Online Jobs

work from home

Online Jobs

work from home

Many companies are looking to cut their cost of work by allowing their workers to work from home. This reduces cost like infrastructure,electricity,security and many more.
And that’s why they encourage work from home of online jobs. Due to high computer Awareness among people in the recent years,
millions of people are ready to work in their free time that too from their home.Online jobs can be done from anywhere, you can stay at home every day, do your work, and get paid, just like that.Other kind of online jobs include data entry, search engine optimization, medical transcripts , web design any many more. Sometimes these jobs gets outsourced to some agency or freelancers.
No having to run to the office in the morning or dealing with temperamental employers, you can choose your work and how you do it.

Online jobs has lot of attraction for students also. Many students always seeks online jobs for pocket money and since they don’t have any job to impact.

Some of the most popular online jobs for students
-Article writing: Many online sites and researchers always look for article writing in affordable rates.
-Freelancing: Freelancing of web design, seo , data entry is very popular among computer students.
-Online Tutoring: Its new and getting lot of users for online teaching.
-Microjobs websites : Many microjobs are also getting popular among virtual assistants.
-Job boards: Many jobs boards list online/freelance jobs. Check some online jobs on GetSarkariNaukri also




Benefits of Online Jobsonline keyboard

Many people including housewives, students and retired people are earning good every per Day online by working from home.

It has many benefits which includes:

-In many cases prior experience is not required to work online. Access to the internet is all that you need.
-You can set your own hours to work. Work from your own home. Work wherever & whenever you want.
-You can set your own income level.
-Be your own boss.


Checklist to  Spammy online Jobs

Well, apart from good online making money, we need to be watchful of many spams also. Many companies have already cheated many online worker for that.

Few things to remember while accepting online jobs.
-Never pay any registration fee, upfront money for any reason.
-Check the authenticity of the company by searching it in Google.
-If the pay out is really high, then again its a red flag.
-If it asks for credit card information.
-Beware of vagueness and incredible claims.
-Warning signs like job offer claiming that you can make a lot of money

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Eye stroke

 Eye stroke

When  an artery or vein within the eye becomes  blocked(also called an occlusion) referred to as an eye stroke. An eye stroke, otherwise known as anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) or a stroke of the optic nerve, is an ocular disease that begins suddenly and occurs without any warning.It will start out in one eye, either the left or the right, and regularly develops in the unaffected eye after a period of time. Just as strokes occur in other parts of the body because blood flow is blocked, our eye also may suffer damage when vital structures such as the retina and  optic nerve are cut off from nutrients and oxygen flowing through the blood. When a blockage  occurs in the blood vessels that supply the front of the optic nerve, an eye stroke occurs results in no nutrient and oxygen supply. Without nutrients and oxygen, nerve tissue is damaged and lost, resulting in vision loss.An eye stroke results in sudden, but painless, vision loss or distorted vision in one eye. The severity of the symptoms depends on where the blockage is located, and how much blood flow is blocked.

what causes Eye stroke

Trauma of the head or eye injury, are the main causes which  are associated with AION,other include  glaucoma, giant cell arteritis, lupus, Buerger’s disease, allergies, post-viral vasculitis, post-immunization, smoking, high blood pressure, syphilis, hypertension, migraines, diabetes, atherosclerosis, carotid occlusive disease, sickle cell disease, and acute hypotension.

Retinal artery occlusion

Retinal artery occlusion occurs when an artery to the retina is blocked. The retina is the light-sensitive lining of the back of the eye that records what we see. Retinal artery occlusions are typically caused when a blood clot (or embolus) from the heart or carotid artery in the neck travels to the eye.risk factors include

1)  high blood pressure (hypertension),

2)artery disease (especially in the carotid),

3)heart disease,

4)cholesterol problems, or


When the retina  is damaged,or   if  it is the central artery that becomes blocked (called a central retinal artery occlusion, or CRAO), the result is usually sudden, total vision loss, though some peripheral vision may be present.. If the blockage occurs in one of the arteries which branch off the central blood vessel (a branch retinal artery occlusion, BRAO), we will  experience a sudden loss of  peripheral vision , with central vision possibly being affected as well. In both cases, the loss of vision is usually painless.complications may include neovascularization of the retina or iris, neovascular glaucoma, or temporal arteritis.

 Retinal Vein Occlusion 

Retinal Vein Occlusion occurs when a vein within the retina is blocked  due to  blood clot (thrombus), this is called a retinal vein occlusion. It may be either a branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) or central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), depending on which blood vessel has the blockage. Retinal vein occlusion is most commonly seen in people with hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), high blood pressure, or glaucoma. Symptoms include sudden, painless vision loss which can be mild or severe and may include blind spots, distorted vision, or loss of peripheral vision.

Treatment of Eye stroke

It is important to  have  our vision should be  checked routinely.E arly detection can prevent  from getting serious vision impairments. Even with prompt treatment, a retinal artery occlusion  results in permanent vision damage. Possible treatment for  Retinal Vein Occlusion  is a laser procedure called pan-retinal laser photocoagulation, This can help to  repair some retinal  damage. During this procedure, a special laser is used to make tiny burns that seal the retina and stop vessels from growing and leaking.  The laser is used to destroy all of the dead areas of retina where blood vessels have been closed. When these areas are treated with the laser, the retina stops manufacturing new blood vessels, and those that are already present tend to decrease or disappear.

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Some Random Mesothelioma facts

Some Random Mesothelioma facts
  • Mesothelioma which is sometimes referred to as asbestos cancer , is an aggressive cancer caused primarily by the inhalation of asbestos fibers.
  • Mesothelioma takes anywhere from 20 to 50 years to develop, which is why it is more commonly diagnosed in older individuals.
  • Mesothelioma causes for diagnosis in women and children are mainly attributed to secondary exposure to asbestos, as it was not uncommon for men to bring asbestos back into the home on their body or clothing if proper cleaning facilities were not available on site.
  • Mesothelioma is only caused by exposure to asbestos, though cases have been documented in children or other individuals with no asbestos history.
  • Mesothelioma is a difficult cancer to treat.
  • Once a diagnosis of mesothelioma is made, the majority of patients will not live longer than eighteen months.
  • Mesothelioma is a cancer that can affect the lining of the body’s primary organs.
  • Mesothelioma can develop anywhere between 10 to 70 years after the initial exposure.
  • Mesothelioma is sometimes diagnosed by coincidence, before there are any symptoms.
  • Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos and the inhalation of asbestos particles.
  • Mesothelioma attacks the mesothelium – the lining around the abdominal cavity and the lungs and heart – and is often difficult to treat, depending on where it occurs in the body and how much it has spread when found.
  • Often the effects of asbestos exposure are not seen until decades after the exposure, as mesothelioma can develop 30-50 years after exposure.
  • Mesothelioma development in rats has been demonstrated following intra-pleural inoculation of phosphorylated chrysotile fibers.
  • Mesothelioma has also been linked to radiation therapy treatments to the chest, such as those used to treat breast cancer or lymphoma.
  • Mesothelioma can cause pressure within your chest that can make you feel as if you’re always short of breath.
  • Mesothelioma originates in the mesothelial tissue surrounding the lungs, abdomen or heart.
  • Mesothelioma has a long latency period.
  • Once diagnosed the prognosis is often bleak.
  • Mesothelioma is also more common to Caucasians than in African Americans.
  • Mesothelioma is a cancer that attacks either the pleura (lining in the lungs), the peritoneum (a membrane which lines the abdominal cavity), or the pericardium (a two-layered membrane surrounding the heart).
  • Mesothelioma patients can also learn about some of the cutting edge clinical mesothelioma treatments and medical trials available.
  • Mesothelioma specialists hope that continued research may some day yield a greater survival rate and potential cure.
  • Mesothelioma lawyers specialize in tracing an asbestos disease to a source and finding those culpable for hazardous asbestos exposure.
  • Mesothelioma lawyers can also assist you with information regarding mesothelioma specialists and treatment centers around the country.
  • Mesothelioma diagnoses make up approximately 3 percent of all cancer diagnoses.
  • Mesothelioma destroys its victim and his family emotionally and physically.
  • Mesothelioma is considered very rare, however, 2000 new cases are found each year in the U.S.
  • Mesothelioma can be detected in both men and women at any age.
  • Mesothelioma treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, all of which focus on extending life expectancy and raising quality of life.
  • Mesothelioma is characterized by a system of irregularly patterned tumors that spread through the mesothelium—lining of abdominal cavities.
  • Mesothelioma goes by different names, depending on the membrane in the body where it occurs.
  • Mesothelioma doctors require a health specialization because it is such a rare cancer.
  • Mesothelioma occurs more often in men than in women and risk increases with age, but this disease can appear in either men or women at any age.
  • Mesothelioma is also known as fibrous or multicystic mesothelioma and is categorized as a non-cancerous tumor that inside the pleura, the lining around and in the lungs.
  • Mesothelioma, the deadly disease which has topped news headlines for the last decade, is contracted through exposure to airborne fibers of asbestos.
  • Mesothelioma has become a household word to tens of thousands of U.S.citizens.
  • Mesothelioma patients have a median survival time of 6 – 12 months after presentation .
  • Mesothelioma metastases throughout the internal lining of the organs of the body.
  • Mesothelioma is a hazardous disease caused by the exposure to harmful asbestos fibers.
  • Mesothelioma Lawsuits are not unique: As long as there have been environmental factors with impact on our health as well as a legislative system, people have filed lawsuits if the impact has been of a negative kind.
  • Mesothelioma is a cancer primarily focused on the cells surrounding the lungs.
  • Mesothelioma cancer can develop successful the abdominal (peritoneal) and around the heart (pericardial effusion).
  • Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis, a chronic advanced lung diseases other than cancer may cause inhalation of asbestos fibers or dust on the long term.
  • Mesothelioma symptoms are progressively slow and take years to surface.
  • Mesothelioma chemotherapy has an edge when it comes to give out the result for mesothelioma patients.
  • Mesothelioma thus becomes a deadly disease when no remedial measures are taken to overcome it and when exposure to asbestos is not controlled.
  • But at present, there are various Mesothelioma law firms which are established in many countries of the world especially in those places where there is high percentage of mesothelioma, a cancer which is the result of high exposure to asbestos.
  • Mesothelioma wrongful death lawsuits are one of the only ways available to hold big business accountable for their blatant neglect.
  • Mesothelioma is sometimes diagnosed by chance, before there are any symptoms.
  • Mesothelioma incidence rates among women in Northeast Minnesota and St.Louis County were the same (0.3) and well below the state rate.
  • Mesothelioma filings increased from 2,001 in 2002 to 2,816 in 2003, with an average of 2,184 during the period 2001 to 2003.
  • Mesothelioma differs from many other cancers because, in addition to gender, age and race, geographic location also affects incidence.
  • Mesothelioma accounted for 1.5% of the 171 900 total lung and bronchus malignancies in the US in 2003 (1, 2 ), and epidemiological studies have established exposure to asbestos fibers as the primary cause (3–5 ).
  • Although malignant mesothelioma remains a relatively uncommon malignancy in the US, it continues to be an important cause of mortality in numerous areas worldwide, e.g., England, Wales, continental Europe, and Australia.
  • Mesothelioma is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms associated with this disease closely resemble more common chest and lung diseases.
  • Mesothelioma cells were found to express mRNA for proopiomelanocortin and its processing enzymes; release -MSH peptide into supernatants; and express melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), the high-af?nity receptor for -MSH.Immunoneutralization of MC1R in the cell lines enhanced expression of interleukin-8 (IL-8), IL-6, and transforming growth factor- .Mesothelioma tissue specimens were ?xed in 10% buffered formalin and were paraf?n-embedded.Tissue sections (3 m) were cut from the paraf?n-embedded blocks.
  • Mesothelioma cells and collagen are identified in tumor fragment spheroids.
  • Mesothelioma has not been found in South African chrysotile miners and millers despite decades of producing about 100,000 tons of the mineral per year.
  • Mesothelioma can be divided into three known forms: pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial.
  • Mesothelioma continues to affect hundreds and even thousands of people each year, particularly in industrious cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles.
  • Mesothelioma symptoms are considered the swelling of the face or through and malfunctioning of other organs or parts of the body.
  • Mesothelioma is found to be in highest incidence rate in Britain, Australia and Belgium.
  • Mesothelioma is very rare in childhood with an estimated 2%–5% of all cases occurring in the first two decades of life.
  • Mesothelioma treatment is considered palliative rather than curative and usually consists of some combination of surgery and chemotherapy.
  • The most commonly used mesothelioma chemotherapy is a combination of pemetrexed and cisplatin.However, this combination is not without its risks.
  • A mesothelioma does not usually spread to the bone, brain, or adrenal glands.
  • A mesothelioma diagnosis usually begins with an accomplished medical history review and a physical enquiry of a patient who suffers from mesothelioma symptoms and signs , including shortness of the breath, chest pains, swollen abdomen, a dry, persistent cough – or in the case of pericardial mesothelioma, erratic behavior in the cardiovascular system.
  • If mesothelioma is in an early stage it can be treated with surgery in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • No mesothelioma cases were found among approximately 15,000 subjects of one large factory (Factory E) that started operations in 1902 and used chrysotile solely for producing textiles, insulation and friction materials (Browne and Smither, 1983).
  • No mesothelioma cases had been observed in Russia (Dobrovolsky, 1998).
  • The mesothelioma is a mucous membrane that functions as a lubricant to the organs and enables them to work efficiently and effectively.
  • The mesothelioma swelling may be in one of 2 variants: a benign and a malignant form of the cancer.
  • A mesothelioma attorney must master the many complexities associated with an asbestos exposure case.
  • When mesothelioma occurs in the lungs, it is called pleural mesothelioma ; when it occurs in the heart lining it is called pericardial mesothelioma ; and when it occurs in the abdomen it is called peritoneal mesothelioma .
  • Your mesothelioma lawyer and their team of investigators will work hard to pinpoint the place or places where you were exposed to asbestos and which companies are responsible for those products.
  • These mesothelioma lawsuits often result in millions of dollars for the victims when handled by an experienced lawyer or law firm.
  • A good mesothelioma attorney will choose to bring a mesothelioma or lung cancer claim in a jurisdiction that has favorable laws as they pertain to the client’s unique set of asbestos exposure facts.
  • These mesothelioma remedies are very costly but with a knowledgeable by your side, you ought to not have to be concerned about your medical bills.
  • Unlike mesothelioma, asbestosis usually develops when a person is exposed to high levels of asbestos over a prolonged period of time.
  • Not all mesothelioma patients are good candidates for the radical surgical procedure.
  • Pleural mesothelioma is by far the most common form of the disease, accounting for about 75% of all cases .
  • Not all mesothelioma treatment centers provide the same level of treatment.
  • Pleural mesothelioma is different from lung cancer, which grows inside the lung.
  • Pleural mesothelioma is often thought of as a type of primary lung cancer, but it is not.
  • But once mesothelioma appears, patients typically die within 9 to 12 months.
  • No, most mesothelioma lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.
  • New York mesothelioma lawyers predict there will be a huge influx over the next ten years when the devastation of 911 is taken into account.
  • Though Mesothelioma causes immense pain and suffering to the victim along with short life expectancy, certain treatments have resulted in the successful reduction and removal of the cancerous tumors of Mesothelioma.
  • Malignant mesothelioma can also affect the reproductive organs, the heart, and other major organs.
  • Malignant mesothelioma is far more common in men than in women, at a ratio of 4:1.
  • Abdominal mesothelioma presents with symptoms like weight loss, abdominal swelling and pain, bowel obstruction, blood clotting, anemia and fever.
  • Only 10% of mesothelioma patients survive more than five years after initial diagnosis.
  • Pericardial mesothelioma – This is the rarest form of mesothelioma – only about 5 to 15% of mesothelioma is pericardial mesothelioma.
  • The risk of Mesothelioma increases as the age increases but the disease can make its appearance at any age.
  • Pericardial Mesothelioma patients do not qualify for heart transplants because there is a great risk of cancerous cells being spread throughout the additional mesothelium.
  • Patients of mesothelioma are now utilizing alternative mesothelioma treatment, such as massage therapy as an effective palliative therapy in overall cancer treatment regimens.
  • At autopsy, mesothelioma with infiltration of the lower lobe of the right lung was evident.
  • No cases of mesothelioma were reported in a retrospective mortality cohort study of 1172 chrysotile asbestos product workers (17,600 person-years) in Tianjin, China, from 1972 to 1987 (Cheng and Kong, 1992).
  • In treating Mesothelioma, the anti-cancer drugs are usually given to the patient through intravenous injection (within the vein).
  • Pericardial Mesothelioma may occur in diffuse, multiple and localized forms.
  • Most of the mesothelioma attorneys give a free consultation for your first visit.
  • Treatment of Mesothelioma depends on many factors, including the stage of the cancer, the circulation of the malignant cells, pathology reports determining the nature of the cancer cells and patient’s age and health.
  • Many of these mesothelioma patients have lived years past their expected “date of death” estimate.
  • Although rare, mesothelioma affects veterans from all branches of service: Army , Navy , Air Force and Marines.

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Get started with your dream job: avoid making the common resume mistakes

You are done with your graduation and are eagerly waiting for that dream offer to strike
you. Lady luck will not help you crack that offer, you yourself will. And the first impression
you make to an employer is through your resume.

Resume errors that do not portray a good employee:

Resume mistakes include grammatical or spelling errors. Also long paragraphs speak a lot
about your disability to focus. And it is easy to land up in the dustbin in that way. Alignment
and spacing should also be kept in mind while making a resume. Focus area should depend
on what the employers are looking for. Resume should never get too boring or out of track
for the person reading it. And it is better to upgrade your resume with every new job offer
as requirements tend to differ. It is never very wise of you to summarize your career and
include achievements that do not suit the job profile that you are applying for.

Standing out of the crowd but in a creative way:

In a bid to stand out of the crowd many people tend to over decorate the resume that does
not any more leave it formal. This resume mistakes should always be avoided. Rather being
creative helps and showing your achievements in bullet points and short paragraphs get a
positive response. Whenever you are asked to forward your resume over the internet make
sure that you forward a cover letter to introduce yourself to them in a humble way, along
with the resume. The resume should not exceed 2-3 pages.

resume mistakes

Avoid speaking of references until asked for. This is a major turn off for the employers.
Another major resume mistake is to include anything and everything about your personal
hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Remember they are looking for an employee so
having related hobbies would give you an added advantage. But this does not provide you
with the chance to make up things to your own advantage. Your seniors are your seniors for
some true reasons. Lastly never really object oriented your resume or it gets cornered for a
specific designation only. Leaving your options open may get you a job opening at another
available field and you will not even sound too fussy.

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Accelerate Your Mobile Sales

How to Accelerate Your Mobile Sales?smartphone583685_640

The age of mobile commerce is no longer just a prediction for the future, but it is a reality that sooner or later every online merchant will have to adapt to. However, many online entrepreneurs are not aware of the real potential of mobile commerce or they fail to understand the real benefits of going mobile. If you want to increase your mobile sales, here is a bunch of facts to consider:

Understanding how customers use mobile devices

Mobile shopping is significantly different from the desktop experience, first of all, because of the very nature of mobile devices. Although it is not uncommon to use mobile devices at home or at work, 42% of the time spent on mobile devices takes place on the go and away from both work and home. Many of these searches are conducted on the way to the local point of sale or service: 54% of mobile searches are conducted with local intent, while 78% of these searches lead to offline purchase a couple of hours later. All of it means that one of the strongest advantages of mobile commerce is the ability to research products on our way to the brick-and-mortar store or purchase products while commuting to work or home. How this information should influence your approach to mobile eCommerce?

Mobile sales optimization

If you sell your products in a local brick-and-mortar store, make sure that your customers can be automatically redirected to the nearest point of sale by enabling geolocation data. You should also make sure that your website is adjusted to the typical constraints of mobile platforms, such as small screens of smartphones or mobile browsers, which not always support commonly used formats. Responsive Magento website is a must, but you should also assess the design of your website and get rid of all unnecessary distractions, which can cause problems for mobile users.

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Why is my job searching taking so long?

Why is my job searching taking so long?

Many job seekers are having a long gap of unemployment before they could land for a new job position. There are less job openings then the persons who have applied the bigger your position is the more time you required for searching because it will have a very less opening. The lesser your position is the lesser time you required for job searching.

Your next job is likely come through a referral build a strong network among people of same field and organization. The stronger your network is the less time you required. Be active on social networking sites keep up-to-date information of yourself. It’s not something like you have posted for a job a month ago and you haven’t been active there since it was posted. There are several jobs with their expiration date apply for those jobs before they goes out of date and you can only do this when you’re active.

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Why is my job searching not working?

Why is my job searching not working?

Actually in today’s economy not getting a job lack of success has nothing to do with you. So many people are grappling for job in this tough economy, Right?

Actually No. in today’s economy people are getting jobs and calls for interview just after few days of applying. If you are not getting then there may be some fundamental issues.

Consider other job options

Consider other jobs when you are finding difficulties in your current job searching. May be you could find that job more interesting and you could end up doing this will fill your employment gap also. Don’t get indulged in one thing if nothing is working out then choose another field may be you could do better in this.

Get some job search help from library

Go to library many library offers job search classes. There you will find more job seekers interact with those people and get assistance from other fellows. Library is an excellent source of job search help.

More Options to get job search help

If nothing is working out then go to career counselor that might help you to figure out actual cause. That could give you an alternate way to find job.

Look for jobs in the right places

Are you searching for a job at the right place? Wrong search keyword or not using best job sites can make it difficult to find a job.

Try Temporary

Start working as a temporary there are many which offers training may be you could find permanent position. May be they could pay you or non-payable but start working at least it could fill your gap.

Unstick Your Job Search

If your job search halts or stop making progress then unstick it and get back on is simple as you are finding the right opportunities to apply.


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Hydrocephalus and its causes

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which there is excessive accumulation of fluid in brain and it  is mainly caused by an imbalance between how much cerebro spinal fluid is produced and how much is absorbed into the bloodstream.


Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by tissues lining the ventricles of the brain. It flows through the ventricles by way of interconnecting channels and eventually flows into spaces around the brain and spinal column. It’s absorbed primarily by blood vessels in tissues near the base of the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid plays an important role in brain

1)  It keeps the brain buoyant, allows heavy brain to float within the skull

2) Act as a cushion for  the brain to prevent injury.

3) It helps in the removal of  waste products of the brain’s metabolism

4)Flowing back and forth between the brain cavity and spinal column to maintain a constant pressure within the brain — compensating for changes in  blood pressure in the brain.


Excess cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles occurs because of the following reashydrocephalus ons….

1)  Obstruction. The most common cause of excessive CSF  is  partial obstruction of the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid, either from one ventricle to another or from  the ventricles to other spaces around the brain.

2)Poor absorption. Sometimes there  is a problem in  the mechanisms that makes  the blood vessels to absorb cerebral spinal fluid.This mainly occurs due  to inflammation of brain tissues from disease or injury.

3) Overproduction. In some of cases  the production of cerebrospinal fluid is  more than normal and more quickly than it can be absorbed.

   Congenital hydrocephalus  occurs at the time of birth or  during fetal development  . The main Causes include infections (e.g., cytomegalovirus [CMV], toxoplasmosis, rubella) and hemorrhaging or internal bleeding in the brain. Here are some of congenital malformations  that are commonly associated with CSF obstruction:

1) Aqueductal stenosis– It is narrowing of the pathway to the fourth ventricle

2)Arnold-Chiari malformations– condition in which small part of the cerebellum protrudes into the spinal canal

3)Dandy-Walker syndrome– There is enlarged fourth ventricle due to obstruction in pathway

4) Spina bifida–portion of the spinal cord is pushed through an abnormal opening between two vertebrae.

 Acquired hydrocephalus can occur at any age.  Some of the  conditions may cause CSF obstruction and leads to acquired hydrocephalus:

1)Bleeding (hemorrhage)

2) trauma of brain (i.e., result of injury)

3)tumor in brain

4)Cyst (i.e., a fluid-filled sac)

5)Infection (e.g., cerebral abscess, bacterial meningitis)





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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

As the number of people are growing sharing their content in Twitter , its marketing can not be skipped by start up businesses and promoters.
Having a company twitter account is a MUST these days.

So lets see how can we promote our business /website in Twitter effectively.

Create Account

Start by creating a Twitter account and write a descriptive bio and add link to your website. Also , add a nice bio photo.

Strategically select the people you want to follow. For example, if you own a job board, then your audience will be recruiters and job seekers, so you can focus on them.

Create Twitter lists, For example here you can create list : “recruiter” , “Java candidates” , “New York .Net”, “Nurses” etc.
You can also use other people’s lists as a shortcut. (Note: Lists can be public or private.)

Follow People

These are Twitter users you want to follow. While Twitter lists can be as large as you want, keep the number of people manageable so you’re not overwhelmed with the stream. You don’t have to create lists from scratch. Use other people’s lists as a shortcut. (Note: Lists can be public or private.)

You can also search for people , with keyword “recruiter” and start following them.
Try following people rather than companies as they may not follow you back.
Find the influencers in your niche. A good tool for this is FollowerWonk.

Let’s Tweet

You can also plan your tweets in advance. Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to support your efforts.
Take advantage of hashtags. Hashtags are a shorthand way of capturing information and conversations.Try 1-3 hash tags in your tweets.
Example : #Job :Need #java developer in #NewYork. Your link.

Do not always promote links from your website. You should promote some good content from other websites.
Create or curate GREAT content to share. Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find out what content is the most popular.

Lets avoid tweeting style which is very common or that can not attract people to share it,

For example :
Tweet :
“Check out this ultimate guide to social marketing : {} by @twitterhandle”

It can be rewritten for more attention and sharing.

“Are you not getting social media traffic even after lot of sharing! Read this and get more shares and traffic: {} by @twitterhandle”


Use images if possible in tweets. You can use other media files also , like videos, presentations etc.Tweets with images attracts more re-tweets and sharing.

Make Other users to retweet your tweets as Traffic from Twitter doesn’t mainly come from your own followers. It comes from OTHER users who retweets your tweets.



Tweet often

Plan your tweets in advance. Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to support your efforts.

Tweet shelf life is very short , so try to extend the life of your content by creating several versions of your tweet to post.



Re-tweet your own content more than once, a good one will be to re tweet 3-4 times, once every 6-8 hours to attract a broader reach with limited overlap.


Follow ups

Converse with people tweeting about your topic. This can be as simple as favoring the tweet, or a reply “thanks for sharing!”


Some tips:

No need to read all tweets
Use a scheduler like Buffer
It’s okay to reshare the same content

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Government Jobs in India

govt jobs

Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri) in India
govt jobs
People in India always prefer Sarkari Naukri  due to stability and security.
After sixth pay commission which has improved the salaries, the desire to get Government jobs has increased a lot now.
Getting a government job/sarkari naukri is not that easy these days since only few positions gets listed and there are many applicants applying for the same position.
There are some myths also regarding Government jobs.
 -This is a myth in society that Sarkari Naukris are easy, comfortable and less challenging.
Apart from few job positions, majority of the jobs will keep you busy full day. Many Sarkari Naukris  are very challenging also and sometimes have more work pressure as compared to private jobs.

 -Private sectors pays more than Sarkari Naukris.
This is not totally true. After 2008 recession we have seen lot of unemployment in IT/BPO
sectors and many IT companies have reduced their salary packages also. Sarkari Naukris  on the other hand increased the salaries by   introducing sixth pay commission. For some job roles, private sector is paying more  but for majority of job areas, Government jobs are still paying more.

From the childhood many people develop a desire for Government jobs. Some of them like to become IAS officer or IPS officer.
Below are some of the most desired Government/Sarkari  job positions:

  •     Indian Administrative Services (IAS)GovernmentJobs
  •     Indian foreign service (IFS)
  •     State public service commission
  •     Defense
  •     Indian police service
  •     Indian revenue service (IRS)
  •     Lecturer/Professor
  •     Bank officers
  •     Public sector Jobs
  •     Indian Railways Engineer

As i mentioned above that getting a Government Job in India is not that easy. One has to take and crack many written exams and interviews.
Below are some of the tips that can help you in getting a Govt job in India.

  •    Find and bookmark all good sites that show all latest Sarkari Naukris. is a good one which many of people have recommended.
  •    Gather all information about requirements, syllabus, exam patterns, processes and scheme of exam whenever you apply for a job. Many of these exams at least contain tests for reasoning , English and GK related to your job, so make sure that you have enough study material for this. There is lot of websites for online study material these days.
  •    Prepare for interview round also. Take help of your friends to proofread your resume and practice interview rounds.
  •    Learning same computers basics can also be a good help if you job role is related to engineering or IT.
  •    Always check newspaper classifieds for job vacancies.
  •    Preparation: Many government jobs like UPSC and civil service requires lot of preparation due to lot of competition. So it is recommended to join coaching institutes for preparation.
  •    Take advice of career counselor if you cannot decide which job you want to join.

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job search email subject line examples

Meaningful Job Search Email Subject Line Examples 

Sending an employment resume email may be tricky. Hiring managers tend to receive several job applications every day, therefore it is important to grab the attention of the recruiter through an appealing job application email subject. Candidates can easily obtain meaningful job search email subject line examples on the web. The subject line of the email should be consequential. If a particular job application email subject line includes years of experience, job title, education, qualification and work experience, it will certainly attract the mind of the manager immediately. The hiring manager will be compelled to open your job application email.

Why Job Application Email Subject Line Should Be Meaningful?

Job email subject line must be appealing and refreshing to the employer. The recruiter should be forced to open your job application email instantly. The email subject line should include warm referral. Before sending your job application to a particular company, try to find a warm relationship with the company or human resource department. A positive warm introduction can go a long way in influencing the mind of the employer. The email subject line should be short and sweet. It should not be lengthy or cumbersome. Try to find alluring job search email subject line examples on the internet.

You need to convey your intended message in a few words. Thus, the subject line should be interesting and appealing to the employer. There is no need to include your name, age, marital status or religion in the email subject line. The subject line should be exact and to the point with clever incorporation of appealing words. The overall idea is to draw the attention of the manager instantly. Your job application email should stand out from the rest. You need to make the subject line unique and evocative for the hiring manager. 

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Nurses resume example

Nurses resume example


Since there are a lot of positions in the nursing field, there are different types of jobs that you can consider. But when you prepare the resume for these jobs, you have to make the resume unique. In other words, you should try to let the readers know that you are applying for the clinical nurse field instead of the other positions in the nursing industry. If you cannot make the resume to this manner, it would be hard for you to convince the recruiters that you are the right person for the job.


In the normal resume for nurses, there would be different types of information that you need to include. For example, you need to tell the educational background of yourself because the recruiters would want to recruit somebody who is familiar with the local medical practice. In addition, you should let the recruiters understand about your personal strengths such that you would be the best candidate that they should consider.


If you have worked before as a nurse, you should not hesitate to include it in the resume. The previous working experience is always more important than other parts of the resume. You can put this at the higher position if you are prioritizing the resume items. Some of the people have suggested that people should explain the working background before introducing the educational background. This is one of the approaches that can work well. You would find the information from the Nurses resume example below and understand the steps to write good resume. With the help of it, the resume could be made easily.


Nurses resume example


Jack Wilson

S230 Drive, DACity,SD21031

Cell: 550-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position as a clinical nurse in a clinic or hospital where the skills of mine could be demonstrated and polished through the work



–          Good at nursing and medical principles

–          Able to communicate with doctors and patients efficiently

–          Good skills in writing and oral as well as electronic communication

–          Can work in a flexible schedule and can work with high standard


Work Experience

Clinical Nurse,CMCAHospital

2009 – Present

–          Assisted the patient screening

–          Maintained the documentation of the hospital

–          Prepared reports for doctors to evaluate the cases of patients

–          Assisted the patient assessment in different departments

–          Reported to doctors in case of any emergencies

–          Participated in the peer evaluation of nursing staff in the hospital

–          Took part in the hiring process


Clinical Nurse, SDDO Clinic

2008 – 2009

–          Assisted the doctors to communicate with patients

–          Provided patients with corresponding medicines

–          Assisted the works of other colleagues

–          Took part in the recruitment process of the new nurses

–          Prepared daily maintenance for the clinic and assisted doctors to file the documentation

–          Built good relationship with patients


Educational Qualification

SDVCM Institute of Nursing, Diploma of Nursing and Health Care



CollegeofNursing, Certificate in Nursing




Available upon request


Expected salary


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Top 8 tips for Using Forums

The forums are the best place to talk about various subjects. You can consider forums as a place of sharing information and socializing. Forums provide an opportunity to express views, share ideas, thoughts or seek opinions from people. Forums are considered as the effective way to advertise your products or services and to drive high traffic to your web site.

There are different websites, and thus various forums. Mostly, Forums are of two types:

  • General forums: Here people can talk about everything.
  • Specialty forums: These forums are related to particular area.

Some tips to use the forums in an effective manner:

1.) Find the relevant forums: You should find forums related to your website, services you are offering or the products you provide. This can be done by searching in to Google.

2.) Read the forum guidelines, terms and conditions properly: Go through the guidelines properly, and read the terms and conditions also. Forum guidelines will tell you about the forum, how it operates, and what will get you banned. For example, some forums are interested in receiving welcome threads and some not.

3.) Join in forums: Join the forums but be sure that the forums where you join must allow signatures to your posts. This is quite simple. You can do this by checking out posted threads. And before registering, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Once done, you can sign up, and post accordingly. But never add up signature while creating profile.

4.) Set up your signature: After your account has been created, and then you can you’re your profile, and add up your signature. In signature field, you can place backlinks to your site, and make use of keywords for your site.

5) Make Use of the Forum Features: With signature field, you can tell the members about your site. Make comments on posts, and create a thread if you wish to know about something.

6.) Do not promote your website directly: Most forums strictly prohibit direct promotion of a Web site. This can even get you banned from the forum. Do not use any links in your threads, they might not get approved by the moderators.

7.) Don’t Spam: Say no to spamming. Do not post anything you wish and that too in irrelevant categories. Wait for some time before posting, when you are newly registered to a forum. Wait for a week or so, otherwise you will get banned. And first reply to some existing threads.

8.) Always stay professional: Post the threads related to your area. Do not post irrelevant material on the forums.

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Why use LinkedIn for job search

Why use LinkedIn for job search?

LinkedIn is an online directory of professional and companies. Individuals and company both use LinkedIn for hiring, Job search, and company research and associates. It’s also important to help and give advice to your referrals rather than asking for aid to build strong network. Here are some tips to get started.


1. Your Profile: One of the most important parts in LinkedIn is your profile. Treat it more like than CV which summons up your credentials. Recruiters use keyword for job search use the keyword and phrases they use.

2. Choose a professional photo for LinkedIn: Profile picture should be professional wear formal clothes and a plain background is must.

3. How to use LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn add connection feature when you are logged in into LinkedIn you can click on contacts and add them. It will give more suggestions related to this field and organization you can also connect with.


You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by keyword, country and zip code.

Use the Advanced Search Option to refine your search and to search by location, miles from a location, experience level, company, job title, job function, salary and industry.

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Why should I hire you

Why should I hire you?

Even though this is a great opportunity but selling yourself can be an intimidating task. Not only you need to know your words carefully but the tone and attitude you are carrying.

Be confident. Be your own don’t be fake to impress as you will miss out the opportunity.


The interviewer wants to know how you stand out among the other applicants. Therefore, focus on one or two qualities you have that might be unique, or more difficult to find in other interviewees.

For example, if you are very experienced with a certain skill that the job requires, say so. This is your chance to tell the interviewer why you would be an invaluable employee.


The question is: why should we hire you? This is a great question. There is not one reason or one talent that fits me for this job because I am still learning. When it seems to hold a challenge that is close to what I have done before, but a step forward — otherwise I’d be repeating what I have already done before.

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Why use twitter for job search

Why use twitter for job search?

Twitter is another social networking tool that has become extremely popular in which you can follow people and get their latest could be a great source for people who are looking for job if you know how to follow and filter.


The pre-eminent way for a Twitter user to find a job is by following fields and organizations they would like to work for they are usuallythe best source for insider information when those companies are hiring or preparing to hire.

Join the conversation by re-tweeting them offer the words of wisdom and let them get to know about you add them in your network.

Once you have identified some key people twitter make it easy for you to find more people relevant to this that might have something to offer you.


Twitter can be an excellent way for your job search introducing you to new people, organizations and ideas. Twitter also helps you to build your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.

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Are Resume summaries necessary

Are Resume summaries necessary?

Yes your resume needs a summary. In three to five sentences, explain what you’re best at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a potential employer.

In a resume, this is called your professional summary.

Tailor your summary to each job application. Make a list of the three or four most vital responsibilities of each posting and then accentuate those in your summary.


This promptly tells the hiring manager that you’ve solved the same types of difficulty he’s dealing with. And it’s worth his time to keep reading and then interview you.


Unless you’ve followed a much uncomplicated career path, it’s not always clear by job titles alone what you might be targeting. And when you have

approximately 6 seconds to convey your message, it’s not a good idea to leave it to the recruiter to put the pieces together and figure it out as they’re scanning through.


This is another reason the summary statement is so important – it tells your audience what you’re qualified for and targeting before they even get to the experience section.

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Are Resume objective statements necessary

Are Resume objective statements necessary?

Objective statement isn’t necessary it is outdated. It is not about what you want. It’s about what the employer wants. Generally what an

employer sees your skills, qualifications and achievements. Your resume should be showing these rather than your objective. It always

contains nearly identical content.


You are applying for similar jobs from past few times. Your resume’s skills and qualification impress your employer; let them without an

objective statement.


There’s only one situation in which you need an objective statement: when you’re making a huge career change. Making the leap from business development to marketing means your resume could definitely use a clear explanation that you’re transitioning roles and have the necessary transferable skills.

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System Development

System Development
This is a conceptual model used in Project Management that describes the stages involved in initial feasibility study through maintenance of the complete application.
software development
software development
System Development Life Cycle :
Nowadays, systems are so complex and big that teams of architects, analysts, programmers, testers and users must work together to create the millions of lines of custom-written code that drive our enterprises.
To manage this, a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have been created like waterfall, fountain, spiral, build and fix, rapid prototyping, incremental, and synchronize and stabilize. Depending on the requirements, scope, feasibility, time, risk  and money, we chose suitable software development methods.

System Development Methodologies :
Different types of system development methodologies are used in designing information system. Some system groups recommend the Centralized data processing system while others may go in for distributed data processing system. The distributed processing systems involve number of computers located remotely in the branches/departments of the organization. and in a Centralized data processing, one or more centralized computers are used for processing and the retrieval of information is done from them. The client/server technologies are also gaining popularity these days.
The Business Rules Approach to Systems Development :
In most traditional software development life cycles, analysis is focused on gathering system requirements. A business rules approach is a different way of thinking about the analysis process. Rather than focusing on system requirements, the analysis process is refocused on business rules. Instead of asking users what they want their system to do, they are asked about how their business or organization works. The business rules approach is not something new, it is simply a better, more precise way of describing excellent systems analysis.
Need System Development?
Team Zeustek is here to help you with your IT requirements, no matter how large or small. Please contact us to learn how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.
Our comprehensive list of services includes:
Website Development
Software Development
System Development
Web Application Development
Product Development

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How to build your online career brand


If you are still wasting countless hours to post your resume or search for the jobs, if the answer is “ YES ” then you have to use web to build your  career brand, for that it is important to make a good resume and use online branding tools to build your online status. Job seeker presence can be  easily found by recruiters, managers,therefore you should be strong enough to make a positive impression on them. Here are some of the tools for job seekers to build online career brand—


1)      LinkedIn profile—

LinkedIn is a business oriented networking site in which experienced business professionals  around the world  represent their brands. You  have to create profile which act as resume or introduction to your career brand. After that try to make careconnection with other members also.


2)      Personal websites—

The other best way to promote  your career brand is to develop your personal website that show your achievements. You have to buy a domain with your name and publish your career resume, related articles that makes employers looking for jobs, directly approach you.


3)      Blog —

If you have habit to write, then create a blog that include news, job related links, discussions etc . Try to write related topics of your brand and also comment on other blogs so people will know the information you want them to know.


4)      Twitter account —

Twitter is a networking site that helps people to connect and communicate. Here, more and more people are tweeting information related to job links. So it is very easy to build your career brand and make connections.


5)      Google or other profiles—

Try to make Google profile which is eye catchy that makes it appears on the search page whenever search on Google profile. Also join  other social network sites such as face book , etc create a profile in relevant professional organizations if they allow you.


6)      Business week’s business exchange—

Try to post, share news in the business exchange this will help you to make new connections and updates.


7)      Use same photo—

Try to use same photo on all networking sites and blog that you use. This will help to increase your recognition by employers and help to build your brand.


8)      Use your name—

The goal of  professional brand is to increase your presence in search engine. So whenever employers search Google , yahoo or other search engines your rank is high. Always use your name as your URL to help to boost your rank.

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Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia

It is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve or 5th cranial nerve , largest nerve of the head, which carries the sensation from face to the brain. if there is trigeminal neuralgia even , mild stimulation of the face- such as from brushing your teeth or putting on make-up can increase the pain. This disorder causes extreme burning or shock like  face pain that lasts from few seconds to as long as 2 minutes per episode.

Trigeminal nerve has three branches— the ophthalmic, the maxillary and the mandibular branch. The ophthalmic or upper branch supplies sensation to the scalp, forehead and the front of head. The maxillary or middle branch passes through the cheek, upper jaw, teeth and gums and to the side of  nose and the mandibular or lower branch supplies the lower jaw, teeth gums and bottom lip.. the attacks are said by those affected to feel like an electric shock or sometime a type of crushing pain. In the days before an attack begins, some patients may experience a tingling or numbness or somewhat constant and aching pain. TN occur most often in people over age 50, but it can occur at any age and is more common in women than in men.


What causes trigeminal neuralgia

The presumed cause of trigeminal neuralgia is a blood vessel pressing on the trigeminal nerve as it exits the brain stem. This compression causes wearing away of the protective coating around the nerve(myelin sheath) and cause hyper active functioning of the nerve. This can lead to pain attacks at the slightest stimulation of any area serve by the nerve. TN may be the part of aging process—- as blood vessels lengthen they can come to rest and pulsate against a nerve. TN symptoms can also occur in people with multiple sclerosis. The deterioration causes the nerve to send abnormal signals to the brain. in some cases the cause is unknown and it is said to be (idiopathic) at that time.


Signs and symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia

TN is characterized by sudden, severe electric-shock like pain that is typically felt on one side of the jaw or cheek. Pain may occur on both sides of the face, although not at the same time. The attacks of the pain, which generally lasts several seconds and may repeat in quick successions, come and go throughout the day. These episodes can last for days, weeks or months.

The intense flashes of pain can be triggered by vibration or contact with the cheek(such as when shaving, washing the face or even apply make-up), brushing teeth, chewing, eating, talking or being exposed to wind. The bouts of pain rarely occur at night, when the patient is sleeping. The attacks often worsen over time. Due to intensity of the pain, some patients may avoid daily activities because they fear of impending attacks. There is also a variant type of trigeminal neuralgia called atypical trigeminal neuralgia. This is also called as trigeminal neuralgia type-2. these patients experience severe underlying pain similar to migraine in addition to shock like pain. In some cases pain may be intense like burning sensation rather than shock. Sometime pain occurs in combination of shock like, migraine like or burning type. Firstly pain focused in one spot and then spread in a wider pattern.

Triggers that increases pain

A variety of triggers may set off the pain of trigeminal neuralgia, including


1) shaving

2) stroking your face

3) eating

4) drinking

5) brushing your teeth

6) talking

7) putting on makeup

8) exposure to wind

9) smiling

10) chewing.



Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Treatment options include medicines such as anticonvulsants and tricyclic antidepressants. Typical analgesics and opoids are not usually helpful in treating sharp, reoccurring pain caused by TN. If medication fails then surgery should be recommended. Certain techniques like acupuncture , biofeedback, vitamin therapy, nutritional therapy and electrical stimulation of the nerve is beneficial. Sometime alcohol injections provide temporary pain relief by numbing the areas of face.


