Resume sample for Court Reporter

Resume sample for Court Reporter



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Performance Summary


  • Result oriented court reporter with 5+ years of experience.
  • Successful track record of handling court matters utilizing computer-aided technology and stenographic equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet transcription deadlines.
  • Articulate and persuasive in creating and maintaining a precise record of proceedings and providing clerical secretarial support to the judicial officer.
  • A diplomatic individual who is recognized for handling the situation effectively when court proceedings become emotional or volatile.


Core Competencies



  • Courtroom processes and ethics.
  • Legal terminology and procedures.
  • Computer equipment and software.
  • Confidential information maintenance.
  • Shorthand 200 words per minute.
  • Courtroom transcription creation.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.



Key Achievements


  • Typed or prepared 100 judicial documents in a single day.
  • Promoted from court apprentice to court reporter with in few months of joining following excellence in learning about the legal system and performing duties akin to clerkship and transcription.
  • Redesigned and implemented a more effective record systems keeping in mind accuracy and confidentially.


Professional Experience


City of Henderson, Henderson, NV

Court reporter / Assistant court report manager



Assigned to over 55 administrative and judicial hearings as court reporter;

  • Assisted judges with pretrial and post-trial administrative matters.
  • Quickly and accurately produced trial and other legal transcripts.
  • Advised and mentored 70 other court reporters on professional and procedural issues.
  • Selected to serve as reporter for high-visibility and time-sensitive investigations and documented crucial witness testimony for final report to the president of the US.


Education and certifications


Registered professional reporter (RPR)


Real-time certification


Graduate: community school, Henderson

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