Treatment of stroke

Treatment of stroke  Treatment depend on whether the stroke is caused by a blood clot (ischemic) or by bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic) . The damage caused by a stroke often occurs within the first few hours. Faster we receive treatment, lesser damage will occur Treatment focuses on restoring blood flow for an ischemic stroke or controlling bleeding for a hemorrhagic stroke.  Treatment of ischemis stroke depends upon the cause and location of the clot.following treatment should be given  1) usually IV fluids should be given in order to prevent dehydration 2) oxygen should be given so that brain get maximum amount of it. 3) Blood pressure control: . Many different medications can be used to lower the blood pressure including pills, nitroglycerin paste, or IV injections. In case of acute stroke given a clot-dissolving medicine called tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), which can increase chances of survival and recovery. such medicine works with the body's own chemicals and helps to dissolve the blockage in the blood vessel in the brain that may cause stroke. It is the same drug that is often used to treat heart attacks. . At some hospitals, clot-busting drugs are given through a small catheter , through an IV, is threaded up into the neck and into the artery where there is a blockage. This treatment can potentially be used up to 6 hours after onset of stroke symptoms.  Hemorrhagic stroke  If the bleeding is due to a ruptured aneurysm, surgery should be done to repair the aneurysm. Repair may include:  a) Using a metal clip to clamp off the aneurysm to prevent renewed bleeding.  b) Endovascular coil embolization In this we Insert a small coil into the aneurysm to block it off .  c) In some cases, medicines may be given to control blood pressure, brain swelling,blood sugar level , fever, and seizures.  d) If a large amount of bleeding has occurred , surgery should be done in order to remove the clot from the brain and decrease the pressure inside it.  e) Changes in lifestyle will also be an important part of our treatment to reduce the risk of having another stroke:  PREVENTION OF STROKE  1)Smoking should be avoided  2)Alcohol should be limited  3)Weight should be under control  4)Exercise should be done. Walking is very beneficial  5) Eat balanced diet that is low in cholesterol, saturated fats, and salt  6) Treat high cholesterol with diet and exercise and then medication to reduce the risk of stroke  7) increase risk for stroke and may cause the formation of artery- narrowing plaque.  8) In people with certain irregular heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation the use of blood thinners such as warfarian has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.  9) Diabetes should be under control.  10) Vision problems should be maintained  After a stroke, some people have problems seeing to one side. For example, people with right-sided paralysis may have difficulty seeing to the right. After a stroke some people have problems seeing to one side. For example, people with left-sided paralysis may have difficulty seeing to the left. If the problem is due to a loss of vision, most people learn to adjust by turning their head toward their affected side..

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Pharmacists resume objectives

Pharmacists resume objectives


Whenever you try to find a job, you would need to prepare a resume. There could hardly be an exemption indeed. Therefore, you should understand clearly about the jobs of pharmacists that you are applying for and write a good resume to impress the recruiters. If you do not know the way to make the good resume, there would be tips here for you to prepare.


One of the most important sections in the resume that you have to include would probably be the resume objective section. In this section, you would introduce yourself and you would explain the motivation behind your application. This is the key thing that the recruiters would look at. When you work as pharmacists, you actually have acquired certain types of qualification. Therefore, every applicant should have obtained those qualifications and there is not a chance for recruiters to distinguish between these applicants by simply looking at the qualification or work experience. Therefore, they would prefer to look at the resume objectives first.


They would use this to distinguish the good applicants from the bad ones. If you have prepared well for the application and if you really treasure the position of the job, you would not make mistakes in introducing yourself and the job that you are running for in the resume objectives section. If you are lazy and you do simple copy and paste work when you write the resume, you may show that you are applying for the position which actually does not exist in the company.


Here are some examples of the resume objectives that you can consider using.


–          To run for the position of pharmacists in a research firm which is willing to take up new challenges in the medical field

–          To apply for the job of senior pharmacists and lead a team of aspiring pharmacists in an international firm

–          To apply for the position in an international medical firm and work as a pharmacists to help with the development of new drugs

–          To use the expertise to work as pharmacists in a local hospital which is willing to take care of patients well


One of the hints that you can find from the examples mentioned above is that there would be ways for you to show the job that you are applying for. If recruiters know that you have written the job title wrongly, they would doubt whether you have prepared well for job application. If you choose not to include the job title in the application resume objectives, the recruiters would again doubt whether you really know the position that you are applying for. Therefore, you have to make sure that you state the name of the job that you are applying for clearly in that part. Otherwise, it would not be easy for you to impress the recruiters.


In conclusion, Pharmacists resume objectives could be prepared easily if you know the rule of the game. Therefore, you should not give up in writing the good objectives for the resume.



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Affordable Website design services

Affordable Website design services.

For small businesses it is very important to have a good professional website. If business is looking for an initial website or to say a nice small presence then a 5-6 website with a blog will work.


Again its very important to have a website.

If you are looking for affordable solutions or designers then Jobisite can help you in this. Many freelancers wants to build their portfolio and  they offer their services for very less money.

Some of the best website design service gigs from Jobisite

1) web design and build a website for you

Price: $85 | Duration : 6 days 
I will design and build a website . I can build it by html/css.Html/CSS static website…

2) microwebsite-veryaffordable

Price: $75 | Duration : 6 days 
2-3 micro website- very affordable.I am a web designer and have created many micro business websites.I can create a 2-3 page simple and professional website for your business….

3)Professional website with shopping cart

Price: $199 | Duration : 10 days
Professional website with shopping cart .I am a web designer having more than 8+ years of experience in designing professional and eCommerce websites…

4) Create website

Price: $125 | Duration : 5 days 
As webmaster and web designer, I will create a web page design for your personal or business needs…

5) first class custom web design
Price: $499 | Duration : 10 days 
We specialize in first class custom web design services including web development, Content Management Systems and fully featured ecommerce solutions. Let us build your website to suit your business or personal needs…

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H-1 B visa sponsorship

Sponsored Visa to stay and work in US

H-1 B visa sponsorship by companies in the US is now very common. Professionals from foreign countries who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specialized field like IT, medicine, science or engineering are eligible for the sponsorship. The employees who have obtained the H-1B visa can stay in US and work legally up to three years after which if required the visa can be renewed for another three years. The petition for obtaining H-1 B visa is to be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee.


The company that provides the H-1 B visa sponsorship should first of all file the LCA (Labor Condition Application) with the Department of Labor in the US. By way of filing the LCA the company agrees that by hiring a worker under the H-1 B visa from another country, the workers who are citizens of US will not be affected adversely.apply for H-1 B visa


 Conditions for becoming a sponsor

The company which sponsors H-1 B visa has to agree through the LCA that the hired employee will be paid the prevailing salary for the particular job, the employee will be provided the same benefits that are enjoyed by other workers who are in the same job, the working conditions of other employees will not be affected negatively and there is no labor dispute or stoppage of work at the time of hiring the employee from another country.


The H-1 B visa sponsorship by a company should have the approval from the USCIS after determining that the sponsoring company is established in the proper way and that the company has sufficient cash flow to provide the prevailing wage to the hired employee. While it is easy for large companies to get the approval from USCIS, the startup companies who sponsor for H-1 B visa should furnish sufficient evidence of their income, normally in the form of venture capital. The companies in US can provide H-1 B visa sponsorship only for the professions that come under the category of H-1 B professions. All the major H-1 B professions can be viewed here. The sponsoring US company has to pay the visa processing fees to the USCIS. Because of the various factors that are involved in the H-1 B visa application process no company or H-1 B visa service firm can guarantee the H-1 B job or the H-1 B visa.

There are many service firms that offer professional assistance to the sponsoring companies to get their petition for H-1 B visa approved. These service firms provide tailored assistance according to the preferences and requirements of the individual customers.


Complete Professional Assistance

The customers who require the fastest results from their efforts to secure H-1 B visa sponsorship can opt for Complete Professional Assistance by the H-1 B visa service firms. Those who avail the complete professional assistance will be provided with the service of a personal visa sponsorship counselor as well as a career advisor.

They will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process to obtain the visa sponsorship. The service firm will also provide resume improvement service also to ensure that the customer has a perfect resume thereby improving his chances to get the sponsorship jobs.

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Student Jobs

Advice Before You Start Looking For Student Jobs

While you head to university to get your degree you also look forward to earn something. This income supports you while you are earning and make you feel independent. There are a number of student jobs available in the market, but while you seek them consider the following.


Match your timings firstStudent Jobs

As a student your first consideration should be your studies. You should never neglect it and make sure that you are getting enough knowledge from the course undertaken by you. Hence, while you look for student jobs make sure that the timings suit your study times. You must be regular to your classes. If you cannot attend your classes for doing the job then think twice before you start the job.


Remember that as a student your first preference is completing your studies and thus choose a job that can be done during free hours.


Look for something that adds to experience

When you start looking for student jobs you will find that there are a number of them. You can seek any one of them but you must be careful to choose. This is because if you are an account student then tries to get such job where you learn practical things about accounts. It will help you when you actually start looking for jobs. This experience will be counted then when you appear for your first job interview.

On the other hand if you look for a normal job that pays well you may not show that in your future. So, look for jobs that relates to your field.


Do not over emphasize on money

While working as student, most students forget why they are attending university. When they start earning they feel that they have done something! Its true earning has its own charisma but do not let your income make you feel satisfied. You must be prepared to face the reality that you need to complete the course.




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H-1 B visa companies

Serving the Clients Who Want to Obtain H-1 B Visa

H-1 B visa is a non-immigrant visa which is issued by the US government. When companies in the US employ workers from other countries for short time assignments or temporary jobs, the workers have to obtain the H-1 B visa. The workers who apply for H-1 B visa must have technical qualifications in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, science or engineering. The H-1 B visa is issued only for specialty jobs and the professionals who apply for this non-immigrant visa must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject. The H-1 B visa companies help the applicants to apply for the visa and also to fix the dates for the visa interviews in the nearest consulate of US. Once the petition submitted by the worker is approved, the applicant can appear for the H-1 B visa interview.

The H-1 B visa companies offer guidance and assistants to the applicants for attending the interviews. On successful completion of the interview, the H-1 B stamping will be provided on the passport of the worker.


Service with a commitment

The H-1 B visa companies will explain to the applicants the requirements for applying for the H-1 visa. The company staff will ensure that the worker is eligible for H-1 B visa. They will check whether the profile of the applicant matches to each and every requirement of the H-1 B visa application. The company staff will also ensure that the worker is in a specialty occupation and he is already employed by the petitioning US company for a temporary job or a short-term assignment.

The personnel who are employed by the H-1 B visa companies are highly responsible and they will be very friendly as well as cordial to the clients. They assist the clients throughout the documentation work and also give useful tips for completing the visa interviews successfully. All the staff members of these companies will be very supportive and the clients can contact them over the phone or email when they require any information regarding their application for H-1 B visa.


Support throughout the process

The H-1 B visa companies provide all services related to H-1 B visa. Those who have obtained the H-1 B visa can work in the US and stay there along with spouse and children. Once the visa is granted, the worker can collect his passport from the OFC centre within 5 working days. After paying the visa application fee, the staff of the visa company will help the applicants to book online the two appointments for visa interview. The visa companies provide full service to the clients throughout the H-1 B visa process.


They provide the checklist of documents that are required to apply for H-1 B visa and help the clients to complete the application process in the proper way. They will assist the clients to fill up the forms, complete the documentation and file the visa petition. The representatives of the visa companies will follow up with the US consulate and update the clients about the H-1 B visa process. The companies also offer other services including Air Port pick up, accommodation and relocation.




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Learning Through Play – Is It The Most Successful Teaching Method?

All studies show that during first 8 years of their lives children learn the most and develop some of the most crucial abilities. It is also a well known fact that the skills and knowledge gained during the first 8 years of life is most solid, abiding and fundamental for developing other, more advanced experiences. These facts caught the attention of many experts in education, who looked for the most optimal way the children absorb new experiences and turn them into solid knowledge. They discovered that learning through play is the natural way, in which children acquire new knowledge and skills. These studies changed the way we perceive children’s play and brought the question: can similar method be used also at more advanced levels of education?

The benefits of learning through play

Early learning of children is a complex, not yet fully understood process: what seems to be simple children play is in fact an exercise, which develops physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Children learn the most through operations on concrete objects and they develop abstract thinking by experiencing the concrete objects and observing certain regularities, as it happens naturally during play. Instead of focusing on passive tasks, children, who learn through play can develop abilities these passive tasks do not induce, for example the ability to cooperate with peers, to solve problems in a creative manner, to learn how to express one’s emotions in a socially acceptable ways.

In other words, learning through play is a more holistic and all-comprehensive process than passive learning – instead of completing only the arbitrarily chosen tasks, the children are able to develop various abilities, also these, which are not the main goal of the task. No wonder that learning through play is preferred by children and perceived as fun, stress-free activity.

Can learning through play be used at more advanced levels of education?

This brings us to the question is learning through play the perfect method for teaching everything? Unfortunately no. Learning through play in its simplest form is a method of developing practical abilities, but it does not teach the children facts. To do that a solid portion of theory and factual knowledge has to be incorporated into learning through play. Certain education methods, such as HighScope or the Montessori Method, prove that this combination is possible and provide curricula based on learning through play approach and adjusted to the requirements of the elementary school system. In both these methods the children are encouraged to take control over the process of educating, while the teacher’s role is to facilitate and observe the learning process, instead of giving it an arbitrary shape. Learning through play method applied to mathematics can also bring surprisingly good results.

Singapore Math is a math curriculum inspired by learning through play. According to this method the students learn all math concepts on concrete and pictorial representations, before they move to the abstract stage. The method is focused on developing problem solving attitude in students, who often work in groups and solve math problems together. Singapore Math method is first introduced in elementary schools, but it can be continued also in middle and high school, providing outstanding results.

To sum it up, learning through play is a surprisingly effective, welcomed by children method, which assumes more holistic perspective on education. It is the natural way, through which we all learn, and it involves many different skills and abilities. While the method has its limitations it can be easily combined with theoretical knowledge and adapted to more advanced levels of education, providing very good results.

This article is authored by by Irene Kovalyova: professional blogger, SMM and inboung marketing evangelist working for iSingaporeMath project about Singapore math teaching method.

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Example of resume

Example of resume

Preparing a Powerful Resume

The resume that describes the qualifications, work experience and skills of the candidate in such a way so as to project him as a unique candidate is considered as the best example of resume. A powerful resume will not fail to grab the attention of the employer and make him to call the candidate for an interview. The purpose of the resume should be to highlight the special kills and other outstanding accomplishments of the applicant. After going through the resume the employer should realize that the particular candidate is the exact match to the post for which the applications were invited. It is very important to organize the resume in proper sections.Example of resume

The applicant should ensure that each section is expressive, informative and impressive. For those who are preparing the resume for the first time it is advisable to first go through an example of resume and learn how to write each section. The format of a resume can be either chronological or functional. If the candidate has a long history of work experience and a long list of skills, a combined format will be ideal.


Customizing the resume

Prior to preparing the resume, the applicant may go through an example of resume which was written for the particular job in the particular industry. The resume which is professionally written is more impressive as well as effective. When the hiring official is impressed with the resume it will be easier for the candidate to get selected for the job. The resume that really helps the candidate to win the job must contain the details of work experience in the relevant industry, the educational qualifications and the details of certifications that illustrate the special skills of the candidate. While following an example of resume one should keep in mind that the particular details in the resume are bound to vary according to the industry and the position for which the application is made. The candidate has to add the various components in the resume after considering the needs and preferences of the prospective employer, the previous experience of the candidate and the relevant skills that he or she possesses.

Sections in the resume

One has to understand from the example of resume that the basic sections of all resumes are almost the same in spite of all the variables. While making the plan for the resume the candidate may ensure to include the following sections in it.

  • A summary of the entire content
  • Details of educational qualifications
  • Details of relevant work experience and other work experience
  • Details of certifications/specializations

While designing the sections the candidate may also decide the resume format also – chronological or functional or hybrid.

Tips to make the resume more impressive

  1. Include two or three short phrases
  2. Mention name of the applicant and contact details at the top
  3. In the work-experience section, mention the present job or your latest job first
  4. Abstain from using pronouns like “I” and “Me”

The applicant should use his resume to showcase his talent and skills. The skills and talents that are listed in the resume must be relevant to the job description provided by the employer. The resume must contain keywords taken from the job posting and while preparing the resume one should be as specific as possible instead of going for generalization. Information is to be provided by relevance and in case the applicant has any irrelevant skill, the same should appear only at the bottom of the skills section.


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QA analyst



Responsibilities of a QA Analyst


Do you know about QA analyst? It is called software quality analyst and it is responsible for applying various type of principles of software quality assurance. The role of a software quality analyst is very important and it is similar to the software testing role. There are many responsibilities of a quality analyst but some important tasks of quality analyst are followings. It is very necessary for QA analyst to join various meetings related to the QMS management. Similarly it is also a duty of an analyst to approve the various QMS documents. Therefore you can say that the role of a quality analyst is very important for a company. Quality assurance analyst always handles various matters related to the management. A quality assurance analyst should be responsible and hardworking so that he can achieve the targets easily. The important duty of a quality assurance analyst is to identify the deficiencies in the products. Quality analyst should perform the testing of several products. It is necessary for an analyst to remove the chance of error before the release of a product.


It is very necessary to remove the chance of error before the release of a product. There are many ways to eliminate the chance of error but the important method is testing of products. You can perform quality testing for this purpose. Therefore it is also a responsibility of QA analyst to eliminate the chance of error in the product or software. You can say that the job of quality assurance analyst is not easy to perform. The progress of a company is directly associated with the performance of a quality assurance analyst. Therefore a quality assurance analyst should be responsible and experience so that he can perform his job in a better way. The quality analyst is an important part of any company.


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Employment services

Placement Agencies – helping companies as well as job seekers

The employment services facilitate matching of employment opportunities with deserving candidates. These companies serve the organizations that require manpower and job seekers who are in search of their first employment and also others who are in search of new jobs. Many companies rely on the placement agencies to fill up the vacancies instead of advertising on newspapers and accordingly the placement agencies screen the candidates who have already registered with them. Job seekers approach the employment services and seek their help to find out suitable jobs for them. These service firms always maintain a database of job seekers.


After the initial screening the placement agency will ask the short-listed candidates to schedule their interview with the client company and after the interview the client company will select the best candidates for the jobs. The placement agencies inform the job seekers about the job vacancies that are suitable to them and also enable them to contact the right companies for jobs.

Role of the placement companies

The employment services have the bridging role between the client companies and the job seekers. The job seekers will be interacting with the placement agency during the recruitment process. The placement agencies appoint placement consultants who have excellent communication skills. The consultants are able to identify the competent candidates for the particular job.

Employment services

The employment services will inform the candidates the job requirements, the responsibilities and the remuneration offered by the employer. The agency will follow up with the client company as well as the candidates regarding the outcome of the interview. The success of the placement services depends on their ability to match the job seekers with suitable jobs. The companies use the service of the placement agency to speed up as well as simplify the recruitment process. By way of helping the companies to find good workers the placement agencies enable the job seekers to find good job.

Helping job seekers in many ways

The employment services offer various tools for the job seekers to search for suitable jobs. These agencies show them the doors that are opened which they may not be able find out otherwise. Moreover, these companies enable the job seekers to try for jobs in different companies as well as different industries. Besides helping job seekers to get full-time jobs, these service firms also help others who search for temporary jobs or part-time jobs. Many among the placement services offer free training in software programs and various computer skills.


Those who successfully complete the training programs can make their resumes more attractive and increase the chances for getting interview call letters. The staffing agencies provide the client companies skilled workers either on contract basis or on temporary basis. These recruiting agencies also provide information to job seekers about “temp to perm” job opportunities which are temporary jobs that are likely to be made permanent positions if the worker could impress the employer.

Recruiting agencies are in fact great resources for job seekers. The job seekers come to know about numerous job opportunities through these agencies though they cannot guarantee jobs to those who approach them. It is highly advisable for job seekers to find out a recruiting agency which can help them to get absorbed for the best job.



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Cover letter example for housekeeper


                    Cover letter example for housekeeper


Working people needs a housekeeper who can maintain their house. If anyone lives single he/she requires a housekeeper who can take care of his/her home, wash their clothes, and cook food for them. All these things are necessary for working people. To manage office and home together becomes difficult and it can affect the work. Overloading of work can spoil the health. So to reduce the stress one always likes to divide work. Housekeeper not only helps in work but also maintain the home. For the family, if father and mother both are working, on that time they feel the need of housekeeper who can take care of their children, can give them food time to time. A lady housekeeper is better than man housekeeper as lady is having more ability to manage the work and taking care of children. But if one is not getting the lady housekeeper they can keep man housekeeper as they are also skilled in this field. Before keeping housekeeper all the background profile should be known by family. So that it should not risky to leave children or home in the hand of any stranger. It is more preferable to keep only those housekeepers; you get with your close reference.


Dear sir/madam,


I am Jennie smith. After seeing your requirement in newspaper I thought that I can manage this work. I am having 5 years experience in this field. I did work in offices, large companies and number of houses. As per this job profile I can do cooking can make different regions food can wash clothes .dusting, washing utensils will be the part of my job. In my job also vacuuming, cleaning basins and toilets included. To do cleaning of floor, windows, and doors regularly will be my work. I used to give value to things in homes it is my duty to take care of your valuable things, like I will not let the children scratch on the wall, take care of crystal and breakable things.’ .I will use the utensils with proper care so that any scratch will not occur. I will take care of your children as I am also a mother. My timing of job will depend upon your preferences. I am punctual and I give value to time as it is very precious for everyone. You can set the time according to your requirement can come in morning after 7 0’clock and before 8 P.M I will return to my home. Weekly I will take only one leave, which will be on Sundays. If there will be nay health related problems or any complex situations I will take 2 leave more leaving Sundays’ will try to give full attention to your children so there is no worry about them. If you want to know my job background then you can check my references and check them as per your satisfaction. I am sure that you will get a positive reply from those. If you are looking for a hardworking, trustworthy and honest housekeeper then you can contact me anytime.


Thank you for giving your precious time.


Truly yours


Jennie smith


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Visual Web Developer


Visual Web Developer’s importance


There are various different types of web development tools that have been widely used by web developers during the past several years, but Visual Web Developer Express is the freeware that has attracted many web developers and is widely in use. This tool provides developers with the ability to evaluate web development and editing capabilities of the previous versions of Visual Studio 2008 without any extra costs. The main and most important function of the tools is creation of ASP.NET websites. The WYSIWYG interface is not the only interesting feature in it, drag and drop, advanced HTML code editing, database explorers, and support for web tech as well as design-time validation for the standards that include XHTML are other great features.


