How To Become A Freelance Writer

So you are wondering how you can become a freelance writer. This is very simple to do. However, you must know that freelance writing will not make you thousands over night. It does take a lot of hard work and discipline to master this field yet in the end it can be very rewarding.

First, you have to decide that you are good at writing and it is something that you can commit to doing almost every day. Besides, the more you work at something the better you will become at it. When deciding you want to become a free lance writer you have to make sure that this is something that is the right fit for you. You may think that it is a good fit for you because it seems easy. However, it is not as easy as it appears. This is because you have to first get your name out there so you can get all the good paying gigs. Then you have to make sure that you can get the work done by the deadlines. So, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a set schedule of when you will work.

Second, you have to do some research to find out what sites hire beginners. Also you have to figure out what type of writing it is that you want to do. Some options you may have to choose from would be article writing, content writing and ghost writing. It’s good to do research on all the different types of writing so you can make sure that you are doing something that will motivate you to work every day. There is nothing worst then having to write articles on a topic that you just can’t stand.

Third, you will have to figure out whether you want to become a freelance writer full time or part time. Full time writers only work from home they do not have other jobs to complete outside of writing. Part time writers usually have other jobs they do and only write for extra cash. As mentioned earlier writing is not something that will make you rich but it is something that can produce a profitable amount of income so you can survive.

It is recommended that before making writing your full time job you try it out first to see how much you can make. Some people find that they are not fit for writing. It is not something they can do for a long amount of time everyday in order to build up there portfolio so they can get the better job opportunities.  However, there are some people who find that it is something that they can enjoy and make a good living doing. It just all depends on each person’s expectations from their jobs. If you are looking for a job that will pay off the longer you stick with it then freelance writing may be for you. But, if you are looking for a job that pays you a large amount of money for doing nothing then you may want to go into a different direction.

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maintain seo of website

Maintenance of SEO

seo maintencance

The question arises what should be included in the maintenance of SEO. The following steps have to be followed for the maintenance of SEO.

1.) Keep Track of Search Engine Rankings for Your Website Keep a record for the rankings of the website(s). Note down the rankings, as there may be lots and lots of fluctuations in the search engine rankings. Most time they might go up and sometimes they may go down. There is lot of competition in the internet marketing. A numerous number of websites are added up each day, so you have to keep your site up to date. And even the ranking algorithms change from time to time. So have to be aware of everything, regarding SEO.

2.) Competitor Analysis Check out for the competitors, like what keywords they are targeting, what services they offer to their clients, what the best part about them is and where the competitors are lacking.  Maintain a record about your competitors too. You might be having various competitors in various Search Engines. Check for the links they have in their websites.

3.) Traffic Tracking You need to keep an eye upon your traffic. Getting traffic is good, but you have to ensure that you have the quality traffic. If you are not getting the desired traffic, go for a change in your marketing strategies, so that you have the good traffic to your website. Try of having the relevant traffic also. There’s no fun of having good traffic from irrelevant sites.

4.) Proper Keyword Research Each day new websites are added up, and so are the new keywords. Have the keywords, which are relevant, but less competitive. Even if some keywords fetch you good results once may not get you a good rank later on. Revaluate your keywords from time to time. And even check out what keywords are being used for your website by the sites that link to your website. Having keywords that nobody searches is not going to work for you.

5.) Adding and Updating Fresh Content Once you change your keywords, you need to update your content according to the new keywords you have chosen. The content should have the new keywords in it. Keep on adding fresh articles to your website, so that the website gets listed for fresh results in the search engines.

6.) Boost link popularity – Exchange links with the quality and relevant sites. More the good amount of links, higher the ranking would go in search engines. But never go for link farms. Try to maintain quality linking to your website.

7.) Redesign Your Web Site Structure and Navigation There must be no broken links or difficulty in navigation of the site. The proper attention must be providing to sort out a problem like that. The content should be reader friendly

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Java programming language

Java programming language is better than other languages


Java programming language has been developed due to requirement of java software in market. Java was introduced at Sun Microsystems. Java programming language is just like C but has different features and mechanism. In fact this is the independent platform. The prominent feature of java is that it can be run on any machine by using any of the operating system, while other programs are platform constraints. You have to install and run the program and then to compile through java compiler. And after this necessary process, java is ready to work on any platform.


It has many features


Any of the syntactical or logical errors are checked and verified through the compiler. If it finds any of troubleshooting or errors, it will notify them otherwise it will develop the executable file for program. But through java programming language complier does not require complete executable file but it will create the byte code file. The byte code file will be interpreted by java virtual machine that has built within the browser. Moreover, java programming is also very convenient for internet. First of all java was launched on web browser which was itself in java and was known as hot java browser. Due to the excellent features and facilities of java programming language the popularity of java become very famous in all over the world.


You can learn about java programming language through books and internet


Many of the books can be studied to study and learn more about java programming language. Moreover, different websites have also been developed about java programming language and you have the opportunity to study and enhance your knowledge.


Moreover, java applets are java programs which are inside an HTML page. The applet is automatically downloaded when the page is reviewed. Java is called as unlimited and you can use to establish any application by using java programming language. Many of the advancements are also made through experienced professionals of java programming language.

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Panic Away By Joe Barry

Many people would not deny that the panic feeling and the anxiety would be something very horrible. In some severe cases, the feeling of anxiety can kill you. Therefore, you probably can find that there are a lot of people who want to look for the information for them to get relaxed.

You can find that Panic Away would be one of the products that you can get from the market for overcoming the problem. You will find that Panic Away By Joe Barry is very useful because of the detailed explanation provided.

He realizes that he is not the only one suffering from the anxiety problem. Therefore, he tries his best to find the methods which can help him persuade and educate the others to handle the anxiety problem. He would not give up finding the relevant information and teaches the people who are suffering from anxiety. Therefore, Panic Away By Joe Barry is produced.

Since anxiety usually originates from the mindset, people would usually need to receive some treatments for them to correct their mindsets. Therefore, Panic Away By Joe Barry would be one of the great products to help you in that case. You would not be required to do something like to take a deep breathe. Instead, you would be told to reflect on yourself and find the problems that you might be having. You are told to face your weakness directly so that you would be able to understand more about the whole thing related to yourself and you would then be able to adjust your mindset so as to bring a change of yourself from the bottom of your heart.

Yes, you can find that Panic Away is one of the guide books that you can choose to read when you have anxiety. There are many practical steps that you can follow in the book and this would enable you to understand more about the world and be positive. You would not be negative anymore after you have read this book and follow the information provided to correct some of the weaknesses that you have.

To conclude, a lot of people have found that reading books like Panic Away By Joe Barry would be helpful for them to become positive and get rid of the panic disorder. Therefore, they would not mind spending money to purchase the book and work according to the suggestions of the book. You can find that many people recommend this book to the others in the internet so you can also try to make similar search in the internet so as to buy this book after reading the basic idea about it.

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7 Things That You Need Check In Any Government Jobs

7 Things That You Need Check In Any Government Jobs

IT is the great boom in India and has gained great popularity along with the great rush to get recruited in the private sector. Now the government is now opening to the people and giving lots of respect back with perfect job benefits.

After the recent pay commission have launched the payrolls and the pay structure have totally changed and has enhanced the lifestyle of the people with pleasant employment structure.

These Government jobs are more flexible and have given better facilities to the people and this job become more flexible and employee friendly. From the ages it is the great trend to look for the government jobs for the adults and new comers to look for the government jobs known as the sarkari naukri in India.

There are lots of advantages are now getting government jobs of having the state jobs along with the perfect security, great salaries, flexible guidelines, adequate leaves, salary scales, non-hectic schedule and superb job structure.

There are several benefits are now being offered to the people but even they fail to obtain government jobs for number of reasons and for those people who are unable to clear the entrance exam along with numerous occasion for those individual who fail to obtain the job opening on time.

Government jobs are depend on several criteria on job opening and will give the better values to the mankind. Government jobs are not so easy to achieve and requires skills and knowledge along with the field of proficiency.

Jobs in India offer to people through various exams, interviews, merit and other bases which depend on the organization recruitment process.

If anyone is applying for the particular government jobs in his field of proficiency is needs to judge the terms and conditions along with the particular criteria of the company such as:

  • Security of the jobs
  • Environment of the work place
  • Provident fund and gratuities
  • Medical benefits
  • Pension scheme
  • Holidays benefits
  • Free allowances

The 7 important points that anyone will check in any government jobs are

1. The working environment along with the jobs offered by the particular organization undertaken by government is the essential requirement so that the employee’s personality will not be harmed by any kind of incident and accident.

2. All the facilities like provident fund, gratuities, medical benefits, pensions and other benefits must be well approved so that it will give security to the employee and his family member with proper benefits. Even if there is any accident occur in the life of the employee, one of his family member will get the jobs along with the entire benefits to take care of the families.

3· The main facilities that is provided by any government jobs are most of the posts are reserved for the under developed people like SC, ST and OBC and they will get entire benefits along with the proper job facilities. In most of the cases the handicapped and the mentality retarded personality can also avail any of the government jobs with perfect benefits. Identification of the jobs along with the suitable criteria will give optimum advantage to the people to get the perfect status of jobs on which their qualification is based.

4· It is the real fact that to apply the government jobs are very strict and requires proper skills and efficiency that will match the criteria of the people to get the specialized offers along with the specification. There are all kinds of job categories avail to people to apply according to their ability and knowledge. Government jobs is being considered as the most reputed and secured job that will give the lifetime security will all benefits entire the whole life till death. You need to get updated all the time for latest govt job alert and current affairs.

5· The people will start preparing the jobs according to the syllabus and serves to the people with perfect benefits along with the perfect preparation required to seat for the jobs. Most of the people now will take several tuitions and preparation for railway and bank jobs and required great effort to crack the exam and then interviews.

6· Basically most of the government jobs will provide several criteria along with the online application form in order to apply for the jobs requires for the organizations.

7· It has been observed that most of the government jobs will make the perfect selection according to the experience and skills and will not make any unfair treatment to the people.



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UK Coffee Shop Culture

UK Coffee Shop Culture

Have you noticed the explosion of coffee shops on our high streets lately? It seems whenever a shop goes out of business or some premises in a central location become available, a coffee shop isn’t far from opening.

Of course it isn’t just coffee they serve, as you’ll be able to find a range of speciality teas and sweet treats too. How has this culture come about and where is it going?

It’s all been in the last 10 years

This coffee craze is relatively new, and it’s only been around for the last 10 years or so. Before this coffee was extremely unfashionable and rarely drunk by a younger crowd. This all changed as the coffee market changed and innovated with a number of new and exciting products based around coffee. Before this we had bars and pubs but it is hard thinking back to a time before technology and coffee shops!

A well-deserved break

One of the main benefits to visiting a coffee shop is that you get to relax and take some time out of your busy schedule. City centres are becoming increasingly populated and sometimes you just need to take a break and gather back your energy. This is where coffee shops have gained momentum and if they were to go away there would be nowhere for us to sit! This would be a fateful day but luckily the popularity of these stores has anything but declined.


It was these new-fangled drink creations that really saved the day and brought the coffee shop back. It isn’t just a black or white coffee now, as there are literally thousands of combinations to make your perfect drink. Firstly the sizes range from large to extra extra large and you can specify a number of small combinations regarding your tastes:

  • Ask for dry if you want extra foam, wet if you want it without;
  • Ask for double shot if you want extra espresso to make it stronger;
  • Ask for it skinny if you want low fat milk;
  • Ask for an extra syrup to add flavour and sweetness;
  • Ask for soya if you want a dairy-free option;
  • Ask for decaff if you wish to have a caffeine free drink.

Laptops and wifi

The coffee shop revolution has created a whole new market of tech savvy web users who clutch their trendy laptops in public view. It seems that surfing the web and catching up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter has become synonymous with drinking a cup of java.

Sitting on your laptop is just another way to pass the time and make the most of your cup of coffee, after all you’re paying to sit in there and have a premium drink, so make the experience last!

Steve loves coffee and can’t live without laptops for the ultimate coffee shop and web surfing experience.

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When to give up job search

You know the best way to change thing is to take a break. You’ll come back refresh with a new perspective. Here are two signs you should back away from the search for a little bit, plus ideas for exactly how to do it.

  • You’re applying to every job

The issue is this that hiring manager can smell it miles away they want a candidate who can contribute to the company without selfishness. If it’s clear that you are applied to every whether it meets their requirements or not then there is not a compelling reason to move your candidacy forward.


  •  Take a hiatus

Take few days to think that the job you have applied for is really the job you      would love to work. Once you have some clarity, get back to the search, but this time, be strategic. If a job does not rank9 out of 10 in terms of both your level of excitement and competency, then it’s not worth applying.


  • You’re obsessing

At some point pretty much everyone obsesses when waiting to hear back about a job. It’s normal give it a lot of thought- after all landing a new roll can mean a good deal of change, and that’s exciting (even a bit scary)

You know it’s taken over your life. It’s all you talk about- and you are visiting with anyone who will listen just to discuss it some more. You turn down social invitations, quit going out because every spare moment goes to checking your email and waiting for call.


  • Take a hiatus

You want to follow up on any emails a timely manner, but no, you don’t need to check your inbox throughout a meal with friends. Give the hunt no more than 100% and the rest of the time, step away from the computer and invest in the other parts of your life.


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Employment in Australia for Foreigners

Various Opportunities of Employment in Australia for Foreigners



The foreigners love to seek jobs in Australia due to the friendly environment and various job opportunities available in this country. The employment in Australia is quite easy if the job seekers are aware of the rules and regulations required for applying for a job in any organization of this region. The foreigners need to undergo many tests and formalities for arriving in Australia, seeking jobs here.


Procedures to apply for employment in Australia


  • The applicant should have a valid passport from his own country, to allow him to travel to a foreign country, submitting all the necessary documents.
  • Then he should apply for a Job Visa in Australian Embassy of his country, provided he is an adult and has the required qualifications for applying in a specific position. If he wants to pursue any professional course in Australia, then he may take a student’s visa that can be upgraded later to a Job visa, after the successful completion of his course. Moreover, he needs to have a clean background, without any criminal record in his past.
  • Then the job seeker should have an idea about the industrial sector that he wants to work in. He should choose the job type that he feels capable of doing well, as per his educational credentials and trainings. The person expecting an employment in Australia should have definite idea about the job market of that country.
  • It is better if the candidate can manage to contact any recruitment consultancy of Australia, from where he can get to know about the job openings that can be suitable for him there. The advice and help from these consultancies can show him the right way of securing a job there, as per the vacancies available in the Australian job market.
  • The resumes and the cover letter of the job candidate are modified according to the demands for getting an employment in Australia. All the required details should be included as per the ideal format of these documents, to make them impressive for the Australian employers.
  • He should not miss a chance to apply in any suitable job opening in an Australian organization. So he should keep on consulting the Australian job portals and the placement gazettes, searching for openings.
  • It is better to undergo more suitable courses, to increase his eligibility in Australian companies. It is even better if he can work in similar position in an organization in his own country, to enhance his experience level, leading to more hike in his expected salary.
  • If the candidate is from a non-English speaking country, he should undergo spoken English course, to improve his communication skills. He may have to appear in a test for proving his English communicative skill, which is preferable for a job in Australia, since English is the main working language here.


Therefore, it is certain that lots of preparation needs to be taken by a foreigner job seeker, to apply for an employment in Australia, to settle his career in that country.

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Careers Australia Sydney

Useful Courses Offered to Shape up Careers Australia Sydney



Sydney is a prominent port city of Australia that is well known for its industrial growth. So plenty of people from all over Australia and from other countries are now arriving here to get new scopes for shaping up their careers Australia Sydney. As a result, various educational institutions have started operating in this city, to provide required courses to the interested job seekers, to begin their professional life in this city.


The renowned vocational institutions located within the city of Sydney are provided with modern computer lab, laptop lab and Wi-Fi connection for imparting proper training to the registered students. They can also rest and chat among themselves in the students’ lounge and even avail the facility of online training from their own place. There are many well educated and experienced trainers, who take care of the vocational education of the students in their chosen courses and also their employments in respective careers Australia Sydney. The excellent transport system and connectivity in Sydney help the students to travel to their chosen institutions very easily.


Prominent courses offered for building up careers in Sydney


  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education is meant for the people who want to educate the little children as a part of their career. These students are taught here to deal with the emotions of the infants and how to take care of the educational and mental welfare of the children. These aspiring teachers are taught in details about the childcare and how to create healthy environment for the growth of the children. This course is completed within a year, if taken from the institution campus; but it needs around 2 years if a corresponded course is pursued.
  • The people interested in telecommunication industry can undertake Advanced Cabler Registration course for building their careers Australia Sydney in this sector. As this course involves high technical lessons, it cannot be offered as a correspondence course and the students have to attend the classes in the campus of the institutions.
  • Certificate in Hospitality services is another popular course in Sydney that enables the students in taking up various jobs in this sector, mainly in hotels and restaurants of this city. The students are taught the settings of hospitality industry and how to handle the hectic schedules of these jobs, while fulfilling all the given tasks successfully. As there is no technical lesson involved here, this course is imparted directly from the workplaces, like the hotels, restaurants or hospitals, to give a feel of real work environment to the students.


The students taking up any course in Sydney are free to join the institutions, if they really wish to make their careers Australia Sydney.  As it is a lively city, the foreigner students also enjoy the various points of interests around this place, apart from being involved in the lessons only. Similarly, they love their jobs too in this city and work in various positions, earning lot of money and prestige in life.

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Careers Australia Melbourne

Few Important Courses to Be Taken For Careers Australia Melbourne



Melbourne is known to be a prominent city of Australia, which houses plenty of offices and manufacturing units of several organizations. So the job seekers need to know about the special careers Australia Melbourne, so that they may undergo some courses that will make them eligible for such highly paid jobs in this city. But the candidates first need to decide on the sector on which they really want to work.


There are several universities and educational institutions in Melbourne that offer many courses for shaping up the careers Australia Melbourne to the benefits of the ardent job seekers. All these institutions are well equipped with computers and internet connections in computer labs, Wi-Fi connection throughout the campuses, for easy learning or training of the students. The students can also relax in the onsite café or students’ lounge here. The classrooms are all equipped with the modern facilities; as well as the students can avail commercial cookery kitchens or State of Art Nursing labs and RSA training, according to their priority in their career.


Most popular courses to be taken in Melbourne


  • The Course in Business Administration in intermediate level is meant for those candidates, who have done the basic course of Business Management before at their own place. This course will help the students in achieving prestigious jobs in the administration section of various corporate companies. Moreover, the students of this course are taught about the use of various software applications that are needed for official purposes, along with the preparation of financial documents and the delivery of good customer service.  So the students completing this course successfully can apply for a variety of job options in various commercial organizations, helping them in finding suitable careers Australia Melbourne.
  • The Certification course in Electrical Instrumentation is meant for the students who have got a basic diploma in instrumentation and want to know more in this specific field. The students completing this course are sure to be employed successfully in mining industry, process industry, and natural oil and gas industries of Melbourne. Thus, this course comprises of the uses of all the electrical instrumentations in processing, measurements and control of the industrial applications. The measurements and control of the flow, density, pressure, temperature and levels of the liquids are also taught in these theoretical and practical classes.
  • The course in Open Cabling Registration is very important to seek jobs in telecommunication sector, mainly that of a cabler. This course helps the students to install and maintain telephone lines, on behalf of the telecommunication company of Melbourne where they will be working in future. They are taught all the works related to aerial and underground cabling of private houses or public buildings, coaxial and optical fiber cabling works. But the students need to know the safety rules and the basic uses of power tools, to join this course.


Apart from the above mentioned courses, there are various other careers Australia Melbourne that will help the job seekers in building their bright future in this city.

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Best Jobs in Australia

Different Types of Best Jobs in Australia That Are Highest Paid



There are many jobs in Australia that are paid very handsome salaries. Some of these experienced professionals earn even more than the successful business persons of the country. Therefore, many people feel interested in bagging one of these best jobs in Australia, to make their future secure and comfortable. But they need to know about the pay scales of all the Australian jobs, so that they can prepare themselves to be eligible for these positions.


Best jobs offered for men and women in Australia


  • As per the information of the Income Tax office, the job of neurosurgeon is the most profitable in the country, mainly for male doctors. The neurosurgeons are paid the highest salary per annum, based on their capability and reputation.
  • Among the female workers, the job of a judge is the best paid throughout the country and it is regarded as one of the best jobs in Australia, which is second to the neurosurgeons in terms of salary package.
  • There are many female neurosurgeons as well, but they are paid around half the salary taken by their male counterparts. But still, it is the second highest paid job for the women working in Australia.
  • The competent men can also expect high salaries from the jobs of medical specialists in different fields, dentists, bankers, company secretaries, chief executives of any company and mine engineers. The actuaries, stock exchange dealers, mine production manager and the people involved in political affairs can also expect good pay packages, if placed in higher positions.
  • The jobs of part-time staffs and hardcore labours in various manufacturing industries are very poorly paid here. Similarly, one can expect to earn very little from the jobs of farm overseers, newspaper deliverer, fruit pickers, cooks of fast foods, helping hands at kitchens and dishwashers. All these people are paid very meager amount in return of their services.
  • The women candidates can expect high salaries from the jobs of the medical professionals in several streams, like Gynecology, Cardiology, Urology, Neurology, Dermatology, Oncology and Anesthesia.  They may also opt for the careers of Financial Investment manager, Magistrate, Actuary, Stockbroker and Deputy Secretary, which are considered among the best jobs in Australia due to the handsome salaries and prestige of these positions.


There is a wide gap seen among the men and women working in similar posts and ranks. Hence, the women need to work harder to land with highly paid jobs. But some Australian companies now ruling out this gender bias and they offer more or less similar packages to their male and female employees, provided they hold similar educational degrees and experience levels. These best jobs in Australia are available for both the local Australian men and women, as well as for the eligible foreigners from any country.


The job seekers need to look out on the job portals for the information of the suitable jobs that meet their qualifications and their dream salary ranges. They may even consult the reputed Australian gazettes regarding the job advertisements as well.

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Opportunities in Australia

                        An Overview to find Opportunities in Australia

There are lots of Opportunities in Australia. Many people from the world go to Australia for different purpose like to meet the family member, educational purpose, job, health check up.

Engineering job opportunity

There are many engineering job Opportunity in Australia like Senior Structural Engineer, Project Manager and Project Engineer, Administration Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Leader and much more. To get all these jobs the people should have a good experience and along with the good academic background.

Fresher job opportunity

There are many kinds of job available for the fresher in Australia. To get the job, the candidate should have good communication skills along with good qualification. The candidate should make a good resume without any errors. Moreover, the candidate can search Australian job sites which will be very much helpful for the candidate to get the job.

Legal Job opportunity

There are many legal jobs in Australia. There are many kinds of duties in the legal job like the person should do the Diary and telephone management. Along with opening and the closing files. They have to do Dictaphone typing. A good communication skill is very much important.

Banking jobs opportunity

Banking jobs are one of a great job. The person should have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. They should have Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to follow processes and procedures.

Medical jobs opportunity

There are amazing medical job Opportunities in Australia. To get a job in Australia, the candidate should have a good academic background along with excellent communication skills. The people should have 1 to 2 years of experience in this field.

Nurse Staff opportunity

There are many incredible Opportunities in Australia as a nurse staff. To be a nurse staff, the people should have good academic qualification along with they should have good communication skills. They should be caring in nature. The nurse should know how to communicate with the clients.

Study in Australia

There is a tremendous opportunity to study in Australia. Among many countries,  Australia is one of the largest countries in the World. Australia is also considered as a global leader in education, and it is the reason why the students from around the world choose to pursue their studies there.