What will be the prognosis

The disorder is characterized by reoccurrence and remissions. Due to the intensity of pain, even the fear of impending the attack may prevent activity. Trigeminal neuralgia is not fatal.


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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a platform for crowd sourced visual content grouped into topics (mostly lifestyle at the moment).
It is a social network that allows its users to share visual content ,like images or videos to their own boards. If you are a regular facebook user/promoter, you can think of board here same as facebook page.

Before you jump into Pinterest marketing, you can ask yourself if you have enough visuals or medias in your website to promote? Will that audience matters to you ?
Some good example sites that can use pinterest heavily may be ecommerce stores, blogs will nice images, media, etc.

Ready to start?

You can register with your business email (and Twitter) on account set-up


Below are some of the pinterest marketing ideas for content promoter


– Include Price Tags
If it is ecommerce store then it is very helpful to add price tag to it. Many pinterest users are looking to buy products also.
Make sure you include a price tag in the pins you create or repin. Pinterest pins with prices get a lot more likes than those without.


-Find Popular Group Boards
There are not many search features currently available to search good group boards, so you can use external website to find out some nice boards. If you go to PinGroupie site, you can search boards by filling up category and then filter result by collaborators, repins, Likes and followers.Try using more repins option as the more repins the board gets the more engaging.
-Cross promote
Choose something fun or engaging that fits your theme or trend and cross-promote it on your other social media platforms and may be on new boards you created in Pinterest also.
A good promotion may be to tweet about Pinterest 4-5 times a week and try posting in facebook for 6-8 times a week.
You can also add pinterest app to your facebook pages


-Try Blog boards
Promoters can create a blog board, a place for your followers to find all your blog posts.
Followers also automatically see any new blogs you pin on their homepage


-Check Pins from Competitor Domains
Users who have pinned items from your competitor’s websites are more likely to pin items from your board.
Promoters can use ,which can tell about pins for your competitors website. Find pinners who are actively pinning items from your niche and then start following them and repin from their boards.


-Share videos
While videos are not as popular on Pinterest as images are, creating a board with videos is a great way to increase engagement with your Pinterest followers.Some nice videos, how to do things, video testimonials in your pinterest boards is a great way to drive traffic back to your website or your YouTube channel.


-Highlight books/blogs worth reading
Its not always to promote your own website, but educating yoru audience with some nice blogs, articles, books will be a good idea as a content marketer.
Also provide some comparision blogs, some Dos and Donts or pros and cons content.


-Highlight your peers
Why not set up a Pinterest board to highlight other content marketers or entrepreneurs in your niche to drive traffic and build relationship


Infographics attracts lot of audience and sharing, so its worth creating some infographics. There are many online sites for creating infographics.


Everyone loves quotes, especially Pinterest users.Try online sites for getting quotes like


-Pinterest contest and promotions
Designing your own Pinterest promotion is pretty straightforward. You need to select a way for participants to enter, and then select a way for participants to win. You can find some nice tools and tips for creating Pinterest contents and content for that.

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investment banking cover letter

investment banking coverletter

  How to write investment banking cover letter


investment banking coverletter

Proper  introduction is the most important part of cover letter. It introduces you  to the hiring managers and helps them whether they want to know more about you. There are lot of mistakes while writing cover letter. So, to avoid all these mistakes , some are the changes necessary to improve your cover letter–

1) Introduction-

This is the place,where you introduces yourself to the hiring people, where you currently working or studying and why you want to join this bank. If you are studying through impressive sounding university mention it. Specify people names or internet source where you find that . First paragraph is mainly about grabbing the attraction of the hiring people.

2) Background-

Here you refer your experiences and skills you gained that makes you a good banker. focus on the most relevant jobs. Always highlight the skills that banker want to see like TEAM WORK, LEADERSHIP, FINANCIAL MODELING, ANALYTICAL ABILITY.

              If you worked on some project , deals you can point that. Make it concise and clear. Don’t send same cover letter  to every bank. Don’t be creative with colors, pictures or papers. Don’t go too long( 10 paragraphs or multiple pages). Never list irrelevant information like your favorite ice cream and so on. If you ‘ve had more experience you may want to write something different. Always keep your cover letter logical and relevant.

3) Conclude your letter-

Always close your letter with “THANKYOU” to the hiring person.Provide your contact information and say that you look forward to hearing from them

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Are Resume Supposed to be one page

Are Resume Supposed to be one page??


The answer is no. This old rule is dead where resume supposed to be one page. Resume can be one page it depends on how much experience you have. If you have least experience then it is going to be only in one page. But if u have lots of experience then it is going to be lengthened into two to three pages. What matters most quality over quantity you don’t have to add every award, achievements since your schooling which is not even required for your new job. It should be in concise form.


If u have done job few years ago and u have applied for a new job which are not relevant to each other than u can edit and delete those which are not mandatory for your new job. But if you have enough credentials, pertinent experience and training appertain to the position which requires more than one page then go for it.


If you do go for two pages make sure your second page doesn’t contain more white space if you are using one quarter of a page then try to condense into one page. And if you are using one and a half page then play with font and layout to use that remnant space.

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SEO Photos & Guest Posts

Photos & Guest Posts

There is no denying that one of the most effective ways to raise your search engine rankings and overall presence on the internet is to offer to guest post for multiple bloggers. However, getting bloggers to allow you to guest post on their site is easier said than done. When explaining my job to my friends, the first thing they said to me is that it must be hard to think of different things to write about all of the time to avoid duplicate content. If you are a creative search or SEO professional, you are probably thinking what I thought: Writing unique guest posts is the easy, fun part. The hard part is getting the blogger to respond to your emails and allow you to post on their site.
Bloggers receive hundreds, if not a thousand, requests from individuals like you and me every week to guest post on their site. You need something to make your guest post stick out as unique and ordinary like a great photo!  A great photo helps a guest post stand out and is a great selling point to the blogger. However, you can’t just search Google and pick any photo and stick it in the guest post; the blogger can do that. Here are three tips that you should follow when thinking of a photo to add to a guest post.

  1. Relevance- The picture needs to be relevant to the topic of the guest post. Bloggers are looking for quality guest posts that add value to their site, so your picture needs to add value to the guest post. Guest posts that contain a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with the guest post are seen as low quality and do not make the cut.
  2. Original content- Original photos that you take to add to your guest post are the best. It signals to the blogger that you cared enough to take the time to go above and beyond to ensure they have a great, original guest post. If you aren’t a great photographer, you can also create an image to go along with the guest post. Doing so will ensure that your guest posts goes up and the blogger will likely accept future guest posts from you.
  3. Humor sells- From the feedback I have received from multiple bloggers and webmasters, humorous guest posts almost always get posted. Whether it be written with a humorous twist or include a hysterical photo, everyone likes a good laugh. The one thing I can’t stress enough is to remember tip number one and make sure that the funny photo is related to the guest post. It’s understandable that it might not always be feasible to take an original photo that is funny and related to the guest post. In situations like these, it is ok to take a picture from the internet that is relevant. For example if you’re writing a guest post for a pet advocates blogger, it’s hard to have your camera ready for the rare occasion that your dog or cat does something funny. In this case, go ahead and grab a picture from the web like this:

Photo credit:

It’s true that a picture does speak a thousand words. Include a picture in your next guest post keeping the three tips I presented in mind. You’re bound to have your guest posts accepted and reap the SEO benefits!

Bio: Adam Bruk is a marketing specialist for a online company specializing in socks for diabetics. When he isn’t busy at work analyzing retail trends and putting together a diabetes guide, he enjoys golfing, traveling, and reading about the latest trends in social media marketing.

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/09/2011

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tips for how to get back your ex boyfriend

when you break up with someone want to get back together and
winning your ex back after she left you or
what to text my ex gf if i want her back.
ways to not want your boyfriend back
how to talk to my ex boyfriend to accept me back, send free text to slut ex, etc.

Have you got any depression or anxiety problem? In recent years, more and more suffer from this kind of emotional illnesses because of the current economic context. Many people lose their job overnight and they could not accept this kind of sudden changes. Therefore, they become nervous about their future and they have lost confidence on themselves

Whatever it takes to get my boyfriend back, how can i get my ex boyfriend back even if he is someone else.

winning your boyfriend back

how to make your ex get back together with you

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my boyfriend wants a break how do i get him back

how to get girlfriend of 4 years back

What need to do win your ex girlfriend back after break up with her

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. This is the reason why you can find that many people would want to find the necessary information for them to cure anxiety.

There are many people who are experienced with the treatments of anxiety indeed. Therefore, you can find many books written to guide you through the process of anxiety treatment. But it would not be very easy for you to do so if you follow some useless tips. Therefore, you certainly need to read and understand more about the useful helps that you can take.

Linden method would be one of the methods that you can consider nowadays. This method has been used by more than 1 million of people in the world and many of these people have succeeded in enjoying a new life and saying goodbye to the problem of anxiety of intense stress.

It is always easy for you to understand about the cause of anxiety but it is not very easy for you to find comprehensive methods to cure the problem. Therefore, you will easily find that the use of Linden Method might be the first method which can successfully bring anxiety away from you.

If you are willing to search online, you would find that there are many other methods other than the Linden method. However, the successful rate of curing anxiety with the use of this method would be much higher when compared with the traditional ways or other ways that you might have found.

The cost for you to follow the Linden method would not be high. You would find that there are a lot of methods which require you to spend a large sum of money but the effect yielded would not be great. Therefore, you would easily find that the use of Linden Method would change the situation and the perception that ‘low cost cannot bring good product’. Yes, this method is affordable to many people so that people can hire the method without delaying the treatment of the anxiety problem.

In Europe, there are many doctors recommending this method for their clients. Therefore, you would find that this method is well recognized and it would not be difficult for you to find the basic information related to this method if you search online. You will be surprised by the fact that there are many people supporting this product online and they have written many reviews to mention information related to the awesome features of this method and the wonderful effectiveness of the method.

Therefore, you should not ignore the information search online as it would help you understand more about the method before you really invest in it. You can get rid of anxiety on your own also!

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Are Resume gaps bad

Are Resume gaps bad??

Yes. In today’s economy, you need to carefully present yourself to keep seen away from instability. Start by circumventing yourself and determining how bad the situation is.If you have gone two to three months without unemployment it’s not a big deal.

But if you are dealing with recent periods of unemployment then the situation needs to be strategized.

resume gap

You can fill those gaps with you might have an experience relevant to this job irrespective of whether you were being paid. Volunteer activities, freelancer work, social project and continuing education can be used in the experience sections.


Employers are receiving more resume than it’s required they just want a reason to weed out people they don’t want to interview.


The problem with unemployment gap is this: when employers see large gap between jobs the question trigger what happened: Did you leave the previous job with nothing lined up, and if so, why? Are you trying out to hide something that would be concerning? Were you working somewhere that one day you’ve deliberately left off your job?




Were you fired from the employer you didn’t mention? So, basically it indicated a redflag.

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Are resume cover letters required

Are resume cover letters required??

The answer is yes. You should always send a cover letter even if it is not required.

A cover letter can stay you away from others who have applied for the same position if it’s well-defined. Like a brand advertisement if a brand is well-defined it will increase its selling prospect. You are going to be in the top 2% of people considered for positions if a cover letter is clearly described.



cover letter

A cover letter can make a good impression on employer and it is best way to showcase that employer why you are the best candidate for this job.

Your cover letter is a good way to show an employer what you want them to know about you unaccompanied by hiring manager having to figure it out themselves from your resume.



Basically, a cover letter is a prerequisite of getting a is a first thing and resume is second thing in hiring process. A good cover letter prise recruiters to go through your resume.

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Find out how much income you need for a comfortable life as expat

Find out how much income you need for a comfortable life as expat

Many expats are tempted to live overseas by looking at big salaries. It is very tough to find the living price of that place before migrating and
many a times expats accepts offer at low wages without knowing the monthly expenses.The cost of living in some expat hot spots can make a huge dent in earnings, even before extras such as airfares home and socialising.
Now, a British company has launched a service that, they claim, calculates exactly what salary is needed to achieve the desired lifestyle in 140 destinations worldwide.

Kesiena Ogefere, the co-founder and CEO of, explained: “With so many statistics floating around,
crunching the numbers can prove tricky.
“With the help of reports from Salaryexpectation, expats do not need to search around for cost of living information. The salary calculator can help in exactly how much they need to earn to maintain and improve their standard of living.”

Miss Ogefere said the reports uses statistics from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which is the business information arm of the Economist Group.EIU accesses cost for everyday use items such as bread, milk and toiletries, plus utility bills and apartment rental prices.
The reports use this as a basis, and provide additional information such as a personal tax summary for the destination country.


The results could prove useful in helping a would-be expat assess whether the salary they have been offered will cover any difference in the cost of living compared with home.

Miss Ogefere, 26, is a human resources professional working for a technology company. Originally from Nigeria, she currently lives in London.

She explained:

“The whole idea came about trying to solve a problem at work, where I recruit from all over the world, and I had the same problem
when I was moving to the UK.
“Around 90 per cent of the people I interviewed had no idea of the cost of living in the destination they were moving to, and that caused problems with their salary expectations.
“I’ve known someone to move based on a certain salary level and then realize the cost of living was way higher than they thought it would be.
“They ended up making the decision to move home again, which caused a lot of problems not just for the candidate but for the recruiter too.
“I wanted to come up with a product that’s very easy to use.”


People thinking if moving overseas can find lot of information on the internet, but many of them is often conflicting and unverified.Her website was launched earlier this summer with a view to filling the gap in the market and more than 100 reports,
which cost US$50, have been produced so far. Most customers have been planning moves to the US, Australia, India and Spain.

Jon Copestake, retail and consumer goods analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit, said the reports offer a “lighter, briefer and more affordable” version of their own reports.
The EIU products are aimed at the business-to-business market and cost hundreds of dollars.
According to Mr Copestake, the data comes from correspondents who report twice yearly on the cost of 160 different goods and services, from the price of butter to the price of a car.”This enables us to compare the cost of living in London with Hong Kong and Manchester with New York,” he explained.

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Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

One can define Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (Black Hat SEO) as combination of techniques such as sneaky redirects, cloaking and invisible text that are used by SEO persons to get higher rankings in search engines in an unethical manner Black Hat SEO techniques generally break the official SEO rules and regulations. This results in poor user experience. The various ways of doing Black Hat SEO are :—

  • Keyword stuffing : The excess use of key words in in the content is known as Keyword stuffing. In Keyword stuffing same keyword is repeated in the whole content in order to get higher ranks in the search engines.
  • Invisible Text : This technique is used by sites for which ethics are of no use. In this technique the keywords are made of the same color as the background so that search engine spiders can find them but are not visible to the general visitors.
  • Doorway pages : This technique is against the ethical SEO rules. Doorway pages are the pages that are can be seen by the search engine spiders but are invisible to the generally visitors. They are used only to get higher rankings in the search engines by tricking them. It is not a good way because it hurts the visitors who visit to the site to see some quality content but what they see is the keyword stuffed pages.
  • Cloaking : This method is used to cheat the search engines in order to get good ranks ion the search engines. It is done to get good rank for certain keywords. A user identified as search engine is shown a specifically prepared and optimized website with only purpose to rank well for desired keywords. If a user is not a search engine they are presented with the “real” websites content which is often spammy and of lesser quality.                                                                                           Cloaking is also used to trick users to visit websites based on their description in search engines. For example a user searching for a particular product could click on a website in search engine due to its description and title. The site in question will not be the one described in SERP’s. It can be totally different or irrelevant.
  • RSS Spamming : Now a days many people use their RSS freed in comments instead of their blog’s URL. What it does is that if some visitor only wants to visit your blog to see it but due to RSS spamming he has to subscribe to your freed. By doing this their IP can  be black listed from any site in a click.

Black hat SEO is not a good idea. Because Search Engine Spiders can catch you and your site can be banned from various search engine rankings. It may look like a good idea in the initial stages but for the long run it is not good at all. Is Black Hat Unfair? Yes Black Hat is an Unfair mean of practicing SEO because it does not follow the rules and regulations followed by the ethical SEO . Black hat make search engine spiders and general visitors to visit the sites which are having poor content. This gives not a very pleasant experience to the visitors. So Black hat practice should not be used.

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Prepare for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts

Prepare  for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts


Job interviews are a must before you get the job. To prepare for a job interview you must some
basic rules and guidelines. Most of the companies have similar hiring procedures. They may ask
you to sit for a test or have a group discussion session with other competitors. Now, you can
know all about job interviews and what to do and what not to do with this article.

What to do

To prepare for a job interview you must first do the following things

Know the employer- this is the very first step that you need to do. Learn all you get
about your employee, what the company is based on, what they seek from their
employers and more. It is researched that most of the job seekers do not research well
about the employer. This automatically makes them out of the line. It takes only a few
hours to know everything you can about your employer. You can check out the official
website of the company to get the details.
2. Research about the job application- once you know everything about the employer;
learn all you can about the job you are applying for. Make sure you know what you have
to do. You can get all the details from any search engines and articles available online.
3. Practice and practice- practice as many possible questions as you can like, why do you
want to join our company? what makes the company different from another? Etc…


What not to do

1. Never wear casual wear to an interview- make sure you dress formally unless asked to.
Casual dress code makes a bad impression on the employer.
2. Never stammer or tremble while answering questions.
3. Do not slump back in your chair. Try sitting upright as much as possible.

When you prepare for a job interview, keep the above point job interviewin mind.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Understanding the Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is usually prescribed for the purpose of promoting a patient’s strength, enable mobility and restoration of impaired body part functionality. Patients who receive usually prescribed physical therapy are those have impairment in their musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, integument and neuromusculoskeletal systems. There are different types of physical therapies, which present different benefits of physical therapy. They include:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy – This is the most common type of physical therapy, which doctors usually prescribe to a patient soon after surgery treatment. The therapy can be administered while still admitted in hospital or upon discharge, receiving the treatment in an outpatient arrangement. This can be on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Pediatric physical therapy – Pediatric physical therapy is administered to infants and children. Although it can be administered to restore an impaired part of the body, it is also administered to improve a child’s motor skills, balance, cognitive ability and for strength.
  • Geriatric physical therapy – This type of surgery is usually prescribed for the elderly who have to cope with several age-related health problems such as osteoporosis. The therapy is usually intended to lessen or manage any present pain and difficulties associated with old age.
  • Neurological physical therapy – This type of physical therapy is intended to help patients with neurological problems brought about by such disorders or diseases as Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. Stroke and spinal injury patients also receive the therapy.
  • Heat physical therapy – Both patients and healthy individuals can receive heat physical therapy. The therapy leads to improved blood circulation and relaxation of body muscles.

The benefits of physical therapy are many and are not restricted to patients. Healthy individuals such as athletes also receive physical therapy for different reasons. Some of the benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Increased strength and endurance – While patients with impaired body parts receive physical therapy for the restoration and strengthening of the same, healthy individuals such as athletes also receive the therapy to gain strength and a high degree of endurance.
  • Mobility – This is one of the main benefits of physical therapy. Accident victims have usually regained mobility after receiving therapy, which restores impaired body part(s).
  • Increased coordination – Both patients and healthy individuals do obtain increased coordination and alertness after physical therapy.
  • Decreased stress levels – Receiving physical therapy is one of the best ways for one to relieve stress.
  • Elimination of pain – Physical therapy greatly eliminates or decreases a patient’s pain. This is especially true in patients with joint pain brought about by inflammation of joints.
  • Improved blood circulation – Physical therapy relaxes body muscles, which in effect makes blood supply routes flexible, leading to improved blood circulation in the body.

The above are just some of the main benefits of physical therapy that patients obtain. Healthy individuals are also encouraged to receive physical therapy as one way of staying healthy. Physical therapy has in fact been established to prevent the occurrence of some diseases and in case of any, managing the same becomes easy.


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Treatment of autism

The main goals of treating child with autism is to decrease  associated defects and family distress. Main focus is to increase the quality of life and functional independence. Autism patients have additional medical conditions such as  sleep disturbances, seizures etc, therefore variety of therapies are included to treat autism___

1) Medications

2) Behavior analysis

3) occupational therapy

4) Physical therapy

5) speech- language therapy

The best treatment involves the combination of techniques.


There is no medication that control the main symptoms of ASD, but there are medications that help patients with related symptoms like aggression  anxiety, attention problem,impulsiveness, irritability, mood swings, sleep difficulty, tantrums etc. Some autistic patients also respond to gluten- free or casein- free diet.

Applied behavior analysis(ABA)—

It is used as one of the approach. The main goal is to get the child close to the normal developmental functioning. Many type of treatments like applied behavioral analysis(ABA) . Treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children (TEACCH) and sensory integration.

In TEACCH picture schedule are used and other visual cues that help the child work independently and through this there is improvement in child’s adaptation and skills. ABA programs usually done under behavioral psychologist  supervision.

Specialized Therapy—

Some other therapies like speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy also plays an important role.

Speech therapist helps to improve language and some social skills so that autistic child can communicate effectively.

occupational therapist and physical therapist also helps to improve coordination and motor skills. Occupational therapy can also help patients to learn to process information from senses( sight, sound, hearing, touch and smell) in more manageable ways.

Stem cell therapy for autism—

It is an effective approach for the treatment of autism and mainly based on ability of  stem cells to influence metabolism, immune system and restore damaged cells and tissues.Stem cells treatment improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain, replace damaged neurons and stimulates formation of new arteries. Stem cells leads to white and gray matter restoration and thus improves intellectual capacity. Mesenchymal stem cells improve immune system. CD34 stimulation helps formation of new arteries in hypoxic tissues  and thus increase blood flow in temporal and other parts of brain

After stem therapy following improvements seen in children–

1) Better tolerance of food and thus improves digestion.

2) Children able to fix their gaze.

3) Less fear of loud movies, bright colors etc

4) Improvement in writing skills

5) Improve attention span and concentration.