In the older versions like Visual Studio 2005, there were certain things unavailable, like the Accessibility Checker, creation of Class Library Projects which may be done with the aid of other language-specific Express Editions, support that is required in order to load 3rd party add-ins as well as some other features were missing, but Visual Web Developer Express has got them all under one roof. The web development tool is being extensively used by web developers from different parts of the globe.


A great thing about the 2008 version of the Visual Web Developer Express service pack 1 is that it has the ability to provide support to class library and Web Application projects, which did not have compatibility with the 2005 version of the tool. The thing that pushes this version backwards is that the ability to create self-developed sites is not included in this edition of the software. Anyhow, an overall view of the Visual Web Developer Express shows that it has been widely in use by web developers and if this product would not have been made, then the face of the web would have been different.


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Speed up recruitment

Speed up recruitment

Consultancy and Recruitment is one of the most time consuming work. When there is any requirement , generally a race starts among many consultancy companies and recruiters to find candidates. It is very important to find and submit resumes to clients or to managers.
Sometimes , managing this task is also challenging.

Jobisite helps many recruiters to ease out these tasks. Many virtual assistants post their service gigs in jobisite which are very
affordable. These gigs are generally for few bucks.

Check out all gigs at jobisite.

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scope of work

Sample scope of work


Scope of work is represented as SOW and this refers to an agreement clearly defining what is expected from the new contract.  Actually this deals with a formal document explaining about the work, timelines, deliverables, pricing, milestones, governance terms and conditions, quality requirements, etc. Regardless of whether you are a marketing professional, a software project manager or a government executive, you will be dealing necessarily with the world outside for vendor selection, project contracts, support and sales, customer service and other activities.  Following a sample scope of work helps, even if it is an older SOW of your own company.



The SOW offers both customer and the vendor a clear picture on the requirements to complete a project so that both parties are rightly equipped and define the project aspects correctly. The advantage is that the SOW builds a mutual collaboration between a customer and his vendor.


What is Scope of Work?

(SOW) The Scope of Work is a formal document or agreement specifying the criteria of a contract between a vendor and the customer. It assists in smooth functioning, wherein both parties may prevent unnecessary ambiguities and situations directing to dispute. Going through a sample scope of work will give you clarity on the details and its effectiveness.


Scope of Work Components

Scope of Work document elements:

  • Scope of work
  • Purpose statement or objectives
  • Schedule
  • Price
  • Key Assumptions
  • Acceptance


A good sample scope of work enables an organization to get the best out of a contract. It aims to establish good customer relations, thus earns better respect in the market. It boosts your integrity and reveals your professional approach towards performing business.


Example of Scope of Work document


  1. Objective/Purpose Statement– Company (Name) will offer end-to-end development services to Client (Name) in a mutual environment to fulfill the business objectives of Client (Name). The application should be easy to use and fulfill the marketing requirements of Client.
  2. Scope of Work – Company (Name) will collect requirements, design, analyze, develop, implement, integrate and test the application as per the guidelines and schedules specified in the SOW. There must be a detailed list of processes involved, deliverables, end products, approval and review process.
  3. Schedule – Company (Name) will deliver to Client (Name) the project by (specify the date), providing status reports weekly and updates of the project. Define the task dates of start and finish, timelines to complete each phase of a project and the milestones.
  4. Price – It should define clearly the cost of the project for developing, resource expenses, expenses, pricing assumptions as on fixed-fee or based on the time and materials project, and also the payment terms and schedule.
  5. Key Statements – This refers to defining conditions of the project. For instance, a clear key statement is that delays in receiving approval from the client (Name) will result in delays from the company (Name).
  6. Acceptance – This SOW must outline the requirements of inspection testing, approval process and validation processes, client sign-offs and acceptance.


On preparing the Scope of Work document, review it to see you are not over-committing. Make sure you deliver the objectives as per the schedule, in the estimated budget.

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how to write sales job cover letter

sales cover letter

 how to write sales job cover letter –

sales cover letter

Cover letter is your first impression to the employer, therefore as a sales person you know how important a first impression can be. To become a successful sales person you need commitment and dedication towards the products or for your company. Therefore training, personality and experience plays an important role for sales job to write a cover letter for sales job, certain techniques are required that can be put into letter that grasps the attraction of the recruiter.

Here are some important tips to write a cover letter for sales job.


1)      If you are already held sales position , so this is the best opportunity for you. Try to make impact by simply saying you were one of  the best sales team member in your company. Express sale success rate in numbers. Show increase in profits and sales levels.


2)      Try to collect more information about the company, management, business types and extent of work. This information will help you to write good content for your cover letter.


3)      Mainly focus on your skills and impress the recruiter how your skill exceeds the standard of the company. Refer some of the characteristics of your sales techniques.


4)      Give overview of your education, talents and experiences to become effective sales person.


5)      Share some of your success stories, how you overcame challenge in your previous company. Be clear and provide some examples.


6)      Try to show that you understood your role. Write about your sale tactics by showing that you understand the market.


7)       When you refer your skills, then write why you want to join this company. Try to give examples why you admire the company and what makes you interested to work with the company.


8)      Always close your cover letter with a positive approach for obtaining an interview.


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Multilingual recruitment


Multilingual recruitment  


It is a point where a candidate is recruited to many companies, there are agencies through which these recruitments are been done. The agency keeps in touch with all the companies that enable the process of recruitment through them in search of the right candidate to the right kind of the job. This is the main function of the multilingual recruiters. However, a candidate who does not, pass the firs level of selection in one company jumps to the other by getting recruited to the other companies on the list with the help of these multilingual recruitment agencies. They make their tasks easier of searching a job that fits them and simply places them in the right kind of the stuff meant for them. Today many people prefer this sort of recruitment through the online process instead of going in for a long process of the traditional recruitments.


These are the kind of agencies that have gained momentum in the modern world of today; they have made survival very easy to all the generations, especially to the younger ones, so that they do not get disappointed if one company rejects them as they have the others offering the best to them too. These kind of recruitments build in hope and encourage the talented individual’s towards a bright future, they are more motivated and can move on further in life without wasting their time and tide on a single company only. These functions have placed people in the best of the best companies today; they have been recruited by the online multilingual agencies and are set to be placed in the best companies around the world. This trend is one of the best processes of recruitment itself where candidates are sure of a safe and secure future with the help of those many companies that offer them jobs.


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Rehabilitation and treatment strategy for stroke

Stroke patient may experience very difficulties and barriers to recovery of normal activities . These can take the form of impairments directly caused by the stroke. There are number of different approaches to treatment for patients with stroke.

These include

* Bobath( or normal movement approach)

* motor learning (or motor relearning or movement science)approach

*brunnstrom approach

* Rood approach

*proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

* johnstone technique.

Beside these techniques there are other general methods by which we can decrease the effects of stroke, these are as under:

1) Spasticity

Spasticity referred to as an unusual “tightness” of muscles referred to as an unusual “tightness” of muscles in which there is lack of inhibition from the CNS results in excessive contraction of the muscles, ultimately leading to hyperflexia( increase in reflexes). It can be reduced by neurological physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will use a combination of hands on treatment and exercise therapy to reduce spasticity…

a) Use of ice to decrease spasm and pain.

b) Stretching of muscles through range to relieve stiffness in the joint and surrounding tissues.

c) Exercise to increase muscle strength and functional performance. This may include regular standing and weight bearing.

d) Activity to improve range of movement.

e) Correcting and varying joint position during activities.

f) Hydrotherapy treatment to relieve muscle tension.

2) Gait disorders

It has been seen that treadmill training, particularly with partial(30-40%) body weight support may be effective in re-educating the patient in walking after stroke.

3 )Biofeed back technique

This provides a patient both auditory or visual feed back relating to movement or postures of their body or limbs. Feed back related to body positions for example weight distribution between the legs during standing or while rising to stand is beneficial.

4) Foot drop

Foot drop is inability to raise the foot at ankle joint.AFO”s (ankle foot orthoses) can be prescribed to patients with foot drop following stroke. It may help in maintaining ankle dorsi flexion , reducing spasticity and improves the patterns and safety of gait. Foot drop can also be treated by the use of braces. Exercise therapy to strengthen, that transfer tendons from stronger leg muscle is occasionally performed.

5) Electrical stimulation

In this there is bursts of electrical current to a muscle or a peripheral nerve, to create or assist a voluntary muscle contraction. It thus may improve muscle force, strength and function.

6) Communication skills

Aphasia an acquired impairment of cognitive system for comprehension and formulating language. symptoms such as communication deficit, affecting communication interaction, notably non-verbal communication occur following right hemisphere stroke. The role of speech and language therapist in aphasia include assessment, differentiation of aphasia from other communication difficulties ,advise and education, counselling and direct intervention

Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder affecting clarity of speech, voice quality and volume and over all intelligibility. It may be associated with aphasia. Patient with dysarthria refered to the speech and language therapist.

7) Nutrition and swallowing

Careful assessment of nutritional status and swallowing impairment should be done. Fluid management and routine use of I/V fluids should be early management in stroke. Advise of dieticians should be sought.

8) Urinary/faecal Continence

Anti cholinergic drugs to treat urinary incontinence must be prescribed. Urinary catheter should be used. Indwelling catheter should be used to treat painful urinary retention without delay. once precipitating cause has removed patient care plan should include planned trial without catheter . Regular use of constipating agent and bowel care with enema.

9) Pain

Most commonly patient having musculoskeletal pain and involving the hemiplegics shoulder. Central post stroke pain(CPSP) is characterized by partial or that deficit for thermal/or sharpness sensations. Use of hi-lo Transcutaneous electrical stimulation may help patient. Positive relaxation as an adjuvant therapy should be used

10) Shoulder hemiplegic pain

This problem contributes to poor upper limb recovery, depression, sleeplessness following stroke. Careful handling of affected upper limb along with consistent supporting positioning strategies should be practiced. Electrical stimulation, physical therapy, ultrasound, strapping and support should be used in the management.


11) Falls

Falls are the common features of stroke. Therefore treatment include muscle strengthening and balance retraining programme. Withdrawal of psychotropic medication shows benefit in reducing falls.


12) Pressure ulcer

Pressure ulcers can be prevented by changing the position of the patient regularly, making use of water beds. Positioning of patient is helpful to prevent complications such as contractures, pain, abnormal tone.


13) Depression and emotional liability

Stroke patient with depression should be offered a use of treatment with anti depressant drug therapy.










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Condition characterized by moderate to severe headache and nausea. It is 3 times more common in women than men. The typical migraine headache is unilateral (affecting one half of head), lasting from 4 to 72 hours. Approximately one-third of people who suffer from migraine headache perceive an aura. aura may be transient visual, sensory, language or motor disturbances which means that migraine will soon occur. A migraine headache is a form of vascular headache it is caused by vasodilatation(enlargement of blood vessels) that cause the release of chemicals from the nerve fibres that coil around the large arteries of  brain. Enlargement of these blood vessels stretches the nerves that coil around them and cause nerves to release chemicals. These chemicals cause inflammation., pain and further enlargement of the artery. This increasing enlargement of the arteries magnifies the pain.

Migraine commonly activate the sympathetic nervous system in the body. The sympathetic nervous system thought of as apart of nervous system that controls  and responses to stress and pain and this activation causes symptoms associated  with migraine attacks.



There are different classes of migraine which are given as under…..

1)migraine without Aura/ common migraine

2)migraine with Aura

3)Basilar sporadic migraine

4)retinal migraine


Migraine without Aura/common Aura

It involves migraine headache that are not accompanied by any aura(visual disturbances). Visual disturbances in the form of flashes of white/black lights or formation of zigzag  lines, or sometimes temporary blindness of one eye.


Migraine with Aura

It usually involves migraine headache accompanied by an aura. Less commonly an aura can occur without a headache or with a non-migraine headache. Two other varieties are familial hemiplegics migraine  and sporadic hemiplegics migraine, in which patient has migraine with aura and with motor weakness. If close relative had same type of condition then it is said to be familial hemiplegics migraine.


Basilar sporadic migraine

In this type of migraine, migraine and aura is usually accompanied by difficulty in speaking, vertigo, ringing in ears.


Retinal migraine

It involves migraine headache accompanied by visual disturbances or even temporary blindness on one eye.


Causes of migraine

Causes of migraine include triggers, serotonin, neural.


1)      Triggers


Migraine can be induced by triggers common triggers are stress, hunger, fatigue. Monosodium glutamate is frequently reported as dietary trigger. It also occur around menstruation, other hormonal influences such as menarche, oral contraceptives use, pregnancy, menopause also play an important role.


2)      serotonin


it is a type of transmitter, or communication chemical, which passes message between nerve cells. It helps to control mood, pain sensations, sexual behaviour, sleep as well as dilation and constriction of blood vessels. Lower level of serotonin in brain lead to constriction and dilation of blood vessels which triggers migraine.



When certain nerve or an area of brain become irritated migraine begins,in response to this body release chemical that cause inflammation and further irritation of nerves occur and results in pain.


Signs of migraine

Migraine typically presents with headache, severity of pain, duration and frequency is variable. Four possible phases of migraine occur

a)      prodrome occurs hours or days before headache

b)      aura immediately precedes headache

c)      pain phase/headache phase

d)     postdrome


prodrome phase

it occurs in 40-60% of patients having migraine. It consists of altered mood, irritability, depression , fatigue, yawning, excessive sleepiness, craving for certain food(chocolate), dizziness, stiff muscles especially neck muscles, hot arms, constipation/diarrhoea, increased/decreased urination.


Aura phase

20-30% sufferers experience migraine with aura. They appear gradually over 5-20 minutes and lasts for 60 minutes but sometime delayed up to several hours and can be missing entirely(silent migraine).

Visual aura consist of flashes of white/black, multicoloured lights(photophobia)or formation of dizzling  zig zag lines(scintillating scotoma). Some patients complaints of blurred vision or shimmery or cloudy vision, as they were looking through thick or smoked glasses.

Par aesthesia i.e. feeling of pins and needles experienced in hands and arms as well as in nose mouth area on same side.


Pain/headache phase

During this phase migraine headache is unilateral(one side of head), moderate to start at one side  and become generalized. Pain peaks and then subsides and usually lasts 4-72 hours in children. Frequency of attack is variable from few in life time to several a week. Headache accompanied by nausea(90%)and vomiting. Photophobia(intolerant to bright light), phonophobia(intolerant to loud noise) and osmophobia(fear or hypersensitivity to smell), blurred vision, nasal stuffiness. Diarrhoea or sweating may occur. There may be localized oedema of scalp or face, scalp tenderness, prominence of vein or artery in temple, tenderness of neck, disturbance in mood is common. Extremity tend to fell cold and moist. Sometime light headedness and feeling of faintness may occur.


Postdrome phase



Patient may feel tiredness and have head pain, gastric problems, mood changes and weakness of the body.


Diagnosis of migraine


a)      five or more attacks. For migraine with aura,2 attacks are sufficient

b) 4 hors to 3 days in duration

c) It may be unilateral(affecting half the body), moderate or sever pain in intensity, aggravation by or causing avoidance of routine physical activity

d) Presence of nausea or vomiting or sensitivity to both light and sound.

Migraine can be differentiated from other headache—- there is  extreme painful  headache, unilateral hardly 15 minutes to 3 hours. Onset is rapid.



Treatment of  migraine

Beta blockers mainly propanolol, atenolol and metaprolol. calcium channel blockers mainly amlodipine, flunarazine and verapamil. Anti convulsants like sodium valproate. Tricyclic anti depressants are commonly used. In addition to this nefazodone, amitriptyline commonly used for migraine. Low dose aspirin is beneficial for the occurrence of migraine sometime paracetamol alone or in combination with metaclopromide is given. Dihydroergotamine is also useful to some extent.


Physiotherapy treatment of migraine

Physiotherapy uses mobilization and manipulation of joints and muscles in the neck. Therapist will suggest exercises that will help with muscle function and rehabilitation. Physio employ ultrasound or electrotherapy to ease muscle tension. Another effective treatment used to treat pain is hydrotherapy. It involves the use of water to ease pain. Use of hot water bath and cold water bath is done. Placing your feet in hot water and then put an ice pack or cold cloth on head where the pain is more intense. This stimulates circulation and eases tension in the muscles.


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Cover letter for resume examples for students



Cover letter for resume examples for students

Being a student is easy, but when you are looking for part-time jobs by being a student, that might be a bit tough. You need to express yourself in a professional way and this requires a bit of expertise from your end. You should keep in mind the job you are applying for and also the requirements of the same. Also, your cover letter should be well presented and logical in its outlook. In order to help you understand better, here are some examples to help you understand the process of creating a good cover letter better.



Sample Students Cover letter

Dear (name of the person),

My proven record of successfully performing complex analysis on various organizations makes me an ideal candidate for the Analyst opportunity that you have listed through the ABC News.

According to your specifications, you are looking for someone who possesses leadership qualities, qualitative, reasoning and analytical skills. Last summer I had the opportunity to serve as an intern in First Real Estate Corporation. Thus, I had a fair first- hand experience of all the qualities you are looking for. This process also helped me to gather the qualitative and managerial skills that were required from the coursework.

My ability to work as a team player with other members of the team also contributes to the success of the projects I undertake. Thus, I believe that with these qualities I can definitely apply for internship at your company. I do look forward to discuss the opportunity with you in more details. Let me know when you can schedule a meeting for the same.


(Name of the applicant)




Sample Students Cover letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is in reference to the job requirement published on ABC NEWS regarding the requirement of a summer intern for management. I would like to apply for the required post.

In your requirements you have mentioned that you are looking for a person with leadership qualities. I believe that the summer intern project I completed last year for my coursework will be a perfect match for this. During the project, I visited the State Real Estate Corporation where I worked with the finance group and assisted the staff with their problems. Thus, I played an active role in managing as well as working with the team.

Generally in a project, my communication skills, my logical deductions, my reasoning allows me to interact fluently with my team members, thereby allowing me to solve the issue in a much less time. Other than this, I am good at taking instructions and also good with leadership qualities and managing people.

Hence, I would like to request you to consider my candidature for the same. Please find my detailed resume attached with this cover letter. I would like to discuss this opportunity in detail at a time and venue of your preference. Let me know when I can expect a reply from your end regarding the same. Awaiting your response.


(name of the applicant)


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Common phrases ruining resume

common phrases ruining resume

Common phrases or words that could ruin your resume or CV

      There are so many ways to make a good resume and we may be wonder as which aspect of our CV make good impact. We have mainly 30 seconds to impress the manager, could our CV be failing because it contain full of meaningless phrases or words that put bad impact on our career history. Lets kick some of the phrases;

common phrases ruining resume

1)      I have strong work experience-  Avoid using this phrase on your  CV. Give an example, whenever you got chance to work late in office to meet the demand or going out of your way to get the sale for the company.


2)      I’m self motivated- by self motivated, what you are going to explain that you are motivated enough to get up from bed early morning and day’s work. Avoid  such type of phrases on your resume.


3)      I’m team player- try to avoid , the phrase itself if you can. If you are team player that’s fine but never try to mention that I am team player , who works very well in this group.


4)      I’m detail oriented-It won’t work if you assume it as one of your skill on your resume , don’t expect much.


5)       I have great communication skills- some of users put this as  a piece of terminology in their CV without any real thought of what it means . If you are eagerly to wrote  then try to wrote “ I have skills to wrote documents which reduced customers service call by 50 %”


6)       I’m hard worker- with such type of phrases  on your resume  or CV,  never expect to see your CV into  “ YES “ pile.  In spite of  writing this always try to make why people consider yourself to be hard working people.


7)      I’m responsible for- never make use of such words on your CV . always use numbers to quantify your achievements. For example always written as I achieved 92 % of my sale target rather than I was responsible for achieving  sale targets


8)      Utilized my skills- of course who else  skills would we be using? It’s wiser to use  direct language on your CV.


9)      Problem solving skill- never make use of such type of phrases. Rather than you can explain it by  giving examples in your career, other than it will  irritates the recruiter that who else has problem solving.


10)   Salary  negotiable- if you are going to write such line on your resume that means you waste your time, it looks as you have run out of things to talk about,

if you are going to write this line, that would be somewhat usual.


11) Experience working in-   experience  refers to  something you achieve, it does

Not means something that happens to you , try to refer your achievements.


12) “Objective”-   if you want  to get  job you have applied for, the word “ resume

objective” is replaced by “ career summary”.

13) I like fast paced environment- today’s time all business should be running at

good speed, don’t try to make use of such words or phrases just a waste of

Space on your CV.


14) Reference or request- Recruiters will ask for reference before take you on for

The job. It may be pointless to put it on your resume.


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best job search sites

Excellent Online Resources for Job Search

Today, job opportunities are available in plenty. However, getting the right job under the right employer is indeed a challenging task. The job seekers want to explore all available resources to ensure that they never miss any chance to get a suitable job. Apart from the social networking platforms, the best job search sites enable experienced professionals, fresh job seekers and students who are in search of part-time jobs to find out their best opportunities.


These sites enable them to find out a job that suits to them in all aspects from the internet. The best job search sites enable the job seekers to know about thousands of job opportunities that are available in the job market. Though there are thousands of job websites on the internet, the job seekers prefer to have a list of a few selected sites that ensure to provide reliable as well as the latest information regarding job opportunities.


Being one among the best job search sites, Indeed receives the maximum traffic to the website. This job search site will have thousands of new postings every week and every month this job search site manages not less than one billion job searches. This site allows the users to create their profiles and upload their resumes. The site shows job postings aggregated from company pages, associations and various other listings. The search results are so vast that users have to filter them by job, industry, location or initial salary.

The additional features of this job search site are email alerts, numerous job search plugins and mobile app. This website is very simple and is easy to use also. Many employers also use this job search site to identify potential candidates for various positions in their companies by browsing the resumes that are posted on the site.

Linked In

Though Linked In is a popular social networking site for professionals, now it is also one among the best job search sites. This site provides a free advanced tool for job search as well as crowd sourcing. Employers can post job opportunities that are available in their companies on the online job board of this website so that LinkedIn users can apply for those jobs.

The users who are job seekers can create their personalized resume as their profile in which they can highlight their work experience as well as special skills. Users can invite other Linked In users to join their networks. Once a user is connected with another user he can use the network to make more number of valuable contacts and also establish connections with more number of users.


Craigslist is an excellent resource to search for jobs. Those who want to search for jobs at a particular location can search for the same at their preferred location under different job categories like education, hospitality, government and others.



Jobisite is a free USA job board and getting very popular these days . It has some nice features are recruiters and job seekers  to do job posting and job search



Those who prepare a list of the best job search sites cannot afford to omit “Glassdoor” though it is not a traditional job search engine. In this site the user reviews are compiled and aggregated under a star rating out of five. The users can have the information regarding salary, approval ratings of the CEO and employee recommendation levels.