Australian education has the quantity and variety. The quality of education is very much important. Moreover, it is essential to choose a location or university is student life. Apart from these, the country and the government also make investments into international education.




Living Expenses

Numerous people plan to finance their studies. It is very much necessary to analyze the living expenses. However, it is important for them to know and to understand the cost associated with studying and living in this destination. The Living Expenses depend highly on which region the people plan to live. The urbanized areas will have higher costs for accommodation. The living expenses are one of the main priority. People have to think which place will be affordable for them to live.


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Job Posting Australia

An Overview how to Job Posting Australia

The knowledge of right kind of Job Posting Australia is very much necessary. Not only the right and the good content is important in a good job posting. The formatting of the job posting is very much essential. The right knowledge is very much important. People should know about the Job Posting Australia.

This is advantageous to the job seeker in various ways. It is benefit to them to concentrate on the content, without reading the long paragraphs and missing relevant information.

The proper job posting is very much important because it is very simple to read. Moreover, it is very much easy to find all the information.

The Main Job Description Elements

The job description elements are very much essential and the people should know how to Job Posting Australia. It will help you in the formatting because in the formatting the different elements become the various sections of the job description. It includes the summary, responsibilities and duties, minimum requirements, preferred requirements, company history, and the call-to-action or instructions for the job seeker.

The job information should have the job title, the appropriate department name. The first paragraph should be written with bullet list which includes duties and responsibilities. It is very much important to include specific keywords which will help the person search the job which you enter, such as entry-level marketing associate, or executive administrative secretary.

Separating the Sections

Separating the different sections is very much important and it is also necessary to know the right way how to Job Posting Australia. When you write the job description, put each part of the description into a separate paragraph. The summary will go first along with a break, followed by the responsibilities and duties. By separating them into paragraphs, the reader can go through each relevant section separately without losing the focus.


Adding Subheadings

Subheadings are very much relevant for each of the section. The subheading should be made whether the font is different, or it is simply in bold. Subheadings are very much essential because it describes the paragraph.

Font and Style

Font and Style are very much necessary for the job description. Do not make the font and style very much complicated. The basic formatting is enough. People should get the right information. If you want the different font then only use it in the subheading. Do not give more than two font sizes or styles in your job posting.


Do not forget physical requirements

There are many candidates with disabilities, veterans that are disabled who will need to know how physical a job can get to ask for accommodations. If the job requires long periods of sitting or standing or if heavy lifting is necessary, make sure this is spelled out clearly.



Always include key categories

It is very much important to include key categories. The key categories should contain Job title and the job description. You need to tell whether the job is full-time, part-time or contract. Also, mention qualifications which include education and experience.

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Top Jobs in Australia

An Overview how to get Top Jobs in Australia

There are many Top Jobs in Australia. However, everybody wants to be on the top. There are many top jobs in Australia which people have to know.


Physiotherapist job is one of the Top Jobs in Australia. It is a very demand occupation in the health care sector. This is a very great job in the healthcare industry which requires a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum.

Marketing directors

Marketing job is one of the Top Jobs in Australia . The wages is also good. A degree, and years of experience in required to become a marketing director.

Aircraft pilots

Aircraft pilots job is a very great job. Aircraft pilots include a job in first officers of the airline, flight engineers, flying instructors, helicopter pilots. The salary of the aircraft pilot is great. There should be a good qualification to be aircraft pilot. The person should have good marks in math, English, science.

Financial managers and directors

The Financial managers and directors jobs include Investment bankers and Treasury managers. The wages is very nice. A good qualification is required in accountancy or corporate finance to be financial managers and directors.

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers is one of the Top Jobs in Australia. The salary package is great. Air traffic controllers include Air traffic service assistants and flight planners. A relevant qualification is needed to become Air traffic controller. Moreover, the person should pass the NATS vocational course, and they should have valid air traffic controllers license to become Air traffic controller.

Medical practitioners 

Medical professionals job has a huge demand in Australia. The medical professionals include Anesthetists, hospital consultants, GPs, pediatricians, psychiatrists, radiologists, surgeons. The salary of the medical professionals is good. The person should have a proper degree to become a doctor.

IT and telecommunications directors

IT and telecommunications directors are a great job. This job includes Technical directors of computer services. The salary of the IT and telecommunications directors are excellent. A person should have a degree in programming or computer science with several years of relevant experience.

Dental specialist

The dental specialist job is very much popular in Australia. The person should have the relevant qualification to become a Dental Specialist. The salary of the Dental specialist is good.




Systems Architect

Systems Architect job is popular in Australia. A systems architect is also known as IT professional. They produce networking and computer systems. A systems architect is configuring, and operating the network systems. The salary is magnificent.



Actuary job is one of a great job in Australia. The Actuary always analyzes the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries look after the future events, and especially which are related to insurance and pensions. Many actuaries are work for insurance companies. Moreover, they also needed for the consulting firms, large corporations, hospitals, banks, and investment firms.


Data Architect

Data Architect job is a great job. The wages of the data architect is very nice. Data Architect maintains the data which is relevant to the business. If the people wants to be Data Architect, they should know how the data is related to business operations.



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Top Job Sites in Australia

An in depth analysis how to find Top Job Sites in Australia


The job is very much important. Nowadays the internet is the best source to get all the information regarding a job. It is important for the people should find the Top Job Sites in Australia . All the jobs sites are for working professionally in Australia.


SEEK has become one of the Top Job Sites in Australia. The organization has grown excessively over the years. The company has grown in other countries also. It is one of the best job sites in Australia. Applicants can use this sites to find jobs by salary location, and classification. People can store their resume in the site take, and it will take them to get a job.


This site offers many job vacancies for jobs across Australia. In this site, the user can post or apply for jobs and moreover they can register for job alerts. Its totally free..


Gumtree is one of the Top Job Sites in Australia. It offers tens of thousands of job classifieds across Australia. In Gumtree, there is a different kind of jobs like health, construction, retail, sales and much more. There is no resume upload function available in the Gumtree. However, the user can access the contact details of employers and contact them directly.

Australian Job Search

Australian Job Search is a government initiative. It is an Australian job site which provides the nice service for the companies who are looking for the employees. Government jobs are also promoted in the Australian Job Search portal. There are local government jobs regularly advertised on this site. The users can find jobs by keyword, postcode, location, and occupation. There are also apprenticeships and traineeships available.


MyCareer is of the Top Job Sites in Australia. It offers the people to find the job. In this site, the user can sign up the special email alerts to find upcoming job notification. In this site, it offers some special tools like salary calculator, resume builder, skill-based job recommendations, and application tracker.


Jobseeker is one of the best job sites in Australia. Jobseeker provides thousands of jobs from websites and newspapers across Australia. The user can use the Jobseeker very easily just simply enter a keyword and location to find jobs.


In the GradConnection user can find hundreds of jobs. Users can upgrade graduate profiles to allow employers to find them, and use the CV generator tool to build their profile. is one of the top job searches. It provides thousands of job listings from across Australia. Users can use the site for jobs, create job email alerts, manage and build their resume.


APS Jobs

APS Jobs is providing the jobs, especially in art sectors. It provides job advertisements for roles in industries such as visual arts, performance, publishing, architecture, and design.


Careerjet is one of the job sites in Australia. It provides job advertisement with nearly 40 million jobs around the world. Through Careerjet the users can search jobs in Australian metropolitan and regional areas, as well as overseas locations.







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Post study work visa Australia

An Overview how to get post study work visa Australia


There are post study work visa Australia facilities for international students who complete university degrees in Australia.

The post study work visa Australia will help the student in many ways. It will help them to gain practical work experience after they graduate and enhance their overall international study experience.


People can stay in Australia for 18 months and four years after their graduation. The person will need a Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa. To get this visa, the people should be below 50 and should be good health condition and must know the English language.


Post-Study Work Stream visa

Post Study Work visa is a kind of visa where the people and there can live, work, travel or they can study in Australia for two to four years. If they, pass from an Australian Institution within the past six months. If the people have their bachelor degree, they can stay for two years. The people who have a master degree they can they can stay for two or three years and if they have doctorate degree they can stay for four years.

If the qualification of the visa is below than bachelor degree, then they do not qualify for the visa.


Graduate Work Stream Visa

Graduate Work Stream Visa is a type of visa where it allows the person and their family to work, travel and study in Australia for 18 months. This visa is applicable if the individual is graduated from an Australian education institution within the past six months. The Post-Study Work Stream visa is eligible if the qualification is below than bachelor degree. However, it is very much important to have the right qualification which has demand in the market. The qualification can be engineer, medic, scientist and teacher. However, to qualify for a Graduate Work Stream visa the people must pass a skills evaluation test.


In the Australian immigration, they offer a permanent visa to the people who can contribute long-term to the economy and country. The migrants should have good qualification if they want to work in Australia. Moreover, they should have good work experience and should know the English language. The person first has to submit an Expression of Interest for a skilled visa. This process will have skill test. If, this is accepted the person can go for the application of full visa. There are types of permanent visa.


Skilled Nominated Visa

In the skilled nominated visa, it allows skilled workers who are nominated by the state or territory government. They work in Australia as a permanent resident. For the skilled nominated visa, the person should be under 50 years old.


Skilled Independent Visa

If the person is not nominated by a state or territory government then also they can apply as an individual. For the skilled independent visa also the person should be under 50 years.


Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination visa is a permanent resident visa for skilled workers who are being sponsored by an organization. The employee should be below 50 years with good qualification and with excellent English then they can get     post study work visa Australia.





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Perth jobs Australia

                                                An Overview to find Perth jobs Australia

Junior Legal Secretary

The Junior Legal Secretary is one of the great Perth jobs Australia. To be Junior Legal Secretary a legal experience is not essential but is desirable. If the people want to become Junior Legal Secretary then they should have knowledge of MS Office Applications, they should have accurate typing skills. Moreover, they should have high standard strong verbal communication skills. They should have time management & organizational skills.


Receptionist job is one the great job Perth jobs Australia. There are many duties as a Receptionist. The Receptionist should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They should know how to scheduling of appointments. Moreover, they should have excellent computer skills. They should be Excellent Telephone etiquette, and they should have the friendly personality.

Medical Reception

It is one the great job. The salary is good. The person should have excellent customer service and communication skills. They should know how to work in a team, and they should enjoy working and participating in a team environment. Moreover, they should have Good telephone skills and computer knowledge. They should have the ability to maintain a busy reception desk. They should be Ability to work flexibly in a team and experience in medical industry.

Admin Assistant

The work of the Admin Assistant is great Perth jobs Australia. The Admin Assistant should provide administrative support in word processing, meetings and calendaring. They should be experienced administrative skills, and they should know the computer literacy in all Microsoft applications and databases. Moreover Well-developed communication (written, verbal and listening) and interpersonal skills.

Full-Time Office Junior

The Office Junior have to answer the incoming calls in a prompt and courteous manner. They should know how to maintain the filing system. In a very proper way, they should greet customers and visitors. The salary is exquisite.

Junior Receptionist

The Junior Receptionist job is great Perth jobs Australia. To be Junior Receptionist the people should have the minimum of two years of experience in reception or administration. They should have the proper administration skills along with the strong verbal and written communication skills. They should know intermediate Microsoft Word and Excel skills. They should able to do multitask.

Training Administrator

To be Training Administrator the people should have at least two years experience working as a Training Administrator. They should have the ability to do multitask. They should have good knowledge in English. The salary of the Training Administrator is good.





Administration Officer

The job of the Administration Officer is superb. The people who want to be Administration Officer they should have administrative experience along with excellent customer service. Moreover, they should have good communication skills. The people have the minimum of 2 years experience. They should have the ability to work as part of a team. They should know how to maintain and update the database.

Technical Administrator

The job of the Technical Administrator is they have to know how to distributing mail, faxing, scanning, filing, photocopying, stationery and binding reports. They should have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access. Moreover, they should have the data entry skills.

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Marketing Jobs in Australia

An Overview how to find Marketing Jobs in Australia

There are many jobs facilities in Australia. There are many people from all over the world and they are work in Australia. The job opportunity in the Australia is great. Among them, Marketing Jobs in Australia is the best.


Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator job is one of the best Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Coordinator should know how to creating and maintaining a favorable public image for the company through digital and social media platforms such as managing company website, social media pages, and internal intranet updates. They should know the email marketing activities. They should Identify, investigate and present promotional event and conference opportunities. To be Marketing Coordinator, the candidate should have a good academic background in Marketing. Moreover they should have 1 to 2 years of experience in this field. The Marketing Coordinator should have the knowledge of MS Office and Excel. The Marketing Coordinator should have excellent communication skills both written and verbal. They should have time management skills with the ability to manage different deadlines and multiple projects.


Administration Assistant & Marketing Coordinator

The Administration Assistant & Marketing Coordinator is a great job it is one of the best Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Coordinator should know Data Entry, Sales Reporting work. The marketing coordinator has to do Field duties and Reception Duties. They should able to Assist Franchisees to Increase Sales and Deliver Outstanding Customer Service. Moreover, they should Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues and business owners and staff. They should Monitoring sales and actively involved with sales growth strategies for all stores.

The person should be valid PR Holder or Australian Citizen. They should have knowledge in Business, Retail or Management Experience. They should know  MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. Along with the person should have Excellent Communication and Presentation. They should be aware the planning skills.

Marketing Administrator

The Marketing Administrator is a great job. It is one of the best jobs in Marketing Jobs in Australia. The Marketing Administrator has lots of duty. On a daily basis, they should monitor all social media channels. They should know Creation and dispatch of marketing materials to Dealers. They should assist event coordination.

To be Marketing Administrator the person should have own reliable transport. They should have excellent written and verbal communication skills along with strong Microsoft Office Skills. They should be hardworking, and moreover, they should be organized.







Marketing Campaign Manager

Marketing Campaign Manager is a great job. Those who wants to be Marketing Campaign Manager they should know how to communicate with the client. They should analyze and develop market segmentation strategies.

To be Marketing Campaign Manager the skill is very much required along with experience is essential.

Highly efficient, with outstanding organization, project management, and multi-tasking skills, including the ability to create systems and processes.

They should have Exceptional written and oral communication skills, including excellent interpersonal skills. They should be expert in MS Office, including Outlook, and Salesforce.









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Jobs Australia Tamworth

                                    An Overview how to find a Jobs Australia Tamworth


Service Manager

The Service Manager Jobs Australia Tamworth is very great. There are many responsibilities to be Service Manager. They are responsible for dealership performance and net profit. They should manage the HR policy. They should conduct and participate in the dealership meetings. They should  Assist service department with bidding, technical problem solving, warranty claims. The service manager should have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. The wages of the Service Manager is superb.

Casual Retail Sales Assistant

Casual Retail Sales Assistant job is one the best Jobs Australia Tamworth. The person who wants to be casual Retail Sales Assistant they should have knowledge of selling the product. They should know how to demonstrate a high level of personal presentation. They should be aware how to work cohesively and proactively within a team. They should provide every customer with personalized service.

They should be experienced. They should have knowledge of POS system. Moreover, they should have excellent communication skills. The wages of the Casual Retail Sales Assistant is good.

Casual salesperson

The casual salesperson should engage with the customers, and they should assist them. To become excellent salesperson communication is required. It is one of the best Jobs Australia Tamworth. They should actively contributing sales performance of the store. They should maintain a good presentation of the store. They should always maintain positive, passionate and energetic culture. Moreover, they should have great interpersonal skills, and they should be physically capable of working in a fast-paced sales environment. They should be work as a team.

Casual salesperson job is a great job. They should work with the team member of passionate people. The salary is exquisite also there is incentive scheme for them.

Sales and Service Banking Consultant

Sales and Service Banking Consultant is one of the Jobs Australia Tamworth. They should identify new business opportunities. They should build a good relation with the customer. They should have good, excellent Interpersonal skills.

There are many benefits for the Sales and Service Banking Consultant. There are a competitive salary, performance bonuses and staff discounts for the employees.

Customer Service Officer

Customer Service Officer is a great job. It is on the best job. As a Customer Service Officer, they have to deliver superior customer service to both internal and external customers. There are many kinds of work the customer service. The Officer have to do which includes office reception like formatting, typing, and review of reports, invoicing, bookings, file and database management,daily office administrative duties. The wages of the Customer Service Officer is good. The excellent communication skills required to be customer service officer.




Assistant Site Manager

The Assistant Site Manager job is great. The Assistant Site Manager has to do day-to-day operational site management including supervision of a team of grain handlers. They should maintain an awareness of local priorities and issues is essential to help build and develop relationships with growers and customers. The wages of the Assistant Site Manager is excellent. They should know basic computing skills.




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Get Australian work visa

An Overview how to get Australian work visa


If the people want to visit in Australia for work or vacation with friends, family or if they want to live permanently there they need a visa to enter the country. There is a right process how to get Australian work visa.

If the people want to enter in the Australia without valid documentation, they may be refused or detained until there, identity and other information is confirmed.

To entering in the country, the visa is very much important. There is an application process in Australia is handled by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


Apply for the right visa

Visa is very much important. In Australia, there are different the kinds of the visa process. People should know the right way how to get Australian work visa.

There are numerous kinds of individuals who want to visit the country for the less period so they can apply for visitor visa. If the people visit Australia for less than three months, then they can apply for short validity business visa.

The visitor visa is available for the people who are coming to Australia. However, in the visitor visa, people cannot stay for more than three months.

The tourist visas are available for people coming to Australia as tourists. While visiting, holders of visitor visas may participate in certain business activities.

If the people want to stay more than three months in Australia, then they have to go for a long-stay visitor visa, which allows you to stay in Australia up to 12 months.

Australia has other visas option like if the people wants to meet their family member or for medical treatment.

Visa status

Many people want to work in Australia, but they should know the appropriate way how to get Australian work visa .People have to check their visa. The temporary visa lasts up to four years, and it allows to work for an Australian organization whereas in the permanent visa there is no time limitation.


Check the occupations list

There are many kinds of visas available and people should know how to get Australian work visa. If the people are applying for work visas, it is important to choose the occupation which is available in Australia like engineering occupations, accountants, nurses and medical assistants, physicians, medical specialists, architects, and lawyers.





Submit an Expression of Interest

In Australia, there are amazing online facilities where skilled workers can enter details about their work skills and indicate their concern in migrating to Australia to work. People do not have to pay the fee for the skill test.

There are different types of visas have different requirements, and it is very much necessary to review the visa types before applying.

Find a sponsor

The sponsor visa is available for the people. To get this visa the Australian organization or Australian government should sponsor it.

Complete a skills assessment

Skill assessment is very much necessary. Some of the skilled occupations require a skills assessment which is essential for the visa application process.






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Get a job in Australia

An overview how to get a job in Australia


There are lots of opportunity in Australia. It is one of the efficient job markets in the world. There are many jobs in Australia. People should know the right way how to get a job in Australia.

Visa Work

Visa should be the priority how to get a  job in Australia. People have to submit an application to the relevant embassy, and it should be a priority for the people. The employees will ask about the immigration status, and the visa process is a prerequisite for most job vacancies. The priority of the visa is imperative. It is given to the people who have skills, qualifications, and experience in shortage occupations.


Qualification is very much necessary how to get a good job in Australia. People should verify their qualifications which are valid in Australia. The people should consult and gather the information from the relevant website or consult the professionals. Depending on the profession it is necessary to complete a bridging course or additional study. When you apply for jobs, it will be important that you can state your qualifications regarding their Australian equivalents.

Apply in industry or economic sector

There are employment opportunities in Australia and the people should know the right way how to get a good job in Australia. As well as there are many major industries in Australia such as agriculture, mining, tourism, and manufacturing. People have to choose wisely their job according to their qualification. In Australia, the industries like mining, financial services, tourism, and telecommunications are highest in growth.

Search Jobs in a proper way

Beside qualification, a searching job is one of the top priority. People have to seek proper kind of jobs in Australia according to their qualification. There are millions of job vacancies in Australia which are posted online.

There are some advertisements which are not published online. So it is very much essential to check the newspaper daily. Moreover, people can consult the job supplements for the recruitment.

Choose alternatives

Many graduates want jobs in Australia. They can apply for the graduate scheme. There are many opportunities for the recent graduate also they can check the websites, or they can choose career fairs.

Make a resume

A resume is crucial for the candidate how to get a job in Australia. The resume should have all the correct information. Moreover, the candidate should use simple fonts in the resume. The candidate have to very much careful while making the resume. There should be no mistakes in the resume. The candidate should mention their contact number and the phone number on the resume. The template cover letter is very much important because it will create a personality and moreover it will provide a great platform to the candidate, and it will help them to get a job.



Use Right Contacts

There are varieties of jobs which are not announced by the media. So the candidate has to use their personal information to get the job. It is very paramount to create a right kind of network which will be helpful for them to get a good job.

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Australian CV Format

Best Australian CV Format That Is Sure To Be Shortlisted




The CV or the resume of a person is highly important, when he/she is looking for a suitable job opening. The first impression of an employer is struck about a job candidate from the detailed information enlisted in his/her CV. So it is very important for anyone to write his/her resume in technically correct manner. Every job seeker should be aware about the ideal Australian CV format, if he/she wants to work in a good position in Australia. Hence, they should learn the techniques of writing a proper resume, for impressing the potential Australian employers.


Important facts that should be present in an ideal Australian CV format


  • The resume should have a simple look, for which it is best to write in Times New Roman or Ariel font, with the font size of letters preferably in 11or12. The heading and each subheading should be highlighted in bold words, to make the CV look smarter.
  • The resume should start with a brief summary of the total CV that contains all the vital information related to the educational and professional details required for a particular position.
  • Many candidates find it a good idea of starting their CV with subheadings, like Career Objective or Career Overview. But as per the Australian CV format, Career Objective should be written after the Career details or the overview. Career Overview is actually the brief summary of the career details, to give quick idea to the recruiters about the career history of the candidate and the Career goal can be added at the end of this paragraph.
  • The key skills of the candidate should be mentioned in bullet points, with one skill mentioned in each point, to make them very easily understandable by the readers, as per the rules of the best Australian CV format.
  • The career history should be written in a separate paragraph, preferably in bullet points. All the details of each employment should be mentioned, including the job title, name of that company, duration of working there, job responsibilities, professional achievements and the reason for leaving that job. It is a good idea to add a brief description of each company that the candidate has worked for. If there is any gap in between the jobs, it should be explained reasonably in the CV.
  • The educational qualifications should also be penned in another paragraph, where all the certifications should be mentioned distinctly in separate bullet points.
  • While writing about the communication skills, it can be termed ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ more comfortably, if worked previously for any customer service center or done any diploma course on linguistic course. Thus, proofs can be provided in support of excellent communicative abilities of the candidate.
  • It is traditional to write date of birth and marital status in a resume, but now many recruiters do not find it necessary to know about the marital status of the candidates, unless it is necessary according to the job criteria. Moreover, according to Australian CV format, the inclusion of date of birth is not so mandatory, but can be added if the candidate thinks it to be necessary.




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Australian cover letter

Best Australian Cover Letter That Can Impress Any Employer



A cover letter is sent with the resume of a candidate, explaining the information provided in the resume about the career details and educational qualifications mentioned there. But often the job seekers from other foreign countries find it hard to understand about the exact procedure of writing Australian cover letter that can fetch them their desired jobs successfully. Many people feel that their cover letters need to undergo some changes, to fit for the fruitful job applications in Australia.


