higher paying jobs

Keep an Eye on Your Skills for Getting Higher Paying Jobs

Career opportunities nowadays have changed from what it used to be earlier. Presently if you think that the highest paying jobs include doctors, pilots or chartered accountants you are wrong! Numerous creative fields have also evolved over the year and all of them have some or other options that will pay you highly.


Reasons for variation in pay in every field

In every field whether it is creative or technical there are many opportunities. Thus, whether you are working as a creative person or a technical one you can look for highest paying jobs in your field. There is plentiful reason that has raised the demand for various jobs in every field all over the world.

Like, as the world is now a global village and hence when you become a Graphic designer in UK, you can easily seek work from Mexico or any other place in the world. This is mainly possible because internet has made connectivity easier for people and irrespective of the place you live in you can look for jobs or sell your skills online too!


Advice for getting higher paying jobs

There is no limit to success and the job that seemed highest paying jobs to you today may become less tomorrow. Thus, you must always be in a process so that you can change to a higher paying job. For that the following may help

  • If you want to increase your pay package then you also need to develop your skills. Thus, always keep an eye on your soft skills. Develop it and for that you may have to work on your verbal and non-verbal communication skill.
  • Networking is important as higher paying jobs are often filled through the people who are in network. Thus, build your reputation in your industry and start building relations. You never know when they may help.


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java developer cv

Express yourself a flourishing candidate through your java developer cv


As everyone knows better that immense need and demand of java is not of eye now and many people of IT field are still conscious to come in this field and make new achievements. This vast field is increasing day by day and many of java professionals are performing outstanding in different sectors and fields of business. However java developer cv plays vital role while going for some interview in some organization or company.


You should fully aware about the job description and responsibilities of a java developer. This is the person who creates web application and he should acquire amount of acquaintances in programming as well as in modular encoding. Java developer cv should also contain the current programming setup and the scrip programming languages.
Assure the owner a suitable candidate


You should write to the owner that you are suitable candidates for java developer job and some unique abilities which you have acquired through experience. You should also have the ability to express the same to the owner. You should write in details all of your technical and interpersonal skills. Your efficiency and productivity for the firm or company should also be mentioned.


You should assure the owner that you are professionally dedicated and can face any of the challenging environments. You should also write that you have good command on all important applications and know completely about OOP and the modular programming language. Web application development is very element and you should also get a sufficient experience about it as you may be asked questions for selection of java developer. You should leave no stone unturned in preparing a good java developer cv.


Experience of developing applications for big businesses


Every owner will must see that from java developer cv that if the organization could capture business from big industries or firms due to your entry. You should write about the experience and confidence to work with top management who could develop the extremely good applications in top organizations. You can learn more tricks and important points about this topic through different websites. You should acquire all the necessary skills to represent a java developer cv.

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Resume Format

Different Types of Resume Format in Use

A resume reflects your professional career and hence is one of the most important documents. Through this document you highlight your academic qualifications, your professional experience and your achievements during your professional career.


To put in simple words a resume is your representative during the recruitment process of corporate world.

When you are about to write your resume you must first decide the resume format that will be followed by you. Depending upon the position you are applying and the profession you can use any one of the resume format. Here are the different types of format of a resume.Example of resume


Chronological Resume

In a chronological resume the details of your jobs and your academics are presented as per certain time frame. This type of resume is best fit for those professional who have worked for quite some time now and has enough experience. With this resume format they can present their experience and academics achievement as per particular time frame. It can be considered as a timeline of an individual where they mention their progress from one job to another.

Functional Resume

A functional resume is good for such professional who has enough experience about any particular responsibility. When you want to highlight your achievements during your professional career the best option is through a functional resume. You may have worked in different companies in the same position but the responsibilities in each have enriched your overall experience and to showcase this functional resume is best option.

 Combination Resumes

It is also known as hybrid resume as this is arranged in chronological order and also highlights the important functions performed by you during your professional career.

You can use any of these formats for writing your resume but one thing is most important. It’s that you should always remember that the facts mentioned in the resume must be precise and should let the recruiter understand your skills.


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Job Interview Advice

 Job Interview Advice

With regard to the increasing competition among uncountable numbers of job seekers nowadays, getting job requires each applicant to go extra mile in preparation and take to some specific job interview advice. You need to be reminded that anytime you are invited for an interview, you are essentially selling yourself. Are you ready to sell inferior quality with unattractive packaging?

Be detailed in all your answer

Try as much as possible not to respond vaguely in case your employer request to know your previous responsibilities in your formal place of work. If you are an artist for instance, it is inadequate to merely say you designed book covers. Always ensure that you are more explicit including collaborating with authors to make their ideas a reality, designing of progressive-style book covers and some more.

Avoid the mistake of repeating what you have already mentioned in job application

In case you are asked to tell them about yourself, ensure that you go beyond the apparent facts like your name, your address, your previous employment, date of birth, and some others. If you merely mention these and then stop there, you have not said anything as far as the interviewers are concerned. Reason being that they are not new to them since they are already stated in your resume. In actual fact, the interviewers are more interested in knowing your areas in interests and the ways you can be effective in your position if you are eventually hired.

Show competence and do not be late to the interview

Coming late to job interview in the height of incompetence and immaturity on the part of the applicants gives the interviewer the bad impression about you. Apart from the fact that you can lose the allocated time, it also gives the impression that you are not taking the job too serious. On the others hand, advised not to come to interview too early as it may show that you are too desperate about the job.

Ensure the you did not malevolent your former employer

In case you are asked the purpose of leaving your previous job, ensure that you did not make any bad comment about your previous working place despite that they do something bad to you. But ensure that you are always on their positive side by just saying that ‘you are looking for higher place of interest in your profession or career where you can have better challenge that can advance you in every bit of your life. Be reminded that if you say negative word concerning your previous company, the interviewer will believe that you can do the same to their company and this could make you lose the job.

Make sure you are corporate in your mode of dressing

It is very important to dress safe by wearing business outfit to the interview in order to show your professionalism. This gives the interview the impression that you put job in an important place. Ensure that you are more presentable and moderate. Avoid using strong perfume which could irritate your interviewer.




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Doctors resume objectives

Doctors resume objectives


Many people think that doctors do not have to look for a job. They think that doctors can always try to get their own clinic and they can operate the clinic by themselves. However, the fact is that most of the doctors would work in the hospital to gain more experiences and knowledge about the field. Therefore, they would still need to get a job through normal job application.


Since it would not be easy to arrange the practical interview for doctors to show their skills and knowledge in the field, the only way that doctors can show their knowledge and passion is to write a good resume. If they can clearly list their expertise and knowledge in the resume, they would have a higher chance to impress the recruiters. Therefore, the key for doctors to get a job is to write the resume which can state clearly about the passion and the ambition of them.


When they present themselves in the resume, they can use the section of ‘objectives’ to do so. In this section, they can put down the objective of the application as well as the objective in their career life. This will definitely help doctors impress the recruiters because they can show that they know the job well. Some people would not pay attention to details when they write this section. As a result, they would make many mistakes in this section. They may not write the right job title in the resume when they apply for the job. As a result, recruiters would usually be disappointed.


There are some examples of Doctors resume objectives that you can consider adopting when you prepare your own resume.


–          To apply for the job of senior consultant in the emergency unit of a local hospital

–          To apply for the position of junior trainee in the hospital

–          To run for the job of doctors in the neurosurgery field of the hospital

–          To apply for the household doctors in the clinic which cares patients

–          To start the medical journey by working as a doctor in the local hospital and be promoted to senior position in 5 years


As mentioned above, it would be necessary for you to state clearly about the job title. If you do not state the job title and the department of the job, it is hard for the recruiters to be convinced that you are applying for the job seriously. Therefore, it is necessary for you to write the objectives in that way.


Of course, you can always write about your personal goal in the medical field. You can state the timeline of your ideal promotion and it would help you a lot in letting the recruiters think that you have ambition.


To conclude, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration while you are writing up a job application. The resume objectives should be clearly stated if you do not want to lose the chance of being interviewed.


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Tips for getting quality links

Job Resume Posting

quality links

Having high traffic to your website is by getting links from various other relevant sites. But the links should be quality links and those quality links will help you gain a high position in the search engines. And, now we will discuss why the other webmasters should link to your site, in fact what prompts them to link to your site. Consider the following options and work on these areas to have high links to your site.

To have Links to your site, you have to provide Links- When you wish to have links to your site you should also provide links to other sites that wish to have links. And certainly, you will see a huge increase in the number of sites that wish to link to your site.

Have the informative Content for visitors – Write some good content, so that visitor finds it more useful and informative. You can even provide some good links wherefrom they can get some more relevant information. And try to open those pages in new windows, so that the visitors are not supposed to leave your page.

Material for Reference – If your website contains some good reference material, then some other webmasters might provide a link to your website in order to provide useful content to their visitors. So, have the good content. Articles – Write down some good articles and make them available for free publication purposes. So, in a short span of time, you will be having a number of quality links to your site

Affiliate Plans – If you offer some good products or services, it is good to have an affiliate plan to get other people sell your products and that too for you. These salespeople will add links to your site so that they can sell your products and collect their commissions

Link Exchange – Link exchange just for the sole purpose of exchanging links is worst. The traffic from such exchange is very poor and returns few visits. Work on both getting and receiving links, and never indulge in link farms or link exchange.

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Recruiter job description


Recruiter job description 


Hiring the best talent in the country according to their capacity is the role of this agency; they make very sure that they will never go in for a bad candidate who has no responsibility towards the job they offer. The BEST is simply what they ask for and they make sure they have them, these agencies have the human resource manager who conducts interviews and takes online tests and thereby places the candidate according to their abilities, this being their main function helps them get recruit the kind of candidate that the company demands. These agencies execute their plan into action, by firstly discussing with their other teammates what kind of a skill they prefer and how to really go about it. They create their own set of description about the job; the candidate’s go through them and understand the needs of the company even before they think of applying.


Description of the job and its types have to be done in the most easier manner, that way even a lay man can understand the importance of these jobs. These agencies want to fill the vacant positions, by keeping them open to their candidates through their job description. They build networks of various kinds to stay connected and help the candidates out in their job selections, they determine to set their mind and face the interview in the right kind of mindset. These job descriptions are done just to explain what kind of jobs the prevailing company is to offer, this is done through providing advertisements in the newspapers or in the television channels. Nevertheless, today these kinds of advertisements are done online with the help of these agencies that easily reach out to every job seeker in any corner of the world. This is their main function through job description.


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Housekeeper resume objectives

Housekeeper resume objectives


Are you interested in working as the housekeeper? There are many types of housekeepers that you can find in the job market nowadays. Many of the housekeepers work in the hotel and help to manage the hotel cleanliness. Since the salary paid for these people is attractive, there are more and more people who want to try applying for the job.


If you want to apply for the housekeeper job, you have to learn about how to write the good resume. Among all sections of the resume, the most difficult part would usually be the career objective. It is because you have to provide sentences to describe your career instead of telling some factual things like the schools that you have attended. Therefore, you may want to know the information related to Housekeeper resume objectives. There is information here and you may find the information helpful.


–          To work as a housekeeper in a hotel and grow with the hotel

–          To apply for the job of a housekeeper in an international hotel

–          Apply for the housekeeper job in hospital with the detail-oriented mindset and strong discipline

–          To help with the cleaning and arrangement of the house and make clients satisfied

–          To work as housekeeper and help the management level to monitor the operation of the hotel in a better way

–          By working as housekeeper, tries to provide more for the hotel group to grow, such as to provide more ideas on the management of the hotel

–          To apply for the job and work as housekeeper in the hotel and be promoted to the executive housekeeper in 6 years time


There are a lot of ways that you can describe yourself through writing the objective section in the resume. You can try to write the objective of submitting the resume and also the objective in your career path. You can try to state the timeline of your work and let the recruiters know your ambition in the future. They would then know that you are going to serve the organization in the long run instead of in the short term. This will persuade them further in giving you the chance to work in the organization. No company or hotels would like to hire short-term employee because they have to teach the staff a lot and they would not want these efforts to be wasted. Therefore, you can try to describe yourself in a way that you would be willing to stay with the firm a long period of time.


Apart from this, you should also pay attention to the role of housekeeper in the careers objective part. You must need to have some skills or mindsets such as the detail-oriented skills in order to obtain the job. It is because you have to be self-disciplined and work carefully. Otherwise, you would make some mistakes and this would lead to complaints from the clients. Then, you probably could not succeed in working for the hotel with customer satisfaction.



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Australian CV Format

Best Australian CV Format That Is Sure To Be Shortlisted




The CV or the resume of a person is highly important, when he/she is looking for a suitable job opening. The first impression of an employer is struck about a job candidate from the detailed information enlisted in his/her CV. So it is very important for anyone to write his/her resume in technically correct manner. Every job seeker should be aware about the ideal Australian CV format, if he/she wants to work in a good position in Australia. Hence, they should learn the techniques of writing a proper resume, for impressing the potential Australian employers.


Important facts that should be present in an ideal Australian CV format


  • The resume should have a simple look, for which it is best to write in Times New Roman or Ariel font, with the font size of letters preferably in 11or12. The heading and each subheading should be highlighted in bold words, to make the CV look smarter.
  • The resume should start with a brief summary of the total CV that contains all the vital information related to the educational and professional details required for a particular position.
  • Many candidates find it a good idea of starting their CV with subheadings, like Career Objective or Career Overview. But as per the Australian CV format, Career Objective should be written after the Career details or the overview. Career Overview is actually the brief summary of the career details, to give quick idea to the recruiters about the career history of the candidate and the Career goal can be added at the end of this paragraph.
  • The key skills of the candidate should be mentioned in bullet points, with one skill mentioned in each point, to make them very easily understandable by the readers, as per the rules of the best Australian CV format.
  • The career history should be written in a separate paragraph, preferably in bullet points. All the details of each employment should be mentioned, including the job title, name of that company, duration of working there, job responsibilities, professional achievements and the reason for leaving that job. It is a good idea to add a brief description of each company that the candidate has worked for. If there is any gap in between the jobs, it should be explained reasonably in the CV.
  • The educational qualifications should also be penned in another paragraph, where all the certifications should be mentioned distinctly in separate bullet points.
  • While writing about the communication skills, it can be termed ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ more comfortably, if worked previously for any customer service center or done any diploma course on linguistic course. Thus, proofs can be provided in support of excellent communicative abilities of the candidate.
  • It is traditional to write date of birth and marital status in a resume, but now many recruiters do not find it necessary to know about the marital status of the candidates, unless it is necessary according to the job criteria. Moreover, according to Australian CV format, the inclusion of date of birth is not so mandatory, but can be added if the candidate thinks it to be necessary.




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Affordable Website Marketing services

internet-marketing services-tips

Affordable Website Marketing services.

Every website needs a good marketing strategy to increase viewers and traffic. It is very important to promote in social media sites also and many are looking for a presence in those sites.


Choose right strategy for your marketing

Again it is important to pick a strategy which suits your business or niche. Your budget also plays an important role in picking this strategy.

Some of the best marketing service gigs in Jobisite

1)write You An internet marketing Plan 

Price: $4 | Duration : 3 days 
I will analyze your website and competition. 
As per your niche, audience, and business, I will write up internet marketing plan for your website…

2) One month professional SEO

 Price: $90 | Duration : 30 days 
I will do one month professional SEO of your website to increase your ranking.If you try it once you will surely buy for next month also after looking at the result.

3) Free Search engine marketing plan
Price: Free | Duration: 4 days
I will analyze your website, keyword, competition and then create
a Search engine marketing plan for your business/website.

4)facebook twitter and google marketing.
Price: $3 | Duration : 3 days
ALL IN ONE.I will promote your website/URL in Facebook in various groups, pages.I will promote your messages via twitter and then in few google pages.

5) free tweet for your service
Price: Free | Duration: 2 days
I will tweet your service/business for free to my 15000 followers

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What is Cancer

What is Cancer

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by ‘out of control’ cell
growth.The word cancer means “CRAB”,thus reflecting the true character of
cancer since it sticks to the part stubbornly like a ‘CRAB’,therefore it is a
mass of tissue formed as a result of ABNORMAL,EXCESSIVE,UNCOORDINATED,AUTONOMO
US and PURPOSELESS proliferation of cells.
When tissue sucessfully spreads the other
parts of body and grows,destroying the healthy tissues it is said to be
metastasized and process is called “METASTASIS”.


Cancer is ultimately growth of cells that uncontrollably grow.Program
med cell death is called as “APOPTOSIS”and when it breaks,cancer begins to
form.It also occurs when cell genes mutate make the cell unable to correct
DNA damage and unable to commit suicide.It is a result of mutations that
inhibit ‘ONCOGENE’ and ‘TUMOUR SUPRESSOR GENE FXN’leading to uncontrollable
cell growth.Cancer also occur as a result of ‘GENETIC PREDISPOSITION’that is
inherited from family members.There are class of substances that are
responsible for damaging DNA are known to be “CARCINOGENS”.When body get
exposed to these carcinogens free radicals are formed,these radicals damage
cells and affect their ability to fxn normally.




  cancer can be classified into five types.”CARCINOMAS”-these tumours mainly covers the internal and external parts likeLUNGS,BREAST and COLON.”SARCOMAS”-These are located in BONES,CARTILAGE,FAT,CONNECTIVE TISSUE and MUSCLES.”LYMPHOMAS”-These tumours begin from LYMPH NODES.”LEUKEMIAS”-These tumours are commonly found in BOMEMARROW.”ADENOMAS”-they arise from THYROID,PITUTARY GLAND,ADRENALGLAND and GLANDULAR GLAND.TREATMENT OF CANCER;        cancer can be treated by various methods.’SURGERY’is commonly performed.In this complete care should be done by surgical removal of cancer from the body part is to be done.’RADIO-THERAPY also plays an important role.In this high energy rays destroy the cancer cells.sometime ‘CHEMOTHERAPY’ give benefit to the patient in which we utilize chemicals that interfere cell division process.’IMMUNOTHERAPY’ aimsto get body immune system to fight the tumours.’HORMONE THERAPY’has been designed to alter hormone production in body so that cancer stop growing orkilled completely.’GENE THERAPY’is oftenly used.PREVENTION OF CANCER;          In order to prevent ORAL CANCER choosing not to smoke tobacco or drink alcohal.SKIN CANCER can be prevented by staying in shade,wear hat,sun glasses or using sun screens.Diet low in fats and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken.certain VACCINATIONS should be taken against viruses that will cause cancer.


Cancer can be treated by various methods.
‘SURGERY’is commonly performed.In this complete care should be
done by surgical removal of cancer from the body part is to be done.’RADIO-
THERAPY also plays an important role.In this high energy rays destroy the
cancer cells.sometime ‘CHEMOTHERAPY’ give benefit to the patient in which we
utilize chemicals that interfere cell division process.’IMMUNOTHERAPY’ aims
to get body immune system to fight the tumours.’HORMONE THERAPY’has been
designed to alter hormone production in body so that cancer stop growing or
killed completely.’GENE THERAPY’is oftenly used.


In order to prevent ORAL CANCER choosing not to smoke tobacco or
drink alcohol. SKIN CANCER can be prevented by staying in shade,wear hat,
sun glasses or using sun screens.Diet low in fats and rich in fresh fruits
and vegetables should be taken.certain VACCINATIONS should be taken against
viruses that will cause cancer.


It depends upon LOCATION and SIZE of tumour.
ORAL CANCER -WHITE PATCHES are found inside the mouth or WHITE SPOTS on tongue
IN LIVER-cancer interfere liver fxn and causes YELLOWING OF SKIN and EYES
called “JAUNDICE”.
BRAIN-when affects the brain it causes VERTIGO,HEADACHE and SEIZURES are seen.
IN addition to these ENLARGED LYMPH NODES are common and likely
to be present as earlier symptom.


AGE:It is the important risk factor that causes cancer.as age i
increases no. of possible cancer causing mutation in our DNA.
CANCER),HIV (weakens immune system and decrease body ability to fight against
infection and increase chance of cancer).

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Dyslexia is a learning disability(certain learning problems like reading,  writing, reasoning) that can hinder a person’s ability to read, write, spell and something speak. Dyslexia is most common disease found in children and persist through out the  life. It is also referred as specific reading disability. The severity of dyslexia vary from mild to severe. sooner the disease is treated ,more  favourable will be the outcome. children with dyslexia have difficulty in learning. It is also defined as a disorder in children in which he fails to attain the language skills of the reading, writing and spelling. Dyslexia primarily affected boys. Dyslexia is a localized problem, one involving the sounds, and not the meaning, of spoken language. Adult dyslexic may be able to read with good comprehension, but they tend to read more slowly than non- dyslexics and may perform more poorly at nonsense word reading and spelling

Dyslexia can undergo undetected during early decades of schooling. The child become frusturated by the difficulty in  learning to read. The child may show signs of depression. Child may become  unmotivated and disliking for school. These individuals typically read at levels significantly lower than expected normal intelligence.


Types/classification of dyslexia or what causes dyslexia

There are several types of dyslexia that affects child ability to spell as well as read. these are

1) trauma dyslexia

2) primary dyslexia

3) secondary or developmental dyslexia


trauma dyslexia

It usually occurs after some form of  brain trauma or injury to the area of brain that controls reading and writing. It is not commonly found in today’s  population.


Primary dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is a dysfunction of left side of hemisphere/ brain rather than damage. It does not change with age this type of dyslexia is passed through families(hereditary) and is more common in boys.


Secondary/ developmental dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is caused by hormonal development during the early stages of foetal development. Developmental dyslexia diminishes as the child matures and it is more common in boys.

Dyslexia may affect several other functions

Visual dyslexia is characterized by number and letter reversal and the inability to write symbols in correct sequence

Auditory dyslexia involves difficulty with sounds of letters or group of letters. The sounds perceived are jumbled or not heard correctly.

Dysgraphia refers to child’s difficulty in holding and controlling a pencil.


Signs and symptoms of dyslexia

The symptoms of dyslexia depends upon the severity of disease as well as the age of individual. Therefore symptoms can be classified as

a) preschool-aged children

b) early primary school children

c) older primary school children


pre school-aged children

the symptoms include

1)delay in speech

2)slow learning of new words

3)difficulty in rhyming words, as in nursery rhymes

4)low letter knowledge

5)letter reversal or mirror writing.


Early primary school children

Symptoms are

1)difficulty in learning the alphabet or letter order

2)difficulty in identifying or generating rhyming words

3)difficulty segmenting words into individual words

4)difficulty in dictating written words

5)difficulty in associating sounds with the letters


Older primary school children

It include

1)slow or inaccurate reading

2)very poor spelling

3)difficulty reading out loud, reading words in wrong order, skipping words and sometime saying a word similar to the another word

4) tendency to omit or add letters or words when reading and writing

Several learning disabilities often occur with dyslexia, these disabilities include

Dyscalculia– in this condition people understand very complex mathematical concepts and principles but difficulty in learning basic maths facts involving addition and subtraction.

Cluttering-a disorder involving both the rate and rhythm of speech resulting in impaired speech.


Treatment of dyslexia

There are many theories about successful treatment for dyslexia, there is no actual cure for it. The school will develop a plan  with the parents to meet the child’s need. Treatment plan will focus on strengthening the child’s weaknesses. Techniques designed to help all the senses work together efficiently can also be used. Specific reading approaches that require a child to hear, see, say or multi sensory should be affective. Computers are powerful tools for these children and should be utilized as much as possible. Child should be taught compensation and coping skills.


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Epilepsy and Its types

epilepEpilepsy is also called as seizures.Brain normally controls the body movements by sending small electrical signals through nerves to the muscles but when the brain sends out abnormal signals resulted in seizures or convulsions. Single seizure that does not  happen again is not epilepsy. Seizures vary from person to person. In some people  there is slight shaking of hand, while other people lose conciseness and there is violent shaking of the entire body. Sometime in some people there may be the symptoms of the seizures called as AURA before the seizure takes place. After the seizure the person does not remember the episode.