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Cover Letter Sample for Social Worker

Cover Letter Sample for Social Worker

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am interested in applying for the social worker position that you recently advertised in (Name of website). After reading the job description I believe I would be an ideal candidate for this position as I feel I have the relevant skills and abilities required for the job.

I am currently working as a social worker for Birmingham city council and have over two years of experience of working in a highly pressurized environment and dealing successfully with vulnerable peoples in difficult circumstances. I would also like to point out that I have experience of working irregular hours at a hospice, including evenings, nights and weekends.

It would mutually benefit us if we could meet up for a follow up interview where I can show you some of my work. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,



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Looking to Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company ?

Outsource your IT work to an Indian Company

Indian offshore companies are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What they offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house. Many entrepreneurs from western countries always look for a   good and  reliable Indian offshore company and this helps them to have an upper edge over their competitors with regards to quality and price.

India has become the leader in offshore contracting services (India owns around 80 percent of this market) because of –

  • A highly trained work force
  • Low labor costs
  • Appreciation for software development disciplines
  • A widespread use of the English language
  • High qualification level

Many new entrepreneurs have various questions in their mind regarding indian offshore companies. Some of them are :

  • How to Outsource IT work to an Indian Company without meeting them?
  • How to find contacts of good Indian companies?
  • How to know if this particular  Indian company is really good?

The type of company that you should be looking for really depends on your business.If you are a starter company or a small business, then probably small or new start ups will be a good option for you. These small Indian companies will work closely with you and help you in building your business and they may be more interested in growing you because it will grow themselves in return. You can find these contacts via various social networks like linkedIn, ryze or you can go for word of mouth also. For small startups , I would recommend Zeustek here, we really take our client’s business very seriously and work very close with them. The best part is flexibility of our business models or the way we partner with starter companies giving them more benefits in terms of pricing and delivery models which really helps them to accelerate their growth.

For very bigger companies, I will recommend to for Indian companies which are in business for about 10+ years ,have more than 100+ clients and very big  infrastructure. Look for companies who have worked with few forture 500+ companies and have their own stocks. Also check their balance sheets of last few years.

Why Outsource to Zeustek?

  • High-quality and cost-effective services.
  • Flexible business models.
  • Best Customer satisfaction.
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals.
  • Wide range of services.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Latest software and technologies.

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Techniques deals with hemiplegia in stroke

Techniques  deal with hemiplegia in stroke

Hemiplegia is the term which is mainly  used to describe paralysis of one side of the body. The term can be broken down into “hemi” means “half,” and “plegia,” means paralysis.  The most common cause of hemiplegia is  stroke.   .  After stroke, the next most common cause of hemiplegia in adults is trauma. In hemiplegia one side of the body can become paralyzed or weak after a stroke. One sided paralysis or weakness occurs when a stroke affects the corticospinal tract of one side of the brain. The right side of the brain controls the motor function of the left side of the body. The left side of the brain controls the motor function of the right side of the body. Thus when one side of the brain is damaged, it causes only one side of the body to be affected. There are certain techniques which helps an hemiplegic patient to become mobile  and help to perform their functional activities. These include

a) range of motion

b) orthotics

c) slings

d) positioning

e) strengthening

                                                           Range of Motion – Moving the paralyzed or weak limb or extremity can help  to prevent stiffness and muscle contractures. Range of motion can be passive, active-assistive, or active depending if the extremity or limb can voluntarily produce any movement or if it has to be moved by an external factor such as a caregiver.

                                      Orthotics (Braces) –  sometimes braces may be prescribed  such as wrist and hand orthoses (WHO), elbow brace, or ankle foot orthoses (AFO)  which help  to maintain proper joint alignment and provide support to weak muscles, and prevent contractures.

                             Slings – There are various arm slings that help  to support the arm when subluxation  occurs. Subluxation commonly caused  when the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) has dropped out of the shoulder socket due to weakened ligaments and musculature.

               Positioning – It is important to position the weak arm or leg appropriately. When sitting, one can support the affected arm on a pillow, lapboard.  The leg during sitting should be positioned comfortably without too much rotation at the hip. Try to position the knee where it is facing forward and not out to the side or turned inward. The foot should be flat on the floor or footrest with no rolling of the ankle.

When lying on back, place a pillow by  side (parallel to your body) and place the weak arm out straight on the pillow. If there is edema in the hand,  we can use an extra pillow to elevate the hand to decrease swelling. When lying on  non-affected side, support the weak arm and leg on pillows in front of the body. If lying on the weak side, just make sure the affected shoulder is slightly forward and we are not lying directly on the shoulder joint.

Strengthening – Strengthening and active range of motion exercises can be done with stroke patients who  generaaly have  weakness . Patients with more severe paralysis may have some small individual movements that can be strengthened as well.

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Tetanus(lock jaw)


Tetanus(lock jaw)


Tetanus is a serious bacterial disease that affects the muscles and nerves, which is mainly caused by contamination of wounds from bacteria that live in the soil, in animals and in human intestines. It is mainly caused by bacterium clostridium tetani(tetanus bacteria). The bacteria usually enter the body through a deep cut, or puncture wounds as caused by rusty nails, splinters or insect bite. Burns or any break in the skin are also potential entryways for the bacteria. It is acquired through contact with the environment; it is not spread from person to person.

Tetanus occurs when a wound becomes contaminated with bacterial spores. Infection follows when spores become  activated, multiply and then produce a very strong toxin(poison) called tetanospasmin that affects the muscles.

It is characterized by muscle stiffness that usually  involves the jaw and neck and then involves the other parts of body. Death occur due to breathing difficulties and heart abnormalities. Tetanus more commonly  occur in old people or in agriculture workers who contact with animal manure or in people having improper immunization. also occur in newborn because their mothers are not immunized against tetanus.

Tetanus toxin affect the site of interaction between the nerve and muscle called as neuro muscular  junction. The tetanus toxin amplifies the signals from nerve to the muscle which causes the muscle to tighten up in a continuous contraction. Tetanus toxin can also affect the neonates within first two weeks after the birth and can be associated with poor sanitation methods in caring for the umbilical cord stump of the neonate.


What causes tetanus

Tetanus is often associated with rust, especially rusty nails. The rough surface of rusty metal provides a  primary habitat for C.tetani and nail is to puncture the skin and deliver bacteria into the wound and cause infection in an environment that lacks oxygen. Hence, stepping on a nail(rust or without it)may result in tetanus infection.


Signs and symptoms

tetanus mainly affects the muscles. The incubation period(time between the exposure to the bacteria in a contaminated wound and development of initial symptoms) of tetanus ranges from 2 days to 2 months, but it is commonly within 14 days of injury.

It is estimated that further the injury site is from central nervous system, the longer the incubation period. The shorter the incubation period, the more severe be the symptoms. therefore different forms of tetanus


Generalized tetanus

It is the most common form of tetanus, usually presents with a sign of “lock jaw”(patient is not able to open his mouth), facial spasm followed my stiffness in the neck muscles, difficulty in swallowing. Other symptoms include increased temperature, sweating and elevated blood pressure and episodic rapid heart rate. Spasm(involuntary contraction of group of muscles)may occur frequently and lasts for few minutes.


Neonatal tetanus

It is a form of generalized tetanus occur in newborns, infants who have not acquired immunity because the mother has not been immunized with tetanus toxoid. It usually occurs  through infection of unhealed umbilical stump, particularly when the stump is cut with non-sterile instrument


Local tetanus

It is rare form of tetanus, in which patient has persistent contraction of muscles in the area of injury. Local tetanus is generally mild but sometime it become fatal.


Cephalic tetanus

This is also a rare form of disease, occur most commonly with ear infection in which C. tetani is present in the middle ear, or following injury to the head. In this there is the involvement of cranial nerve , especially in the facial area.


Treatment of tetanus

Treatment is directed towards stopping toxin production and controlling muscle spasm. In more severe cases, breathing assistance with an artificial respiratory machines. An effective vaccine called tetanus toxoid has been available. Adults should get a tetanus shot, or booster, every 10 years

All children should be immunized against tetanus by receiving a series of five DTaP vaccinations(protects from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) which generally started at 2 months of age and completed at 5 years of age. Booster vaccination is recommended at 11 years of age.


Side effect of tetanus immunization

The most frequent side effects are usually mild and include soreness, swelling or redness at the site of injection


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Lawyers cover letter

                                                                                          Lawyers cover letter

With the increase in demand for the legal personnel and lawyers, the professionals in this field are finding ways to impress their recruiters in a best way. One possible way of impressing recruiters is by using cover letters that effectively pose candidates skills and experience. Since the present market is highly competitive there is a need for job seekers to be perfect from all the angles and by writing good cover letter you can achieve that perfectness. A lawyer forms the important part of the society as he is the one who deals with all types legal and law issues and thus helps people to solve the problems as soon as possible.

In general terms a lawyer is the one who works on someone’s behalf to settle his matters legally. If you are a lawyer and looking forward for some attractive job opportunity in a reputed Law firm then it is very important to write a suitable cover letter stating the need perfectly.

A lawyer cover letter should be

  • Concise and precise

  • Systematically structured

  • Well reasoned and convincing

  • Correct both in punctuation and grammar

These days writing cover letters has become a mandatory task because it supplies two important purposes. One is it gives detailed picture of the person’s merit and the other is it highlights the candidate application for the chosen job. While writing cover letter makes sure that you don’t make any sentence mistake as it depicts your professionalism. It should be like a business letter not exceeding more than single page.

With the help of cover letter a law student can make use of his opportunity to differentiate his experience, credentials and attributes from the other job aspirants. A thoughtfully composed, creative and a well written cover letter always help in getting the right job easily.

Lawyers cover letter example

Dear Mr. MacAulay,

I am writing this letter with respect to the ad posted in news paper for the position of Corporate Attorney. I have potential experience in disability Law, insurance Law and commercial litigation. In my career spans over 15 years I have successfully handled hundreds of personal as well as professional litigations. At present I would like to convey my skills and knowledge for your organization.

My litigation background helped me to prepare lot of trails. I am equally good at preparing depositions, arbitration briefs and researching motions. My responsibilities comprise working on behalf of clients in social security groups, disability boards, Medicare and Magistrate courts. I am highly skilled in authoring legal documents, preparing trial exhibits, evidence and interviewing witnesses. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

I am here by stating that I have always committed to the work at the highest level possible thus by utilizing my presentational and communication skills where ever and when ever necessary.

I am expecting reply at the earliest. Thanks for your consideration and time.


Mark B. Brandy

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Causes and Risk factors of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke sometime also known as sun stroke , which is a spectrum of disorders due to environmental heat exposure. It includes minor conditions such as

heat cramps,

heat syncope, and

heat exhaustion as well as the more severe condition known as

heat stroke.

                                   Heat stroke is defined as when the body temperature is greater than 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) due to environmental heat exposure  it is different from fever, in which  there is a physiological increase in the temperature set point of the body.Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia   an abnormally elevated body temperature. heat stroke is a true medical emergency that is often fatal if not properly and promptly treated.  Severe hyperthermia is defined as a body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher.


A number of heat illnesses are there which are given as

  • Heat stroke – a body temperature of greater than 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) due to environmental heat exposure with lack of thermo regulation Symptoms include dry skin, rapid, strong pulse and dizziness.
  • Heat exhaustion –  Can be a precursor of heatstroke; the symptoms include heavy sweating, rapid breathing and a fast, weak pulse.
  • heat syncope
  • Heat edema
  • heat cramps–  which mainly include Muscle pains or spasms that happen during heavy exercise in hot weather.
  • Heat rash –  in which there is Skin irritation from excessive sweating.
  • Heat tetany – Usually results from short periods of stress in intense heat. Symptoms may include hyperventilation, respiratory problems, numbness or tingling, or muscle spasms.


The body normally generates heat as a result of metabolism, and is usually able to dissipate the heat by radiation of heat through the skin or by evaporation of sweat. However, in extreme heat, high humidity, or vigorous physical exertion under the sun, the body may not be able to dissipate the heat and the body temperature rises, sometimes up to 106 F (41.1 C) or higher.

dehydration-. A dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough to dissipate heat, which causes the body temperature to rise.

Substances that inhibit cooling such as  alcohol, caffeine, stimulants,  medications, and age-related physiological changes predispose to heat stroke. Exertional heat stroke can  occur most commonly  in young people without health problems or medications, most often in athletes and military  people.

                                Risk factors of heat stroke

The most  important risk factors  of heat stroke include:

  • infants,
  • the elderly people often associated  with heart diseases  lung diseases, kidney diseases, or who are taking medications that  can cause dehydration and heat stroke
  • athletes,
  • individuals who work outside and physically exert themselves under the sun.

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Tips for effective competency based interview

Competency based interviews are also known as structured or behavioral interviews. This type of interviews mainly focused on the individuals abilities to relate learning experiences or in other words these interviews are used to evaluate the candidates competence. Here  interviewers will  give  a situation  and ask questions  that require candidates to demonstrate  how they will handle the situation . During an interview you have to describe your behavioral and actions in a specific circumstances.  Competency based interviews are the best  and quick way to find the attitude and mind set of the candidates who applied for the job.

Here are some of the important points you have  to remember while  preparing for the competency interview.

1) Shake your hand with confidence and introduce yourself with smile.

2) Be polite. your answers should be concise and to the point.

3) Never confuse while answering to the questions. because  if you are not sure, it will imply that


you are not interested.

4) Try to speak fluently and having  good communication skills.

5) Don’t try to put blame on others or complain about anything.

6)  Do not become aggressive  and behave like a professional.

7) If you have any  past experience  inform the manager about the steps you took as an individual and as a team to  solve the problem and tell about the success you experienced .

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bank jobs

Banking Sector – the provider of the best job opportunities

The banking sector offers a lot of exciting jobs to those who have different backgrounds. The bank jobs are very attractive today because of the high remuneration package as well as job security. Those who take up a career in the banking industry have very bright prospects for career advancement also. For the employees who are dynamic and highly talented, the banking industry assures ample opportunities for career growth as well as improvement of job profiles.

bank jobs

In the bank jobs one can have a lot of choices as well as varieties and the employee can have a profile that suits to his aptitude and interests. The very wide range of job options offered by the banking sector includes Probationary Officer, IT Specialist, Accounts Manager, Financial Analyst and many more. The career in banking industry is highly challenging and those who are well motivated as well as ambitious can keep on climbing up their career ladder. The bank job is highly stimulating – physically as well as intellectually. Since banking is considered as a very crucial part of the economy of a country, those who are employed by the banking industry have the opportunity to contribute towards the economic growth of the country.

Unique advantages

The bank jobs provide the employees the opportunity to serve the country while working for their own livelihood. Those who work in the banks also have the opportunity to stay and work in different parts of the country and a few among them get the chance to work abroad also. Domestic as well as international travel for different purposes is very common in bank jobs.


The banking sector is known for its very attractive remuneration. Moreover, based on individual merit as well as seniority the bank employees are provided bonuses and various other fringe benefits. Today, the banks expect maximum creativity from the employees. The responsibilities of the banks change rapidly as a result of flourishing of the financial sector. With the introduction of mobile banking as well as internet banking and as a result of globalization gaining momentum, the bank employees are expected to be more and more creative.

Customer oriented

Interaction with customers is a significant part of bank jobs. Providing essential service to customers is the main purpose of banks. Hence the banking industry attaches maximum importance to communication and interaction with customers. By way of regular interaction with customers the bank employees get the opportunity to serve different types of people whose needs as well as lifestyles are also different. This experience helps them to improve their skills as well as gain more confidence.

Bright futures

Another attraction of the jobs in the banking sector is that apart from a lucrative job, the banking industry ensures job satisfaction to the employees. Many people opt for jobs in banks and make it their life long career because of the excellent remuneration, job security and job satisfaction. As a result of growth of economy and the financial sector becoming more vibrant, employment opportunities in the banking sector are going to increase.

Privatization of banking sector will facilitate further improvement of the pay package as well as more chances for career advancement. The students who have their graduation in science, arts or commerce are eligible to apply for jobs in the banking sector.


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What Should Be In A Cover Letter


Get To Know What Should Be In A Cover Letter

Any job application entails two most crucial documents a cover letter and a resume. Some employers though also ask for testimonials. A cover letter is the door to your resume, it gives a potential employer the need to open and have a look at your resume and eventually call you for an interview. It is that platform where you enumerate your skills and experience that proves your worth for the job. Therefore, it is imperative for one to know what should be in a cover letter.


One’s Contact details

At the top of the letter should be your contact information, these are the details that the employer will use to contact you hence, ensure that they are correct.


Employer’s details

The designation of the contact person should also follow immediately after your contact details. One should find all the necessary contact information. Correct information means that your letter will land on the right desk.


Appropriate Salutation and Valediction

A professional approach should be maintained therefore, one should use appropriate salutation in the beginning such as “Dear Mr. John Doe” and concludes the letter with valediction like respectfully, regards, sincerely among others.



In case you are making an application through a reference then it is important to mention that reference person in your letter. It gives an edge especially in the shortlisting.


Describe job profile

This should be done in the first paragraph. Provide precise details of the job that you are applying for.


Professional Experience and Additional Skills

Mention key and relevant work experience and skills on the cover letters as this is bound to prove your aptness for the post.


Request the employer to read your resume

Cover letters are mostly sent together with a resume therefore, among the last lines of your cover letter request the employer to find some time to go through your resume which you have enclosed as well.


A cover letter has a great influence on your employment hence, one need to ensure that all that is essential is included.



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Arts jobs

Arts jobs

Career Opportunities in the field of Arts and Culture

In the field of art and culture there are a lot of employment opportunities. Those who have professional qualifications in visual arts, music, dance, crafts, literature, photography, theatre, film, combined arts or interdisciplinary arts are eligible to apply for the arts jobs. Those who are interested to start their career as visual information specialist or exhibits specialists or program analysts can find out adequate job opportunities in museums and art galleries. Graphic art designers and web designers are required by various government departments to maintain the websites of these departments more functional as well as aesthetically beautiful.


Those who are in search of arts jobs are able to find out diverse career opportunities in the large world of arts. There are a lot of temporary job opportunities also in the field of arts. In summer every year, numerous camps are conducted for the development of creative arts. Those who are ready to take up jobs in the camp programs can wait for the announcements regarding appointment of creative arts camp staff and apply for these temporary jobs.Arts jobs


Highly lucrative jobs

Those who have a Bachelors Degree in any one of the arts related subjects like Graphic Design, photography, interior design, Video and Media, Film Production, Radio & TV Production, etc. are eligible to apply for various arts jobs that are highly lucrative and exciting. Lucrative career opportunities await the students who have taken up industrial design, graphic design, studio art or theatre as their major subject for their bachelor’s degree courses in the college.


Those who have their graduation in art can easily advance in their career path and reach the executive positions within a short period. Those who have their bachelor’s degree in media studies can make it to the top positions in the creative services. Those who successfully complete a course in computer programming in addition to the bachelor’s degree in graphic designing can try for hi-tech arts jobs that offer salary in six figures. The most highly paid jobs in the field of arts and culture include the positions such as Senior Fashion Designers, Design Directors and Design Managers.


Career in visual effects animation

The arts degree holders who have expertise in animation as well as multi-media arts can find out exciting arts jobs opportunities in the film industry. After working for some time as animators or other type of artists, these professionals can make their career path in to the field of visual effects.


Whenever special effects are to be inserted into the films, the task will be assigned to the visual effects animators. The visual effects cannot be added to the film during live action shooting. After taking the shots in the studio, the visual effects animators will create various characters through the computer software programs and these characters will be inserted in to the film. The computer created characters will be made to interact with the live action characters. The visual effects make the film more realistic as well as exciting and ensure the success of movies, commercials and TV Shows.


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Recreational Therapist Resume Sample

Recreational Therapist Resume Sample

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional summary


  • Compassionate and skilled therapeutic Recreation specialist who is excellent at gauging recreation needs for people who have varying disability.
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills and works directly with clients to design appropriate recreation programs.
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree in recreation therapy as well as full certification in Therapeutic Recreation from the NCTRC.


Core qualifications


  • Excellent at recreation program design and implementation.
  • Excellent working with people of all disability levels both physical and developmental.
  • Strong understanding of appropriate recreation program design customized according to individual needs.


Professional Experience


Recreational specialist may 2009-may 2010

Name of organization


  • Assessed clients’ needs through review of medical reports discussion with doctors and nurses conducting observation and performing tests.
  • Drafted treatment plans and recreation programs individualized for client needs incorporating client interests.
  • Documented, recorded and monitored client progress.


Recreational Therapist 2008-2009

Name of organization


  • Completed individualized recreation plans for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Supervised recreation aid for natural disaster.
  • Assessed individual client needs and drafted Individualized Treatment Plans ITP.




Bachelor’s degree- Recreational therapy 2008

California pacific university, California




Certification in Therapeutic Recreation from the National council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC)

Download Recreational Therapist Resume Sample.docx

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Internal job posting

Is Internal Job Posting Good For Companies?

The recruitment process indifferent types of companies are different. While some prefers external recruitment some try out internal job posting first. The main aim of  a recruitment is finding the right candidate for any position and whatever method they apply the goal of each recruitment process is to find the best fit for any vacant position.


Internal job posting and its advantages

In internal job posting the recruitment process is open only for those employees who are working in the organization. When any position is found vacant, the human resource department posts vacancies for the employees who are already working in the organization. After qualifying the required test an employee can change their profile within the company.

Internal job posting

There are several advantages of using internal recruitment process.

  • When there is internal recruitment for higher position in any company the employees get motivated. They know that if there is scope of development in the same organization. This makes them give their best while they work.
  • Existing employees have better understanding about the company and its work culture. When someone within the company is promoted through internal job posting they can understand the requirement of the organization better.
  • The loyalty of an employee increases towards the company when they are recruited internally. Hence, it gives the company to work better for the company.

Purposes internal job postings

The different purposes it serves are

  • A manager can be more responsive towards their subordinates as they can discuss their career growth within the Company and motivate them to work.
  • Employees understand the importance of skill acquaintance so that they may get these better positions.
  • Employees try to know about the business processes and work better so that they can appear for these internal job posting.
  • This process of recruitment is less costly compared to external recruitment as here the overall process of getting employees is simple.





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choosing a career

Never Choose Your Career in Haste

Identifying the career which is the most suitable to you is the first step in choosing a career. Instead of blindly following the opinion of other people one has to do the homework and decide about his career. In case a person chooses a wrong career for him the effort that he puts in his job as well as the time he spends for the same will go waste and he cannot be successful in the career. When a person wants to take up a particular job he should ensure that he has the aptitude for the same so that he will find his job quite interesting and as a result he will be able to perform with full involvement.

choosing a career

Prior to choosing a career, it is very important for an individual to learn about himself or herself. If found necessary one can take the advice of a career development professional in order to choose the right career. There are various tools with which one can know about himself in a better way and ultimately that information will help him to choose the best career for him from the list of different types of careers.