Main steps followed for creating successful Australian cover letter


  • First of all, the candidate’s name, full postal address, contact number and email id should be written on the top left hand corner of the Australian cover letter, followed by the date of writing the letter.
  • Next, the name and the address of the company to which the cover letter is addressed to, including the name and the professional designation of the hiring manager are written on the left-hand side, giving a space just below the date.
  • After another space, the letter should be started by addressing the hiring manager, mentioning his/her last name.
  • Then the Australian cover letter should formally start with the information about the job opening that the applicant wants to be recruited in and the source from where he came to know about this vacancy.
  • The middle part of the Australian cover letter should contain the details about the educational qualifications, past job experiences and the performances of the applicant in those jobs. But care should be taken not to write all these details like a summary of the resume. Instead, it should contain only those qualifications and experiences that are relevant for the applied job opening, preferably written in bullet forms.
  • The candidate may also explain why he thinks himself eligible for this particular job profile and what values he can add to this position, if selected. These points are effective in impressing the hiring manager at the initial level.
  • Lastly, the applicant may end the letter by mentioning that he will be waiting for a call from the company for appearing in interview. Alternatively, he may also seek permission to call up at the company office and ask for an appointment with the hiring manager, to prove his competence for the job.
  • Finally, the letter should end by thanking the concerned hiring manager, followed by the signature and the typed name of the candidate. At the end, it may be mentioned that the resume of the candidate is enclosed with this cover letter.


If the cover letter does not contain the job title or the company name in the first paragraph of the letter, it may be assumed that the same cover letter is sent to many companies at a time, meaning the candidate is too desperate for any kind of job currently that will counted as a negative point for him. This cover letter must not be too lengthy and it is better to keep it within 250 words maximum, as to the point facts are more appreciated by a busy hiring manager.


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Australia recruitment procedure


Useful Process of Australia Recruitment for the Job Seekers



When a capable person seeks a suitable employment in any organization of Australia, he needs to know the details about the Australia recruitment procedures, so that he can be able to pass all the hurdles and finally bag his dream job. Most of the job vacancies are either posted on the job portals, or advertised on the local newspapers. The interested candidates respond to these advertisements in digital or printed media, by applying to their desired jobs.


Steps followed in every Australia recruitment procedure


  • First of all, the candidate needs to submit his resume and cover letter in reply to the job posting or the advertisement of a suitable job. But this resume and cover letter should contain all the experiences and education qualifications that are relevant to the eligibility criteria of the concerned job. So the candidate should tailor his resume according to the job demands, if it is not correctly prepared.
  • Once the recruiters’ team receives all the job applications from the candidates, they scrutinize all the resumes very minutely and finally select a few among them, who seem to hold the suitable qualifications and desired experience level. Sometimes, this scrutiny is done by any recruitment consultancy, whose services are hired by the concerned company.
  • Then the shortlisted resumes are sent to the hiring manager of that company, who calls up or sends emails to these shortlisted candidates, inviting them to appear for an interview on a scheduled date, as per the current Australia recruitment rules. The candidates who do not receive any call from the recruitment consultancy or the company, they should take their resumes as rejected for that position.
  • Some companies prefer to take a telephonic interview, before the candidates appear for a face-to-face interview. Actually, this telephonic interview is meant to check the communication expertise of the candidates, which is essential for the jobs of customer care, telemarketing and receptionist. So the hiring manager discusses their present and the aspired job profile with these shortlisted candidates, as part of the phone interviews. If any candidate is not shortlisted in this phone round of Australia recruitment procedure, he/she is duly informed from the company within 1-2 days only.
  • When the interviewer feel satisfied on speaking with the candidates over the phone, the further shortlisted candidates are called for appearing in the personal interview. The face-to-face interview is the last round of Australia recruitment process that is held only for a few shortlisted candidates and here, the hiring manager and his team form the interview board, for asking several questions to the candidates. The career history, educational details and the family background of the candidates are discussed in this round of interview. The candidates are given freedom to ask any question regarding the job profile of the advertised position, so that they can have clear idea about the job they are aspiring for.


After the thorough assessment of the skills and ability of the candidates, only the most competent one is selected for the concerned position and next the selected candidate is asked to submit documents, after the salary negotiation is over.

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Varieties of Australia Post Jobs

Varieties of Australia Post Jobs That Can Interest the Job Seekers



The online job portals and recruitment consultancies of Australia offer various kinds of jobs in different industrial sectors to the local and foreign candidates, who are eligible and interested for these job openings. The Australia post jobs that are easily available online can be applied by the job seekers, who find these jobs perfectly suitable for them, so that they can play vital roles in the growth of these industries in future.


Types of Australia job posts most commonly available


  • Customer care service – Almost all the companies now run customer care centers that remain open for 24 x 7 hours and the main task of these customer care executives is to answer all the phone calls and try to solve their problems or answer their queries as much possible for them, else they may transfer the call or the message to other people, who can resolve the concerned issues.  So overall, the constant customer interaction is the main profile of this type of Australia post jobs.
  • Sales and marketing jobs – The sales and marketing teams are inevitable for the growth of every commercial company and establishes the brand in the market. Hence, these sales related Australia post jobs are available in plenty, for the diligent and hardworking people. Apart from the large corporate houses, many new companies also recruit large numbers of sales people for the better expansion of their business.
  • Digital services –
  • Information technology jobs – The jobs of the Information Technology professionals are very vital in the digital era of modern times. There are several positions in the IT department of every company, where all the digital processes are carried out, along with the assuring of the digital security of the company against any kind of hacking and shaping up the technological platforms of the company. Therefore, these professionals need to be well trained and need to have enough expertise on the specific IT job for which he/she will be recruited in an Australian company.
  • Financial positions – Apart from the banking and other financial services, every other company keeps the positions for financial executives, for creating the strategies for financial policies of the company that can fetch more profits, protect the existing assets of the organization and also increase the productivity of the other employees.
  • Human resource services – Human resource executives are highly instrumental in shaping the total manpower of any company, for which only the competent and well knowledgeable candidates are recruited in this vital section of every organization. The Human Resource people are responsible for the satisfaction of the employees and their retention in the company. Hence, these Australia post jobs demand leadership quality, cultured background and ability to create healthy working environments in the company, apart from their professional qualifications.
  • Operation jobs – There are various kinds of operational jobs required in every office, which include the jobs of accountant, office executives, business support and legal executives. All these people are responsible for running the total administration and transactions of the sales oriented units of the company.


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Australia Jobs for Foreigners

Tips for Securing Suitable Australia Jobs for Foreigners



Australia is believed to be a very friendly country for the foreigners and the job market of this country is widely popular among the young job seekers from other parts of the world. But many of them do not have a clue of how to search or apply successfully for a suitable job in this country, according to their professional competence. There are plenty of Australia jobs for foreigners and they can be easily recruited at a decent position, if followed the correct procedures.


Definite steps to be followed to apply for Australian jobs for foreigners



  • First of all, the foreign job seeker should apply for a job visa in Australia, by applying in the Australian Embassy situated in his country. The presence of this visa is mandatory for staying and working in any Australian organization for a long time. This Visa application is quickly and easily sanctioned, if the educational qualifications and experience level of the candidate is found to be adequate for the kind of Australia jobs for foreigners that have particularly demand for manpower in Australia.
  • The job candidates must ensure that their certificates or vocational qualifications are considered as valid in Australian organizations. There is a specific website named as ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ that can be consulted for checking whether the qualifications of the candidates are sufficient for the job vacancies they want to apply. If the certification of any candidate is not considered to be equivalent to the Australian qualification of the same job category, he can apply for taking a short crash course for making himself eligible for his dream job in Australia.
  • There are many industrial sectors offering varieties of Australia jobs for foreigners that can be bagged by the competent foreign job seekers. But it is important for them to distinguish any one or two sectors, where they really want to work or where their qualifications will be matching evenly with the job eligibility criteria. As per the recent study of the job market, Finance, Tourism, Mining and Telecommunications have high demand for the competent foreign workers.
  • The foreign candidates should be patient in searching for the most suitable Australia jobs for foreigners. They need to browse online regularly and may be enrolled in a few leading job portals of Australia, where most of the job vacancies are posted online for fast recruitment. They may also go through the job vacancy supplements of a few prominent Australian newspapers, by buying their subscriptions while staying at home; like Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian and The Age.
  • If the job seeker has any desire to join a particular company, he/she may simply contact the HR department of that company and seek information about the current vacancies there. The candidates may also check the website of that company and find out if any vacancy is presently available in that organization.


Finally, the resume of the candidate should be mailed with the application, for being recruited to the chosen job vacancy. If the resume is initially shortlisted, further procedures for the recruitment are started by the concerned company.

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Australia Job Openings Available for Foreigners

Different Types of Australia Job Openings Available for Foreigners



Australia is a highly developed country that offers plenty of job openings for the local people, as well as the foreigners. There are suitable jobs for the qualified people in all streams and levels. But it is necessary for the job aspirants to know about the availability of Australia job openings at the time of applying.


Varieties of job openings in Australia                            


  • IT jobs – Presently, the competent candidates can apply for the jobs of Web Designers, Graphic Designer, Web Administrator, System Administrator, Support IT Engineer and Project Administrator in several well known IT companies based in Australia. But the candidates need to have proper certifications and work experiences in the respective field.
  • Retail jobs – The aspiring candidates in retail sector can apply for Retail Manager and Retail Store Manager in the leading shopping malls in various cities of Australia, provided they are qualified enough for bagging these jobs.
  • Official jobs – There are many official Australia job openings at the present in different companies of Australia; Office Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Personal Assistant and Accountant being the foremost and most popular among them.
  • Sales jobs – The young fresh graduates interested in sales jobs can apply for fulfilling the positions of Sales Executives, Marketing Officer, Marketing Specialist, Sales and Marketing Manager, Seafood wholesaler, and Technical Sales Executives in the corporate houses of Australia.
  • Hospitality jobs – The people trained for the jobs in hospitality industry now hope to be recruited in various Australia job openings in this sector, as per their competence levels. Presently, there are openings for cooks, baker or pastry makers, Cafe and Restaurant Manager, Cafe Manager and Motel Manager.
  • Various jobs for special trainings – There are many jobs in various organizations of Australia, which need some special expertise and experience on that type of work. The jobs for driver, welder, carpenter, cabinet makers, animal attendant, fleet manager, fire protection technician, dress designer, fitter and turner, small engine mechanic, roof plumber, motor mechanic, boat repairer, concrete steel fixer, tillers and electricians need special vocational training on the specific fields and a few years of experience are preferred in some jobs.
  • Medical professions – The jobs of Medical Administrator and Pharmacist are highly in demand in Australia, besides other Australia job openings in this sector, like the doctors, nurses or medical attendants, according to their specific qualifications obtained in their chosen work fields.


All these jobs are available for the local or foreigner candidates on the certified job portals of Australia, where all the vacant positions of different Australian companies are enlisted. The candidates can check the eligibility criteria required for each job that may suit their specific qualifications and desires, before contacting that consultancy online to apply for the chosen job opening. Finally, the candidates can be recruited successfully to their dream positions, after the interviews held by the respective companies, where their competences are assessed thoroughly. The job portals or the Australian placement consultancies offer a lot of help for the fulfillment of the Australia job openings, to both the recruiters and the candidates.





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Australia job portal

Service Provided By an Australia Job Portal for Jobseekers



When a person starts looking for suitable job vacancies in any Australian organization, the best option in the modern digital era is to search through a notable Australia job portal that is known to display all the major vacant positions available in the current job market. Therefore, all these job portals are gaining increased popularity both among the job seekers and the employers, as well as preferred by the recruitment agencies.


Primary features of any Australia job portal


  • The job seekers need to register and create their account in an Australia job portal that has commendable reputation in the job market. This account will be protected by a password that will be created by the concerned job seeker and this password can be revived or reset from the mail sent to the email id of the account holder, if he/she forgets the word set by him/her.
  • All the details about the educational and professional background of the job seeker should be entered into the online form provided for the development of the profile of the account holder in the website of that Australia job portal.
  • The job seeker can enter certain keywords regarding the exact type of job needed by him/her, to find the matching job vacancies posted on that Australia job portal and yet to be fulfilled at that moment. In the prominent job portals, there are ‘search bar’ or specific ‘Search’ buttons on the webpage, where the job specification and the desired location should be mentioned.
  • The job seekers are also provided the facility of email alerts, which they need to apply for on the website of the chosen job portal. These email alerts will regularly inform them about the latest job postings on the given requirements of the job candidates. But they can also cancel this email alert option any time, once they have succeeded in bagging a suitable job with good pay package.
  • When a job seeker thinks a posted job to be suitable according to his/her competency, he/she can simply seek more information about that job, by contacting that company or the person authorized for that job posting. Usually, a brief job description of the job vacancy is posted on the Australia job portal, with or without the exact salary range. So all the required job details, like the hierarchy of that job or the duty hours may be clarified by the candidate, before he/she applies for appearing before the interview board of that specific company.
  • The employers can have the facility of filtering the suitable candidates for their posted job vacancies, from the numbers of candidates applied for that particular position. They also find it very easy to post about a job vacancy in their organizations, as they just need to fill up an online form with all the required details of that job. Moreover, most of the reputed job portals allow free job postings on their websites, to find out the most competent candidates for the local companies.


Thus, now the recruitment procedure to fulfill any vacant opening in a company is made easier for both the job seekers and the employers, by the services provided by these job portals of Australia.

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SEO Mistakes you Should Avoid

SEO Mistakes you Should Avoid
1. In?uff?cient k?yw?rds ?n th? w?b ?ontent
S?m?t?m?? th? p?tenti?l ke?w?rds are only ?qu??z?d into th? URL? or th? l?nks ?f th? w?bsite. Th?? ?re n?t, h?w?ver, ?l?ced ?n th? w?b ?ontent. It ?? ?mp?rtant th?t the ke?w?rd? are pl???d in th? web ?ontent ?s w?ll. The?? ke?w?rd? ?hould ?n f??t be h?ghlight?d b? making th?m b?ld.
2. U?ing ?n??rre?t k?ywords
S?m?t?m?? th? ?r?f??s??nal? m?ke th? m?stake of u?ing the ke?w?rds that the? think ?re ??rrect f?r a particul?r websit?. In ?rder to ov?r??m? su?h ? ?robl?m ?t is ?mp?rt?nt th?t ?n? monitors the ??ar?h v?lum? of th? k??w?rd? r?gul?rl?. Th?? w?y they will be ?ble t? ?valu?t? th? ?ff?ctiv?n??? ?f ? k??w?rd ?nd ?hange ?t ?n ? t?mel? b??i?. One th?ng th?t the bu??ne?? ?nd th? SEO ??rv??e ??mp?n?e? ?h?uld nev?r forget i? that ??n m?ke or bre?k a ??rt??ular SEO ??m?aign.
3. Ba?kl?nk s??mm?ng
On? ?h?uld be careful wh?n ?r?v?d?ng ba?kl?nk? t? th??r web??t??. Th? k?y t? ?ucce?? li?s n?t in pr?vid?ng ? numb?r ?f backlinks f?r ? r????ctiv? w?b??t?, but provid?ng a numb?r ?f qualit? ba?kl?nks f?r a ??rti?ul?r web??t?.
4. T?tle tag
Of the m?n? ?trat?gi? ?l???s wh?re the ke?words should be pl???d, the titl? tag i? th? m?st ?m??rt?nt ?ne. Pl??ing the ke?w?rds ?n th? t?tl? tag w?ll h?l? in o?t?miz?ng the text f?r th? web pag?.
5. Under??timating th? URL?
S?met?me? indiv?du?ls ?gn?r? or overl?ok th? ?m??rt?nc? of th? URL?. Alth?ugh ?t i? p???ible t? ?m?r?v? th? rankings of a webp?ge w?th?ut u??ng th? k?yw?rd in ?t? URL, the u??ge of th? k??word ?n th? URL w?ll en?ur? ?m?rov?s?d rank?ngs; ?lu? it w?ll provide ?n ?dvant?g? ?ver ??mpet?t?rs by ??s????t?ng the ke?w?rd? ?n th? minds ?f th? ?u?tom?rs w?th th? bu?in?s? ?nt?ty n?me.
6. N? HTML web?it?
Wh?le th? fl??h-b???d w?b?ite? do ?ff?r a dyn?m?c ?nt?rf?c? f?r th? ?ndividual?, they are n?t l?k?d mu?h by th? ?e?r?h ?ngin??. Thu?, wh?n d???gn?ng ?n? ?n fl?sh, ?t i? ?m??rtant t? d??ign ?n altern?t?v? HTML w?b?it? as a w?b ??id?r ?ann?t r??ogn?ze the fl??h cont?nt.
7. Im?ges for head?ngs
D? not repl?c? the head?ng? w?th the images, ?ust t? mak? th?m ?pp??r m?re ?y?-c?t?hing. Th? h?ad?ng? ?nd menus are a vit?l ??rt of the SEO ?t?m?.
8. J?va ??r??t m?nus n?v?g?t?on
Ju?t lik? flash-bas?d ??ntent, the web ??id?rs ?annot ?nd?x th? Jav?Scr??t ?ontent ?? w?ll. If it is ?b??lutel? n?ces??r? t? u?e the?? menus ?ne ?h?uld make ?ur? to bu?ld ? ?itemap f?r th??r webs?te.

This guest post has been written by Amrita Saxena. She has been writing about various technology topics like SEO, gadgets and health and beauty related topics which include blackheads removal. She blogs at how to get rid of blackheads remedies.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2011

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Job boards

Job boards


Job boards are the leading online agencies that help people find the right kind of jobs that suit them, these agencies create a rapport about the candidates to the company and help them find the job that fits their position and the pay scale. Many young people in search of jobs are it public or private prefers searching them through these web sites as they are very reliable and trust worthy. The information posted on these pages will be true and some of them will surely match the people’s thoughts regarding the job they are looking for. Most of the time it is the rarest jobs that are posted here, they are those that will never be posted in the newspapers, nor does the media advertises them. This is simply reliable because they do not post in false information about the companies that require candidates.


These jobs have a set of boards that do the online tests and place the candidates in to the company of their choice. They matter a lot, as these tests will check the aptitude of the candidates from any part of the world and makes sure they get the right job and are deeply contented with it and never regret. This is the most important function of the job boards it simply never disappoints its candidate’s who have placed their on them. An agreement is signed between the company and the job boards, before posting anything on their wall by the company. The company agrees to pay the job board a certain amount of commission, after the job board selects the right candidate that meets the company’s needs. Once the requirement of the company is met, then the job board takes in a lot more offers. Thus, the significance of job board is to place candidates in the right job.


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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java technology

AJAX java technology has many features

The field of programming has reached to high ends with the passage of time and many achievements have been seen. Software are now has become the necessity of every field of business. Different kinds of industries and businesses need different software according to their requirements. When you go to buy some product you definitely would want to buy the latest version of that product with the view that it is better and with the latest features. AJAXstands asynchronous Java script and the XML has been the latest java technology used to develop java applications. In order to download the webpage content it was introduced in 2005.

Convenient for web applications

It supports the web applications so that the data in servers is extracted. Web applications then extract data in asynchronous way and AJAXsupport to all web browsers. The reason is that AJAXapplications are not dependent of platform. Moreover, through this technology the data extracted through XML HTTP request object. The information is exchanged from server to the client. In this java technology, there are two methods to extract data from server which make the HTML form.

You can use the post to extract data and AJAXdepending on web standards which are HTML i.e. XHTML, XML, Javascript and CSS. Through AJAX, Javascript use the XML HTTP request in order to correspond the server. By using the HTTP request and webpage request it gets response from server through this java technology. Moreover, theAJAX is the open source project. In fact theAJAX tag is JSP tags which are to be used in Javascript server.AJAX is the combination of java script source files and the java classes. Moreover,AJAX tags have functions which are auto complete.

Java technology is best which supports applications

AJAXweb services are used to access web services, from the client script web pages. These pages communicate with server through communication layer and are used to create the web calls. The web calls are executed by the proxy classes. Moreover, the proxy classes are scripts which are generated through server. This java technology is also famous for different programs.

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2011

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Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of

Interview with Toni Adewunmi founder of


Jobisite:  Can you give me a brief overview of your background and what it is you do in your work?rsz_my_pix

My name is Toni Adewunmi. I’m the Founder of I have a background in HR consulting and psychometric exam administration.In the past, I worked in customer service and tax administration at HMRC UK. I also worked at British Council and the Aviation Industry.


Jobisite: What inspired you to create your job website?

The idea of starting a jobsite came up when I was working in HR consulting. I became aware of the problems organizations had getting right candidates for their job openings.I was also aware of candidates having problems getting information about open job opportunities. In those days, organizations relied exclusively on newspaper advertisements while potential candidates relied on information from those papers and word of mouth information from friends and families. I couldn’t understand why many candidates complained about lack of job opportunities while potential employers complained about lack of availability of suitably qualified candidates.I decided that I can do something. That is how the idea of starting came about.

I was inspired by the desire to connect jobs with candidates. Since then, candidates have received job information from our website, mailing list, Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Jobisite: Are you working at the moment and do you blog full time?

Yes, I work at a Multinational Company whilst administering the blog side by side.


Jobisite: What advice would you give to job seekers?

I’ll advice jobseekers to have a positive mindset, be enthusiastic and to never miss an opportunity to learn and update their skills. The CV is the jobseekers’ shop-window;hence, it should be written in such a way that the job-seeker stands out from the competition. Professional certifications do help. They show that you are committed to your career and make you stand out from the competition.
EDX courses are available online, delivered by the best universities in the world and they are free and they issue certificates.

The foregoing might seem intuitive; however, while reviewing and short listing candidates for employers, it became apparent that very few people know how to write CVs and application letters. This, along with interview skills are things that I think should be taught in schools.

Stay current with latest jobs in Nigeria by visiting our site
You can also follow us on twitter @nigeriabestjobs

Article publié pour la première fois le 09/11/2014

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Email cover letter format

email cover letter

 Email  cover letter format

email cover letter                            


     Email cover letter is the best way to impress your employer. Here are some of the way how to format and craft an email cover letter.

1) Use some creative line–

Your subject line should be attractive to the employer. For example ” Experienced IT professional, available to start immediately

2) Find out specific person–

First of all indicate who helped you to make connection. If you are writing first do your research so that you obtain name, rather than writing title or department or you can also make aphone call to the organization to find the name of the managers.

3) Introduction paragraph–

First introduce yourself who you are and what job you are applying for. If someone refers you or if you have anycontact with the someone who knows the recruiter, refer that in this paragraph

4) Your education, skills and experience–

In the next paragraph, highlighten your work experience and your current employment. also, refer them how many years of experience you have. Conclude your sentence with your education. If you have any volunteer experience, refer that also. Make it clear and concise.

5) Why you are fit candidate for the job–

Use some key words in your message thaat match  employer’s job need . Explain what your future plans for the company. Give some examples how you made difference in the coming projects. Try to show your abilities to the position you are applying for.

6) Having passion and energy–

Be sure that your words communicate that you would be strong and energetic. Be sure that your grammar is correct. Even an awkward sentence can make a difference.

7) Closing Paragraph–

Close your letter with ” SINCERELY” and type contact information below that.

                                   Once you’ve written an email cover letter, paste it in word processor. If week goes by after  you’ve sent it out, its appropriate to send follow up email to make sure that they recieved your material.

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/12/2012

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How to find work

Whenever  you are looking for a job, it requires two main things–understand yourself and understand the job market.Always be sure that you choose your career and ready to find a job. There are several ways by which you can get job easily.



When you start job searching, make sure that your resume is complete. Your resume contain all your information, including who you are and what makes you interested for this job. Be honest, don’t tell lie on your resume. Review your resume 3-5 times for grammatical errors. Use simple language and ensure your name and contact details should be properly displayed.


During interview when the hiring manager starts with questions like “ Tell me about yourself” The answer should be short between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.Don’t stammer while describing yourself. Never try to explain too fast either. So always practice your pitch before going for an interview.


