Resume Tips for Actor

Resume Tips for Actor


Want to get into the world of acting, but don’t know where to start? In addition to having talent and passion, a well-crafted resume is vital to getting noticed and turning heads into your direction. Here are some steps you can take to help you get the jobs you want.


  • Get a headshot.


The headshot it’s the single most important marketing tool for an actor and it’s amazing how many people do it wrong just to cut a few corners. Actors, it’s time to take it more seriously, when that little headshot jpeg pops up on a casting director’s computer you want them to say, “Yes, bring that person in. your headshot is your calling card.



  • Gather information for your resume


An acting resume is completely different from a business one. Don’t try to make your acting skills fit into a business type resume. Know the difference and proceed accordingly.

  • Your professional name. This may be your stage name or real name. This is how you will be known in industry.
  • Your contact information. This must be current and accurate if you want to people have reach you.
  • Your parts. List the roles you’ve played in movies, TV and theatre.  If they’re extensive, include the most relevant ones on the page: where they were performed and in what category (industrial film, advertisement, stage, dramatic film etc.)
  • List all skills. Anything you can do that might come to bear in the world of acting should be here.
  • Your personal information, including your age( required if you are a minor ); your height to the nearest inch, and weight nearest to the 5lbs.



  • Keep it professional


  • Use a clean design and legible, professional fonts. Times and Helvetica are safe choices
  • Keep it concise.



  • Adapt your resume to showcase your most relevant experience if there’s a role you are particularly keen on.


If you are seeking a role on the stage, put your stage experience first. If you are seeking for a role in television, put the television category first. Update it each time you have new experience to add.





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