Before choosing you career learn about it in detail

Those who have only limited resources may have to find out cost-effective methods for choosing a career. Regularly visiting the nearest public library is the best way to gather information, learn about different types of career and also to find out various career planning services. If a person is a member of the alumni of the local college or University, he or she can approach the career service cell there which will be providing career counseling free of charges or for very low charges.


Even if one has the aptitude and interest for a particular career, he may find the same unsuitable with regard to various other aspects like nature of the job, future outlook, the additional qualifications or training that are required, etc. Hence in order to ensure perfection in choosing a career, one has to learn in detail about each career in the list of careers prepared by him so that he will be able to take an informed decision. Hasty decisions are likely to be destructive.

Avoid preconceived notions

Unless a person has sufficient information about various aspects of a career, he will not be able to come to the conclusion as to whether in the particular career field he will get job satisfaction or not. One cannot get job satisfaction unless he is able to perform his day-to-day duties with interest and involvement. While choosing a career, one should not be under the influence of preconceived notions. When a person wants to know the pros and cons of a particular career he requires either direct personal experience or thorough research prior to getting into that career. The person should not be under the wrong impression that he knows everything pertaining to that particular career.

When a person has a few options regarding his career, he may try to gather more information about each type of career in the list by talking to people who are presently working in the respective fields or who have working experience in the particular fields. This will enable one to take an informed decision and ultimately he will be choosing the best career for him.


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higher paying jobs

Keep an Eye on Your Skills for Getting Higher Paying Jobs

Career opportunities nowadays have changed from what it used to be earlier. Presently if you think that the highest paying jobs include doctors, pilots or chartered accountants you are wrong! Numerous creative fields have also evolved over the year and all of them have some or other options that will pay you highly.


Reasons for variation in pay in every field

In every field whether it is creative or technical there are many opportunities. Thus, whether you are working as a creative person or a technical one you can look for highest paying jobs in your field. There is plentiful reason that has raised the demand for various jobs in every field all over the world.

Like, as the world is now a global village and hence when you become a Graphic designer in UK, you can easily seek work from Mexico or any other place in the world. This is mainly possible because internet has made connectivity easier for people and irrespective of the place you live in you can look for jobs or sell your skills online too!


Advice for getting higher paying jobs

There is no limit to success and the job that seemed highest paying jobs to you today may become less tomorrow. Thus, you must always be in a process so that you can change to a higher paying job. For that the following may help

  • If you want to increase your pay package then you also need to develop your skills. Thus, always keep an eye on your soft skills. Develop it and for that you may have to work on your verbal and non-verbal communication skill.
  • Networking is important as higher paying jobs are often filled through the people who are in network. Thus, build your reputation in your industry and start building relations. You never know when they may help.


Search Jobs in USA

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Symptoms of Epilepsy

epilep symSymptoms of epilepsy differs from person to person. In some people there is simple staring while others have violent shaking or loss of consciousness. Seizure type mainly depends on the part of brain affected and the cause of epilepsy. In some people ,there is stage called “AURA” in which person have strange sensation like tingling sensation or emotional changes occur before actual seizure.


It is commonly called as absence seizure. It occurs in people under 20 years of age. This type of seizure occur mainly for few seconds and involve staring or absence spells. These episodes occur many times a day. During this seizure there is difficulty in learning and lack of attention should be noticed . Person stop walking, find difficulty in mid- sentence and then start again few seconds later. During these seizure, person does not fall. There is change in muscle activity like fluttering eyelids, lip smacking, hand fumbling etc, change in alertness or consciousness is there . Seizure may be triggered by hyper ventilation or flashing lights in some cases, but after the seizure person awake, think properly and unaware of seizure.


During this seizure whole body is involved. It is also known as GRAND MAL SEIZURE. These type of seizure occurs at any age. During this there is muscle rigidity which is followed by muscle contraction and loss of consciousness . There may be biting of tongue, clenched teeth or jaw, there is incontinence of urine and stool. There is difficulty in breathing. Sometime there is blue color of skin occurs. After the seizure person have normal breathing , severe headache, drowsiness. Person feel sleepy for 1 hour or there is loss of memory of events during seizure episodes.Person is confused after the episode. There is weakness of one side of body after seizure  for few minutes to few hours. It is called as TODD’s PARALYSIS.


Focal seizures occurs in specific part of brain and in this electrical activity is limited to area of brain. Partial seizures can be classified into simple or complex. In simple seizure memory is not affected but in complex memory is affected before, during and immediately after the seizure. Patient with focal seizure does not lose consciousness  During this there is abnormal muscle contraction or relaxation takes place. There is also abnormal movements of mouth, lip smacking, turning of eyes . Abnormal sensations like numbness, tingling etc can occur. Other symptoms include hallucinations, sweating, flushed face, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, black out spells, change in emotions etc.



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Amitriptyline Side Effects in Children

Anybody who intends to go for antitriptyline in order to cure depression must consult a doctor beforehand. Children and adolescents are especially informed that they must seek a doctor’s permission and only and if only the doctor allows, then they must use the drug. The drug, however, must not be given to children under twelve years of age because it could have disastrous reaction on the child’s mental and physical health.

The drug has same side effects on children as it has on adults but these adverse side effects could be unbearable for young children because of their fragile immune system. The conditions of children who consume antidepressants such as this one have deteriorating health conditions as compared to those children who do not take drugs to cure depression. Recent research has revealed that children who take in this drug have a higher chance of developing psychological disorders. Still today, many researchers are still unsure whether children should be prescribed this drug or not. In most cases they agree that children below eighteen must be treated via other techniques but some others still consider amitriptyline prescription for children if the cure via other means does not seem a possibility.

The side effects of amitriptyline in children include reduced muscular condition, inability to speak and express properly. It could also cause serious allergic reactions in children. They will often feel dizzy and at times might fall suddenly which could be threatening. Children are delicate and thus their immune system is also weak. The drug has queer reactions on adults. Children could have such reactions too. Photosensitization, jaundice and blood disorders are also possibilities in young children. Less frequent urination and an over active hyperthyroid, resulting in stunted bodily growth are other major side effects of amitriptyline in children. Children may become even more depressive and less responsive or even emotionally detached altogether. Liver dysfunctioning, anemia and constipation are also some of the fatal side effects for children. Their heart pressure might increase to an enormous degree and even their blood sugar levels so as to jeopardize their life altogether. Children might feel extremely weak and pale or on the other hand, they may gain excessive weight.

Moreover, children who become habitual of taking amitriptyline may grow up to have many sexual disorders. The drug has withdrawal symptoms and the side effects prevail long after discontinuation. The drug user, as he or she grows might experience reduced pleasure, breast enlargement, hormonal imbalance due to the hyperactive thyroid and a deformed body structure, not literally but obliquely. These children might forever remain detached emotionally and also become serious psychotic cases. The drug also results in hair loss at timed due to intense tiredness and weakness. The concentration from studies is affected. The child may not be able to fit into society at all.

It is also mentioned on the prescription that the drug must be kept away from children. Even a little dosage could be harmful for them. Therefore, it is suggestive of the damages that could be incurred to a child when the drug is consumed.



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Why Is A Covering Letter Vital?

Applying for a job is more than just filling out an application form or forwarding a copy of your most recent CV. There is a lot of competition out there these days, with hundreds of people applying for the same role. Which is why you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to work in Spain then you will need to ensure that you have done as much as you can to give yourself the best chance possible.

A covering letter is vital. Whilst your CV will explain your employment history, your education and any qualifications you might have, a covering letter can really draw attention. It is your chance to really separate yourself from the rest.

Think ahead

Before you put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard, you should think about what it is that you want to say and how you want to get it across. Employers will be receiving hundreds of CV’s and covering letters so you will want to evoke interest or intrigue.

Practice makes perfect

You may find that in order to get your covering letter right you will want to draft a few copies. Ask someone to read them and to see if you are getting the right message across.

Read it aloud

One good habit to get into is to read your work aloud. Once you have written your cover letter you may find that reading it out loud will help you to see how it comes across. Is there a sentence in there that is too long or doesn’t make sense? This may not be apparent when you read it in your head, but it will come to light when you read it out loud.

Do it anyway

Unless you are asked to not send a covering letter or the prospective employer wants only to see your CV then make sure you send one. It can appear lazy if you only send across your CV. It can show a lack of interest or that you are simply not that bothered.

Don’t be too conventional

There are a lot of basic cover letter templates out there. But try to move away from these. If a prospective employer has hundreds to read through they will soon realise when they all sound the same. Make it slightly different or unique and try and get a little of your personality across.

Don’t forget to proof your final copy and ensure that the formatting is correct. Again, as with a CV, if you don’t proof it and it is packed with mistakes you might find that you are disregarded instantly.

Tailor your covering letter to the role that you are applying for. It can look extremely obvious if you have used a generic letter template. You will also want to limit it to just one page. Any more and you may have lost your reader. Don’t be afraid to use emotion such as ‘I’m really excited by the prospect’ or ‘Your company really interests me because…’

Bill Turner is a free-lance writer who enjoys traveling and sending time with his dogs at the beach.

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Amitriptyline Side Effects in Men

With the raid changes taking place in the world, diseases and disorders are on the rise. Depression is one psychological disorder that has taken its toll, engulfing nearly every man around the world. The increasing recession, war on terror and other daily life issues are frustrating people and thus taking them towards depression. Relaxation has vanished into thin air. In order to cure depression, various antidepressant drugs have been introduced. One such drug used to cure this disorder is called amitriptyline.

Amitriptyline is an antidepressant drug used to treat depression and other chronic pain. It affects the neurotransmitters and in turn helps to cope with the daily surmounting stressors. Amitriptyline is being considered by researchers to check whether the drug has similar effects on both men and women. They are investigating the varying side effects and have not found much difference in its gender response. The drug seems to have the same response on men and women but the only difference that has been found is that men are able to perform better under drug influence then women.

The major side effects that are specific in males are the premature ejaculation in them. Their sexual displeasure becomes erratic and they tend to respond strangely in theor sexual experiences. Men are recommended to lower their work load while under the drug influence because they might fall or faint due to the weaknesses that the drug induces. Other common side effects found in men are low suicidal tendencies compared to women. They try and successfully regulate their erratic mood swings. Men also tend to feel palpitations, tremors and weak muscular coordination. Their responses might also get delayed or very slow. Other side effects of the drug include mouth dryness and chest pain. Men might also have trouble putting up with the hormonal imbalances due to abrupt changes in the thyroid’s workings. Amitriptyline also causes breast enlargement in men which could cause body deformity in them. Irritation and numbness are also present in them. At times their irritation might increase so much that other family members will have to work a lot on their patience level. Men who consume alcohol and other similar beverages could even experience reduced reactions of the drug for their senses are already dulled. The drug might also incur delirium and other memory related disorders in men. They might stop urinating and could also sometimes in serious cases, have a heart attack. Men are more prone to heart attacks then women.

The researches have not found many differences in men and women. The drug seems to have almost the same effects on both genders. Though still researches are being done to see if the findings have changed and the result seems to have changed only a slight ignorable percent. Men and women both undergo similar side effects. Side effects of amitriptyline also depend on the strength of the person and also the kind of depression. If depression is chronic or not and if the person is able to cope with it or not. Men are generally able to cope well with the side effects of amitriptyline.


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Cover Letter Sample for Financial Analyst

Cover Letter Sample for Financial Analyst

Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Address



Sender’s Details





Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing to express my interest in the Financial Analyst Position you have posted. My attached resume highlights my broad range of experience and qualifications that closely aligns with the position description.

My accumulated experiences focus on my ability to gather data from a range of sources and apply that information to developing plans for both the short and long term in a variety of business segments. My work has included interacting with all levels in an organization, providing timely updates on key trending data, utilization of a variety of software tools that have included advanced use of Excel and proprietary report writing software.

The position of financial analyst is attractive to me because it does require excellent analytical and thinking skills, the ability to communicate and your advertised need of having the ability to “operate effectively” in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. I would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your organization and the position of financial analyst.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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Creative cover letter

                                 Creative cover letter

In  competitive environment , it is important to differentiate yourself from rest and great cover letter will do that. When you heard for a job, before you respond always look at your cover letter. If its form letter, don’t send it. You can differentiate yourself through well- written, clear, concise cover letter. Your cover letter should attract the attention of the recruiters. Here are some of rules for writing good and creative cover letter…..

1)  Adress your letter to the appropriate individual. Before send, confirm, person’s name, title of the job. if you are not able to get information , adress it to the ” Dear Hiring Manager”. don’t use “Sir or Madam”.

2) Always start strong  with powerful paragraph and explain how you heard about the job position  and why  you are intrested for this job.

3) Next, you are going to describe your skills and experiences. You should  touch on what you  have done  and what makes you such a dynamic candidate and  right fit for the job.

                           In this paragraph you can also explain something unusual. For example gaps in your career or lage number of moves in very short time period. You can also give your volunteer experience here that will be helpful for the job.

4) Put yourself in the  position of recruiter and then prepare your cover letter. Your letter should be clear  and direct with good sentence. Mistakes will give negative impressions . Try to write how much you know about the organisation. If someone refers you begin your letter with that.

5) Don’t complain about your present  position if you are unemployed. Never offer salary requirements. If salary is requestwd in an Ad, then you will be comfortable with a competitive salary for the position.

6) Your cover letter should be good. There should be enough space so that letters doesnot look crowded.

7) Always close your letter by outlining your next steps and ask them them that you will contact them to follow up.

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How to find work

Whenever  you are looking for a job, it requires two main things–understand yourself and understand the job market.Always be sure that you choose your career and ready to find a job. There are several ways by which you can get job easily.



When you start job searching, make sure that your resume is complete. Your resume contain all your information, including who you are and what makes you interested for this job. Be honest, don’t tell lie on your resume. Review your resume 3-5 times for grammatical errors. Use simple language and ensure your name and contact details should be properly displayed.


During interview when the hiring manager starts with questions like “ Tell me about yourself” The answer should be short between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.Don’t stammer while describing yourself. Never try to explain too fast either. So always practice your pitch before going for an interview.


The hiring manager will be interested in your accomplishments or why you want to work for his company and what you will do to become a better employer. For that you attend some conferences that improve your abilities. Try to learn how to operate different machines. Improve your spoken and written communication skills because the working environment consist of different kinds of people so its necessary to posses skills of communication.


During an interview sometimes you might be given a situation and ask what you would do. So, based on your past experiences and using examples try to give the answer. Be honest and confident.


Try to make network with your friends, relatives  contact them and ask them for any opening for which they recommend you. Explain them what type of job you are looking for.


If you are not ready for job, you can work as a volunteer that makes you confident . With that you are not only helping others , but also gain some experience. Highlight your volunteer experience on your resume.


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addressing a cover letter

Always know these before addressing a cover letter


There are lots of variations in the ways of addressing a cover letter and this has become very important because it is one of the things the interviewers will access you with. There are different phases in trying to land a job of your choice and the most difficult phase which a lot of people do not realize is getting yourself to be invited for the interview and this is hugely dependent on your CV and then the cover letter. If you succeed in getting these two parts right, then you will be sure to get the interview call up where you will then mesmerize them with your skills and proficiency. But if you don’t have a well addressed cover letter, you are almost preventing yourself from being invited to the interview.


There are some formats for addressing a cover letter that are peculiar to some countries or nations but there are still internationally approved standards to what the cover letter address should look like. This is one of the scores you make in the job process, so don’t joke with it. If you are given a specific name or office to address the cover letter, that is good.  But if you are not, you have to find that out yourself as addressing a cover letter openly will show laziness and weakness on your own part.


Never use such addresses as Dear Human Resources Director, Dear Sir/madam, or To Whom It May Concern. Instead, go to the company’s website and find out the person to attend to you resume and use his or her name. If this does not work out, go to the receptionist at the office and inquire. Use the persons name instead of the office in addressing a cover letter. In the case of the gender, skip it and use the full name if you are not sure. Try addressing a group if you cannot find an individual and consider skipping the salutation altogether if it is possible. Your letter must always come with such address as Dear Mr. Andre Jones.



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Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

Top 8 Tips for Blog Writing

To improve your blog posts you need to follow certain steps that will make your blog a
worthy one. Some of the tips for blog writing are mentioned below:
1 . ) Write about the topic that is important to you as well as the readers
Write about the topic that matters to you. The topic has to be such that it is very much
attention grabbing. The writing must communicate some sort of energy to its readers.
People mostly look out for the material that is of use to them. The reader will look out
what’s in for them. The blog has to be a reasonable and worthwhile one.
2.) Keep it sweet and short.
The post should be of 250 words. It has to be short enough. The longer posts are hard
to remember. Provide the best information with the least words, so that the reader
does have a hold of your post.
3.) Good text Layout has to be there
The blog post should be readable enough. Make use of commas, paragraphs, line-
breaks so that the post does appear good. Readability has to be of prime importance.
There has to be a smooth flow throughout your post.
4.) Make use of Keywords and do link often
Make sure that you make use of keywords in your blog post. In this way the search
engines will love your post and rankings will also go high. Linking to other blogs or
websites will also help you gain more visitors. People do not have much time to find
out other blogs. You can help them out by providing certain links.
5.) Be Consistent with your style
Develop a writing style for yourself. People who adore your writing style will love to
read the posts provided by you. And try to provide a post that is warm and accessible.
6.) Make use of a clear headline
The headline provided must contain the whole of the argument. The headline has to
be bold and clear and such that the readers come to know about the blog post from its
7.) Include Lists
Make the use of bullet lists to maximize your post. Bullet lists or numbered lists help
to focus on important points of the blog post. With the lists the format provided gets
easy to understand.
8.) Proof Read your Post
Before publishing your blog post, re-read your blog post to check out that there is no
grammatical or spelling mistake in the post. Cut out the unimportant stuff from the

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Satellite Direct TV

Watching satellite is something that people would want to do from past to now. Through watching the satellite TV, people would usually be able to understand more about other parts of the world. In other words, you would be able to enjoy many entertainments if you try to watch the satellite TV.

There are many things that you can do in order to watch the Satellite TV. You can try to use the traditional way of watching satellite TV. But it is more popular for people o use Satellite Direct TV or other new methods for enjoying the programs.

Compared with the traditional ways, the new methods of watching Satellite Direct TV would contain more benefits.

First of all, the choice of channels would be more. In other words, you will easily find that there are more channels for you to enjoy. Some of the people have calculated that there could be more than 3500 channels available for you to enjoy anytime when you have the appropriate satellite Direct TV. If you want to choose the best programs, you are advised to use Satellite Direct TV because there would be many choices for you to enjoy.

Secondly, you can find that the cost of using the Satellite Direct TV to enjoy television programs would be cheaper than the traditional way. You would not need to purchase a lot of hardware products. Instead, you just need to obtain the license and then you would be able to install the relevant software in order to enjoy the programs.

The resolution of the television programs from the satellite tv programs would be quite high. In the past, there were some questions about the quality of those programs as some people found that the poor quality would hinder them from enjoying the program. But the situation has changed in recent years due to the advancement of information technology and the improvement in the recording technology of television programs. Therefore, you can find that it is easier for people to transfer the signals related to those high quality television programs to audience and audience can therefore enjoy the great programs better.

Last but not least, you can find that it is convenient for you to set up the channels for watching satellite TV in the new way than in the traditional way. It is because there would not be some antenna that you need to set up for receiving the satellite signals which would be required for the traditional way of broadcasting.

To conclude, you will love enjoying satellite Direct TV because of the convenience and the attractive offerings. You will find that it is able for you to pay a smaller amount of money than the traditional way but you can enjoy more channels than the traditional way. Therefore, it is definitely wonderful for you to learn more about this kind of TV first and then select the most reliable one to participate. You can find the relevant information in the internet now so you should do your homework.

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Resume Sample for Mathematician

Resume Sample for Mathematician

Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Career Profile


  • Highly gifted and resourceful mathematician with huge background and active engagement in research on topics in applied mathematics, include applied dynamical system theory, scientific computation, and geophysics fluid dynamics.
  • A PhD holder in applied mathematics with profound expertise in mathematics.
  • Proven record of exceptional scholarly accomplishment with several published material.
  • Demonstrated evidence of success in obtaining and leading funded research projects, as well as participation in interdisciplinary work.


Core competencies


  • Remarkable ability to use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problem in business, government, and engineering and in the physical, life and social science.
  • Superb reasoning ability and persistence to identify, analyze, and apply basic principles to technical problems.
  • Sound teaching and facilitating skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Professional Experience


Xyz University 2000 to be present

Associate professor

  • Develop mathematical and computational techniques for studying phase space transport and lagrangian transport and mixing issues in geophysical flows.
  • Conducted research and inquiry and teach undergraduate, master and doctoral courses.
  • Develop new principles and recognize previously unknown relationships between existing principles of mathematics.
  • Apply mathematics or mathematical methods to solutions of problem in research, development and logistics.




PhD in mathematics 2000

M.S. Statics, New York University 1997

B.S. in mathematics, New York University 1995

Download Resume sample for mathematician.docx

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Hiring a recruiter


Hiring a recruiter


Be it a small concern or let it be a large firm; all of them do one thing in common! Both of them do demand a recruiting cell (or recruiter) to get the number of their working heads (employee) maintained. Nevertheless with competition of recruiting the best talent to an aspect is reaching the high skies, find a genuine and effective recruiter is also a tough task indeed. With the present days, proving many options when it comes to hiring a recruiter, but sorting out the best of them would be a difficult task to perform.  However as the saying goes” When there’s a Will, there’s always a way”, we are here to boon you with some of the tips and tactics that would be utter helpful to you while you hire a recruiter. Therefore, here are the ones: –


When hiring a recruiter for your organization, one of the significant parts is the Personal Interview. The advice would if you yourself should check some of the background yourself before you hire a certain recruiter.


Firstly, check how much attention they generally pay on the merits of the candidates when selecting them for a concern. A good recruiter would have the merit of  a candidate the first criterion to get selected for a any concern


Secondly, check what are the sources the recruiter does generally adopt when they are selecting candidates. A good recruiter would a have many genuine channels and networks to find the best candidates for you.


Then check how much experience are they domain employing in them. Check out what type of job-candidates is they having exactly! This would save your concern from having fake candidates who are sure to spoil your reputation if employed


Lastly ask them hat is the factor that motivates them a good recruiter would be very much motivated with fact of recruiting candidates and not with commission you would be paying to them!