The hiring manager will be interested in your accomplishments or why you want to work for his company and what you will do to become a better employer. For that you attend some conferences that improve your abilities. Try to learn how to operate different machines. Improve your spoken and written communication skills because the working environment consist of different kinds of people so its necessary to posses skills of communication.


During an interview sometimes you might be given a situation and ask what you would do. So, based on your past experiences and using examples try to give the answer. Be honest and confident.


Try to make network with your friends, relatives  contact them and ask them for any opening for which they recommend you. Explain them what type of job you are looking for.


If you are not ready for job, you can work as a volunteer that makes you confident . With that you are not only helping others , but also gain some experience. Highlight your volunteer experience on your resume.


Article publié pour la première fois le 16/01/2013

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Can you just rely on Google SEO for traffic

Can you just rely on Google SEO for traffic  &  more ways to get traffic 


There are many SEO consultants and companies who can guarantee to show results within 1-3 months, but what kind of results they are talking about.

  • Get your few keywords to rank high in Google search result.
  • Improved SEO of your website.
  • Created lot of backlinks for your website.

So what is your Return on investment (ROI) after 2-4 months of SEO
-You will have your keywords in good ranking. Only low competition and low traffic keywords will rank in that time frame.
-You stop SEO for few weeks and all your traffic/ranking is gone.

Since we as SEO company were doing the same thing and after various Google updates, we have seen less ROI. One thing that we have to admit that for small businesses and new websites, SEO can not bring immediate traffic, not considering exceptional cases.

This all lead us to modify our strategy to focus on various other marketing strategies and not just SEO. We tried this on some new websites and can see good traffic from beginning
and it retains even if we don’t create so many back links.

You can also do this by your own, you don’t need us or any other SEO company. The main thing is the strategy.

Change your focusDon’t make backlinks. This is where many of SEO guys get confused and they just think of getting high PR and other types of backlinks.

Focus on branding yourself, let people know about you, word of mouth etc.
People spend a lot of time in facebook, twitter , linkedin, foursquare, pinterest, google plus
and many similar website. You will have to spend some time to understand how these sites works and how to build audience from these sites. I will be adding more updates for tips to increase presence in each social site in my next articles.

If you try optimizing yourself to get traffic from social sites, your Google traffic will automatically increase. I tried this rule on various client websites and it worked really well. I want you to try this also. If you want to know more about strategies contact me at [email protected] and i will let you know your strategy based on your websites and business.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/11/2012

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QA engineer



What is a QA Engineer?


Do you know about QA? It is know as quality assurance and it is a very important process. It includes the evaluation and monitoring of various projects. The purpose of quality assurance process is to minimize the chance of error and to increase the probability. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important. Do you know about the role of QA engineer in the process of quality assurance? The role of quality assurance engineer is very important because successful completion of project depends upon engineer. There are many principles of quality assurance process but two important principles includes the product should be of high quality and suitable for intended purpose. The second important principle includes that the chance of error should be eliminated. These are two important principles of quality assurance process.


A QA engineer should have information about these principles so that he can achieve better results. The role of engineer is very important in the process of quality assurance. The engineer is responsible to maintain the quality of products. The quality assurance is a very essential component of any industry because it is very necessary to maintain the quality of products. Quality control and quality assurance are very important and these are involved in developing techniques to ensure products to meet customer requirements in a better way. The service of quality assurance includes the design, development, production and installation. Therefore the process of quality assurance is very important for a company.


QC engineer always test the quality of products and also handle the software failures. It is not easy to remove software fault. The process of software testing is used for this purpose to find the errors related to software. Therefore the role of QA engineer is very important because he can handle various types of software errors.


Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2011

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Worthy Tips for Article Submission

Article writing for your website is one amongst the best ways used for promotion of business. Article submission is very much important for the online business. It helps to promote services, and products at very cheap rates. Article writing is even free on some article submission directories. A properly written article can help you drive huge traffic to your website.

article submission

Article submission should be done twice a week on relevant topics only, which must be fresh and original published by you. Article submission is quite easy but before submitting an article you should be aware of the following facts.

1) Before Article submission go through the terms of service or the guidelines. It is very important for your article as you should write down the article as per the terms of service and you should not break down rules. Rule breakage could even result in removal of your article from the article directory. It does not take much of your time to read the terms of service. Check out those rules and write down the article keeping those rules in mind.

2) You should create some products line. Some directories might not allow you to provide product description. And you can even mention details about new products or services. You can add comments like, ”check out similar stories, visit my webpage ”etc. and if you have written a well article people will definitely move onto your webpage. Write about some new stuff, so that you have more and more of visitors.

3) Submit in appropriate categories. Submit your articles in the appropriate categories. Search for the right category and post the article in it. Never place an article in wrong category. Neither there would be more visitors nor might it even get deleted from there.

4) You should opt for manual articles submission. There are various applications available for article submission but some follow a different rule altogether. Some allow for html code and some do not. So, it is better to have manual submission.

5) Gather the proper details of articles directory. You should check out the various details for the article submission directory and not only has that it allowed free submission. Check out its traffic rank, page rank, and even check out if it has got quality traffic or not. Follow all these steps accordingly and see how your articles start providing you the high traffic. even if you are not having enough time then do hire a professional for article submission for your website.

Article publié pour la première fois le 10/01/2012

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Data Entry resume objectives

Data Entry resume objectives


Data entry job can be found in many companies. From time to time, companies would need people to handle the data. However, they would find that it is hard to keep the people stay in the job. They do not want to hire people who treat this job as a temporary one. Therefore, you have to make sure that you do not appear to be like that. If you give the image that you treat the data entry job as a temporary one, you definitely would lose the support from the recruiters and you would not get the job.


In order to describe yourself as a loyal applicant for the job, you can try to use the resume objectives to help you. In your resume, you can include a section which talks about the career goal of yourself as well as the objectives of writing this resume. If you can let the recruiters know that you have some dreams in the career instead of treating it as a temporary job, you would usually get a higher chance to impress those recruiters and get the chance to be interviewed.


There are some examples that you can follow when you want to write the good Data Entry resume objectives.


–          To work for a strong and open firm as the data entry personnel

–          To work as a data entry staff in a promising firm and get promoted in several years of time to become a senior typist or data entry staff

–          To find the job as a data entry operator and become a data entry manager in 5 years of time in a good and growing company

–          To handle numerical and other types of data entry in a famous firm

–          To start the data entry career life in a good company and grow with the company in the long run


Regardless of the type of company that you are applying for, you should show that you are willing to stay with the firm and grow together with the firm. This is something that can please the recruiters because they have suffered a lot from the high turnover rate of employees from past to now. Of course, you should also have the mindset of working in the company for a long period of time if you want to make such a statement in the resume objective section.


You can, of course, make something fake in the objectives but you would suffer during the interview. It is because the interviewer must base on the resume information to ask you information. If you have made up something, you probably would forget about the details and you would not be able to tell and explain those parts of the resume during an interview. Then, you would fail to get the trust from the recruiters because they would know that you told some lies before.


Therefore, you can think carefully before you write the resume objectives. This will help you a lot definitely.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs are those jobs that let anyone work less than 40 hours a week, generally 20-25 hours a week or set by employers and these jobs are very ideal for students and parents  and many people  use it as a temporary job till they get a good one.

Many people look for part time jobs instead of full time jobs as they want to either give more time to themselves or family or sometime they are looking for a second job.


part time jobs
part time jobs

Popular part time jobs from home

Part time jobs, many a times goes together with work from home jobs. Many people prefer working from home due to various reasons and they make it as either their part time or full time jobs.

People really make good money by working part time from home. They find these jobs by searching online for part time jobs or by friend’s network.

Some of the very popular work from home part time jobs are :

  • Childcare Worker :Good childcare workers is very popular amongst teens and moms looking to make extra money by spending few hours taking care of other children.
  • Tutors : With the high demand of getting good grades in schools, there is a huge demand and opportunities for tutors.
  • Answering Service/Scheduler: This also referred as virtual assistant and entails answering incoming calls from offices and look at schedules.
  • Freelance Writer: This job is mainly to write blogs, technical writings, articles and press releases for a company.
  • Sales specialist/Online marketing: These jobs includes making cold calls, appointment settings  and promoting business online via different means , like social media marketing, email marketing and so on.
  • Web developer: Many developers work as a part time worker to design and develop websites and web applications.



Popular part time jobs for students

Apart from work from home or online jobs, part time jobs are very popular amongst students also.Students, especially who come from other countries are very much dependant on part time jobs to complete their studies.Again there is lot of competition and restrictions among these part time jobs.

Here is the list of good part time jobs preferred by students:

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Tour Guide
  • Paid Research Assistant
  • Grader
  • University Book Store Employee
  • On-Campus Administration
  • Campus Tech Support
  • Academic Department Assistant
  • Peer Tutor

Companies popular for Benefits

Many people think that these part time jobs have no or very less benefits but it are not totally true.Some companies have very good benefits schemes for part time job employees also.

Few of companies which I know has good benefits are:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Starbucks
  • Costco
  • U-Haul
  • Whole Foods
  • Lowe’s

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/03/2014

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5 Tips To Attract, Keep And Motivate Your Employees

Finding great young employees is one thing, but motivating them and keeping them for the long term is another. In a lot of Western countries however it’s a must. With the numbers of experienced and high quality workers reaching retirement ever-more commonly, finding young blood to replace them and mould into their boots is another.

Studies from HR recruitment companies suggest that retaining employees is one if not the single greatest challenge there is in organisations. So, in short, keeping people happy, giving them those opportunities through training and using leaders programs is a necessity nowadays when hoping to retain the best young staff for the long term.

Replacing employees is not only an irritation, but it also costs money and in most businesses this can run into the tens of thousands. In larger businesses this can run into millions in a year and really is not a good thing.

One of the most commonly utilised ways to keep employees is through using the PRIDE process – what is it? Well, we take a look.

Positive Training and Working Environment

One of the main reasons people quit is down to their relationship with their immediate supervisor. However, many managers are unaware of how their actions affect staff and turnover. The big issue here is management training as this plays a crucial role in maintenance and retention of staff. Managers need to understand how to retain staff and increase employee engagement in the business.

Recognise and Reward the Right Behaviour

People want to feel appreciated and though money works to an extent, appreciation and rewards for the right behaviour work more so. Non-monetary incentives can be far greater than monetary ones. So, whether it’s a birthday cake for an employee or a more creative solution such as a First American’s offer of the Greased Monkey award of a plastic monkey, jar of Vaseline and a $50 dinner cert offered to computer technicians who are the best at solving issues in the company – it’s all about recognition and appreciation.


Getting people involved in work gives them a sense of ownership of that work. Listening to employee’s advice and tips creates a healthy environment that people can get to grips with. For instance, Google’s offering to let employees work an evening a week on a project they felt most suited to is one such example of involving employees and empowering them by doing so. These things create interest and involved and when people feel like this they know they’re an intrinsic part of the business.


Career opportunities are as important as money and as many as four in ten workers in studies say they’d be happy to leave their job for an equally salaried one if they hand more chances for career development. Offering your workers the chance to train and improve themselves not only helps you as a business but it also encourages them to stay within your business and creates lower rates of employees moving elsewhere.


Regular evaluation is the key to constant improvement. This allows you to see what’s working for your workforce and how to progress. It looks at attitudes, morale, engagement and turnover in the workforce and is ever so important at keeping staff. Here are some ways to evaluate:

  • Employee surveys
  • Interviews and surveys concerning new and leaving employees
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Measure cost of turnover
  • Tell managers they are responsible for turnover of employees
  • Better matched employment processes
  • Look into high turnover departments or areas of the business
  • Design orientation programs and hone them

So, in conclusion even though employees love the fast cars that we offer at and enjoy many of the other material perks – there’s so much more to motivation as you can see.

With these tips you should be able to keep your employees for longer and accelerate your businesses performance.

Featured images:

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of great motivation techniques and has written about this area regularly. He enjoys his work and can relate to the PRIDE way of thinking.

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/11/2013

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Some good affordable Hosting

Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting:

As I was hunting for a dedicated server hosting for my web application , I came across various hosting servers with their own configuration and prices. I think price and reviews plays an important role in selecting good dedicated server.

affordable hsoting

Below are the few good ones which has low price and good reviews.

Note: This is an independent web hosting research. For exact/latest prices please go to their website.


Company Name

Special Price





Fast and affordable Live 24/7 pager access for emergencies Very old and reliable, been around since 96 SEO dedicated servers WHMcpanel experts as well




150 GB Hard DriveUNLIMITED Bandwidth Free Setup Fee Host Unlimited Domains




Huge InventoryLinux or WindowsSAS 70 Certified




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250 GB Hard Drive2,000 GB Bandwidth APC Remote Reboot




Fast SetupLinux or Windows




Fast SetupExtra Protection

Do contact us if you notice any change in price or information

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6 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of your marketing avenue, or the product or service in your shopping cart, there are good and bad ways to market. And most have more to do with the implementation than anything else. Here are six marketing pitfalls to avoid in hopes that your next project is a huge success!

1. Broadcasting
In a time when you can choose to freely tweet and update your consumers (followers and fans), too many people and companies choose to broadcast their message as opposed to engaging their audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is both free and priceless! Post informative and moving pieces that at least earn you “likes” but preferably lots of comments and shares. A connection to your consumers goes two ways and it is stronger and more powerful than the one-way broadcast.

2. Hiding
Transparency is one of the best policies and practices you can adopt in marketing. When you start avoiding the tough questions, dis-allowing certain customer comments or reviews, and other diverting tactics, people start to wonder what you have to hide? If there is something you need to fix, then fix it! Something you need to make right, set it straight! You’ll find that your consumers will be far more forgiving of any short-comings when you are honest and open about them.

3. Being Boring, Predictable or Less than Authentic
Spice it up! Just because something has always been done one certain way, doesn’t mean it isn’t utterly stupid, or at least deserving of a fresh approach. Come at your marketing strategy from different angles, include input from various mindsets. If everyone at the table thinks just alike, then you’ll walk away with one uniform decision, but it may not speak to every person on the market. And while you won’t be all thing to all people, you don’t need to completely box yourself in either. Just make sure you also don’t go to the other extreme and try to seek an entire committee’s approval for every marketing decision.

4. Failure to research
Do your homework, and do it first. Determining how you want to market something is best approached once you know everything you can about what you are marketing, to whom you are marketing and exactly what message you want to send and why. Set clear goals, otherwise how do you know what you’ve achieved? And move beyond just a monetary end goal. For example, raising your customer satisfaction is an excellent goal; now how do you want to get there?

5. Logic over emotion
And when all your research is in a row, don’t forget that your consumer will still make emotional decisions that defy all logic and research. You can promote in a convincing, matter-of-fact approach, that proves rationally that you’re the better choice…. but in the end you have to connect with your consumer. Without a connection, there is no loyalty or engagement – two things that you will find imperative for growth.

6. Following the Leader
This can be following your competitions’ marketing strategies, or even the product or services offered. Being a “me too” is never good. Even being one better is not as effective as being one different, one all original and all your own. If you find yourself standing about halfway back in line behind the leaders, take a step to the side and form your own line.

Savvy Marketer Terry Ford has learned some of these lessons the hard way. One tool she always uses to make her work clean and professional is the web’s best grammar checker. Another tip she shares is for small business owners to be as active as they can be in entrepreneur organizations.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/02/2012

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second interview


You can’t afford to fail the second interview second interview


There is always great joy that accompanies the phone call telling you that you have passed the first interview and that you should get ready for the second interview that comes up the next week. You will be very happy at least that you are still in contention to land the job. But this happiness and joy is always accompanied by some sort of tension and uncertainty as to what the next interview will look like since a lot of people always think the interview gets tougher and as it progresses.


The first thing you need to do to get a better second interview is to review all question of the first and then get them right in places you had difficulties. The next thing is that you need to do more research on matters concerning the firm and be ready to answer all questions about you, the job and the firm. There is a very huge possibility that you will be meeting with a lot of people this time. What you have to do is to enquire from the person who gives you information on the number of things to expect


Then, the dress code that made you pass in the first interview should also be repeated or even improved upon in the second interview. Sometimes in second interview, they will like to know everything about you and this might include taking you to a lunch or dinner to ascertain your composure and manners. Make sure all table etiquette are rehearsed and applied to the core.


If there are things you did not say in the first interview or questions you did not answer well, try and answer them now. When you are offered a job in the second interview, it is always good to ask for time to think about it. But know the limit of time they will give you and do not exceed that. Say thank you to all that are involved in the interview.


Article publié pour la première fois le 24/03/2012

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Waitress Cover Letter

waitress cover letter


Waitress Cover Letter – What To Include

Being a waitress entails close interaction with the customers. A lot of people have always been of the view that a waitress job is just simple since in most occasions they take care of orders from customers. This is far from the truth because there are lots of duties that are also associated with this type of job. In fact their job description highly depends on an organization and that is why most of the restaurants will demand some application for such a post and thus, the importance of a waitress cover letter.

waitress cover letter

Besides one’s experience, the hiring restaurants will also look into one’s personality, fitness, good observation skills; these are some of the basic elements that one should be aware of when planning to make an application into the customer care industry such as restaurants. How you interact with the customer could have either positive or negative impact to the restaurant hence, it is upon you to convince the hiring manager that your skills and experience will help the restaurant.


You can get to sell yourself in an interview and convince the panel that you are the best. However, before getting that far you need to be called for that interview and the way to boost that chance is by writing a stunning resume. This should explain your educational achievements, your job experience, and the necessary certificates to confirm that. A cover letter is the only instrument that will hold these elements together. When writing a waitress cover letter has it in your mind that you have that job. Add some superb personal touch by for example addressing the potential employers by their names. This will prove to them that you have done some research about their organization and thus, you have interest in working for them.


Keep the cover letter neat without grammatical errors and sign after the valediction and just before your name and send your cover letter together with your resume and hope for the best!


Article publié pour la première fois le 10/12/2012

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What are the Causes of Jaundice

In normal situation, the body gets rid of all old red blood cells while replacing them with the new blood cells. The bilirubin or a yellow pigment will be left behind after this process. The bile which is mixed with the feces after this process will ensure the elimination of the bilirubin in the feces.

Any problem, disorder and condition that will cause the problem in the above process will make the bilirubin to build up  in the blood system. The causes of jaundice are different in adult, in children or in new baby born.

In the newborn babies, the jaundice is common and in normal circumstances it is not serious. It gets disappeared within two weeks. This is because when a woman is pregnant, her liver helps the baby to process the bilirubin but when the child is born, the child liver will take time to learn how to process the bilirubin. This will result in yellowing of the eyes and of the skin in the new baby born. However if the jaundice in the child is caused by the infection,  blood disorder, biliary atresia and liver disease can cause serious problem in the baby.

The jaundice in the adult can be caused by the bile duct obstruction or narrowing caused by pancreatitis or gallstones,  Cancer of the pancreas or liver, cirrhosis, drug induced cholestasis, hepatitis, malaria, ischemic hepatocellular or obstruction of bile duct caused by the pregnancy. Sometime the jaundice can be caused by hemolytic anemia or sickle cell anemia.

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Haircuts for Long Hair

If you have long hair, you have to learn the  styles that will suit you better according to your face.  Only the perfect hair cut is the style that will fit to almost everyone. But for other style you have to know the cut that you have to get and the mistake that you have to avoid.

If you have around face, you have to use the hair cut that will make your hair to look leaner and longer while you seem less round. To do this, you have to ensure that you have less volume on your face. You should use the style that will look flattering and stylish, but you have to avoid the blunt cuts, one length. If you want to curly your hair, curly them at the end or at shoulder length but never too near of the head.

If your face is square, the style that you have to use should make your face to seem strong with angular jaw. You can do this better by cutting your hair into layers. You should avoid bob or bang hairstyle.

Oval face, this is the most versatile shape and you can have any hair cut. You can make your long hair wavy or straight. Avoid putting too much volume on the top of your head.

Long face, you have to cut your hair so that it can create the width illusion. If you want to keep long hair and you have long face, you will seem as dragging your face.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/08/2011

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How to grow a Goatee

It is supposed that a man is at his sexiest when has facial hairs. If one would like to cultivate his facial hair, there are lots of ways to do it. Choices are a full on bread, clean shave, mustache, stubble or goatee.  One of the best types of facial hair is goatee and it surpasses two day growth in coolness. As to five o’ clock shadow, a man looks more sophisticated when his beard is well trimmed. The goatee style of facial hair lies between the pencil thin moustache and full on beard. In order to grow an attractive goatee very quickly some should the following instructions.

First of all, one should grow out his facial hair. Growing facial hair is not simple as just shaving. Some people find it very difficult to grow facial hair but goatee is the best way to achieve the new look in just few days. Once one start growing facial hair, he should be ready for the nasty comments from the people. And when touches its face it sometimes it feel very uncomfortable. Once you have grown enough beards on the face then it is the time to decide the style of the goatee. For that purpose, watch for the magazines and get ideas from websites. Once one chooses the style, the next thing is to shape up hire a professional or if possible one can tackle itself. Unlike beard, goatee needs attention to shape it properly. The great thing is that when one is over his goatee, they can just shave it off and think of some other ways of new look to catch the attention of the people.




Article publié pour la première fois le 08/08/2011

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Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant

Max Shelton Interview: An Online Marketing Consultant for the Hair Transplant Industry


Mr Max Shelton, an online and website marketing specialist who works with companies and clinics from the hair transplant industry. Max has been working with international hair loss clinics with online marketing strategy for over 4 years now, and helps clients grow their business in terms of leads and enquires. In this interview we talk to him about how he got to where he is today and the processes that it involved.


Hey Max, first of all are you able to tell our readers a bit more on who you are, where you live, and any other things you like aside from your online marketing business?


Of course no problem! I am nearly 38, I live in Kansas in the USA, I am married with three kids, own a dog, and love hang-gliding as and when I get a chance to do so outside of my busy schedules!


Are you able to tell us why you work with hair transplant clinics as your chosen and specialist industry niche for your online marketing business?


About a decade ago I started to lose my hair. Because of this I spent lots of time trying to find a decent Dorset hair transplant surgeon. It took me ages to find one that I could trust, so I could see that this was probably an issue for many other men, not just me.


I realised that if it was hard for me to find someone I could trust, then I probably wasn’t alone. Because of that I decided to start up an online directory of cosmetic surgeons, but in particular hair transplant clinics.


My new website portal let patients review and rate hair transplant clinics and brought me in contact with one of the United States’ largest and most reputable hair loss clinics.


They actually ended up buying the website from me and asked me if I could start working on their online marketing strategy and plans… and the rest as they say is history!


So can you tell us the type of things that you do for hair transplant clinics who are on your client list and what your job involves?


In the main it’s all about helping them to generate more online business and patient enquiries. So for example that could mean developing them a specific lead generation website or creating Facebook ad campaigns designed to make their phone ring more!


I now have around 5 hair loss and hair restoration clinics that I work for around the globe, and I like to think that I am now regarded as one of the go-to experts when it comes to the hair loss industry and the businesses in that niche.


During a typical day of work, what type of tasks and activities do you have to do?


Well once the kids have been taken off to school it’s straight down into the office with a coffee. The emails get checked, and then I follow a strict project plan where possible. I read a lot of self-help business books by people such as Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone in order to help me plan and execute.


Ultimately the daily aims are all about numbers so if my clients are receiving a steady stream of online enquires from people (both men and women) seeking hair transplant treatments then my job is done. For example, at the moment it’s all about generating more business on the female side as hair loss for women can be a taboo subject – you should see some of the work that Dr Edward Ball of Portsmouth has been doing though, as he has some amazing examples of successful female clients.