During seizure there is sudden and  abnormal high discharge of electrical activity among large number of nerve cells in the brain. Epilepsy is one of the most common disorders of CNS, occur 1 people out of every 100 people before the age of 25 . The word epilepsy is derived from Greek word which means “ATTACK” . During seizure , neuron may fire as many as 500 times a second ,much faster than normal. In some people seizure occurs occasionally but for others , it may happen up to hundred of times a day. Epilepsy is not contagious and is not caused by mental illness or mental retardation. Many people with epilepsy have normal or above- average intelligence .Sometimes seizures may cause brain damage if they are severe.


There are different types of seizures. It is mainly divided into two main forms–

Focal  and generalized epilepsy

focal seizure–

It is also called as Partial seizure and occur in just one part of brain. Seizure mainly describe the area of the brain in which it originate. In simple focal seizure person is conscious but experience sudden or unexplained feeling of joy, anger etc. . In complex focal seizure person looses consciousness and may display strange behavior like blinks, mouth movements, twitches etc. These seizures usually last for few seconds.

In some people, there may be stage of AURA an unusual sensation or warning of symptoms of epilepsy. Sometime focal seizures can be misdiagnosed  with migraine headaches which is also dream like state.

Generalized seizure–

This type of seizure occurs on both sides of brain and in this patient looses consciousness and muscle spasm, There are other types of generalized seizures like

PETIT-MAL generalized seizure–

In this type patient continuously starred into space and there is some jerky or twitching movements occur.

TONIC seizure–

In this type there is stiffening of muscles of body, mostly in back, legs or arms.

CLONIC seizures–

Clonic seizures can cause repeated and jerky movements of muscles on both sides.

MYO CLONIC  seizures–

In this there is twitching of upper body arms or legs.

 A TONIC seizures–

In this there is loss of normal muscle tone. The person may fall or drop his head.


This type is increased by flashing lights, bold, contrasting visual patterns.

ABDOMINAL epilepsy–

It commonly occurs in children. Seizure causes abdominal symptoms.

TEMPORAL LOBE seizure or Psycho motor-

There is change in mood, sensation, autonomic functions like heart rate and salivation.


Seizures mainly affects face and sometimes body.



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Resume Tips for architect

Resume Tips for architect


Marketing your work

A resume is your first opportunity to sell your work and experience to architecture or design firm. Most summer internships and intern architecture position will require a resume and cover letter. Your resume should highlight the key projects and experiences that best represent the skills you will need for the desired position.

Headings for resume sections

Personal Contact Information

List your name, address, phone number and email. Your email address should be professional and include your name. You may also include your personal website, if it professionally showcases your work.


Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing or have earned. Include the institution name, city, state, year of completion of if you are pursuing the degree do mention the completion year& List degrees in reverse chronological order. You may also want to include additional educational experiences, academic programs it can be listed here.

Professional Experience

List any professional experience relating to your field, such as summer internships at architecture or construction firms. Discuss the kinds of projects you’ve worked on such as education or healthcare. List presentations you give or contributed to, clients meeting you attended as an intern or the specifics on your work in a design library.



Within your resume create detailed skills section. Add skills such as design, hand sketching, rendering, schematics and model building. Be sure to highlight your soft skills like customer service, communication, and team building. Construction and carpentry skills are often a plus. Include your experience with computer hardware and software applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe software, Microsoft and others.

Awards and honors

You can also create an awards and honors section that could include your awards, prizes, from design competitions, GPA and on-campus leadership activities and positions.

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Electricians resume example

Electricians resume example


The use of Electricians resume example is for people to take as a guide or reference and learn about the way to draft the good resume. The art of writing a resume is something that you need to learn if you want to have good jobs, particularly in the electricians industry.


Many of the jobs are regarded as electricians. For example, the electrical apprentice would be one of the electricians, who is still having the training for the job. The apprentice would perform the electrical work with the supervision of an electrician who has got the license. Therefore, it would be necessary for you to show that you are able to work under supervision if you are applying for this type of job.


If you apply for the job of a formal electrician, you would need to show that you are willing to learn and you are willing to teach. As mentioned above, you may have the chance to teach some newcomers. If you do not have the ability to communicate with the others well, you probably cannot fit for this job and you would be challenged by the recruiters about your capability to work well.


There are also other skills that you need to show in the resume such that recruiters would know that you worth an interview. For example, you should show that you have got the basic technical skills regarding the work of electricians. You have to be experienced with those skills like reading the blueprints of some work plans.


Electricians resume example


Michael Smith

0009 Street SMC

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 005-239-5970


Career Objective


To obtain the job of electrician where the experience could be useful in achieving the success in the job


Summary of skills

–          Good at using different tools, equipment and material for the job

–          Experienced in maintenance and installation of different networks and electrical systems

–          Comprehensive knowledge about using scissor lifts, forklifts and power tools

–          Able to follow instructions both orally and in written form

–          Good communication skills and is able to communicate with both senior and junior colleagues

–          Fast learner in working and can learn to work effectively


Professional background


Electrician, ADC Company

2009 – Present

–          Handled responsibilities such as repairing, altering, installing and maintaining the electrical conductors, fixtures and fittings for heating and powers

–          Performed work like repairing transformers, electrical generators, motors with other electricians

–          Performed the task of troubleshooting for some of the equipment in the company

–          Assisted the manager to prepare monthly report about the operation of the department


Electrician MEP Company

2007 – 2009

–          Maintained the accuracy of inventory record

–          Confirmed the proper operation of different electrical equipment

–          Assisted the other electricians to identify the malfunction of particular equipment

–          Attended training sessions about the use of new equipment

–          Assisted other colleagues to learn the use of some new equipment


Educational background

High Diploma in Electrical Science,CMSSchool




Available upon request


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Advertising interview questions

Advertising interview questions


There are so many jobs available in the advertising field. Therefore, you would have to prepare the Advertising interview questions before you go.


Question 1: How would your colleague describe you?

This is a question which requires you to think of an adjective about yourself. There are a lot of people who would say a lot of things but they would not give a concrete adjective about themselves.


Question 2: Why do you think you are suitable for the job?

The job advertisement would usually state the qualities that the employees are expected to demonstrate. Therefore, people can mention these qualities when they answer the questions.


Question 3: What is the number of small and medium sized companies in your state?

When you work in the advertising industry, you have to get a basic understanding about the market information, including the target companies that you can locate in your state. Therefore, you should have a brief idea about that. The exact number would not be required but you have to give an appropriate range. s


Question 4: How would you advertise this product?

The interviewer would point at some products in the room. Then, you would need to use your skills to sell the product.


Question 5: What misconceptions would people have on you?

The misconception usually comes from the weaknesses that you have. For example, you may be weak at communication so other people may think that you are not interested in a particular issue. But you can talk a lot when you are invited to talk.


Question 6: What was the job that you worked for the longest time?

In the advertising world, the turnover rate can be high. If you have good capability to work, you would usually be able to work for a single firm for a long period of time. Therefore, you would need to explain if you have a very short term contract with many previous employers. Otherwise, interviewers may think that you are not reliable.


Question 7: What motivates you to work in this industry?

There can be a lot of reasons that you can use to explain for the choice. As long as you find the way to justify your decision to participate in the advertising field it would be fine.


Question 8: Introduce a project that you are proud of.

You need to prepare the basic idea about a previous project and the outcome. You have to mention any difficulties encountered and the way you did to solve the problem.


Question 9: Do you have any career path in this industry?

You can answer like ‘I would like to be the director in 5 to 8 years’ if you are a fresh graduate.


Question 10: How do you deal with stress?

Since the working hour of people working in the advertising industry can fluctuate a lot, it would be necessary for you to explain that you are able to cope with the stress. If you are newly graduated from college, this would usually be the question asked in the interview.


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hypertension and stroke

                                                                         stroke, sometimes called a “brain attack,” occurs when blood flow to an area in the brain is compromised results in the brain cells, deprived of the oxygen and glucose needed to survive and finally die  If not caught early, permanent brain damage can result. People who have high blood pressure are 4 to 6 times   more chances of stroke. Over time, hypertension leads to atherosclerosis and hardening of the large arteries. This, in turn, leads to blockage and weakening of the walls of small blood vessels in the brain, causing them to balloon and burst and leads to hemorrhage.

High blood pressure, is characterized by a persistent increase in this pressure, even when a person is at rest. High blood pressure is also the most important risk factor for stroke  and the leading cause of disability. If left untreated, this “silent killer,” as high blood pressure is often called, is a primary cause not only of stroke, but also of  coronary heart diseases, heart failure, kidney disease, and blindness. 

 Blood pressure is the amount of force that blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels as it travels through the circulatory system. Blood does not travel in a steady flow but is propelled through the blood vessels with the force of every heartbeat. Each time the heart contracts—known as systole—blood pressure rises as more blood is forced through the arteries. Every systole is followed by a moment of relaxation, called diastole, when blood pressure drops as the heart refills with blood and rests before its next contraction. Because pressure in the arteries rises and falls with each heartbeat,  Therefore, if the  blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg, this means having systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg and a diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg.

People below the age of 65 with pre-hypertension were nearly 68% more likely to have a stroke compared to those with normal blood pressure.pre-hypertension is a risk factor for stroke,” which often lead to hypertension, which can damage and weaken artery walls.The strain hypertension places on all the  blood vessels makes them weaken and predisposes them to damage. Once blood vessels weaken they are more likely to block.  This can cause an ischemic stroke and also cause  hemorrhagic strokes when a blood vessel in the brain bursts and blood leaks into the brain.


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Musicians resume objectives

Musicians resume objectives


There could be a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when you try to run for the musician jobs. Since there are too many positions open for application in the music educational field, you may find that it is a bit confusing when it comes to the selection of the job. Therefore, you have to understand well about the differences in the jobs available and choose the right one.


In order to show that you have understood everything about the job application and the position that you are applying for, you should write the resume objectives by including the details of the application. For example, you can state the job that you are running for in the resume objective and you can include your career objective into the resume objective section. This will help you tell the recruiters that you have the knowledge about the application for the job and you are not randomly applying for the job.


There are some examples of Musicians resume objectives that you can put down in your application.


–          To apply for the job of violin teacher in a school which is passionate about music

–          To run for the position of part-time pianist in a music center which cares employees

–          To apply for the flute teacher position in the music center and help the center spread the enjoyment of music to kids and teenagers

–          To promote music through working as the part-time music teacher in the school which supports the development of youth through music education

–          To obtain the job of music conductor and train musicians in a well-developed music center


In order to let the recruiters understand well about yourself, the aforementioned resume objectives should not be missed. It is because the objectives would include part of your personal goal and part of your belief about the company. You should let the recruiters know that you appreciate the firm and you would like to see the firm growing. And you should also let them know that you are willing to stay with the firm to grow with it together. Therefore, you should include these phrases when you write the objective part.


Of course, you should always match your qualification with the resume objective. If you have the skills of playing different musical instruments, you may need to choose one when you write the resume objective. It is because you usually would apply for a specialized job rather than a general music teacher. Therefore, you have to let them know that you would like to teach a particular instrument which matches with the job requirement. You can state that you know many music instruments in the later part about qualification but in that part you should also put the one which best relates to the job at the top priority. This would help you a lot in making a concise application.


To conclude, it is necessary for you to learn to write the good Musicians resume objectives and it will benefit you a lot.


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Electricians interview questions

Electricians interview questions


There are a lot of Electricians interview questions that you would encounter when you apply for the job. Therefore, you should find the right help so you could prepare them easily.


Question 1: What lamp is that?

When the interviewer asks you this question, you would usually be given the lamp. Then, you would need to explain the information about this lamp. For example, you could tell the model of it and the function of it. You could also mention information like the price of it if you know.


Question 2: How many years have you worked in this industry?

Usually, you can direct them to read your resume. If they do not have resume in their hand, you could try to tell them the number of years and the position of you in the previous employers. If you have worked for a long period of time, you should have worked for different projects as different job titles.


Question 3: What is the failure that you have encountered in this job?

You need to tell the thing honestly. If you have suffered a lot in a previous project you need to tell and share the experience. Of course, you are expected to mention that you have learnt something from the failure or otherwise you could not show that you have grown from the mistakes.


Question 4: Are you honest?

If you say that you are not an honest person it is likely that you would not be hired. However, you should add something in addition to mentioning that you are honest. For example, you would need to explain why you think so.


Question 5: Why do you want to work in this field?

If you previously studied some programs which are not related to electricians, it is likely that you would be asked this question.


Question 6: If your co-worker has negative feedback towards you, what would you do?

You do not need to afraid of telling the real action that you would take. But normally you could answer things like you would communicate with them continuously and understand the whole issue before taking further action.


Question 7: How much do you know about the current industry?

You just need to tell everything you know about the industry now so as to show that you are up to date.


Question 8: How to resolve the conflict between colleagues?

If you work in the management level, you need to deal with conflict so you need to tell your steps for dealing with these conflicts.


Question 9: Can you tell me about yourself?

You need to grab the one minute time to introduce yourself well and let them have the interest to ask you follow up questions.


Question 10: Do you have any reference from your previous employer?

If yes, you can let them know and put some of the reference letters for them to read. If you have attached the letters in the previous resume submission, you can remind your interviewer for that.

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Cover letter examples for sales professional

Cover letter examples for sales professional

Writing good cover letters form an integral part of the job. Hence, you should take utmost care to write a good and professional cover letter which presents you and your thoughts and ideas in a lucid manner. In this particular job, your communication skills will be checked, so in a way your resume as well as your cover letter will be checked to know how good can you convince someone to listen to you. However, while speaking you should not appear to be proud or boasting about your features. You should appear polite, decent as well as intelligent. As a person who can express his/her ideas in a polite way and can make the employer understand see to get the job always. If you are still confused as to what sort of cover letter should be provided for a sales professional, here are some cover letter examples for you. See below some cover letter example for sales professionals.



Example of  sales professional Cover letter

Respected sir/madam,

I am looking for a position of sales professional job in your company. I came across the advertisement in ABC News. With years of experience in the marketing field, I am looking forward to new challenges that might help me progress in my career and join your team of experienced professionals.

I have already worked with many types of companies and some of them include boutique, jams and electrical appliances. I also do have knowledge in Italian and Spanish as a language which has actually helped me towards interacting with clients of various nationalities. Other than this I possess good communication skills in other languages.

Presently I am looking to join your team of dedicated sales professionals who can help you with the advancement of your business in a proper way. Hence, kindly consider my application for the position in your company. Please find my resume attached with this cover letter. Please let me know when to expect a call from you.

Thanking you.

With Regards

(name of the applicant)



Example of  sales professional Cover letter

Dear sir/madam,

I have come across your advertisement on ABC Newspaper and would like to apply for the post of sales professional to help out in the business.

With three years of experience in the sales field, I do have some idea about what we should provide the clients with. Moreover I do have ideas about handling clients, dealing with their issues and solving them in a quick and logical way. These are all part of the work experience I have had. In addition to this, I do have some other experiences and the same can be found in my resume attached with this cover letter.

Hence, if you are looking for a sales professional who is experienced, a team player and creative in nature please consider my candidature for the same and let me know when can I expect a cal from you regarding the same. Please find my resume at the end of the cover letter for you to consider.

Thanking You,

With Regards

(name of the applicant)


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Signs and Symptoms of a stroke in dogs

Signs and Symptoms of a  stroke in dogs

Dog stroke symptoms usually appear suddenly and are very different than stroke symptoms in humans. In humans, a drooping face and paralysis on one side of the body is common, this is not common in dogs  Symptoms vary based on the location of the stroke.

Canine stroke symptoms often include:

* tilting of head to the side
*  Loss of  balance, moving in circles and falling over
* whenever call they turn to the wrong way.
* eating out of  one side of the food bowl
* confusion seizure, depression is there
* lethargy/acting tired
* loss of bladder and bowel control
* loss of sight or blindness  occur
* sudden behavioral changes

* lack of coordination

*  Weakness

* Stupor

* disorientation

* Inappropriate urination

* Coma


Severe strokes have additional symptoms such as:

* heart arrhythmia
* collapse

*  house soiling and falling are common

* vomiting regularly

* If the dog is suffering from heat stroke, then it pants heavily and at times, he will  also collapse.

The best treatments for dog stroke is to maintain a healthy           lifestyle, prevent and control the disease from causing more damage to the brain in the future.The prognosis for dog is based on the length of survival of the stroke. Dogs that survive for several days can have a good prognosis and recovery.  The extent of the recovery depends, however, on the degree of the damage to the brain. The long-term outlook depends upon identifying, eliminating or at least controlling the underlying cause of the condition.  If the dog receives proper treatment without any delay, it can recover completely within weeks and can live a healthy life.


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    Don’t Let Your PC Fail You During An E-Course, Use PC Optimization Software

    We are a busy people, no matter where you live in the world. One of the best ways to advance your career and save time is to use Online Universities and getting a degree. The only problem is that sometimes your computer is not up to the task and might crash at a critical time. I personally had to call a professor in the middle of the night to ask for an extension on a test because my computer crashed.

    Don’t make my mistake: use a pc optimization software program like PC Health Boost to make sure it’s not going to fail you at a critical time.

    – What are some of the issues that could happen to disrupt your online education?

    • Computer Failure during a Timed Test – Online courses often require people to take timed tests to make sure that they don’t have enough time to cheat and look up answers. They specifically are designed to keep you moving at a fast pace. If your computer crashed you’d be stuck with begging for an adjustment in time or a retake.
    • Lost Files – A computer crashing at the wrong time can delete your essay or research notes that you’ve been working on. Prepare for tears if this happens.
    • Lost Spirit – Losing work or a test grade makes it harder to continue the important path of finishing your education. You have enough problems don’t let your PC be one.
    • Late Homework – If you can’t use your computer to send in work, it could be late!
    • Failure to Complete Discussion Topics – Online courses often require students to comment in a discussion board… if your PC is offline, no comments, no grade!

    – PC optimization software checks your computer for any current issues.

    • It checks your computer for existing problems with dll files (common files shared by your programs).
    • It checks for registry errors (where everything is located on your hard drive).
    • It checks the programs that start up when you run your PC (this could help you find malware or viruses that slow your computer down).

    – PC Healthboost fixes issues like these.

    Not only does pc optimization software usually scan for issues, it fixes them. Often when people use pc optimization software for the first time, they’ll discover they had many problems that they didn’t know about. These problems with your system might never cause it to crash, but the problem is that they do eventually make your computer run slower. It only takes one crash at the wrong time to ruin your day; using pc optimization software is like insurance for your computer’s operating system.

    Everyone deserves a better pay rate, a nicer job and a stronger education; don’t let an old PC puttering along get in your way. Use pc optimization software to make sure you earn the A’s that you should and let other people get an F when their computer gets a blue screen of death during a test!

    By Erin Walsh

    Guest Author: Erin Walsh loves to blog about anything to do with technology. Thankfully, her “real” job is something that she loves to do, blog about technology! Erin’s blog at PC Health Boost is centered around helping everday computer users solve common computer errors with solutions that anyone can troubleshoot. She offers all of her advice whether you use her pc utility software or not. Hop on over and find out how to speed up you pc, avoid screen freezes, fix dll errors, and more.

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    Fool Proof Dental Marketing Strategies

    When you are running a dental practice, attending to your patients is just one thing on your to-do list. Most of the time, you’ll be racking your brain for different ways to market your practice to prospects and existing patients, alike. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to marketing your practice but there are some universal principles which you can turn to.

    Know what you want.

    When trying to come up with a new marketing strategy, you need to be specific with the goals that you want to achieve. For instance, how many new patients do you expect to have after you launch this campaign and what kind of services do you wish for them to avail of? Setting your expectations right is crucial because this will allow you to calibrate your campaign accordingly.

    Make your patients your prime priority.

    This does not have to be mentioned, but sadly it is often overlooked. There are a lot of reasons why dentists fall short when it comes to taking care of their patients. The recent recession may make them more focused on improving their productivity rather than helping out the patients which they have left. But there are two kinds of marketing – external and internal. You do not just market your practice with the help of ads and billboards but also by satisfying your current patients. Your patients will talk and this can help boost your practice’s productivity through word of mouth marketing.

    Help rather than sell.

    People do not like it when you aggressively sell them something. This is why patients and prospects are often repelled by old car salesman-like speeches. On the other hand, people respond positively when you mean to help them rather than sell to and earn profits out of them. This is why when you’re trying to offer a solution to your patients’ and prospects’ dental woes, help them by presenting a genuinely helpful solution rather than focusing on making a deal. This way, your patients and prospects will learn to trust you.

    Make your patients your partners.

    Don’t be ashamed to ask help from your patients especially the ones who have been loyal to you through the years. Word of mouth marketing is still here to stay, and there are no other people you can rely on to spread the word about your practice other than your patients. So when you feel that they were extremely happy with your service, ask them to refer you to their family members and friends so that you can also help them out just like you’ve done so with them.

    I hope you find my guest post informative. I write about Websites for Dentists and Dental Marketing Solutions. Your interest appreciated, Elliot Pearson dentist websites

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    Australia Jobs With 457 Visa Sponsorship

    Procedures To Get Australia Jobs With 457 Visa Sponsorship


    As per the rules of Australian government, 457 visas are only applicable for the temporary skilled workers of other countries, who want to be employed here for a few years, in suitable jobs that match their expertise. This comes under the category of skilled visa and the foreign applicants need to know about all the Australian jobs with 457 visa sponsorship.


    Requirements needed for getting skilled 457 visa sponsorship


    • Need to be sponsored by an employer, who wants to fill up a nominated position in the company.
    • Should possess the required qualifications, experience and the employment status that match the eligibility criteria for any specific job.
    • Has to be competent enough for any license or registration process that is mandatory for applying for any skilled job.
    • Must justify the reasons why the applicant should be paid the minimum salary package for the applied job at the time of application.


    Steps to be followed for forwarding the 457 visa application


    • First of all, an employer sponsorship application needs to be submitted, for getting Australia jobs with 457 visa sponsorship; but the employer should be an approved sponsor. But the sponsored company needs to be proof its direct involvement in legal business market of Australia and it should recruit the sponsored employee in its direct payroll. The company has also to show how this foreign recruitment will benefit the country, as well as the career of the sponsored employee.
    • A business nomination needs to be submitted by the employer, who is sponsoring his employee for this temporary skilled visa, describing the job profile and the importance of the vacancy that demands recruitment. But this company must have the necessary approval for the sponsorship and it should pay proper salary to the hired foreign employee.
    • Finally, the visa application needs to be submitted to the Australian government, through the Australian Embassy in the country of the applicant. But the applicant should prove that he has got all the essential skills for fulfilling that vacancy.



    Register here to find jobs using free  Job Board Australia

    Australia State Jobs








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    Build your career as an IT professional in USA IT jobs

    want IT job in usa

    Scope of IT jobs in USA

    Information & Technology is one of the world’s leading sectors that have been providing
    employment since many years. Well, when the topic comes about IT, then how can
    we forget USA, which attracts huge number of immigrants in the field of information
    technology in a single year? One can find plenty of opportunities in USA. However, USA
    is counted among the top economies in the whole world and leads other countries in
    many ways. In usa it jobs, there has been a steep increase in the growth of employment.
    Moreover, in the field like Java, Oracle, UNIX, and SAP, you should be an expert.

    Finding usa it jobs

    The IT market is not only the fastest growing but also the most advanced industries in USA.
    There are different types of information technology jobs available in USA but you should
    be a professional expert in the respective fields. A developer and programmer role is most
    expected in this job. However, analyst jobs and project manager jobs are also in great

    How to apply for usa it jobs?

    In USA, you require both a resume and a CV. Generally, you will have your qualifications,
    education and personal experiences in your one page resume, which will prove your ability
    for a particular post. But CV will consist of three pages that will include your complete
    statement highlighting the professional, academic activities and qualifications. It is also
    necessary that you must present your documents in a personalized covering letter.

    Living in the USA

    You can rent a house for your accommodation that will apply the normal prices. Well, some
    apartments also provide 6months, 3 months and 1 year lease. IN some apartments, you
    have to pay the security deposit to the owners and if the apartment is in the same stage as
    per the agreement then you will be paid back.

