The Most Popular Physician Blogs in America

The Most Popular Physician Blogs in America


Are you looking for the best healthcare blogs available? If so, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up our favorites and have listed them in an easy to understand format. Each blog is written by a physician and covers a number of healthcare topics, including primary care, oncology, innovation in the medical field, life after a medical career, motherhood and much more. Continue reading to learn more about each of these blogs.



  1. Medinnovation – This is a blog by Dr. Richard Reece who believes in improving and controlling health through innovation. You will learn how physician practices, health reform and medical innovation work together to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Reece is a pathologist, speaker, innovator and author that often covers the current healthcare issues, the latest medical innovation and the topics everyone is talking about in the healthcare field.


  1. – DoctorCPR is one if not America’s top medical jobs board, providing an array of great jobs as well as practical resources for those in the medical area. The site’s blog alone is highly lauded and the array of quality jobs online vast.



  1. db Medial Rants – Robert M. Centro, an academic general internist at the Alabama School of Medicine named himself db, which stands for “da boss” and Dr. Bob. This fun blog is filled with daily musings about ethical debates and will help you get in the “know” while getting a good belly laugh. Visit for more information.


  1. MomMD – MomMD is dedicated to supporting women in medicine by offering career-related and health-related advice. Here (, you will find discussions that women doctors face, including career choices, family planning and much more.


  1. The Doctor Weighs In – This blog is filled with long postings from medical students and physicians who discuss both clinical and nonclinical issues surrounding healthcare. Patricia Salber, an emergency room physician and internist, is the blog owner and offers personal accounts of cancer patients as well as the impact of healthcare policies on both patients and physicians.


  1. Dr. Wes – Dr. Westby G. Fisher is a cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist and internist who offers readers peaks into his life. Each post is opinionated and long, which can provide you with the information that you or a family member needs. You will learn detailed information on things like Obamacare and pacemakers on this blog. (


  1. Mothers in Medicine – Mothers in Medicine is a blog ran by a group of women who are practicing medicine while raising a family. You will find posts on the challenges facing mothers in medicine when trying to juggle caring for their patients and tending their children. The doctors will answer your medical questions on categories such as motherhood, career choices and breastfeeding.


  1. ZDoggMD – Dr. Zubin Damania’s blog is entertaining and a great place to have a good laugh. Here you will find a mix of music, entertainment and humor that helps to educate you on the hottest items in medicine. Take a scroll through ZDogg MD to learn about medical care via parodies and other enjoyable videos.