Purpose Of A Cover Letter


Purpose Of A Cover Letter

The sole purpose of a cover letter is to provide a personal introduction of you to the potential employer. It is bound to give the hiring manager that reason to have a look at your Curriculum Vitae and want to hear more from you. It is that instrument that will most likely guarantee you that interview which you are looking forward to. It is good practice to always accompany your resume with a cover letter. It basically acts as magnifying glass that focuses the attention of the hiring manager on your skills and experiences.

It is a tool that should provide answers to a number of questions that the hiring manager might have. Some of the questions that a cover letter is meant to answer include whether you have the right skills, the right attitude in regards to working for the company, experience, abilities, and also your interest for the job in question. You cover letter also help the hiring manager in determining whether you and the company have a point of convergence or rather are your goals matching those of the company. These are key fundamental questions that form the core purpose of a cover letter.

Something that might not be known to many job seekers is that an employer is able to read in between the lines in your cover letter and even discover more about you than you can imagine. This is attributed to the fact that a cover letter displays other side of you such as your flow of thoughts, your communication skill displayed by how you structure your information, the grammar and spelling ability which shows how keen you are on details. The cover letter just displays a lot about an individual seeking employment nevertheless, it core purpose is to shift the employer’s attention to invite you for an interview and consequently hire you hence, give it your best

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