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Salesman resume objectives

Salesman resume objectives


When you write the resume and apply for the job of salesman, you probably find that there are a lot of pieces of information that you want to include in the resume. You would want to include information such as your previous work experience and your availability. However, you should never ignore the importance of including careers objective to your resume. There are a lot of things that you can mention in the careers objective part and you should never ignore them.


Some people would not want to include salesman resume objectives in the resume because they think that it would occupy a lot of space unnecessarily in the resume. However, the fact is that these objectives would help the employers evaluate more about whether you are capable of handling the job. If you can match the objective with the job duties, you probably would gain the respect from your employer and you would get the chance to have interview, which would be a great step for getting the job.


Therefore, you can try to take a look at the several examples of career objectives that you can state in the salesman resume. These pieces of information would help you construct your resume career objective in a better way.


–          To obtain a position of salesman such that I can learn more about how to deal with clients

–          To obtain the job of salesman and use my communication skills to introduce products to clients and let clients know more about the details and features of each product

–          To provide expertise of communication skills in the job of salesman such that I can share the job of the company to grow and glow in the market

–          To be a professional salesman in a promising firm in the market which has the ambition to grow in the future

–          To look for a job in a good organization which can provide a platform for me to exercise my communication skills

–          To contribute, at the position of salesman, to the sales of a company which is growing fast in the local market


As you can see from the examples above, there would be a lot of ways that you can write for the career objectives. Therefore, it is actually not something difficult for you to write the objective parts. By writing these sentences, you can let the employers know clearly that you are applying for the right job. If you want to apply for a job in a local shop but you say that you are applying for the job in an international company, this would imply that you did not pay much effort to apply for the job seriously. This would make you lose some scores in the eyes of the recruiters and you are likely to be rejected. Therefore, you have to base on the above examples and make the necessary changes such that the overall career objectives of the resume would be attractive and realistic from the point of view of the recruiters.


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Doctors resume example

Doctors resume example


In the medical field, there are a lot of job positions. Among all, the doctors would usually be popular choices. There are many fields that a doctor can work in. Therefore, it actually takes time for you to study the information about the doctor position that you are applying and then prepare the right resume to suit the job.


In the resume of a doctor, the work experience and the qualification would count a lot. You may work for a specific field in the hospital before and you may become more knowledgeable about that particular field. Therefore, you can focus on applying for those jobs related to that field. Moreover, you may also receive some awards or qualifications regarding that particular field in the medical industry so you can list them out when you are preparing the resume for doctor.


You should tell the recruiters or the readers of the resume clearly about the things that you have done in the past and the goal that you want to achieve in the future. Purely making money is not something that the recruiters would want to see. Therefore, you have to find the way to package yourself such that you would be the suitable person for them to hire.


There are always some types of Doctors resume examples that you can read and use them as the reference for you to prepare the right resume. The Doctors resume example below is one of the reliable helps that you can obtain and you would find that the preparation work for doctors resume is simple with the help of such an example.


Doctors resume example


David Ryan

230,DAS Drive,DA31034

Cell Number: 391-301-XXXX

Email address: [email protected]


Career Objective

To obtain a position in the clinic as partner and work for the betterment of the clinic

To take care of patients who need medical help from all ranges

To help build a caring clinic for patients to obtain help


Work Experience

Family Doctor, CANS Group

2008 – 2011

–          Worked as the primary physician for several families

–          Was responsible for identifying the illnesses that the patients have and to provide the treatments

–          Provided referral for some of the patients to obtain hospital services

–          Maintained the database of the patient records and ensured the privacy of the patient information

–          Handled daily work such as the patient treatment forms record


Staff Physician, ROSD Hospital

2006 – 2008

–          Handled the referral from other doctors to treat patients in the hospital

–          Assisted the procedures of several surgeries

–          Filed the diagnosis of patients on a monthly basis

–          Managed the nursing staff and facilitate the communication between the nursing staff and the patients

–          Ensured the accuracy and privacy of patient records

–          Received in-house training about the way to deal with emergencies in the hospital as well as in any outdoor locations


Educational background

Doctor of Medicine, SDNA University

2000 – 2006

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of CANK

1998 – 2000


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Cv vs Resume

Cv vs Resume-Not the Same thing

`Curriculum vitae` which is generally known as cv and `resume` both terms are interchangeable both contain the relevant information of a person applicable to job seeking. They both are used for same purpose-job seeking.

However there are a few basic differences, i.e. while the cv represented as a chronologically ordered information which summons up all the achievements, qualifications, awards and honors, the resume is giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

Cv is generally lengthened into two to three pages whereas resume is only a one page document represented as a glance of your accomplishment.

A cv can remain static means u don’t need to change it when you are applying for different posts where as an applicant can change the resume from one job application to another and can custom made to the needs of the specific post.


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Ten Blogger Diet Tips

As a blogger, it can be hard to stay in shape. You have access to your refridgerator all day, it’s tempting to order pizza while you’re writing, and boring tasks can make snacking extremely tempting. If you’re a blogger, here are ten tips you can use to keep your diet healthy:

  1. Schedule snack time. Rather than snacking throughout the day, limit yourself to only having snacks at certain times, like you’d do with a kid.
  2. Learn to cook. It’s much healthier than ordering food or eating pre-packaged meals. Even if you think you’re terrible in the kitchen, there are lots of awesome easy cooking blogs out there you can follow to learn!
  3. Keep the junk out of the house in the first place. That way, when you’re tempted to snack throughout the day, your only options will be healthy.
  4. Portion your snacks ahead of time as you’re making lunches in the morning. That way you have a baggie of crackers waiting for you at 3 PM rather than eating two or three portions out of the box.
  5. Join some healthy eating forums or Facebook groups. When you’re tempted during the day, visit them for moral support.
  6. Find a virtual accountability buddy, preferably one who is also a work-at-home blogger and has similar struggles. Report in with one another on a daily basis and hold one another accountable when you cheat.
  7. Blog or tweet about your struggles with weight loss. Lots of people can identify with that, and it’s great to have support from your readers. If dieting doesn’t really fit into your niche, you can still references it on Twitter or write a tie-in post (for example, if you blog about books, review a healthy diet book).
  8. Get the entire family on board with healthy eating. It’s easier to eat healthy when you’re all doing it.
  9. Use social media to find diet tips. If you ask your network, you can find healthy recipes, diet opinions and reviews, exercise tips, and more.
  10. Track your weight loss with pictures. When you upload before/after pictures every month, you’ll get lots of support from your entire community.

If you’re self-employed as a blogger, it’s also important to find a health insurance plan, since you won’t get one through an employer like most people. As you lose weight, update your plan – you might be able to save money on your mothly premium if you lose a signifcant amount, since it puts you at a lower risk for major health problems.

Allison writes for, where you can find that perfect plan for your needs.

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Job Search Cover Letter Samples

Let Job Search Cover Letter Samples Career Change Guide You

Job search cover letter is certainly an essential component of the job hunting strategy. You can easily get your anticipated job through a well-written job cover letter. On the other hand, if the cover letter is not properly written, the employer will disregard the resume. There are different types of job search cover letter samples career change available on the internet.You need to select the most appropriate job search cover letter sample according to your education, qualification and skills. Samples, if properly written can easily save a lot of effort and time in preparing a perfect job application.

Advantages Of Job Search Cover Letter Sample

An appropriate job cover letter sample for career change can give a clear idea with respect to style of writing and other essential elements. It is very important to include a fresh job search cover letter samples career change for your intended job.It has been observed that hiring managers tend to overlook cover letters that display repetitiveness. These cover letters tend to be boring. Therefore, it is essential to write a job cover letter in your own words with fresh content. You can get the content on the internet but you need to rephrase in your own words to make it interesting and appealing.

There are many books and magazines available in the market. You can easily use these magazines and books for reference and cover letter content. All the guidelines are written in the most perfect manner in these books and tutorials. The intended job cover letter sample should be courteous and must include simple words. It does not make sense to incorporate difficult to understand words or phrases in your cover letter. The hiring manager may get annoyed with a cover letter that has complex phrases or words. The cover letter should be easy to understand.     

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Cement asbestos pipe

How Safe Are Cement Asbestos Pipe

Asbestos is a material that was widely used in building constructions for many years. However the material was banned in many of the building sectors due to the health risk it presented. The inhalation of asbestos fibers was directly linked to causing respiratory diseases and lung cancer depending on the level of exposure. As a result, the buildings with asbestos in their structure were demolished from the 1970s onwards and the asbestos fibers were safely disposed. However the use of cement asbestos pipe in buildings has not been banned. In 1999, the USA courts clarified that cement asbestos pipe posed no health risk at all to people who were exposed to it. Although both installation of cement asbestos pipe leads to a high initial presence of asbestos fibers in the water, various studies have since disassociated asbestos in water from causing any stomach cancer or tumors.

The wide avoidance of cement asbestos pipe as a building material is associated with a negative public perception which is related to the harmful asbestos fibers that are found in other places in the building. To clarify matter, asbestos is only harmful when inhaled and the ingestion of asbestos causes no health risks according to many studies that have been conducted in laboratories. The World Health organization also cited that asbestos in drinking water does not cause any health risks in their 1993 study on the Guidelines for Quality Drinking Water.

While water from cement asbestos pipe does contain asbestos fibers, these fibers cannot be inhaled and as a result they do not pose any heath risk at all. The fibers do not contain the carcinogens that are responsible to gastrointestinal cancer and they can therefore not be related to any cancer of the stomach to the intestines. Asbestos is a commonly appearing mineral so it can be found in many sources of water without the need of cement asbestos pipe. There is no consistent proof linking the ingestion of asbestos to cancer and tumors in the stomach. Cement asbestos pipe is an especially durable piece of construction material due to its resistance and strength qualities. By mixing asbestos fibers with cement, the resulting compound has very high tensile strength that makes it durable than any other building material such as wood or plastic.

Cement asbestos pipe has a life span of between 50 and 60 years that makes it ideal for constructing the water system in residential or commercial buildings. The pipes are also heat resistant and they can be used in places that are prone to fires such as boilers or near an electric circuit. Also cement asbestos pipe is bio-degradable as it is made from naturally occurring minerals which include asbestos fibers and cement from limestone. This makes them an excellent choice in the construction industry as they offer durability as well as eco-friendly features. All that should be noted is that cement asbestos pipe poses no health risk to a human or animal population and they are very durable and affordable than their iron or plastic counterparts.

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Special depth incorporated into the interview questions for managers

Special depth incorporated into the interview questions for

Managerial posts are one the most important. A manager keeps your department working
up to its goals and maintains coordination with other departments. Selecting a manager is a
very essential task. Choosing a faulty works man can harm work he is in charge of. A faulty
manager can hamper the work of a whole department. This makes the interviewer give
more importance and make the interview questions for manager different.

What to expect in an interview for managers

The manager is an important post; many tougher attributes are looking for in the candidate.
You can expect the following in your interview:

• Enquire about yourself and your qualifications. In the process do not only mention
your education qualifications but also professional ones and the achievements you
have gained in your field.
• Enquire about your previous job position and reason to quit it. Keep it positive. Do
not give reasons like being sacked, could not handle pressure, etc. even if that is the
• Enquire about difficult situation that you have handled in your managerial career
and how have you been successful.
• Enquire about your about your strengths and criticisms that you have had. You
may also be asked how you have tackled the situation and proved you stand in the
• Most importantly they ask you how you manage your subordinates and peers. How
you keep the work going smoothly. It is to know how you would be dealing with the

managers interview

In some interviews, the interviewers set a difficult situation in front of you and you are

asked to solve it. The situation may vary according to the department for which interview
is being taken. In some cases the interviewer along with the interview letter send an
annual report of the company. On the day of the interview you are supposed to answer the
questions or provide solutions based on the report.

These were the additional things you need to keep care of while going for managerial
interview. Interview questions for managers are more conceptual and work oriented. Keep
calm and confident. Think twice before you offer your answer.

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Salesman resume example

Salesman resume example


A lot of people are interested in working as the salesman in recent years. They have found that there are a lot of ways for them to earn commission in the industry as long as they are willing to work hard. Therefore, they would spend their time to work in the industry. But before they can be admitted for the job, they would need to show that they are capable of working in the position. Therefore, they would need to submit their resume. Before they can get the interview chance, their resume would be viewed so they would not get the chance to interview and express their career goal without a perfect resume beforehand.


In the following Salesman resume example, people would have a better idea about the skills that they would need to highlight in the resume for a salesman. There are actually a lot that they should point out in their resume if they have done a lot of things related to serving the others. As long as you believe that the particular can show your experience in serving the others and your skills in communicating with the others, you should not hesitate to list them out. By doing this, you can usually impress the employer and you would get the chance to have the interview. Therefore, you should read the information here.


Salesman resume example

Peter Anderson,

294, East 22 Street,

SD, MS201

(230) – 394 XXXX



To look for a position as the salesman in the sales industry


Summary of Qualification:


1. Very enthusiastic and people-oriented

2. Able to communicate with the others continuously

3. In-depth knowledge about retail strategies and marketing strategies.

4. Knows the sales techniques and tactics during different seasons of the year

5. Excellent in self-motivation and can work overtime

Work Experience:


Store Assistant, Shoe World, REE, NY

2010 – 2011


–          Arranged sales for the company and promoted products through in-depth explanation

–          Handled customer complaints and resolve conflicts with customers in an efficient way

–          Kept the stock amount accurate for the company

–          Reported theft in the store and helped ensure there was no stock loss

–          Motivated other staff of the company to promote for products from time to time

–          Helped train some of the new staff for the shop


Store Assistant, Food Square, DNO, NY

2008 – 2010


–          Explained to customers with the nutritional values of foods

–          Managed sales turnover of more than $100 per day

–          Maintained good relationship with clients

–          Followed the housekeeping rules and kept good customer service

–          Assisted the store manager to arrange products in the store before office hours

–          Performed stock-taking at the year-end for ensuring the accuracy of stock number

–          Communicated with tourists and introduced local food to them during the peak seasons for tourist travelling in the years, and guided other salesmen to do so



University of SNDK, NY

Bachelor of Business Administration


Availability for job



Desired salary

Upon negotiation



Available upon request

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resume for the first job-no experience

How to write your resume for the first job ( with no experience)


The word resume does not mean “who are you?” or “ why you want this job?” . Resume is that where you answer the question of employer “ why he will hire you for this job?” . Many of us are worried how to write a resume for the first job without experience. Its not a simple task. Make your resume on simple white sheet and should not be more than a page . It should be in such a way that within four  five lines , it makes clear to the interviewer why you will be hired for this job?


1)      Correct  Information

 Always try to list your name, address, contact number or email address correctly. Never use your nick name (  for example super stud Rajiv) in your email address, it puts bad impression on the interviewer. Always use simple or professional email address. If you don’t have, make it.


2) Experience

When you start thinking about your experiences from background, you have lots of          experiences to refer. Never try to mix your hobbies with your experiences. For example if   you have applied for job in education department ( professor or lecturer) for that you are good in  knowledge, language  or communication skills . If you have some experience in debate competition, it will be helpful for you .


3) Make it your own

      Always try to make your own resume, never copy it from internet, just pick your style and make it by yourself. Always make it clear, eye- catching and easy to read. While you are finishing your resume always refer   “what kind of work you are going to do , if you are hired for this job?”


4) Refer your talent

         If you have no experience, list your volunteer experience and some community activities. Specify your talent For example if you know more than one language always refer it. It makes good impression for your job. If you won any award or certificate related to your field always mention that in your resume.

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Affordable Website Design Outsourcing

Top 8 Reasons Why Outsource to Zeustek for Website Design

Website design outsourcing has taken the internet world by storm. May be small-scale or

large-scale organizations, everyone wishes to outsource their website to a website design

company. Zeustek is an affordable website development company that provides the best

site outsourcing services to its client s globally. Below are some reasons that why you

should outsource to zeustek.

Good Infrastructure:

Zeustek has got a high-end infrastructure and good facilities. Zeustek has access to latest

software and can provide you with a stunning website. This is the best website design

company that can come upto your expectations.

Cost Effective:

Another major factor for outsourcing to zeustek is cost effectiveness. The quality of

website design will not be compromised at any cost and at the same time the rates will be

feasible. Zeustek believes in providing high quality work to its clients at affordable rates.

Highly Skilled Professionals:

Zeustek has the team of skilled professionals who have experience in designing and

deliver the best services. So, outsourcing your website to zeustek will mean that your

website will be a superior one.


Scalability is the other important factor that is to be considered. In future if there is more

loads on the website then the website can accommodate it easily.

Save Big:

By outsourcing to zeustek you can save a great deal of time, money, effort, infrastructure

and even manpower. You can save on capital expenditure. You will able to increase

your revenue as there will be no need to invest in expensive softwares or technologies.

Improve Focus:

By outsourcing your website to zeustek you gain flexibility and you are able to focus on

your company’s core competencies. This will help you increase work flow.

Risk Management:

With the growing business, risks also do increase, but zeustek technologies are prepared

with a good risk management strategy to apply.

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Zeustek has provided timely delivery and high quality services to its clients. A number

of clients have been provided the best services and are satisfied with the quality services.

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Recruiter job description


Recruiter job description 


Hiring the best talent in the country according to their capacity is the role of this agency; they make very sure that they will never go in for a bad candidate who has no responsibility towards the job they offer. The BEST is simply what they ask for and they make sure they have them, these agencies have the human resource manager who conducts interviews and takes online tests and thereby places the candidate according to their abilities, this being their main function helps them get recruit the kind of candidate that the company demands. These agencies execute their plan into action, by firstly discussing with their other teammates what kind of a skill they prefer and how to really go about it. They create their own set of description about the job; the candidate’s go through them and understand the needs of the company even before they think of applying.


Description of the job and its types have to be done in the most easier manner, that way even a lay man can understand the importance of these jobs. These agencies want to fill the vacant positions, by keeping them open to their candidates through their job description. They build networks of various kinds to stay connected and help the candidates out in their job selections, they determine to set their mind and face the interview in the right kind of mindset. These job descriptions are done just to explain what kind of jobs the prevailing company is to offer, this is done through providing advertisements in the newspapers or in the television channels. Nevertheless, today these kinds of advertisements are done online with the help of these agencies that easily reach out to every job seeker in any corner of the world. This is their main function through job description.


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Why do we need a web site?

Lets talk about why a good website is required.  In this market of huge competition you need a good web presence  to have a edge over your competitors.

Some reasons of having a website:

1) Your customer is looking for you online. Many  people search online like “toys in new york” and they will do either online shopping via these sites  or will locate their position.

2) You can reduce your  cost by printing and mailing. Why you need to handout your brochures and newsletters. In this internet era, everybody goes online and they can see your information online.

3) Send your bills online via emails rather than printed bills.

4) People want online support.

5) People want to see event calendar online.

6) Advertise your product and company.

You are telling your customer how important they are by providing all these services for them.

Planning to create a good website :

You think you need a website? Lets do some planning.

People/Designers generally dont go through planning process and end up with not so beneficial website. If you just jump start and start designing/coding , it will be badly structured and may look unprofessional. Some Steps to design a good, beneficial and professional websites.

1) Research :The best way to do reasearch is to look aroung internet and see all relative websites and competitors See how can you make something better than your competitor. Try to think about new ideas , new features that you can provide to have an edge. Dont focus much on animation as it may be annoying to many users. Kepp it simple. It will be asy to maintain also.

2) Content :Know who is your target audience and their age group. General idea for a website is to promote yourself. You need to add content which advertise your company , product , ideas . Provide customer support, customer services,contact information. Tell about your services. Add dynamic content like Blogs.Add chat room,forums if required.

3) Architecture : Now you are done with your content, lets start building framework. See how many pages you need, accordingly start thinking of layout and theme. Now plan out which feature will go in which page and which features are common in all pages. The best way is to create a sample template and fill in all common features in that template. Use this as base template and fill in distinct features for respective pages.

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Hair Styles For Long Hair

There are many styles that you can use if you have long hair. Hereafter are some.

Traditional prom curls: you have first to wash the hair well. you should then brush and brow dry your hair so that it can look silky and nice. Make sure that you

gathered the hair well and put them on a side part. Divide the hair so that one of it will be down and the other one will be clipped. Use the water mouse to curl the half of the hair. Let the air to stay for around 2 hours. Take out the curlers and pin the hair into a circle. You can use the curling iron to make soft curls. You have to pin the bottom in the middle of hair and you can decorate the hair with pins. You can also make a low or a high ponytails. If you want a high ponytail, you have to ensure that your hair is totally brushed and smooth. You should brush your hair towards the place where you want to hold the hair. You have to ensure that you hold all the hair together without anyone to part. You can braid the hair if you have made a low ponytail and you can add cute accessories to make it look beautiful. You can also do a teased ponytail for your hair by using bumps one after another. You can also use the voluminous straighten or scrunched style for your hair.



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Job Resume Posting

Job Resume Posting


Job Resume Posting 

 Job Resume Posting

In order to get employed successfully, one has to be very careful while seeking for different job posts and applying for them. One has to be pretty sure about his or her area of interest where he or she wants to work in. this is considered to be the most critical part in one’s professional life. Reason why this step is considered to be the most critical is that this is the moment where the whole rest of the life is going to be spent. So, during the posting of the resumes for the various jobs, one has to be confident of the field he or she has decided to work in. opportunities never come again and again. So, if one wants to grab the opportunity at the right time, he or she must be aware of the skills that are required for a given job and match them with their own skills.


Formulate a professional resume:


Before applying for a specific job, people must prepare their resumes according to the job they are applying for. In order to make the first impression everlasting, one has to formulate his or her resume according to the requirement of the employer. People are supposed to highlight the strengths that they govern so that they may be selected for the further processing. Managers do not want to see the resumes that do not hold any logic in them or that are full of the typing or spelling mistakes. It should be understandable and comprehensive making it easy for the employer to get to know about the applicant without spending too much time.


Resume posting rather bombarding:


One has to be very carful while looking for the jobs as misleading resume posting may make it difficult to choose between the real opportunity and a fake artificial one. People are suggested to post their resumes only to the resume banks where their interests, qualifications, experiences, and all other details meet with the requirements for a specific job. Blind bombardment of the resumes to various platforms not only creates problems for the recruiters, but also they bring the image of the applicant down in eyes of the mangers of the large firms. This is always considered to be a professional approach toward resume posting for jobs where areas of interests are being met by a specific post.