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    Nurses cover letter

                                                                                  Nurses  cover letter

    With medical sector booming very fast, there is a good opportunity for both doctors and nurses to find the right job. With the increase in demand for nurses there is a big competition ahead among job seekers. If you are that potential job seeker and looking forward to impress the employer in an effective way then you can take the help of cover letter. By writing impressive cover letter finding the suitable job is not a difficult task. Instead of writing the cover letter at the time of interview, it is always good to be prepared with a well noticeable cover letter so that you can utilize the opportunity to the most. If you want to stay ahead in the competition then writing cover letter along with resume is a must. In other words it makes your selection process an easy task. There are some examples of hiring candidates just by seeing his/her cover letter.

    Some nurses simply assume that resumes are more than enough to get a job in reputed healthcare clinics or hospitals but the actual fact of cover letter will be known only after getting rejected by those recruiters. Some companies also made cover letter mandatory for the selection process. A good nurse’s cover letter always helps in highlighting your skills and experience thus increasing the chance of selection.

    Tips for writing nurses cover letter

    • Decide the format and establish a proper flow of information. The information should be precise, relevant and should match the records

    • The information flow should be uniform and smooth all through the cover letter

    • Clearly mention the position you are applying for in the subject line

    • Before sending the cover letter, make sure that you have carefully read it and corrected all the spelling mistakes if any. Sign personally at the end.

    Nurses cover letter example

    Natasha Simpson


    Washington – 4672, USA

                             [email protected]

    February 18, 2012

    Jennifer Lopez

    Chief hiring Manager

    Apex Hospital

    Florida – 1876

    United States

    Sub: candidature for the post of Nurse Practitioner

    Dear Ms. Lopez,

    This is in reply to your employment ad posted in the national news paper dated 10th of February, 2012 for the post of Nurse Practitioner in your hospital. I am looking forward for the same job opportunity.

    I am a qualified Nurse Practitioner with more than six years of experience. To enhance my career I am looking forward for a good opportunity and I hope your requirement better suite my experience and skills. I have completed Bachelor’s degree in BNS (Nursing) from the University of Brewster.

    I am sure that, my experience and expertise will meet your requirements with great satisfaction. My skill set include

    • CCU (Critical Care Unit)  and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nursing services

    • Knowledge on medical developments and latest technologies

    • Complete administration, management and program development

    As a nurse I have understood the importance of quicker and effective recovery techniques. I am expecting your reply at the earliest possible. Thanks for your consideration and time.


    Natasha Simpson

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    Interview with William Turner



    Death Comes For the President Paperback – March 28, 2017WilliamTurner

    by William Turner  (Author)

    Be the first to review this item



    As a confidant of the Queen, knighted for his service, Sir Robert Winchell had grown accustomed to powerful people seeking his counsel. So he was not surprised when the United States government asked him to investigate the death of  Tyler Jefferson, president of the United States. Sir Robert’s investigative and diplomatic skills were put to the test as he retraced the final days of the president—meeting with and investigating heads of foreign governments, and ultimately putting his own life in peril.

    Death Comes for the President will delight and shock.


    William Turner bio:

    William Turner spent his formative years in New England. He was educated in the private, parochial school system, and is presently retired from State service (State of California), as a supervisor. He has one son (Ontonio), and three grandchildren. His grandson is serving in the United States Air Force. His daughter-in-law, Bridgette, is a practicing pediatrician. William had aspired–so long ago–to be a priest, but felt at the time he had not been exposed enough to life to walk away and close the monastery door. His subsequent exposure to life sullied him beyond any aspiration to the priesthood. William now lives in Lancaster, California, spending much of his time doing penance, reflecting on his countless errors in judgment. William’s penchant for writing mysteries stems from his exposure to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and those of Agatha Christie. His mentor was Sister Agnes Bernard–his high school English teacher.



    Tell us about how you came up with this story?

    I had these two individuals romantically connected, but I questioned what was special about them—nothing.  I therefore separated them, only to have them meet later, become lovers, and marry.

    Again, I asked what was special about this.  I decided to have their “union” riveting.  I had one imbued with political ambition which led him to pursue the presidency, which he won. From this backdrop, I developed the novel “Death Comes for the President”.

    What is the first book that made you cry?

    That would be “The Holocaust:  A History of the Jews of Europe During WWII.”

    Does writing energize or exhaust you?

    Both, for it fires the creative juices, and it exhausts you mentally as you are wondering if you’ve written clearly and precisely, so that the story flows smoothly and the readers can follow easily, with few distractions; wondering if the plot and characters are believable, are their responses the same as the readers, are the skills of the criminal evenly balanced with the detective. And finally, will the reader continue to flip the pages until the very last page—finding a surprising twist.


    What are common traps for aspiring writers?


    Some of the common traps for aspiring writers are the mistaken belief your manuscript has been definitively written.  First, second, and third drafts are always subject to revisions.  Surprisingly, each draft becomes better than the previous drafts.  There are writers who don’t take advantage of a “second” pair of eyes.  Allow others to read what you’ve written, and be open for criticism; learn from it and improve your craft.  Aspiring writers become discouraged when their manuscript is rejected.  Don’t become discouraged.  Believe in yourself and your craft.  Know, and I mean know, the fundamentals of grammar.  Potential publishers will not edit your work.  If possible, have your manuscript professionally edited prior to presentation to a potential publisher.


    Have you ever gotten writer’s block?

    No.  I don’t undertake writing until the story has fully unfolded in my mind.  It is my opinion writers run into writer’s block when they had not fully developed the story—mentally.


    Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?


    In each of my books, I endeavor to be original, and my books are genre specific.


    Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

    I strive to have each book to stand on its own merit, and because my books are termed a
    ‘series”, the only connection is the reoccurring detectives—Sir Robert and Detective Dennis.


    What kind of research do you do, and how long do you send researching before beginning a book?


    I am aware many of my readers are well-travelled.  I therefore do extensive research to make sure the settings are accurate.  As a male, mystery writer, I don’t have a clue about women’s high fashion.  To this end, especially in Death Comes for the President, I contacted Saks Fifth Avenue.  It was the consultant who advised what high-end fashions to use, and this included gowns and accessories.


    How many hours a day do you write?
    This depends on what’s on my agenda.  If the story on which I am working constantly
    preoccupies my mind—taking front seat—then, I stop what I am doing and commence
    writing, especially when the story is still unfolding.



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    .NET Framework Development


    .NET Framework Development History


    .NET Framework Development is only done on the Microsoft Windows operating system as Microsoft has kept this product to work as a package for its operating system. There is a huge library in this framework and compatibility with several different programming languages, this aid in interoperability of languages. The programs that have been written for this kind of framework execute in a software based environment instead of hardware environment and are known as CLR, which is an application virtual machine which gives several important services like security, memory management as well as exception handling. The basic constituents of the .NET Framework are the libraries and the CLR.


    The .NET Framework Development Base Class Library can give user interface, data access, web app development, network communication, database connectivity and some other things as well. The programmers construct the software with the combination of own source code along the .NET Framework and other libraries too. The .NET Framework Development is basically intended for use by the latest apps that are made for the Windows Platforms. Microsoft is also the maker of a very famous IDE for the .NET software which is known as Visual Studio.


    Microsoft .NET Framework Development started in the end of the 1990s and the concept kept in mind was the Next Generation Windows Services, in the end of 2000 the very first beta version had been released and became a success. The version 3.0 of the .NET Framework is a part of the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The version 3.5 is in the Windows 7 and may also be installed and run in the Windows XP as well as the 2003. Windows Server family .NET Framework Development is being done on a wide span and the people that have the skills to create apps on this platform are being paid really well.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2011

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    Autism and its causes

    Autism is a result  of  neurological disorder that  affects the normal brain function and leads to delay in the development of many basic skills like–

    1) Ability to socialize

    2) Form relationships with others

    3) Proper communication

    In autism there is intellectual and behavioral disabilities. With autism the different areas of the brain  fails to work together . In autism the child do not  reach the developmental milestones like crawling, Saying the first word etc on time. They are generally slow learners or having low IQ. No two people with autism  will have exactly  same symptoms. Therefore autism also called as Spectrum Disorder.


    Autism is a neurological disorder but the cause is unknown. Genetic component indicates the strongest component but environmental , metabolic or immunological factors  also lead to the development of disorder.

    1) Genetic cause–

    There is no single gene responsible for autism, but there are different genes that combined together and increase  the risk of autism. Autism tend to run in families, so may be  related to inherit.

    2) Other causes–

    Autism also linked to  some medical conditions like-

    a) Metabolic disorders( untreated phenylketonuria)

    b) Congenital infections( rubella, toxoplasmosis)

    c) Development brain abnormalities ( microcephaly,cerebral dysgenesis)

    d) neurological disorders affected after birth ( bacterial menengitis) .

    Other theories also plays an important role..

    __ It is suggested that body’s immune system produce antibodies that attack the brains of children and lead to autism.

    __ Sometime abnormalities  in brain structures also cause autistic behavior in children.

    __ Autistic children  have  abnormal timing of  growth of their brains. In early childhood the brain grows faster and larger than the normal children, but later when normal children’s brain get bigger but autistic child brain grows slowly.

    __ There is no such evidence that shows vaccine can  cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder. Childhood vaccines cause autism especially measlesautism  mumps, rubella vaccine. Speculation is that a preservative used in vaccines, “Thimerosol” is responsible for  increase in autism cases.

    __ Emotional trauma also plays an important  role. It is believed that early age  emotional trauma especially  bad parents  was blame but this theory was rejected.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 14/03/2013

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    Uses of asbestos

    Uses of asbestos:

    Asbestos has been mined and used commercially in North America since the late 1800’s.
    It had lot of uses and was used in wide range of products.
    It is good for heat and sound insulation’s. Its tensile strength was properly used in roofing and floring.
    Asbestos strengths:
    -fire resistant
    -thermal insulator
    Because of all above properties, asbestos was heavily used in many industries.
    Some of those industries where in asbestos was used are:
    • cements
    • roofing materials
    • floor tiles
    • furnaces and furnace doors
    • Construction mastics & putties
    • Ceiling tiles/panels
    • Gaskets
    • Spray coatings

    uses of asbestos

    • Pipework lagging
    • Loft insulation
    • Ventilation system linings/lagging’s
    • School blackboards

    Despite of so many asbestos uses, there are many health risks associated with asbestos and thats why it got banned.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/03/2013

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    various search engines

    Introducion to various search engines

    A search engine is basically a program that searches documents for some specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the list of the documents where the search engine can find those keywords.You can found a variety of search engines on internet.If you want to expand your business then the search engine optimization will allow you to expand the message. SEO basically enhances your Internet image and makes your site more recognizable and important in the eyes of the search engines.You can also find a list of various search engines on the internet.

    The website which we have developed should be reliable. The most general question that comes into the minds of the web site owner is how to start his online business. In order to attract various visitors every web site must attain the knowledge of various search engines. Getting into the first three pages is good but only 7 percent of the internet users are able to reach it.

    Factors that affect ranking of the search engine

    1.Link popularity one of the most important factors that affects various search engines. Good content is always critical. Many search engine algorithms rely on the content to score websites.
    2.Constant monitoring is required to check the regular progress of website. Always look into how many pages have been crawled or indexed. Check the types of the search engines listings for your keywords and what steps need to taken to improve those search engine rankings.
    3.Link popularity is the factor that affects the ranking of the search engines. The site must have sufficient number of inbound links that means links pointing towards your website. A great number of back links indicate the quality of website according to certain search engine algorithms. But it is the quality of back links that counts in the end.
    4.You can also go for the paid listings if expert recommend it to promote the site in shorter period of time.
    5.Email marketing is the factor that affects the search engine ranking. You should know some basic questions-Which methods they use and what references they provide. Take care that they do not use those techniques that makes your site get banned by Google.
    So it becomes really essential to get the top search engine rankings in order to increase the traffic to the website and generate more queries and increase more online sales and get the desired profits.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 11/10/2010

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    Important Questions to Ask of Any Potential Employer

    Important Questions to Ask of Any Potential Employer

    At the end of every job interview comes the dreaded question, “Do you have any questions for me?” If you hope to score the position, your answer better not be, “No.” Not asking any questions shows a lack of enthusiasm and drive on your part. You want to show your potential employer that you’re interested and you’re engaged. You should ask two questions at the very least, so think of them beforehand so you’re prepared. If you need some inspiration, here are some important questions you should ask of any potential employer.

    Why is this position open?
    This is a very clever question to ask during your interview, and it’s a great one. The answer will help you learn more about the company itself. Did someone just retire after working there for thirty years? Or did the last employee quit after just a few weeks? They might not tell you everything, but how your interviewers answer this question can say a lot.

    How do you determine success in this position?
    Asking this question will help you get an idea of how your job performance will be measured, such as by tangible results or performance reviews. It will also give you some insight into what your potential boss expect would expect from you.

    Can you describe your ideal candidate?
    This question will help you learn the qualities and values that are most important to your potential boss and the company. You’ll find out exactly what they’re looking for. Then, you can show them you’re it.

    Where is this company going in the next five years?
    Just as a potential employer might wonder about you’re long-term goals, it’s a good idea to ask about the future of the company you might be working for. Do they envision a lot of growth in the future? Are there any special projects or plans coming up soon? This will help give you more information as to whether or not it’s a company you want to grow with, too.

    What do you enjoy most and least about working here?
    Hopefully these questions will give you some insight into the culture and atmosphere of the workplace. How your interviewer responds to these questions will tell you a lot about the company, and it will help you get a better feel for how you might fit with it.

    Do you have any hesitations about hiring me?
    If you’re really hoping to get the job, this is a question that will help you. If your interviewer has any reservations about hiring you and lets you know, it’s a great opportunity for you to address them. For example, you might be able to clear up a misunderstanding or provide additional information, that without it could have cost you the job.

    What would a typical day in my position be like?
    This question will help you get a better sense of exactly what your role in the company would be. It might help you better envision what the job would really be like, and if you really want it.


    Maddie Sharp is an experienced HR Professional. Using her favorite grammar checker, she creates articles to help you get hired. When she travels, she takes a global sim card to stay connected.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 14/02/2012

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    Can Web Design Be Wow

    Can Web Design Be “Wow”?

    Perhaps the most scary thing for a new businessman to consider is the web site that will house the first impressions of the business to most of the civilized world. The fact is that a web site is necessary for any business that wants to stay in business these days, and just putting a web site out there is suicide for a first impression.

    Also, many people do not have the money to hire a professional web designer, especially on a start up budget, and so have to end up doing it themselves.

    The good news is that there are more free templates and resources online for web site building than ever before, and sometimes, if you get a good web host, they can also help you with the web design. The problem with this is that if you attach your web design to another business, then you are at the whim of that business – either on the hook for monthly payments or obliged to accept a less than perfect design with watermarks all over it.

    The solution for a professional business is to build a singularly unique web site, and this can be done, too.

    Perhaps the best book that I have read on the subject, both in terms of tips and in calming the nerves of the new guy is “The Web Design WOW! Book” by Jack Davis. It definitely has its share of professional tips, but it does so in a way resembling the “Books for Dummies” series. And believe it or not, “The Web Design WOW! Book” is actually better than the “Web Design for Dummies” book.

    Some of the tips from the “The Web Design WOW! Book” include:

    1. Do not worry too much about flashy graphics.

    What you want is professionalism. That can be done through simple things, like matching your font colors to your logo correctly, spell checking your web copy before you throw it out there, and making sure that you have simple links on your web site that lead the customer around in an intuitive fashion.

    2. Many things are easier than you think.

    It is easier than you think to set up a QR code that leads to your web site. It is easier than you think to optimize your web site for search engines. It is easier than you think to start affiliate sites and link them to your own. Just follow the directions!

    3. Focus on the simple.

    The best web sites are usually made from pieces of others. Anything can be taken from another web site, including background ideas, fonts, etc. Most of these resources are free anyway. Use them! All those expensive looking things are probably on a template site somewhere.

    Find more computer aid with HP coupons from Fatwallet.com.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 03/10/2011

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    Good professional cover letter

    good coverletter

    Important tips how to write your professional cover letter—

    good coverletter

    A cover letter  is  letter that gives your introduction to the employer, your purpose of writing, your experiences or skill. As, first impression is very important so your cover letter should be impressive and very effective. With this letter you not only show your achievements but also reveals how effectively you can communicate. So, whenever you write a cover letter ,take care of small things because small things make a big difference. Here are some of techniques how to write a cover letter with your resume to apply for  job.


    1)      Always write facts or make yourself stand out—

                               Whenever writing your resume cover letter keep in mind that the employer or reviewer is interested in one thing that is “FACTS”. Never write your cover letter as an autobiography. It should be straight and to the point. It should convey that you are interested in job and you accepted the position if offered to you. Always sells your unique or exceptional qualities.


    2)      Target the right person—

                            Try to send your cover letter to proper person. Avoid general salutations such as “SIR” or “ MADAM”. Try to find out the name and title of the person who does hiring for the job in which you are interested. Always confirm the correct name or company address.


    3)      Make it simple and clear—

                            Keep your cover letter clean and easy to scan. Reviewer has hundreds of cover letters and resumes to look at, so your cover letter should be brief, not more than page , instead of an introduction or an argument for why you are good candidate for job. First four lines of your letter should grab attention and make clear what you want to do for the company.


    4)      Keep it shine—

    The visual impression of cover letter is as important as your content. If you are sending your material electronically, use sensible font, make it simple, not too fancy( e.g.- green font on black background). If you are sending via mails, make sure t use quality stationary.


    5)      Grab attention early—

    Never waste your first paragraph by dull introduction. Grab the employer attention by stating how you can make difference for their company. Start off your letter by saying why you are excited about working for the company.


    6)      Avoid negatives—

                       Never use negative effects or bad words, which harm your chances of new position. Take time to write a letter. Don’t try to explain why you left previous job or put down your former employers or  colleagues.


    7)  Avoid exaggeration—

    Don’t write mastery of skills you don’t posses or connections you don’t have.


    8)  Salary history—

    Never write salary history in the cover letter. If the job ad says resumes without salary history will not be taken, give historical salary range .


    9)      Follow- up—               

                    After sending your cover letter , always follow up. I increases your chance of getting an interview if you directly call your employer after writing, rather than just sitting and waiting for call. “ Getting job always depends on you”. Employers appreciate your concern and want to hire the people who are interested, so always show them what you have , that they will hire you for the job.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 05/12/2012

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    Operations executive Jobs

    Operations department in any organization is a very crucial and wide which has many different job positions. Are you looking out for a job in operations department? Well, you have to be good in planning, strategizing and executing it in order to meet your company’s goal effectively. With the right qualification and skill set, you will start your career as an operations executive. Now, you might be wondering what operations executive actually do? Here you go – Operations executives are the one who formulates operational strategies and objectives to ensure the organization meets its goals.


    How does operations department work?

    Operations executives are supported by other top executives such as managers, and also with the owner or organization’s board of directors.


    How To Get Started?

    There are many companies who are providing numerous operations executive jobs . With the right qualification and skill set, you land a job in a reputed company with an ease. Here we are going to discuss what it takes to become an operation executive.


    Educational Qualification

    A bachelor’s degree in business or related field is a must to land a job. Some operations management courses are Business Management and Bachelor of Business Administration.

    Coursework in macroeconomics, marketing strategy, business communication and computer analysis will surely add more value on your resume.



    The average salary of an Operations Executive is ?2,50,000. Most people move on to other jobs if they have 4-5 years of experience in their career. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Risk Management / Risk Control, Project.


    How Does Career Progression Looks Like?

    Operations Executive

    In the beginning of your career, you will come across jobs like Operations Executive, Operations Assistant and Operations Coordinator. As an operations executive/assistant, you have to plan productivity improvement projects, gathering basic information and statistical data, and prepare workflow charts for existing operations.


    Operations Manager

    Working as an operations executive you will get hands on experience of managing operation of an organization. With this experience, you can surely climb up the ladder to become the Operations Manager. Here you are responsible for providing product and systems support, distribution chain planning, hiring and training employees, plus managing staff.
    Operations Director

    Overseeing operations managers and efficiently solving operational problems are the main tasks of this job role. An operations director is one reputed position, they are responsible for ensuring that a business has the best working environment and processes.


    So, this is how career pathway in operations department looks like. I hope this blog has helped you to understand operations in a better way. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.


    Author Bio,

    Hey there, I am Aditya Singh, passionate about writing blogs on various topics. Currently focused on writing on world wide recruitment scenario. I like to travel, read and to play my acoustic guitar.

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    Symptoms and prevention of Heat stroke

    Heat stroke is a form of  hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically.  body temperature is   greater than 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) due to environmental heat exposure with lack of  thermo regulation. The most important measures to prevent heat strokes are to avoid becoming dehydrated and to avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather.Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not promptly and properly treated.

     Symptoms and Sign of heat stroke

    Symptoms of heat stroke can sometimes similar to those of  heart attack  or other conditions. Sometimes a person experiences symptoms of heat exhaustion before progressing to heat strokes. common symptoms include…

    1) nausea

    2) vomiting

    3) fatigue

    4) weakness

    5) headache

    6) muscle cramps, aches

    7) dizziness

    8) high body temperature

    9) absence of sweating, hot red flushed dry skin

    10) rapid pulse

    11) difficulty in breathing

    12) strange behavior

    13) hallucinations

    14) confusion

    15) agitation

    16) disorientation

    17) seizure

    18) coma

    Infants and children are also at risk. In particular, infants or young children who are unattended in locked cars may suffer heat-related illness quickly, since the indoor temperature of a locked care can rise to dangerous levels even in moderate weather and infants  died of heat stroke

    Prevention of heat stroke

    • Go to shady area, remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin.
    •  person is able to drink liquids, cool water or other cool beverages that do not contain alcohol or caffeine.
    • Monitor body temperature with a thermometer and continue cooling efforts until the body temperature drops to 101 to 102 F (38.3 to 38.8 C).
    • avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather.
    • Take frequent breaks to hydrate yourself. Wear hats and light-colored, lightweight, loose clothes.
    • Keep cars locked when not in use and never, ever, leave infants or children unattended in a locked car
    •                                                   Treatment of heat stroke
      •                                                                        Treatment involves rapid mechanical cooling.The body temperature must be lowered immediately. The patient should be moved to a cool area (indoors, or at least in the shade) and clothing removed to promote heat loss .   The person is bathed in cool water or a hypothermia vest can be applied. However, wrapping the patient in wet towels or clothes can actually act as insulation and increase the body temperature. Cold compresses to the foot , head, neck, and groin will help in cooling.. Fan or dehumidifying Air conditioners may be used to aid in evaporation of the waterImmersing a patient into a bathtub of cool (but not cold) water (immersion method) is a recognized method of cooling. This method requires the effort of 4-5 people and the patient should be monitored carefully during the treatment process. Immersion should be avoided for an unconscious patient, the patient’s head must be held above waterHydration is of paramount importance in cooling the patient. This is achieved by drinking water (oral rehydration) Intravenous hydration (via a drip) is necessary if the patient is confused, unconscious, or unable to tolerate oral fluids.

        Alcohol rubs will cause further dehydration and impairment of consciousness and should be avoided The patient’s heart rate and breathing should be monitored.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 03/10/2011

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    What is Recruitment

    What is Recruitment

    Professionally, the idea of recruitment depends on itself. It is very obvious that people need jobs in order to meet up with their daily need while at the same time jobs also need the help of the people to do them. This means that we can define recruitment as the ideal method of searching, attracting, testing and finally choosing the qualified applicant for the job. This is more or less the same as match- making in the bodied business world. The major sources of big and small companies that help to fill up the positions which are in need of applicants in the organizations are the recruitment agencies. These companies contract out the employment activities to the recruitment agencies in order to make it more efficient and effective.

    However, the recruitment organization has four types of services such as follows:

    –          Employment agencies

    –          Recruitment agencies

    –          Executive agencies and professional head hunters

    –          Niche recruiters

    The recruitment agency outsource for the potential candidates that will be suitable for the particular job position which is usually carried out via the advertising method. This advertising method could be online or offline. Some people even use search process through social network such as facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. When this is done, the next thing to do is to go through the list of the possible candidates for this job to see if they are qualify for such position through their requirements before the next process is taken. This could be proved through tests and interviews.

