Perfecting Your Medical Resume

Creating an Exceptional Medical Resume
Job seekers should consider their resume to be their calling card when they are searching for a job. Since CNN Money notes that it takes recruiters less than five minutes to decide if a resume makes the cut, your medical resume should immediately grab the attention of the person glancing at it. This is particularly important as the medical field continues to experience growth to the tune of 38 percent in 2015.
Resumes should always be tailored to the industry as well as the particular job that is being sought. While it can be tempting for a busy job seeker to bang out a boilerplate resume and simply change a few details for each job opening, this is not the route that is recommended by experts in the field. This is especially true for the medical industry because so many of the available jobs are specialized.
Creating the perfect resume for a medical career is typically a multi-step process. Depending in the position desired, an open position might call for curriculum vitae, also called a CV, instead of a resume. A CV is typically appropriate for medical staff while a resume is ideal for support personnel. Crafting both involves focusing on the relevant keywords that are noted in the job description. This helps a CV or resume to meet the parameters set by tools that use keyword matching. While describing your medically related experience is crucial to obtaining a job, do not forget to include other relevant work that is not directly related to health care, for instance, customer service.
After fleshing out the resume with a personal statement highlighting your unique talents, and all relevant classes, seminars and job experience, hopefully it will be time to prepare for the interview. Be sure to dress professionally and be clean, neat and on time. Follow up with the interviewers by sending a thank you note immediately afterward. Carrington College knows that crafting a professional medical resume is essential to landing the job, which is why they put together the following infographic, “Career Guide: Perfecting Your Medical Resume.”




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