phone interview

How Phone Interviews Can Help You to get a job?

When a company starts hiring they generally go through the phone interview and then face to face interview.

The reason behind phone interview??

Nowadays whenever company posts some job there is huge competition for that, because there may be plenty of the applicants are qualified for that job. Therefore it becomes difficult for the hiring manager to select the applicants only by their resume so they conduct the phone interview to see the personality and skills they are looking for their company.
when recruiter or hiring manager conducts phone interview they accomplish certain things in the candidate. with the help of phone interview, they check your phone skills. They need to sure whether you are good in making phone calls or not. During a phone interview, there is a mutual exchange of information. Therefore you have an opportunity to exchange your views and knowledge about the company that determines you to be interested in the job.

Preparations before the phone interview.

When you start applying for a job while sending your resume, you should prepare your mind that in the near future you will get a phone interview . Therefore certain thing you should keep in mind and brace yourself for the interview.
1)Google company-
To gain success in the phone interview it is important that you should know about the company and the job requirements.
During the phone interview recruiter might ask you about the company and if you confidently answer his questions and show interest that you know about the company goals and tell them your strategies to increase their goal requirements definitely increase your chances to get the job.
2) Make cheat sheet-
This is the main advantage in the phone interview that you can make the cheat sheet and keep it in front of you while giving the phone interview. In the cheat sheet mention your skills, experiences, your hobbies, and accomplishments so that when hiring manager will ask you about it, you don’t forget anything important.
3) practice is important-
It is obvious that you are nervous during the interview that makes your speech little slow and breaks, therefore before the interview gives a call to your friends and ask them to take interview on the phone and tell you where you need an improvement.This will help you to remain alert and confident during the phone interview.

How to answer during phone interview??

– whenever you are expecting a phone call always answer with your name. It looks professional and the person on the phone will impress with the way you talk. For instance, always answer like this is ________.
– the way you are talking reflects your body language, therefore it is important to talk confidently and with enthusiasm.
– During the phone interview you have very less time to share your skills and accomplishments, so be short and answer the questions very wisely and be honest.
– It is a good thing if you note some points which are being told by the hiring manager. They will help you in the face to face interview and put a good impression on the recruiter.
– Ask for follow-up. This demonstrates that you are interested in the job and you have paid attention during the interview.
– try to make a good impression and always end your call on the positive note. After the phone interview, send thank you email note and appreciate him taking time to talk to you.
These tips will help you how to stand out in a phone interview and help you to get job offer easily.

The common expected question during phone interview??

*Are you willing to relocate for this job?
*will you travel for this job?
*Why we will hire you? give a reason?
*Tell me your strategies to increase the company goals?
*If you are hired, when will be your availability?
Therefore, before interview prepare yourself with these expected questions so that during the interview you will not confuse and give an honest reply.