    As soon as the qualified candidate is selected for the position via test and interview, the candidate will be contacted and given the job due to his or her performance in the recruitment process. If the candidate accepted the offer, then the work will start base on this particular position. Immediately the candidate is on board, the follow-up process will follow for the candidate to be able to work in the new position more efficiently. This aspect is very crucial because this is how to know the effectiveness of the recruitment agency. They ensure that the selected candidate is able to fulfill his or her responsibility in the position assigned to him or her. This must be highly imperative; otherwise the whole effort of the recruitment agency is meaningless. If the selected candidate is not effective, then we can say that the recruitment agency that presented the candidate to the company is useless.

    In the final analyses, the recruitment agency and recruiting for the jobs is very crucial in the recruiting industry. The business matches each other. This kind of idea help to search for the potential candidate and high valuable talented one that can help to fill the job opening in an organization and at the same time be efficient and effective in the position given to him or her. By so doing, it will contribute greatly to the bottom line of the company. With this great work, the recruitment agencies are paid huge amount of money for this great work.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 28/03/2012

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    Looking to Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company ?

    Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company

    Indian offshore companies are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What they offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house. Many entrepreneurs from western countries always look for a   good and  reliable Indian offshore company and this helps them to have an upper edge over their competitors with regards to quality and price.

    India has become the leader in offshore contracting services (India owns around 80 percent of this market) because of –

    • A highly trained work force
    • Low labor costs
    • Appreciation for software development disciplines
    • A widespread use of the English language
    • High qualification level

    Many new entrepreneurs have various questions in their mind regarding indian offshore companies. Some of them are :

    • How to Outsource IT work to an Indian Company without meeting them?
    • How to find contacts of good Indian companies?
    • How to know if this particular  Indian company is really good?

    The type of company that you should be looking for really depends on your business.If you are a starter company or a small business, then probably small or new start ups will be a good option for you. These small Indian companies will work closely with you and help you in building your business and they may be more interested in growing you because it will grow themselves in return. You can find these contacts via various social networks like linkedIn, ryze or you can go for word of mouth also. For small startups , I would recommend Zeustek here, we really take our client’s business very seriously and work very close with them. The best part is flexibility of our business models or the way we partner with starter companies giving them more benefits in terms of pricing and delivery models which really helps them to accelerate their growth.

    For very bigger companies, I will recommend to for Indian companies which are in business for about 10+ years ,have more than 100+ clients and very big  infrastructure. Look for companies who have worked with few forture 500+ companies and have their own stocks. Also check their balance sheets of last few years.

    Why Outsource to Zeustek?

    • High-quality and cost-effective services.
    • Flexible business models.
    • Best Customer satisfaction.
    • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals.
    • Wide range of services.
    • Quick turnaround time.
    • Latest software and technologies.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 12/09/2016

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    3 Tips on Job Seeking for College Graduates

    Leaving the comforts of college life to step out into the real world can be quite shocking. Often, instead of being excited and proud of one’s accomplishments, many recent college graduates feel displaced and lacking self confidence. This is a very natural response to leaving a life full of daily responsibilities, focused studying and constant validation from one’s professors.

    Getting out into the job market will require some calculated steps and the help of some hefty resources. Here are the five must-dos for new college graduates who are job searching:

    1. Professor Networking

    One’s college professors are the best experts on a student’s abilities and energy. Let it be said that in this article, the assumption is made that a student did well in college and made every effort to succeed. If this is the case, turn to the people that know you best for help and advice. Have an idea of where you wish to work and in what type of capacity. Then, make an appointment to have a small chat with each of your professors.

    Make a point to actually schedule an appointment rather than hitting them up after a class or during their lunch. Show these professors that you are serious and dedicated. In almost every case, a professor will be honored to put their stamp of approval on a good student. Ask for a letter of recommendation and boldly ask them if they know anyone who is hiring in your chosen field. You may be very surprised what you get by simply asking for it.

    2. Redo Your Resume

    Did you know that there has been a change in resume formatting? Most people do not know about this change. By following it, you will stand out in the crowd of applicants. With the recent downfall of the economy, job seekers started tweaking their resumes and it paid off for them. Now, instead of listing your education at the bottom of your resume, put it right at the very top of the page. Employers want to first see the training, skills and experience that are most fitting to the job. Also, include your total GPA. This instantly shows an employer how hard a worker you are.

    Underneath your educational information, list your job experience and refrain from listing your job duties. In most cases, job duties show an employer only a fraction of the actual day to day responsibilities. Also, you don’t want to alienate a potential job/employment which has different daily duties that you could perform successfully. Just list the employer’s name and the time period you worked so you can leave the employer something to ask about on the interview.

    3. Remember to do What You Love

    There is a reason you were first drawn to the field you studied in college. Remembering this particular job or company that first inspired you will help you narrow your job search. Go after a job that you will truly love, and if that is not available just yet, go after the job that is one or two steps below it. In other words, align yourself to get into your dream job by taking the next best thing. Be willing to work your way up cheerfully and gratefully.

    Damian Wolf is part time blogger and online enthusiast. He is dedicated to providing quality well written and thoroughly researched work. Damian contributes to many blogs, including mining jobs Australia, which is considered as one of the best Australian recruitment  websites.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 14/02/2012

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    Microbiologist Resume Sample

    Microbiologist Resume Sample

    Your Full Name

    Sender’s Mailing Address

    Sender’s Phone Numbers

    Sender’s Email Address


    Professional Summary


    • Over 5 years’ experience as a Microbiologist.
    • Highly skilled in microbiology techniques, terminology and equipment and supplies.
    • In depth knowledge of laboratory tests used in microbiology work.
    • Hands on experience in diagnostic problems involved in determining the cause and control of disease.
    • Proficient in method and practices of microbiological analysis.
    • Demonstrated ability to prepare technical reports and research papers.


    Core Qualifications


    • Polymerase chain reaction
    • Techniques of chromatography
    • Immunoprecipitation
    • Blotting technique
    • Cell cultures
    • Techniques of immunology.





    Xyz Health Care System 2000-2005


    Microbiologist for two production facilities manufacturing raw and ready to eat products


    • Directed and managed all sampling and testing of products from production facilities.
    • Monitored products and environmental results for trends with action taken as needed.
    • Resolved microbial issues and concerned by working with sanitation and production supervisors.
    • Wrote and updated lab SOPs, audited production GMPs, and reviewed HACCP programs.
    • Reduced testing costs and made needed improvements in the library.




    University of Ohio, Athens, Ohio

    Master of Science in Biology




    • Profound ability to work individually and in a team.
    • Able to work additional hours if required.
    • Outstanding physical and mental dexterity.
    • Excellent grasp of microbiological terminology.
    • Self-directed and organized.
    • Willingness to learn and follow directions.
    • Excellent communication skills.

    Download Microbiologist Resume Sample.docx

    Article publié pour la première fois le 05/03/2017

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    Pharmacists resume example

    Pharmacists resume example


    The contribution of pharmacists to the world is very important. In recent years, more and more people can live longer. One of the reasons is that the medical development in the world is very fast. Pharmacists use their expertise in the medical field to create different types of medicines. With these medicines, some of the traditional terminal illnesses could be treated and people can live longer. There are also many stronger drugs being introduced to the medical world nowadays and these drugs can effectively reduce the side effect in treating some illnesses.


    When you want to work as the pharmacists and participate in the works mentioned above, you need to pass your resume to the recruiters and let them assess whether you are the capable candidate for the job. There are many things that you need to take a look at if you want to successful be recruited. One of the things would definitely be the work experience that you have.


    If you are newly graduated, you should tell the recruiters about your personality and your motivation to work in the field of pharmacists. It would not be good if you mention that you only work for money. You should let the recruiters feel that you want to achieve something from your career apart from money solely. Therefore, you should understand the work of pharmacists well and prepare the corresponding resume.


    If you want to understand more about the traditional resume that pharmacists would prepare, you can take a look at the Pharmacists resume example below. This Pharmacists resume example would help you understand the way that you should prepare for the pharmacists resume


    Pharmacists resume example


    Richard Peterson

    23943,West Street

    SD 33012

    Cell: 994-210-XXXX

    Email: [email protected]


    To contribute to the pharmacy team and work as a pharmacist

    To serve the public and work for a diverse group of patients

    To increase the clinical role over the long period of time serving the organization that is willing to grow with employees

    To communicate with patients and let the public know more about the work of pharmacists in the medical field and public world


    Work Experience

    Staff Pharmacist,SXCXHospital

    2009 – Present

    –          Processed the prescriptions for 350 patients on average daily

    –          Helped patients to identify the use of different medicines

    –          Provided general advise on the use of medicines

    –          Managed the entry of verification of prescription

    –          Assisted the manager to handle different reporting works for the pharmacy team

    –          Attended workshops to know about the latest medicines in the field and prepared the reports to other colleagues so as to let them know about the latest medicines

    –          Prepared budgets for the pharmacy team and kept the monetary claims records for the team


    Educational background

    UniversityofADCM, Doctor of Pharmacy

    2006 – 2009


    UniversityofADCM, Bachelor of Pharmacy

    2004 – 2006



    Pharmacist License No. 330-3102XXX which is valid till March 2015


    Expected salary




    The reference will be available upon any request


    Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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    second interview


    You can’t afford to fail the second interview second interview


    There is always great joy that accompanies the phone call telling you that you have passed the first interview and that you should get ready for the second interview that comes up the next week. You will be very happy at least that you are still in contention to land the job. But this happiness and joy is always accompanied by some sort of tension and uncertainty as to what the next interview will look like since a lot of people always think the interview gets tougher and as it progresses.


    The first thing you need to do to get a better second interview is to review all question of the first and then get them right in places you had difficulties. The next thing is that you need to do more research on matters concerning the firm and be ready to answer all questions about you, the job and the firm. There is a very huge possibility that you will be meeting with a lot of people this time. What you have to do is to enquire from the person who gives you information on the number of things to expect


    Then, the dress code that made you pass in the first interview should also be repeated or even improved upon in the second interview. Sometimes in second interview, they will like to know everything about you and this might include taking you to a lunch or dinner to ascertain your composure and manners. Make sure all table etiquette are rehearsed and applied to the core.


    If there are things you did not say in the first interview or questions you did not answer well, try and answer them now. When you are offered a job in the second interview, it is always good to ask for time to think about it. But know the limit of time they will give you and do not exceed that. Say thank you to all that are involved in the interview.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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    Ways to Make Your Online Resume Stand Out

    Ways to Make Your Online Resume Stand Out    We sometime write resume not to get a job but to post it online  and to get likes or comments on it but the hardest thing is to   design it in such a way that people can find it easily.So,first  let it be published at a sesirable site where you know that there  is list of applicants looking for resume.    1.Make it VERY easy to find  Try to post it on easily available and known sites like facebook,  pininterest,linkedin,googleplus and many more sites because the more   simple the sites are the more likes you get because no one surfs too  hard to find a proper note.    2.Check your primary link  Make sure that the link of your resume is working because mostly people  have a habit of copying link or resume Url to forward someone.So, check   regularly that either the link of resume is working properly or not.    3.When visitors find your online resume, they should know it  You must submitt your name and real contact details so that the visitor may  know that you are the true one writing this resume not the fake one because  correctly filled information is a sign of your trustworthyness.    4. Elaborate  Make all details clean and clear because an odd looking resume attracts no one as   there is lot much stuff available on internet so make it attractive one.

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    Jobs for expats in Australia

    How To Become Successful In Getting Jobs For Expats



    Expats are the people who leave their own country and come to live in Australia for a certain period of time, by taking a suitable visa from the Australian government. Many people from all over the world are attracted to work in different cities of this island country. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney are the most popular destinations of the foreign candidates, looking for Australia jobs for expats. Even many rural areas of this country are inhabited by the jobseekers from other countries.


    Different information about jobs for expats in Australia


    • Firstly, the foreign jobseeker should identify the industry or the sector, in which he wants to work in Australia, as per his qualifications and skills. Any candidate may acquire extra skills or gain more knowledge, for being able to work in different fields, through various vocational courses.
    • The jobseeker needs to apply for any suitable visa, for living and working in Australia. Temporary skilled work visa (457), Skilled independent visa (189), Temporary work Long stay visa (401), Work and holiday visa (462) and Business innovation and investment permanent visa (888) are the five visa options open for the ones searching for Australia jobs for expats.
    • The working environments in all the workplaces in Australia are very friendly and positive for the improvement of the workers, in their careers.
    • The minimum salary package in Australia is much more than most of the developed countries in the world; though the living expense is also more in major Australian cities.
    • The average working hours in a week is 36, along with enough time for meals and rest, in between the working periods. Usually, the working hours in any normal office are from 9 am to 5 pm; while the business working hours last from 7 am to 3.30 pm all over Australia.
    • A large percentage of the salary is deducted per month, for paying the income tax in Australia, from which 10% is credited to the pension fund of the employee. So the salary of the candidate should be negotiated accordingly.


    Register here to find jobs using free  Job Board Australia



    Australia State Jobs










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    Google Page Rank


    Google page rank is one of the important factors in SEO. It is a numeric value assigned by google to a web page. It is a logarithmic system that represents the importance of page. Back link is one of the factor on which it is based. Inbound link is the main thing with which links pointing to your website from another website. For higher PR you have more back links. Google Page Rank of 10 is significantly more beneficial than a link from a page with a Page Rank of 1 or zero. To improve the page ranking is to attract more and more links to a page. Link to the page can come from the site itself or an external site. The link from a site with a PR zero has minor impact rather than the page rank with a PR 10 have more significant impact. Pages with high PR have a better chance of appearing at the top of search engine results pages. Another factor is the total number of outbound links from a single page.

    5 Ways To Increase Google Page Rank

    1.Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In forum you have to put a link to your website and most forums allowed you to have a signature. Also making sure that the forum is related to your website.

    2.Submit to search engine directories. For free links to your website search engine directories are a good way. With this there are great chances at being listed at the top of the google search engine ranking. Remember the more links you have the higher your PR will be.

    3.Using an ezine ads will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence.

    4.Creating and publishing articles. Articles are an easy source of generating new traffic. You can include your signature in your article.

    5.Links from related websites. Gaining links from related websites can be one of the most frustrating tasks you can attempt.

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    guide to physical therapy practice


    Why do you need a guide to physical therapy practice?


    Are you planning to make a career in physical therapy? If yes then you must know that guide to physical therapy practice is very important. If you don’t have proper guidance then there is nothing that you can do so, first of all you will need to find guidance. This guidance can be in the form of a book or a person. If we are talking about book then this book can be a unique book written on the subject and if we are talking about a person then let it be a teacher who acts like a guide. These teachers are anyone’s main source of information and education and if you will not respect the teacher then you may not get anything in your life.

    That is why whenever you find a guide to physical therapy practice; you should start following him so that he can teach you many good techniques. Remember that you can’t learn anything about physical therapy on your own. Even if you will learn different things then that will be a guess work and this guess work doesn’t work in practical world. That is why you should always look for a solid guide in this field.


    Book as a guide:

    Some people live in an imaginative world where they have their own rules and regulations and they don’t want anyone to break those rules. If you are looking for a guide to physical therapy practice then you can find a good book that can serve the purpose of a guide as well. it is not easy to find someone who can act like a guide and help you understand different things but it is quite easy to find a good book that will not only guide you but it will be your companion too when you are alone.


    Teacher as a guide:

    Definitely a teacher can be a guide as well. If you want to get practical experience then you better stick with those people who are near to this real world. This will help you to din an appropriate person to whom you can follow. If you are taking training classes to become a physical therapist then you can simply make your instructor your guide. Once you will make your instructor a guide, he will start taking interest in your training and you will definitely learn all those things in just one month.


    Learning to become a physical therapist is not an easy thing to do as there are many challenges in this field. However, if you will choose the right path then it will not be very difficult for you to choose your guide to physical therapy practice. With the help of this guide, you can learn about different things at a very fast pace. Once you will learn all those things that are required to become a good physical therapist then you will be ready to start providing your services in the field of healthcare.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 06/08/2011

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    Why and How cashless society is planned

    Why and How cashless society is planned
    India like other developed countries is now moving towards cashless society. India can see the effect and will have long term benefits.
    People must start to understand the need for change.
    Very well said by Mahatma Gandhi :  images

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”



    People want the change and want to see corruption less India , but they don’t want to change themselves. Now with gradual flow of cash,people are forced to change themselves.
    They felt the need of bank accounts and opened accounts. They felt the need of online /mobile payment ways and started using them.

    Sometimes things need to be forced as many a times they are taken for granted. For example, people are told to open bank accounts from long time.


    Some real benefits of demonetization:
    – Rise of cashless society will really help in tracking transactions and it will be tough for businesses to hide earned income for tax purposes.
    – Long time in cash flows is enabling people and merchants to use online tracking payment systems.
    – A big amount of unaccounted tax is already been taken by government and going forward people will be depositing more for taxes.
    – Fake currency out of circulation in one stroke.
    – Less riots.
    – Kashmir back to normal state.
    – Jan dhan accounts are fulled of money.


    Lets help each other in this phase and empower ourselves. Instead of complaining about processes , lets help people and government in implementing this.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 12/12/2016

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    Treatment of epilepsy

    Epilepsy is a group of disorders characterized by  recurrent seizures .Brain normally controls the body movements by sending small electrical signals through nerves to the muscles but when the brain sends out abnormal signals , it results in seizures or convulsions. There are different types of epilepsy and seizures.

    Epilepsy drugs are mainly used to control seizures and if  medications are not effective,  then surgery is the option. Most of  epileptic seizures are mainly controlled by  anti epilep treconvulsant drugs. The type of treatment prescribed will depend on several factors like..

     – The frequency and severity of the seizures

     –  Age of the person

      – Overall health of an individual,

      –  Medical history.


    Drugs mainly  help to decrease the frequency and intensity of the  seizures. Majority  of   children with medication-controlled epilepsy can eventually stop medications and live a seizure-free life. Many adults also  discontinue their medication after two or more years without seizures.

    All epileptic medications have some side effects. Some of the effects include..

    1) weight gain

    2) Fatigue

    3) loss of coordination

    4) dizziness

    5) loss of bone density

    6) speech problems

    7) skin rashes  

    Some of rare side effects include–

    1) Depression

    2) Inflammation of some organs like liver , pancreas etc

    3) Severe rash

    4) Suicidal thoughts etc.

    Surgery is most commonly done when tests show that  seizures originate in a small, well-defined area of  brain that doesn’t interfere  vital functions like speech, language or hearing. Most of the patients experience  great reduction in severity and frequency of seizure after surgery. Some of the surgical methods are as follows..

                   1)   Multiple sub pial transaction for epilepsy: If the  epileptic seizures is in an area of the brain that is critical to speech or movement, an approach called multiple subpial transection is used. Instead of removing brain tissue, surgeons interrupt nerve fibers on the surface of the brain that carry the impulses which is  responsible for epileptic symptoms.

                   2)   Resective surgery for epilepsy: This type of brain surgery removes the specific area of the brain that is responsible for seizures.A resective procedure called temporal lobectomy, in which there is  removal of  portion of the temporal lobe (the most common source of epileptic seizures). This is the most common surgery performed for epilepsy.

                   3)   Vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy (VNS):

    It  is a treatment in which there is  placement of  a small pacemaker under the skin near the vagal nerve in the side of the neck. This device regulates electrical activity in the brain, and in some  patients , it  reduces the frequency and severity of the seizures..


    Article publié pour la première fois le 24/04/2013

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    Hemiplegia and stroke

    Hemiplegia In Stroke

                                                Inability to move a group of muscles of one side of the body. When hemiplegia is caused by a stroke, it involves muscles of  face, arms and legs Hemiplegia is the term use to describe paralysis of one side of the body. The term can be broken down into “hemi” means “half,” and “plegia,” means paralysis. The most common cause of hemiplegia is  stroke.   It occurs when stroke affects the  corticospinal tracts. The exact cause of hemiplegia is not known , but it appears that when  brain is deprived of oxygen , it  results in the death of  neurons. When the corticospinal tract is damaged, the injury is usually manifested on the opposite side of the body. For example if one has an injury to the right side of the brain, the hemiplegia will be on the left side of the body.Besides  all difficulties that come along with not being able to move one whole side of the body, hemiplegia often accompanied  with other problems  such as:

    • spasticity
    • atrophy
    • focal seizures
    • pain.
                                                        Hemiplegia is a more severe than hemiparesis.  In hemiparesis  there is weakness on on one side of the body. Hemiplegia may be congenital or may be acquired after an infection, stroke or trauma to the brain. In children hemiplegia is usually congenital-  means  it is acquired at birth due to unknown cause. The most common cause of hemiplegia in childhood is cerebral palsy. In most cases of hemiplegia stroke, when the injury is to the right side of the brain, the injury will appear on left side of the body and vice versa. The symptoms of hemiplegia stroke  vary  from child to child .  The typical symptoms includes

     There is difficulty  in walking
    – Difficulty with balance while standing
    – Difficulty with fine hand activity like holding, writing, using a spoon.
    –  There is continous stiffness and spasms in the muscles
    – Weakness on affected side
    – Seizures are common
    –  There is Bowel or bladder incontinence
    – Delay in developmental growth like crawling, standing, smiling or jumping
    – In many children who have cerebral palsy, the mental development is not normal and the IQ is usually below 70
    – In adults who suffer from hemiplegia the mental effects depend on severity of the injury.

    Once hemiplegia stroke has developed in children, it does not progress but there may be problems associated with muscle spasticity, joint contractures and formation of pressure sores. Mild cases of the disorder may improve and these children may be able to use a wheel chair or an ambulatory like a walking aid. Severe cases are either bed ridden or confined to a wheel chair.

    Drugs which are mainly  used to reduce muscle spasms and seizures. Sometimes surgery may be done  to reduce joint contractures and increase mobility in the joints. Other individuals may benefit from use of orthotic devices, braces and splints. These devices may help the individual  to become more independent and be able to walk. Those individuals who are not able to eat may need placement of a feeding tube in the stomach.  Physical therapy  can increase range of motion in the joint, prevent contractures and may help individuals to become mobile if done regularly.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 19/10/2011

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    Stroke medicine

       Stroke medicine

    Stroke medicine involves the management of all forms of stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and   whole patient pathway( which include diagnosis, investigation, acute treatment, rehabilitation and re-integration, secondary prevention and long-term complications).  stroke isl the most common cause of severe and  acquired disability in adult life, therefore  new and emerging interventions can reduce the personal and societal impact of the condition. stroke is a  medical emergency,it can cause permanent damage to the nervous system  and If it is not promptly diagnosed  and treated, it may lead to death

    In the majority of patients blockage of an artery in the brain due to  clot (thrombosis) is the most common cause of a stroke. The part of the brain that is supplied by the clotted blood vessel is then deprived of blood and oxygen. As a result of the deprived blood and oxygen, the cells of that part of the brain die and the part of the body that it controls stops working. Typically, a cholesterol plaque in a small blood vessel within the brain that has gradually caused blood vessel narrowing ruptures and starts the process of forming a small blood clot.the stroke or TIA will be a manifestation of atherosclerotic disease, and coexisting conditions such as ischaemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and hyperlipidaemia are common. However,  in younger patients, there may be  unusual causes of stroke such as arterial dissection, migraine, thrombophilic and vasculitic disorders.

    Drug therapy is a relatively recent approach to the treatment of stroke, that will minimize the effects of the stroke Much of the damage caused by a thrombotic or embolic stroke occurs in the first six hours. The development of new clot-dissolving drugs and medications  make the brain more resistant to stroke commonly called as neuroprotective agents. medications for the stroke include

    Antiplatelet medicines

    •   Aspirin is most often used to prevent TIAs and strokes.
    • Aspirin combined with dipyridamole is a safe and effective alternative to aspirin.
    •  clopidogrel may be used for people who cannot take aspirin.


    Anticogulants prevent   the formation of blood clots and keep existing blood clots from getting bigger. If there is atrial fibrillation,then we will  probably take an anticoagulant.


    statins lower cholesterol level. It can greatly reduce the risk of  stroke  in people who have had a TIA. Statins even protect against stroke in people who do not have heart disease  or high  cholesterol.


     blood pressure  medicines

    If  high blood pressure is there  then we have  to take medicines  that  lower it. Blood pressure medicines include:

    • .Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)
    • . Angiotensin- converting enzyme(ACE) inhibitors
    • . Beta blockers
    • . Calcium channel blockers
    • . Diuretics

    Drugs that dissolve clots are known as thrombolytic agents.  if  these drugs should be given within the first few hours after stroke,  they minimize stroke damage.