A marketing person cannot handle the duties of a finance person so he or she must apply for the marketing jobs instead of applying for the financial management vacancies. Secondly, managers get tired of observing the non-serious and non-professional application for the posts and it wastes their time and energy.


Selection of the appropriate platforms:


Resume is something that contains all the personal information of the individuals and that has to be kept confidential. So people must look for the secure and reliable platforms to post resume on in order to keep their personal and precious information confidential. Moreover, in this way, people can avoid the spam mails as well.



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Pemetrexed mesothelioma

Pemetrexed mesothelioma
Mesothelioma patients may benefit from pemetrexed-based treatment.Many researchers are testing pemetrexed-based drugs as a second-line treatment option for mesothelioma relapse.
Mesothelioma is a rare cancer of lung lining and lining of other abdominal cavities. It is caused due to exposure to asbestos fibers. There are about 2000-3000 reported cases in USA only for Mesothelioma. There are many unreported cases of Mesothelioma in many developing countries.
Researchers have found that pemetrexed drugs benefited mesothelioma patients.
Few people were given pemetrexed-based drugs alone and few were given combination of pemetrexed-based and the current standard platinum-based drugs as part of research and treatment and almost half of the patients tested showed shrunken tumors or tumors that had stopped growing.Patients who responded well to pemetrexed-based drugs as a first-line treatment benefited from the same type second-line treatments.
Pemetrexed is a novel antifolate, a class of drugs that targets the folic acid metabolic pathway, which effects availability of certain B complex vitamins.
There are some side effects also which includes blood cell abnormalities, nausea and diarrhea
Researchers have reported results showing that patients on a new chemotherapy drug regimen live longer and have less pain than those on an older drug.
Pemetrexed is a novel antifolate, a class of drugs that targets the folic acid metabolic pathway, which effects availability of certain B complex vitamins.
The result showed that tumors shrank  in 41 percent of patients onpemetrexed in combination with a more commonly used chemotherapy agent called cisplatin.
Malignant pleural mesothelioma is associated with a history of asbestos exposure in about 70 to 80 percent of all cases and there is no approved or very effective chemotherapy for the disease.
Under the current expanded access program, Alimta may be available free to patients who qualify. Additionally, patients with mesothelioma may be entitled to large settlements against employers or asbestos makers.

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How to add music to Google websites?

How to add music to Google websites?
Creating and maintaining a web site requires a great effort and a lot of work, especially for those people who are unfamiliar with the process and programs that are involved in the web site development. Everyone wants their site to look professional and make more people want to visit.
So, adding music to your site is a good idea to add life to a web page. It is relatively a simple task and this task can be done in a number of ways.
Google pages are personal web pages provided by Google. Making an account in Gmail is very easy and anyone who has Gmail account can access their own page as well as the free personal Google pages. Adding music to your Google page adds a little entertainment.
If you want to add music on Google web sites then some instructions have to be followed and some of those instructions are listed below:
· First thing that you have to do is login to your Google account and access the Google page. If you don’t have an account on Google, then first create an account using sign up option.
· The next step is to click on the “Edit page code button”. An HTML code opens fore your Google page. This is the area where you can add music to your Google page.
· You can find the music online so that you can use their source code on your web site for direct music links. Different music sites are MySpace, Imeen and Yahoo music. The source code is given on the sites in a box named as “Source Code”.
· The next thing to do is to copy and copy and paste the embedded music   code from the source web site to your Google page. Embedded codes can itself be of three kinds- If your embedded code says Auto Start=True then the desired song plays when you open the page. The other kind is a music player that begins when you press the start button. The last kind is a multiple song player that makes a play list of different songs and plays them in the order when you press the start or play button.
· Click the Save button to save the music to your Google websites.
· You can also click the view button to test the music player.

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This post is more about some interesting facts….
did you know
  • Did you know that the Google’s first ever Twitter post (I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.) means “I’m feeling lucky” ?
  • Did you know that  a twillionaire is a twitterer with a million or more followers?
  • Did you know that more than a third of users access Twitter via their mobile phone ?
  • Did you know that executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn?
  • Did you know that the average social user has 195 friends?
  • Did you know that the largest number of Facebook users live in North America with 35.4 percent of the continent actively logging on to Facebook every month?
  • Did You know that Social media is more popular than porn?
  • Did you know that Google handles about 1 billion search queries per day, releasing some 200 tons of CO2 per day?
  • Did You know that exchanging links could hurt your site rankings?
Website Security
  • Did you know that not doing a website security check could cost you dearly?
  • Did you know that the fastest-growing form of bank card fraud is “phishing” in which fraudsters set up a fake version of a genuine bank website and then send out thousands or even millions of spam emails driving consumers to the site?
  • Did you know that someone is a victim of a cybercrime every 10 seconds, and it is on the rise?
Mobile Apps
  • Did You Know that the iPhone Retains Cached Keyboard Data For Up To 12 Months?
  • Did you know that  android is better than iPhone in performance?
  • Did you know that the first website of the internet was “” launched in 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee ? It is still active.
  • Did you know that the DNS was created in 1984 and in 1985 top level domains were defined ? The first top level domains were COM, ORG, EDU, GOV, MIL and ccTLD.
Application Programming
  • Did you know that  C# (pronounced C Sharp) was first known as “Cool” ?
  • Did you know that developers write poor PHP code? The proportion of insecure software written in PHP has increased to 34% in 2008.
  • Did you know that Java is still the most popular, reliable and secure programming language?

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Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies – Make sure you get the Right one for your Job


Are you one of the numerous people who are looking for the right job in London? If you are, then you know how overwhelming and tiring that search could be. Job prospects hardly over come without the backing of qualified job recruitment agencies. They are employment companies that use strategies to make job hunting easy for people who are looking for work. These agencies perform their job well. Hence, they can really match jobseekers with the right career that they also deserve.


How Recruitment Agencies Help People find Jobs


The majority of recruitment agencies have connections with human resource departments of different companies. This means, if the linked company has job openings, the jobseekers registered with the agency are the first people to know about it. Thereby, they can apply immediately. The agency will match applicants with the company’s job requirements and the qualifiers will then be scheduled for interview.


Further, for job applicants who are not able to qualify for current job openings, job recruitment agencies keep their files in a database so that they can be easily contacted once new job opportunities are available.


It is typical for agencies to interview the candidates so that the employers will not have a hard time doing this anymore. In some cases, a final interview is arranged between the applicant and the employer of the hiring company to know more about the candidate’s qualifications.


Are there any fees and charges for the services?


For jobseekers, most recruitment companies do not collect fees. Rather, the company that is looking for a new employee through the agency is the one that has to pay for the service. Then again, there are instances where the arrangement is that, the job agency will collect small percentage from the jobseeker’s first paycheck.


How to maximize your chance of getting the right job for you?


When you register with recruitment agencies, make sure to choose only the line of work that you are knowledgeable of or have the skills to do the job well. It must be something within the area of your expertise. If you will not do this, the likelihood that you will end up doing a job that you do not like is very high. When this happens, it is not a surprise if you will just fail in the end.


Keep in mind that your knowledge and skills are your investments that will bring you to success, thus it is important that you only choose careers that is within your ability.


Anyway, the job placement company will also do their best to match the right job for you so you are guaranteed to have promising career. Without a doubt, recruitment agencies are very helpful resources for both jobseekers and employers.

Nowadays, finding a job is not an easy task. Most of the time, the number of applicants is greater than the job vacancies so for a single job post, you may be competing with many people. Moreover, it may also be difficult to stand out from the rest and this makes getting a job harder.


The good news is that there is a method to get around this tricky situation. Yes, that’s right, signing up with recruitment agencies is the best solution. With their in-depth knowledge in the business, they know the ways to help you get the most suitable job post. This is something that you may not be able to do on your own so registering with them is the best move that you can do to have a successful career.  Finally, if you are having a hard time finding a job, contact an agency and they will assist you until you can get your dream job.

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How to have an exciting career in education

How to have an exciting career in education



There are many people who have had years of working experience in the various sectors like customer service, business and retail, food catering but they are now opting for careers in education. Not only this sector gives a job that has high level of security but it also is the type of the job which is very flexible to the hours as well as it demands less of the workers and the employees. The professionals mentioned above are not Education majors as a degree in their college, but their experiences in their previous sectors of work helps the students that have no experiences to work commercially.


Necessity of undergraduate degree


The teacher certification can only be obtained to those individuals who have an undergraduate degree. Therefore without a bachelor’s degree, to become a teacher is not possible. To have careers in education, you must opt for the degree in any subject preferable and can apply to the different schools that offer this sort of degree in Education. You can also opt for the degree in any core subject as a major with Education as a minor.


First step to become teacher


The first important step to take in order to become a teacher is to check the respective laws of the state to know about the specific requirements that the state imposes to have careers in education. The rules and requirements can be found out by simply visiting the state education board’s website.


For example an aspiring teacher of Virginia should visit the state education department of Virginia website. Also in order to know about the recruitments of different schools you can go and through an appointment with the principal can find out what they are looking for or what are the specific requirements of the respective schools.


For teaching in middle and high schools


Of you want to have careers in the middle or high schools it is recommended that they pursue their degrees in those subjects that they will be content to teach to the students. Rather than general education majors these individuals prove to be more competent candidates in such careers in education. Professionals after attaining the degree can transfer their credit to the degree of teaching. Another accelerated or fast tracked programme for the more experienced person is the Masters in Education.


Teaching students and state boards


For the receiving of the certification of the careers in education both the graduate and the undergraduate students must sit for their respective state boards and obtain satisfactory marks. High school teachers will have also to undergo test on their chosen content areas and only if they attain a satisfactory result are they liable for their certification as a teacher.


The prospective teachers also need to fulfill another commitment to teach students for a period equal to the span of the semester. After completing this will they obtain a teaching license. Thus essentially passing the state exam is the last step towards becoming a teacher for the state. There are many individuals who pass easily through these requirements and have teaching as a second or sometimes even as educators this is their third career.


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Interview with Ferah Ana Maria Seceta, founder of Moaryarty Dev

Interview with Ferah Ana Maria Seceta, founder of Moaryarty Dev


Q: Hello Ferah, can you tell us a bit about yourselfIMAG0682_1_1_1

 A: I am a creative & innovative web developer who codes ideas by building crafted online experiences. My purpose is to create meaningful brands that will inspire passionate followers.

The borderline is where artistry meets strategic thinking which will turn your brand into life and get your followers to take actions. I offer competitive rates, a fast turn around and exceptional quality.

My marketing background gives me a greater understanding of how web design can positively impact businesses. I guess once a coder always a coder.


Q: How would you describe “Moaryarty Dev” in under few words?

 A: Moaryarty Dev. is a modern digital agency that uniquely combine professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsability that has been developed through time. Formed with the specific mission of helping business owners who are looking to look professional at an affordable price. We firmly believe that collaboration is key to the success of every project and we are committed to your success. We will go the extra mile to achieve our goal, which is – Your satisfaction. The first and the foremost objective of this team is to attain 100% client satisfaction. Our work process, methodologies, business terms and communications are designed for complete convenience of our clients.


Q: What are your focus areas and why?

 A: I love e-commerce a lot the segment itself and also building online stores. My favorite platform is magento due to its strength but also its sensitivity. As magento is a really complex platform for e-commerce but also flexible it allows me to add value to it. I enjoy everything that starts with a certain amount of challenge and creativity. Lately, I have expanded to wordpress as well and those are the content management systems I work with as currently they are easy to manage by my not tech savvy clients and also can be expanded to a point that can be limited only by imagination and knowledge.


Q: How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

 A: Being a developer myself, I understand easily the workflow as well as the clients needs, therefor translating them into requirements or code is something I can easily handle. Although we work in a very flexible way, using the latest trends, is a client-focused agency.



Q: Where do you think “Moaryarty Dev” is making an impact?

 A: Moaryarty is meant to be a trend-setter agency with a team of dedicated developers willing to go those extra miles in order to build lasting web presences. It is focusing on quality and not on quantity, on expansion of knowledge and the growth of a community around it. Due to its transparency, flexibility and constant availability we gained a reputation of reliable and trustable web agency.


Q: What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?

 A: I really love my job and my work and me personally I can’t commit to something I don’t believe in and that is why each day is a new excitement. I study a lot to keep myself up-to-date in order to be able to provide my clients the best web solutions for their business, service or product. I enjoy each new client and the discovery process is quite fascinating as it allows me to learn more about people, areas of expertize and their vision and goals while the beauty starts when I start coding them into a web presence.


Q: Design world is always changing, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 A: Currently, I am enjoying each step of tech changings. Nobody can actually predict where design will be after 5 years but I am absolutely sure that I will be present in the same domain. I am focusing on developing my own products which will be launched soon (#moonlight) as it allows me to transpose better with no restrictions my creativity. I will surely focus more into consultancy, investments and giving back to the community as my knowledge is my responsibility.


Q: And what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?

 A: My biggest challenge is time. Although, I do a lot of planning, organizing and time-management there are so many things to learn, to do and to achieve. Along the way, I had plenty of setbacks but I have also seen them as new opportunities either to evaluate my current or future situation or re-organizing into something/someone stronger. I enjoy challenges a lot, I see them as blessings which will help me grow in a better person/developer.


Q: What are you most excited about at the moment?

 A: Currently, I am working on a very interesting project called which will be launched end of january. It is the UK’s largest fitness comparison website. Specialising in providing a wide range of experts and health centres within the fitness industry, Workout Here is the home of reputable elite fitness professionals, quality gyms, affordable studios, sports and health centres across the UK. Whether it is a rugby coach, football field, gym or physiotherapist, Workout Here has an easy to use platform so that users can find what they are looking for at the click of a button.

Q: A last word or final thoughts?

A: Looking for new challenging opportunities that will make best of my existing skills & experiences and also my personal development but until then enjoying each step at a time making best usage of my time.

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Asbestos health hazards

Asbestos health hazards
Exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing lung disease. That risk is made worse by smoking.
More the exposure more are the chances for developing harmful effects.
Continuous exposure to friable asbestos results in repository related diseases.
Major health hazards:
Asbestosis — Asbestosis is a serious, progressive, long-term non-cancer disease of the lungs.This is caused due to inhaling asbestos fibers  that causes lung tissues to scar. The scarring makes it hard for oxygen to get into the blood.
Lung Cancer — Lung cancer causes the largest number of deaths related to asbestos exposure. People who work in the mining, milling, manufacturing of asbestos, and those who use asbestos and its products are more likely to develop lung cancer than the general population.
Mesothelioma — Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is found in the thin lining (membrane) of the lung, chest, abdomen, and heart and almost all cases are linked to exposure to asbestos.This disease takes many years to show up.
Exposure to asbestos:
People can be exposed to asbestos in their workplace, their communities, or their homes. Asbestos has been classified as a known human carcinogen
Risk Factors for asbestos health hazards:
  • Concentration of asbestos fibers
  • Exposure time period
  • Frequency of that time period asbestos was exposed
  • Size, shape and chemical makeup of asbestos fibers
Reduce the hazards of asbestos:
  • Employers should provide training and awareness of operations where there is any potential of exposure to asbestos.
  • Employers should force workers to have all kinds of protective and safety wearings and equipments.
  • Airborne levels of asbestos are never to exceed legal worker exposure limits.
  • Medical monitoring of workers is also required when legal limits and exposure times are exceeded.

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Basilar artery stroke

  Basilar artery stroke

Basilar artery is the most important artery in the posterior circulation. It is formed at the pontomedullary junction by the combination of both vertebral arteries. It lies on the ventral

surface of the pons and, along  its course,  it gives off its median, paramedian, short, and long circumferential branches.The branch of the basilar artery with the larger circumference is the anterior inferior cerebellar artery. It normally arises at the junction of the proximal and middle thirds of the basilar artery and supplies the lateral pontine tegmentum, brachium pontis or middle cerebellar peduncle, flocculus, and a small part of the anterior cerebellum. The internal auditory artery usually arises from the anterior inferior cerebellar artery; however, it may also arise as a direct branch of the basilar artery.

The terminal branch of the basilar artery is the posterior cerebral artery (PCA);  which mainly  supplies the midbrain, the thalamus, and the medial aspect of the temporal and occipital lobes. Proximal to its bifurcation into the terminal branches (ie, PCA), the basilar artery gives off the superior cerebellar arteries that supply the lateral aspect of the pons and midbrain and the superior surface of the cerebellum. The clinical manifestations depend on the location of the occlusion, the extent of thrombus, and the collateral flow. If the proximal segment of the basilar artery is occluded and the occlusion resulted from a slowly progressive stenosis, collateralization occurs within the cerebellum into the circumferential branches of the basilar artery. In  most cases of distal (top of the basilar) or proximal (vertebrobasilar junction) occlusions which  are due to embolism either from a cardiac or an arterial source. On the other hand, midbasilar artery occlusion is typically the result of atherothrombosis. Arterial dissections are very rare and usually involve the vertebral artery and occasionally extend to the basilar artery .

  •     Clinical presentation 
    • An abnormal level of consciousness and motor signs, such as hemiparesis or quadriparesis (usually asymmetric), are seen
    • Bulbar and pseudobulbar signs are the most common findings  .
    • Pupillary abnormalities, oculomotor signs, and pseudobulbar manifestations (ie, facial weakness, dysphonia, dysarthria, dysphagia) are common
                                              . The syndromes more commonly associated with basilar artery occlusion are:
      • Locked-in syndrome: It is caused by infarction of the basis pontis secondary to occlusive disease of the proximal and middle segments of the basilar artery, which leads to quadriplegia. Because the tegmentum of the pons is spared, the patient has a spared level of consciousness, preserved vertical eye movements, and blinking.
          • Top-of-the-basilar syndrome:  it is the manifestation of upper brainstem and diencephalic ischemia  which is caused by occlusion of the l basilar artery, usually by an embolus. Patients present with changes in the level of consciousness.  visual symptoms such as hallucinations and/or blindness is common. Third nerve palsy and pupillary abnormalities are also frequent. Motor abnormalities include abnormal movements or posturing.
        • Oculomotor signs are common. They usually reflect involvement of the vertical gaze center in the midbrain or the abducens nucleus, the horizontal gaze center located in the paramedian reticular formation contiguous to the abducens nucleus, and/or the medial longitudinal fasciculus. Lesions to these structures result in the following:

          • Ipsilateral abducens palsy
          • Ipsilateral conjugate gaze palsy
            • Internuclear ophthalmoplegia
            • One-and-a-half syndrome caused by a lesion simultaneously affecting the paramedian reticular formation and the medial longitudinal fasciculus, resulting in ipsilateral conjugate gaze palsy and internuclear ophthalmoplegia
            • Ocular bobbing, which localizes the lesion to the pons: This is characterized by a brisk downward movement of the eyeball with a subsequent return to the primary position.
            • Skew deviation.
                                                                              Other reported signs of pontine ischemia include limb shaking, ataxia (usually associated with mild hemiparesis), facial weakness, dysarthria, dysphagia, and hearing loss.
                           Medical care
                                              Patients with unstable  neurological symptoms, decreased level of consciousness, active cardiac or respiratory  conditions, hemodynamic instability, or a need for interventional therapies (eg, thrombolysis) must be admitted to a neurological intensive care unit.Every effort should be made to maintain a normal intravascular volume by administering isotonic solutions.. Dobutamine should be used with caution and with close monitoring of the cardiac index because it can often cause vasodilatation and hypotension.  Management of the airway is  importantl.Endotracheal intubation is recommended in most patients to keep their airway clear while maintaining normal ventilation. Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is the only pharmaceutical agent used  for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke within the first 3 hours of onset. . In some cases Angioplasty with or without stent placement has been performed to treat patients with atherosclerotic stenosis or to mechanically dislodge thrombi. The combination of intravenous thrombolysis with consecutive on-demand endovascular mechanical thrombectomy may allow for early treatment initiation with high recanalization.Recanalization of the basilar artery is key to the successful treatment of basilar artery thrombosis and for improving its prognosis.

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Common mistakes during an interview

There are many small mistakes which are very common and can lead to rejections in interviews.

One of the most important thing is to focus on the verbal expressions that will help us in getting

our jobs. All applicants may have same type of degrees , resumes  and  experiences but we

can differ our self  by  our expressions and way of talking.

While interview we have to focus on our verbal cues so that we can make good impression over the interviewer.


 1) Hand shake : It depends on you how you can do it. Always try to hand shake in a

soft and firm manner . Never try it so hard as to break the bones

2) Eye contact : eye contact is an important key factor during an interview. Too much

of eye contact leads to irritation and aggression while little eye contact makes you

dishonest and as if you are not interested in the task or you  are hiding yourself. So always

try to make balance in your eye contact, for example if you have an interview of about

20 minutes, it doesn’t mean that u are continuously starring to your boss for 20 minutes

or when you come out you didn’t even know the color of eyes of the boss.

3) Eye rolling : during an interview eye rolling makes  bad impression of yours. during

interview the interviewer think that you are not interested in chatting or you have some

other better options

4) Posture: always try to sit straight and be alert,don’t try to be over confident.

 5) Tapping: never try to tap your fingers or foot during an interview .it makes

irritation to the interviewer which can lead to rejections.

6) Voice :  This is mainly for telephonic interview, always keep your voice normal,

not too loud nor too low. Always be confident while answering your questions, don’t

make use of such words ”like”, ‘hmm’ ”ahh” , it makes your interviewer think that you

are not confident or you are not listening him properly.