2017 is almost upon us, so what do you have planned for your business over the next 12 months or so?


My main focus will be on getting more clients. The UK hair loss market is somewhere I really want to expand into as it’s a growing market which still has loads of more room to grow compared to the North American industry.


My aim is to get more UK hair transplant surgeons onto my client roster, and help them to grow like I have my US clients.


There are some amazing hair transplant surgeons in the UK, and so to work with some of these industry leaders would be a great achievement and something to add to my growing portfolio if possible.


Do you have any hints or tips for people who want to get into online marketing or generate more online business themselves?


For me in the hair loss industry it was important to build up a great reputation. Word of mouth is always good, but also building up a great portfolio of clients, and online footprint. If you do something good don’t be afraid to shout about it online, whether via your own blog, or in interviews such as this one.


And of course, online marketing is changing all of the time so make sure you keep abreast of any changes and new strategies that are happening so you can stay one step ahead of your competition.


Work hard, play hard, and the results will come!




Article publié pour la première fois le 30/11/2016

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How to get a recruiter


How to get a recruiter?


With demand of getting recruited in UNITED KINGDOM reaching the high sky, it getting tougher day by day to find a genuine recruiter that not only get an individual a genuine job  but also take care of the Pay scale they are availed to. However, recent days have witnessed a lot of individual to be getting tempted by the luring baits of the recruiters turning frustrated when it came to reality about their pay scale. Therefore, when it comes to finding a recruiter these days, one should be very careful at. Nevertheless when an individual is facing a sever recruiter-related trouble, then here are few  tactics that one may follow to get themselves hired by a genuine recruiter who would make up to all the expectations of a candidate. Following these tips would not only sort out a genuine recruiter in UNITED KINGDOM only but throughout the whole globe. Therefore, here are the ones: –


With the facilities available online, a candidate may easily apply online to some of the official sites of the recruiter.


However when applying, the candidates my look keenly upon some of the facts about the recruiter


The first being the background of the recruiter. Look upon this factor keenly to find out the present practical reputation they are maintaining in the market. This would be helpful in the way to search the genuinity of the recruiters


Secondly is the source of the recruiter. Check what sources that they are employing to offer you are. A good recruiter would have a good channel of companies to offer to their candidates.


Last but not the least try finding out the latest packages they offered to their candidates. Do not get tempted by the fake ones. Be grounded enough to find what a fact is and what a not is.


The above tips if followed properly would be a real help to the candidates searching a recruiter.


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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The Social Media Shift and Evolvement

With Social Media having gained enough traction in 2011, 2012 would see maturing of the market and players working on new strategies to gain and retain users. Social Media is an ever evolving space and this year would see a major shift from the basic presence on the Social Space to a more engagement driven model and one which works as a wholesome unit with all operations of the business instead of working as a lone cruiser with no rudder.

Some of the emerging trends that could evolve in the Social space are:

1. Social Media and TV
Social Media and TV will become more deeply integrated. Some channels and shows have begun using the Social Space to make more engaging content. With the coming US election, we could see a very deep coordination between Social Media and political broadcasts and analytical shows. The TV medium has to become social to engage the audience and is it fighting for eyeballs with the Social media leaders like Facebook and YouTube. You need to keep the viewers to have revenue. So best way is if you can’t fight them, join them.
With TV moving online and online broadcasts a reality, the integration would be complete. Content delivery will be driven in a manner that users stay in the ecosystem and do not leave.

2. Facebook
Facebook has been on a major expansion and revamp drive. They are moving into becoming a wholesome system that keeps the user within its ecosystem. The year will see the emerging of Facebook credits as a viable online currency.

3. Shift to engagement and two way model
Businesses would have to rethink their strategy of using Social Media as a one way advertisement medium. They would have to work on making their online presence as an engagement model with the audience and customers. They would now need to work on making their Twitter and Facebook accounts as an extension of their CRM and customer support departments and resolve issues in real time. Major Businesses and the key people – owners and managers have realized the importance of Social Media and benefits it brings by presenting a human and customer centric approach.
This year would see the Social Media maturing from an advertising medium to a customer service, research and evaluation and a wholesome branding medium with ever increasing focus on ROI. You would need to decide how you and your business fit in.

About Guest Author: Kelly Jones writes for She writes for blogs as a hobby and enjoys exploring new avenues in the social sphere.

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/02/2012

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Lawyers cover letter

                                                                                          Lawyers cover letter

With the increase in demand for the legal personnel and lawyers, the professionals in this field are finding ways to impress their recruiters in a best way. One possible way of impressing recruiters is by using cover letters that effectively pose candidates skills and experience. Since the present market is highly competitive there is a need for job seekers to be perfect from all the angles and by writing good cover letter you can achieve that perfectness. A lawyer forms the important part of the society as he is the one who deals with all types legal and law issues and thus helps people to solve the problems as soon as possible.

In general terms a lawyer is the one who works on someone’s behalf to settle his matters legally. If you are a lawyer and looking forward for some attractive job opportunity in a reputed Law firm then it is very important to write a suitable cover letter stating the need perfectly.

A lawyer cover letter should be

  • Concise and precise

  • Systematically structured

  • Well reasoned and convincing

  • Correct both in punctuation and grammar

These days writing cover letters has become a mandatory task because it supplies two important purposes. One is it gives detailed picture of the person’s merit and the other is it highlights the candidate application for the chosen job. While writing cover letter makes sure that you don’t make any sentence mistake as it depicts your professionalism. It should be like a business letter not exceeding more than single page.

With the help of cover letter a law student can make use of his opportunity to differentiate his experience, credentials and attributes from the other job aspirants. A thoughtfully composed, creative and a well written cover letter always help in getting the right job easily.

Lawyers cover letter example

Dear Mr. MacAulay,

I am writing this letter with respect to the ad posted in news paper for the position of Corporate Attorney. I have potential experience in disability Law, insurance Law and commercial litigation. In my career spans over 15 years I have successfully handled hundreds of personal as well as professional litigations. At present I would like to convey my skills and knowledge for your organization.

My litigation background helped me to prepare lot of trails. I am equally good at preparing depositions, arbitration briefs and researching motions. My responsibilities comprise working on behalf of clients in social security groups, disability boards, Medicare and Magistrate courts. I am highly skilled in authoring legal documents, preparing trial exhibits, evidence and interviewing witnesses. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

I am here by stating that I have always committed to the work at the highest level possible thus by utilizing my presentational and communication skills where ever and when ever necessary.

I am expecting reply at the earliest. Thanks for your consideration and time.


Mark B. Brandy

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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A little job search tips for the job seekers

A little job search tips for the job seekers



Job is a work that someone does to earn money. To earn money there are many job seekers present in the world. And again lots of jobless unemployed persons are also there. In this article we will discuss about job search tips. Job searching means searching some work or activity for which he/she would be paid some money.


Need of job:


All people need money. After completion of studies, people go for jobs to earn money and fulfil his/her family needs and desires. School and college students need money for their pocket money. The only best way to earn this money is by pursuing a part time or full time job.


Ways of job hunting:


Here, we start discussing about some job search tips for different qualifications:


High school student:


As this is the initial stage of one’s life for hunting a job and since neither having any job experience nor any high qualification, it would be harder for them to have jobs. And since they are under 18, there will be no government jobs for them. But they can do job for himself/herself, like they can work as private tutors. They can teach little kids. For this job he/she have to give advertisement either in newspaper or classifieds or so on…


College students:


The opportunity of getting job in this case is little higher than that of high school students. Anyone can easily do any kind of part time job in this case, like in call centre, BPO, etc. For this he/she should know what are the qualifications required for the job, his/her resume should always be ready. Before going to an interview he/she should practice out loud, he/she should maintain proper discipline while giving interview, etc.


Post graduate students:


There are lots of job opportunities available for post graduate students. The most important job search tips for these students are attending all kinds of the trainings his/her fields have. In these trainings, the works to be performed in companies are usually taught. After that they need to attain the seminars. When any company come to his/her graduate college for placements, he/she should be bold enough to answer their question. He/she should tamer while giving the interview. The most important skill needed by a company from these people is the computer skill. He/she should be trained the computer languages as much as possible.


            Old retired workers:


There are many retired person also seeking for job may be due to financial problem or may be for time pass. The first thing they need to do while search jobs is to modify their present resume. There they should mention his/her job experience which might attract the interviewer’s eyes at first. After that they should remove their graduation dates from the resume. Seeing these date, the interviewers might reject them and go for fresh knowledge. These are the basic job search tips for this category of workers. Other tips are same as that of post graduate students’.





Beside these entire jobs, many online jobs are also available. People may search those jobs and do it. Manly online job sites are also there for providing jobs. One may easily apply for these with his/her resume.


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/09/2012

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SEO Article Writing Services

SEO Article Writing Services

Marketing accounting services online can be incredibly effective, as every accounting service can benefit from hundreds of people visiting their website and getting in touch with them every month. Those looking to promote their accounting services should look to do so through search engine optimization, as SEO is the best way to obtain organic search results through high quality webcontent.

What is SEO and How Will it Help My Accounting Firm?

SEO is a number of techniques that website administrators use to attract the attention of users, which in turn attracts the attention of Google. When Google determines that a website should be ranked highly on their search results lists as a site that contains content relevant to the search query, the website’s improved SEO ranking will place it near the top of the list. As anyone searching the Internet knows, the sites near the top of the lists are always the ones that receive the most clicks, and thereby the most traffic. Traffic is always the key to success in any online endeavour, and this is where high quality webcontent and SEO article writing services come in handy.

The way that Google determines how highly a website should be ranked is according to the webcontent of that site, as the rankings increase according to the sites that provide the content which is most relevant to search queries. Any website that wants to increase the amount of traffic it receives should provide high quality content on their websites, and should provide frequent updates to the aforementioned content.

Why SEO Article Writing Services?

Many people around the world find that they have little or no skill with content creation, as they are not accomplished writers nor do they have any desire to spend hours writing. If this is the case, there must be a means of obtaining the quality content, and this is where the SEO article writing services come into play.

These writing services are provided by professional freelance writers who are experts at providing web content that the search engines find interesting. The content provided is rich with the keywords of the website to which they are providing the articles, as keywords have a large role to play in the SEO rankings. The content is of much higher quality than amateur writers are able to provide, and the steady stream of content from professional writers enable website owners to update their sites regularly. This constant uploading of professionally written, keyword rich content is the secret to SEO success and thereby the success of the website itself.

By Paul at MBiz Content
MBiz Content is specialized in premium original webcontent . Our seo article writing services guarantee to meet quality requirements and timeline. The writers have a proven track record of success. MBiz articles are written with SEO in mind and focus on the keywords that will attract customers to your site.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2011

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Treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS)

treatment of als

There is no cure for ALS. However  first drug RILUZOLE is used for the treatment. As this drug reduces the  damage to motor neuron by decrease the release of glutamate. This drug does not reverse the damage , which occurs due to motor neuron degeneration. The main goals of treatment is to relieve symptoms and focus on improving the quality of life and make the patient mobile and comfortable. Medication mainly reduce the muscle cramps, fatigue and excess saliva. These  drugs helps to control pain, spasticity, sleep disturbances in patients.

treatment of als

Physical therapy also helps patients to become independent and improve s quality of life. Aerobic exercises like  walking, bicycling can strengthen the muscles which are unaffected and thus improves Cardio vascular health. With the help of stretching exercises Patient helps to reduce spasticity and contractures of muscles. With the use of  certain devices like Braces, walkers or wheel chair patient remain mobile and conserve energy.

Speech therapist also helps to improve the difficulty of speaking. Some  strategies  should be  adapted that makes the patient  speak louder and clearer. Some aids like speech synthesizer and computer based communication is also helpful for the patients.

Nutritionist also plays an important role,  as these patients find difficulty in eating and drinking. Nutritionist plan and prepare  several and small meal sessions through out the day to provide enough calories. Those food should be avoided that are difficult to swallow. In severe cases when the patient is not able to take food, feeding tube is inserted into the stomach that put the food directly to stomach and reduces the risk of choking and pneumonia.

In some cases , due to weakness in muscles due to which breathing becomes difficult, therefore use of nocturnal ventilatory assistance ( intermittent positive pressure ventilation IPPV) or( bilateral positive airway pressure BIPAP) may be used to help breathing during sleep.

Home care  or help with families provide emotional and financial support.

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hire freelance programmers

Why do they hire freelance programmers

Freelancing is a great option for those individuals who want to exhibit their skills but do not

want to work on a full time job with a traditional office setting. The benefit of freelancing

includes being able to work from anywhere at flexible timings and for multiple clients. There are

multiple freelancing jobs available these days and there is no dearth of talents they are looking

for. You are quite lucky especially if you are interested in technology and coding; you are at a

major advantage as there are a lot of employers from all over the globe, waiting to hire freelance

programmers. You will not be limited to the confines of what your boss has asked you to. The

choice is now yours and you can select the kind of work that you want to do. There are several

small business owners who are direly in need of computer programmers to take care of their

technological requirements such as building websites, creating apps, designing logos and

brochures. The main reasons these companies prefer freelancer is because:

a) Ease of access: It is now possible for companies from remote corners of the world to get

in touch with freelancers willing to perform the tasks assigned. Also it is easier for them

to give the work to multiple programmers without having to undergo the tedious process

of recruitment, staffing and other such formalities. So the overhead cost for them is

b) Large talent pool: Statistics show that nearly eighty percent of the population in the

western world has started opting for freelancing jobs, so it becomes easier for the clients

to select talented people from the plethora of portfolios that are updated on the freelance

web sites on a regular basis. Also each of the prospective freelancers is equipped with

specific skills and special training need not be given to them for the same.

It is very easy for employers to hire freelance programmers these days with the advent of

several freelancing websites that have cropped up. If you wish to take up freelancing as a

computer programmer and make hundreds of dollars per week, brush up on your skills and equip

yourself with recent updates on relevant languages. Ensure you are learning an in-demand skill.

Form a network and also try contacting local businesses. Even if the initial pay is small, do not

miss the chance to showcase your skill. A professional portfolio with your talents is a must to

land good jobs through freelancing. Create a personal brand for yourself. There is a lot of

competition out there, but there is an equally large amount of employers who are ready to hire

freelance programmers. Though it might be slightly hard to carve a name for yourself in the

field of freelancing, keep trying and you can make it. The more number of reviews you have, the

more chances you have to get chosen by an employer. Keep focused, happy and with the right

attitude, start being a successful freelancer.

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Why is my job search failing

Why is my job search failing?

Stop blaming your job failing on down economy. Instead start looking in your own what you are lacking. No employer wants to hire a failure. A positive attitude is must.  Whether you are a corporate employee, self-employed professional or entrepreneur, climbing the ladder to success can be easy if you are committed to consistently following a few simple networking strategies in your career.

  1. Lack of confidence and negative attitude: your attitude is the only part of your job search which you can control. “Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination, always consider alternatives, and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible.” “Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.”

Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too.

  1. You’re looking in all the wrong places: Join professional associations to make new contacts and learn about job opportunities. Seek out people who are doing work that interests you or those who work in companies you are targeting.  
  2. You don’t know how to network: The key to maintaining a network via social media is to participate: people in your network are often curious about your activities, and by posting relevant information, you can actively keep yourself present to your audience and network.
  3. You never ask for advice: Use your network connections and attempt to build a mentor-like relationship to allow for a two-way communication on asking questions and learning from experiences. Advice doesn’t mean asking someone to find you a job; it means gaining insightful knowledge that will help you along your career path.     

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Engineer cover letter

                                                                                         Engineers cover letter

Today most of the engineers are found attaching cover letters to their resumes while applying for the job. Attaching a cover letter is very important as it helps in depicting educational qualifications and experience that can impress the recruiter. To highlight the technical skills you can’t find a professional letter like engineers cover letter. You should always write a cover that complements with your resume. In order to create right impression on the recruiter you need to specify all important points in your cover letter. Education qualification (for fresher’s or entry level candidates), work experience, interpersonal and technical skills and achievements are some of the important information you should include in a cover letter.

Here are some tips for writing engineers cover letter

Emphasize technical skills: as an engineer it is very important to possess technical skills to get recruited by some of the multinational companies. If you are specialized in some techniques then highlight them in your cover letter. It is also necessary to mention the proficiency of the tools and programming languages you have used in your career. By looking at your skills the recruiter will judge the job suitability. For easy recognition mention them in bullet points.

Keywords: particularly when you are sending cover letter for managerial job it is important to use some action keywords that also help in creating good impression on the recruiter. You can use some keywords like reinforced, motivated, facilitated, reorganized, reviewed, programmed and many more.

Format: you need to follow a professional format and language while writing the cover letter. A cover letter is typically consists of three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion. Before the introduction mention your name and address to the left side of the letter. Introduction part includes job opening details, technical expertise and work experience. Body includes roles, education details and major achievements. In conclusion thank the recruiter.

Here is the engineer’s cover letter example

Dear Mr. Harry P. Potter,

With allusion to your announcement dated February 10, 2012, in NY times, inviting submissions for the post of Senior Software Engineer, attached my cover letter for your perusal.

Having worked as Software Engineer for 5 years I have gained necessary skills required for the job. After seeing your specifications and requirements, I feel my expertise will come handy for this post. I am always aware of the challenges and ready to deal with it in an effective way.

My prior work experience with Google helped me to achieve the professional status. I am well versed in designing, coding, testing and implementing different applications used for engineering purposes. I came to know that even the job opening you have need someone with same skills and capabilities.

It would be great if we can meet in person to discuss more about your job expectations. For more information you can contact me at the same address. Hope to hear from your side soon. I thank you for your consideration and time spent in reading this cover letter.

Hearty J. David

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Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam

There are a lot of people who want to have six pack abs. Many men would think that having six pack abs is one of the ways that they can do in order to show that they are secure. In fact, this is something that ladies would think as well. They would want their men to have six pack abs just like men would want their ladies to have wonderful body shape.

Therefore, men should try to receive the proper training in order to have the abs. But you can find that there are many types of training that you can receive and it is hard for you to find the right ways.

In that case, you can try to read Truth About Six Pack Abs. You might find that there are some people mentioned that this book is a scam and you might read their arguments from Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam. But you should find that there are actually many people who are positive with this book and they are always supportive to the book.

Yes, this book is not a scam. You will find that there are many detailed ideas about how to have the nutrition which would be possible for you to train your muscles and your abs well. On the other hand, you can also find a detailed plan of exercises that you can have in order to train your abs.

Some people would complain that this is a scam because they have tried to find the information and they have found that they cannot work out the plan according to the book. But it might not be the fault of the book indeed. You can find that sometimes people do not follow the cooking method mentioned in the book while they are preparing the food. This could ruin the result because you might not have a good nutrition if you always deep fry your food.

Yes, there are a lot of things that you need to follow if you want to have a successful training for your muscles. Therefore, it would be really important for you to read the book carefully and do the things according to the suggestions. This book is not a scam and it is very helpful as long as you follow the steps mentioned in this book to work out the training.

You will find that the exercises mentioned in this book are very user-friendly and they would not be too harsh. Some people complain that only men who are top fit can handle the work. But this is not the case indeed. Therefore, you can always try to read this book so that you can follow the information and train yourself. It is not necessary for you to be a fit man in order to read this book. Even though you might have some fats with you currently, you can also follow this book and then work out the best muscles composition in your body. Therefore, you should not think that this book is a scam and you should buy it.



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Symptoms of Epilepsy

epilep symSymptoms of epilepsy differs from person to person. In some people there is simple staring while others have violent shaking or loss of consciousness. Seizure type mainly depends on the part of brain affected and the cause of epilepsy. In some people ,there is stage called “AURA” in which person have strange sensation like tingling sensation or emotional changes occur before actual seizure.


It is commonly called as absence seizure. It occurs in people under 20 years of age. This type of seizure occur mainly for few seconds and involve staring or absence spells. These episodes occur many times a day. During this seizure there is difficulty in learning and lack of attention should be noticed . Person stop walking, find difficulty in mid- sentence and then start again few seconds later. During these seizure, person does not fall. There is change in muscle activity like fluttering eyelids, lip smacking, hand fumbling etc, change in alertness or consciousness is there . Seizure may be triggered by hyper ventilation or flashing lights in some cases, but after the seizure person awake, think properly and unaware of seizure.


During this seizure whole body is involved. It is also known as GRAND MAL SEIZURE. These type of seizure occurs at any age. During this there is muscle rigidity which is followed by muscle contraction and loss of consciousness . There may be biting of tongue, clenched teeth or jaw, there is incontinence of urine and stool. There is difficulty in breathing. Sometime there is blue color of skin occurs. After the seizure person have normal breathing , severe headache, drowsiness. Person feel sleepy for 1 hour or there is loss of memory of events during seizure episodes.Person is confused after the episode. There is weakness of one side of body after seizure  for few minutes to few hours. It is called as TODD’s PARALYSIS.


Focal seizures occurs in specific part of brain and in this electrical activity is limited to area of brain. Partial seizures can be classified into simple or complex. In simple seizure memory is not affected but in complex memory is affected before, during and immediately after the seizure. Patient with focal seizure does not lose consciousness  During this there is abnormal muscle contraction or relaxation takes place. There is also abnormal movements of mouth, lip smacking, turning of eyes . Abnormal sensations like numbness, tingling etc can occur. Other symptoms include hallucinations, sweating, flushed face, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, black out spells, change in emotions etc.



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Carpenters resume objectives

Carpenters resume objectives


If people want to work in some large companies as the carpenter, they would need to pass through the normal application procedures as those for other jobs. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the tips to write good carpenter resume.


In the part about objectives of the resume and also the career objective of yourself, you have to be extremely careful about the content. Many of the recruiters would look at these sections first before reading other details like your qualification. It is because they would like to see if you are really interested in the job and whether you really have the necessary personality traits for the job. Many recruiters said that a lot of carpenter job applicants do not write that section of the resume in a serious manner. As a result, the recruiters would not accept those applicants to be the interviewee for the job. This means that they would lose the job.


If you want to write the Carpenters resume objectives in a nice way, there are some examples for you to take as reference.


–          To work as the junior carpenter for the company and be promoted to senior level in 3 years of time

–          To find a job in a reliable renovation company such that I can use my expertise of carpenter to work well

–          To obtain a position as the carpenter in the reputable company so as to handle more projects regarding wood work

–          To gain real job experience by working as the carpenter in a fast-growing company

–          To work from the position of carpenter to help construction projects handled by a reputable company


Since the techniques required for working as a carpenter may not be very difficult, there could be many people applying for the same job. Therefore, you have to first praise the company and let the recruiters know that you like the firm. Then, you should try to let them know that you are ready to serve the company wholeheartedly and you would not mind working at the junior level.


It would not be necessary for you to list every of the aforementioned examples of resume objectives. Instead, you simply need to spend the time to read through the information of the real job advertisement and choose some of the aforementioned examples as a reference to make up your own sentence in the career objective.


To conclude, there are many ways that you can follow to write the part about resume objective. Therefore, you can have your own way to write the resume. But you should never be lazy in searching for the most appropriate way to address yourself in the introduction and the career objective part. You can successfully get the attention of the recruiters and win the chance of interview only when you prepare well about the introduction and write the necessary document regarding that. If not, it is really impossible for you to impress the recruiters, who would read hundreds of applications when the recruitment period takes place.


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How to Trim a Goatee

Facial hair is supposed to add sexy look to an individual.  In order to grow goatee, one has to grow its facial hair. Once one start growing facial hair, he hears the nasty comments from the people. Some people think that an individual with grown facial hair is having some kind of tension or to much busy that he didn’t have to shave. But actually he is growing hair for the goatee. Once one grows enough facial hair on the face, it is the time to decide a goatee style for your face. For this purpose take help through websites or fashion magazines. Once the style for goatee is chosen, hire some professional to tackle this task. One can also tackle this task himself. To tackle this him, there are two points that should be kept in mind which is very important in art oh having a goatee.

