What does PS mean in a letter

What does PS mean in a letter


A very common question is what does PS mean in a letter? It refers to Postscript. This is an afterthought coming to your mind after the completion and signing of a letter. This term is an expression that states ‘written after’.


Position of PS

Once you know what does PS mean in a letter, it is important to know the position of PS, where it must appear in a letter.


  • This is an afterthought and very much likely it will appear at the letter end.
  • Directly enter the P.S below the signature and it means you are offering additional information.
  • Very importantly, keep the P.S. short in a sentence or two.


A postscript refers to a passage at the letter end, following the signature. It makes sense in the letter context composed by hand or even on a typewriter, to put up an afterthought when your letter is finished, and you cannot retype or rewrite the entire thing and get the signature.


In a letter, “P.S.” represents post scriptum, the Latin phrase, meaning “after writing.” It reflects that the text marked with P.S was added after the completion of writing of other material, often an afterthought. It typically is seen at the letter very end, usually below the signature.



There are several reasons in a letter to add after thoughts and this is known as postscript in English. The need for this inclusion comes when something is recollected or remembers right before mailing the letter and there is no reason to hold the afterthought until the future communication. Moreover, if the afterthought relates to the subject of this letter, there is no point in delaying. It is better late than never and is rightly done by adding a P.S.  For instance, you happen to remember your house number has changed, though the address is the same. This is important and now the old number may not be valid, in case of return mail. So, it is important to add the P.S. stating the new number in place or the old number.


Adding a Personal Touch

A postscript may be included to make a formal communication with an informal touch by adding in the P.S, a hello to your family and love to kids. This reveals an existence of a personal connection with the writer to the reader. Postscripts are used occasionally in pre-printed letters to form a response and this is added as a personal note. In business communications or correspondence, the addition of P.S has no place or is really rare.



Seeing a P.S. written is uncommon and it is also written as PS. however, writers who know what PS mean in a letter also should be careful in using the postscript. It may be useful and a charming or useful writing tool at times, but is irritating if it turns to be a habit. It is best to note all the points and pen it in a letter than adding it as a P.S. Ensure to make the addition of P.S, rare.

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