Referee Resume Tips

Referee Resume Tips

An umpire or a referee is responsible for declaring the final result of sports. There will always be a need of career as umpires/referees to officiate at the sporting events and make sure that the game played is fair.


The tasks performed in the career as referees/ umpires are:

  • The referee has to reward points, give scoring penalties, and declare the final result.
  • The referee has to keep a track of the event time.
  • The referee has to locate him in such a way that he can be able to see the action in the best way.
  • The referee should scrutinize equipment’s for infringement.
  • The referee should always understand the game pre-requisite and the strategies of that game.
  • If there are any problem, a referee or an umpire always consulates the problem with other empires or even with the coaches and players and even shares information.

Qualifications Required

Qualifications required for a career as a referee is tougher as compared to an athlete because fewer people make their living as sports official as compare to that of an athlete or a player. A good way to get your foot on the door is to take on a part-time job at the lower level i.e. at the high school level.  To make a career as a referee/ umpire you should have your high school diploma because it is required for some professional referring jobs.

Other necessary skills

  • A referee or an umpire has to be an excellent communicator.
  • He/she must be attentive and alert with excellent presence of mind.
  • A career as referee/ umpire must have good vision.
  • Ability to make imperative decisions quickly and at the right time.
  • Knowledge of multiple languages is superfluous as teams might belong to various parts of the world.

Job progress

The career as referee or an umpire can gain progress in the same field. They can turn into coaches and trainees as well. Veteran professionals can establish their own sport academics. Even after retirement, a referee or an umpire can get involved in sports like golf and tennis where only instructions are required.  


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