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Cover letter examples for cashier


                                                Cover letter examples for cashier


Any job requires a faithful and honest person to deal with his work .when the matter of money comes every person want a good person on which they can trust easily and the person should having the ability to be responsible about his work and manage the task properly. One must be smart one to keep track of customer and what they are purchasing. Calculating the amount properly is necessary for any company, if the cashier of company will be good, then any problem occur can be solved easily. Qualification and skills is needed for the cashier field also. Stability should be maintained while doing the cashier job. Proper entry in register, calculating the right amount, checking the level of inventory and totaling the amount of them is necessary. Cashier should have basic knowledge of computer. So the entry of purchasing and selling can be done. The typing speed is needed because only skilled one can handle the numbers of customers all together. Data entry should be right so that further processing will be right. If the calculation went wrong then it will affect the financial part of company. Cashier work is the work of responsibility. So if one is having all these required abilities, he can apply for this job.


Dear sir/madam,


I am Animesh Agarwal. I have done my graduation from Uttar Pradesh university. Currently I am learning basics of computer’s and I am doing this course from six months am applying for the job of cashier. According to this job profile I am having all abilities in myself and I will try to complete the expectations  of organization. This job profile is needed a balanced person who can manage the accounting task properly. When you will take a look of my resume you will come to know that all company’s requirements can be fulfilled by those skills.


I am giving interview for you company as I think that for my further growth it is required to be employee of this company. The environment of company is according to my requirement. Your company is famous for its quality products and of course everyone wants to be part of a good company. It will be my pleasure to join your company and support company in friendly nature makes you assure the customer service will be done properly and there will be no complaint about service. Maintenance of stock and to keep record of them will be priority of my job. As typing speed is needed for data entry and I am sure you will not have to say about the typing speed. Along with these skills I am good in mathematics and do fast calculation can manage the billing counter easily for i.e. counting the items purchased, scanning the amount of items, weighing, price tagging, checking the personal identifications of customers.


Kindly take a look of my resume and I am sure it will not disappoint you.                                     You will get all the skills according to company’s requirement.


Thank you for giving me a chance hope for the positive reply from your organization.


Yours faithfully


Animesh Agarwal


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Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

1.One page
Your resume should be one-page long.Long page resumes often make interviewer
stressed so try to keep your resume as short as possible.

2.No pronoun
You resume should not contain the pronouns “I” or “me.” That is how we normally
structure sentences,but since your resume is a document about your person,using
these pronouns is actually redundant.

3.No jargon or slang
Slang should never be used in a resume. As for technical jargon, do not expect
that the employer will know what you are talking about. The person who will read
your resume for the first time might not have any technical expertise.

4.Exclusive e-Mail Ids
Use only one (or maximum 2) e-mail id exclusively for the purpose of recruitments.
Excess of emails just like a showoff so try to use one and best titled e-mails.

5.Start with education
The entry-level candidates should put their education information near the top of
their resumes,unlike the experienced professionals, who list their degrees and
certificates at the end of the resume.

6.Proof read it twice
After you have finalized your resume, check it repeatedly for errors in spelling,
grammar, or punctuation.

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Dentists interview questions

Dentists interview questions


Answering the Dentists interview questions would be one of the steps that you need to take in order to be hired as dentists in some clinics. Therefore, you need to know the way to answer them.


Question 1: Why do you prefer to work in this clinic?

Usually, you can tell the interviewer that the clinic has good reputation. You can tell them that you are willing to contribute to the growth of a clinic if you think that the clinic is a small one.


Question 2: What are you good at?

This is another way of asking you about the strengths that you have. Therefore, you would need to tell the strength of yourself. You would also need to explain with examples. If you are not able to elaborate your answer with concrete example, you would not be able to please the interviewers because they would not think that you are answering something true at all.


Question 3: What are the skills that you think dentists should have?

There are a lot of skills that dentists have to demonstrate. Therefore, you just need to tell the interviewers one or two that you think are the most important.


Question 4: How long do you need to complete full mouth extraction?

This is a technical question so you need to prepare for the technical answer. Apart from giving the time, you would also need to give the steps.


Question 5: What would you do if you are complained by clients?

Answer: This would need you to demonstrate your communication skills and let the interviewers know that you are able to apply these skills in the real case.


Question 6: Did you make any mistake before?

It would not be appropriate if you answer ‘no’. It is because the interviewers would assume that everybody makes mistake. Therefore, you would need to find some in which you had reflected and learnt from the mistakes.


Question 7: What do you look for in your life?

Apart from working, you would need to find some other things that you are interested in pursuing.


Question 8: Introduce yourself to me

This question is a very typical one and you would usually be given a time limit to do the introduction. Therefore, you need to take the time and tell the most interesting part about yourself instead of mentioning something boring. Otherwise, you would waste the introduction time and you would not be able to grab the chance of working in that clinic.


Question 9: Did you do any personality tests before?

There are some types of personality tests that some organizations would create for people to complete. These tests may help the interviewers know about you in a better way.


Question 10: How long would you stay with us?

Obviously you would not be willing to stick to a clinic for your whole life. Therefore, you can tell the desired time that you would like to work in the field and let them know that you are at least going to stay with them for several years.


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Job Search Email Message Examples

Job Search Email Message Examples Should Be Unique

Human resource managers tend to receive numerous job applications everyday through post and email. Arranging and short listing several job applications can be an overwhelming task for hiring managers. They tend to ignore job search emails that are insignificant or monotonous. Job seekers should write evocative job email messages to obtain prompt replies. Finding your dream job is not easy. You need to have sufficient amount of patience and perseverance to acquire your dream job. You can easily get consequential job search email message examples from your friends, relatives and classmates. Before sending your job application, try to make it sure you make a warm connection with the company through your influential email message.

Merits Of Good Job Search Email Message

A good job search email message will certainly leave a positive impact on the psyche of the employer. You can get emails of different companies, offices and organizations on the web. Striking the right chord with the hiring manager through a positive email message will enable you to get your desired job. The email message must include important details like education, skills, work experience, qualification and other essential parameters. You need to impress the manager with your professional resume. You need to showcase your professional abilities and talent through a well-written resume. Your education, work experience and skills should prove to be an asset for the company.

Getting perfect job search email message examples from books, magazines or web is a good idea to acquire decent points for your intended job search email message. It is a good idea to prepare the email message in your own words without using difficult to interpret words. The candidate should address the concerned hiring manager with a warm connection note. Work to form good friendships or relationships instead of just trying to get a job.  

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Fibromyalgia Cycle


Fibromyalgia Cycle

Fibro means (fibrous tissue) myo(muscle) and algos(pain) meaning muscle and connective tissue pain. It is a medical condition characterized by pain and allodynia(painful response to pressure). In other words it is a common syndrome in which a person has a long term, body pain and tenderness in joints, muscles and soft tissues. It is more common in females. Fibromyalgia has been considered either a musculoskeletal disease or neuropsychiatric condition.


Causes of fibromyalgia


According theory of fibromyalgia, patients have lower threshold of pain because of increased sensitivity in the brain to pain signals. main causes which are responsible  are as under


1) genetic predisposition

2) stress

3) dopamine dysfunction.

4) abnormal serotonin metabolism

5) sleep disturbances

6) infection with virus

7) physical or emotional trauma

Genetic factors play an important role in the development of fibromyalgia. For example there is a high aggregation of fibromyalgia in females.

Stress may be precipitating factor  in the development of fibromyalgia. Sometime dopamine dysfunction may cause fibromyalgia, this is due to the disruption of normal dopamine-related neurotransmission.


Signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia

The universal symptom of fibromyalgia is pain, the pain in fibromyalgia is not caused by tissue inflammation instead seem to have increased sensitivity to different sensory stimuli and low pain threshold. Body pain of fibromyalgia can be aggravated by noise, weather change and emotional stress.

Pain involves both sides of the body. It usually affects neck, buttocks, shoulder, arms, upper back and chest. Tender points are the localized areas of body that are tender(cause pain) to light touch. Tender points are commonly found around elbows, shoulder, knees, hips, back of head and side of breast bone.

Fatigue occur in 90% of cases. Fatigue is mainly due to abnormal sleep. These patients lack deep restorative level of sleep. These patients awaken in morning without feeling fully rested, sometime awake with muscle aches or sensation of muscle fatigue as if they had been working out all night.

Mental disorders occur. It include poor concentration, forgetfullness (difficulty in remembering things), mood changes, irritability, depression and anxiety.

Other symptoms include migraine(condition characterized by moderate to severe headache and nausea), tension headache, numbness, tingling, abnormal pain,  Painful and frequent urination.

Treatment of fibromyalgia

Pregabalin, duloxeline and milnacipran have been shown to reduce pain. Tricyclic antidepressants were most affective against pain, fatigue  and sleep problems. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors had lower side effects. Tramadol, centrally acting analgesics moderately affective in treating pain. Tramadol combined with paracetamol is also effective to some extent.

Muscle relaxants such as cyclobenzaprine plays an important role as it helps to relieve skeletal muscle spasm and has been used for fibromyalgia treatment.

Tizanidine is used to treat spasm, cramping and tightness of muscles.


Physiotherapy treatment for fibromyalgia

Exercise improves fitness and sleep and may reduce pain and fatigue. It helps in


a) reducing pain

b) reducing muscle stiffness

c) reducing tender points

manual treatment is used to increase range of motion and decrease pain and swelling. Tissue massage along with stretching exercise are commonly used


physical treatment helps to increase muscle and joint flexibility while decreasing swelling and encouraging wounds to heal. It includes use of whirlpool/hydrotherapy or use of deep heating with hot packs/paraffin waxing.


Electrotherapy techniques help to encourage healing and decrease pain and muscle spasm.


Biofeedback and muscle stimulation is helpful to some extent.




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Why you should attend jobs fairs

Why you should attend jobs fairs.

Graduate Job fairs are one of the most miss understood job seeking tools out there, almost all universities across the country will hold several of these fairs every year, and yet  too many students just don’t seem to understand why they should attend, or if they do attend they all too often go about it the wrong way.  If there is a job fair coming up at your university or nearby you should be there and this is why:

You can learn about the job market, even if you’re not actively job seeking right now job fairs are a great chance to see what industries are employing right now and what different jobs are actually about.  The job market is filled with all kinds of jobs, some of which you may not have previously heard of but yet could be great for you.  If you already have work, jobs fairs are an easy way to keep your eye on the job market, see what opportunities are out there and work out where you fit in.  Could you be doing better in a different job?

It’s also never too early to start learning about the application process needed for bagging that perfect job.  Many graduate schemes have a really long recruitment process and if you leave your research too late you may find you’ve missed your chance for a lot of the best jobs.

What many students don’t realise is some big employers treat careers fairs as preliminary interviews, if you impress an employer at this early stage it can really help you chances of your application being accepted.  Remember if employers are treating the fair as an interview you need to do so too, dress smart and come well prepared with lots of research on the companies you’re interested in.  Preparing a concise pitch that will make you stand out above the other candidates and take lots of notes so you can follow up any leads.

So many students these days think they can learn everything they need to from the internet, but the internet isn’t that useful for learning what it’s actually like to work at a company, the best way to discover this is by actually talking to employers at fairs.  You will want to make sure that any industry you take a job in is one that you will mesh with.  After all your career will be a big part of your life, you need to make sure you end up doing something that will fit with you.
A lot of employers will also take résumés at a fair giving you a chance to get ahead of any competition when applying for jobs.  Having your résumé with you is also handy as a lot of fair organisers will set up booths to help you out by critiquing your C.V. for you, it certainly can’t hurt to know how employers see your résumé so that you can make improvements.

This article was contributed by Ewan Cambell MacDougall not only did he used to work as an assistant at his local university careers fairs, he is now working with Nimlok banner stands who create the displays used by many of the employers at these fairs.  As a result he’s seen a lot of job fairs and knows how useful they can be for job seekers.

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The term “Microservice Architecture” has sprung up over the last few years to describe a pattern of splitting application into smaller components for scalability and maintenance benefits and have seen widespread adoption.

microservices vs webservices


The main idea behind this architecture is to break down applications into very small pieces and each piece can be developed , test and deployed independently.
Each module/piece bears single responsibility and it becomes easy to track which piece is malfunctioning and to gets its replacement and
also to scale one piece only if only one piece requires more traffic.


Is it new?

It is not a “new” style of building large enterprise applications.
Many leading IT companies were using it to scale their applications , but no formal name was given. Also, there are other programming paradigms which address this same concept, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Is it different than SOA?

soaMicroservices are SOA done correctly.The core difference between SOA and microservices lies in the size and scope.
As the word “micro” suggests, it has to be significantly smaller than what SOA tends to be.
Also,SOA is an architectural pattern in which application components provide services to other components.
On the other hand, in microservices these components are suites of independently deployable services.

Reasons for migrating to microservices:

 More availability: All components can be deployed to various servers. So, if any component dies, then we can have similar component responding from other machine. Even if single component dies in all servers, only few functionalities will be impacted.

 More scalability options: All micro components have their own servers and if we know that one component needs more traffic, then it will be easy to increase memory for that server and it will be more effective as compared to increasing memory for single full application.

Independent development : Developers can work independently on their microservice and independent of technology used for each microservice.

 Emerging technologies : Easy to try and take advantage of emerging technologies and frameworks.

 Productivity : New team members quickly becomes productive and can start on their work easily.


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Pharmacists interview questions

Pharmacists interview questions


When you work as the pharmacists, you would have a lot of tough moments. Therefore, the Pharmacists interview questions would usually aim at testing whether you are able to cope with the challenges ahead.


Question 1: How will this job affect your family life?

When you work as the pharmacists, you may need to work overtime. Thus, you have to mention some feasible steps that you would take in order to work well and enjoy family life. For example, you can mention that you will write something to your kids and maintain the communication even though you cannot see them face to face.


Question 2: Do you still think that you can work well?

This question is usually for those who have left the field of pharmacists for several years. They may go to work or to stay at home to take care of children for several years and they would like to enter the field of pharmacists again. Then, they have to mention that their experience and knowledge do not fade despite the several years of gap.


Question 3: Did you challenge your supervisor before? If yes, how?

Sometimes, the decisions made by pharmacists can contain error, despite the senior position in the field. Therefore, you would need to voice out when you discover the mistake, regardless of the title of the person.


Question 4: Do you have anything not satisfied with the job of pharmacists?

No doubt, you can answer that you are perfectly fine with the job of pharmacists. But if you have any general comments on the job of pharmacists, you can always raise the issue.


Question 5: Tell me your strength?

This question is a very typical one. Instead of mentioning things about your experience in pharmaceutical field, you should mention something personal. For example, you may be cheerful do you can deal with stress well. You may also have good time management so you can finish the project on time.


Question 6: Why did you choose this company?

It is not a difficult question. You just need to search for the background information of this company and praise some of the unique points.


Question 7: Are you a teamwork person?

Apart from answering simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you should give further explanation and quote experiences and examples to support it.


Question 8: Did you solve a problem creatively?

The definition of creativity varies from person to person. Thus, you may choose to answer some memorable problems that you have encountered beforehand and tell the way you reacted to it in a unique way.


Question 9: What is your expected salary?

You need to answer honestly and this is the last chance that you can negotiate for the salary.


Question 10: How would you lead a team?

Sometimes, you may need to give instructions to the others. Apart from mentioning that you are a teamwork person, you may be required to give further explanation on the way that you would do to lead a team in an efficient way.

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Become A Security Professional With This Advice

Achieve Your Dream: Become A Security Professional With This Advice


Do you want to get involved in the ever growing area of cyber security? Well, here are some great tips to help you do so and open doors.

1.Educate Yourself

Before you do anything else, research and learn about your chosen career. Pull up information on data integrity, encryption, information protection, defense-in-depth, information assurance and more. Some consider this material to be a little bland; if that applies to you, becoming a security professional may not be the right career path. Take a look at our website before you go too far in this process. You can learn a lot about the security field in general and what you might need to do to embark on your new career.


2.Earn The Right Qualifications

IT security professionals benefit from getting personal certifications, both now and in the future. Begin with a basic certification; something like Comptia’s Security+ should do the trick. This certification is well known throughout the field, and some employers state that a prospective employee must have this certification before they can get a job with them. Earning certifications ahead of time will make your resume look good and keep you in the running for jobs that you are interested in. Also, once you get some entry level certifications under your belt, you can move on to other things as well.

Also, if you have been out of school for a while, earning a certification will help you get ready to move forward with your career. You will get back in the habit of studying for and taking tests. Certification tests are not cheap, however, and can cost as much as $500.



Reading about the job is great, but you also need to get your hands a little dirty. Make yourself a lab by securing a few old computers, no-cost open source security tools, and an inexpensive wireless router. It is much better to practice in your own lab rather than at work, where you can get in trouble if something goes wrong. By purchasing a cheap router and hooking up a few old computers, you have an environment that will work for you.

There should be a number of different features incorporated into the router that you can experiment with. In addition, there are a lot of open source tools that you can acquire at no cost that will be great to look at in your lab.


4.Look Into Additional Certifications

In addition to entry level certifications, there are also advanced certifications that you can acquire. One such certification is the CISSP. Remember, in order to get a job, your resume has to pop. You need something on there that not everyone has. Entry-level certifications are not that hard to get. There are much fewer people getting advanced certifications, however. In addition to the CISSP, there is also the GSLC and the CISM. Some employers will specifically look to see if these are on a resume and disregard anyone that does not have at least one of them.

If you are interested in getting one of these certifications, you can look online for study materials. There are also books available that will help you learn the material. Finally, if you think you need more assistance, you can take a class. Many people have had success with the “boot camp” classes; they offer a fast paced curriculum that ends in only a few days. The test is given at the end. However, some individuals prefer learning at their own pace.


5.Get Relevant Experience

Internships and volunteer work can help provide you with the experience that you need to get the job that you want. You can have a great education and a resume filled with certifications, but some employers want to see that you have done the work before. Get experience to give yourself an extra edge.


One way to do this would be to contact a local professor in the field and ask what you can do to help him or her. You can also volunteer to work on tasks that others are not that enthusiastic about. Finally, there should be internships available that you are interested in. The great thing about internships is that they can sometimes lead to a job.

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Presenting Your Electronic Resume

Presenting Your Electronic Resume

With the plethora of technological advances that we have seen over the past decade, many aspects of businesses’ operations have turned digital. This is important for not only the companies utilizing the internet to conduct business, but also the job hunters who are looking to gain employment with these organizations. Long gone are the days of printing and hand-delivering resumes to future employers – today’s job seekers are taking advantage of electronic resumes to apply for a wider range of positions in less time than ever. Although it may seem easy to create your resume and shoot it out to as many hiring employers as you can find, it is important to spend time focusing on your presentation.

Prepare Multiple Resumes

One of the biggest benefits of being able to send your resumes electronically to potential employers is the fact that it is simple to make small changes in order to cater to each potential employer. Utilizing the internet, doing research on organizations with job openings has never been so simple. By understanding a little bit about the corporate culture of these businesses you are able to maximize your chances of being hired by tweaking your resume to fit in better with their style. Preparing to apply to a company that focuses on renewable resources and clean energy? You may want to add past experiences or qualifications which may not be the same as what you would include for an oil and gas conglomerate.

Take The Time To Make It Look Professional

Just because you have the ability to deliver your resume to hundreds of employers on a single day through job engines like does not mean that it should be a process completed as quickly as possible. If you’re serious about landing a job, take the time to do it right. Although digital transmissions have become the new standard in business, don’t skip over the professionalism you would display if meeting with a hiring manager in person. When it comes to resumes, take the time to create an attractive cover page, and format your document to be as visually appealing as it would be if it were printed out, bound and hand delivered.

Following Up With Potential Employers

Another mistake that job applicants frequently make in today’s technological age is that they fail to follow up with potential employers. Quantity is better than quality right? Not when it comes to landing a well-paying, desirable job. When sending resumes electronically, be sure to keep track of who you’re contacting and be dedicated to following up with them. This can be as simple as a follow-up e-mail or even taking the time to get them on the phone. Regardless of how impressive your resume is, getting a sought after job involves marketing yourself and standing out from the crowd. By following up after submitting your electronic resume, you can ensure your name stays fresh in the hiring manager’s mind.

Taking the time to properly prepare and submit your electronic resumes can mean the difference between remaining on the hunt and landing an impressive job. Too frequently, the ability to mass e-mail resumes makes potential employees come off as un-impressive or even lazy to hiring managers. By making yourself stand out through your resume and follow-up, you can maximize your chances of getting called back for the position you really want.

Edd Rennolls is an experienced freelancer who is passionate about working from home. Edd likes to spend his free time helping other people grow their careers and land their dream jobs as well.

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Thrombotic Stroke

     Thrombotic Stroke

                                  stroke  which is mainly caused by the interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain due to the  formation of a blood clot along the lumen of an artery. These thrombi usually disturb the blood supply through the arteries into the brain , causing damage. These are the common form of lacunar strokes. About half to two-thirds of all strokes are thrombotic strokes.

In  such type of  stroke, a blood clot (thrombus) forms inside one of the brain’s arteries. The clot blocks blood flow to a part of the brain. This causes brain cells in that area to stop functioning and die quickly.The blood clot that triggers a thrombotic stroke usually forms inside an artery that already has been narrowed by atherosclerosis. This is a condition in which fatty deposits (plaques) build up inside blood vessels.

Thrombotic strokes can affect both large as well as small arteries of the brain. when the clot affects the larger arteries of the brain and intrupt blood flow to the greater portion of it , results in greater disability and  when a thrombotic stroke occurs in a small artery, the artery is usually one that is deep within the brain. This stroke is more specifically named a lacunar stroke. Lacunar strokes often have minimal symptoms because only a small part of the brain is affected.

Another type is embolic stroke which is also due to formation of blood clot somewhere in the body other than brain. in this the thrombi(blood clot) travels through the blood stream to the brain artery.. this blood clot usually comes from the heart


The  cause of thrombotic stroke is migraine headache. In  severe cases, a migraine headache can cause a brain artery to go into spasm for a long time. And allows to form blood clot


Certain risk factors play an important role these are..

  • Family history of stroke
  • Diabeties
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking



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Improving Your Efficiency In The Classroom And Out With Flashcards In Education

Flashcards in education are incredibly versatile and can be used not only for a multitude of subjects but for any age. They are a great method of improving your retention while learning new subjects. The repeated utilization of flashcards from a school library or classroom makes them suitable for memorization especially for subjects such as mathematics. It is the perfect technique for improving associated.