    • Thrombolytic Agents (tissue plasminogen activator [tPA]), widely used to dissolve clots that cause heart attacks, are also effective for dissolving artery-blocking clots in the brain during the critical early stages of stroke. Early administration of tPA after a stroke can reduce neurological damage.
    • Neuroprotective Agents – Medications that make the brain less susceptible to the damaging effects of a stroke are called neuroprotective agents.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2011

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    Parkinson’s Disease

    parkinsons disease


    Parkinson’s  Disease


    parkinsons disease

    A progressive disorder of the nervous system that mainly affects elderly people most often after the age of 50, which is  associated with the destruction of brain cells that produce  Dopamine . dopamine is a neurotransmitter formed in brain which is essential for normal functioning of CNS. Parkinson’s disease is also known as Paralysis agitans, Shaking Palsy. Males and females are equally affected. Slowness of movement and an inability to start a movement are hallmarks of the disease.

    The pathologic change ( which causes the disease ) is degeneration / depletion of a group of nerve cell deep within the centre of the brain in an area called  “Substantia Nigra “ substantia nigra is the layer of a large pigmented nerve cells in the mid brain that produces dopamine. These  cells  use  dopamine to signal other nerve cells. As these cells stop functioning, dopamine fails to reach the areas of the brain that affect  motor function.


    What causes Parkinson’s disease

    Low level of dopamine ,a chemical involved in controlling movement. The shortage of this chemical occurs when nerve cells in a part of the brain ( substantia nigra ) that produces dopamine fails and deteriorate. There is  link between the Parkinson’s disease and factors such as Genetics, aging , toxins in environment and free radicals to some extent.


    Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

    The type and severity of symptoms experienced by a person with Parkinson’s disease vary with each individual and the stage of Parkinson disease. Symptoms that develop in the early stages of the disease in one person may not develop until later or not at all in another person. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease typically begin appearing between the age 50 and 60. They develop slowly and often go unnoticed by family, friends and even the person who has them.

    A small number of people have symptoms on only one side of the body that never progress to the other side. The most common symptoms include

    1) Tremors

    2) Rigidity

    3) Bradykinesia

    4) Parkinson’s mask

    5) Flexed or stooped posture



    Tremors( involuntary, shaking, rhythmic or twitching movements) or shaking occur most commonly in hands, arms or legs. These tremors occurs when the person is awake and sitting or standing still (resting tremors) and subsides when the person moves the affected body part. Initially  tremors may appear in just one arm or leg or only one side of the body . it also affects chin , lips  and tongue.  As disease progress spread to both sides of body , but in some cases it remains on just one side. Emotions and physical stress tend to make it more  noticeable sleep. Relaxation reduce or  stop tremors.


    Stiff muscles (rigidity) and aching muscles

    One of the most common early sign of Parkinson’s disease is reduced arm swing on one side when the person is walking that is caused by rigid muscles. Rigidity can also affect the muscles of legs, face, neck or other parts of body and may cause muscles to feel tired and achy.


    Slow, limited movement ( bradykinesia)

    When the person tries to move from a resting position ,there may be difficulty in performing tasks like difficulty in getting out of chair, or turn over in bed.


    Weakness of face and throat muscles (Parkinson’s mask)

    Due to the weakness of muscles of face and throat talking and swallowing becomes more difficult and person may cough, choke or drool. Speech becomes soft. Loss of movement in muscles of face can cause fixed facial expression often called Parkinson’s face.


    Stooped or flexed posture

    In such patients there is difficulty in walking and balance. patient usually take small steps and shuffle with his or her feet close together and bend forward slightly at the waist (called stooped posture)and have trouble in turning around.


    In addition to these symptoms Parkinson’s patient show other features also

    a)      Decrease coordination, changes in handwriting are common with writing become smaller . activities such as dressing and eating becomes difficult.

    b)       There is cramps in the muscles and joints.

    c)      Oily skin and increased dandruff

    d)     Digestive and urinary problems are there, controlling urination may be difficult or sometimes there may be urgency . patient usually complaints of constipation.

    e)      There is increased sweating, low B.P when person stands up(orthostatic hypotension). There is problem with sexual function.

    f)       Freezing is common i.e. sudden inability to move.

    g)      Problem in falling asleep(insomnia) which is due to depression or physical restlessness. These people may not be able to sleep because they cannot turn over or change position in bed.


    Physiotherapy treatment of Parkinson’s disease

    Exercise is an important part of treatment for the people with Parkinson’s disease. physiotherapist mainly focuses on

    1)maintain muscle strength and improve coordination

    2) maintain and increase endurance

    3)improve flexibility and range of motion

    4)improve cardiovascular fitness

    5) control weight

    6)reduce the likelihood of becoming constipated

    7) improve balance and walking

    8 ) use of walking aids correctly

    Physiotherapy help to learn exercises and stretches to do at home to improve posture, strength, flexibility and endurance. Recognizing and dealing with depression is a important part of home treatment. Physiotherapy relieve muscle and joint stiffness and discomfort by the use of exercise, relaxation, physical treatment such as heat and cooling and by carefully moving joints and by stretching muscles(manipulation). People with Parkinson’s disease often develop difficulties with everyday actions such as walking, getting up from chair, turning over and getting in and out of bed. These teach how to get round these problems  and make it easier. They recommend any walking aids and appliances and other equipment that would be suitable.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 13/09/2016

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    Fired from job? How do I explain

    firedDuring an interview, hiring manager will ask about your last job and you will have an adequate answer. Well, its not  easy to answer  thta question. Therefore, in order to minimize the negative effects of being terminated or fires the key is

    1) be honest

    2) explain what happened

    3) talk about what you learned

    4) explain this won’t happen again.

    In order to explain job loss you have to put positive spin over the negative situation. in case if you were fired because of poor performance, you will be honest with the manager and simply tel him the reason behind that you were having some problem in balancing responsibilities at home and at work and now you have resolved all the issues. Other most important thing never tell lie to the employer. because if manager check your references or call your previous boss to verify information and discover that you lied that’s sure ticket to unemployment .

    Employers expect you to owe your mistakes and pointing fingers or blame others . Try to focus on your part and stick to your facts of what happened, point out where you were wrong and ensure that it will not happen again. Minimize your damage from being fired, try to explain what you have gained from the experience . If they will hire you ,you can try your best .

    If you will follow the above steps , the employer will surely impressed with you.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 26/02/2013

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    The Best Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Finding A Job

    It’s no secret: the job market is still pretty rough. With an unemployment rate still hovering around 7.2%, we’re not close enough to pre-recession levels to breathe a sigh of relief. Many people are still hurting, including college graduates who thought that by earning a degree they would pretty much be guaranteed a job. Unfortunately, with the shrinking of nearly every part of the labor market, some skills are in higher demand than others, which leaves many people out in the cold.

    If you read magazine articles or blog posts at all, you’ve inevitably come across pieces like this one that stress how everyone should learn how to code (at least a little bit). This is just one of the pieces of common wisdom floating around to help those struggling land a job that will pay them a livable wage. If you’ve been struggling to find work or you’re looking to move on to a job that may be more fulfilling and, yes, pays you more, here are a few ways to help yourself. With these skills on your resume, you’ll have a better shot at grabbing a hiring manager’s attention and landing an interview. While nothing is a guarantee, having a Microsoft certification or proficiency in Javascript on your resume will almost undoubtedly at least make whoever is reading resumes take a look at yours twice.

    -Pick up basic HTML/CSS skills

    No matter who you are or what you do, learning the basics of HTML and CSS (the markup languages used on every website) can help you make yourself more marketable. The basics won’t make you a world-class programmer. In fact, you won’t even be considered a programmer. But, that’s okay! Not everyone needs to be a programmer nor should everyone. However, with so much of business being web oriented, knowing your way around the basics is a no brainer. Do you need to know how to build the site from the ground up? Absolutely not. Should you be comfortable doing some minor edits and at least understanding source code if you’re shown some? Yes. Bosses will love that.

    -Do interesting things in your spare time

    Managers want to see that you’re a curious person who is willing to do things just for the sake of learning or because you have a passion. Start a blog, an email newsletter, anything. Even take classes on some esoteric topic and apply that knowledge somehow. It’s a cliché, but companies really do want people who can “think outside the box.” Show them how interesting you are.

    -Get certifications

    To go back to programming for a second, what if you already have those skills? If you’re already been working in web development, why not get some more credentials to boost your earning power? Find an Adobe or Microsoft certification course for cheap and grab that piece of paper. Certifications show you’re a go-getter who wants to continually sharpen your skills and stay marketable. Companies are always looking for people who know the latest and most popular tech.

    The bottom line is: keep learning. No matter where you are in life, if you keep pushing ahead with your education (formal or not) you’re going to improve your chances of landing a decent job. Show employers why they’d be foolish to pass you up. Embrace technology because it’s become inescapable.

    Featured images:

    James Butler is a freelance writer and former manager at a web design firm. He blogs about technology and business.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 12/11/2013

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    Marketing Jobs in Australia

    An Overview how to find Marketing Jobs in Australia

    There are many jobs facilities in Australia. There are many people from all over the world and they are work in Australia. The job opportunity in the Australia is great. Among them, Marketing Jobs in Australia is the best.


    Marketing Coordinator

    Marketing Coordinator job is one of the best Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Coordinator should know how to creating and maintaining a favorable public image for the company through digital and social media platforms such as managing company website, social media pages, and internal intranet updates. They should know the email marketing activities. They should Identify, investigate and present promotional event and conference opportunities. To be Marketing Coordinator, the candidate should have a good academic background in Marketing. Moreover they should have 1 to 2 years of experience in this field. The Marketing Coordinator should have the knowledge of MS Office and Excel. The Marketing Coordinator should have excellent communication skills both written and verbal. They should have time management skills with the ability to manage different deadlines and multiple projects.


    Administration Assistant & Marketing Coordinator

    The Administration Assistant & Marketing Coordinator is a great job it is one of the best Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Coordinator should know Data Entry, Sales Reporting work. The marketing coordinator has to do Field duties and Reception Duties. They should able to Assist Franchisees to Increase Sales and Deliver Outstanding Customer Service. Moreover, they should Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues and business owners and staff. They should Monitoring sales and actively involved with sales growth strategies for all stores.

    The person should be valid PR Holder or Australian Citizen. They should have knowledge in Business, Retail or Management Experience. They should know  MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. Along with the person should have Excellent Communication and Presentation. They should be aware the planning skills.

    Marketing Administrator

    The Marketing Administrator is a great job. It is one of the best jobs in Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Administrator has lots of duty. On a daily basis, they should monitor all social media channels. They should know Creation and dispatch of marketing materials to Dealers. They should assist event coordination.

    To be Marketing Administrator the person should have own reliable transport. They should have excellent written and verbal communication skills along with strong Microsoft Office Skills. They should be hardworking, and moreover, they should be organized.







    Marketing Campaign Manager

    Marketing Campaign Manager is a great job. Those who wants to be Marketing Campaign Manager they should know how to communicate with the client. They should analyze and develop market segmentation strategies.

    To be Marketing Campaign Manager the skill is very much required along with experience is essential.

    Highly efficient, with outstanding organization, project management, and multi-tasking skills, including the ability to create systems and processes.

    They should have Exceptional written and oral communication skills, including excellent interpersonal skills. They should be expert in MS Office, including Outlook, and Salesforce.









    Article publié pour la première fois le 17/05/2017

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    tips for telephone interview

    The most important tips for telephone interview


    When you are getting ready for the telephone interview, there are tips for telephone interview that will help you. It is still an interview and therefore should be well prepared for. You should try to go and research about the company in question and the roles you applied for. These are part of the questions you should expect to get from the interview session. The interviewer on the phone is always looking for the amount of confidence and intelligence that is expressed in the questions you answer and the way you answer them. Try not to ignore anything as you might see yourself on the phone answering questions bordering on your knowledge of the firm, your previous job and role and your achievements.


    One of the most important tips for telephone interview is that you should take the interview when it is convenient for you. Try to reschedule the interview if you are not in the best environment to talk at the time you are called, this will be better for you and make sure you are not interrupted during the interview. Charge your phone when you are expecting the interview. Make your CV and some jotter available for use during the interview. You can also make use of the headset. It will make you concentrate on the interview and your hands will be free for writing.


    Think about the answers you will give to questions and prepare your own questions. Then make sure you smile to ease of the pressure and answer the call with the best phone etiquette and courtesy in speech. You should always expect questions about the company, why you are looking for the job. What you will do for the firm, what your skills are, why you are leaving your old job and eventually the salary level you will like to accept. They will always come and the way you answer them matters. There are no automatic tips for telephone interview, using your initiative matters.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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    Different ways to manage stress at work

    stress manage

    Different ways to manage stress at work


    stress manage

    To find low stress job may be difficult for many  people. Job stress is normal but sometime the excessive stress can interfere with your health and how you can deal with it, makes a difference between your success and failure. So, at that time most  realistic choice  or strategy would be helpful to reduce stress.

    1) Recognize Warning signs–

    Whenever you feel more work, never lose confidence. Sometime it makes you irritable and you become less effective in your job. So whenever you find warning signs of excessive stress at work like–

    -irritable or depressed                                 – headache

    -lack of sleep                                                    – problem in concentration

    – fatigue

       So, if you ignore the warning sign of the work stress, they can lead to big problems.

    2) Regular exercise–

    Pay  attention to your physical and emotional health. When you take care of yourself , you are more stronger to stress.. Aerobic exercises lifts the mood, increase energy, sharpen your body and relax both your mind and body. So always perform 30 minutes of exercise everyday  that will help you to reduce your stress level.

    3) Healthy eating–

    Healthy eating helps you to reduce stressful work days. sometime, lower level of sugar in the blood, makes you feel irritable and excessive eating makes you lethargic. So small and frequent meals maintain balance , lifts your mood and you become energetic.

    4) Avoid alcohol and nicotin–

    Alcohol in little quantity reduce anxiety but when you drink alcohol to reduce job stress, it leads to alcohol dependence.

    5) Get enough sleep–

    Stress can lead to improper sleep. If you rest completely, its easy for you to maintain balance and you can complete your work without stress. If you get enough sleep , the next day  your mind will be fresh.

    6) Time and work management–

    If you maintain balanced schedule then it will help you to complete your responsibilities and tasks. Always try to finish things that are more important.  Try to maintain balance between your work and family life. If you leave 15-20 minutes early in the morning it makes difference to your work rather than during late hours. Always take some break in your work. If there is some big projects, break it into small parts and then try to manage them in time.

    7) Challange your stress  with humor–

    When you are over loaded with stress, try to manage it with humor. It reduces stress and feels you light. Always take your work positive and do it with confidence.

    8) Break habits that add stress–

    Try to break habits that add stress in your work. Sometime you will downfall in your work, think positive and handle it with confidence. Don’t try to control things that are not under your control rather than you focus  on the work that you can handle and do your best.

    9) Avoid conflict–

    Try to avoid conflict with your managers and stay calm and cheerful. Never mix your professional and personal life. Try to make balance between your work and family life. Take participate in some social and outdoor activities that makes you active and happy. Try to avoid the people who don’t work well with others.

    10) Listening music–

    Sometime music is helpful and relieve stress after work. Long day work makes you irritable and tired, at that time your favorite music can make you less stressed and you feel better.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 03/01/2013

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    Choosing a Career In Clinical Research

    Choosing a Career In Clinical Research
    If you are unsure about what type of career choice to pursue post-graduation or even after graduation, Clinical Research is a viable career choice. This career can ensure you form part of a global industry that continues to find the latest cures and medications for a number of diseases. In past years only paramedics and doctors could take part in the Healthcare Industry. However, today there are plenty of job opportunities in this particular field that are made available to Life Science graduates.
    Below are a few guidelines to consider in pursuing a career associated with Clinical Research:


    •You will need to take a course directly associated with Clinical Research. These courses touch on a variety of areas that were not included in Post Graduate or Graduate studies.
    •Every type of clinical-research professional requires training to do with human subject ethics and protection in addition to the GCP guidelines (International Conference on Harmonization’s Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice) which is the recognized standard globally associated with clinical trials management.
    •Talent in clinical research means that you will need to have a variety of personality-traits, soft skills, job related abilities that will ensure you are a well-rounded candidate in regards to reaching beyond just science proficiencies. This blog from Icon goes into the reasons to consider this career in greater depth.

    •As a clinical research professional you will be expected to have the abilities in thinking critically and have an abundant love for details in order to work with the tiniest of details in the multi-gigabyte documents.


    •This career also necessitates that you are skilled in association to being able to focus on various areas simultaneously and to use analytical thinking in order to deal with “gray areas” that often come up in regulations.


    •Professionals in this career have to be capable in various software programs that include presentation, database-user interfaces, classification and analytical software.
    •The person will need to be accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and always professional.
    •If you pursue a career as a Clinical Researcher you will be expected to have proficient conflict-resolution skills and the abilities to anticipate different challenges while at the same time coming up with the right solutions.


    You must be able to determine the skill necessary to pursue a clinical-research profession and then ensure that you have the correct qualifications. If you find out that you are lacking in certain skills you should develop these by acquiring the necessary experience through volunteer or temporary work.
    When you have finished obtaining the necessary education and skills join a company that provides you with a job so that you can progress in experience. Once you are able to gain hands-on experience and knowledge you are able to explore other opportunities and try out your luck in well-established global or multi-national companies.

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    Amitriptyline Hydrochloride 25mg

    Amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg is an antidepressant drug that is prescribed only in case of severe and mostly chronic depression. When all other techniques and medicines fail, this drug is used for treatment. The dosage is increased with time depending on how the patient copes with the drug.

    The 25mg of this drug is available in the form of tablets. The drug is given to the patient in three ways: injection, syrups and tablets. The tablet starts from 10mg and then moves on to a heavy dose of 25mg which is also not as high compared to the other amounts of this drug. Hydrochloride 25mg is composed of a tricyclic compound.

    The neurotransmitter reabsorption is blocked by this drug which in turn makes the patient feel better for some time. The neurotransmitters include serotonin and norepinephrine. This drug also has anticholinergic, sedative and vasodilating effects.

    Adults must be given the 25mg drug at bedtime. Initially the dosage may start with 10mg and then later on 25mg is slowly increased everytime so that depression is cured step by step. However, 25mg of this drug is given to regular patients but hospitalized patients are directly given 100mg drug which is slowly increased to 300mg.

    Amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg can also be used for treatment of phantom limb pain. This drug acts as a pain killer in case of extreme causalgic pain.

    While using amitriptyline hydrochloride 25mg, the patient must be extremely cautious. In case the patient is already having seizures, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular diseases, bipolar disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia, urinary retention, liver dysfunction, closed-angle glaucoma and an increased intraocular pressure. Also, if the patient is old or incase of women, if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, then the drug usage must be curbed.

    The drug must be administered carefully as well. While 25mg of this drug is being used, then the full dosage must be consumed before going to bed. This minimizes orthostatic hypotension. The drug must not be withdrawn immediately if any adverse reactions are noticed. It is worth remembering that the drug is often used together ith psychotherapy or relaxation techniques.

    The side effects of this drug lie between less adverse reactions to acute reactions. The effects on skin include rashes, irritation, flushing and diaphoresis. Other reactions not related with skin are increased apetite, paralytic ileus, leucopenia, constipation, dry mouth, abnormal visual accommodation, high fever, causalgic pains, hypersensitivity reaction, agranulocytosis, difficulty speaking, hypomania, hallucinations, dizziness, suicidal behavior, ideation, extrpyramidal effects and too many other adverse rectons

    The patient must immediately contact the doctor if the symptoms or side effects gain momentum. If these prevail, then the patient must be taught how to deal with it. The dosage must be taken exactly how the doctor has recommended. Overdosage or underdosage could cause the body to become immune to this drug so that the patient will be required to consume another heavy dosage and different amounts. Carelessness will be harmful for the life of the patient. It is essential that before consuming amitriptyline 25mg, the patient has had a detailed discussion with his or her doctor so as to prevent adverse reactions later.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 09/07/2011

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    Data Entry interview questions

    Data Entry interview questions


    There are so many things that you need to prepare if you want to successfully be hired as the data entry staff. Therefore, you need to learn the information related to the way that you can answer the Data Entry interview questions well.


    Question 1: What is your weakness?

    If you pay attention to the question, you would know that you are expected to answer one question instead of more. Therefore, you have to find one weakness that you can justify. You may need to cite examples about the way that the weakness hurt your life. You are also expected to give suggestion on the way that you can follow to improve the weakness.


    Question 2: Have you worked with Microsoft programs before?

    The programs of Microsoft, such as Word and Excel, are the basic programs that people working in the data entry field would need to use. Therefore, you cannot say that you are new to these programs. Instead, you have to let the interview know that you are knowledgeable in these programs and you can master them well.


    Question 3: What did you do in your previous work?

    You just need to tell the truth and you can let them know the reason why you left as well.


    Question 4: Why do you want to work here?

    You can share with them the motivation for you to work in the company and it can be something passionate or realistic.


    Question 5: How do you respond to changes?

    In the data entry field, there can be a lot of changes in the programs or the codes that you use. Therefore, you have to be able to cope with changes.


    Question 6: What are your strengths?

    These strengths should be matched with the job requirement that you need to perform. You may need to be detail-oriented and deadline-oriented if you want to be the data entry staff.


    Question 7: Do you have something interesting to share with us?

    This question has to be prepared in advanced actually. It would be very difficult for you to generate one when you are nervous during the interview process. You need to recall your memory about a good or funny thing before you go to the interview.


    Question 8: Which programs are you good at other than Microsoft Office?

    You just need to explain the competencies in computer skills that you have got.


    Question 9: What would you do in this company after 5 years?

    You would need to find your career path in the company and you cannot say that you would stay at the same job title for 5 years.


    Question 10: How would you contribute to this company?

    Apart from working, you should also be responsible for teaching the newcomers and let them grow. In this way, the whole company would grow because everybody working in the company would be willing to share their knowledge and information to the others and work together instead of being very selfish or self-centered for themselves.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 20/09/2016

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    Goatee Styles

    Talking about the facial hair styling, there are many different kinds of the styles available. Men may go through the routes of wearing a bread, clean shave face or goatee. Some men who create their own styles are incredibly original and involves the previous styles just is styled in a special way by one for himself. We will make a look on all of three traditional men’s facial hair style.

    Beards are considerably more popular in winter and many older men wear breads. Some people like to wear beard in only in winter only for change in look while some wear beard all around the year because it’s their style. Another important facial hair style is clean shaven, having no hair on the face. Lots of men are fond of the clean shave but the drawback of clean shave is that it needs to be maintaining daily. The third one is goatees. It is longer facial hair around mouth and chin. Some people like to have full goatee while some enjoy having a half goatee. A half goatee is the hair just around the chin. The goatee is becoming very much popular nowadays, especially in the young generation. There are different styles in goatee as well. Some people like to have really full thick goatees while others like to have small but clearly defined goatee.

    The best thing about facial hair styles is that facial hairs grow very quickly and one doesn’t need to wait to for the longer time in order to make a change and try some new styles.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 08/08/2011

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    Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In USA

    Why Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In USA Are Useful

    There are many free job posting sites for employers in usa but it is very essential to select the perfect free job posting website according to your requirement. It must be noted that not all free job posting websites are appropriate. You need to assess the pros and cons of every website before making any decision. Candidates and employers in the USA are advised to get the relevant information from Department of Labor. The department actually complements the data that they obtain from different free job posting websites. Many job posting websites tend to display pertinent information with respect to current employment scenario, economic situation and financial matters. Generally, employers and companies do not advertise jobs when there is an economic downturn. On the other hand, if there is an economic boom, many companies and organizations tend to advertise jobs on free job posting websites. Many free job posting sites in the US provide chances to post automatic employment classifieds, antique collectibles, coin auctions and houses for sale.

