Questions to ask interviewers

The right questions to ask interviewers


The interview process is never a lopsided proceeding where you are just bombarded with a lot of questions by the interviewers and you answer them and leave. When you succeed in establishing a very good relationship with your interviewers, you will be in a better position to land the job. This might not mean wooing, though the concept of purposeful wooing for a job is not bad anyway. But you might be interested in knowing some other things about the post you are applying for and the firm in question. Questions to ask interviewers will make you access the firm and know whether they will really give you what you want if eventually you work with them.


The questions to ask interviewers will normally come when the interview is coming to the close and should not be used to interrupt the interviewers when the interview is still going on. You should try always to ask questions that you need their answers and the ones you are sure to get the answers. Questions to ask interviewers should not be very rude and intruding and should not evoke bad feelings. Also ask questions that will portray the level of research you have done and the level of knowledge you have about the firm in question. They should not be about salaries, benefits, leaves and vacations. They don’t tell well about you.


Questions to ask interviewers should include, how would you explain the responsibilities that come with this job? Is this position new? What did the person who handled the job before achieve? What is the management style of the firm and is this going to be a team work or for the individual? Will the job involve much travelling and when can I expect to hear from you? These are the most appropriate questions to ask interviewers.


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