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SEO Definition

SEO Definition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of traffic. The process of getting your website to the top of the search engine, this is the basic seo definition. SEO basically makes use of effective keywords, blogs and other related techniques to make the website be ranked higher. But all you need is to just stay away from the bad practices of SEO as they might land you in trouble.

SEO definition – SEO can also be defined as the process of improving web pages with the ultimate goal of generating more services for the website. Once a website has been optimized for effective search engine, it can stay at the top for a long time. Today, a large number of users find websites through search engines. It helps to provide:

  • Increased traffic.
  • Increased ranking.
  • Increases link popularity.
  • Key word research.
  • Website in a top position.
  • Customer satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization also helps in finding various business opportunities. Today, a large number of people are searching for various local services and the rating of these people has been increasing day by day.

Basically, SEO is divided into two:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

SEO consultants will optimize your site on a set of keywords, so that your site appears at the top of the search engine. When someone is searching for information on the web, they usually visit a search engine and type words that describes what they are looking for. The search engine check its database and return the result pages that meet the users requirement, what they are looking for. These words used by people for searching can be considered as keywords. Thus, keywords play an important role in search engine optimization.

SEO works in a simple way but it is time consuming a bit and requires a lot of patience. The web designer without the knowledge of SEO is not going to work as it won’t help you attract the visitors to the website and you get lower rank. The website has to be properly optimized for the search engines. SEO is the method that just works out for free.

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Resume Sample for Actor

Resume Sample for Actor


Thomas Performer

[email protected]

Grant Avenue san Francisco, California 94108

        Hair: Blonde            Weight: 60kg

        Eyes: Blue                 Height: 6ft                                 vocal: tenor




Play Title                             Role                               Theatre, Director

Play Title                             Role                               Theatre, Director

Play Title                             Role                               Theatre, Director


Film/ TV


Project Title                         Type of Role         Studio/ Director/ Production Company

Project Title                         Type of Role         Studio/ Director/ Production Company

Project Title                         Type of Role         Studio/ Director/ Production Company




Project Title                     Local/ Regional/ National

Project Title                     Local/ Regional/ National

Project Title                     Local/ Regional/ National


Special Skills


Juggling, Dialects: Standard British, Irish, Tap Dancing, and kazoo




BA, Performer, Theatre, High Point University

Voice, Instructors’ Name

Dance, Instructor’s Name


Download Resume Sample for Actor.docx



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Everyday asbestos uses

Everyday’s asbestos uses

Asbestos is a kind mineral that is made up of six known compounds. These compounds include silicon, hydrogen, oxygen and magnesium. It also consists of other elements that give the asbestos its resistance to flame property. Asbestos use dates back to thousands of years when it was used to create fire proof materials and building materials as well. Despite it being known to cause disease such as lung cancer, asbestosis and cardiac failure, it is still being used by many people.

The major asbestos use is in cement products. More and more people are mixing asbestos with cement to give it durability and strength. This practice also dates back to many years ago when the early settlers used it to strengthen materials. After the compound was mixed, they were then used in joint along chimneys, windows and among others. It was also used to encircle boilers and water tanks so as to retain heat or cold. Now days, floor tiles and ceiling tiles that have been added asbestos are being manufactured despite the great health risk that it posses.

The second asbestos use is in insulation materials. Materials that contain asbestos were used for insulation as early as 1970. This included insulation in pipes and furnace, steam water pipes insulation and hot water insulation. It was also used in the insulation of the attic. The whole purpose of insulation is attributed to the fire proof resistant quality of asbestos. This means that it is able to retain heat or cold. Some kind of insulation of vermiculite has also deemed to contain asbestos.

The third kind of asbestos use is to be found in motor vehicle products. Asbestos is found in a wide range of motor vehicle products; they include brake pedal, clutches, gasket materials, heat seals, valve rings and many more. Being a very reliable addition to insulator makes asbestos a favorite to many when it comes to using it in hand brake and lining for the clutch. As a result of this, many brake and clutch repair experts are deemed to be at high risk for asbestosis and mesothelioma due to being exposed to asbestos exposure.

The fourth asbestos use is found in adhesive products. Adhesives that have been mixed with asbestos were used in a variety of ways in the early 90s. Such asbestos induced adhesives were used during the application of carpets, ceiling tiles and floor tiles. Many health experts advice that if you have asbestos floors, then you should remove it as long exposure to it poses a huge risk to your health. They also advice that you should not remove the asbestos file on your own as you may end up destroying it and crumbling it; and that due to this fact you have a high chance of inhaling the asbestos in to your lungs.

Last but not least is that asbestos use is applied in the tobacco industry. During the 80s, studies show that asbestos was used to manufacture tobacco products so as to make it burn slowly.

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Job Search Follow Up Email After Interview

                   Job Search Follow Up Email After Interview- An Essential Prerequisite

Getting a dream job is a constant process. You should have ample patience and time if you really want your dream job. It has been recommended to pursue hard routes that other candidates do not wish to undertake. Once the personal interview is over, you still have additional work to complete. It has been suggested to engage in productive job search follow up email after interview. A short thank you email to the employer can go a long way in influencing the selection decision towards you. The email should be short and to the point. It should not resemble sales pitch. However, it is very important not to show your desperation for the job. Desperation will certainly show lack of professionalism. Continuous emailing or calling the employer will show your stalking tendency and unprofessionalism. You will certainly not get the employment for every personal interview you give. Therefore, you need to show patience and perseverance in pursuing your career.

Essential Job Search Parameters

It is very important not to give every interview that comes your way. This will again show your desperation for the job. On the other hand, you need to correct your mistakes from the past interview experiences. This practice can go a long way in getting your dream job. You should try to learn from your mistakes and errors. Rectification of errors is very essential if you want your desired job. Moreover, job search follow up email after interview technique can be very productive for the candidate. The email should reflect your personality and temperament in the most adequate manner. The language written in the email should represent simplicity and decency. The follow up email written by the candidate must incorporate courteous words and phrases. Thanking the employer for taking the interview is very essential and can influence the mind of the employer.



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Resume Tips for Actor

Resume Tips for Actor


Want to get into the world of acting, but don’t know where to start? In addition to having talent and passion, a well-crafted resume is vital to getting noticed and turning heads into your direction. Here are some steps you can take to help you get the jobs you want.


  • Get a headshot.


The headshot it’s the single most important marketing tool for an actor and it’s amazing how many people do it wrong just to cut a few corners. Actors, it’s time to take it more seriously, when that little headshot jpeg pops up on a casting director’s computer you want them to say, “Yes, bring that person in. your headshot is your calling card.



  • Gather information for your resume


An acting resume is completely different from a business one. Don’t try to make your acting skills fit into a business type resume. Know the difference and proceed accordingly.

  • Your professional name. This may be your stage name or real name. This is how you will be known in industry.
  • Your contact information. This must be current and accurate if you want to people have reach you.
  • Your parts. List the roles you’ve played in movies, TV and theatre.  If they’re extensive, include the most relevant ones on the page: where they were performed and in what category (industrial film, advertisement, stage, dramatic film etc.)
  • List all skills. Anything you can do that might come to bear in the world of acting should be here.
  • Your personal information, including your age( required if you are a minor ); your height to the nearest inch, and weight nearest to the 5lbs.



  • Keep it professional


  • Use a clean design and legible, professional fonts. Times and Helvetica are safe choices
  • Keep it concise.



  • Adapt your resume to showcase your most relevant experience if there’s a role you are particularly keen on.


If you are seeking a role on the stage, put your stage experience first. If you are seeking for a role in television, put the television category first. Update it each time you have new experience to add.





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Job boards- an easy to find jobs

job boardsJob boards

Job boards  have become pretty famous today. With the advancement of the internet,
employers have started posting jobs online. This attracts a large number of people and
candidates. The boards help you to find jobs of different variety and genre. You can apply
according to your preferences. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. Also a
single company posts for different jobs. So if you are determined to work for a company you
can apply by searching for jobs posted by that company. Also the board gives to the liberty of
applying for jobs on the basis of your location.

Top job boards

You can choose from various job boards  online. The top among them are

Career builder

These above boards help you to get jobs more easily. They offer genuine and authentic jobs
and are very much reliable. You van view your profile manage your details and more. The ability
to go through a wide range of jobs will not only increase your confidence but will also boost
your personality. You can apply to any number of jobs you wish and also sit for any number of
interviews provided you are asked for.

How to apply

Most of the  job boards  have a simple form which is to be filled up. The forms ask for your
name, email id, contact number, location and other stuffs. This information is kept to make sure
you are applying for a particular job. Also they may ask you to upload a resume of your own.
Uploading a resume will ensure more views as mostly the companies which are hiring look for
resumes to go through. A recent photograph may also be asked depending on the type of job
board you are applying for. It is not confirmed that you will get the job the next day but you
surely can view a large number of jobs through the boards.

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Cover Letter Sample for Actor

Cover Letter Sample for Actor

A cover letter should address the requirements of the job profile. It should display enthusiasm and excitement and explain how the skills, abilities, and experience given in your resume are a perfect match for the applied position.


Your cover letter is also an instance of how you perform your work. Keeping that in mind, it should be succinctly written with a professional appearance and should be free of grammatical spell errors.

Below given example of actor job:


Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

It was good to read about your exciting new production of The Doorstep in the New Times newspaper. It would be my pleasure to act in your new production. I hereby attach my resume as I wish to apply for the role of an actor.

I am a versatile and intensely committed actor and would love the opportunity to take on this challenging role. I believe I can bring a unique and dynamic quality of my portrayal as an actor for your production.

I have attached my head-shot along with resume for your consideration. I thank you for considering my letter and I hope to get a positive reply from you.


Yours sincerely,





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Benefits of Asbestos Paint

The Benefits of Asbestos Paint

Asbestos was a commonly use material in the building industry before the 1980s. This is because the material exhibited a high resistant to heat and also it was very durable. As a result many old houses feature asbestos in their interior or exterior. However, scientist later discovered that asbestos fibers were responsible for crippling lung diseases such s cancer. Following this, asbestos was banned as a construction material and houses that contain asbestos have either to be demolished or have the asbestos covered to prevent the fibers from contaminating the air. The second option is the best as the owner of the house does not suffer from financial loss. One of the best ways to deal with asbestos in building is to cover it with paint.

Asbestos paint covering came as neither solution when it was realized that people could still neither live in a house with asbestos provided that the material was nor releasing fibers into the air. To do this asbestos paint was used to maintain the integrity of the material and prevent it from leaking into the atmosphere. One of the places that asbestos paint can be used is on shingles. Asbestos shingles are not normally a health risk until they start breaking. With the onset of breaking, shingles can present a health risk to all individuals who live in the surroundings. To prevent this, you can repaint the asbestos shingles in your house so that the asbestos is not exposed. However, take care of yourself while carrying out this task. Make sure you cover yourself including your nose so that you do not inhale asbestos fibers.  Another precaution you can do while applying asbestos paint on shingles is wetting the shingles before you paint them. This will help you scrub of the dirt without unsettling the asbestos fibers.

Asbestos paint can also be applied on the walls of a house that contain asbestos. This will preserve the integrity of asbestos and thus prevent the release of harmful asbestos fibers into the atmosphere. To do this safely, you need t observe a few guidelines. This will make sure your health is not compromised by being exposed to harmful asbestos fibers. The plaster used in walls of old houses will contain asbestos and with age, the asbestos may become loose and contaminate the air with dangerous fibers. To successfully apply asbestos paint on walls, you will need a small spray gun and mark ff the edges of the wall that do not need to be painted over. Next use an oil based paint or primer mixture to spray the wall that contains asbestos plaster. Cover your face with a protective masking and start spraying the wall slowly so that you do not upset the asbestos. You can achieve this by spraying the wall 6 to 8 inches away so that the spray jet does not dislodge the asbestos. To achieve the best results in asbestos paint process, use two to three layers of paint s that the asbestos is fully covered.

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Top four Advantages Of Having A Website For Freelancers

Top four Advantages Of Having A Website For Freelancers
One of the most frequent concerns I am requested is ‘how do I market my consultancy?’ or As an independent instructor I do not have a chance to market my business, what should I do?’ Promotion for freelancers, instructors, teachers, professional and writers is a genuine problem. This is due to the fact being a one-person work you have to do fairly much everything yourself. There are no simple and fast services to this.
For expert freelancer, or even those planning to have a website for freelancers, it is very essential to have an experienced, readily accessible and long lasting online existence to display their capabilities.
Having a website for freelancers is like having that custom made on the internet business system that works as your client and customer support service, digital sales representative, personal cheerleader and marketing manager combined in one! (Yes, mothers cannot be everywhere!)
Therefore, if you have put off having your website for freelancers until now, it is time to understand the value of having one.
A website offers you the perfect internet system for advertising your freelance services in an experienced and helpful way.
As a freelance worker, your capabilities need to meet the market requirements and your site can help you contend in the modern promotion world very properly. Visitors who could be potential customers will be able to see the range and top quality of services you offer for themselves with just a couple of mouse clicks around your virtual business, namely your website!
You could be losing some seriously big numbers that would come your way with a website for freelancers by not having dedicated to one until now, since this web profile can be presented effectively to make an impression on a client as it can help you look the part of a real expert.
Top four Advantages Of Having A Web website For Freelancers
1. Having a website for freelancers can help you build your brand name and send out a basic concept about your freelance services with authority
2. Proper selection of a strong web design, with proven SEO resources and techniques directing its demonstration, such as unique, keyword and key phrase rich content, you ensure it impresses the relevant traffic that is instructed to it
3. By having a site, you gain immediate control over essential issues like structure and website content
4. Having your own website encourages you to improve it for bigger internet business prospective, like social networking, which is huge currently as well as multi-media that are definitely available with lots of free down-loadable web resources.
Applying these techniques can help you make the most of an wisely chosen domain name, attractive website design , effective web website building with amazing design or display incorporated with top quality content that makes an immediate link in the client’s mind about your name and the services you provide!
Thus, in order to look like a real independent expert, take care your site does not create you like a beginner. Choose your web designer, web host, and author and SEO support agency well.

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Advertising resume example

Advertising resume example


When people work in the advertising field, they usually need to show that they are very capable of doing so. There are a lot of ways that people would like to use for advertising something. Therefore, they would need to be creative in doing the advertising campaigns.


When they come to writing resumes, they would have a little bit confusion. They may not understand the right way to create the resume because they do not know whether they should keep their resume professional or not. If you have this type of doubt, you can try to learn about the necessary steps for writing advertising resume. There would also be the Advertising resume example here for you as the reference.


You should try to make sure that your resume is similar to the traditional one. Some of the people prefer to use creative way to make their resume but this is not necessary in some of the firms. If you have heard that the firm is famous for adopting those new ideas of resume, you may try to switch. But if you do not know whether those advertising firms love the ideas of using extraordinary resume, you are not advised to do so.


Apart from the use of visual aids, there are actually other ways that you can use for proving that you are creative. As long as you can show that you consistently participate in some programs about advertising or creativity, you would be able to get the respect of the employers and the offer for the job


Advertising resume example


Andy Smith

239 SMC Street,MDS City,California

Cell: 330-111-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career goal


To find a challenging position in the advertising field which could widen the knowledge in business world and use creativity to resolve the problems


Key skills


–          In-depth knowledge about graphic design and is able to use various programs to do design

–          Outstanding skills in communicating with others

–          Able to write project reports and explain to the managers regarding the design in the report

–          Able to prioritize work and work efficiently

–          Extensive knowledge about making advertising copy

–          Comprehensive experience in applying different strategies for advertising


Work Experience


Advertising Specialist, SCC Group

2010 – Present


–          Handled tasks related to graphic designs and composed information about new products

–          Handled design and drafting of mass mailing

–          Provided instructions for communication in different areas

–          Handled the work of designing layouts and composing newsletters

–          Assisted the management to handle projects and strategic planning for the advertising campaigns

–          Undertook special projects

–          Communicated with accounting department to discuss the budget spending on the advertising campaign

–          Performed evaluation on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

–          Coordinated the work of artists, copywriters and researchers in order to develop comprehensive package for advertisement for several advertising campaigns


Educational background


Bachelor of Advertising

UniversityofCalifornia, 2007-2010



Available upon request


Relationship status



Employment status

Full Time


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Job search Canada Edmonton

Excellent Job Opportunities in Canada Edmonton

Edmonton is the fifth largest city in Canada and also one of the best places to live. When compared to other places in Canada the taxes are lower in Edmonton.  There are plenty of job opportunities in Edmonton. Apart from the petrochemical industry, job search Canada Edmonton takes job seekers to other fields also like information technology, banking, finance, construction, health care and biotechnology. Jobs are offered here on first come, first served basis. Many job seekers are able to get jobs in Edmonton very quickly. Almost 25% of jobs in Edmonton are in the sales and service industries and about 18% of the jobs are in the business services. The websites for job search Canada Edmonton enable skilled workers as well as fresh graduates to get absorbed in suitable jobs very quickly. When many people are left unemployed and many employers are not getting the right candidates to fill the vacancies, these career websites function as bridges that connect the employers and the job seekers.


Serving job seekers as well as employers

Apart from providing all details about the job opportunities that are available in Edmonton, the websites for job search Canada Edmonton provide a lot of information to job seekers about various fields, professions and trends in the job market and thereby enable them to prepare for their career and identify the jobs that are related to their qualifications and skills. Simultaneously, the job search Canada Edmonton websites help the employers to recruit candidates with right aptitude as well as attitude. The job seekers acquire the learning experience so that they assess and update their knowledge and skills related to specific fields. For those who have talent and motivation there are plenty of opportunities in Edmonton for life-long careers of outstanding quality.

Anticipating more number of job opportunities

The websites for job search Canada Edmonton are committed to connect potential employers and prospective candidates. The various job posting websites advertise the recruitments announced by various organizations and along with the advertisement they also provide information about the employer, the company profile and details of the positions that are to be filled. The opinions of various experts are that cities like Edmonton and Calgary will be producing more number of job opportunities in the current year. The economy of Edmonton is growing steadily. The city witnessed rapid growth of economy in recent years. The available data and forecasts by leading analysts reveal that now it will be easier for the job seekers to get suitable jobs in Edmonton without waiting for months.

Bright chances for business graduates

Edmonton is an excellent place for people to settle and raise a family and the job prospects are really good here. In Edmonton one can find a very friendly as well as open-minded society and those who settle in Edmonton permanently are assured of peaceful and friendly environments. The recent surveys reveal that it is very easy for business graduates to get good jobs in Edmonton quickly. Most of the commerce graduates who were trying for jobs in Edmonton have already secured full-time jobs that offer very attractive remuneration. The survey reports reveal that most of the people who have landed in new jobs in Edmonton are happy with their jobs.



Register here for Canada Job Board

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Cover Letter Title In A Job Application

cover letter title


The Essence of a Cover Letter Title In A Job Application

cover letter title

In a job application, every detail plays a superb role in the general outcome of the application made. A cover letter is the instrument which introduces a job applicant to the hiring most instances people tend to only focus only on the body of the cover letter oblivious of the fact that even the cover letter title itself plays a crucial role as well in regards to the content of the letter. How the title is defined depends largely on the type of cover letter that is being sent. Being specific in your cover letter plays a great role in ensuring that an employer notices your application. Hence, one should also go as far as mentioning the job title that they are applying right in the introductory part of the cover letter.


Due to that fact that employers receives numerous application in regards to jobs it is quite obvious that they will not have that time to peruse through your cover letter checking for finer details. What they normally do is a scan, therefore, to capture their attention, make the job title look appealing so as to attract their attention immediately they land on your letter. As much as you may find yourself applying for different jobs which in a closer look may seem similar ensure to use the job title that the company has quoted.


For those individuals submitting their application via the email or through online database, it will be crucial to put the cover letter title on the subject line of the email. This will make it easier for employers since by looking at the subject line of a mail they will just know what post has been applied for. For those uploading via databases it is vital to save your application with the job title as most of these employers run their search centered on a job title.


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how to make Canada resume

Making resumes in Canada Style

It is very important for job seekers in Canada to learn how to make Canada resume because when the resume is in the Canada style it helps the applicants to a great extent in getting a job immediately. Though the Canada resumes can be prepared in a variety of formats, all the formats are of the same standard. By way of using the following tips while preparing the resume one can easily learn how to make Canada resume.


Ensure that the resume is not too long

The Canadian employers prefer short resumes. Those who have no working experience may try to prepare 1 page resume.


Prepare customized resume every time

Common resume for all job applications are not accepted in the Canada job market. Those who know how to make Canada resume will see to it that a customized resume is prepared for each job application. The opening part of the resume should clearly indicate the specific job for which the job seeker is applying. The resume should be reflective of the specific skills and other requirements of the job. Sometimes, the applicant may have to prepare a completely revised resume.


Highlight work experience including voluntary work done

Those who want to learn how to make Canada resume must realize that details of previous work experience is a significant part of the resume. Work experience is in fact a precious asset of the applicant irrespective of whether it was a paid job or not. Hence the resume should contain details of all work experience including voluntary services by the applicant.


Reveal your presence in social media

The employers in Canada are very particular about the online presence of the applicant. While learning how to make Canada resume one should make it a point to update the resume every time with the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile of the applicant.


Formatting Tips

The resume which is prepared in the Canada style must be invariably clear, perfect and well organized. The formatting must have consistency through- out. The resume must have sub headings like Educational Qualifications, Work Experience, Hobbies and Interests, etc. Bold letters and bullets are to be provided wherever required.


Ensure to use keywords

Those who prepare resumes in the Canadian style should use keywords for highlighting their qualifications and special skills. Since the employer will not read the resume word by word they expect the applicant to use the keywords naturally as many times as possible.


Check the print-out

Prior to forwarding the resume the applicant may take the print and view the same. The resume may be checked for errors in the various entries like title of job, company name, the dates and other specific details.


Chronological and Functional resumes

The Canadian style resumes are made either as chronological resumes or as functional resumes. In chronological resumes the previous positions that were held by the applicant are to be mentioned in the order of time. The latest employment will come at the top and the first employment will be the last in the list. This type of resume is ideal for applicants who have a lot of experience in the relevant field. When the resume is skill-based, it is called functional resume. In this type of resume the skills acquired by the applicant in the previous jobs are highlighted. Functional resume is ideal for fresh graduates or those who want to switch over to new careers or when the service record of the applicant has major time gaps.




Register here for Canada Job Board

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Amitriptyline Side Effects

Amitriptyline Side Effects

Antidepressants are mainly used in curing depression. Amitriptyline is also one of the medications used for treating depression, migraines and neuropathic pain. The medication is usually given before going to bed and it helps make patients feel better.