    Simple Posting For Online Classifieds

    Every employer or company will want hassle-free posting of jobs. The overall registration procedure in free job posting sites for employers in usa should be simple and easy. There must be a clear and clean outline for job posting in all the free websites. Free internet job posting sites in the US that tend to include intricate submission guidelines’ should be avoided by employers. At the same time, if these sites include extensive wait times for employers and candidates, it shows unprofessionalism. These websites might not be the suitable place to post free job classifieds. There are some important guidelines for employers in the US to post free job ads on different websites. Employers need to use specific words or phrases that best match their employment requirements. The advertisement should be short and precise without being lengthy.

    Advertise jobs

    Advertise construction job  | 
    Advertise designer job  | 
    Advertise electrician job  | 
    Advertise hairdresser job  | 
    Advertise nanny job  | 
    Advertise nurse job  | 
    Advertise pharmacist job  | 
    Advertise sales job  | 
    Advertise secretary job  | 
    Advertise security job  | 
    Advertise teaching job  | 
    Advertise writer job  | 

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    The Linden Method – My Personal Experience

    In recent years, you can find that the Linden Method is more and more popular. It is actually a kind of recognized program for eliminating anxiety problem from the patient. It is proved with research and the method is backed up by many studies. There are a lot of psychological studies being conducted in the past which could help to reinforce the fact that Linden Method helps.

    You can find that there are many people who would find the Linden Method useful. You would find that this type of treatment would work for many types of conditions related to anxiety. For example, you would be able to use this treatment method to reduce the problem of post traumatic stress disorder. You would also find that phobias, compulsive disorder, etc, can all be cured with the right use of this method.

    Even though you are not suffering from the anxiety problem, you can also find that the use of this type of method is very good. For example, you would be able to have a nice and relaxed body if you use this method. Even though you do not suffer from the panic disorder, you can also use this method to make yourself happy and reduce the stress. This is also the thing that people would try to do in order to ensure that their emotion would not further worsen or otherwise the problem like panic disorder would eventually come.

    You can find that there are many scientists who are supporting this method and they would recommend this method to people who want to have natural treatment. Yes, the Linden Method is regarded as a kind of natural treatment that people can take in order to resolve the anxiety problem. Therefore, it would be popular among people who have suffered a lot from the anxiety problem but refuse to see the doctors because they do not want to take the medicines. If they use this method instead, they would be able to get relieved conveniently.

    You can find that there are many products related to the Linden Methods. For example, you can find that videos or audios related to this method and you can base on these items to select the most appropriate treatment methods for you to cure yourself. Yes, you can find that it is interactive for you to use the Linden method to cure yourself. Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of this method in curing anxiety and you should always try your best to look for the relevant information related to this kind of method and get prepared for it.

    As you might read from some of the review sites, the effectiveness of this method is well recognized so you actually do not need to worry about falling into any traps or scams. As long as you follow the treatment guide in the method and work out the necessary steps according to the instruction, you would feel that the panic disorder problem is getting away from your body.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/07/2011

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    Housekeeper interview questions

    Housekeeper interview questions


    For almost every job application, the interview process is a must. Thus, you have to learn the way to answer the Housekeeper interview questions if you are applying for the relevant position.


    Question 1: What makes you the best candidate for this job?

    You need to match the strengths of yours with the requirements of the job. You have to be a caring person and you have to be able to communicate with the others well.


    Question 2: How reliable are you?

    You need to quote some experiences in which you are the good and reliable person for the job. If you have worked as the housekeeper before, you usually would have the ability to say this because you can quote some of the good experiences from your job.


    Question 3: How long will you work in this field?

    This is a tricky question. The interviewer is not asking for your years of work experience. Instead, the interviewer tries to ask whether you would work in the future as a housekeeper for a long time. If you have lost your motivation and you answer that it would be the last year of your work, they would feel worried that you cannot serve them well.


    Question 4: Please tell us your preferred salary.

    If you have a lot of years of experience, the salary could be higher. But you need to search for the average in the market first.


    Question 5: What did you quit the last job?

    If you answer that you committed some frauds or serious mistakes and get fired, you would not get this job either.


    Question 6: How do you rate yourself as the housekeeper?

    It is hard for you to rate yourself as a perfect one, so you can give yourself around 80% of score and tell them what. The score is not the most important, but the explanation counts.


    Question 7: If there is a fire in the house, what would you do?

    Before answering, you should try to ask for clarification. Is the fire a serious one or a small one? This is a question which tests you whether you would have the logical thinking to think before answering.


    Question 8: How much time do you need for completing a cleaning task?

    This is a question asking about your efficient of work. You just need to tell the truth unless you are really inefficient in the work.


    Question 9: How do you ensure that you can integrate with the culture of the house?

    You should demonstrate your action steps about the work. You may need to give details about the way that you would communicate and the method that you would use to communicate to ensure that you can understand the family well.


    Question 10: How many hours can you work in a day?

    Sometimes, you may be asked to work overtime with payment. Therefore, this is just a question aiming at knowing your real availability apart from the work period stated in the job advertisement.

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    Job boards- an easy to find jobs

    job boardsJob boards

    Job boards  have become pretty famous today. With the advancement of the internet,
    employers have started posting jobs online. This attracts a large number of people and
    candidates. The boards help you to find jobs of different variety and genre. You can apply
    according to your preferences. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. Also a
    single company posts for different jobs. So if you are determined to work for a company you
    can apply by searching for jobs posted by that company. Also the board gives to the liberty of
    applying for jobs on the basis of your location.

    Top job boards

    You can choose from various job boards  online. The top among them are

    Career builder

    These above boards help you to get jobs more easily. They offer genuine and authentic jobs
    and are very much reliable. You van view your profile manage your details and more. The ability
    to go through a wide range of jobs will not only increase your confidence but will also boost
    your personality. You can apply to any number of jobs you wish and also sit for any number of
    interviews provided you are asked for.

    How to apply

    Most of the  job boards  have a simple form which is to be filled up. The forms ask for your
    name, email id, contact number, location and other stuffs. This information is kept to make sure
    you are applying for a particular job. Also they may ask you to upload a resume of your own.
    Uploading a resume will ensure more views as mostly the companies which are hiring look for
    resumes to go through. A recent photograph may also be asked depending on the type of job
    board you are applying for. It is not confirmed that you will get the job the next day but you
    surely can view a large number of jobs through the boards.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 02/02/2013

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    Ways to Improve Your Resume

    Ways to Improve Your Resume

    1.The wording on your resume needs to mirror the main points in the job posting.
    It should be clear from your resume that what the post is you applying for.

    2.Never lie on a resume or in an interview. There’s no room for it and your
    integrity is worth far more than getting a specific job.

    3.Never use an objective statement anyway,they are useless and most of them
    are so fluffy that they don’t say anything.

    4.You have to get as many accomplishments as possible on your resume, so give
    them “just the facts” for each one and then move on to the next.Your accomp-
    lishments proves your positive attitude towards work and dedication also.

    5.Look for ways to use exciting language.You can use a different font of
    language to impress the interviewer but remember the font should remain
    same till your resume ends.

    6.Analyze the job post’s wording. An easy way to make sure your resume gets
    you in the door for an interview is to echo the language in the job post.

    7.Must enlist your previous team-work and assignments so that it will prove
    your teamworkqualities and no doubt you will have your own team to work
    under you supervision.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 02/06/2017

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    Important tips for acing group interview

    Now a days  group interview become popular with the employers . With this interviews  the employer meet with different people at the same time  and the interviewer discuss their thoughts collectively. During group interviews employers see how they handle the situation.

    gp interviewFor group interview the candidate ready himself  as one-on-one interview . Research about the company and prepare for some behavioral questions.. There are some of the factors that should be in mind while preparing for group interview–

    1) Always treat the interview as business meeting. You have to respond to a variety of personalities.

    2) During an interview , different personalities make a team. In other words you find different type of person in an interview like some are happy, some are serious. So you should not try to change your personality for  all because if you will try to change your personality for each person in the room , they thought you have multiple personalities.

    3) When you answer to the questions, make eye contact with each one  as every one is in that room is equally important.

    4) During an interview your voice should be loud and clear. Your answer contain some meaningful content so that interviewer can remember you after the interview is over and gone.

    5) During an group interview, there are rapid fire questions at you. So you don’t loose your confidence , stay calm and take time to answer your questions. In case if you respond in rush, it may believe that you are not confident.

    During an interview ,keep in mind you have to show your skills to the panel and how you serve them well.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 28/02/2013

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    Right hemisphere stroke

    Right hemisphere stroke

    stroke occurs when blood  flow to our brain get compromised. This is caused by a blood clot blocking a vessel in our brain, or a torn vessel bleeding into our brain. The right side (hemisphere) of  brain controls the left side of your body. . It also controls certain calculation tasks, such as judging distance, size, speed, or position A stroke in the right hemisphere often causes paralysis in the left side of the body. This is known as left hemiplegia.

    what causes  Right hemisphere stroke 
                                  Ischemic stroke: when an artery to our brain gets blocked which may be caused by having plaque in an artery. Plaque  occurs  when fatty deposits and other things build up in an artery or blood clot  blocks the artery.The clot can break loose from an artery somewhere else and travel to the brainstem. This clot may get stuck in a narrow blood vessel, stopping blood and oxygen from reaching our brain. This is called an ischemic stroke. Most strokes are ischemic strokes.

    Hemorrhagic stroke: some times,  blood vessel may break and leak if a clot gets stuck in it, or the vessel wall is weak. Blood then flows out of the vessel and into brain tissue. This is called a hemorrhagic stroke

    Risk factors of Right hemisphere stroke

    1) older people of or above 55 years of age

    2) women using birth control pills, or  take  replacement medicine after menopause.

    3)  father or mother had a stroke,

    4) have high blood pressure, or blood vessel or sickle cell disease that was not treated.

    5)  have atrial fibrillation, diabetes or other heart or blood vessel condition

    Signs and Symptoms  of right sided stroke

    the common symptoms of right sided stroke are

    a)  these people generally  have problems with their spatial and perceptual abilities due to which they  misjudge distances (leading to a fall) or be unable to guide their hands to pick up an object, button a shirt or tie their shoes.  Due to  their impaired ability to judge spatial relationships, survivors of right-hemisphere strokes often have judgment difficulties that show up in their behavioral styles.

    b)  these patients  also experience left-sided neglect.. left-sided neglect causes the survivor of a right-hemisphere stroke to “forget” or “ignore” objects or people on their left side.

    c)  they may be unable to remember what they ate for breakfast that morning.

    d)  Vision problems are common these people  may not see objects to their left.

    e)  Language and speech problems are present.they   may not be able to understand what others are saying. these people  may have trouble in  reading ,  writing and speaking. When  they talk, they  may not show any feeling.

     Treatment of right hemisphere  stroke

    Treatment depends on what causes stroke, signs and symptoms of the patient
    1) Cholesterol medicine should be given to  decrease (lower) the amount of cholesterol (fat) in the blood.

    2)  if stroke was caused by a blood clot,  following medicines should be given

    Thrombolytics: This medicine is given to break apart blood clots and help blood flow more easily.

                    Aspirin: This is medicine that may be given to help thin the blood to keep blood clots from forming.

                     Antiplatelets: This medicine is given to prevent blood clots from forming.

    3) sedation  medicine will  help  to decrease the pressure in our brain. It can also help to decrease pain

    4) other medicine to treat diabetes, high blood cholesterol,  high blood pressure or to prevent seizures

    5) surgery should be done if medication is not helpful.it include

    Ventriculostomy:  it should be done if  too much fluid and swelling around our brain is present, a tube may be placed through skull to drain the fluid. This tube also checks the pressure in our brain.

    Craniotomy: If  stroke was caused by bleeding into brain tissue,  surgery on our brain is done  to remove the blood or fix a damaged blood vessel.

    Carotid endarterectomy: Blocked carotid arteries can cause poor blood flow to your brain. If such  carotid arteries are blocked, surgery called carotid endarterectomy may be done. This surgery widens the arteries so that blood can flow  more easily.

    • .

    Article publié pour la première fois le 09/10/2011

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    Water Physical Therapy

    Benefits of Water Physical Therapy

    Aquatic therapy, as water physical therapy is commonly referred to has been a practice since time immemorial although on a limited scale. Traditionally, water was boiled and applied on injured parts of the body with use of a cloth. Modern aquatic therapy has built on the traditional method and incorporated exercises and the use of specialized physical therapy equipments. In any case, modern aquatic therapy is mainly undertaken with a patient immersed in water. The therapy is mostly undertaken in swimming pools although a patient is not required to swim. The temperature of water used in aquatic therapy is usually regulated for the intended treatment to be achieved.

    Aquatic therapy provides several benefits including:

    • Reduced gravity – A patient experiences reduced gravitational pull when immersed in water. This allows a patient to exercise an impaired body part without causing further damage. Water makes it easy for a patient to perform exercises prescribed by an aquatic physical therapist, which a patient may not perform comfortably on land. Several devices are used in the process including floatation belts.
    • Increased blood flow – Water used in water physical therapy is usually warm. This promotes healing at injury site(s) as blood vessels around the injured site receive adequate blood and oxygen supply, which are necessary for fast and effective healing.
    • Relaxation – Doctors normally advise their patients to obtain adequate rest and relaxation as one way of quick recovery. This is what aquatic therapy provides a patient. Since a patient is immersed in warm water, body muscles relax, in effect encouraging fast healing.
    • Balance – Aquatic water increases buoyancy, which aids a patient achieve balance. The buoyancy is also effective in minimizing or eradicating pain that a patient may be experiencing. The reduced pain comes about because the buoyancy lessens weight exerted on a patient’s injured boy part.
    • Viscosity – It is always important for a physical therapy patient to gain strength, particular at the injured site. Aquatic physical therapists do prescribe exercises that a patient needs to perform in water, the only suitable place where viscosity is available. The water’s viscosity makes it difficult for a patient to move an impaired body part. The difficulty makes an injured site develop strength in the process of exercise.
    • Change in environment – A physical therapy patient benefits greatly with change in environment that aquatic therapy provides. Moving from land into water for therapy boosts a patient’s morale, which facilitates fast recovery.

    Although water physical therapy has traditionally been a treatment available in developed countries, it is fast gaining ground around the world as one of the best ways to treat patients who require physical rehabilitation. Varied equipments, tools and objects such as foam noodles, kickboards and balls amongst others are introduced by qualified and approved aquatic therapists in treating patients. This makes water physical therapy not only enjoyable but fun as well. Physical therapists worldwide encourage the use of aquatic therapy by patients in need of physical rehabilitation. This is because studies indicate that patients who receive aquatic therapy heal faster than those who receive physical therapy on land.


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    Cover letter sample for Software Developer

    Cover letter sample for Software Developer


    Recipient’s Name

    Recipient’s Address



    Sender’s Details





    Dear Mr. Last Name,

    Please accept my resume as an expressed interest in exploring the possibilities of joining your department and organization in a software Engineer position.

    My work history has provided me a variety of business skills which allow me to relate to all level of management, to a variety of business positions, and work successfully with variety of personalities, customers, and end-users.


    My education has provided me with a variety of information system knowledge and practical skills; primarily in software engineering, Visual Basic .Net development, java development, and c development, as well as network design, implementation, and administration, information system security, and relational database architecture, SQL server query development, and Database management. I also have proficient skills with website design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript development, as well as website administration.


    I Consider my-self to be a result -oriented, dependable, and capable worker; who is not easily affected by job stress, and will be a strong asset to our department and organization in a variety of duties. I am certainly receptive to any company training and I am a fast learner in any of the job training situation, if required.


    I look forward to a personal interview at your convenience.





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    Physiotherapy techniques


    how physiotherapy techniques can help you


    If you have ever been in a back pain situation then you must know how useful these physiotherapy techniques can be. A person suffering with a lot of pain can feel relaxed and relief after going through just one physiotherapy session. If you feel pain in different parts of your body occasionally or regularly then you must go for physical therapy. Well, one thing that you must keep in your mind is that, physiotherapy and physical therapy are reciprocal to each other. Some people call it physiotherapy and some call it physical therapy. However, the function of both names is same as same machines and devices are used.

    You must be thinking that what is the use of devise and machines in physiotherapy techniques? Well, there is a big use of these devices as different automatic massage devices have been developed. Now, there is no need of going to physiotherapy center and waiting for a therapist to visit you. You can lie down on floor and let any massage machine do its work. There are different aspects in which these physiotherapy techniques can be very helpful. For example; a person who has gone through an accident and due to his accident he is not able to use one of his arms, what do you think are his chances to get his arm moving again? Well, a normal person will say that there are no chances at all but if he will get a physiotherapist then he can get his arm moving and working again a few months.

    Physiotherapy techniques are just like magic; you never know and hey start showing their positive effects on your body. A person suffering from any kind of pain or disability can be treated with the help of physiotherapy.

    Below we will try to analyze those professionals who can benefit from physiotherapy.


    A doctor has to spend a hectic and busy day and due to this reason he can become a lot tired. Well, there is a very simple and easy solution to this tiredness and that solution lies in physiotherapy center/ clinic. If you are feeling tired and different parts of your body are not in a healthy condition then you can simply go for physiotherapy techniques. These techniques will be applied on your body and with the help of these techniques; you will start feeling well again.



    Labor is that community with works very hard but he never gets paid in full. They have to lift burden and drag things here and this can cause some serious problem in their physic. A person who will keep working all day long and in the evening, how will he sleep and at what time he will take rest. If you feel pain in your body being a labor then you should go to a good physiotherapy center so that nothing goes wrong. In a few sessions of physiotherapy, you will start feeling better and all the pains and discomforts will be vanished away.



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    Cover letter examples for receptionist administrative assistant

    Cover letter examples for receptionist administrative assistant

    When you are trying to be a receptionist, you need to be good at multi-tasking. In addition to this, your communication skills should be really good and you should have a minimum level of courtesy. Further, all your qualities should be reflected in the cover letter you write. Thus, your cover letter can be considered as the first impression that your employer has of you. You need to make it look really good in order to get a job at your desired company. However, for any particular job that you apply you need to weigh out your options and choose the one that is best suitable for you.
    If you as yet do not know how to frame a good cover letter for yourself, here are some samples for you to consider. You can go through them as well as try out your ideas, but do keep in mind that your cover letter will also be checked as a test for your communication skills when you send out the applications for the same. Hence, you should really concentrate on making it flawless and logical to read. All the best for your endeavors.


    Cover letter example

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am interested in applying for the position of receptionist in your organization. I have been working as a receptionist for several years, including working in a busy workplace with multiple phone lines and a large number of professional staff.
    In addition to my receptionist experience, I have good communication skills, have the ability to serve customers, and possess strong office and administrative skills. I do posses extensive knowledge of various software like MS- Office package and Quick book.
    Hence, keeping the above points in mind, my profile does make me eligible to apply for the post of receptionist in your organization. Hence, I would like to discuss the job opportunity in details at a time and venue of your preference. Let me know when we can do that.
    Thanking you,
    With Regards
    (Name of the applicant)


    Cover letter example

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    This is in reference to your advertisement published in ABC News for the post of a receptionist. I would like to apply for the same. With more than five years of experience as a receptionist, I have worked for medium to large scale organizations. I do have the experience of handling a busy workplace with multiple phone lines and a large number of professional staff.
    In addition to possessing skills as a receptionist, I do have a thorough knowledge of the computer and am flexible enough to work with all versions of operating system and other software. I have experience of working with MS Office and Adobe Photoshop.
    Thus, keeping my above qualities in mind, I would like to apply for the post of a receptionist with your organization. Let me know when we can discuss this job in details. I am ready to schedule the meeting at a job and venue of your choice.
    (Name of the applicant)

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    Top 8 Reasons-Why We Are Different From Rest of the Companies

    Zeustek is a global IT service provider company. We have been consistently delivering the best services to our clients’. We make use of the latest technologies to achieve these goals. We have a successful record of delivering the best to our clients. And thus our customers have a competitive advantage.

    The company has established its name in the field of offshore Application Development. Our Application Development model is a result of various inventions and the product thus delivered not only fulfils clients’ requirements, but also clings to global standards of software engineering. We try hard to deliver superior quality and cost effective Web Design development solutions to our clients.

    In addition to our Custom website design and development and Online Promotion services, Zeustek provides IT Consultation and SEO Services. Zeustek has a team of experienced professionals, and thus the project failure risk is reduced, and because of the fact the company has build a good reputation in a short span of time. The company delivers cost effective products.

    1. Commitment towards quality and the value of the product or the service is one of the important principles.
    2. We make use of ethical search engine optimization techniques.
    3. All the content generated may be for articles, blogs, press releases etc is manually prepared. We do not make use of automated software’s.
    4. We are having various specialists for various tasks, like we have specialist for link building, article writing etc.
    5. We are having robust local affiliations.
    6. We have an experienced team of professionals, having expertise in internet marketing, social media and much more.
    7. We are having strong affiliations with our professionals in the industry.
    8. You can contact us anytime.

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    Are Resume Supposed to be one page

    Are Resume Supposed to be one page??


    The answer is no. This old rule is dead where resume supposed to be one page. Resume can be one page it depends on how much experience you have. If you have least experience then it is going to be only in one page. But if u have lots of experience then it is going to be lengthened into two to three pages. What matters most quality over quantity you don’t have to add every award, achievements since your schooling which is not even required for your new job. It should be in concise form.


    If u have done job few years ago and u have applied for a new job which are not relevant to each other than u can edit and delete those which are not mandatory for your new job. But if you have enough credentials, pertinent experience and training appertain to the position which requires more than one page then go for it.


    If you do go for two pages make sure your second page doesn’t contain more white space if you are using one quarter of a page then try to condense into one page. And if you are using one and a half page then play with font and layout to use that remnant space.

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    Risk factors, types and diagnosis of Autism—

                                                  There is no main reason for autism, but still research is going on . Some of the risk factors that may increase the
    chances of autism. Some of the important risk factors are as follows–
    1) Dietary factors
    2) mercury poisoning
    3) Inability of body to make proper use of vitamins and muscles.
    4) Vaccine sensitivity owing to thimerosal
    5) Breech position of baby
    6) Low apgar score( Apgar score is an index which is mainly used to assess the condition of newborn at birth and five minutes after birth)
    7) Birth before 35 weeks of pregnancy
    8) Parental history of schizophrenia or psychosis, depression and bipolar disorder.

    Types of Autism—

    Autism classified as Pervasive development disorder which is category of disorders that are interchangeably with broad spectrum of
    disorders mainly affecting young , children and adults called as ” Autism spectrum disorders(ASD).
    Autism can be associated with other disorders like mental retardation and other medical conditions. Autism
    ranges from mild to severe.

    Diagnosis of Autism—

    Diagnosis of autism is important because if autism is diagnosed early, more will be the chances of improvement. When there is
    developmental delay in a child,further testing can help doctor whether problem is related to autism or other developmental disorder.
    Therefore certain assessment has to be followed. Assessment include–
    1) Behavioral assessment
    2) Developmental or intelligence tests
    3) Physical assessments or lab tests

    Behavioral assessment include —
    a) Medical history— During this part, doctor generally ask questions about child’s development.
    b) Observation— Doctor want to observe the child in different situations.

    Developmental or intelligence tests–
    Certain tests should be done in order to check where developmental delay affects the thinking ability of the patients.

    Physical assessments or Lab tests–
    Physical examination can be done which include the measurement of weight, height or circumference of head in order to check the normal
    growth. Hearing tests should be done especially related to social skills. Other tests like testing for lead poisoning also known as
    PICA ( in which person crave for substances other than food like flecks of old paint etc). Children having delayed milestones
    usually continue put items in their mouth even after this stage has passed in normally developing children.
    Lab tests like chromosomal analysis may be done if there is history of intellectual disability.
    Electroencephalograph is done, if there are symptoms of seizures. MRI may be done, if there are signs of difference in structure of

    Early detection should be helpful. If certain signs should be discovered–
    __ No babbling, pointing by 12 months.
    __ No single words by 16 months.
    __ Loss of language or social skills at any age.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 20/03/2013

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    best job search sites

    Excellent Online Resources for Job Search

    Today, job opportunities are available in plenty. However, getting the right job under the right employer is indeed a challenging task. The job seekers want to explore all available resources to ensure that they never miss any chance to get a suitable job. Apart from the social networking platforms, the best job search sites enable experienced professionals, fresh job seekers and students who are in search of part-time jobs to find out their best opportunities.