First thing is goatee shaping. For this purpose one may use electrical shaver to shape its goatee. One can simply shave around his goatee each morning. Besides this, manual razor is also helpful for shaping the goatee. It is good for the hard areas beside each side of nose which are hard to reach by electrical shaver.

Manual razor is also helpful in the trimming of the goatee. But my suggestion is that one should electric trimmer for the trimming of goatee. Using the electrical trimmer ensures that your goatee is symmetrical and neat. Besides this, the build in sector of the trimmer enables one to select the length of hair rather than using a pair of scissors.

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Front Desk Assistant resume objectives

Front Desk Assistant resume objectives


Front Desk Assistant resume objectives are the things that you have to put on the resume when you are going to apply for the job as front desk assistant. You can integrate the career objectives section with the personal summary section. This would help you present your information to the recruiters in a good way such that they would know the linkage between your personal characteristics and the expectation that you have for your career. If you do not spend enough time to prepare the resume, it is likely that you would fail in writing good front Desk Assistant resume objectives. This means that you may not be able to attract the recruiters well.


There are several types of career objectives that you can consider writing in the resume if you want to apply for the job of front desk assistant. You can find some examples as listed below.


–          To serve in an organization at the position of front desk assistant

–          To grow with a good local firm from the position of front desk assistant to senior position in the future

–          To start at the role of front desk assistant at the junior level and hope to be promoted in several years to senior level

–          To work as the front desk assistant and become a senior assistant in the future

–          To use the communication skills to work as front desk assistant, so as to help the firm to maintain the professional image in front of clients

–          To work for a private company which is fast-growing and ambitious to grow further in the future

–          To use the problem-solving skills to help the firm deal with different circumstances


In the above example, the focus of the career objectives is the career growth that you want to achieve. It is not possible for people to stay in the same position forever, especially in the role of front desk assistant. Therefore, you have to let the recruiters know that you would like to learn from this position and advance to a senior level. Some of the recruiters have said that they want people to be ambitious because some people would lose their passion when they enter the firm and work for a few weeks. If people have the clear career goal in this field, the tendency for people to lose the passion would be lower. This will help the company to work more efficiently because no company would want to see a staff being lazy or frustrated.


To conclude, it is not very difficult for you to write the front desk assistant resume objectives. However, it requires learning and preparation if you want to write some attractive objectives. If you can state the attractive career objectives clearly in the top of the resume, it would be eye-catching and people would be interested in reading more of the information. Then, you would be able to gain the chance to interview with the recruiters and then get the job in the end.



Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a group of disorders characterized by  recurrent seizures .Brain normally controls the body movements by sending small electrical signals through nerves to the muscles but when the brain sends out abnormal signals , it results in seizures or convulsions. There are different types of epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy drugs are mainly used to control seizures and if  medications are not effective,  then surgery is the option. Most of  epileptic seizures are mainly controlled by  anti epilep treconvulsant drugs. The type of treatment prescribed will depend on several factors like..

 – The frequency and severity of the seizures

 –  Age of the person

  – Overall health of an individual,

  –  Medical history.


Drugs mainly  help to decrease the frequency and intensity of the  seizures. Majority  of   children with medication-controlled epilepsy can eventually stop medications and live a seizure-free life. Many adults also  discontinue their medication after two or more years without seizures.

All epileptic medications have some side effects. Some of the effects include..

1) weight gain

2) Fatigue

3) loss of coordination

4) dizziness

5) loss of bone density

6) speech problems

7) skin rashes  

Some of rare side effects include–

1) Depression

2) Inflammation of some organs like liver , pancreas etc

3) Severe rash

4) Suicidal thoughts etc.

Surgery is most commonly done when tests show that  seizures originate in a small, well-defined area of  brain that doesn’t interfere  vital functions like speech, language or hearing. Most of the patients experience  great reduction in severity and frequency of seizure after surgery. Some of the surgical methods are as follows..

               1)   Multiple sub pial transaction for epilepsy: If the  epileptic seizures is in an area of the brain that is critical to speech or movement, an approach called multiple subpial transection is used. Instead of removing brain tissue, surgeons interrupt nerve fibers on the surface of the brain that carry the impulses which is  responsible for epileptic symptoms.

               2)   Resective surgery for epilepsy: This type of brain surgery removes the specific area of the brain that is responsible for seizures.A resective procedure called temporal lobectomy, in which there is  removal of  portion of the temporal lobe (the most common source of epileptic seizures). This is the most common surgery performed for epilepsy.

               3)   Vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy (VNS):

It  is a treatment in which there is  placement of  a small pacemaker under the skin near the vagal nerve in the side of the neck. This device regulates electrical activity in the brain, and in some  patients , it  reduces the frequency and severity of the seizures..


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Hair Styles For Long Hair

There are many styles that you can use if you have long hair. Hereafter are some.

Traditional prom curls: you have first to wash the hair well. you should then brush and brow dry your hair so that it can look silky and nice.  Make sure that you gathered the hair well and put them on a side part. Divide the hair so that one of it will be down and the other one will be clipped. Use the water mouse to curl the half of the hair. Let the air to stay for around 2 hours. Take out the curlers and pin the hair into a circle. You can use the curling iron to make soft curls. You have to pin the bottom in the middle of hair and you can decorate the hair with pins.

You can also make a low or a high ponytails. If you want a high ponytail, you have to ensure that your hair is totally brushed and smooth. You should brush your hair towards the place  where you want to hold the hair. You have to ensure that you hold all the hair together without anyone to part. You can braid the hair if you have made a low ponytail and you can add cute accessories to make it look beautiful. You can also do a teased ponytail for your hair by using bumps one after another. You can also use the voluminous straighten or scrunched style for your hair.



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The Business Partnership

A partnership company will be more effective if they are created with detailed structure and agreements in place.  If you start a new business with a mismatched or unhelpful partner or the proper agreements in place your business will not be around long.
Here are the basic steps you need to follow in you would like to launch a good business partnership. Experience has taught that these 5 items will provide the business partnership advantages to help your business thrive.
1. You must both be committed to the same goal. Specific business goals for your business.  i.e. a 5 year plan for the business. All your goals should be aligned with those of your partners. If you are both on the same page you will be able to make good decisions, avoid arguments and improve the entire operation more efficiently. These goals should be you and your partners guide to all the important operations and management decisions. For example if the purpose of starting your business is to get annual sales to a certain amount and then sell it all you decisions will be geared toward that end game. But, if your partner is looking to create a long-term career for themselves in this business their decisions will be at odds with yours.
2. You must have an effective means to communicate with your partner honestly.  Effective business partners are close.  They don’t hesitate to communicate with each other in a frank, open manner. This simple action of regular communication will build trust and understanding within the partnership.  Ideally you and your partner should have this relationship and work together in this manner before you go into business together.

3.  It’s important for each of you to specialize. Business partners really work well together if they each have a different specialization within the business that each can manage. This is a vital structure for small businesses but know it requires implicit trust by both partners.  This specialized approach will allow the business better utilization of resources overall. It will also help operational issues and provide increased flexibility.
4.  You must offer support to each other.  It’s easy to undermine your business partner with your employees with a small comment now and then. Obviously this should be avoided as it does not improve the business. Your business relationship with your partner should always be considered your most important business relationship. You should schedule catch up meetings regularly to keep in touch of current personal and business items.
5. The business partnership details must be documented.  This should be item one of setting up the business partnership. Find an attorney to draft a partnership agreement that includes financial plans, management plans and any operational items for which the partners are responsible. Make sure that you include buy out agreements or other exit options that both partners have agreed to in order to sell or close the business.
If you have a good business now adding the right partner can take it to new heights. Take the time to prepare yourself and your new partner for doing business together and your partnership will be a successful one all parties.

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What Should A Cover Letter Include

include in coverLetter

What Should A Cover Letter Include

include in coverLetter

A cover letter is more of an official letter. This means that it should be well set in a professional format to conform to the requirements of employers. Lengthwise the cover letter should not exceed a page. Fonts 10 or 12 are the most commonly used fonts, whereas New Times Roman or Ariel is the most common font types. What should a cover letter include? Below are the key things that should be included in a cover letter.


The heading

Your names and contact details needs to be at the left top part of the letter. Below your contact details put the details of the intended recipient of the letter, such will include, their name, position, the company name and the address. Rather that addressing the person as Sir or madam, it is wise to find out the name of the person you are writing to. This only proves that you have done some research about the company. It proves to the employer of your interest to work for the company. Do not forget the date and the reference just before you begin writing your letter.


The opening

This is the section where you address the recipient of the letter. In brief mention the position you are applying for and how you came to know about it.


The main part

This is the part that you get to sell yourself. You get to talk about your experience, qualities and skills in this part of course in relation to what the employer wants. Space the paragraphs in this section so as not to look congested.


The closing

This is the part where you show some enthusiasm that you are will to set up a meeting for the interview. You should always end the letter in a proactive note. Take the necessary step to follow up on your application.


Proofread your application before your send it, this helps in correcting typos that might have not been noticed before.


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java developer cv

Express yourself a flourishing candidate through your java developer cv


As everyone knows better that immense need and demand of java is not of eye now and many people of IT field are still conscious to come in this field and make new achievements. This vast field is increasing day by day and many of java professionals are performing outstanding in different sectors and fields of business. However java developer cv plays vital role while going for some interview in some organization or company.


You should fully aware about the job description and responsibilities of a java developer. This is the person who creates web application and he should acquire amount of acquaintances in programming as well as in modular encoding. Java developer cv should also contain the current programming setup and the scrip programming languages.
Assure the owner a suitable candidate


You should write to the owner that you are suitable candidates for java developer job and some unique abilities which you have acquired through experience. You should also have the ability to express the same to the owner. You should write in details all of your technical and interpersonal skills. Your efficiency and productivity for the firm or company should also be mentioned.


You should assure the owner that you are professionally dedicated and can face any of the challenging environments. You should also write that you have good command on all important applications and know completely about OOP and the modular programming language. Web application development is very element and you should also get a sufficient experience about it as you may be asked questions for selection of java developer. You should leave no stone unturned in preparing a good java developer cv.


Experience of developing applications for big businesses


Every owner will must see that from java developer cv that if the organization could capture business from big industries or firms due to your entry. You should write about the experience and confidence to work with top management who could develop the extremely good applications in top organizations. You can learn more tricks and important points about this topic through different websites. You should acquire all the necessary skills to represent a java developer cv.

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Job Interview Advice

 Job Interview Advice

With regard to the increasing competition among uncountable numbers of job seekers nowadays, getting job requires each applicant to go extra mile in preparation and take to some specific job interview advice. You need to be reminded that anytime you are invited for an interview, you are essentially selling yourself. Are you ready to sell inferior quality with unattractive packaging?

Be detailed in all your answer

Try as much as possible not to respond vaguely in case your employer request to know your previous responsibilities in your formal place of work. If you are an artist for instance, it is inadequate to merely say you designed book covers. Always ensure that you are more explicit including collaborating with authors to make their ideas a reality, designing of progressive-style book covers and some more.

Avoid the mistake of repeating what you have already mentioned in job application

In case you are asked to tell them about yourself, ensure that you go beyond the apparent facts like your name, your address, your previous employment, date of birth, and some others. If you merely mention these and then stop there, you have not said anything as far as the interviewers are concerned. Reason being that they are not new to them since they are already stated in your resume. In actual fact, the interviewers are more interested in knowing your areas in interests and the ways you can be effective in your position if you are eventually hired.

Show competence and do not be late to the interview

Coming late to job interview in the height of incompetence and immaturity on the part of the applicants gives the interviewer the bad impression about you. Apart from the fact that you can lose the allocated time, it also gives the impression that you are not taking the job too serious. On the others hand, advised not to come to interview too early as it may show that you are too desperate about the job.

Ensure the you did not malevolent your former employer

In case you are asked the purpose of leaving your previous job, ensure that you did not make any bad comment about your previous working place despite that they do something bad to you. But ensure that you are always on their positive side by just saying that ‘you are looking for higher place of interest in your profession or career where you can have better challenge that can advance you in every bit of your life. Be reminded that if you say negative word concerning your previous company, the interviewer will believe that you can do the same to their company and this could make you lose the job.

Make sure you are corporate in your mode of dressing

It is very important to dress safe by wearing business outfit to the interview in order to show your professionalism. This gives the interview the impression that you put job in an important place. Ensure that you are more presentable and moderate. Avoid using strong perfume which could irritate your interviewer.




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java resume

Java resume is your first impression in an organization

The popularity and scope of Java programming language has spread in all over the world and many inventions have been made through this as well. However, for the qualified and creative professionals it is always important to prepare a comprehensive java resume to get a good position in some reputed organization. Actual working skills and technical knowledge must be acquired before applying for some leading position. In most of the leading organizations you have to pass through different rounds.

You have to pass through different rounds

You may have to appear first for a written test and then for first interview. After this bargaining on your different fringe and benefits may also take some time. But it is important to learn that java resume plays most vital role in this whole process. Because for entering in organization the first thing is your java resume which gives your detailed picture to the owner. You should not over look any of the important things about your java resume. All the designing, programming, development of distributed systems, m-commerce, e-commerce and use of different applications should be included in java resume.

Moreover, the qualification, personal data, contact details, experiences, your abilities and your unique qualities and achievements should clearly be mentioned in java resume. Moreover, you should also write your expectations about your in the organization where you are submitting your java resume. You should write the things in a way that owner feel that he feel that your role will be much productive and you will be a part of dedicated team who will enhance his business.

A good java resume persuades the owner to contact you

In addition to this you should write in java resume that you are fully aware about the latest technologies and application of java. Use of different applications, database and methodologies should be added in java resume. In short, a java resume is your first impression which persuades the owner to call you and take your test and interview. If you are really talented one, you will get a good position.

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what is asbestos used for

What is Asbestos Used For

In order to understand what is asbestos used for, you first have to know first of all what asbestos is. Asbestos is a tough, fireproof, elastic and a good insulator. These qualities are what determine what is asbestos used for. Also due to its durable material, asbestos is used for thermal insulation, proofing of fire, roofing, flooring and also in other building materials. The answer to what is asbestos used for can be traced back to over a thousand years ago. Nevertheless people have started using it in building in recent years. Historically, asbestos was used in cheap building materials. It was done by mixing asbestos with many other building materials to create a strong product. It was also added to building supplies to give them strength and make it fire resistant.  It is due to this usage that almost all building materials being manufactured during that period contained asbestos. In determining the importance of the answer to what is asbestos used for, the United States government banned manufacturers from using the product as it was deemed to be harmful to human beings. Despite its harmful nature, some manufacturers still insist on using as asbestos arguing that they have found no other better replacement for asbestos.

The other answer to what is asbestos used for is in textiles. Textile products such as aprons and glass blower are made with asbestos compounds to make the product fire resistant. Take a look at what fire fighters normally wear at work, what makes their cloth fire resistant is the addition of asbestos in the textile. It is also used in paint wear. Most house paints have a drop of asbestos; also adhesives have been added with asbestos.

The other answer to what is asbestos used for is in friction merchandises such as linings for brakes, assemblies for clutch and gaskets. Some manufacturers use high percentage of asbestos while others use small amount of it. Either way, its help in braking is very important. They were mostly used in the United Kingdom when it had not yet been banned. After asbestos was considered to be a health risk, most state government issued the directories to stop manufacturer from using asbestos when making any product that will expose human beings to dangers. Another answer to the question what is asbestos used for is in insulation of thermal to be used as lagging in products such as boiler pipes and heaters. It is also used in hot water tank to retain the warmth or the coldness of the water. It was also used as decorative finishing in walls and even ceilings, in addition to that some people use asbestos in their wall to make them fire resistant or rather fire proof. Last but not least, the answer to the question what is asbestos used for can be said to be in water pipes. It is assumed it is used to in water pipes to prevent the pipes from rusting. If the statement is true, then it is yet to be confirmed by experts.

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Tips for getting quality links

Job Resume Posting

quality links

Having high traffic to your website is by getting links from various other relevant sites. But the links should be quality links and those quality links will help you gain a high position in the search engines. And, now we will discuss why the other webmasters should link to your site, in fact what prompts them to link to your site. Consider the following options and work on these areas to have high links to your site.

To have Links to your site, you have to provide Links- When you wish to have links to your site you should also provide links to other sites that wish to have links. And certainly, you will see a huge increase in the number of sites that wish to link to your site.

Have the informative Content for visitors – Write some good content, so that visitor finds it more useful and informative. You can even provide some good links wherefrom they can get some more relevant information. And try to open those pages in new windows, so that the visitors are not supposed to leave your page.

Material for Reference – If your website contains some good reference material, then some other webmasters might provide a link to your website in order to provide useful content to their visitors. So, have the good content. Articles – Write down some good articles and make them available for free publication purposes. So, in a short span of time, you will be having a number of quality links to your site

Affiliate Plans – If you offer some good products or services, it is good to have an affiliate plan to get other people sell your products and that too for you. These salespeople will add links to your site so that they can sell your products and collect their commissions

Link Exchange – Link exchange just for the sole purpose of exchanging links is worst. The traffic from such exchange is very poor and returns few visits. Work on both getting and receiving links, and never indulge in link farms or link exchange.

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Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume


Customer Service Resume 

 Customer Service Resume

Before writing a resume on the customer service, one should find out the qualities found in a customer service representative. It is very essential for effectively presenting you and your stuff in front of a customer whom you are providing your services for sale. If you are not familiar with the features of any subject, you cannot portray yourself for that opportunity of availing the chance. Following are the key qualities of a good customer service representative.


Develop a customer friendly approach:


For attracting your customer, one should behave very smoothly towards a customer response, so that a friendly and humorous environment can be created towards the customer for believing on you and your product. Your gentle attitude bounds the customer for placing order to you.


Expand your definition of service:


Your communication towards your customer should be very clear. A little misunderstanding can lead a miscommunication which results in losing your customer. A fair dealing will create a customer base for you in the future and make your regular customer forever.


Who are your customers?


Proper interaction between you and your customer can only be possible when you are well aware about your customer behavior and nature. You must mold yourself as per the needs and demands of your target customer. If you do not care about his or her mentality, you cannot hit on the required desire of a customer.


Professional qualities in customer service: 


The professional qualities of a customer service are always emphasized for targeting your customer. From different research, it has been concluded that a customer always prefer the services of a customer service representative because now a days, only your service makes you different from others. If your services are not up to the required standard of a target customer, you cannot convince him or her.


Knowledge of the product:   


It is also very important to get a complete knowledge of your product before delivering it to a customer. Any question can be asked by the customer regarding the product. Only having command on all the features of the product you can response your customer questions.


Modern techniques:


As it is said earlier that only your response can make you different from the market because competition is very tough because of globalization. Positive response makes you different and for that, you need to avail all the modern techniques for targeting your customers. You must familiar and have full command on the internet, mobile phones and other technologies for easily connecting with your customer across the globe.


For considering the above features to write a customer service resume, it is also very necessary to spend your time for hearing different views of customers. When you get the theme, you can make your resume as per the required need for a customer attraction. When you are making your resume, you should use the words dedicated, reliable and committed for making attraction in your resume and give a qualitative reply like instead of saying you can handled customer complaints, you should say you can handled 50 complaints daily for satisfying customer needs.


List down your achievements in your previous campaigns for attracting yourself fully fit for the job. By adopting all the above features, you can make your resume different from others and will boldly get the job.






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Affordable Website Marketing services


Affordable Website Marketing services.

Every website needs good marketing strategy to increase viewers and traffic. It is very important to promote in social media sites also and many are looking for presence in those sites.


Choose right strategy for your marketing

Again it is important to pick a strategy which suits your business or niche. Your budget also plays an important role in picking this strategy.

Some of the best marketing service gigs in Jobisite

1)write You An internet marketing Plan 

Price: $4 | Duration : 3 days 
I will analyse your website and competition. 
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2) One month professional SEO

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I will do one month professional SEO of your website to increase your ranking.If you try it once you will surely buy for next month also after looking at the result..

3) Free Search engine marketing plan
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4)facebook twitter and google marketing.
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5) free tweet for your service
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I will tweet your service/business for free to my 15000 followers

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Dyslexia is a learning disability(certain learning problems like reading,  writing, reasoning) that can hinder a person’s ability to read, write, spell and something speak. Dyslexia is most common disease found in children and persist through out the  life. It is also referred as specific reading disability. The severity of dyslexia vary from mild to severe. sooner the disease is treated ,more  favourable will be the outcome. children with dyslexia have difficulty in learning. It is also defined as a disorder in children in which he fails to attain the language skills of the reading, writing and spelling. Dyslexia primarily affected boys. Dyslexia is a localized problem, one involving the sounds, and not the meaning, of spoken language. Adult dyslexic may be able to read with good comprehension, but they tend to read more slowly than non- dyslexics and may perform more poorly at nonsense word reading and spelling

Dyslexia can undergo undetected during early decades of schooling. The child become frusturated by the difficulty in  learning to read. The child may show signs of depression. Child may become  unmotivated and disliking for school. These individuals typically read at levels significantly lower than expected normal intelligence.


Types/classification of dyslexia or what causes dyslexia

There are several types of dyslexia that affects child ability to spell as well as read. these are

1) trauma dyslexia

2) primary dyslexia

3) secondary or developmental dyslexia


trauma dyslexia

It usually occurs after some form of  brain trauma or injury to the area of brain that controls reading and writing. It is not commonly found in today’s  population.


Primary dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is a dysfunction of left side of hemisphere/ brain rather than damage. It does not change with age this type of dyslexia is passed through families(hereditary) and is more common in boys.


Secondary/ developmental dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is caused by hormonal development during the early stages of foetal development. Developmental dyslexia diminishes as the child matures and it is more common in boys.

Dyslexia may affect several other functions

Visual dyslexia is characterized by number and letter reversal and the inability to write symbols in correct sequence

Auditory dyslexia involves difficulty with sounds of letters or group of letters. The sounds perceived are jumbled or not heard correctly.

Dysgraphia refers to child’s difficulty in holding and controlling a pencil.


Signs and symptoms of dyslexia

The symptoms of dyslexia depends upon the severity of disease as well as the age of individual. Therefore symptoms can be classified as

a) preschool-aged children

b) early primary school children

c) older primary school children


pre school-aged children

the symptoms include

1)delay in speech

2)slow learning of new words

3)difficulty in rhyming words, as in nursery rhymes

4)low letter knowledge

5)letter reversal or mirror writing.


Early primary school children

Symptoms are

1)difficulty in learning the alphabet or letter order

2)difficulty in identifying or generating rhyming words

3)difficulty segmenting words into individual words

4)difficulty in dictating written words

5)difficulty in associating sounds with the letters


Older primary school children

It include

1)slow or inaccurate reading

2)very poor spelling

3)difficulty reading out loud, reading words in wrong order, skipping words and sometime saying a word similar to the another word

4) tendency to omit or add letters or words when reading and writing

Several learning disabilities often occur with dyslexia, these disabilities include

Dyscalculia– in this condition people understand very complex mathematical concepts and principles but difficulty in learning basic maths facts involving addition and subtraction.

Cluttering-a disorder involving both the rate and rhythm of speech resulting in impaired speech.


Treatment of dyslexia

There are many theories about successful treatment for dyslexia, there is no actual cure for it. The school will develop a plan  with the parents to meet the child’s need. Treatment plan will focus on strengthening the child’s weaknesses. Techniques designed to help all the senses work together efficiently can also be used. Specific reading approaches that require a child to hear, see, say or multi sensory should be affective. Computers are powerful tools for these children and should be utilized as much as possible. Child should be taught compensation and coping skills.