Amitriptyline acts by blocking neurotransmitter reabsorption. The drug is also prescribed to curb chronic pain symptoms. It is very heavy and therefore like every other drug is susceptible to side effects. The side effects of amitriptyline range from very serious to less worrying ones. The adverse effects of this antidepressant drug must cause a patient to panic and it is advisable that the drug is only taken after doctor’s recommendation.

The common and less serious side effects of amitriptyline include a dry mouth, drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness and dizziness while standing. Dizziness is generally caused by low blood pressure. If symptoms like dizziness show up, then the best thing would be to slowly rise up from your bed while rising up from a sitting or a lying one. Having a dry mouth is also not something to panic for. This can be combated by sucking on ice cubes or sugarless candies. Constipation can be controlled by taking a diet rich in fiber and consuming a lot of fluids.

Other less serious side effects of amitriptyline consist of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and not feeling hungry. These side effects can be curtailed easily. Blurred visions, nightmares and hallucinations are also some of the side effects and they are normal if they occur within limits. However, when these side effects go to extreme levels, then it becomes mandatory to seek physician’s advice. It rarely happens though because the drugs when they are prescribed by doctors, the benefits outweigh the side effects. Blurred vision and headaches are also quite common. It is recommended that the user must not exert himself or herself too much while under the influence of this drug. If a patient is suffering from diabetes, then he or she might experience erratic changes in blood sugar levels. There are increased risks that the person might fall due to weak muscular coordination and tiredness, also the side effects of amitriptyline. One more major side effect that individuals generally complain about is decreased sexual vigour or difficulty in orgasm.

The serious side effects are palpitations, chest pain, pounding heart rate, pain in arm and shoulders and acute numbness on one side of the body. If seizures occur at an ever-increasing rate, then it is risky. Persistent heart burn and shaking are also some of the side effects. Skin rashes, severe bruising and muscle weakness. At times, there might be some problems regarding urination too. It might become less frequent or sometimes you will not urinate at all. Breast swelling might become one of the prominent side effects in men and women. One last side effect is restless movement in eyes, jaws and tongue.

The situation becomes unbearable when the side effects displayed by this drug get uncontrollable. The serious side effects of amitriptyline require immediate attention and must not be delayed at any cost.


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administrative assistant resume

administrative assistant resume

How to write administrative assistant resume

administrative assistant resume

For the post of administrative assistant you have to write a strong resume which will meet the demands of the employer or recruiter. This type of resume shows the company what exactly you are looking for while keeping their goals in mind. So, your resume should made up of following points..


1)      Your contact details—

First of all list your full name and beneath that out your contact details like telephone number, your home address or your email address.


2)      Objective statement—-

Your objective statement defines goal of your resume. That statement set you apart from other candidates. In that you have to put stress on some of your skills experience , ability to do multitask capability to do work well in groups, address vague instructions etc.


3)      Profile___

Profile consist of two or three sentences which provide the summary of the candidate such as—multi- skilled task having more than 4 years of experience, ability to supervise the work, ability to work with individuals at all levels with in the company.

Use of some keywords put greater effect. Keyword examples like. “administrative assistant” and “ organizational skills”. Making this profile will increase your chance of getting a position in the company.


4)      Your education___

Always start with your most recent job. Then your education section like your subjects, educational institutions attended and your professional qualification. Identify the location of your past administrative assistant position.


5)      Work experience___

List your responsibilities at each of your positions with time period. Identify your projects or some task that makes you fit for the job. If you received any awards mention that also.

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clerical jobs

The Two Sides of Office Jobs

Those who take up clerical jobs are required to work at a fixed location of the organization and they have to perform the day-to-day duties under the supervision of the officer in charge of the section or department. The entire work will be distributed among a group of employees who are entitled to receive a fixed monthly salary and other benefits as per rules of the organization.


This type of job enables the employees to lead a comfortable life and maintain a decent standard of living. However, various studies and surveys reveal that the clerical jobs have its advantages as well as disadvantages. While considering some of the aspects we find that it is a comfortable and promising job. However, many people are of the opinion that this type of job has many disadvantages also. While some people find that working as a clerk in an office is interesting, comfortable and easy others are of the opinion that in this job one has to face various problem also.

Advantages of office jobs

One of the most interesting aspects of clerical jobs is that it is highly educating in nature. The job provides the incumbents opportunities on daily basis to learn many new things in one’s career as well as life. The individual who takes up the office job becomes a well experienced as well as well behaved person within a few years. The rich experience that people are able to gain from clerical jobs enables them to climb up the ladder and reach higher positions in the organization. Their experience makes them more responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable. When their knowledge expands they become more creative and become capable of using new methods and techniques to get better results. As a result of acquiring new skills they become capable of accepting new challenges.


The office environment teaches them how to behave in front of other people. They come to know how to build up relationships and also to maintain the relationships. They also learn how to impress other people and with the professional approach they establish their reputation.

Since those who are in clerical jobs have to work according to a fixed time schedule, they quickly acquire the skills for proper time management. They realize the importance of maintaining punctuality. The office environment and the job make them disciplined. The job in the office provides them good exposure to the business carried out by the organization. Since they have to manage important files pertaining to various business transactions, they have the opportunity to learn a lot about the organization, the business and the market. The office staff also has the opportunity to meet many people like vendors, contractors, government officials and other visitors.

Disadvantages of office jobs

Just like all other jobs, the office jobs also have some disadvantages. Hours of work every day at the desk makes a person lazy and may tempt him to have a sedentary lifestyle. Besides straining the eyes, neck and back, the office job can cause obesity also. Those who take up office jobs are required to view the computer screen for hours daily and as a result their eye vision gets affected and ultimately they have to wear specs. Secret rivalry and monotonous way of working may sometimes lead to problems in relationships. Unless it is a large organization, those who are in the office jobs are paid less.

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Job Search Boards Canada

Job Search Boards Canada Important To Employment Search  

Several trade pundits have an opinion that job boards might be daunting, particularly to the uninitiated. Moreover, there are many distractions from job scripts, advertisements and messages that generally pop over the screen. All these parameters should be kept in mind while making appropriate job search boards canada. All the job boards should be clear and easy to interpret. All the important details should be included in the most perfect method in the job board. The overall idea is to avoid confusion among college students. Essential details like job title, company’s name, job profile, description of the job, salary package and other related details must be incorporated diligently.

Job Boards- A Good Resource For Students

Job search options in the board should be helping and not confusing for graduates. On the other hand, candidates should be able to utilize job search options properly to acquire fruitful results. Internet has surely transformed everything for the betterment of people across the world. Furthermore, job search boards canada tend to provide cost-effective techniques to recruiters with respect to employment and transfer of information. At the same time, transfer of information is much faster. Employers tend to transfer information immediately without wasting any time and effort. Companies and businesses do not need to spend additional money when transferring information to candidates. The overall process is very cost-effective.

You do not need to tackle environmental issues as well. There is absolutely no need to cut trees to make paper. Recruiters and employers are already obtaining maximum advantage of efficient job boards. They tend to hire desired candidates instantly with the help from job boards. Companies can easily target unlimited employees across the world through job boards. The overall reach of these boards is very extensive. Employers can easily look for suitable candidates domestically and internationally in the most effective manner.        

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Anthropologist cover letter sample

Anthropologist cover letter sample


Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing you in response to your advertisement for an anthropologist for the XYZ Exploration Company. As a well-traveled anthropologist I understand the challenges and problems that constantly face the oil corporation and drilling industry.

In my current capacity as an anthropologist I assist in developing exploration plans to help find new pockets of oil and natural gas. My years of service have given me experience in communicating and presenting ideas to a wide range of managerial figures. I also have an exceptional eye for detail and the strong ability to utilize the latest in computer-based exploration equipment.


It would be an honor to work with a company that shares my vision and I am of the belief that we must talk about this common element. I will be happy to answers any questions you may need to ask about my eligibility for this position.

Thank you for consideration.



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Fired from job? How do I explain

firedDuring an interview, hiring manager will ask about your last job and you will have an adequate answer. Well, its not  easy to answer  thta question. Therefore, in order to minimize the negative effects of being terminated or fires the key is

1) be honest

2) explain what happened

3) talk about what you learned

4) explain this won’t happen again.

In order to explain job loss you have to put positive spin over the negative situation. in case if you were fired because of poor performance, you will be honest with the manager and simply tel him the reason behind that you were having some problem in balancing responsibilities at home and at work and now you have resolved all the issues. Other most important thing never tell lie to the employer. because if manager check your references or call your previous boss to verify information and discover that you lied that’s sure ticket to unemployment .

Employers expect you to owe your mistakes and pointing fingers or blame others . Try to focus on your part and stick to your facts of what happened, point out where you were wrong and ensure that it will not happen again. Minimize your damage from being fired, try to explain what you have gained from the experience . If they will hire you ,you can try your best .

If you will follow the above steps , the employer will surely impressed with you.

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Serpentine asbestos

Serpentine asbestos
Serpentine is green and sometimes white, and occurs only in metamorphic rocks.
There are three main serpentine minerals:
– antigorite
– chrysotile
All are generally green from a significant iron content replacing the magnesium; other metals may include Al, Mn, Ni and Zn, and silicon may be partly replaced by Fe and Al.
Serpentine rock is subjected to high pressures and fairly low temperatures.
The coastal region of northern California is largely made of serpentinite.
White serpentine asbestos has been used in virtually every product from wall insulation and pipe lagging to automotive brake linings and fire suits. Recent legislation in the U.S. was introduced to ban new uses of asbestos in 2007 and phase out asbestos completely by 2016; however, there are still some 3500 asbestos-containing products on the market. In addition, the Canadian, Russian and Chinese asbestos industries continue to produce hundreds of thousands of tons every year, most of which is exported to developing countries.
Properties of serpentine asbestos :
Chemical formula : (Mg)2–3(Si)2O5(OH)4,
Color : White, yellow, green, gray, brown, black, purple; sometimes multicolored, especially green and yellow.
Crystal System : Monoclinic
Transparency :Translucent to opaque. Rarely transparent.
Luster: Greasy, waxy, or silky
Tenacity :Brittle. Fibrous Serpentine is flexible and elastic.

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Flat fee recruitment

free flat

The old and conservative practices of job selection have just gone by, whereas the new are welcomed by all masses with open arms this is the kind of impact technology has on the people of this era. Most companies recommend the new ways of job selection, as they recruit the right person to the right job. Online aptitude tests are the classic instances of the improvement and the role played by technology in the lives of the candidate’s as well as on the company. This type of job selection done by agencies is termed as flat fee recruitment. These agencies with the help of technical aspect recruit candidates’ online and forward their way of answering questions, their attitude towards work, psychological character to the particular company. If the company feels good and if interested calls the candidate for a face-to-face interview before settling them with the job.


The reciting agencies do charge a certain amount of minimal fees, that every company can really afford for it. The advantage of most of these agencies is that, they do not ask the candidate to pay anything from their pay pocket or their salary. Instead, the company pays these agencies all at once for meeting their needs and thanks them, with the flat fee. It is the best consultant that screens and chooses the best and the right candidate according to their skill and talent to the right job that suits them. Most of the companies who do not want to waste their time on the selection and recruitment process of the candidates simply hire and pay up the agencies that do the whole selection process online from any part of the country. In today’s world, selection is difficult as there are many job seekers’ and less number of jobs. Thus, flat fee recruitment has a great role to play.


Article publié pour la première fois le 21/01/2012

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Convenient Job Search Tips

Due to the economy situation of the country which is now going beyond control, has brought more unemployment to the society. Are you one of those people who are searching for employment? This is the time to increase your chance of getting employed.Today  economy is  little bit harder,  therefore you can land yourself in a decent job if you are able to learn and search. Write a resume that will make you stand out from the rest applicants. Here are some of  helpful tips that can help you to find a good and decent job of your choice:

–          Begin your research within your  network. You can start by asking your friends whether they know any where there is vacancy for job which matches your skill sets. This is a great networking. Having registered you in their mind, they can spread it to their friends and colleagues. Anytime there is vacancy, you will soon be invited.

–          Avoid posting or submitting your resume to any job you find on advertisement. Make sure you narrow your research and choose those you believe that you can get higher opportunity of being employed. In brief, it is advisable to select , where it is possible for you to cover all the job vacancies in town in any day or week. Therefore, make sure you save yourself from wasting of time and trouble.

–           Ensure that you give your resume to your friend to read in order to check any grammatical or spelling error you might have committed. Let it be at the back of your mind that the employer managers will just throw your resume inside dust bin if he or she discovered any error like that in it. Besides, it is very possible for the person besides you or your friends to spot any error you might have made.job search

–          Search for different source of jobs which are basically from newspapers, friends’ network as well as job boards. Remember that most of the job vacancies are not published. This is the major reason why you need to utilize network for your job search so that you can be well informed and updated in your job search. Most of the attractive jobs are kept out of the public in order to avoid crowd.

–          Make most of your unemployment by improving your opportunities of getting employment through learning of new skill or better still; upgrade your sets of skills. Also, do something that is very meaningful or set of small business in order to while away time. You can benefit from this both financially and otherwise. During your unemployment period, a lot of things could be learnt.

In conclusion, if you are able to use job search tips the way it is written, you will surely have the best job you could ever dream of.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/04/2013

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5 Key Skill Areas that Influence Quality Management

5 Key Skill Areas that Influence Quality Management

Involved senior management are a key requirement for an effective quality management system and a continuous improvement program. A multi competence approach is important and management must not only demonstrate intelligence but must also be able to demonstrate competence in a variety of skills in order to be able to influence the quality management direction of a company.

Managers who have a key role in an organisation’s quality management and who also want to improve their ability to develop and implement strategies in quality management should consider training in the following key skill areas:

Technical Skills – understanding the company as a whole goes hand in hand with understanding the factors that influence implementation of tasks within the company, how these tasks interrelate, the required technical competence, the ability to solve problems and to anticipate potential problem areas. Together, these skills allow managers to intuitively plan quality management strategies that ensure effective results.

Reporting Skills – another important skill is the ability to gather and analyse quantitative and qualitative information in order to track, measure and predict trends and outcomes. This ensures that decisions are based on fact, and that processes are planned accordingly using the information that is collected.

People Skills – a good manager needs to understand what motivates people to perform their jobs and to contribute to the implementation of quality management strategies. These skills include empathy, coaching skills, influencing skills, inter-personal skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Operational Skills – these skills allow managers to see work processes as the aggregation of related actions and tasks. Planning, process alignment, improvement strategies, waste reduction strategies and the ability to provide staff with a process approach through the definition of rules, review and clarity at all stages of quality management planning and implementation.

Thinking Skills – it is not enough for managers to simply have ‘by the book’ thinking skills. Out of the box thinking skills are also essential in order to see the bigger picture as well as its component parts. The ability to visualise change, see new opportunities, apply ideas to goals, define future goals and experiment with strategies are all essential parts of the thinking skills required for an effective management process.

Pro-active leadership will play a key role in helping an organisation achieve the best results. But this leadership must be imbued with the above described skills as each will play a vital role in providing the best resources to plan and implement quality management strategies.

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document control software

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Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company

Top Most 8 Reasons for Hiring a SEO Company
The most profitable technique to achieve search engine top positioning, is SEO.
SEO brings in the organic traffic and even increases the visibility of an organization among its
target audience. It is considered as the most preferred tool to acquire online sales. Firms
even outsource SEO Services in order to reach customers globally and attain their targets.
If you wish to make sure of your success in the business with the implementation of
internet marketing then you have to hire a SEO company that will take care of it for you.
An SEO company offers you the services of experts.
Zeustek is an affordable SEO company that provides SEO services to its clients all over
the world. Zeustek does aim at providing the best and affordable SEO services. SEO
experts first start by making changes in website content, design and keywords, and then
market the website.
Why Hire Zeustek?

1 . In-Depth Research
Zeustek does the in-depth research before implementation of SEO strategies. Here at
Zeustek, SEO experts will be handling your website, and thus they will research about
your business, competitors, website and the target audience. Then, the team will start up
working on your website.
2. Internet knowledge
A SEO expert should have the proper knowledge about the techniques and strategies to
be applied. At Zeustek, the staff is well-trained and has up-to-date knowledge of the latest
SEO techniques. SEO experts at Zeustek have the knowledge of SEO as they are already
into this field and without wasting any time, they just move into the right direction.
3. Guaranteed Results
Zeustek is an affordable SEO firm that provides guarantee for the results. It will not offer
its services blindly to promote a business without guaranteed results. The company does
its research with the team of experts. If they are not confident about their results they
never send you proposal to boost your site’s online ranking.
4. Firm Deadline
By outsourcing your SEO services to Zeustek, the company will meet your deadlines, and
start the work as per the requirement specified.
5. Implementation of Variety of Resources and Ideas
Outsourcing SEO services to Zeustek will help you to merge different ideas and thoughts
before implementing finally to optimize the website. This is the main advantage that you
direct the project to Zeustek.
6. Reduction in Cost Factor
Zeustek will charge you the nominal rates, rather than charging so high amount. It will
charge you only for one time and will do the optimization along with the maintenance.
You will get the guaranteed results and services with variable resources.You can improve
ranking in the search engine ranking results with the affordable SEO packages provided
at Zeustek.
7. Targeting the Niche Customers
Zeustek will target the right kind of audience for your website. Zeustek knows how to
get the top rankings in the search engines, and how to turn online visitors into customers,
who really are interested in the services that you provide.
8. Dependable SEO Services Providers
The SEO Company Rhode Island is dependable service provider. The SEO
professionals ensure that the contents are fresh and the number of inbound links is also
ideal. Zeustek constantly keeps on exploring advanced techniques in the field of search
engine optimization to help improve your website ranking.

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Resume Sample for Nurse

Resume Sample for Nurse


Grant Avenue san Francisco, California 94108

[email protected]

Nurse RN with 8+ years of experience providing quality care to a wide variety of patients, possesses a master’s qualification in nursing and currently focusing on earning a Doctorate’s Degree in this field. I am Aiming to leverage my experience and knowledge to effectively fill the nursing position at your hospital.

Professional Experience

Virginia veteran’s hospital                                                                 Richmond, VA

Registered Nurse                                                                      December 2010-present

  • Provide direct quality care to patients including daily monitoring, recording and evaluating medical conditions of up to 20 patients per day.
  • Coordinate workforce management objectives with a focus on individual, departments, and hospital-wide initiatives.
  • Lead and mentored 10 newly licensed nurses in developing and achieving professional expertise.
  • Interact and communicate with patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, giving quality medical care and treatment.

The Carolina’s medical center                                                           Charleston, SC

 Assistant Nurse                                                              July 2006 to November 2010


  • Assisted physicians in taking blood pressure, measuring heartbeat and recording vitals in physicals examinations.
  • Collaborated with 4 other nursing staff in maintaining a calm environment in caring for patients.
  • Supervised the admission of patients in emergency cases and directed the transferring of patients from their location to the hospital via ambulance.
  • Commended via supervisors for handling difficult situations involving both patients and their families.


Christian medical college and hospital, Vellore

Master of Science degree in nursing June 2006

  • GPA: 4
  • Vice president, National student Nursing Association, 2004-2006

Christian medical college and hospital, Vellore

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, June 2002



  • Progressive care certified Nurse Certification.
  • Member, District of Columbia Nurses Association.

Download  Resume Sample for Nurse.docx


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Top 5 CV Writing Mistakes Article


Top 5 CV Writing Mistakes Article



A poorly written CV will greatly decrease your chances of getting your dream job. Think of it as your introduction to a potential employer; it’s your first impression, so make sure it’s a good one. By avoiding these top 5 CV writing mistakes, your CV will be sure to impress anyone who sees it.


Mistake #1 – The CV contains spelling and grammatical mistakes

Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Nothing makes a worse impression than misspellings on the page and simple grammatical errors. Handing in a CV with spelling and grammatical errors is the same as turning up to the interview not wearing any trousers – potential employers aren’t going to be impressed!

Mistake #2 – The CV is too long

Employers/HR recruiters are flooded with hundreds of CVs from potential applicants for certain jobs – make their life easier by making your own CV short, concise and to the point. Your skills and experience should be plain to see at a glance and it shouldn’t take longer than a minute to skim through the CV. As a simple rule of thumb, a CV should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper. A CV that fits onto one page would be even better.

Mistake #3 – The CV contains lies or half-truths

Before taking on an employee, companies carry out detailed background checks to ensure that the information they have been given about a candidate is correct and accurate. The internet has made it easier than ever to check for lies and exaggerations – if your CV does contain these, they will be found out. Be as honest as you can on your CV and give your potential employer a clear idea of who you are as a person, your skills and your accomplishments.

Mistake #4 – The CV is too generic and embraces a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Potential employers aren’t just looking for any person for the role – they’re looking for the right person for it. Grab their attention by tailoring each CV to the each particular job role. This may seem time consuming, but this strategy has proven to be very successful. It’s much better to send out 10 clear and concise CVs designed for a specific role than it is to send out 100 generic CVs.


Mistake #5 – The CV has distracting formatting with multiple fonts, images and colours

A CV has to be simple and easy to read at a glance. The goal is to gradually lead the eye from the top of the page to the bottom. By using multiple fonts, garish colours and other distractions, your CV will be much more difficult to read. The best CVs have a simple (but not ugly) design. Microsoft Word, Open Office and other word processing suites contain multiple templates to make simple, attractive CVs. Ignore these at your peril.

Bonus Mistake; references have names listed;

Nothing is worse than a potential employer calling your current employer to ask for a reference. Unless your goal is to create tension in the workplace, avoid listing your references and simply state that ‘references can be provided upon request’.

By avoiding these top 5 CV writing mistakes (and our bonus mistake), your chance of scoring an interview with your CV will increase dramatically!





This guide was written in association with Office Angels, the UK’s leading recruiter for receptionist jobs in the UK

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/02/2012

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Resume Tips for Nurse

Resume Tips for Nurse


Here are few Tips to follow to get the job:


  • Concise and Highlight main idea


With really huge amount of candidates to assess or just to scan, hiring manager has limited time to understand who you are and what your main achievements are. That’s why it’s really important to grab reader’s attention to your resume, not somebody else. You should know what information you decided to highlight. Based on our expertise – it should be your career goals and achievements. There is no need to write too much, just create a one-page resume. Try to avoid long sentences and irrelevant information about yourself.



  • Job Objective- not the best approach


Hiring managers are not inspired to write what motivates you to be a nurse or some other stories. Be professional and help hiring manager to call you and ask you some questions or invite for an interview.

Use Career profile instead of objective. It’s like smart and useful profile information of potential candidate for hiring manager. It works well for nurse jobs.



  • Use keywords


If you are looking for a nurse job, add special keywords to your resume to highlight your relevant nursing experience in your resume. Use keywords like ‘’RN’’, ‘’Registered Nurse’’ OR ‘’staff nurse’’ or some other keywords related to this position.