    These sites enable them to find out a job that suits to them in all aspects from the internet. The best job search sites enable the job seekers to know about thousands of job opportunities that are available in the job market. Though there are thousands of job websites on the internet, the job seekers prefer to have a list of a few selected sites that ensure to provide reliable as well as the latest information regarding job opportunities.


    Being one among the best job search sites, Indeed receives the maximum traffic to the website. This job search site will have thousands of new postings every week and every month this job search site manages not less than one billion job searches. This site allows the users to create their profiles and upload their resumes. The site shows job postings aggregated from company pages, associations and various other listings. The search results are so vast that users have to filter them by job, industry, location or initial salary.

    The additional features of this job search site are email alerts, numerous job search plugins and mobile app. This website is very simple and is easy to use also. Many employers also use this job search site to identify potential candidates for various positions in their companies by browsing the resumes that are posted on the site.

    Linked In

    Though Linked In is a popular social networking site for professionals, now it is also one among the best job search sites. This site provides a free advanced tool for job search as well as crowd sourcing. Employers can post job opportunities that are available in their companies on the online job board of this website so that LinkedIn users can apply for those jobs.

    The users who are job seekers can create their personalized resume as their profile in which they can highlight their work experience as well as special skills. Users can invite other Linked In users to join their networks. Once a user is connected with another user he can use the network to make more number of valuable contacts and also establish connections with more number of users.


    Craigslist is an excellent resource to search for jobs. Those who want to search for jobs at a particular location can search for the same at their preferred location under different job categories like education, hospitality, government and others.



    Jobisite is a free USA job board and getting very popular these days . It has some nice features are recruiters and job seekers  to do job posting and job search



    Those who prepare a list of the best job search sites cannot afford to omit “Glassdoor” though it is not a traditional job search engine. In this site the user reviews are compiled and aggregated under a star rating out of five. The users can have the information regarding salary, approval ratings of the CEO and employee recommendation levels.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/09/2017

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    quality assurance role



    Role of a Quality Assurance Manager


    Quality assurance role is very significant in the maintenance of various products. This process is necessary to check the performance of a product. Similarly you can use this process for testing equipments. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important and beneficial for companies and industries. The main objective of this process is to achieve customer satisfaction because it is very necessary. Without customer satisfaction it is very difficult to achieve you goal. It is a real fact that without customer satisfaction any company or firm cannot progress. Therefore the customer satisfaction is very important for a company. The important question is that how to achieve customer satisfaction? You can achieve this goal by various methods but important way is the use of quality assurance process. You can measure the defects of a product with the help of this process. You can remove the source of errors with the help of quality assurance process.


    Therefore you can say that the quality assurance role is very important to get customer satisfaction. You should know that quality control departments are present in most of the companies. The quality assurance department produces various software and programs. You can catch the errors with the help of quality assurance before they appear. It is better to know that only a quality assurance engineer can perform the process of quality assurance in a better way. A skilled QA engineer can locate the source of error in various products. The source of error should be eliminated before their appearance because it is very important for a company. An experienced QA engineer can understand the problems that user can encounter. Software testing is also includes in quality assurance process. You can say that the quality assurance role is very important for a company because this process can eliminate the chance of error.


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    How to ask for a recommendation letter

    How to ask for a recommendation letter


    Writing a letter of recommendation involves a considerable effort. You cannot ask an instructor or supervisor as you notice them walking in the premises of the college or down the hallway. You must know how to ask for a recommendation letter. Choose your recommendation letter writer very carefully and also plan your approach and timing.


    • Ask someone who honestly knows you well

    As you decide whom to ask, consider the supervisors or instructors ranking who are familiar with your achievements and work. The ranking of the recommender is important as senior faculties’ reference carry weight. This faculty must have taught you the relating subject.While you may be tempted to ask a recommendation letter from some academic hero, but refrain doing so , as in all reasons, your recommendation letter need to be really strong to leave an impression on the reader.


    • Ask early

    Avoid waiting up to the last minute. Approaching before the deadline is recommended, thus you need not pressure them. Instead give enough time for them to go over your performance. Yet, if required as the deadline is approaching, you may write a friendly reminder.


    • Ask personally

    Ask a person face-to-face for letters of recommendation. Do not leave voicemails or send emails. Many supervisors and instructors every year deal with recommendation requests in dozens. If you are a stellar employee or a student also, do not expect everyone to remember you. Thus include your accomplishments as a reminder, especially relating to the supervisor or instructor. Also, write your goals and plans clearly, so that even your writer is clear about what you require.


    • Provide necessary materials

    It is essential to provide required materials. If you wish to apply to many schools, provide stamped envelopes to your writer. For multiple letters, organize a folder, the list of schools requesting recommendation letter and a cover sheet. There may be applications asking you to send the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope. If so, you must include appropriate size envelopes and the postage amount must be in surplus.


    Finally, request the recommendation letter writer to save a copy of this letter as considering a second copy may be required, in case the letter is lost.


    • Send a thank-you note


    You may send a thank-you note once the letter is sent out. Do not wait long: a week or two is justified timeline.


    A recommendation letter is crucial during admission process and also in acceptance, but for some it may be an admission interview process. Thus, knowing how to ask for a recommendation letter is important.


    Do’s and Don’ts

    • Choose a person who thinks high of you.
    • In the request, you may say “I know with the examinations due, you may be busy with evaluations and if you are too busy to write a recommendation letter, I understand”.
    • Your reference must be contacted and ask if it is convenient to speak and state the reason for contacting.
    • This is a favor you are asking for, so be warm and polite in your request. Also mention why you consider him or her as ideal to provide you recommendation letter.


    How to ask for a recommendation letter includes many forms. It may be requested by email and if you want the recommender to fill up forms, follow-up with a written letter including the details.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 26/02/2017

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    salary negotiation tips

     The most important salary negotiation tips


    You cannot run away from this as you will always encounter some period of negotiations for your salary. Salary negotiation might come within the period of the interview proper. Sometimes it might come after the interview has been concluded and you are among the shortlisted for the job, but any way it goes, these salary negotiation tips will help you.


    It helps in determining whether you will land the job or not. The company knows what you are worth and what they will pay you. But they will always like to hear from you as it concerns the salary you will demand. One of the first salary negotiation tips is, never demand the salary first. Allow the employer to ask you about this before you say anything about it. But if you are already working and want a raise, you can as well make the first move. Another salary negotiation tip is that you should try to avoid making comparisons both in your mind and to the employer as it concerns how much your friends in other fields are making. This is not good for your job and salary.


    Then you need to make good research from colleagues, friends, trade union congresses and online on how much people in your grade in similar jobs are earning. This will help you get the proper landing and some compromise. You should also hinge your demand mainly on the level of experience you have.  if need be, let them know about your experiences and accomplishments both in former jobs or even in the present one as the case may be. Avoid talking too much about money and the things you need money for. This will be a sort of nagging and transferred demand that is not good. Bottom line of all the salary negotiation tips is trying to make them see that you deserve the salary and how you will earn it with the job. Be flexible in the whole process of negotiation.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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    Top Jobs in Australia

    An Overview how to get Top Jobs in Australia

    There are many Top Jobs in Australia. However, everybody wants to be on the top. There are many top jobs in Australia which people have to know.


    Physiotherapist job is one of the Top Jobs in Australia. It is a very demand occupation in the health care sector. This is a very great job in the healthcare industry which requires a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum.

    Marketing directors

    Marketing job is one of the Top Jobs in Australia . The wages is also good. A degree, and years of experience in required to become a marketing director.

    Aircraft pilots

    Aircraft pilots job is a very great job. Aircraft pilots include a job in first officers of the airline, flight engineers, flying instructors, helicopter pilots. The salary of the aircraft pilot is great. There should be a good qualification to be aircraft pilot. The person should have good marks in math, English, science.

    Financial managers and directors

    The Financial managers and directors jobs include Investment bankers and Treasury managers. The wages is very nice. A good qualification is required in accountancy or corporate finance to be financial managers and directors.

    Air traffic controllers

    Air traffic controllers is one of the Top Jobs in Australia. The salary package is great. Air traffic controllers include Air traffic service assistants and flight planners. A relevant qualification is needed to become Air traffic controller. Moreover, the person should pass the NATS vocational course, and they should have valid air traffic controllers license to become Air traffic controller.

    Medical practitioners 

    Medical professionals job has a huge demand in Australia. The medical professionals include Anesthetists, hospital consultants, GPs, pediatricians, psychiatrists, radiologists, surgeons. The salary of the medical professionals is good. The person should have a proper degree to become a doctor.

    IT and telecommunications directors

    IT and telecommunications directors are a great job. This job includes Technical directors of computer services. The salary of the IT and telecommunications directors are excellent. A person should have a degree in programming or computer science with several years of relevant experience.

    Dental specialist

    The dental specialist job is very much popular in Australia. The person should have the relevant qualification to become a Dental Specialist. The salary of the Dental specialist is good.




    Systems Architect

    Systems Architect job is popular in Australia. A systems architect is also known as IT professional. They produce networking and computer systems. A systems architect is configuring, and operating the network systems. The salary is magnificent.



    Actuary job is one of a great job in Australia. The Actuary always analyzes the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries look after the future events, and especially which are related to insurance and pensions. Many actuaries are work for insurance companies. Moreover, they also needed for the consulting firms, large corporations, hospitals, banks, and investment firms.


    Data Architect

    Data Architect job is a great job. The wages of the data architect is very nice. Data Architect maintains the data which is relevant to the business. If the people wants to be Data Architect, they should know how the data is related to business operations.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 17/05/2017

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    book reading apps

    Ebooks are a popular pastime on smart phones. We continue our look at the some of the best iphone and android apps for  book reading.

    book apps

    Iphone book reading  Apps
    B&N eReader
    This free app from book selling giant Barnes & Noble comes with five free “classic” e-books (which we’d probably save for those so-bored-you-could-poke-yourself-in-the-eye-for-amusement moments) and a free copy of Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. Any titles you download are stored in the cloud, so you can access them from a Mac or PC as well as different handheld devices.
    Kindle for iPhone
    This app can be used by those who are Kindle-less, but really shines for those that have bought into the Kindle ecosystem, as it offers Amazon’s clever “Whispersync” feature. It allows for seamless switching between the Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone.
    Highlights of the Amazon-owned app include the ability to slide your finger across the screen to turn the page — a real winner for those not quite prepared to turn their back on the paper book experience. The option to make the background black and text white, therefore allowing you to read in the dark, appears to have saved many a marriage if the reader reviews are to be believed.
    eBooks by Kobo
    One to watch, with its Borders team-up promising new e-reading hardware in the future, Kobo is a good looking e-library with a focus on new books and best-sellers. Its glossy, image-laden interface is backed up by discounts on current titles (“up to 65% off!” claims the blurb) while one new (and current) e-book is offered as a free download each week

    Apple’s entry into the ebook space is very polished. With its excellent typography–especially when combined with the hi-res Retina Display screen, its ability to annotate text, and its flashy page-turning animations, iBooks (Apple, free) a compelling option.
    The Nook app for iPhone is a major improvement over Barnes & Noble’s earlier effort, called Reader. Nook delivers all the basic reading and customization features you’d expect from a good ebook reading and app and integrates nicely with Barnes & Noble’s webstore.

    Android book reading apps
    This is an official app for the social reading network called Goodreads. This app comes in very handy when you’re browsing a ‘real library’ and quickly want to look up the reviews for a particular book.
    Google Goggles
    While Goodreads allows you to lookup books by scanning their barcodes, Google Goggles lets you scan a book by taking its picture. Just snap a picture of the book and results for it show up instantly. You’ll get a synopsis of the book along with its search results.
    Book Catalogue
    This is an open source application that allows you to catalog your read, unread and to-read books. You can search for a particular book using Amazon, Google Books or LibraryThing and add it to your collection.
    FBReader is an opensource e-book reading application that works across almost all the major platform, including Android. The free app sports a minimalist User Interface allowing readers to start reading their books instantly.

    Author: Please visit this website for selection of  rare and challenging books and   Books that can change your life

    Article publié pour la première fois le 04/02/2012

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    The Social Media Shift and Evolvement

    With Social Media having gained enough traction in 2011, 2012 would see maturing of the market and players working on new strategies to gain and retain users. Social Media is an ever evolving space and this year would see a major shift from the basic presence on the Social Space to a more engagement driven model and one which works as a wholesome unit with all operations of the business instead of working as a lone cruiser with no rudder.

    Some of the emerging trends that could evolve in the Social space are:

    1. Social Media and TV
    Social Media and TV will become more deeply integrated. Some channels and shows have begun using the Social Space to make more engaging content. With the coming US election, we could see a very deep coordination between Social Media and political broadcasts and analytical shows. The TV medium has to become social to engage the audience and is it fighting for eyeballs with the Social media leaders like Facebook and YouTube. You need to keep the viewers to have revenue. So best way is if you can’t fight them, join them.
    With TV moving online and online broadcasts a reality, the integration would be complete. Content delivery will be driven in a manner that users stay in the ecosystem and do not leave.

    2. Facebook
    Facebook has been on a major expansion and revamp drive. They are moving into becoming a wholesome system that keeps the user within its ecosystem. The year will see the emerging of Facebook credits as a viable online currency.

    3. Shift to engagement and two way model
    Businesses would have to rethink their strategy of using Social Media as a one way advertisement medium. They would have to work on making their online presence as an engagement model with the audience and customers. They would now need to work on making their Twitter and Facebook accounts as an extension of their CRM and customer support departments and resolve issues in real time. Major Businesses and the key people – owners and managers have realized the importance of Social Media and benefits it brings by presenting a human and customer centric approach.
    This year would see the Social Media maturing from an advertising medium to a customer service, research and evaluation and a wholesome branding medium with ever increasing focus on ROI. You would need to decide how you and your business fit in.

    About Guest Author: Kelly Jones writes for www.ocnissanirvine.com. She writes for blogs as a hobby and enjoys exploring new avenues in the social sphere.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 08/02/2012

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    The Long term Benefits To Quitting Smoking

    By now, everyone knows that cigarette smoking can be a very dangerous pass-time. Smoking causes many strokes, cancers, and health issues in society, and puts a definite strain on the health system. Every smoker has been bombarded by facts and info

    rmation on the effect that smoking is taking on their body, but they often still choose tobacco over their health on a daily basis. For many people, the risks of smoking just don’t seem to register. As smokers age, however, they can start to feel the effects on their bodies of a lifetime choice to smoke tobacco. If you’re a smoker, you may feel like the withdrawals are not worth stopping smoking, but you may not realize how quickly and efficiently your body can start to recover from a long-time tobacco habit.

    Within One Week of Quitting Smoking

    You lungs will begin to heal and repair themselves, making bronchioles relax and allowing for easier breathing. Food will begin to taste and smell more strongly, allowing you to use less salt and other harmful seasonings. Your body oxygen levels even out to where they should be, ridding your blood of harmful chemicals it has been relying on. You also decrease the likelihood of a heart attack nearly instantly.

    Within Three Months of Quitting Smoking

    Your body starts to change as your lungs continue to heal, and you may notice more energy as your airways and muscles become stronger and healthier. This means that you’ll be less likely to suffer from infection, as your body becomes better equipped to handle illness. You will also find your circulation improving, meaning less temperature regulation issues, and less will lead to fewer health complications down the road.

    After Five Years Smoke-Free

    Not only will your risk of smoke-related cancers be cut in half by the five year mark, your chance of getting other cancers which are not considered smoke-related will also fall to match the rate of a non-smoker. Risks of heart disease and strokes are also lowered drastically compared to someone who is still smoking.

    Quitting smoking also lowers the risk of diabetes, and has proven benefits which add years on to your life. You will find that simple tasks which tire you out start to become easier after just a short period of time. Socially, you will also notice a benefit in that you no longer have to step outside to curb your cravings, and you will never miss a nit of conversation at a party. The benefits to quitting smoking don’t stop there, as this lifestyle change also is often accompanied by other positive lifestyle changes. You will also start to reap such rewards as lowered health insurance rates.

    This guest post is from Allison with HealthInsuranceQuotes.org, where you can find more tips on lowering your health insurance rates.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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    Data Entry resume objectives

    Data Entry resume objectives


    Data entry job can be found in many companies. From time to time, companies would need people to handle the data. However, they would find that it is hard to keep the people stay in the job. They do not want to hire people who treat this job as a temporary one. Therefore, you have to make sure that you do not appear to be like that. If you give the image that you treat the data entry job as a temporary one, you definitely would lose the support from the recruiters and you would not get the job.


    In order to describe yourself as a loyal applicant for the job, you can try to use the resume objectives to help you. In your resume, you can include a section which talks about the career goal of yourself as well as the objectives of writing this resume. If you can let the recruiters know that you have some dreams in the career instead of treating it as a temporary job, you would usually get a higher chance to impress those recruiters and get the chance to be interviewed.


    There are some examples that you can follow when you want to write the good Data Entry resume objectives.


    –          To work for a strong and open firm as the data entry personnel

    –          To work as a data entry staff in a promising firm and get promoted in several years of time to become a senior typist or data entry staff

    –          To find the job as a data entry operator and become a data entry manager in 5 years of time in a good and growing company

    –          To handle numerical and other types of data entry in a famous firm

    –          To start the data entry career life in a good company and grow with the company in the long run


    Regardless of the type of company that you are applying for, you should show that you are willing to stay with the firm and grow together with the firm. This is something that can please the recruiters because they have suffered a lot from the high turnover rate of employees from past to now. Of course, you should also have the mindset of working in the company for a long period of time if you want to make such a statement in the resume objective section.


    You can, of course, make something fake in the objectives but you would suffer during the interview. It is because the interviewer must base on the resume information to ask you information. If you have made up something, you probably would forget about the details and you would not be able to tell and explain those parts of the resume during an interview. Then, you would fail to get the trust from the recruiters because they would know that you told some lies before.


    Therefore, you can think carefully before you write the resume objectives. This will help you a lot definitely.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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    Graphic Designers resume example

    Graphic Designers resume example


    Resume is always a piece of good advertisement about yourself. With the resume, you can let the others know more about what you have done in the past and your goals in the future. Therefore, you would need to make sure that you have included the sufficient information in the resume such that other people would be impressed by your work.


    You have to put yourself into the shows of the recruiters or other readers of the resume. If you are reading the resume of the others, you would not want to see something unclear. You would try your best to read the information and to make sure that the information in the resume would be understandable. This is going to be the way that you need to do when you write the resume. In other words, you have to tell the truth in a clear way such that the recruiters would understand the meaning of the whole thing clearly


    As a graphic designer, people would always want to make some funny things in their resume. But they are not advised to do so. It is because the resume would need to be professional and it would not be good if the graphic designer include a lot of new graphics into it. The format of a graphic designer resume should remain professional and plain in design.


    If you are not sure about what information should be put in the resume, you can try to read the Graphic Designers resume example below and you may have more idea on the way that you need to follow in order to create good resume.


    Graphic Designers resume example


    Henry Henderson

    23 Drive, DD 21030

    Telephone number: 449-230-XXXX

    Email: [email protected]



    To obtain the position as the senior graphic designer in a growing company that can allow me to use my skills to create the designs comfortably

    Personal Summary

    –          Willing to learn from others and teach the others

    –          Able to communicate with clients and media well

    –          Have good experience in working within budgeted spending



    –         Third Place, Graphics division award, FFM Fine Arts Competition

    –          EREIR Award for Graphic Design

    –          Managed a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for the company


    Work Experience

    Graphic Artist, CCM Corporation

    2008 – 2010

    –          Coordinated the freelance artists to create the photo shoots

    –          Cooperated with managers to work for several projects about product advertisements

    –          Negotiated with the media about the publication of the graphic design in the local media sites

    –          Provided guidance for newcomer of the company


    Graphic Artist, RRO Corporation

    2005 – 2008

    –          Supported several projects about product advertisement

    –          Learned the use of several software to create graphic design

    –          Assisted the senior graphic artists to create the layout of the project graphic design

    –          Designed several product advertisements in local newspapers

    –          Developed basic idea about website media graphic promotion


    Educational summary

    Bachelor of Fine Arts,DSAMUniversity



    Expected salary




    Available upon request


    Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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    Cashier resume objectives

    Cashier resume objectives


    You should provide the Cashier resume objectives when you are writing a resume to apply for the job of cashier. There are too many people applying for the job of cashier in recent years. It is somehow because of the financial downturn in the market. There are a lot of people who have lost their previous job and they would not mind working as cashier so they could still earn some money instead of keeping themselves unemployed.


    Although some of the employers would not bother to read the information on the resume when they just want to hire a cashier, there are actually a lot of them who would like to read the resume before they decide whom to hire. Therefore, the nice Cashier resume objectives could attract them to make a more favorable decision from your perspective.


    There are a lot of things that you can mention in the section of careers objective when you apply for the job of cashier. For example, you can write in the following patterns.


    –          To get the cashier job in the promising shop and use the communication skills to communicate with clients

    –          To start working as a cashier and learn from other roles of the jobs so as to be capable of working in other roles of the company

    –          To have a regular work in a reliable firm as a cashier

    –          To work in a team of cashiers in a cheerful shop and achieve a higher position in the long term

    –          To work as a cashier and use the mathematic ability to help the company reduce the loss of money during the transactions

    –          To work for the position of cashier and hope to learn more about accounting and store management from other people


    From the examples mentioned above, there are several important points about the job of cashier that you have to remember. First of all, the cashier would probably need to find something to learn in their work period in order to equip themselves better. Therefore, you can write some sentences to show that you are willing to learn and you have successfully learnt something from any previous employment. This will help persuade the audience that you are the good candidate that they could choose if they want to find somebody to pick up everything fast at the cashier level and they would also have the confidence that you would be willing to achieve more in the company. Therefore, you can create a good impression in the eyes of the audience.


    Secondly, you would probably understand that there are a lot of people who are really interested in working as cashier and help the company to grow overall. This is one of the things that you can mention in the career objective section. Indeed, there is little that cashier can contribute to a large company. However, cashier would be the final person to gate-keep the reserve of the small shop. Therefore, people who are willing to contribute to the financial sustainability of the company would be appreciated.




    Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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    Agricultural cover letter example


    Agricultural cover letter example



    When preparing a cover letter for the agricultural industry, it is crucial to realize that work experience and technical expertise are the key determinants of a successful job candidate. In light of this, your job is to highlight relevant work experience that showcases your expertise and know-how about agriculture. The letter will also offer you the opportunity to underscore your achievements in the agricultural field.



    In addition, it is important to portray your passion and keenness to progress in the agricultural field, and explain what it is that you love the field so much, and what motivates you to advance in the field. It would be good to provide an overview of your previous roles, what they entailed on a day-to-day basis, and exactly what you were responsible for. Moreover, selling points include a description of your key achievements and feats, coupled with your future aspirations in the field of agriculture. Another important area that needs to be covered in your letter is how your skills and abilities fit the company’s vision and future direction, and what gap you could fill in should you be selected for the position. Recruiters admire ambitious people, so it is crucial that you highlight your ambitions for both the company and your career as an agricultural expert.



    On another note, explaining that you have some knowledge about the recruiting firm, its aims and objectives, and its main functions will place you in a favorable position. Showing recruiters that you are aware of their company reflects your interest in the company and a genuine concern for its growth and prosperity.



    Finally, highlighting your key strengths and competencies in relation to the role as well as your character will provide the company with a deeper understanding of how you can fit the company’s profile. The more positive information you can portray about yourself, the better the recruiters will perceive you as a potential candidate.



    Sample of a cover letter: 



    Dear Sir/Madam,



    I am excited to apply for the Agricultural Expert position advertised by your esteemed organization. This is especially true since I feel that I have many of the skills and experience required for the position.



    I hold a bachelor’s degree in agricultural studies, and have worked for more than 8 years in several reputable agricultural organizations and associations. Knowledge about crops and climates is the key to the success of any agricultural representative, which is an area that I have developed an expertise for. Thanks to my prior work experience, I have been able to advise several farms on techniques that can leverage several climate conditions in order to enhance productivity and production of various crops. As a result, I have managed to promote cost cutting and efficiency of production at every single company that I have worked for in the past.



