Police Officer Resume Sample

Police Officer Resume Sample

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Former police officer with 15 years of experience in investigation and preventing crime enforcing public safety and maintaining a visible presence for the prevention of crime looking to use skills to continue to serve and protect the community.


Areas of Expertise


  • Crime Investigations
  • Hazard Discovery
  • Court Documentation
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Vigilance
  • Criminal detention
  • Witness presentation
  • General security
  • Emergency assistance
  • Report processing
  • Offender identification
  • Communication


Work Experience


Police Officer may 2010-may 2020

City of Los Angeles police department   Los Angeles, California


  • Observed, investigated and apprehended violators of laws and public safety.
  • Took immediate action upon discovering public hazards and illegal activity.
  • Responded to emergency situations and calls.
  • Frequently supported EMS services and fire department in emergencies.
  • Used local traffic laws to direct traffic and pedestrians at designated posts.
  • Issued tickets to violator of Local law.
  • Impound vehicles because of an infringement of a law.
  • Performed impromptu inspections of public establishments to ensure adherence to rules and regulations.
  • Trained in necessary procedure such as first aid.
  • Provide security at community events including open house church functions street fairs and public meetings.




Bachelor’s degree- Criminal science (year of graduation)

Anna University, Chennai


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