  • Excel or word or other computer skills


Healthcare and Hospitals are using ERM systems now or looking forward to use such system. That’s why it’s really important to show your potential employer what computer skills you have and how well you could cope with such tasks. It is really a good opportunity to win a competition, highlighting such skills like: Microsoft Excel or Microsoft word.



  • Use chronological resume format


The Best resume format you could use is chronological resume format. Why? Because it’s important to know your relevant experience more and job history than your skills. That’s the first thing hiring managers are look at.

No need to list the entire job you worked. Last 3-5 places are more than enough.



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When is asbestos dangerous

Your Health and Safety: When is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a common product that is mostly used by home owners in floors, walls and even the ceiling. The question that continues to be worrying consumers is at what level of using asbestos will it be dangerous, this means that many people want to know when is asbestos dangerous. In order to know when is asbestos dangerous, we have to find out fast how the asbestos enter the body. One of the usual way for asbestos or its fibers to enter the human body is basically through breathing. This is to say at present stage the asbestos itself is not dangerous, it is only considered dangerous when it is emitting dust or fibers. This is so because, when it released in the air, it is ingested then with time it is trapped into the throat and nose’s mucus membrane. At that point it is easily removed, but when it enters the lungs or the digestive system, the answer to the question when is asbestos dangerous, will simply be when it enters the lung. As mentioned before, the answer to the question when is asbestos dangerous is when it is released into the atmosphere as fibers.

This includes asbestos sprayed on insulation pipes. Ceiling and floor tiles which contain asbestos will not discharge asbestos threads, save for if they are damaged in a certain way. For example if an asbestos floor tile is broken, it may end up releasing fibers into the air thus bringing the issue of when is asbestos dangerous. If however it remains undisturbed, then it may not pose a health risk. The fibers are not only released if the ceiling or floor tile is damaged but also as they age. When they are used for long, it makes it more possible for fibers to be emitted in to the atmosphere. Also when searching the answer to the question when is asbestos dangerous, you ought to be aware of the health effects that is accompanied by exposure to asbestos.  Through asbestos, you can get asbestosis which is a serious respiratory illness which is also cancerous. With this illness, the victim experiences shortness of breath and pain in the lungs whilst breathing. Also if it advances it may result to cardiac arrest and hence death. The answer to when is asbestos dangerous is when the victim realizes that as per now there is no effective cure for asbestos. For those who work with asbestos, they are more prone to be infected with this respiratory disease.



In also determining when is asbestos dangerous is determining how it affects the lungs. The asbestos is extremely dangerous when after affecting your lungs; you are unable to breath and may experience shortage in breath and/or pain when you are coughing. With this lung cancer, the victim ends up dying a long painful death. As noted above you do not have to suffer the aforementioned respiratory diseases to know when is asbestos dangerous. Ensure that you get your house tested for any traces of asbestos, after all prevention is better than cure.

Article publié pour la première fois le 24/10/2013

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Cover letter Tips for Nurse

Cover letter Tips for Nurse

When applying to a job, externship, or internship, you may also submit a cover letter (even if it is not required) because it’s another opportunity for you to connect your strengths with the employer’s needs. Sometimes it’s also called an application letter. Whatever the name, the purpose of the letter is to introduce yourself and to directly connect the experiences on your resume with the experience/ position/ job you want to gain.


Before you write a cover letter, it may be helpful to think about a couple of things:

  • Why I am good fit for this position?
  • What key experiences/ strength make me good fit for this position?
  • What aspects of the job description match with my interests and skills?


Sample Description

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

The introductory paragraph is your chance to introduce yourself and explain your interest in the position. You may also mention how you heard about the position and briefly outline your strength that fit with what the position requires.

The strength paragraph serves to highlight your specific qualities skills or experiences that match up with the position. It may help to think about the strength paragraphs in terms of categories or competencies. If you gather from the job description that the employer wants someone who is organized, has relevant clinical experience, and good teamwork skills, why not make these the focus of your paragraphs? Connect the strength back to why it matters or how it is applicable to the position.


Your second strength paragraph would discuss a third competency. Depending on the situation you may only have 2 strength paragraphs.


The conclusion is a short recap of your interest in the position, your strengths, and some general good sentiments.


Sender’s Name   


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Posterior circulation stroke

posterior circulation stroke

a type of cerebral infarction affecting the  posterior circulation that supply one side of the brain.            Posterior circulation ischemia can range from brainstem symptoms, caused by reduced posterior circulation,

to the “locked-in syndrome,” which is caused by basilar artery or bilateral vertebral artery occlusion.

                                           The posterior cerebral arteries (PCAs) are paired vessels,
 usually arising from the top of the basilar artery and curves laterally, posteriorly, and superiorly
 around the midbrain. The PCA  mainly supplies midbrain, subthalamic nucleus, basal nucleus, thalamus,
medial inferior temporal lobe, and occipital and occipitoparietal cortices. PCAs, via the posterior
 communicating arteries (PCOM), may become sources of collateral circulation for the middle
cerebral artery (MCA)

PCA is divided into P1 and P2 segments by the PCOM. Penetrating branches to the mesencephalon, subthalamic, basal structures, and thalamus arise primarily from the P1 segment and the PCOM. These penetrating arteries include the thalamogeniculate, splenial (posterior paricallosal artery), and lateral and medial posterior choroidal arteries.

The P2 segment  is divided into the posterior temporal artery and the internal occipital artery. The posterior temporal artery further divides into anterior, middle, posterior, and hippocampal branches. The internal occipital artery divides into calcarine and occipitoparietal branches.

                                                   Posterior Circulation Stroke Syndrome (POCS) refers to the symptoms of a patient who suffered from a posterior circulation infarct, but clinically no diagnosis is there. PCA stroke syndromes comprises of

    • Paramedian thalamic infarction
    • Visual field loss
    • Visual agnosia
    • Balint syndrome
    • Prosopagnosia
    • Palinopsia, micropsia, and macropsia
    • Disorders of reading
    • Disorders of color vision
    • Memory impairment
    • Motor dysfunction
                        etiologyof posterior circulation stroke  
                         Ischemic stroke occurs when a region of cerebral blood flow is suddenly limited.. Common  causes of PCA stroke include
cardiogenic embolization,
atheromatous disease of proximal vessels resulting in occlusion and/or artery-to-artery embolization,
dissection of proximal vessels resulting in occlusion and/or artery-to-artery embolization,
intrinsic PCA atheromatous disease.
                                                                     Less common etiologies include
 migrainous cerebral infarction (which preferentially affects the PCA distribution),
anterior circulation disease (when fetal PCA variant is present),
hypercoagulable disorders,
illicit substance use,

   signs and symptoms of posterior circulation stroke

Patients present with a wide variety of syndromes. Neurological dysfunction includes
 1) hemi or quadriparesis,
 2) cranial nerve deficits (III-XII),
 3) respiratory difficulty,
 4) altered sensorium,
 5) vertigo  6) ataxia.
        As the posterior circulation supplies the brainstem, cerebellum, and occipital cortex,
 the symptoms frequently involve the "5Ds": dizziness, diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, and dystaxia.
                             Wallenberg Syndrome or Lateral Medullary Syndrome is characterized by
 sensory loss. Vertebral artery and posterior inferior cerebellar artery occlusion causes
 nystagmus,vertigo, ataxia, hoarseness, dysphagia, Horner's Syndrome and loss of pain and temperature
sensation in the face on the same side of the lesion, and loss of pain and temperature on the opposite side of the body.               Basilar Syndrome (Anton Syndrome) is caused by occlusion of the basilar artery tip as it bifurcates into the posterior cerebral arteries therefore also affecting the occipital lobes and
deeper structures which results in somnolence, memory defects, confusion, mutism, visual hallucinations, and bilateral loss of vision with unawareness or denial of blindness, as well as vertical gaze paralysis and deviation of the eyes.
              Weber Syndrome is caused by vascular occlusion to the midbrain  which may be due to aneurysm
or tumor resulting in ipsilateral oculomotor palsy  with contralateral hemiplegia.                                Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome occurs due to ischemia or malignancy causing a
hemi sensory loss  on one side of the body, contralateral to the side of the lesion. Position sense is
affected more than any other sensory function, and deep sensory loss is  more than cutaneous sensory loss.
    The most dreaded posterior circulation infarction is the "Locked-In Syndrome," which is caused by basilar artery occlusion. The syndrome is characterized by a progression of symptoms leading to
quadriplegia with paralysis of horizontal gaze and bilateral facial and oropharyngeal palsy.  The patient
is awake and is only able to move his or her eyes vertically.Patients become stuporous or comatose as the
reticular activating system becomes involved.
                       Treatment of posterior circulation stroke
  anticoagulants of the heparin and warfarin types were being used to treat patients with myocardial
infarction and pulmonary embolism. management of hypertension, hyperglycemia, cerebral edema with
increased intracranial pressure, hemorrhagic transformation of cerebral infarction, infections aspiration,
 deep venous thrombosis, myocardial infarction, and other stroke-associated conditions.
 recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator( rtPA) should be  administered within 3 hours of stroke onset
 Extracranial bypass may be undertaken by connection of the occipital artery to the vertebral, superior cere
bellar, anterior ICA, or posterior ICA. The superficial temporal artery has also been used as a donor artery.
Shunting to the PCA may be accomplished by using veins or synthetic grafts.
                                      rehabilitation should begin early. Involvement of a speech  therapist may be required if alexia is present, with or without aphasia. The occupational therapist should be able to help in  teaching patients to turn to look in the blank visual hemifield. Recreational therapy helps patients with posterior cerebral artery (PCA) stroke to adapt to visual deficits and facilitates a healthy affect (since depression is a common occurrence in stroke.Nutrition may need to be provided by alternative means, such as a nasogastric device or a percutaneous enteric gastrostomy tube in patients who have severe dysphagia. revascularization procedures in the posterior circulation is the prevention of vertebrobasilar ischemic stroke.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2011

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Cover Letter Sample for Nurse

Cover Letter Sample for Nurse

Sender’s Address

City, State, Zip code



Name of person (Recipient’s)




City, State, Zip code


Dear Mr. Last Name

This letter is to express my interest in the Registered Nurse position at BCLM hospital. I am an enthusiastic candidate with the skills and attributes necessary to contribute to the patient care at your health care facility.


As you can see from the attached resume, my experience as a certified nursing assistant and unit secretary, along with my variety of clinical experiences, have allowed me to attain a foundation of skills necessary to ease into my career as a Registered nurse. I feel my knowledge of medical terminology, customer service and medical computer software would be a valuable asset. With this experience, I have developed strengths in communication, collaboration, and information technology. If the position at hand requires key attributes such as professional, reliable, competent and compassionate, I feel I would be a strong candidate and would appreciate being considered.


In addition to the skills learned in school and during clinical experiences, I am extremely knowledgeable in customer services. My secretary and nurse’s aide experience has given me ample opportunity to work with the patient population. I have also learned the importance of prioritizing and managing time effectively. I believe that the skills I attained are the basic foundation to being a safe and effective nurse.


I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I might best fulfill the present need for Registered Nurse position at your health care facility. Until then, thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting with you.



Sender’s name





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Job search visa for Canada

Work Permit for job seekers in Canada from foreign countries

Job search visa for Canada is very important for those who have applied for immigration to Canada or those who have plans for immigration to Canada. For those who are not Canadian citizens or not permanent residents of Canada, the work permit is essential to work in Canada. The work permit is issued for a specific period and also for specific job. The work permit is issued by the visa office only if the worker is legally admitted to Canada or if he is a citizen of Canada.

The work permit does not allow a person to be in Canada permanently. Those who want to apply for the job search visa for Canada should already have a written employment offer or a written contract of work from a Canadian employer. The employer should obtain the permission from the government of Canada to hire a foreign worker. This permission is known as Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The worker has to provide the evidence to prove that he meets all the requirements as mentioned in the job offer.


Different types of work permit

The application for job search visa for Canada is to be made from outside Canada. In some cases the application can be made when one enters Canada or after getting into Canada. In all these cases, the requirements are almost the same. For some kinds of jobs the work permit is not required. The job seekers who are from a country which requires temporary resident visa to enter Canada need not apply for the work permit. Job seekers who want to come to Canada must have obtained a letter for temporary employment the duration of which can be a few days or a few months or even a few years.

Those who have already obtained the offer of temporary employment can obtain the job search visa for Canada and during that period the person will be permitted to work only for the job mentioned in the work permit. When the person wants to switch over to a new job he needs to get a new work permit for which the application can be made from inside Canada.


Job offer letter from the employer

When a person enters Canada with the offer for a permanent employment, he or she can directly apply for permanent residency in Canada. In such cases, the job search visa for Canada is not required. Since there are chances for getting job offers that are not genuine, the job seekers must ensure that they receive job offers only from genuine employers. In case an employer demands money or asks for the credit card details of the job seeker, it is obvious that he is not genuine and in such cases the job offers should not be accepted.

The genuine Canadian employer will issue the job offer in writing. If the job offer letter from the Canadian employer which is printed on the official letter head of his company contains specific details like the job description, hours of working and salary and other benefits to which the worker is entitled and is signed by the employer as well as the employee, it can be used for the immigration process.



Register here for Canada Job Board

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Easy Hair Styles For Long Hair

Many people have begun to keep their hair long as in the 1970’s. Even if you will find out that many people like the idea of having their hair long, it can become too hard to keep them. The hair can be twisted, curled, straightened or braided. There are many styles that you can use when you have long hair.  Protecting long hair is to protect it from dry ends, frizz, heat, ends and split ends. You have also to make sure that your hair is protected against any environmental damages such as cold or heat.

First, you have to get your hair trimmed and it is better if you do this every 8 weeks.  If the end of your hair has split, then you should never let it go up to reach the shaft. Getting it cut is the best thing that you can do.

Ensure that your hair is always moisturized. It is advised if you use moisturizing mask regularly. you should wet your hair before applying the moisturizer, if not the moisturizer will not hold. Use a flat iron to tap foiled section for few times. This method is used to smoother the ends and to provide deep conditioning. If you do not want to use the heat, then you should use oil mask and you can wrap the hair into a bun and leave the hair to dry for around 15 minutes. Make sure that you hair is protected from breakage and tangle to keep them long for a long time.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/08/2011

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Job search for new comers to Canada

Tips to job search for new comers to Canada

Though Canada is a land of opportunities, the job search for new comers to Canada is indeed a challenging task and it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Tens of thousands of immigrants are allowed inside Canada every year and the success of job search made by job seekers from other countries in Canada mainly depends on the working experience of the candidate, his or her language skills, recognition of the credentials submitted by the candidate and his labor market contacts. One has to make his or her entry into Canada either as a temporary worker or as a permanent resident.

After arriving in Canada, one has to secure a suitable job within a reasonable amount of time so that he or she can continue to stay in Canada. The success of job search for new comers to Canada mainly depends on the preferences of the employers. Many employers consider the benefits of hiring workers from other countries who are highly skilled, reliable and hard working.


Work culture

Job search for new comers to Canada becomes easier when the job seekers are equipped with sufficient working experience as well as innovative ideas. There are many employers in Canada who come forward to give preference to workers from other countries. Most of these employers have their companies engaged in overseas business. Though there is no dearth of employment opportunity in Canada, the increasing rate of unemployment in the country makes job search for newcomers to Canada more challenging.

The country has its own rules and regulations and has its own methods as well as work culture. The job seekers who had gained the Canadian experience in their respective profession or field find it easier to get good jobs in Canada. Most of the employers in Canada expect the applicants to prove their familiarity with the work culture in Canada.


Upgrading the qualifications

The job search for new comers to Canada also depends on the quality of the credentials presented by the applicants. It is quite natural that the employers doubt the credibility of credentials submitted by job seekers from other countries. Moreover, many professional fields are regulated in Canada. Engineers, doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, plumbers, electricians and other skilled workers are required to take additional courses and get upgraded to the Canadian standards. In this way they can get their credentials reviewed thereby making them acceptable to the Canadian employers. The job seekers who are proficient in English and French have better chances for getting jobs in Canada. Lack of proficiency in these languages may create obstacles in their path to get suitable jobs.


Advantages of new comers

The international work experience, willingness to work for more number of hours and ability to provide innovative ideas are some of the advantages of new comers in Canada who try for jobs in Canada. The extra linguistic skills other than English and French also will be added advantages. New comers to Canada who already know people who are already established in Canada will find it easier to get a job in Canada. The chances of getting a job also depends on the type of job one seeks and the region or city where he is settled.


Register here for Canada Job Board

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Resume sample for Dancer

Resume sample for Dancer


Your Full Name

Sender’s Mailing Address

Sender’s Phone Numbers

Sender’s Email Address


Professional Summary


  • A graceful professional dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music, and a creative ability to present themselves through movement.  
  • Having good health and excellent physical stamina as well as an ability to work as part of a team with other singer, performer, artists and actors.
  • Harmonize body movements to rhythm of musical accompaniment.
  • Multi skilled and able to translate those movements that expresses ideas and stories.


Work Experience


Dance Teacher

Xyz music and dance school, some town



  • Giving warm-up exercise before work out.
  • Developing flexibility and mobility in dancers and helping them prevent injury.
  • Demonstrating moves and providing tips on jumping, twisting, and landing to dancers.
  • Assessing dancing skills of students and preparing a team for inter-school ballet competition.
  • Planning and delivering dance lessons in an interesting manner to capture student’s interest.
  • Teaching all dance technique, monitoring students, and correcting their steps.


Dance Teacher

Delhi public school, Faridabad



  • Designed and delivered ballet dancing lessons to students.
  • Developed understanding of various ballet forms in students.
  • Coordinated wellness program in school and provided first-aid and medical attention to student.
  • Collected videos and prepared a library for student’s reference on ballet dance style.
  • Integrated dance styles that represented different cultures and historical significance.
  • Handled attendance record of students and informed school administrators on excess absenteeism of students.




Bachelor’s Degree in arts

Xyz University, some town



Certified Ballet Dancer

Xyz Dance Studio



Download Resume sample for Dancer.docx

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Job search Canada immigration

Easy and Fast Method for Canada Immigration

Job search Canada immigration is based on the fact that in Canada there is good demand for skilled workers and professionals from other countries. The skilled workers from foreign countries who can facilitate the growth of the Canadian economy are welcome to Canada immigration. The skilled workers who are able to get jobs in Canada will settle there permanently and contribute towards strengthening the country’s work force. Professionals and skilled workers who are successful in job search Canada immigration can immigrate to Canada with their family and become permanent residents there.

The Skilled Worker Immigration Program in Canada is aimed to issue Canadian Immigration Visa to the successful applicants who have entered Canada to take up a job that they have already secured. In the year 2017, more number of skilled workers from other countries will be issued Canadian Immigration Visa. There are a lot of Canadian employers who welcome skilled workers from other countries to become part of their work force.


Various programs for Skilled Worker Immigration

Job search Canada immigration will help job seekers from other countries to not only get a suitable job in Canada but also to get their application for Canadian immigration processed quickly. The job seekers from other countries have various options for the job search Canada immigration.

They can apply either under the Federal Skilled Class of Canada or for jobs offered by individual employers. Once the worker has decided the territory where he or she wants to reside, the application for immigration can be submitted through a provincial nominee program. There are different nomine programs like Federal Skilled Worker, Quebec Skilled Worker and other Provincial Nominee Programs. Applicants with certain work skills who want to reside in a province other than Quebec can opt for the Federal Skilled Worker program. The applicants who want to immigrate to the province of Quebec can submit their application to the Quebec Skilled Worker program. Most of the territories and Provinces in Canada have separate skilled worker immigration programs and those who want to immigrate to a particular province or territory can forward their applications for immigration to the skilled worker program of the particular territory or province.


Fast-track immigration


Job search Canada immigration enables the job seekers from other countries to utilize the facility of fast-track immigration. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are specially meant for the skilled workers who want to work and live in a particular province or territory. When compared to the immigration process of other Canadian immigration programs, the immigration process after obtaining the nomination certification is faster. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada offers numerous employment opportunities in Canada to skilled workers and professionals from other countries.


Express Entry System

There are various websites where the job seekers from other countries can find out many job opportunities for them in Canada. The newly introduced Express Entry system enables foreigners to immigrate to Canada within one year. The Express Entry immigration is allowed on the basis of the points scored by the applicant in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Out of the total 1200 points, 600 points are for arranged employment or Provincial Nomination. Those with higher points have more chances to get selected for immigration. Those who arrive in Canada with a job offer in hand and those who have PNP nomination can easily score more points.



Register here for Canada Job Board

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most used social network and can drive good traffic if used properly.



Add a Link on Your Personal Profile

If you’d like to promote your fan page to your Facebook friends, just under your photo on your personal profile there is a section to write something about yourself. You can add website /facebook page link there. Example :

Link to Twitter

Link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page and automatically post your Facebook content to Twitter. You can edit what gets posted, choosing from Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events.



Create or Use pages created by your teammate

You can create or use pages made by your team For example, if we are marketing job board –, then lets like their pages


If you are promoting content, then page owner can provide you publisher access. Once you have that access, feel free to post jobs , blogs, gigs from Jobisite.

Let’s target to publish all jobs to all pages. Instead of publishing jobs, use schedule jobs feature of facebook, where jobs will be auto schedules after half an hour or an hour.


For fast posting, open all pages in tabs, and then copy one job link with text and start posting in each page one by one. Once posted, then you can pick another jobs and increase the schedule time by an hour and then schedule for all pages.

On other tabs , you can open twitter , linkedin groups and other social bookmarking sites.. so you can post to all sites in one go.








Facebook Groups

Join related groups. So if you are promoting a job board, then your main audience are job seekers and recruiters. So search for these keywords, like Jobs , recruiters, job board etc and join these groups.


Once you joining request is approved, then you can target your audience . Try joining many groups, like 20-30 groups, or may be 7-8 groups in a day.

Keep the target as 1 post per day per group and don’t overdo. Focus more on comments and likes.


Try search for posts that says, “Looking for a job “ or where job seekers looking for job, and then comment and tell about your job board and its features.


Example comment: Sir, you can try registering at for many new jobs and it’s all free. You can find many recruiters and many hidden unadvertised jobs also.




Try connecting to recruiters and job posters also. Search for posts which has job listings and then like and comment and tell about your job board and its features.

Example comment: Sir, can you also try for free job posting and resume search. You can even post jobs by just sending emails. It’s all free and you will surely like the service. Thanks,





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Job search Canada Calgary

Calgary offers exciting opportunities to professionals and entrepreneurs


There are a lot of employment opportunities in Calgary and those who take up jobs in Calgary are assured of attractive remuneration, various other benefits, pension and pleasant working environment. Job search Canada Calgary is easier and will be successful for those who have entrepreneurial qualities, innovative ideas, passionate approach and dedication to the job. All types of job seekers – new comers, experienced professionals and those who want to change their jobs – find that job search Canada Calgary is interesting as well a promising. In Calgary, there are tremendous opportunities for employment as well as career advancement.

