Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs are those jobs that let anyone work less than 40 hours a week, generally 20-25 hours a week or set by employers and these jobs are very ideal for students and parents  and many people  use it as a temporary job till they get a good one.

Many people look for part time jobs instead of full time jobs as they want to either give more time to themselves or family or sometime they are looking for a second job.


part time jobs
part time jobs

Popular part time jobs from home

Part time jobs, many a times goes together with work from home jobs. Many people prefer working from home due to various reasons and they make it as either their part time or full time jobs.

People really make good money by working part time from home. They find these jobs by searching online for part time jobs or by friend’s network.

Some of the very popular work from home part time jobs are :

  • Childcare Worker :Good childcare workers is very popular amongst teens and moms looking to make extra money by spending few hours taking care of other children.
  • Tutors : With the high demand of getting good grades in schools, there is a huge demand and opportunities for tutors.
  • Answering Service/Scheduler: This also referred as virtual assistant and entails answering incoming calls from offices and look at schedules.
  • Freelance Writer: This job is mainly to write blogs, technical writings, articles and press releases for a company.
  • Sales specialist/Online marketing: These jobs includes making cold calls, appointment settings  and promoting business online via different means , like social media marketing, email marketing and so on.
  • Web developer: Many developers work as a part time worker to design and develop websites and web applications.



Popular part time jobs for students

Apart from work from home or online jobs, part time jobs are very popular amongst students also.Students, especially who come from other countries are very much dependant on part time jobs to complete their studies.Again there is lot of competition and restrictions among these part time jobs.

Here is the list of good part time jobs preferred by students:

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Tour Guide
  • Paid Research Assistant
  • Grader
  • University Book Store Employee
  • On-Campus Administration
  • Campus Tech Support
  • Academic Department Assistant
  • Peer Tutor

Companies popular for Benefits

Many people think that these part time jobs have no or very less benefits but it are not totally true.Some companies have very good benefits schemes for part time job employees also.

Few of companies which I know has good benefits are:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Starbucks
  • Costco
  • U-Haul
  • Whole Foods
  • Lowe’s

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