    Success in my previous role was due to my passion, dedication and willingness to succeed. These characteristics, coupled with my desire to achieve, loyalty for all companies that I have worked for, have enabled me to grow in the field and become an expert in agriculture. I aspire to become a consultant that many organizations can count on, and I believe that I can be a excellent fit for your organization since we have shared interests and desires for the success and growth of the industry as a whole.



    Attached is my resume for your perusal, which will explain all my achievements and aspirations in agriculture. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.



    Yours Faithfully,




    Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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    Lawyers resume example

    Lawyers resume example


    A lawyer is always regarded as somebody who is important to the justice of the society. Although there are a lot of negative comments on the functions of lawyers in the market, there are generally a lot of people who trust the work performed by the lawyers. Therefore, people who want to work in the lawyer field would need to tell the others that they are the professional guys. When lawyers try to apply for a job in a firm, they would need to pass their resume to the recruiters to take a look.


    In many of the cases, the recruiters would be lawyers as well. Therefore, it is very important for the applicants to make sure that the words mentioned in the resume are true and fair. If not, the recruiters would usually spot the mistakes or the misleading parts and this would make you lose the chance to get the job. This may seem to be something very trivial but some of the applicants just fail to do this. They would try to use some misleading or unclear information to fool the recruiters but they would fail in doing so because the recruiters are never stupid.


    If you think that it is difficult to create a resume for a lawyer, you can read the Lawyers resume example below. There would be comprehensive information for you to understand the way that the resume of lawyer would look like and this can help you create the one for your own and have a higher chance of being selected for the next round of recruitment, which is usually the interview session.


    If you are required to write expected salary for the job, you should try to search for the relevant information before you put down a number. It is because many of the firms would have a standard regarding the salary of lawyers. If you are the experienced ones, you may choose to put down a large number there.


    Lawyers resume example


    Lillian Fuller

    239 DSM Drive

    AS 23010

    Cell: 767-560-XXXX

    Email: [email protected]


    Career Goal

    To obtain a position as a lawyer in a firm which has the determination to grow and develop well together with the lawyers in the future


    Professional license

    State Bar ofCalifornia

    State Bar ofIllinois

    Federal District Court–California


    Previous Employment

    Junior Associate, Law Office of D.D. and O.

    Attorney, SD Attorney


    Awards and Honors

    Excellent Student Bar Award, 2010

    Award for Free Speech, Speech Association of Barrister, 2008

    Constitutional Law Research Award, 2008


    Teaching achievements

    –          Guided a team of law students to perform legal research for different criminal cases and assisted them to finish the report and papers for the evaluation

    –          Conducted teaching session in some law lectures

    –          Was invited as the guest speaker for some law lectures


    Summary of skills

    –          Able to communicate with clients efficiently

    –          Experienced in research for constitutional law as well as criminal law

    –          Able to work in the tort field and also the family law field


    Article publié pour la première fois le 22/09/2016

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    Accountants interview questions

    Accountants interview questions


    When accountants want to apply for a job, they would have to attend interviews. There are some Accountants interview questions for people to prepare.


    Question 1: How do you manage your time at work?

    The accounting field requires people to do a lot of works from time to time. Therefore, time management would be very important or otherwise people would fail to start the next stage of work. Therefore, you need to tell the interviewers that you have good planning of work stages so you can finish them on time efficiently.


    Question 2: Do you dominate the others in a team?

    When you work as accountants, you need to work in a team instead of working individually. Thus, you have to prepare answers for questions like this. You need to mention that it is important to collaborate rather than to dominate in a team.


    Question 3: How would you deal with conflicts?

    There are always some types of conflicts that you may encounter during the work. It is because you would usually have arguments with the others regarding the entry of accounting records. Therefore, you need to tell the way that you use to solve the conflicts.


    Question 4: Guide me to read through the resume

    Some of the interviewers would ask this question and it is quite challenging indeed. You are expected to mention some key things on the resume rather than talking about everything. Therefore, you need to be familiar with your resume beforehand.


    Question 5: Why do you choose to work as accountants?

    This question is very common for people who did not study accounting or finance in their university. Interviewers want to make sure that people have the basic idea about the accounting world and they would not prefer somebody to work in their company if he or she does not know the ordinary procedures and life of accountants.


    Question 6: List 3 objectives about yourself?

    There is no need for you to give detailed explanation. You just need to mention the keywords, which are the adjectives.


    Question 7: How would you reverse a wrong journal entry?

    This is something more technical and you have to answer it if you want to work as an accountant. There can be some different approaches and you can mention the ones that you believe are correct.


    Question 8: How much do you know about the accounting standards?

    This is also a basic question that you must be able to answer if you want to be chosen for the job. You should be familiar with some of the key principles and standards in different countries, like the US GAAP and the IAS.


    Question 9: How do you cope with ethical problems?

    There are some ethical issues which come with your work. You would need to know the way to report to the seniors and then provide appropriate solution to the problem.


    Question 10: How will you interact with clients?

    If you work in the auditing or tax field of accounting firms, you would need to ask questions to your clients. Therefore, you would know the communication techniques.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 04/02/2012

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    System Development

    System Development
    This is a conceptual model used in Project Management that describes the stages involved in initial feasibility study through maintenance of the complete application.
    software development
    software development
    System Development Life Cycle :
    Nowadays, systems are so complex and big that teams of architects, analysts, programmers, testers and users must work together to create the millions of lines of custom-written code that drive our enterprises.
    To manage this, a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have been created like waterfall, fountain, spiral, build and fix, rapid prototyping, incremental, and synchronize and stabilize. Depending on the requirements, scope, feasibility, time, risk  and money, we chose suitable software development methods.

    System Development Methodologies :
    Different types of system development methodologies are used in designing information system. Some system groups recommend the Centralized data processing system while others may go in for distributed data processing system. The distributed processing systems involve number of computers located remotely in the branches/departments of the organization. and in a Centralized data processing, one or more centralized computers are used for processing and the retrieval of information is done from them. The client/server technologies are also gaining popularity these days.
    The Business Rules Approach to Systems Development :
    In most traditional software development life cycles, analysis is focused on gathering system requirements. A business rules approach is a different way of thinking about the analysis process. Rather than focusing on system requirements, the analysis process is refocused on business rules. Instead of asking users what they want their system to do, they are asked about how their business or organization works. The business rules approach is not something new, it is simply a better, more precise way of describing excellent systems analysis.
    Need System Development?
    Team Zeustek is here to help you with your IT requirements, no matter how large or small. Please contact us to learn how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.
    Our comprehensive list of services includes:
    Website Development
    Software Development
    System Development
    Web Application Development
    Product Development

    Article publié pour la première fois le 17/01/2011

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    Top 8 ways to get Traffic without SEO

    There are some other ways to get traffic also other than SEO.

    Here’s my top 8 ways to promote your website with out relying much on SEO and PPC.

    Well this is for those who are   really not interested in SEO and just want fast traffic for short duration. Example you host a website for a season or   for a 3-4 months time, say for elections 2010, cricket world cup 2010. These websites have value for that time period   only and it doesn’t make much sense to spend much on SEO for these websites. Social Media marketing and PPC will be   ideal for these websites.

    1. Twitter – Create few twitter accounts and start following many people belonging to similar category or demography. Tweet sensibly and don’t spam. You can get   lot of traffic from twitter.

    2. Blogging – You can meet many interesting people by blogging. Start blogging. Write good content and tell about   your website  and try to meet or interact with other bloggers.

    3. Youtube – Start using YouTube. Upload your website videos, if your site don’t have, then create some videos by   combining images or use slide show. There are plenty of tools available.

    4. Social networks – Join social networks.  Be active in social networks like facebook, orkut , ryze , linked in. You   can get lot of traffic from these social networking websites.

    5. Free Ads/Classifieds – Post in free classified websites like craigslist, kijiji . I know there are plenty in   internet for specific demography also.

    6. Questions and Answers services – be active in major question and answers services like partnerup , yahoo.

    7. Social Bookmarking – Submit your website to all major social bookmarking websites like digg, delicious, reditt .

    8. Forums – Participate in discussions, add your valuable inputs and be active in good forums like digitalpoint. You   can keep your website link in your signature

    Article publié pour la première fois le 08/03/2010

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    Sap Jobs

    Tips for Getting a Sap Jobs

    Among the various IT jobs Sap jobs are taking its proximity. If you have required skill set and expertise you can start looking for Sap jobs. If you keep on updating your skill you can easily get a good job in the IT field especially in SAP.

    The best way to get SAP jobs is to get trained. There are a number of institutes who provide SAP training. There are different modules of SAP and once you decide that which module you want to expertise you can get yourself enrolled as a Sap trainee after completing which you will become SAP professional.

    If you are looking for a job in SAP here are certain tips to help you out.

    • First select the module in which you want to get trained. Like there is FICO, Marketing, ABAP, and others. Decide which goes well with your work experience.
    • You also have to decide the mode of training. That is whether you are looking for professional or functional training?
    • There are a number of training institute for SAP. Choose one among them; you can also try out the online ones.
    • Online training is a bit different from class training. However, you can choose any one according to your comfort. Also know that whether the institutes will prepare you for the interviews or not.
    • Practice is the key to success in SAP and hence makes sure that you just do not concentrate on the theory part.
    • After completion of training you will get SAP certification that is most helpful when you start looking for jobs.
    • Join some forum of SAP professionals where you can learn about the different practices of SAP professionals. It will also be helpful when you start giving interviews.
    • During interview use your skill and the training that you have got and with your confidence you can surely land at a great Sap job.



    Article publié pour la première fois le 05/02/2017

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    Are you looking for a Job in America?

    People are seen shifting to America in search of jobs, out of which

    most comes under IT sectors. Well, in America, you can find plenty of jobs in IT industries

    As America is one of the biggest recruiter in IT sectors, it demands good IT candidates

    with strong professional skills in technology.

    Can you just believe that America attracts a huge amount of immigrants in

    the field of information technology in a single year! But it’s not that easy to get a job in

    America. In order to work in America, you should be a permanent resident of America,

    get a permit to work and have a work visa, which is otherwise known as Employment

    Authorization Document.

    How to get a job in America?

    If you are a non-resident of America, then you have to follow the USA visa regulations in
    order to enter to USA. However, on the basis of preference the employment-based visas
    are ranked into five categories. Well you should satisfy the following background details
    while applying for a job in USA:

    • Is your job offered by an American sponsor/employer? Because getting a visa
    depends on this.

    • The needs that (US citizenship and Immigration Services) USCIS applies on the
    sponsoring employers.

    However, there are different types of work visas that are available to work in get a
    job in USA like exchange work visas, seasonal work visas and temporary work visas.
    Even through green cards, you can become a permanent resident of America.

    How to get a job in America on the basis of green card?

    With the help of green card, you are officially allowed to work and live in America
    permanently. You can even apply for the US citizenship after being a permanent us resident.
    However, you can get the green card through a self-petition, investment, job offer or special
    category. Well, by following all these guidelines, one can move forward for a job in US.jobs in america

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    Selecting the Social Marketing Company

    while selecting the Social Marketing Company, Major Things you should  Keep in Mind
    Hiring a social media marketing company can provide many benefits to your company. Public media sites, for example, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are the social platforms attracting millions of users allover the world. They have also provided business with several opportunities to tap into their members and audiences for purposes of selling products and services. There are many reasons to use social media marketing company.
    Social media promotion company provides cost-effective services. It does not price as much as having to travel around the world to find links, networks and assistance systems. Your company can have a broad global reach by building and maintaining your company relationships online. You can maintain your company relationships as well as relationships with clients maintaining an online presence. The public media social media marketing company also provides services of advertising models beyond from the conventional marketing styles you are already paying. These social media companies provide you with efficient services that provide you with the lead you need in a very competitive market.
    Many social online promotion companies claim to provide excellent services. Since you will be investing your hard-earned money, persistence, you need to pick one that will truly serve your company goals. You need in order to will work for a very reliable company that will be your partner in your future endeavors. You must ensure the company will not compromise business energy. Here are some factors that you need to consider when choosing to employ a promotion and marketing company.


    An excellent social media marketing company does not have to sales talk their way into getting your trust. The company with a strong popularity has brought many businesses to achievements. It has delivered excellent services to their prospective clients. The company is also strongly recommended by your colleagues.

    Years of Service–

    Good social media marketing company also has an experience in the market. They have been verified and tested to deliver excellent assistance. They have a skillful and trained staff operating for them. They have also been around for a long time despite the challenges in the very flexible market. They know all the best techniques on how to introduce your product in their networks, and how the sale of the product can be increased. They know the advanced methods in order to always keep in mind against your competitors the best plans and always a step ahead in their strategies.



    Good social online promotion business is legitimate. One kind of the growth of internet business is the unmanageable growth of fraudsters who will use frauds and robbery to get their unclean arms into your hard-earned cash. Choose one that is trusted and confirmed by other clients and that has received excellent reviews.



    Good social online promotion business is flexible to cater to the number of needs of your clients. It can provide a specific company strategy for your particular company needs and goals. They also provide flexible deal strategy favorable to your case. Be sure they provide you a deal strategy, which could ensure that profitability not only on their end but on yours as well.social

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    Online Tools for Job Seekers

    The Internet is a great place for job seekers to find the tools they need to find a job. Businesses are putting more and more job opportunities online for job seekers to find. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to use the Internet as a tool to conduct a successful job search. What online tools are available to job seekers?

    Post Your Resume Online

    There are many sites that allow you to post your resume online. The vast majority of these sites allow you to do so for free. Posting your resume online allows for your resume to be found at any time. You never know when an employer is going to stumble across your resume. Placing your resume on a social networking site can further increase your odds of having your resume found.

    Social Media Can Empower You

    Having a professional presence on a social media site can work wonders for your job search. Employers are on Twitter all the time trying to find new employees. Having a professional Twitter account can make it easier for those employers to find you. Make sure that everything you put out to the social media world is as professional as possible. Everything you do should be aimed at getting a job. This means that your bio should also come across as professional at all times.

    Turning your Facebook page into a digital resume can be a creative way to get yourself noticed. You can list all of your interests, contacts and personal contact information on your profile. Attaching photos and documents can help you round out your resume. It is the perfect way to use technology to achieve your goal of getting an interview.

    Companies May Place Job Listings Online

    Go straight to the website of any company you might want to work for. They will typically have an expanded offering of jobs that need to be filled. You might be able to find a listing for a job that you didn’t know was available before. It never hurts to check to see what the company might be listing on their own website.

    Online Forums Can Help

    Chat rooms and professional forums could be great places to network with other professionals. You never know when a simple message in a chat room can lead to a job opportunity. Simply ending up with a new contact can help in your job search. Contacts that you make today could very well land you a job tomorrow. It pays to talk to as many people as possible.

    There are many online tools that a job seeker can use to help find a job. You have the power to expand your network while finding job opportunities you never knew existed. All it takes is a willingness to embrace the tools that are available in the 21st century. Getting creative with your job search can be just what you need to find that great job you deserve. You owe it yourself to find as many job opportunities as you can.

    Dame is freelance writer and part time blogger. Damian contributes on several websites, including mining recruitment agencies, which is considered as one of the best Australian recruitment websites.

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    iphone apps-printing

    printing apps

    It may not be easy to print from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, but it can be done–provided you seek out the help of a third-party app. But which one should you turn to for help? Here’s a look at three apps vying to assist you with all your mobile printing needs.

    Some good iphone apps for printing:

    iPrint by Epson: If you own an Epson printer this app may work for you. However, this app is designed to print ONLY photos. We’ve only been able to use it over WiFi, since the iPad 3G won’t be out for another week. Unlike your laptop, there are no drivers to install. Simply install the app, and start printing your mobile photos immediately. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

    PrintCentral by EuroSmartz: This app allows you to print from your iPad to any printer connected to your computer (over WiFi). PrintCentral comes with several features – you can print, save, email web pages as you’re browsing; select and print multiple photos from your album; print your contacts as a list, card, or custom layout; mount your iPad as an external hard drive on your Mac or PC; view documents stored on your home computer.

    ePrint by Microtech Corp: This app can print web pages, downloaded images, and even PDF files. ePrint offers several printing formats, including some photo-friendly options like border and time stamps. While ePrint is compatible with the iPad, it has one big drawback, it doesn’t support document sharing so you won’t be able to print directly from your other apps. One unfavorable workaround is to take screenshots of your documents, then proceed with printing. Adding document sharing capabilities to this app will certainly improve its rating.

    ACTPrinter by Houdah Software: This app is a virtual printer. In other words, it acts as a reverse printer for your iPad. You do not print documents from your iPad to paper. Instead, ACTPrinter “prints” from your computer right onto your iPad screen. This could be an easy way to carry around coupons and to-do reminders. However, you can always argue that emailing files is easier.

    Print Magic by Wellala, Inc.: This is an iPhone app, but compatible with the iPad. Print Magic allows you to print web pages, text, and images without installing additional software. The app works with HP printers and several OEM printers such as Epson, Brother, Canon, amongst others. This is a good choice for easy printing. However, I recommend you first download their free test app, “Printer Test for PrintMagic”, since it allows you to test if your network printer is compatible with Print Magic

    Print Utility for iPad by Dar-Soft :Print Utility is a very simple app when it comes to printing. After installing the desktop software you can use the “Open In” feature to import files from other apps for printing. You can also print files from Dropbox, iDisk and the photo gallery from within the app itself. If you want a simple app for printing a wide variety of file types, then Print Utility may be the app that you are looking for.

    Print Sharing by Avatron Software, Inc: Print Sharing is quite a capable app. You can print to some WiFi printers, printers connected to a Mac, and even through CUPS. However, its main strength is all of the modifications that you can make to a document before printing. These options include watermarks, tray, page owner, and size. Unfortunately, there have been reports of this app having poor support for WiFi printers, although it supported mine.

    Print Agent PRO for iPhone by Dar-Soft:Print Agent Pro is very much like many of the other apps listed here in terms of features. You can print files from other apps as well as from Dropbox and iDisk. You can print to printers connected to a Mac or PC using software. You can’t print to WiFi printers that are not AirPrint compatible. Printer Agent Pro is a good app for those who do not have a WiFi printer. It is reliable and gets the job done well.

    Author:  Please visit this website for print and design professionals. A good website for printing needs.

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    scope of work

    Sample scope of work


    Scope of work is represented as SOW and this refers to an agreement clearly defining what is expected from the new contract.  Actually this deals with a formal document explaining about the work, timelines, deliverables, pricing, milestones, governance terms and conditions, quality requirements, etc. Regardless of whether you are a marketing professional, a software project manager or a government executive, you will be dealing necessarily with the world outside for vendor selection, project contracts, support and sales, customer service and other activities.  Following a sample scope of work helps, even if it is an older SOW of your own company.



    The SOW offers both customer and the vendor a clear picture on the requirements to complete a project so that both parties are rightly equipped and define the project aspects correctly. The advantage is that the SOW builds a mutual collaboration between a customer and his vendor.


    What is Scope of Work?

    (SOW) The Scope of Work is a formal document or agreement specifying the criteria of a contract between a vendor and the customer. It assists in smooth functioning, wherein both parties may prevent unnecessary ambiguities and situations directing to dispute. Going through a sample scope of work will give you clarity on the details and its effectiveness.


    Scope of Work Components

    Scope of Work document elements:

    • Scope of work
    • Purpose statement or objectives
    • Schedule
    • Price
    • Key Assumptions
    • Acceptance


    A good sample scope of work enables an organization to get the best out of a contract. It aims to establish good customer relations, thus earns better respect in the market. It boosts your integrity and reveals your professional approach towards performing business.


    Example of Scope of Work document


    1. Objective/Purpose Statement– Company (Name) will offer end-to-end development services to Client (Name) in a mutual environment to fulfill the business objectives of Client (Name). The application should be easy to use and fulfill the marketing requirements of Client.
    2. Scope of Work – Company (Name) will collect requirements, design, analyze, develop, implement, integrate and test the application as per the guidelines and schedules specified in the SOW. There must be a detailed list of processes involved, deliverables, end products, approval and review process.
    3. Schedule – Company (Name) will deliver to Client (Name) the project by (specify the date), providing status reports weekly and updates of the project. Define the task dates of start and finish, timelines to complete each phase of a project and the milestones.
    4. Price – It should define clearly the cost of the project for developing, resource expenses, expenses, pricing assumptions as on fixed-fee or based on the time and materials project, and also the payment terms and schedule.
    5. Key Statements – This refers to defining conditions of the project. For instance, a clear key statement is that delays in receiving approval from the client (Name) will result in delays from the company (Name).
    6. Acceptance – This SOW must outline the requirements of inspection testing, approval process and validation processes, client sign-offs and acceptance.


    On preparing the Scope of Work document, review it to see you are not over-committing. Make sure you deliver the objectives as per the schedule, in the estimated budget.

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    quality assurance definition




    Important Quality Assurance Definitions


    Do you know about quality assurance definition? You can define the process of quality assurance as the techniques and activities that are necessary for a product to meet with customer requirements. There are available many definitions of this process of quality assurance. One of the important definitions is the activities and techniques essential to provide the confidence that the product will fulfill the requirement of customers. The process of quality assurance is very important for the all industries and firms because it is necessary to maintain the better quality of products. The most important factor is the customer satisfaction because it is necessary. Most of the companies try to fulfill the requirement of their customers so that they can achieve more benefits. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important for you.


    Quality assurance definition includes a process of checking the quality of a product and to determine whether it is meeting customer requirements or not. The quality assurance department is a essential part of most of the companies. The major objective of quality assurance process is to increase the customer confidence and to enhance the company progress. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very necessary for a company. Without quality assurance process it is very difficult to meet with customer requirements. The process of quality assurance was first time introduced in the Second World War. There are many principles of quality assurance principle and the first important principle is fit for purpose.  It means that the product of company should be reliable and suitable for intended purpose. The objective of second principle is to eliminate the chance of mistakes. These two principles are very important for the people. Mostly the quality of a product is determined by a customers and clients. The process of quality is very necessary to maintain the better quality of products.


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    Post study work visa Australia

    An Overview how to get post study work visa Australia


    There are post study work visa Australia facilities for international students who complete university degrees in Australia.

    The post study work visa Australia will help the student in many ways. It will help them to gain practical work experience after they graduate and enhance their overall international study experience.


    People can stay in Australia for 18 months and four years after their graduation. The person will need a Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa. To get this visa, the people should be below 50 and should be good health condition and must know the English language.


    Post-Study Work Stream visa

    Post Study Work visa is a kind of visa where the people and there can live, work, travel or they can study in Australia for two to four years. If they, pass from an Australian Institution within the past six months. If the people have their bachelor degree, they can stay for two years. The people who have a master degree they can they can stay for two or three years and if they have doctorate degree they can stay for four years.

    If the qualification of the visa is below than bachelor degree, then they do not qualify for the visa.


    Graduate Work Stream Visa

    Graduate Work Stream Visa is a type of visa where it allows the person and their family to work, travel and study in Australia for 18 months. This visa is applicable if the individual is graduated from an Australian education institution within the past six months. The Post-Study Work Stream visa is eligible if the qualification is below than bachelor degree. However, it is very much important to have the right qualification which has demand in the market. The qualification can be engineer, medic, scientist and teacher. However, to qualify for a Graduate Work Stream visa the people must pass a skills evaluation test.


    In the Australian immigration, they offer a permanent visa to the people who can contribute long-term to the economy and country. The migrants should have good qualification if they want to work in Australia. Moreover, they should have good work experience and should know the English language. The person first has to submit an Expression of Interest for a skilled visa. This process will have skill test. If, this is accepted the person can go for the application of full visa. There are types of permanent visa.


    Skilled Nominated Visa

    In the skilled nominated visa, it allows skilled workers who are nominated by the state or territory government. They work in Australia as a permanent resident. For the skilled nominated visa, the person should be under 50 years old.


    Skilled Independent Visa

    If the person is not nominated by a state or territory government then also they can apply as an individual. For the skilled independent visa also the person should be under 50 years.


    Employer Nomination Scheme

    The Employer Nomination visa is a permanent resident visa for skilled workers who are being sponsored by an organization. The employee should be below 50 years with good qualification and with excellent English then they can get     post study work visa Australia.





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