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Epilepsy and Its types

epilepEpilepsy is also called as seizures.Brain normally controls the body movements by sending small electrical signals through nerves to the muscles but when the brain sends out abnormal signals resulted in seizures or convulsions. Single seizure that does not  happen again is not epilepsy. Seizures vary from person to person. In some people  there is slight shaking of hand, while other people lose conciseness and there is violent shaking of the entire body. Sometime in some people there may be the symptoms of the seizures called as AURA before the seizure takes place. After the seizure the person does not remember the episode.

During seizure there is sudden and  abnormal high discharge of electrical activity among large number of nerve cells in the brain. Epilepsy is one of the most common disorders of CNS, occur 1 people out of every 100 people before the age of 25 . The word epilepsy is derived from Greek word which means “ATTACK” . During seizure , neuron may fire as many as 500 times a second ,much faster than normal. In some people seizure occurs occasionally but for others , it may happen up to hundred of times a day. Epilepsy is not contagious and is not caused by mental illness or mental retardation. Many people with epilepsy have normal or above- average intelligence .Sometimes seizures may cause brain damage if they are severe.


There are different types of seizures. It is mainly divided into two main forms–

Focal  and generalized epilepsy

focal seizure–

It is also called as Partial seizure and occur in just one part of brain. Seizure mainly describe the area of the brain in which it originate. In simple focal seizure person is conscious but experience sudden or unexplained feeling of joy, anger etc. . In complex focal seizure person looses consciousness and may display strange behavior like blinks, mouth movements, twitches etc. These seizures usually last for few seconds.

In some people, there may be stage of AURA an unusual sensation or warning of symptoms of epilepsy. Sometime focal seizures can be misdiagnosed  with migraine headaches which is also dream like state.

Generalized seizure–

This type of seizure occurs on both sides of brain and in this patient looses consciousness and muscle spasm, There are other types of generalized seizures like

PETIT-MAL generalized seizure–

In this type patient continuously starred into space and there is some jerky or twitching movements occur.

TONIC seizure–

In this type there is stiffening of muscles of body, mostly in back, legs or arms.

CLONIC seizures–

Clonic seizures can cause repeated and jerky movements of muscles on both sides.

MYO CLONIC  seizures–

In this there is twitching of upper body arms or legs.

 A TONIC seizures–

In this there is loss of normal muscle tone. The person may fall or drop his head.


This type is increased by flashing lights, bold, contrasting visual patterns.

ABDOMINAL epilepsy–

It commonly occurs in children. Seizure causes abdominal symptoms.

TEMPORAL LOBE seizure or Psycho motor-

There is change in mood, sensation, autonomic functions like heart rate and salivation.


Seizures mainly affects face and sometimes body.



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Electricians resume example

Electricians resume example


The use of Electricians resume example is for people to take as a guide or reference and learn about the way to draft the good resume. The art of writing a resume is something that you need to learn if you want to have good jobs, particularly in the electricians industry.


Many of the jobs are regarded as electricians. For example, the electrical apprentice would be one of the electricians, who is still having the training for the job. The apprentice would perform the electrical work with the supervision of an electrician who has got the license. Therefore, it would be necessary for you to show that you are able to work under supervision if you are applying for this type of job.


If you apply for the job of a formal electrician, you would need to show that you are willing to learn and you are willing to teach. As mentioned above, you may have the chance to teach some newcomers. If you do not have the ability to communicate with the others well, you probably cannot fit for this job and you would be challenged by the recruiters about your capability to work well.


There are also other skills that you need to show in the resume such that recruiters would know that you worth an interview. For example, you should show that you have got the basic technical skills regarding the work of electricians. You have to be experienced with those skills like reading the blueprints of some work plans.


Electricians resume example


Michael Smith

0009 Street SMC

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 005-239-5970


Career Objective


To obtain the job of electrician where the experience could be useful in achieving the success in the job


Summary of skills

–          Good at using different tools, equipment and material for the job

–          Experienced in maintenance and installation of different networks and electrical systems

–          Comprehensive knowledge about using scissor lifts, forklifts and power tools

–          Able to follow instructions both orally and in written form

–          Good communication skills and is able to communicate with both senior and junior colleagues

–          Fast learner in working and can learn to work effectively


Professional background


Electrician, ADC Company

2009 – Present

–          Handled responsibilities such as repairing, altering, installing and maintaining the electrical conductors, fixtures and fittings for heating and powers

–          Performed work like repairing transformers, electrical generators, motors with other electricians

–          Performed the task of troubleshooting for some of the equipment in the company

–          Assisted the manager to prepare monthly report about the operation of the department


Electrician MEP Company

2007 – 2009

–          Maintained the accuracy of inventory record

–          Confirmed the proper operation of different electrical equipment

–          Assisted the other electricians to identify the malfunction of particular equipment

–          Attended training sessions about the use of new equipment

–          Assisted other colleagues to learn the use of some new equipment


Educational background

High Diploma in Electrical Science,CMSSchool




Available upon request


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hypertension and stroke

                                                                         stroke, sometimes called a “brain attack,” occurs when blood flow to an area in the brain is compromised results in the brain cells, deprived of the oxygen and glucose needed to survive and finally die  If not caught early, permanent brain damage can result. People who have high blood pressure are 4 to 6 times   more chances of stroke. Over time, hypertension leads to atherosclerosis and hardening of the large arteries. This, in turn, leads to blockage and weakening of the walls of small blood vessels in the brain, causing them to balloon and burst and leads to hemorrhage.

High blood pressure, is characterized by a persistent increase in this pressure, even when a person is at rest. High blood pressure is also the most important risk factor for stroke  and the leading cause of disability. If left untreated, this “silent killer,” as high blood pressure is often called, is a primary cause not only of stroke, but also of  coronary heart diseases, heart failure, kidney disease, and blindness. 

 Blood pressure is the amount of force that blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels as it travels through the circulatory system. Blood does not travel in a steady flow but is propelled through the blood vessels with the force of every heartbeat. Each time the heart contracts—known as systole—blood pressure rises as more blood is forced through the arteries. Every systole is followed by a moment of relaxation, called diastole, when blood pressure drops as the heart refills with blood and rests before its next contraction. Because pressure in the arteries rises and falls with each heartbeat,  Therefore, if the  blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg, this means having systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg and a diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg.

People below the age of 65 with pre-hypertension were nearly 68% more likely to have a stroke compared to those with normal blood pressure.pre-hypertension is a risk factor for stroke,” which often lead to hypertension, which can damage and weaken artery walls.The strain hypertension places on all the  blood vessels makes them weaken and predisposes them to damage. Once blood vessels weaken they are more likely to block.  This can cause an ischemic stroke and also cause  hemorrhagic strokes when a blood vessel in the brain bursts and blood leaks into the brain.


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Doctor cover letter

                                                                                      Doctor  cover letter

With medical sector growing rapidly, there is a need for more doctors in various health care organizations and hospitals. The growing demand made more number of doctors to look forward to enhance their career opportunities with some of the reputed health care clinics. If you are a doctor and looking for a good opportunity then it is always recommended to approach recruiters with the help of cover letter which is often found the best way to deal with employers.

Particularly when you are searching for a job, it is very important to mention all the experience, various skills and milestones in a short and sweet format and by following cover letter you achieve it successfully. A cover letter is the best letter to accompany your resume when you are applying for the post. Since most of the recruiters will not have enough time to go through your resume in detail, it is very essential to mention all the important points through a cover letter. A best cover letter is the one that shows your interest and enthusiasm to the employer. Always write a letter according to the requirement.

Here are some tips to write the best doctors cover letter possible

  • Divide the entire cover letter into opening paragraph, body and closing paragraph.

  • Address letter to the right person in the organization

  • After mentioning your name and address, in the following opening paragraph state how you heard about this opening and also explain how you can meet the requirement effectively

  • The cover should be simple, appropriate and precise

  • Highlight your professional experience, major achievements and any other specialties. All this information should be present in the body of the cover letter.

  • In the final closing paragraph, request for the possible interview call and don’t forget to thank him.

Doctors cover letter example

Dear Mr. Patria,

I am writing this letter with respect to the ad posted on one of the national news papers for the post of ‘Expert Physician’. I strongly believe my experience, ability, intense desire and expertise best matches with your requirement. I am basically a Diploma holder in Internal Medicine and worked for about 9 years in both clinical as well as hospital settings.

My experience, education and training have provided me best platform to apply for this challenging post. In my 9 years of experience I worked for couple of health care clinics where I largely supported and treated low income patients. Throughout my career I have been exposed to different types of disease states where I used by experience and skills to cure the disease at the earliest possible. In addition I also worked as House Physician upon on the request.

I would take this opportunity to pose my self the desire candidate for the post stated. I am looking forward to hear from you at the earliest possible and thanks for spending your valuable time in reading this letter.


Angela Mathews

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QA technician



How to Become a QA Technician?


The role of QA technician is to perform tests on various products and he is also responsible for maintaining the better quality of products. Therefore you can say that the role of quality control technician is very important. These technicians are very important part of companies and industries. You should know that most of the companies offer the job for quality assurance technician and the candidates should have a bachelor degree in technical field. The experience is also important because most of the companies prefer experienced people. The main responsibility of quality assurance technician is to ensure better quality of product in various fields. The responsibility of quality assurance technicians is different from quality control technicians. The main responsibility of a quality technician is to find or locate the source of error. Therefore quality control technician should not confuse with quality assurance technician.


If you want to become a QA technician then you should keep some important things in your mind because it is very necessary for you. The first important thing is that you should get a degree of technician. The bachelor degree in the technical field is better for this purpose. Without a degree it is impossible to become a quality control technician therefore it is necessary for you to have a bachelor degree in technical field. For this purpose you should get admission in any famous technical institutes. There are present a large no of technical institutes in the whole world. It is better to select a famous and reputed institute for this purpose. Before admission you should confirm that whether the institute is affiliated or not. Only degree of technical field is not enough for this job instead you should try to have experience of some years because it is very necessary for you. Companies mostly prefer experienced candidates.


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Speed up recruitment

Speed up recruitment

Consultancy and Recruitment is one of the most time consuming work. When there is any requirement , generally a race starts among many consultancy companies and recruiters to find candidates. It is very important to find and submit resumes to clients or to managers.
Sometimes , managing this task is also challenging.

Jobisite helps many recruiters to ease out these tasks. Many virtual assistants post their service gigs in jobisite which are very
affordable. These gigs are generally for few bucks.

Check out all gigs at jobisite.

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Amitriptyline Side Effects

Amitriptyline Side Effects

Antidepressants are mainly used in curing depression. Amitriptyline is also one of the medications used for treating depression, migraines and neuropathic pain. The medication is usually given before going to bed and it helps make patients feel better.

Amitriptyline acts by blocking neurotransmitter reabsorption. The drug is also prescribed to curb chronic pain symptoms. It is very heavy and therefore like every other drug is susceptible to side effects. The side effects of amitriptyline range from very serious to less worrying ones. The adverse effects of this antidepressant drug must cause a patient to panic and it is advisable that the drug is only taken after doctor’s recommendation.

The common and less serious side effects of amitriptyline include a dry mouth, drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness and dizziness while standing. Dizziness is generally caused by low blood pressure. If symptoms like dizziness show up, then the best thing would be to slowly rise up from your bed while rising up from a sitting or a lying one. Having a dry mouth is also not something to panic for. This can be combated by sucking on ice cubes or sugarless candies. Constipation can be controlled by taking a diet rich in fiber and consuming a lot of fluids.

Other less serious side effects of amitriptyline consist of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and not feeling hungry. These side effects can be curtailed easily. Blurred visions, nightmares and hallucinations are also some of the side effects and they are normal if they occur within limits. However, when these side effects go to extreme levels, then it becomes mandatory to seek physician’s advice. It rarely happens though because the drugs when they are prescribed by doctors, the benefits outweigh the side effects. Blurred vision and headaches are also quite common. It is recommended that the user must not exert himself or herself too much while under the influence of this drug. If a patient is suffering from diabetes, then he or she might experience erratic changes in blood sugar levels. There are increased risks that the person might fall due to weak muscular coordination and tiredness, also the side effects of amitriptyline. One more major side effect that individuals generally complain about is decreased sexual vigour or difficulty in orgasm.

The serious side effects are palpitations, chest pain, pounding heart rate, pain in arm and shoulders and acute numbness on one side of the body. If seizures occur at an ever-increasing rate, then it is risky. Persistent heart burn and shaking are also some of the side effects. Skin rashes, severe bruising and muscle weakness. At times, there might be some problems regarding urination too. It might become less frequent or sometimes you will not urinate at all. Breast swelling might become one of the prominent side effects in men and women. One last side effect is restless movement in eyes, jaws and tongue.

The situation becomes unbearable when the side effects displayed by this drug get uncontrollable. The serious side effects of amitriptyline require immediate attention and must not be delayed at any cost.


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Serpentine asbestos

Serpentine asbestos
Serpentine is green and sometimes white, and occurs only in metamorphic rocks.
There are three main serpentine minerals:
– antigorite
– chrysotile
All are generally green from a significant iron content replacing the magnesium; other metals may include Al, Mn, Ni and Zn, and silicon may be partly replaced by Fe and Al.
Serpentine rock is subjected to high pressures and fairly low temperatures.
The coastal region of northern California is largely made of serpentinite.
White serpentine asbestos has been used in virtually every product from wall insulation and pipe lagging to automotive brake linings and fire suits. Recent legislation in the U.S. was introduced to ban new uses of asbestos in 2007 and phase out asbestos completely by 2016; however, there are still some 3500 asbestos-containing products on the market. In addition, the Canadian, Russian and Chinese asbestos industries continue to produce hundreds of thousands of tons every year, most of which is exported to developing countries.
Properties of serpentine asbestos :
Chemical formula : (Mg)2–3(Si)2O5(OH)4,
Color : White, yellow, green, gray, brown, black, purple; sometimes multicolored, especially green and yellow.
Crystal System : Monoclinic
Transparency :Translucent to opaque. Rarely transparent.
Luster: Greasy, waxy, or silky
Tenacity :Brittle. Fibrous Serpentine is flexible and elastic.

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Electricians interview questions

Electricians interview questions


There are a lot of Electricians interview questions that you would encounter when you apply for the job. Therefore, you should find the right help so you could prepare them easily.


Question 1: What lamp is that?

When the interviewer asks you this question, you would usually be given the lamp. Then, you would need to explain the information about this lamp. For example, you could tell the model of it and the function of it. You could also mention information like the price of it if you know.


Question 2: How many years have you worked in this industry?

Usually, you can direct them to read your resume. If they do not have resume in their hand, you could try to tell them the number of years and the position of you in the previous employers. If you have worked for a long period of time, you should have worked for different projects as different job titles.


Question 3: What is the failure that you have encountered in this job?

You need to tell the thing honestly. If you have suffered a lot in a previous project you need to tell and share the experience. Of course, you are expected to mention that you have learnt something from the failure or otherwise you could not show that you have grown from the mistakes.


Question 4: Are you honest?

If you say that you are not an honest person it is likely that you would not be hired. However, you should add something in addition to mentioning that you are honest. For example, you would need to explain why you think so.


Question 5: Why do you want to work in this field?

If you previously studied some programs which are not related to electricians, it is likely that you would be asked this question.


Question 6: If your co-worker has negative feedback towards you, what would you do?

You do not need to afraid of telling the real action that you would take. But normally you could answer things like you would communicate with them continuously and understand the whole issue before taking further action.


Question 7: How much do you know about the current industry?

You just need to tell everything you know about the industry now so as to show that you are up to date.


Question 8: How to resolve the conflict between colleagues?

If you work in the management level, you need to deal with conflict so you need to tell your steps for dealing with these conflicts.


Question 9: Can you tell me about yourself?

You need to grab the one minute time to introduce yourself well and let them have the interest to ask you follow up questions.


Question 10: Do you have any reference from your previous employer?

If yes, you can let them know and put some of the reference letters for them to read. If you have attached the letters in the previous resume submission, you can remind your interviewer for that.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/02/2012

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Need A Website?

You need a web site but don’t know where to begin?

You want to grow your business and looking for a good affordable website.
Now getting a website is made so simple, you just need to tell about your business and audience and your website with your own .com name along with your email is ready.
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You definitely need a website and then host your own blog. Its very simple and reliable
Need a Website
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So whether you need your first website developed, or would like to redesign and improve your current website, give us a call at 1-401-415-5761 or  email us at [email protected]  You need a Website NOW.

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Key selling points cover letter

Key selling points cover letter

When it comes to cover letter, you need to be very careful about it. Through this letter, you will be able to describe your abilities, your thoughts as well as your experience. So, it is of utmost importance that you do it right. Here are some tips to help you with the building of an awesome cover letter

Select the type of cover letter

First of all you need to select the type of letter that you are ready to write. Once selected you will find it a bit difficult to write it for the first time. In this case, you can try out the templates that are designed for this purpose. If you are not sure of what to write, the templates can be extremely helpful.


The salutation is that part of the letter where you address the person who you are writing the letter for. Be sure to include the correct salutation as the wrong one will create a bad impression of you.

Format of the letter

Your cover letter should follow a specific format that is followed by all business letters. Go through them so that you know how to express your ideas in a business- like procedure. Also etiquette needs to be maintained while writing the letter. Try and maintain that format, though you might always add something of your own that is unique in nature.

Include keywords

When it comes to cover letters and describing yourself professionally, you should include the keywords which describe you in a way which is precise, professional and perfect. This also helps out your employers who need not go through a long description to know what your specialties are. On the other hand, you will be benefitted in the sense that you need not type long sentences while describing you. Only one or two words can be used to do that.

Opening and closing of the letter

The way you start and end your cover letter matters the most when it comes to professionalism, It should be strong enough and it should appear from the letter that your are confident, smart and know what needs to be done. However, while you are writing do not just brag about yourself as it is really bad to do so. Keep in mind to keep one idea confined to one paragraph. When you divide things in to paragraph, it becomes easy for the reader to accept your concept and understand you as well as your abilities. This is what we use cover letter for.

Also keep in mind that the English should be perfect and easy to read. Do not use too hard words that even you do not understand. Grammatical mistakes and the typos are a strict no when it comes to cover letters. Check and read twice before you submit your letter because often it happens that we do not recognize our mistakes in the first chance.

Keeping all these points in mind, you are now ready to prepare your first cover letter. All the best.


Article publié pour la première fois le 08/10/2013

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Signs and Symptoms of a stroke in dogs

Signs and Symptoms of a  stroke in dogs

Dog stroke symptoms usually appear suddenly and are very different than stroke symptoms in humans. In humans, a drooping face and paralysis on one side of the body is common, this is not common in dogs  Symptoms vary based on the location of the stroke.

Canine stroke symptoms often include:

* tilting of head to the side
*  Loss of  balance, moving in circles and falling over
* whenever call they turn to the wrong way.
* eating out of  one side of the food bowl
* confusion seizure, depression is there
* lethargy/acting tired
* loss of bladder and bowel control
* loss of sight or blindness  occur
* sudden behavioral changes

* lack of coordination

*  Weakness

* Stupor

* disorientation

* Inappropriate urination

* Coma


Severe strokes have additional symptoms such as:

* heart arrhythmia
* collapse

*  house soiling and falling are common

* vomiting regularly

* If the dog is suffering from heat stroke, then it pants heavily and at times, he will  also collapse.

The best treatments for dog stroke is to maintain a healthy           lifestyle, prevent and control the disease from causing more damage to the brain in the future.The prognosis for dog is based on the length of survival of the stroke. Dogs that survive for several days can have a good prognosis and recovery.  The extent of the recovery depends, however, on the degree of the damage to the brain. The long-term outlook depends upon identifying, eliminating or at least controlling the underlying cause of the condition.  If the dog receives proper treatment without any delay, it can recover completely within weeks and can live a healthy life.


    Article publié pour la première fois le 04/10/2011

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    Satellite Direct Software

    Since the development of information technology is more and more rapid in recent decades, there are a lot of programs which are designed for people to enjoy various services through the internet. It would not be difficult for them to find the information such as satellite direct software in the market in recent years.

    Whenever you try to find information related to satellite direct software, you probably would find that there are many people supporting this kind of software. When you want to use these programs to enjoy the television or other entertainments, you should try to understand how to select the programs well so that you can enjoy using them.

    First of all, you need to select the right provider of the programs. Some of the programs or software in the market would not be very useful and it is difficult for you to watch many channels when you use those programs or software. Therefore, you need to search online for a list of reliable programs for satellite TV software. Satellite direct software would be one of the reliable programs that you can choose because it is recognized by many users and it uses the advanced technology to process the signals received so as to generate the programs that you really love watching.

    You will find that satellite direct software is poplar and there are many companies or individuals which want to simulate the success of it. Therefore, you can find that there are many programs which claim that you can watch television programs overseas after paying for the programs. But they might not be the reliable ones. Therefore, only the satellite direct software should be trusted indeed.

    If you are interested in enjoying the services like satellite direct software, you should try to ask the questions in your mind and purchase after you have resolved all the questions. Some people complain about the quality of the software because they did not understand how the software works. Therefore, they would find that there is a gap between their expectation and the reality and they would make the complaint. But this is clearly not something responsible and you should try to avoid doing this because you are wasting your time. Therefore, you are advised to ask the customer support team the questions that you have so that you can have a better understanding while you purchase the services.

    When you have any problems related to the operation of the satellite direct software, you should also try to find the help from the customer support team. There are many services that you can use in order to watch the television programs well. Usually, people fail in watching the programs because they cannot identify the right set of configurations. Therefore, the best thing that they can do would be to look for the right configurations through the help from the customer or technical support team.

    As long as you try to find the information about satellite direct software and learn before you hire the services, you would not be disappointed and you can use it to have wonderful entertainment.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/07/2011

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    how long should a cover letter be

    how long should a cover letter be    Usually we write a cover letter now a days to get a job as you know cover letter   provides some extra information related to an person applying for job.Some people  thought that writing a big cover letter may help them in gettinga job instead of   others but this is not true.Your cover letter may be brief but should include   relevant information related to you.We usually think that a 2 or 3 paged cover  letter may impress the interviewer but the fact is that no interviewer has enough  time to read a whole cover letter of 2 or 3 pages.He just want to know about additional   information related to you and it depends on you how smartly you prepare you cover letter   and present it in front of your interviewer.Try to keep it short hardly of one page not   more than one usually a cover letter has some of your good qualities and all of the   experience you had gained if you were working with some organisation.Besides this try to  make it attractive because sometimes a n interviewer get obessed while reading information   on a cover letter so if a cover letter with some different looks will be in front of his eyes   he might feel frsh or have a clear look at your cover letter in his mind and may suggest yor  name to the manager while looking for other good options at the company.So, try to make a different  and small cover letter.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 29/10/2015

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    Fool Proof Dental Marketing Strategies

    When you are running a dental practice, attending to your patients is just one thing on your to-do list. Most of the time, you’ll be racking your brain for different ways to market your practice to prospects and existing patients, alike. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to marketing your practice but there are some universal principles which you can turn to.

    Know what you want.

    When trying to come up with a new marketing strategy, you need to be specific with the goals that you want to achieve. For instance, how many new patients do you expect to have after you launch this campaign and what kind of services do you wish for them to avail of? Setting your expectations right is crucial because this will allow you to calibrate your campaign accordingly.

    Make your patients your prime priority.

