a job. It gets said that the first impression is always the lasting impression. With that said, if the cover letter triggers interest about you in the mind of the recruiter about your profile, they will move to your Biodata with a positive impression that will significantly boost your chances of getting the interview call. Thus, it will be right to say that the Cover letter for the job application is actually the key to open the employment potential.


How to make the cover letter attractive for the recruiters?

Before all other points, ensure that the document reflects tidiness and professionalism. It has to read in a style that  it accentuates your dignity, maturity and above all, your good taste and careful. Refrain from sending a cover letter that is absolutely generic. Hence, even if you can download the sample cover letter for job application pdf from the internet, ensure that you are personalizing it to the extent that it becomes unique for you. In addition, you need to ensure that the language is engaging yet professional and the presentation appeals to the recruiter.



Sample of job application cover letter

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am interested in the (state the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX. I am presently employed as  XXX (state your job title) with XXXX (your present employer’s name). I believe that the experience and skill I have accumulated from this profile, makes me the perfect candidate for the job you advertised.

(State a few skills, expertise, competence you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for. State few of your achievements, rewards and recognition. Explain how this experience will enable you to perform better in your new job and how you feel it would add value to the existing standards of the new employer).

My latest Curricualm Viate is attached along with. I am looking forward to the meeting with  you and interact on this matter in details.

Your’s Sincerely,





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