Creativity in Flashcards:

Perhaps one the best aspects to flashcards is the inherit creativity. There are popular methods of using flashcards such as writing an equation on one side and the answer on the other, or a word in one language on one side and the corresponding word in another language on the other side. But there is no limit to how they can help. You can write a thought on one side with written bullet points and a corresponding photo or image on the other. Students and teachers can add colors to the cards to make them flashier or to symbolize something. For instance, a particular color on one side may indicate one language or one equation while the answer or result is written in another color.

For students, the biggest benefits to using flashcards include improving memory, association, mathematics, verbal, interaction, cognitive, listening, and more. For parents, the biggest benefits to using flashcards include having the tools to aid children with learning and exam prep. Families of all income levels can incorporate flashcards either by purchasing them or making them at home. If families make the flashcards at home, they reap additional benefits such as family interaction while the cards are being made. And of course using them at home increases family interaction too. For teachers, flashcards in education can help team students up in partners, so that each member can help the other and the students are forced to take turns. They can access the flashcards from a physical location such as the library of flashcards or from a virtual location such as an online centralized location like ProProfs. They also help teacher-directed study and enhanced learning. Teachers can create flashcards utilizing their imaginative teaching methodology and enjoy a creative outlet simultaneously.

There are many places to get flashcards in education. You can buy them in conjunction with particular course books or grade books, or buy them in sets at teaching stores. You can also make them yourself. You don’t have to be artistic to do this. You can copy pictures from clip art on Microsoft Word, or from the internet. The important thing is to ensure all of the photos you use are the same size and that you use different colors for different sets. For example, all math flashcards may be pink while all Language Arts cards may be blue. It is important to use paper that is thick enough that students cannot see through the cards. If you laminate them, they are easier to clean after small hands have played with them and they will last longer. The main advantage to making your own flashcards in education is that you can create sets to match your needs. You can create a set of flashcards to accompany a story book you are reading in class or a graded reader. You can also have students make them. Students can each draw one item from the current week’s vocabulary, for example, and that item can be mounted to the card to create the classroom set. You can test many skills with these cards. To help identification you can reveal a word and then cover the flashcard with another paper and slowly show it. The students then have to guess which card it is.

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Sameer has a background in technology with a Masters in Computer Science from USC (University Of Southern California) and is an ed-tech industry veteran.

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A Day In The Life Of A Civil Servant


A Day In The Life Of A Civil Servant




One of the best things about being a civil servant is that there is no such thing as a typical day. There is an enormous amount of variety both within job roles and between them.

It’s true that some civil servants spend their days advising ministers, and yes, it can be slightly like ‘Yes, Minister‘, though that’s by no means the whole story, and the people staffing your local Jobcentre are all civil servants too, as are British Embassy staff throughout the world, Crown Prosecution Service lawyers and even intelligence officers at MI5. As well as in offices, you will find civil servants in laboratories carrying out scientific investigations; on farms, ensuring food safety and of course in the Houses of Parliament, supporting the passage of new legislation.

Let’s take the example of a London-based civil servant who is leading on a particular area of policy. It’s your job to work with colleagues to supply ministers with the right information to make the right decisions about one particular aspect of your department’s work. Your day might begin with reading emails and media coverage concerning your department’s business. Some civil service work is very high profile and attracts a lot of journalistic attention. If there’s something unexpected covering your policy area, you might have to spend the morning working with Press Officers to draft a response to the media coverage. You know when an article says: “a Government spokesperson said …”? That Government spokesperson is a civil servant too.

Perhaps one of the emails in your inbox is about a meeting that your Minister is attending tomorrow. The Minister’s private office has got wind of the fact that she is likely to be asked about your policy area, and you will need to provide her with some urgent briefing. Some of this might be able to be taken from documents you have already prepared, but other parts will need to be drafted, and you will have to get contributions from several other colleagues. Once you have a complete draft, you will need to get it cleared by your superiors, all to meet the minister’s midday deadline.

After lunch, you have a meeting yourself, with colleagues from several other Government departments. You’re discussing a new cross-government strategy. Your job is to represent your own department’s interests, while at the same time looking for a win-win situation that works in everyone’s favour.

The last item in today’s diary is a visit to one of your department’s ‘operational’ areas, a call centre where members of the public can ring up for information. You meet the frontline staff who will be carrying out the policy you will help to make, and learn from their everyday experience.


This article was written in association with Badenoch and Clark, leading recruiters for council jobs in the UK.

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Cashier resume objectives

Cashier resume objectives


You should provide the Cashier resume objectives when you are writing a resume to apply for the job of cashier. There are too many people applying for the job of cashier in recent years. It is somehow because of the financial downturn in the market. There are a lot of people who have lost their previous job and they would not mind working as cashier so they could still earn some money instead of keeping themselves unemployed.


Although some of the employers would not bother to read the information on the resume when they just want to hire a cashier, there are actually a lot of them who would like to read the resume before they decide whom to hire. Therefore, the nice Cashier resume objectives could attract them to make a more favorable decision from your perspective.


There are a lot of things that you can mention in the section of careers objective when you apply for the job of cashier. For example, you can write in the following patterns.


–          To get the cashier job in the promising shop and use the communication skills to communicate with clients

–          To start working as a cashier and learn from other roles of the jobs so as to be capable of working in other roles of the company

–          To have a regular work in a reliable firm as a cashier

–          To work in a team of cashiers in a cheerful shop and achieve a higher position in the long term

–          To work as a cashier and use the mathematic ability to help the company reduce the loss of money during the transactions

–          To work for the position of cashier and hope to learn more about accounting and store management from other people


From the examples mentioned above, there are several important points about the job of cashier that you have to remember. First of all, the cashier would probably need to find something to learn in their work period in order to equip themselves better. Therefore, you can write some sentences to show that you are willing to learn and you have successfully learnt something from any previous employment. This will help persuade the audience that you are the good candidate that they could choose if they want to find somebody to pick up everything fast at the cashier level and they would also have the confidence that you would be willing to achieve more in the company. Therefore, you can create a good impression in the eyes of the audience.


Secondly, you would probably understand that there are a lot of people who are really interested in working as cashier and help the company to grow overall. This is one of the things that you can mention in the career objective section. Indeed, there is little that cashier can contribute to a large company. However, cashier would be the final person to gate-keep the reserve of the small shop. Therefore, people who are willing to contribute to the financial sustainability of the company would be appreciated.




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About Cloaking

Cloaking is a black hat (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine is different than that delivered to the user”s browser. It can be defined as a technique used to deliver different web pages under different circumstances.

The primary reasons that people go for page cloaking are as:

i) With the help of this technique people create a search engine friendly page for search engine and another page that is attractive and designed well for the visitors. When the search engine visits the site,  it is provided the page designed for it and when the visitors visit the website, the pages that are solely designed for them are presented to them. The human visitors are not able to see the pages that have been designed for the search engines. The pages that are designed for search engines are meant for them only, they may contain over repetition of keywords or key phrases.

ii) SEO code of the pages is hidden from everyone and only search engines are able to index it. Thus the competitors are not able to see the keywords or key phrases. Competitors are not thus able to copy the code.

Implementation Of Page Cloaking:

A cloaking script is installed on the server, which detects who is requesting for a web page- whether a search engine or a human visitor. And when done, the proper web page is supplied accordingly.

Now the question arises how the page cloaking script detects who is visiting the website.

i) The best way is by checking the User-Agent variable. When anyone (human or a search engine spider) requests a page from a site, it reports a User-Agent name to the site. The User-Agent variable of search engine contains the name of the search engine. Thus, cloaking script helps to deliver the page which is optimized properly. And if finds out no search engine name in the User-Agent Variable then it delivers the pages designed for humans.

ii) Another method is a complex one; it makes use of I.P based cloaking. An I.P database is maintained, that contains the I.P addresses of all the major search engines. Each time when a web page is requested, the cloaking script checks out the I.P. address, and if the I.P address is listed in the database, it is detected that the web page is being requested by a search engine. And if the I.P address in not in the database then it refers to the visitor the page designed for visitor. I.P. based cloaking is more reliable and better.

Should Use Page Cloaking or Not?

The search engines do not like the websites that make use of page cloaking mechanisms. Search engines might even get your site banned if the search engines find out that you indulge in page cloaking mechanisms. The reason is that the search engines do not index the same pages that are provided to visitors. They cannot thus deliver the appropriate results to their users. And if they opt for page cloaking people would not visit them or even abandon them.

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Advertising and Marketing Methods are Working

Signs Your Advertising and Marketing Methods are Working

Knowing that your advertising efforts are paying off doesn’t just come from getting an immediate sales boost. It can take time to see the difference in your profits. But, here are some signs you’re doing things right:

  • You’re getting more phone calls
  • You’re getting more foot traffic.
  • More repeat clients
  • You’re developing an online following or getting more website traffic.

Phone Calls

It takes time for your advertising efforts to pay you off financially but if you’re getting an influx of phone calls, maybe an ad you recently placed or that new sign on your building has started something good. Consider tracking the number of phone calls or email inquiries you’re getting so you can measure it against various advertising techniques.

Foot Traffic

People often browse for something a few times before buying. More people than ever do a bit of comparison shopping, particularly for bigger ticket purchases. Try tracking your store’s foot traffic after a recent advertising campaign so you can try to measure whether or not you’re seeing a positive difference or not.

Repeat Customers

Advertising doesn’t have to be aimed at new customers only.  A new ad technique could bring older customers back as well. If possible, track how things are going with existing customers so you can ascertain what sort of ratio of business and business inquiries are a new customer versus a repeat customer.

The Internet

Offline advertising efforts can bring about online results. The reverse is also true. Ads online can bring in foot traffic. Local or in-store advertising about your website could bring traffic to your site or a social media profile. If you’re doing local advertising and you can direct people to your website, this is a great way of measuring results. There are many tools that can help you track how visitors arrived so you can try to map that back to various advertising efforts.  If you’re getting visitors to your site and an increasing number of people following you on Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites, this is a good sign and can lead to further success as well.

Regardless of what sort of advertising methods you’ve tried lately, analysing results is the key to continually evolving to meet the needs of past and future clients.  Advertising and marketing don’t necessarily pay off immediately but an ongoing focus on them will help you increase your customer base and market share continually.

Freelance blogger Sharon Hurley Hall writes today for Sherwood Signs, UK sign makers with a great reputation for creating quality signs and banners.

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tough interview questions

How to answer tough interview questions


Apart from the conventional job interview questions and the already known answers that are almost approved by all. There are some very tough interview questions that are particular to both the interviewers and the interviewed. In answering these types of questions, you have to be very careful because they can be very sensitive at times. Before you get to a job interview, you have to thoroughly review these questions and map out the answers to give.


However, tough interview questions might not come straight sometimes, so you should be careful not to give a contradictory answer. They might be based on the background skills you possess, and in most cases do not have yes or no direct answers. In responding to them, you have to make special research about the job you are applying for, the company you are applying with then your skills and strengths.


Tough interview questions in most cases will also include things that happened in your previous workplaces as it involves individuals and events.  In talking about individuals, there should be a lot of courtesy and diplomacy to avoid exposing some of your faults and giving a bad impression. They might come in form of how you did not work well with a supervisor in the past, what happened and how would you avoid that in the future. How did you treat a co worker who was not doing his task well in your team?  What actions did you take about some events?


Tough interview question might come in form of, I want to know about a time you have completely failed in a duty you were assigned. It can also be what do you love? Or how do you balance love and work? These questions should not be given boisterous answers. Rather you should find ways of telling them your weaknesses, the things you have done to improve on them since then, and how they are now your strengths.


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Basal ganglia stroke

 Basal ganglia stroke

basal ganglia  is generally a ganglion which  is a collection of cell bodies outside the central nervous system.It is a collection of nuclei deep to the white matter of cerebral cortex. It includes:

1) caudate,


 3)nucleus accumbens,

  4)globus pallidus,

  5)substantia nigra,

  6)subthalamic nucleus,

This region has a supply of blood that  can easily damage or blocked. When the supply of blood to any of   region in the  brain is disturbed, the individual will undergo a stroke. When a stroke occurs because of lack of blood flow in the basal ganglia it is referred as basal ganglia stroke . Strokes that damage the basal ganglia can cause a range of abnormalities in body movement.The basal ganglia mainly control coordination of movement, and when these nerve centers become damaged, the body loses its ability to coordinate. This disorder is called ataxia. If the basal ganglia become damaged by a stroke, then the muscles of face, mouth, and throat  also weaken and function incorrectly.

signs and symptoms of basal ganglia stroke

When a stroke occurs because of lack of blood flow in the basal ganglia, it leads to symptoms. The typical symptoms for a stroke in this area include:

1) Changes in body movement – when stroke occurs in the basal ganglia , a variety of anomalies in movement of the body include–

Stiff  and Rigid muscles

Loss of movement


Ataxia(loss of ability to coordinate)

Difficulty in swallowing

Difficulty in smiling or speaking

2) Cognitive impairment- Patients having  stroke affecting the basal ganglia will experience a decrease in cognitive functionSome of the functions affected by a stroke in the basal ganglia include

difficulty in making decisions

memory disturbances,

language problem,

difficulty in attention.

These symptoms improve over time, but rarely return to normal levels

3) Unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting and headache- A hemorrhagic stroke in the basal ganglia will result in headache, nausea and vomiting.  when bleeding  occurs in the caudate nucleus  it can spread to other areas of the brain. As a result  the  blood irritates the nerves and tissues of the brain and can lead to pain and vomiting. Furthermore, the increased pressure caused by the excess blood can lead to parts of the brain shutting down. Once the brain begins to shut down, the patient can lose consciousness and  enters into the state of   coma.

4) Personality changes- A basal ganglia stroke can lead to personality changes,  like

  • Difficulty in  understanding
  • Frustration
  • Anxious
  • Lack of motivation
  • Loss of interest in any activities
  • Crying for no reason
  • Laugh for no reason
  • Depression
  • Anger

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Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash is extremely common in horse racing and on-road accidents. Whiplash injuries are most common in UK. Most part of the accident insurance goes towards paying for whiplash compensations. Many masterminds and criminals take advantage of such type of compensation plans. They simply set up fake accidents and bring all fake witnesses to get their compensation done.

This is one of the major factors as to why government is being strict towards handing out those compensations. A conclusive and effective evidence of the accident and the related injury has to be produced, before the government hands over the compensations to you. So a doctor’s report is of much importance when it comes to handing over the compensation, as well as a genuine proof is a must to get your compensation.

This is the exact reason as to why whiplash compensation companies are in such a high demand. They know how to handle each and every such situation and have an effective approach which can get you huge sums of benefits in no time.

Victims of whiplash might not be completely aware of the fact that they have been affected by such an injury, and might not get the benefits of compensations. Hence it is always recommended to approach or consult your nearest doctors when you get some kind of neck pain or other such whiplash related symptoms. Whereas some other victims of whiplash might not be aware of such compensations and benefits they are entitled to. If you are unable to work due to whiplash injury then apply for compensation. It is the job of the compensation company to provide you with those benefits and find out the maximum number of heads than an applicant can be entitled to.

Many solicitors are taking advantage of their huge demand and have raised their fees, and even whiplash compensation companies have done the same thing. These fees are unnecessary as the government looks after all their legal expenses when the claim is put into its place, so always be warned of such type of cheats and make sure to avoid them and raise questions when they demand the fees. Never fall for such cheats.

Whiplash companies and other solicitors related to giving compensations to victims of whiplash, give you a contract to sign when you apply for the first time. They might also try to trap you into one such case where you might have to pay huge fees unnecessarily. Never fall for such traps, always make an effort to go through each and every document placed before you. Have a good look at the terms and conditions before you sign one such compensation contract. The main thing to look out for is to see to that you don’t have to pay a single buck from your own pocket if the compensation is being rejected.

A genuine whiplash compensation company who are true to their clients always has the following features.

. 1. The company makes sure that the victim is properly compensated for all expenses incurred because of their treatment, loss of work time and damage that has occurred due to accidents.

2. The company must not demand any extra fees or charges other than the money they get legally through the government to cover all these costs.

Look for these features at the beginning and then go and choose the one you feel is best for you.

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5 Things To Avoid In Your Work Look

Dressing up to work is an important part of being a professional and it is important that you pay attention to your work outfits. Sometimes you might end up getting ready in a hurry but it is important that you avoid making mistakes in your look even when you are rushing through your wardrobe. Here are the five biggest mistakes you need to avoid from doing when you are dressing for work.

1. Too Many Accessories

If you feel like your work look is too boring try adding some colour or a few pieces of accessories but don’t pour all of the content of your jewellery box on you. Wearing too much jewellery can distract the attention away from your professionalism to your dangling jewellery and this is never a good idea.

Wearing a nice watch, a few rings and a lovely necklace are enough to show some personality but won’t blind your co-workers.

2. Revealing Clothes

You want to show your professionalism at work and not your skin. Thus it is essential that you don’t wear clothes that are too revealing. It doesn’t mean that you need to wear a sack on your head to work but that you are covering your skin.

There are a lot of stylish kaftans, for example, to wear during the summer months when the weather is hotter. Materials are also important when you pick out clothes and thus if you get too hot at work perhaps you can try going with a more breathing fabric such as cotton.

3. Flip-flops

You should also avoid wearing flip-flops even during the hot summer months. There are a lot of great shoes that you can choose for work but flip-flops are certainly not part of that equation.

Instead, opt for some of the options recommended by the Business Week magazine. Make sure you always pick shoes that are comfortable because you will be wearing them for a long time.

4. Ill-Fitting Clothes

As well as staying away from too revealing clothes it is also important that you don’t buy clothes that don’t fit properly. Ill-fitting clothes aren’t going to make you look very professional and you should always try to make sure your clothes aren’t too small or too big.

Opt for stylish abayas for women and make sure that you have the right size. Shopping for clothes online is simple and there are many sites that specialise in great religious clothing such as Aab Collection and this can ensure you look modest at work.

5. Avoid Latest Trends From Big Chains

It is also much more professional to go with quality clothing and buy from smaller fashion retailers instead of big supermarket chains. This way you can reuse your clothes multiple times because they have longevity instead of pure fashion appeal. When you buy from local small producers you are also guaranteed to not have other people wearing the same outfits.

If you make sure you don’t make the above mistakes then you are going to look professional at work. And if you want to avoid the rush then it is a good idea to keep your work clothes separate from your casual clothes to ensure you can find them in a rush.

Featured images:
  • License: Image author owned

Ismah is always on the lookout for new fashion trends and she wants to ensure women look professional at work. She is also into finances and loves to find out more about the business world. When she isn’t browsing fashion magazines or financial reports she loves to spend time with her family.

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Resume Mistakes

Resume Mistakes

It is usual that when you write a resume you must commit some mistakes.
So prevention is critical, whether you’re writing your first resume or
revising it for a mid-career job search.

1.Typos and Grammatical Errors
Your resume needs to be grammatically perfect. If it isn’t, employers
will read between the lines and draw not-so-flattering conclusions about

2. Lack of Specifics
Employers need to understand what you’ve done and accomplished

3.Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments
It’s easy to slip into a mode where you simply start listing job duties on
your resume

4.No Action Verbs
Avoid using phrases like “responsible for.” Instead, use action verbs.

5.Incorrect Contact Information
Never display incorrect information in your resume because it shows how
careless you are about the job.

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Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Marketing Manager Cover Letter – Useful Tips


Marketing manager job is an involving position hence, requires the best. Being the selling point of an organization the recruiter will be very strict in picking the candidates for the jobs. So if you are a candidate in this job category, you may want to show the recruiter that you are indeed the right person for the position. This therefore, will mean finding your way to the interview panel and the only way to reach that point is via a marketing manager cover letter. This is the only instrument that will make your name be on the final list of the probable candidates for the job. What this means is that, it must be well done to get the attention of the hiring person. there are a couple of cover letter samples one can find online and simply customize to fit the position advertised however, this will not be that effective as it should be. There are a number of factors that one should consider to come up with a stunning cover letter that will make the employer want to go through your resume even more than once. Below are some of the most important factors that one should consider.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter



As you sit down to write a cover letter to apply for a job know pretty well that other potential candidates are making application as well. Therefore, one needs to convince the employer that they are the best. This can only be achieved by customizing your cover letter to focus on the particular needs of the organization. Explain to them how your skills and your former accomplishments are bound to be an asset to the company. One is certain to pull this one through by doing some research about the company and get to know some of the projects that they are undertaking. Basically one needs important information about the organization.




There are a number of text options that one can use to highlight their selling points. These are good attention grabber, therefore, get to highlight you key achievements by listing them on your cover letter and ensure that they are not used elsewhere on the same letter. They also help in keeping the cover letter simple and clean. As you go about selling yourself as a resourceful asset to the company make your marketing manager cover letter brief and precise by only highlighting how you are best suited for the position.


Article publié pour la première fois le 10/12/2012

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Cerebral vascular accident and its types

 Cerebral vascular accident

It is defined as  damage to the brain caused by a disruption of the blood supply to a part of the brain. This disruption of blood supply can be caused by a blood clot, or by a ruptured artery. The symptoms of a cerebral vascular accident depend on the  part of the brain  affected.  CVA  are mostly related to heart function because they are often associated with conditions affecting the heart. CVA is also referred to as a Stroke. stroke  occurs all of sudden affecting the blood vessels of the brain. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the second leading cause of death in the world.  It is called a Temporary Ischemic Attack (TIA) when the symptoms are temporary (less than 24 hours), and  stroke when the loss of brain function is permanent.

This “brain attack” occurs when there is not enough blood reaching the brain. A disturbance in blood flow may be due  to one of two main  causes:

1) there is blockage due to an arterial clot or fatty deposit and vessel rupture.

2) When there is a malfunction in blood flow, cellular death or infarction occurs

In case if  stroke is left untreated , more cells in the brain die due to oxygen and nutrient starvation. Therefore, cellular death in the brain can be localized or systemic. A stroke is a medical emergency . If there is any symptom of  stroke occurs the patient  should be taken immediately to a medical facility for diagnosis and treatment.

Types of Strokes

There are two major types, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic strokes.

