Resume Tips for Nurse

Resume Tips for Nurse


Here are few Tips to follow to get the job:


  • Concise and Highlight main idea


With really huge amount of candidates to assess or just to scan, hiring manager has limited time to understand who you are and what your main achievements are. That’s why it’s really important to grab reader’s attention to your resume, not somebody else. You should know what information you decided to highlight. Based on our expertise – it should be your career goals and achievements. There is no need to write too much, just create a one-page resume. Try to avoid long sentences and irrelevant information about yourself.



  • Job Objective- not the best approach


Hiring managers are not inspired to write what motivates you to be a nurse or some other stories. Be professional and help hiring manager to call you and ask you some questions or invite for an interview.

Use Career profile instead of objective. It’s like smart and useful profile information of potential candidate for hiring manager. It works well for nurse jobs.



  • Use keywords


If you are looking for a nurse job, add special keywords to your resume to highlight your relevant nursing experience in your resume. Use keywords like ‘’RN’’, ‘’Registered Nurse’’ OR ‘’staff nurse’’ or some other keywords related to this position.



  • Excel or word or other computer skills


Healthcare and Hospitals are using ERM systems now or looking forward to use such system. That’s why it’s really important to show your potential employer what computer skills you have and how well you could cope with such tasks. It is really a good opportunity to win a competition, highlighting such skills like: Microsoft Excel or Microsoft word.



  • Use chronological resume format


The Best resume format you could use is chronological resume format. Why? Because it’s important to know your relevant experience more and job history than your skills. That’s the first thing hiring managers are look at.

No need to list the entire job you worked. Last 3-5 places are more than enough.



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