Perfect job application cover letter for Career change

The perfect job application cover letter for Career change

At any point in your professional career, for reasons whatsoever,  you might consider a career change. These are the instances that you need to approach tactically. So far the art of applying for a career changing job is concerned, the job application cover letter is going to play a major role. It is for the reason that your Biodata may not include the experience and skills that are considered necessary for the job, you are applying to. Hence, it is the cover letter that can cover up those shortcoming and trigger interest about you in the recruiter’s mind.  In these instances, you may follow the sample cover letter for career change to form the perfect job application cover letter.



How to write the perfect job application cover letter for career changes?Sample cover letter for job application

Following are the key tips in this regard:

  • Emphasize on the transferable skills that you hold: You need to uphold the skills and competence you hold that will enable you to bridge the gap between your present and future job.
  • Uphold you performance and achievement strongly: a proven performer is expected to taste success in all of his/her endeavors. Hence, uphold your superlative performance and achievements, without sounding too much promotional.
  • Express how much you are passionate for this type of job and the Company: honestly explain the reason that made you to opt for a career change and express that you are passionate for the Company with credible reasons to back your claim.
  • Most importantly, you should express your confidence about meeting the demand of the new job and state the factors that make you the ideal candidate for this job.

While looking for the sample cover letter for career change, you can seek professional assistance from CV writing services. Alternatively, you can opt for the templates that you can personalize as per your needs.

Sample Job application Cover letter for Career change

Candidate’s Name

Candidate’s Address

Candidate’s Phone Number

Candidate’s Email address


Dear Mr/Ms……(last name)

The letter is to express my interest and passion about the profile of XXXX (mention the job profile) as you advertised in XXXX (mention the source). I found the opportunity to be really awarding and I strongly believe that I have got the necessary  qualification, exposure, skill and abilities to be considered for the position.

Although, I am presently serving as XXXXX( your present Job profile) with XXX (your present Employer), I have the necessary skills that will enable me to adopt with this transition, if I am selected to serve your organization in the similar capacity.

In my present job role, I have been consistent with my performance and I have been among those professionals in my organization who have always been appreciated for their commitment and consistency towards the job. Most humbly, I would state that I was conferred with the following awards and recognition that will establish my worthiness for the job you advertised:


(State few of the professional award you won and narrate about your key achievements)


I believe, the term success is the reward a professional earns once he/she is willing to move out of the comfort zone and willing to take new challenges. Needless to say, I am passionate about being a part of your organization and the job you advertised, has always been the profile I had admired.

My Curriculum Viate is attached with this letter. I am eager to appear for a personal round of discussion with you to discuss about my skills and competence and taking a step ahead to the job you have advertised.

Thanking You