Those who search for jobs in Calgary may visit the websites of Calgary companies where they prefer to work and start sending their resumes. They can also meet the Calgary employers and forward their applications for employment. Attending the various job fairs will also help them to find out the suitable job opportunities. Calgary is one among the Canadian cities with the highest number of self-employed professionals.


A diversified economy

The financial and economical strength of Calgary makes this city a preferred destination of many job seekers. Those who are engaged in job search Canada Calgary have the full freedom to define their career and those who have the intense entrepreneurial spirit have immense opportunities in Calgary. Calgary has a highly diversified economy and here a wide range of industries are flourishing.


The job search Canada Calgary is indeed spread over a wide range of different sectors and every year more job opportunities are created in this city. The oil and gas companies in Calgary provide a lot of business opportunities to the various service industries like construction, manufacturing, technical, financial, transportation and other professional services.

Wide range of job opportunities

The nature of jobs in Calgary may change from time to time. Hence while starting the job search Canada Calgary the job seekers may first go through the new job openings offered by various companies in Calgary. This approach will enable the job seekers to find out a job that is the most suitable to them. The job seekers have to visit the various websites to know about the job opportunities in their particular field. Those who search for jobs in Calgary will come across with a lot of job opportunities at different levels in a wide range of fields like engineering, information technology, financial services, health care, accounting, administration, banking, call centre, customer service, manufacturing, marketing, law, skilled labor, human resources, transport and warehousing, sales, nursing and project management.


Numerous exciting job opportunities are available in Calgary and the job seekers can get accommodated in their preferred jobs in Calgary within a short period. Job seekers can also approach the recruiting agencies in Calgary to find out suitable positions.


Understanding the work culture

The employers in Calgary are in need of people who are responsive and are able to get familiar with the Calgary work culture very fast. Those who come to Calgary in search of jobs are from different places and from different backgrounds. Understanding the Calgary culture and getting accustomed to it is very important for them. The professionals who are able to understand the culture quickly and perpetuate the same are assured of a successful career in Calgary.




Register here for Canada Job Board

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What does PS mean in a letter

What does PS mean in a letter


A very common question is what does PS mean in a letter? It refers to Postscript. This is an afterthought coming to your mind after the completion and signing of a letter. This term is an expression that states ‘written after’.


Position of PS

Once you know what does PS mean in a letter, it is important to know the position of PS, where it must appear in a letter.


  • This is an afterthought and very much likely it will appear at the letter end.
  • Directly enter the P.S below the signature and it means you are offering additional information.
  • Very importantly, keep the P.S. short in a sentence or two.


A postscript refers to a passage at the letter end, following the signature. It makes sense in the letter context composed by hand or even on a typewriter, to put up an afterthought when your letter is finished, and you cannot retype or rewrite the entire thing and get the signature.


In a letter, “P.S.” represents post scriptum, the Latin phrase, meaning “after writing.” It reflects that the text marked with P.S was added after the completion of writing of other material, often an afterthought. It typically is seen at the letter very end, usually below the signature.



There are several reasons in a letter to add after thoughts and this is known as postscript in English. The need for this inclusion comes when something is recollected or remembers right before mailing the letter and there is no reason to hold the afterthought until the future communication. Moreover, if the afterthought relates to the subject of this letter, there is no point in delaying. It is better late than never and is rightly done by adding a P.S.  For instance, you happen to remember your house number has changed, though the address is the same. This is important and now the old number may not be valid, in case of return mail. So, it is important to add the P.S. stating the new number in place or the old number.


Adding a Personal Touch

A postscript may be included to make a formal communication with an informal touch by adding in the P.S, a hello to your family and love to kids. This reveals an existence of a personal connection with the writer to the reader. Postscripts are used occasionally in pre-printed letters to form a response and this is added as a personal note. In business communications or correspondence, the addition of P.S has no place or is really rare.



Seeing a P.S. written is uncommon and it is also written as PS. however, writers who know what PS mean in a letter also should be careful in using the postscript. It may be useful and a charming or useful writing tool at times, but is irritating if it turns to be a habit. It is best to note all the points and pen it in a letter than adding it as a P.S. Ensure to make the addition of P.S, rare.

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how to search job Canada


Effective ways of job search in Canada

Many job seekers want to know “how to search job Canada”. Those who want to get job in Canada should have the patience to wait for a few months. Before trying for job the job seekers should have clear idea about the work culture in Canada and also the expectations of the employers.

Those who want to know how to search job Canada may make use of various resources that provide information regarding job search and support to job search. The job seekers in Canada can get important information from the website about searching and applying for jobs. For information regarding employment in particular province they can refer province’s or territory’s website for newcomers. Job seekers can adopt different methods to search jobs in Canada. Many companies post the job opportunities on the company’s website. Hence job seekers should concentrate their search in the websites of the companies where they prefer to get job. The job seekers may also contact the employers directly to find out whether they intend to recruit manpower.


Different ways of job search

Those who attend the job fairs in the respective city or town get a lot of information and ideas about how to search job Canada. Besides searching the career websites one has to go through the classified columns of local newspapers also. The Job Bank is another popular site where every day not less than 2000 job opportunities are posted. Those who want to know about the job opportunities in the federal public services may visit either or the Public Service Commission website. Those who know how to search job Canada will also search the sites of various recruitment agencies and also the nearby Service Canada Centre. Gathering information regarding employment opportunities from friends and relatives who are working in Canada is also a way of job search in Canada. Job seekers who have a network of contacts will find their job search easier and also by way of Networking they can search for jobs in the hidden job market. By way of Networking the job seeker can send the message to a lot of people that he or she is in search of a job. While learning about how to search job Canada, the job seekers should also bear in mind that apart from searching online for jobs and going through the employment news pages of the local newspapers there are more effective ways to search for jobs such as networking, making cold calls, information interviews and taking up volunteer works.


Information interview and volunteering

The information interviews are very useful to learn about the work culture in Canada and information interview is totally different from job interview. The information that one gets during the information interview will help him or her to build up the career according to one’s interest and preferences. Those who work as volunteers without pay get very useful work experience. When the job seekers work as volunteers they get the opportunity to develop a lot of new contacts and also they will come to know about various jobs that are not advertised.



Register here for Canada Job Board

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Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurial skills

So now you’ve decided that you want to get out of the corporate rat-race and be your own boss.

As you start planning on how to start your own business, you need to know where you want to see your self after 10 years. Plan for longer terms.

You need to be strong yourself before even thinking of business. Think of all the skills you really need to be a successful entrepreneur. You really need a broad array of entrepreneurial skills to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Some of important entrepreneurial skills that you can start with :

Time Management:

Every minute is valuable. The most important skill any entrepreneur needs is the managing his time. Many first timer entrepreneurs find themselves wasting their time on phone, talking to clients,  filing and developing binders for clients that do not exist, inability to delegate,  poor planning or lack of objectives. Schedule your day and stick to your schedule.

Keep a slotted time for all important calls and meetings. Focus on business plan rather than activities.

Knowledge :

Every entrepreneur needs to have good knowledge of their product and their business. You need to know how your product can help users and how it works. Note down all the points where your product is better than others in market.

Sales and Marketing:

As an entrepreneur, you need to figure out what type is best for your services or products. All entrepreneurs will benefit from sales seminars, books and motivational programs.

Try not to stick with just one sales strategy. As the market keeps on changing, the effect of sales strategy will also change.


As an entrepreneur, knowledge of finance is a must. Track all expenditures and invoices. Track your growth, account for future expenditures and returns on investment.  Keep record of every single penny you are spending and along with time you are putting in.

Know the Numbers:

Do a good research while coming up with prices for your product. Do not jump start with high prices when your product is new. Start with market price  or may be little lower initially till you have a good word of mouth or people start considering you as a brand and wont hesitate in buying your services.


Networking is an important part of marketing and sales. People like to communicate with people and a good entrepreneur needs to have a good network. Making a network is lot easier and cost effective now as it was before with the help of networking sites like linkedIn, ryze and many more.

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Job search in Canada for immigrants

Tips for job-seeking immigrants in Canada

Before starting the job search in Canada for immigrants, the job seekers should try to understand the characteristic aspects of Canadian employment and also the expectations of the employers in Canada. As the first step for getting employed in Canada the immigrants should apply for the Social Insurance Number (SIN).

The job seekers can make use of various resources for the job search in Canada for immigrants. The immigrant-serving organization  provides training to the job seekers for job search as well as preparing resumes. For all career information and news about latest trends in the job market the job seekers can also visit the website of Job Bank where on an average 2000 job opportunities are posted daily.  The immigrants can also see the website of the province where they stay to know about the employment opportunities and other details. Apart from visiting the websites of companies where they want to apply for job, job seekers may approach the employers directly and submit the resume.

Just like all other job searches, visiting the popular job search websites and regularly going through the classified columns of all local newspapers are also ideal methods for job search in Canada for immigrants. The immigrants who seek employment opportunities in the federal services can also view the website of the Public Service Commission  The Service Canada Centre also provides all information regarding the government employment services. Since many jobs in Canada are not advertised, the immigrants who seek employment in Canada should make it a point to gather information regarding job vacancies from friends, relatives and neighbors.


Job search in Canada for immigrants is easier for those who maintain a network of contacts. Networking enables the job seekers to access the hidden venues for employment and also by way of networking, one may come to know about the thousands of job opportunities that are not advertised. Those who have the network can easily spread the news that they are in search of a job. Providing voluntary service is another effective way to expand one’s network, make the resume more attractive, develop more friends including Canadians and make potential employers aware that the person is in search of a job and is willing to work with sincerity and diligence.

Those who are voluntary service get the opportunity to gain more experience and also they can acquire working knowledge of English or French. Since the job seeker gets acquainted with many people when he offers voluntary service, he can use at least a few among them for reference purpose while applying for a job. Apart from searching the internet for “volunteer service” in the particular city, the immigrant job seekers can also visit the website of Volunteer Canada  and also get in touch with the immigrant-serving organization.


Finding the information regarding the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) can also be made a part of job search in Canada for immigrants. The internship programs provide immense opportunities to the immigrants to gain work experience and participate in training programs. The immigrants are also provided with valuable advice and training by experienced professionals and businessmen of Canada. Details about such mentorship opportunities are provided by various organizations like Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO), Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC), Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC).




Register here for Canada Job Board

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Cute Hair Styles For Long Hair

Regardless of the style that you choose to use, you have to ensure that it keeps the breakage and tangle away for your hair especially if your hair is long. You can do this by keeping away from using a brush on wet hair after conditioning or washing it. You should use a smooth and a wide set teeth to detangle the hair from the root of the hair. You should also keep away from blow-drying wet hair. This will cause thermal damage for your hair. You should wrap your hair into a towel before you use any hair dryer.

To make the style you want, you should always use the spray on or leave in conditioner to protect your hair especially when you are using heat tools. You should not wash your long hair on daily basis, since the more you wash it the harder it will be to hold in the texture or style. If you have a fine and thin hair, wash it every two days. If you have a thick hair you should take at least five years to shampoo it.

You have many style to choose from when you have long hair, you can make it in a curly ponytail, into beaded ring, into ponytail flip twist, into a hair roll and into a French braid headband. Regardless of the style you want to use, you should always keep in mind that excessive heating, brushing, teasing, backcombing can damage the hair so keep them in minimum.


Article publié pour la première fois le 04/08/2011

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Job posting sites for Canada

Ensuring the most exciting experience of Canada job search


The best job posting sites for Canada use state-of-the-art technology to collect as well as publish the maximum number of the latest job opportunities thereby providing the job seekers the real-time information regarding suitable opportunities in the Canadian job market. These websites make it very easy for job seekers to search for suitable jobs on various venues like government departments, sites of professional recruiters, leading newspapers and periodicals, corporate websites and many other sources that provide employment news on regular basis. Moreover, many job posting sites for Canada allow the recruiters and employers to post the job opportunities on these sites free of charges so that they need not pay the heavy advertising charges to announce their manpower requirements. Apart from the Canadian nationals, people from other countries who stay permanently in Canada and those who are under the category of Express Entry Candidates are able to find the suitable job opportunities for them from these career websites.

Ensuring the best quality search results

The job posting sites for Canada make it very easy and fast for the candidates to find out employment opportunities that match to their qualifications, past experience and technical skills. These websites enable the employers and recruiters to invite potential candidates to apply for the positions that they offer at present. Since, these websites publish advertised job vacancies also those who seek immediate job can prepare their applications and resumes exactly as required by the respective employers. This will enable the applicants to highlight the skills and qualifications that they possess which made them more eligible to respond to the advertisement. The resumes that are prepared in this way will have better chances to get shortlisted by the employers when they review the numerous resumes. Many job opportunities in Canada are not listed. The employers fill up such unlisted vacancies either through personal contacts or by way of networking. The reputed career websites for Canada are committed to provide the job seekers the best quality search results and these websites provide the latest information regarding the postings made directly by the employers.

Helping job seekers in many ways

The most visited job posting sites for Canada also provide reliable information regarding thousands of job opportunities that are not advertised and hence cannot be found on most of the search engines. Every day these websites check, edit and publish thousands of jobs for direct appointment after going through numerous employer websites. These websites also publish unbiased reviews of particular employers as well as particular jobs. The option for advanced search provided by these websites enables the job seekers to find out suitable vacancies by occupation and by industry. The job seekers can opt for email notifications so that whenever job opportunities that match to their search are posted, they will receive the alert. Job seekers can avail these facilities from these websites without signing up and without providing their personal information.

Reliable partners to employers as well as job seekers

Thousands of job seekers find the employment news provided by the various job posting sites for Canada really amazing and many of them are able to find out the best jobs for them from these sites. These career websites help the employers to identify the best talent and enable the job seekers to find out the suitable employer. These websites provide a lot of mobile-friendly tools and other resources that help qualified candidates to find out suitable entry-level jobs and the experienced candidates to switch over to new jobs for career advancement. These websites help employers to attract and identify the top talent. The job seekers can make their job search in specific category also like engineering, finance, hospitality, healthcare, education, marketing, graphic design, high tech, travel and tourism, administration, etc., and also they can search for opportunities in particular cities like Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and so on.




Register here for Canada Job Board

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search job in Canada from India

Ensuring successful immigration to Canada

Applicants from India who have who possess excellent skills and good professional qualifications have many job opportunities in Canada. However, they are likely to find the search for job in Canada a little challenging. Those who want to try for jobs in Canada from India should first of all learn how to search job in Canada from India. One should be realistic and must be aware of the fact that it may not be possible to straight away get selected for the job of his or her preference.


One must have the patience and perseverance to try again and again, do extensive research and wait for the right opportunity. Those who know very well how to search job in Canada from India will make it a point to get familiar with the employment opportunities in the particular field and also will ensure to search as many number of Canadian job websites as possible. Those who apply for Canadian jobs from India are expected to have clear knowledge of immigration as well as the visa application process. Also, it is advisable that they may apply for the permanent resident visa so that they can give a clear answer when a prospective employer asks about the status of immigration.


Search the websites

Those who apply for jobs in Canada from India may start applying for jobs not less than 12 weeks in advance of their trip to Canada. While finding out how to search job in Canada from India one should also ensure to prepare the CV strictly in the Canadian style. The applicants may forward the ‘cold’ letter of application and CV to various recruiting agents as well as potential employers so that they become aware of his or her availability. In the covering letter, they can include the status of visa also. After knowing about the requirements as well as procedures one can start searching the following websites for suitable jobs:

Workopolis – Find your next Job or Career in Canada

Those who know how to search job in Canada from India will be well aware of the fact that tens of thousands of families of Indian origin had settled in Canada. Every year thousands of Indians apply for Canadian visas. The democratic policies of the Canadian government, the good employment rate, excellent economy, high standards of living and the multicultural society are the attractions for the job seekers from India. A step by step procedure and making efforts in different ways show how to search job in Canada from India. A systematic step-by-step procedure is very important.

Language proficiency

Those who want to try for jobs in Canada from India should make it a point to keep ready all the certificates and various documents that are essential for applying for immigration to Canada. The Express Entry System will enable them to apply for immigration. When the prospective employers find that the applicant had already started making efforts for immigration they get more impressed since employers in Canada always prefer candidates who are readily available. Certification of proficiency in English and/or French is a very crucial requirement for immigration to Canada.






Register here for Canada Job Board


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How to identify asbestos

How to identify asbestos

Homes and buildings built after the mid 1980s are unlikely to contain asbestos-based construction materials. These materials were phased out in the 1980s, but it was used heavily in buildings/homes built from 1930 to 1980.

how to identify asbestos? Asbestos cannot easily be recognized. Unless a material is labeled as containing asbestos, just looking at it with the naked eye will not discern the presence of asbestos. There are still some ways to identify asbestos. These are not accurate but can give you an idea on how to identify asbestos:

-Sidings – Asbestos fibers were heavily used for making home sidings. Look at the thickness of paint on the siding. If there are many layers of paint, then it means the sliding is old enough to contain asbestos.

-Pipe insulation –  In the manufacturing process, asbestos pipe insulation was covered with a corrugated cardboard wrapper.And modern pipes are coated with heavy weight craft paper.Just see the exposed end of the pipe insulation. You can easily identify cardboard wrapper against craft paper.

– Floor tiles- Asbestos was also used heavily in making tiles and you can see them in old houses or renovated flooring.These tiles are typically black, brown or dark gray and tend to be much thicker than more modern, asbestos-free tiles. Most products which contain asbestos and can be inhaled are required to be labeled these days.

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Job Search Tips For College Graduates

Simple Job Search Tips For College Graduates 

A good college degree can go a long way in securing a decent employment. However, with intense market competition and economic downturn, college graduates need to promote themselves in the most adequate technique. Today, there are numerous unemployed college graduates in the market; therefore they need to portray extraordinary skills and expertise to secure a suitable job. Recentjob search tips for college graduates recommend competing efficiently and professionally in this unexpected job market. With no or little job experience, college graduates need to efficiently market their qualifications. Due to excessive number of graduates passing every year, it is doubtful campus placement center will be able to provide adequate number of suitable jobs.

Use College Resources

It has been advised to use college resources in the form of campus placement centers and past alumni to grab a decent job. Past alumni and campus placement centers tend to have extensive networks with different companies, businesses and organizations. College graduates can easily utilize effective tools required to compete in the market. They can get all the tools and resources from the college to promote themselves professionally in the market. Graduates are expected to employ contemporary job search techniques and skills in the marketplace. They can also use job search tips for college graduates in the form of professional resume writing services.

Graduates can also utilize job boards present in the college to submit their resume. In this way, they will be able to promote themselves effectively to unlimited number of potential recruiters and companies immediately. The overall idea is to grab the attention of potential employers instantly by showcasing your qualification, skills and education. It has been advised to develop a top-quality resume. The resume must show your skills, work experience, goals and qualification in the most perfect manner. You can also hire a resume writing service for a top grade resume. 

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/07/2013

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Best interview questions for nurses

nurseOnce in your career, you’ll face job interview. During an interview you will be asked many questions and have only one chance to make your best impression. Here are some of the important interview questions..

1)  Tell something about yourself ?

Always be sure the interviewer never wants to listen your story. So, try to describe your personality , educational qualifications, your career goals and experiences.

2) Where did you get your training and what qualifications do you have ?

Be prepared and confident. Explain why you choose this practice. Describe your theoretical and practical component. Always keep your certificate copies with you. Explain your  responsibilities and skills with some examples. Your resume shows that that you have knowledge and  experience . Speak positively about your abilities and never ask anything bad about your previous  employer.

3) Why you are fit for this nursing job ?

Try to discuss why your training and your experience qualify you for this nursing job. Explain your abilities and skills with specific examples while answering these questions. Research the company and explain how you can help to meet the challenges of the company.

4) Why do you want to work in our hospital ?

Show your positive responses to this question. Try to make connection between your career goals. Try to use your skills and experience and explain how you will perform better under pressure.

5) Explain your strength and weakness ?

Be honest about your weakness and show your maturity. The interviewer wants to hear your strength and weakness and explain how you manage stressful conditions.

Practice these questions and feel comfortable about handling your nursing job interview.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/03/2013

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Long term effects of whip lash injury

Long term effects of whip lash injury

A whiplash injury is a non medical term , commonly seen when the neck is thrown violently forward or backward which occur most often during car accidents. When the body is suddenly slammed backwards,( during car accident) the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back are put into so much impact and pressure that makes the patient available to whiplash injury and due to which there is difficulty in performing their day to day activities. Even in a slow speed car accident there is a good chance that the neck will be thrown forward or backward at a rate of speed or with a force that is outside the range of normal. whiplash injury can be limited to a soft tissue injury, it can also cause much more severe and long lasting effects. The long-term effects of whiplash include neck and shoulder strains, difficulty in movement, and pain when bending the head down. Sometime people also experience back aches, and random headaches. Whiplash also affect certain parts of the brain and affect the memory of the person. many times in whiplash injuries the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the neck are affected. This can cause soreness and stiffness for days or weeks following the accident. In some cases the spine itself is damages in the accident. the spine can suffer damages to the disc material found between the bones. This can result in a herniated disc – often known as a “slipped” disc or “bulging” disc. When a disc bulges out it can push on the tendons and nerves found inn the spinal column. If a disc begins to push on a nerve it can cause sever pain in your arms, hands and fingers, loss of feeling in your fingers, tingling and eventually lose strength in the arm and hand.Strain in the neck and shoulder and limited or no mobility are also most common long term outcome of whiplash.Another long term outcome of whiplash are certain brain injuries in which memory retention will be affected or even get worse.Permanent headaches and backaches are also caused by whiplash, and these conditions can sometimes prevent the person from doing work or certain activities.
Specific neck exercises can help the person in the treatment of whiplash and can speed up recovery. These neck exercises strengthen the muscles and tissues in the neck and the shoulders. These exercises promote better posture and improved neck muscles. whiplash incidents can also overcome by making some modifications in car seat and overall road safety.

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Main Features of a Job Portal of Australia


With the digitalization of all the fields of life, the job market of Australia has also undergone major changes and now depends mainly on the reputed job portals, for fulfilling the vacancies with most competent candidates. Each job portal of Australia is provided with several effective features that are useful for both the jobseekers and the potential employers, regarding the hiring of the right persons for right jobs.


Prominent characteristics of a job portal of Australia


  • The job websites provides the employers easy access to the huge database of the jobseekers, while maintain the company profiles that may be visible to the suitable job candidates.
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  • The jobseekers can see the company profiles of their potential employers, before applying for the jobs.
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