Receptionists interview questions

Receptionists interview questions


If you wish to prepare well for an interview, you need to look into the details of some Receptionists interview questions and get prepared.


Question 1: Why should you be hired?

This is the key question which allows you to demonstrate your ability and strengths. You would need to tell the interviewer that you have some unique strengths and skills which can fit you for the job as a receptionist.


Question 2: Do you think teamwork is important in the job of receptionist?

Usually, the answer should be yes. It is because it is impossible for the receptionists to forward the calls and appointments without cooperating in a team with other secretaries or other staff of the company.


Question 3: What computer skills do you have?

You should have stated the information in the resume and you just need to state them again verbally and give some elaborations on some programs or computer skills which are not common.


Question 4: Which company did you work before?

Again, the information should have been stated in resume. You are expected to tell the reason why you quitted the job and tell the comparison between the previous company and the one that you are applying for.


Question 5: Tell me an example that you helped somebody else.

This question is not specific to the work. You can give any type of real world example to support your argument and you can give a good impression to the interviewers if you tell something interesting.


Question 6: Describe a job that you think is the most demanding in your life.

You have to prepare this question in advance to ensure that the job is not too easy. If you think that it is the most demanding in your life but it is actually very basic from the receptionist perspective, you would not be hired.


Question 7: Describe a decision that you are proud of making it up till now.

Usually, you need to quote some of the experiences in your previous work and describe your role in that event. You need to tell the unique thing that you have done and the change of the outcome due to your good decision.


Question 8: How would you reduce stress?

Conflict management and stress management is important for people who have to deal with clients all the time, such as receptionists. Therefore, the question aims at asking you the ability to reduce stress well.


Question 9: How would you learn from this job?

Sometimes, it is hard to find fun from the job as a receptionist. Therefore, you have to answer the question well to show that you can find fun from the job and you would not leave the job so easily.


Question 10: What is the appropriate working hour in your mind?

You should read the advertisement about the job recruitment in advance and find the working hour required by the job. Then, you can fit yourself into this requirement. This would be the question which tests whether you understand the basic work requirement.