    This does not have to be mentioned, but sadly it is often overlooked. There are a lot of reasons why dentists fall short when it comes to taking care of their patients. The recent recession may make them more focused on improving their productivity rather than helping out the patients which they have left. But there are two kinds of marketing – external and internal. You do not just market your practice with the help of ads and billboards but also by satisfying your current patients. Your patients will talk and this can help boost your practice’s productivity through word of mouth marketing.

    Help rather than sell.

    People do not like it when you aggressively sell them something. This is why patients and prospects are often repelled by old car salesman-like speeches. On the other hand, people respond positively when you mean to help them rather than sell to and earn profits out of them. This is why when you’re trying to offer a solution to your patients’ and prospects’ dental woes, help them by presenting a genuinely helpful solution rather than focusing on making a deal. This way, your patients and prospects will learn to trust you.

    Make your patients your partners.

    Don’t be ashamed to ask help from your patients especially the ones who have been loyal to you through the years. Word of mouth marketing is still here to stay, and there are no other people you can rely on to spread the word about your practice other than your patients. So when you feel that they were extremely happy with your service, ask them to refer you to their family members and friends so that you can also help them out just like you’ve done so with them.

    I hope you find my guest post informative. I write about Websites for Dentists and Dental Marketing Solutions. Your interest appreciated, Elliot Pearson dentist websites

    Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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    Build your career as an IT professional in USA IT jobs

    want IT job in usa

    Scope of IT jobs in USA

    Information & Technology is one of the world’s leading sectors that have been providing
    employment since many years. Well, when the topic comes about IT, then how can
    we forget USA, which attracts huge number of immigrants in the field of information
    technology in a single year? One can find plenty of opportunities in USA. However, USA
    is counted among the top economies in the whole world and leads other countries in
    many ways. In usa it jobs, there has been a steep increase in the growth of employment.
    Moreover, in the field like Java, Oracle, UNIX, and SAP, you should be an expert.

    Finding usa it jobs

    The IT market is not only the fastest growing but also the most advanced industries in USA.
    There are different types of information technology jobs available in USA but you should
    be a professional expert in the respective fields. A developer and programmer role is most
    expected in this job. However, analyst jobs and project manager jobs are also in great

    How to apply for usa it jobs?

    In USA, you require both a resume and a CV. Generally, you will have your qualifications,
    education and personal experiences in your one page resume, which will prove your ability
    for a particular post. But CV will consist of three pages that will include your complete
    statement highlighting the professional, academic activities and qualifications. It is also
    necessary that you must present your documents in a personalized covering letter.

    Living in the USA

    You can rent a house for your accommodation that will apply the normal prices. Well, some
    apartments also provide 6months, 3 months and 1 year lease. IN some apartments, you
    have to pay the security deposit to the owners and if the apartment is in the same stage as
    per the agreement then you will be paid back.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 05/02/2013

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    Autism and its causes

    Autism is a result  of  neurological disorder that  affects the normal brain function and leads to delay in the development of many basic skills like–

    1) Ability to socialize

    2) Form relationships with others

    3) Proper communication

    In autism there is intellectual and behavioral disabilities. With autism the different areas of the brain  fails to work together . In autism the child do not  reach the developmental milestones like crawling, Saying the first word etc on time. They are generally slow learners or having low IQ. No two people with autism  will have exactly  same symptoms. Therefore autism also called as Spectrum Disorder.


    Autism is a neurological disorder but the cause is unknown. Genetic component indicates the strongest component but environmental , metabolic or immunological factors  also lead to the development of disorder.

    1) Genetic cause–

    There is no single gene responsible for autism, but there are different genes that combined together and increase  the risk of autism. Autism tend to run in families, so may be  related to inherit.

    2) Other causes–

    Autism also linked to  some medical conditions like-

    a) Metabolic disorders( untreated phenylketonuria)

    b) Congenital infections( rubella, toxoplasmosis)

    c) Development brain abnormalities ( microcephaly,cerebral dysgenesis)

    d) neurological disorders affected after birth ( bacterial menengitis) .

    Other theories also plays an important role..

    __ It is suggested that body’s immune system produce antibodies that attack the brains of children and lead to autism.

    __ Sometime abnormalities  in brain structures also cause autistic behavior in children.

    __ Autistic children  have  abnormal timing of  growth of their brains. In early childhood the brain grows faster and larger than the normal children, but later when normal children’s brain get bigger but autistic child brain grows slowly.

    __ There is no such evidence that shows vaccine can  cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder. Childhood vaccines cause autism especially measlesautism  mumps, rubella vaccine. Speculation is that a preservative used in vaccines, “Thimerosol” is responsible for  increase in autism cases.

    __ Emotional trauma also plays an important  role. It is believed that early age  emotional trauma especially  bad parents  was blame but this theory was rejected.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 14/03/2013

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    Interview with James Goldsmith -explained benefits of becoming tutor

    Top 3 Benefits Of Becoming A Tutor

    Are you in search for a new way to take advantage of your math skills while earning some nice extra income on the side? Do you have a good academic background or prior experience in teaching? If you answered yes to both questions, then becoming a math tutor could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

    A young designer smiling while his team has a meeting in the background


    We asked James Goldsmith of the following are the top 3 reasons why you may want to tutor as a part time job and a way to boost your career:

    1. Supplement your income.

    One of the biggest advantages to becoming a private tutor is that you can earn a lot of extra cash whether you have a full-time job or still studying. Indeed, countless university students turn to tutoring as a way to fund their education while also benefiting from valuable work experience. There are plenty of opportunities to make money as a private tutor, whether you’re already working full-time, looking for a part-time job to kill your empty hours or even considering tutoring to become your full-time career.

    What’s more, you benefit from immense flexibility as a private tutor. You can choose to work how little and how often you want. In turn, this gives you better control over how much you earn. This can prove helpful in cases that call for additional money such as when your monthly bills suddenly increase. Tutoring for a few extra hours can help you settle the bills with relative ease.


    1. Get to choose your working hours.

    In most jobs, you are forced to work for a set period of time. But when tutoring, your schedule largely depends on your work hours and the availability of your tutees. There’s no need to work 40 hours a week if don’t have to. You can even take a week off if need be. Your schedule depends totally on you. You can have complete control over the amount of work you take. However, many tutors still choose to work several hours as this helps build their rapport and entice more students to hire them.

    Most tutoring sessions are set after school hours when it’s term-time. In most cases, students prefer being tutored at home. For this reason, tutoring sessions almost always happen from 3PM onward. This gives you enough time to make adjustments to your schedule if you have other commitments. You may also choose to tutor during the weekends, especially if you have nothing better to do. The demand for tutoring services tends to go down when it’s the holiday season. However, this should deter you from seeking tutoring positions as there are still a lot of parents who look for this service for their kids even when there are no classes.

    You may also want to consider becoming an online tutor. This gives you additional flexibility since you won’t be limited to students in the same location as you. Online tutoring eliminates the barriers of location and time zones. You can have the opportunity of tutoring a student from another country. And all you need are your skills, a computer and a stable internet connection.


    1. Utilize your field of expertise.

    Many students finish their studies and take a job that may be completely unrelated to their degree. If you are unable to find any job in which you can make use of your subject knowledge, then you may consider becoming a tutor instead. This also presents an excellent opportunity for university students to apply the things they’ve learned from school and avoid forgetting them during long breaks.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 28/05/2016

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    How to write a report

    How to write a report

    A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper, and needs to be clear and well-structured, which may contain:

    • the record of a sequence of events
    • interpretation of the significance of these events or facts
    • evaluation of the facts or results of research presented
    • discussion of the outcomes of a decision or course of action
    • conclusions
    • recommendations

    Part 1 Selecting your Topic

    1. Understand the assignment. If your teacher, professor, or boss gave your guidelines for your report, make sure you read them (and reread them). What is the assignment asking of you? Generally if you are writing a report for an elementary, middle or high school class, you will be asked to present a topic without inserting your opinion. Other assignments might ask you to persuade your audience about a certain way of perceiving your topic, or analyze a topic. Ask your teacher about any questions you might have as soon as possible.
    2. Choose a topic that interests you. Use the following questions to help generate topic ideas.
    • Do you have a strong opinion on a current social or political controversy?
    • Did you read or see a news story recently that has piqued your interest or made you angry or anxious?
    • Do you have a personal issue, problem or interest that you would like to know more about?
    • Do you have a research paper due for a class this semester?
    • Is there an aspect of a class that you are interested in learning more about?
    1. Focus on Your Topic.
    • Choose a broad topic based on the requirements of your assignment and your own interests.
    • Quickly read up on the broad topic to find the issues and controversies.
    • Now choose your focus tactic.
    • Remember that a topic will be more difficult to research if it is:
    • Very locally confined
    • Very recent
    • Broadly interdisciplinary
    • Too “Popular”
    1. Be Flexible. It is common to modify your topic during the research process. You can never be sure of what you may find. You may find too much and need to narrow your focus, or too little and need to broaden your focus. This is a normal part of the research process. When researching, you may not wish to change your topic, but you may decide that some other aspect of the topic is more interesting or manageable.

    Keep in mind the assigned length of the research paper, project, bibliography or other research assignment. Be aware of the depth of coverage needed and the due date.

    Part 2 Researching your topic

    1. Research your topic. Divide the work into a number of tasks, develop a schedule that leaves lots of time for revision, and stick to your schedule. Choose a topic that interests you. Define it as precisely as you can before beginning your research, but be prepared to modify, adapt, and revise it as you research and write your paper.
    2. Finding Sources. Finding books and articles for your research can be quite a challenge – especially if you’ve not yet familiarized yourself with the library and its resources. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at the library’s Resources by Subject, on the library home page. These resources include advice regarding the key resources (both print and electronic) in a subject area, written by reference librarians.

    Librarians are available to help you no matter what you’re looking for. Check the Reference and Research page, and ask a Librarian for help

    1. Summarize Your Sources. Before you attempt to use a source in your paper, you need to be sure that you understand it. The best way to make sure that you understand a source is to summarize it. In summarizing, you accomplish a few things.

    First, summarizing a source requires you to put this argument in your own language. Some of your sources might use language that puzzles you. When you summarize, you are in a sense translating an argument into language that you understand and can work with.

    Summarizing also enables you to see if there is any aspect of the argument that you don’t understand. If you find yourself stumbling as you attempt to summarize, go back to the original source for clarity.

    Summarizing also allows you to restate an argument in terms that are relevant to your paper. Most texts that you encounter are very complex and offer several ideas for consideration. Some of these ideas will be relevant to your topic; others will not.

    Summarizing can help you in the organization process. If you’ve used ten sources in a research project, you’ve probably taken a lot of notes and have gathered several quotations for your paper. This can amount to pages and pages of text.

    1. Make Your Sources Work for You. Beginning students often make one grave mistake when they write their first academic papers: overwhelmed by what their sources have to say, they permit their papers to crumble under the weight of scholarly opinion. They end up writing not an informed argument of their own, but a rehash of what has already been said on a topic. The paper might be informative. It might also be competently written. But it does not fulfill the requirements of a good academic paper. We have said it before and we will say it again: a good academic paper must be analytical. It must be critical. It must be a well-crafted, persuasive, informed argument.

    Part 3 Writing your Report

    1. Executive Summary. The executive summary or abstract, for a scientific report, is a brief summary of the contents. It’s worth writing this last, when you know the key points to draw out. It should be no more than half a page to a page in length. Remember the executive summary is designed to give busy ‘executives’ a quick summary of the contents of the report.
    2. The introduction sets out what you plan to say and provides a brief summary of the problem under discussion. It should also touch briefly on your conclusions. Your intro is where you introduce your topic and state your thesis. Your intro should be engaging but not corny–the goal should be to hook the reader so that they want to read the rest of your report. You should provide some background information on your topic and then state your thesis so that the reader knows what the report is going to be about.
    3. Report Main Body. You should split it into sections using numbered sub-headings relating to themes or areas for consideration. For each theme, you should aim to set out clearly and concisely the main issue under discussion and any areas of difficulty or disagreement. It may also include experimental results. All the information that you present should be related back to the brief and the precise subject under discussion.
    4. Conclusions and Recommendations. The conclusion sets out what inferences you draw from the information, including any experimental results. It may include recommendations, or these may be included in a separate section.

    Part 3 Finalizing Your Report

    1. Read through your report from an outsider’s perspective. Does the point you are trying to make come across clearly? Does all of your evidence support your thesis? If you were someone reading your report for the first time, would you feel like you understood the topic after reading the report?
    2. Disseminating the final report. Having a second pair of eyes can be helpful to make sure your point is clear and your writing doesn’t sound awkward. Ask your helper, do you understand what I am saying in my report? Is there anything you think I should take out or add? Is there anything you would change?
    3. Supporting the implementation of recommendations made in the final report. Recommendations made in the report are implemented in a timely fashion. The recommendations should include specific timelines and deliverables. It may be useful if reviewers prepare a budget listing the main activities that need to be implemented. Each activity should be specific, achievable and linked to output or process indicators. Estimates of the additional resources required to implement the activities (that is, the funding gap), and possible sources of funding, must be highlighted.













    Article publié pour la première fois le 30/12/2016

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    Career Advice Become A marketing Manager

    There are many different avenues you may follow when it comes to choosing a career. This will depend on what your strengths are and where your passion lies. In this article we look at how to become a marketing manager and discuss some steps to help you along the way. Whether you are just starting out and have just finished school or you would like to embark on a new career path, becoming a marketing manager may be for you.

    The opportunities in marketing and what becoming a marketing manager entails

    Our society has become an incredibly consumer driven one and brands, their products and companies need to be marketing in an efficient manner. That is where becoming a marketing director comes in. Becoming a marketing manager means finding and facilitating a customer base for a specific company. A marketing manager together with other people in the company will make sure the marketing plan and roll out plan is sound and has an impact. The downfall of becoming a marketing manager is the long hours, the  travel and having to acquire many years experience. The up side, if you have a passion for marketing and are good at your job, you could enjoy much success and a high salary.

    Steps to take in how to become a marketing manager

    1. You should start off on your career to become a marketing manager by acquiring the right education. The minimum education requirement is a bachelor’s of arts and then specializing in Marketing or business. Some companies may require an MBA.

    2. The importance of interning at a specific company is high. This can be done while you are studying and then you will complete a longer internship at the end of your studies. This will enable you with much knowledge and real life experience and will look favorable on your resume.

    3. You will need to spend some time in the lower levels and junior positions and work your way up. All this essential experience will benefit you in the long run in becoming a marketing specialist.

    4. You should be proficient in any means of communication both written and oral so taking courses and seminars will further benefit you.

    5. Show flexibility in terms of relocation as this will show eagerness and will improve your chances at promotion.

    6. Lastly, you should try and participate in management training programs and other courses that will further your knowledge base.

    Good luck in your dreams to become a marketing manager. Work hard, innovate and get all the knowledge you can and you should enjoy much success.



    Jemma Scott is an avid writer of career developments and different career paths. Her interest stems from her time working in commercial property for rent and later in her Office London Bridge.

    Article publié pour la première fois le 23/02/2012

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    How to Start Teaching Math to Kids

    Introducing Children to Math: How to Start Teaching Math to Kids


    As a parent, you are probably aware of the well-known scientific fact that early development of math skills leads to better understanding of complex math principles when the child gets older. It is possible to teach basic math concepts to toddlers, although it is also important to have realistic expectations and to not put the child under too much pressure.

    Math exercises for toddlers

    Children of age 2 to 3 years old can develop basic mathematical skills, such as sorting, comparing and matching objects, shapes and colors. The best way to practice these skills is to work on a group of objects, such as blocks or cutouts in different shapes and colors. Show your children how to organize those objects and encourage them to try to match similar objects.

    Introducing more advanced concepts

    Children, who have learned how to organize objects will move faster to the next stage. Children of age 4 to 5 years old can not only group objects, but also recognize patterns. The best way to practice these skills is to repeat the same sequence of blocks (for example, red – yellow – green) a few times and ask the child to guess which color comes next. 5 year old children can also learn how to count and they are capable of understanding that numbers represent the amount. Most children of this age struggle with the concept of time, so it takes more practical exercises to teach them how to measure, compare and estimate time.

    What’s next?

    As you can see, all these aforementioned skills are very concrete, that’s because it takes quite a lot of time, before a child develops an understanding of abstract concepts. If you want to continue to teach your child practical math skills, before moving to abstract concepts, send your child to a school, which applies Singapore Math curriculum or join one of many Singapore Math conferences to learn how to homeschool your child following the Singapore Math method.

    Link and anchor to include to the article:

    Singapore Math conferences

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    Uses of asbestos

    Uses of asbestos:

    Asbestos has been mined and used commercially in North America since the late 1800’s.
    It had lot of uses and was used in wide range of products.
    It is good for heat and sound insulation’s. Its tensile strength was properly used in roofing and floring.
    Asbestos strengths:
    -fire resistant
    -thermal insulator
    Because of all above properties, asbestos was heavily used in many industries.
    Some of those industries where in asbestos was used are:
    • cements
    • roofing materials
    • floor tiles
    • furnaces and furnace doors
    • Construction mastics & putties
    • Ceiling tiles/panels
    • Gaskets
    • Spray coatings

    uses of asbestos

    • Pipework lagging
    • Loft insulation
    • Ventilation system linings/lagging’s
    • School blackboards

    Despite of so many asbestos uses, there are many health risks associated with asbestos and thats why it got banned.

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    Receptionists interview questions

    Receptionists interview questions


    If you wish to prepare well for an interview, you need to look into the details of some Receptionists interview questions and get prepared.


    Question 1: Why should you be hired?

    This is the key question which allows you to demonstrate your ability and strengths. You would need to tell the interviewer that you have some unique strengths and skills which can fit you for the job as a receptionist.


    Question 2: Do you think teamwork is important in the job of receptionist?

    Usually, the answer should be yes. It is because it is impossible for the receptionists to forward the calls and appointments without cooperating in a team with other secretaries or other staff of the company.


    Question 3: What computer skills do you have?

    You should have stated the information in the resume and you just need to state them again verbally and give some elaborations on some programs or computer skills which are not common.


    Question 4: Which company did you work before?

    Again, the information should have been stated in resume. You are expected to tell the reason why you quitted the job and tell the comparison between the previous company and the one that you are applying for.


    Question 5: Tell me an example that you helped somebody else.

    This question is not specific to the work. You can give any type of real world example to support your argument and you can give a good impression to the interviewers if you tell something interesting.


    Question 6: Describe a job that you think is the most demanding in your life.

    You have to prepare this question in advance to ensure that the job is not too easy. If you think that it is the most demanding in your life but it is actually very basic from the receptionist perspective, you would not be hired.


    Question 7: Describe a decision that you are proud of making it up till now.

    Usually, you need to quote some of the experiences in your previous work and describe your role in that event. You need to tell the unique thing that you have done and the change of the outcome due to your good decision.


    Question 8: How would you reduce stress?

    Conflict management and stress management is important for people who have to deal with clients all the time, such as receptionists. Therefore, the question aims at asking you the ability to reduce stress well.


    Question 9: How would you learn from this job?

    Sometimes, it is hard to find fun from the job as a receptionist. Therefore, you have to answer the question well to show that you can find fun from the job and you would not leave the job so easily.


    Question 10: What is the appropriate working hour in your mind?

    You should read the advertisement about the job recruitment in advance and find the working hour required by the job. Then, you can fit yourself into this requirement. This would be the question which tests whether you understand the basic work requirement.


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    Interesting facts about jaundice

    Interesting facts about jaundice

    Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes. During pregnancy, the mother’s liver removes bilirubin for the baby, but after birth the baby’s liver must remove the bilirubin

    . In some babies, the liver might not be developed enough to efficiently get rid of bilirubin. When too much bilirubin builds up in a new baby’s body, the skin and whites of the eyes might look yellow and this yellow coloring is called jaundice.Jaundice usually goes away without treatment. most of the newborns will have normal jaundice ,one day or more after birth. Jaundice that usually appears within the first 24 hours of life, or after the first week, is not considered normal.Abnormal jaundice may be caused by the baby’s blood type (ABO or RH factor incompatibility) or one of many other causes. The yellow color is first seen in the eyes and head, then it moves down the baby’s body. A blood test is usually done if the yellow is seen below the baby’s chest. As bilirubin is flushed from the body through the stool, jaundice may persist until a baby experiences more regular bowel movements; this typically happens between the first 5 and 10 days of life

    jaundice can be easily seen in in fair-skinned infants . It can be seen by taking baby into a well-lit room, applying gentle pressure to chest, and looking for a yellowish skin as the pressure subsides. This technique may not work on children with darker skin, so in that case jaundice can be seen in their gums(yellowing of gums). When severe jaundice leaves untreated , it can cause a condition called kernicterus. Kernicterus is a type of brain damage that can result from high levels of bilirubin in a baby’s blood. It can cause athetoid cerebral palsy and hearing loss. Kernicterus also causes problems with vision and teeth and sometimes can cause intellectual disabilities. A blood test is usually done if the yellow is seen below the baby’s chest. feeding every 1-3 hours with breast milk is important so the bowel movements can pass the bilirubin.Phototherapy (light) with a special lamp or lighted blanket may be used . The high-intensity lights used during phototherapy break down bilirubin into, less toxic substance that is easier to flush from the body.Baby needs to stay in light therapy at all times except during feeding.. Only breast milk helps pass bilirubin. Make sure baby has at least three bowel movements and 4-5 wet diapers a day. Severe, abnormal jaundice may require baby to have a blood transfusion.Frequent feeding can help prevent severe jaundice. A breastfed baby needs to nurse every one to three hours (at least eight to 12 times a day).

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      Important Questions to Ask of Any Potential Employer

      Important Questions to Ask of Any Potential Employer

      At the end of every job interview comes the dreaded question, “Do you have any questions for me?” If you hope to score the position, your answer better not be, “No.” Not asking any questions shows a lack of enthusiasm and drive on your part. You want to show your potential employer that you’re interested and you’re engaged. You should ask two questions at the very least, so think of them beforehand so you’re prepared. If you need some inspiration, here are some important questions you should ask of any potential employer.

      Why is this position open?
      This is a very clever question to ask during your interview, and it’s a great one. The answer will help you learn more about the company itself. Did someone just retire after working there for thirty years? Or did the last employee quit after just a few weeks? They might not tell you everything, but how your interviewers answer this question can say a lot.

      How do you determine success in this position?
      Asking this question will help you get an idea of how your job performance will be measured, such as by tangible results or performance reviews. It will also give you some insight into what your potential boss expect would expect from you.

      Can you describe your ideal candidate?
      This question will help you learn the qualities and values that are most important to your potential boss and the company. You’ll find out exactly what they’re looking for. Then, you can show them you’re it.

      Where is this company going in the next five years?
      Just as a potential employer might wonder about you’re long-term goals, it’s a good idea to ask about the future of the company you might be working for. Do they envision a lot of growth in the future? Are there any special projects or plans coming up soon? This will help give you more information as to whether or not it’s a company you want to grow with, too.

      What do you enjoy most and least about working here?
      Hopefully these questions will give you some insight into the culture and atmosphere of the workplace. How your interviewer responds to these questions will tell you a lot about the company, and it will help you get a better feel for how you might fit with it.

      Do you have any hesitations about hiring me?
      If you’re really hoping to get the job, this is a question that will help you. If your interviewer has any reservations about hiring you and lets you know, it’s a great opportunity for you to address them. For example, you might be able to clear up a misunderstanding or provide additional information, that without it could have cost you the job.

      What would a typical day in my position be like?
      This question will help you get a better sense of exactly what your role in the company would be. It might help you better envision what the job would really be like, and if you really want it.


      Maddie Sharp is an experienced HR Professional. Using her favorite grammar checker, she creates articles to help you get hired. When she travels, she takes a global sim card to stay connected.

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