Ischemic strokes involve arterial or vessel blockage. The following are two types of ischemic strokes:

Cerebral Embolism – This type of stroke is one of the most common . The carotid arteries serve as the major blood vessel that travels blood to the brain. A stroke will occur if any smaller branch  is occluded, thereby blocking the passage of blood.   This may occur if cholesterol, a clot, or other material deposited in a vessel – usually within the carotid artery – breaks off into a  smaller vessel where it becomes lodged between the vessel walls. A traveling clot or piece of debris traveling from any where in the  body to the brain is called an embolus. When blood supply is cut off from the brain, there is a very serious risk of brain damage or death.

  • Cerebral Thrombosis – The carotid artery in the neck and the cerebral artery in the brain can also succumb to a blood clot or atherosclerosis. When  it occurs , the occlusion is called a thrombus, a stationary blockage of the artery that cuts off blood passage. TIA, transient ischemic attacks, which may cause stroke-related symptoms last just a short time.
  Hemorrhagic (bleeding) Stroke is highly fatal as it involves the instantaneous rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.
  • Intracerebral Hemorrhage – When a vessel inside the brain ruptures, it spills blood into the surrounding area. The effect of vessel rupture occurs in two-folds;  the spilled blood irritates brain tissue causing inflammation and swelling and the broken vessel cuts continuous blood flow to the rest of the brain.  The main Causes of this type of stroke include drug and alcohol abuse as well as hypertension. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, puts excess pressure in the brain’s blood vessels thereby causing the walls to weaken. The risk for this stroke increases with age . This is frequently seen in young women and is congenital in nature.
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – An aneurysm is a weakened part of a vessel wall that may become so thin that it causes a bulge in the wall. If the aneurysms breaks or bursts, a subarachnoid hemorrrhage will occur. This is a rupture, or trauma causing rupture in a certain area between coverings.

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Journey to become the most affordable SEO provider

How we became the most affordable  SEO provider?

As a website owner , you must read the facts in this post.
When I started learning the ways to drive traffic,the first lesson I learned got was to :: “Never believe on others.. Find out
I started my first website  and was looking for traffic, and then a guy approached me and said that he will give me 500 visitors daily  and for just few dollars. It looked interesting and I bought, my websites stats showed traffic but no real buying..It was fake traffic. Ahh.  My lesson : Never ever buy website traffic.

Ok.Now after searching a lot in Google, then I found Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. To me it looks interesting. I asked few SEO consultants about doing SEO of my website and everyone said 500$, 1000$ per month and so on.
It is  way high  than my budget. Then I looked into their clients. To my surprise many of them were not having good traffic. I realized its better I haven’t invested there.
Then I started  learning and implementing SEO techniques. It was not that hard though , its time consuming. I started seeing traffic to my website. I was amazed. The best thing was that I was able to get my website in top position for many high competitive keywords. For example:  “affordable seo company“.
That was the start and I streamlined many processes so that it started getting cheaper and cheaper for me. Many SEO companies do not take advantages of reusability in their SEO process and demographic variations.
And today we are able to provide full fledge SEO services at just 150$ per month.
Achievement : Our clients are really happy and they referred our services to their friends. We havent marketed ourself from last 4 months.
Some facts you should know :
On a average, keywords will take  2-3 months in reaching top 5 positions. If it is taking more time, then work on your SEO process.
Make sure that you are getting more WEB 2.0 links.
Open Link wheel is a better than closed link wheel which many of SEO guys aren’t aware of.
And the most important for all website owners: The seo companies get you in good ranking for a keyword, but have you ever checked the competition level and traffic volume of that keyword. This is critical as I have seen many seo companies will get you in good ranking for keywords which no one is searching in google.

Contact us for free consultation for your website traffic.  Ask for  a free website analysis  report ….

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Tips For International Students Applying For Jobs In America While Attending School

Many international students decide they want to start their careers in the United States instead of returning to their home country once they graduate. It’s important for international students to understand that the job hunt for them is much different than the job hunt for American citizens.

If you’re an international student applying for a job, the following are a few tips to help you find success.

1. Know the law.

It is illegal for students with a student visa to work off-campus during their first year as a student. If you are in your first year of school, don’t even bother applying for jobs, as you will not be accepted.

Most students with a student visa are usually allowed to stay in the country for one year after graduation as long as they have a job. This is done to provide the student with real-life work experiences. Keep this in mind when applying for jobs as well.

2. Know what’s expected of your employer.

If you want to work in the United States, you will eventually need to possess a work visa. This is something that your employer will need to sign off on to help keep you in the country legally. Make sure that you know what’s expected of your employer and be willing to discuss this with them during your interview or application process. The more educated you are on what they need to do, the more you’re proving your worth.

3. Prove your communication skills.

The biggest reason that American companies don’t hire international students is fear of poor communication skills. Make sure that you do everything you can to become fluent in English. Take English classes or writing classes to help you learn how to speak and write well. Ensure your resume, cover letter and any other written correspondence are written perfectly, and feel free to follow up with a phone call to showcase your English abilities. If you can prove that you’re fluent in English and that there will not be any communication barriers, you’re making yourself look more appealing. (Note: being bilingual is a huge plus when it comes to getting a job, so be sure to note that you can speak another language fluently on your resume.)

4. Have a strong educational background.

Make sure your academics provide the employer with reason to want to hire you. Study hard to do well in school and provide transcripts that prove how well you did in classes. Join groups while in school that will make you stand out and help boost your career, and take on part-time jobs that can help you gain any necessary skills you could use later in your career. The more experienced you can become in your field, the better opportunity you have of being hired.

5. Adhere to American business etiquette.

Certain things are expected of applicants in the American business world, and it’s important that you not only learn, but also implement these factors into your job hunt. Be sure to create a resume with a cover letter to send off to prospective employers. Have these items proofed to ensure grammar and context are correct, and be willing to provide any other documentation that could be necessary, such as portfolios, references or copies of your current student visa.

You should also be sure to dress in business professional attire, keep eye contact with your interviewer, and have a firm handshake. Do your research on the company too to prove that you know what you’re getting into and why you’d want to work for that company.

Featured images:

Carman Navaro is a student adviser helping international students looking to study in the U.S. by translating documents through

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.NET Web Programming


.NET Web Programming- a Key to Success


.NET Web Programming is one of the most used methods by programmers from different parts of the world for the creation of good quality dynamic web sites, web apps and web services. ASP.NET is the web app framework used by most of the programmers in order to create a website having the above mentioned qualities. The very first version of the web app framework got released in the year 2002 along the version 1.0 of .NET Framework, and it became the successor of the ASP technology that was introduced by Microsoft.


Microsoft released IIS services 4.0 in the year 1997 and since then they started to do research for possibilities for development of a new web app model that has the capabilities to solve the common problems with ASP. The initial prototype made in this regard was the XSP and it had been made with the aid of Java, but soon changes were made and new platform was built on CLR as it had the ability of object oriented programming, garbage collection as well as some other features that COM platform did not support. After certain changes in the prototype model ASP+ was made and the name of the final product was ASP.NET and .NET Web Programming received a big boost with the making of this platform.


People that do .NET Web Programming should be thankful to ASP.NET as it aims at performance benefits over the other script-based technologies as it compiles the server side code to one or even more DLL files that are present on the web server. The compilation process takes place on its own when the very first time a page is requested and the developer does not have to compile pages separately, but the compilation process does result in a short delay to the browser when the first time a newly edited page is requested from server.




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Online Job Interviews

    Online Job Interviews

job interview
Now-a -days more and more companies hiring job seekers through online job interviews. These interviews save both time and money of the interviewers .In online job interview  you have to participate in online video conference where the hiring managers ask you some questions about yourself, during that the most important thing is your first , last and final impression through webcam. All you need is to prepare yourself and put your best.
For some of the job seekers , interview through video conference is as simple and less stressful than face to face interview. The most important tips for online job interviews are..
Your dress should be in professional manner as you would be in office. This means both your top and bottom portion should be well dressed. Do not wear t-shirts or shorts because you don’t know when you will have to stand up.
whenever you will give interview through video conference make sure it should be quiet and you will not be disturbed by people or pets. Turn off your T.v , radio or even cell phone also. Be sure that your family knows that you will be interviewing, so that nobody disturbs you.
Whenever you will be interviewing make sure your background should be clean . You have to make good impression about yourself, which means you don’t make the interviewer to see your laundry hanging on the walls.
Always keep paper and pen with you. Prepare yourself as you would face to face interview . Know your resume well and keep copy of it.
Before an interview, test all your equipment’s  Turn your computer on and confirm that your internet connection is working properly. Test your webcam, speakers and microphone. Close all your open tabs on your browser that are not associated with your meeting.

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Is It Really ED

Is It Really ED? – Learn The Signs of True ED


Erectile dysfunction affects more than 65 million men in the United States alone. However, most people don’t really understand this condition. Many men believe that they have it, when they really do not. This leads them to seek medications that they believe will help them, but in reality they do nothing for them and they could even be dangerous.


So what are the real signs of erectile dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to achieve an erection due to a physical cause. Most of the cases of suspected ED are not actually due to physical causes; they are caused by psychological causes. Anxiety, stress, and a host of other psychological problems can make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.


This “performance anxiety” or whatever you would like to call it, is not true ED and thus it can not be remedied by any of the erectile dysfunction medications that are prescribed by doctors to treat ED.


You can tell if you have actual erectile dysfunction if you are unable to achieve or maintain an erection more than 25% of the time. A doctor may also recommend a test that would determine if you are having a normal number of nighttime erections. On average, male adults have about 3 to 5 nighttime erections. If you find that you are having much less frequent erections while you sleep, this is probably a sign of erectile dysfunction.


So what cause and erection in the first place?


An erection is a result of your hormones, brain, nerves and blood vessels working together. If one of these bodily systems isn’t doing its job, the man will not be able to have a satisfactory erection. The most common reason that men are unable to achieve an erection is because the muscles in the penis do not relax so that blood can flow through the penis and cause an erection.


When a man is aroused, the brain will send signals to activate certain enzymes that help to relax the muscles of the penis so that blood can circulate freely through it. However, there are also enzymes that break down these “relaxant” enzymes. Too many of these enzymes (called PDE-5) and the muscles in the penis are unable to relax and thus blood flow is restricted.


So what can be done about ED?


ED medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work to inhibit PDE-5. This allows the normal process to take place uninhibited. Each of these drugs works in a different way, but the principle is usually the same.


Erectile dysfunction is often misunderstood, and those who suffer from it often feel very embarrassed about the condition. Once people realize that ED is a normal medical condition, just like any other, and what’s more, there is a cure for it, then there would probably be much less of a stigma on men who have ED and those who have undiagnosed ED would be more likely to see their doctor about it.




Stacey Cavalari is a writer and blogger for, a safe U.S. medication facilitator which customers can order prescription medications online. You can buy Viagra online safely in the convenience of your own home.


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The Linden Method – My Personal Experience

In recent years, you can find that the Linden Method is more and more popular. It is actually a kind of recognized program for eliminating anxiety problem from the patient. It is proved with research and the method is backed up by many studies. There are a lot of psychological studies being conducted in the past which could help to reinforce the fact that Linden Method helps.

You can find that there are many people who would find the Linden Method useful. You would find that this type of treatment would work for many types of conditions related to anxiety. For example, you would be able to use this treatment method to reduce the problem of post traumatic stress disorder. You would also find that phobias, compulsive disorder, etc, can all be cured with the right use of this method.

Even though you are not suffering from the anxiety problem, you can also find that the use of this type of method is very good. For example, you would be able to have a nice and relaxed body if you use this method. Even though you do not suffer from the panic disorder, you can also use this method to make yourself happy and reduce the stress. This is also the thing that people would try to do in order to ensure that their emotion would not further worsen or otherwise the problem like panic disorder would eventually come.

You can find that there are many scientists who are supporting this method and they would recommend this method to people who want to have natural treatment. Yes, the Linden Method is regarded as a kind of natural treatment that people can take in order to resolve the anxiety problem. Therefore, it would be popular among people who have suffered a lot from the anxiety problem but refuse to see the doctors because they do not want to take the medicines. If they use this method instead, they would be able to get relieved conveniently.

You can find that there are many products related to the Linden Methods. For example, you can find that videos or audios related to this method and you can base on these items to select the most appropriate treatment methods for you to cure yourself. Yes, you can find that it is interactive for you to use the Linden method to cure yourself. Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of this method in curing anxiety and you should always try your best to look for the relevant information related to this kind of method and get prepared for it.

As you might read from some of the review sites, the effectiveness of this method is well recognized so you actually do not need to worry about falling into any traps or scams. As long as you follow the treatment guide in the method and work out the necessary steps according to the instruction, you would feel that the panic disorder problem is getting away from your body.

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Social Media Tips To Help You Get a Job

The Top 10 Social Media Tips To Help You Get a Job


If you want to stand out from the crowd in an overcrowded job market, you need to position yourself correctly. Here are 10 social media tips that can get you hired fast.


Complete Your Social Media Accounts: Make sure the information on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts are accurate and up-to-date. An incorrect profile on Linked In can cost you the job you’re applying to.


Match Your Profiles: Make sure your LinkedIn profile and your resume match. The information on your Twitter or Facebook should not contradict the details provided on your LinkedIn or your resume. Profile inconsistencies are one of the main reasons people are rejected for a job.


Get a Professional Profile Photo: Your appearance matters. Get a headshot taken by a professional photographer, to use as your LinkedIn profile photo. Us the same picture on your Twitter account. Never post salacious profile photos on Facebook. Many employers look at your Facebook account.


Keep Your Facebook, and Twitter Clean: Hiring managers check your social media accounts, including Facebook. Recent surveys of hiring managers show that over half of all candidates are disqualified from a job because of something they posted. Do not use bad language, whining, salacious photos or info, complaints about your job, defamatory or racist statements or talk about politics. Yes, you should avoid politics. If your hiring manager does not support the same candidates as you, then it may cost you the job. If you have a private Facebook page, a hiring manager may choose a candidate with an open profile which allows them to see the type of person they’re hiring. Here are some good tips for keeping it clean.


English 101: Make sure you use proper diction, grammar, and spelling on all your social media site posts. If you post “There party waz kool, lol” on Facebook, you may find yourself out of the running for your dream job. They will think another person wrote your perfectly worded resume. Facebook is one place where employers think that you think they aren’t looking at you.


Search Every day: Search for jobs every day on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Join relevant groups on these social media channels. You can search on Twitter by hashtags and company. Some companies will post jobs on Twitter, before posting their ads anywhere else.


Make Connections: Connect with people at different companies on LinkedIn and Twitter. Find people that work at the companies you want to apply at. Accept follow requests and connections from real people. You never know where a connection can lead.


Use Jargon and Industry Speak: When you create your resume, cover letter, and social media profiles, use the industry jargon. This is especially true when you want to be found by LinkedIn recruiters or employers.


Use the Right Keywords: Companies automate resume searches and on LinkedIn, they peruse job descriptions by searching for keywords. Make sure the keywords you use are a match for the skills listed on your resume.


Add Social Media Shares and Followers – adding some shares and followers can make you seem like an industry expert. is one acclaimed service that can help you do just that and is worth looking into.


Social Media Links: Place links to your social media accounts on your personal website, resume or email signature.


Blog It: Write an article using relevant topics. These topics should relate to your desired position. This can show potential employers that you are knowledgeable and serious about your work. A blog also shows off your communication skills. If you don’t have a website, you can use LinkedIn Pulse. This is a great place to post your writing.  You can get comments, likes and views from various hiring managers.

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Tips for preparing an interview with recruiter

In today’s market interview  with the recruiter’s is one of the most difficult task, especially when the companies have recruiter’s expertise to match candidates for their companies. so whenever you meet with the recruiter, arrive little bit early and always show your best skills. Some of the basic tips you have to follow while preparing an interview  with the recruiter..

1) Get informed about company–

First of all, research for the company and their specialty areas. Find out whether your skills meet their requirements or not.Then check if the company or agency handles what kind of placement e.g. temporary  full time or freelance, so that you can manage your expectations.

2) Research the recruiter–

You can learn about them on linked in,  most of them are listed on it. Try to review the specialties of the recruiter and be prepared before you go in.

3) Dress–

As we all know ” FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” so , always present yourself as you meet a potential employer. Wear a suit or professional outfit. Your presentation is one of the important factor to get a job.

4) Bring copy of resume–

Always bring clean copy of your resume. Many people assume that recruiter will print copy of their resume and have it ready  at the interview. Do not assume and always keep a copy of your resume with you.

5) Timing–

Try to arrive 15-20 minutes early, not more than that because staffing agency is not a waiting room. If you are late or need to reschedule  , you must call your recruiter.


Most of the recruiters ask unusual questions with hope that you will respond quickly  ,directly and they will know more about you. so ,anything you tell recruiter will contain some information .


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SEO Updates


SEO is the process of optimizing the web page. It is mainly divided into two categories namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization consists of all the changes or processes that are done on the webpage, and off-page optimization has al the processes that are done off the web-page. Every day a new SEO process evolves. For the best SEO updates you can check the Affordable SEO Services Company. They provide the best and the latest SEO updates.

SEO Updates

The latest SEO updates are as under:

1.) Making Use of Webmaster Tools

First and foremost seo process step is to have an account with webmaster tools. There are a number of webmaster tools available and these webmaster tools provide many services. These services can help you estimate the website traffic, diagnose problems in your website, track website visitors and much more. Commonly used webmaster tools are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google Analytics is great, but you should verify your website with other webmaster tools as well.

2.) No Canonical URL issues

There should not be any sort of canonical issues with URL. Prefer to choose a URL with www or without www. Otherwise the search engines will treat two URL’s for same page. Ensure that the URL is correct.

3.) Having Site Map for Website

The website must have a sitemap. And it has to be submitted in search engines. Each search engine allows submitting sitemap using webmaster tools. This allows search engines and visitors to locate the website easily.

4.) Robots.txt File

For restricting certain files for getting indexed, you need to make use of robots.txt file.

5.) Local Listings for Website

With almost all of search engines, there is an option for local business also. You can submit your website for local searches also. After submitting in local search engine listings, you need to submit website for local directories also.

These were some of the latest seo updates. You can visit the site and get to know more about these updates and latest seo process.

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Simple Websites

Simple clean websites:

Do you really need a big website?
After a long research and looking at customer’s input ,we realize that even small websites are as good as big websites, if done properly. You should know about your needs and at the same time look into your budget and is it really worth spending a lot initially without knowing much of internet world. Sometimes you spend thousands of dollars and then realize that your website is not making much or you. In this case, start with a small ,clean and professional website and get the customer reviews and I believe that you should be all set with this even. People generally like simple and clean website.

Simple plan websites :

We are pleased to offer our new simple plan for websites. These website are 3-5 pages and covers your business information, services and contact information. In short its simple and affordable to get a good start. Our simple plan websites are really affordable and professional. Contact us to get a free quote.We can give you a price beat guarantee.
Some more benefits of simplistic websites :
– A website ready in few days
– easy to change and maintain.
– very affordable.
– More focus on usability.
– User can easily find what they need.

simple design
simple design

Simple home page:
The most important part in creating simplistic websites is to have a simple home page. By simple home page I mean to say that keep your website clean, a well ordered layout and user can find what they are looking for very easily. Use light background and don’t use lot of  animation or flashing stuff. So that people won’t find it annoying when they are surfing from office. Avoid black , red and golden  backgrounds.  Keep a 2 column or 3 column simple layout.

Google loves simple clean website and ranks them high in search engines.Simple home pages can drive a lot of customers to your business.

If you don’t have a website for your business, then its the right time to start 🙂

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5 Steps To Becoming A Cover Supervisor

5 Steps To Becoming A Cover Supervisor


A cover supervisor is an individual who works in schools and provides help to the regular teaching staff by taking classes and making sure they work on their tasks.  They play a very significant role in the operation of a modern academy and school.  Regular qualified teaching staff are freed up to carry out essential preparation, planning and marking.  In recent years this role has grown, and nearly every secondary school these days employs cover supervisors, although the degree varies widely.


The cover supervisor role carries a great deal of responsibility since they are solely in control of the classroom as well as the safety of those children they are responsible for.


What qualifications are needed for becoming a cover supervisor?


To be a cover supervisor there aren’t any formal qualifications that are required.  Ultimately it is up to the employer, who is usually the head teacher, to determine what the job requires.  Some require an applicant to be a graduate.  However, that is definitely not a standard.


That is why it is so important for us to have a standard criteria for recruiting Cover Supervisors in a consistent way so that head teachers know what kinds of people we recruit for the position.


It is critical that our Cover Supervisors have the ability to demonstrate they have extensive experience working in a position of authority with secondary age children.  Ideally they will have graduate experience.  Examples of suitable experience might be working as youth leaders or sports coaches.  We will also happily consider non graduates with work experience in similar school roles.  We have employed retired police officers on a regular basis, whose experience we have discovered is a good fit.


What if I don’t have the experience but am a graduate?    


If you are a graduate without any experience but want to work in the position of cover supervisor, we recommend that you contact a local school and volunteer to get at least 4 weeks of experience.  After you have completed this, we can take a reference from the school you volunteered at as part of your recruitment process.


What is involved in the cover supervisor role?


A cover supervisor is similar to a teacher in the sense that they are in charge of managing a classroom and are in front of a classroom of children.  However, frequently it is easier defining what a cover supervisor does not do.


A cover supervisor doesn’t get involved in the marking, preparation or planning of the class.  Briefly put, they don’t play any part in class development beyond the specific lesson.


What is the salary for cover supervisors like?


Cover supervisors earn around a third to a half of what qualified teachers earn on a daily basis.  It starts at £60 per day. Check out Capita Education for jobs in the area.


What else should I know?


Not everyone is well-suited to be a cover supervisor.  The classroom can potentially be an intimidating place when you aren’t confident inside that environment.  It is important for you to be honest about how you would feel in that situation.  However, those individuals with the right temperament and skills find this work to be very rewarding.


The work for this position is frequently available on a daily basis, therefore it is important for you to be flexible.


However, the job is regular if you are good and the cover supervisor role is used by many people to kick-start their teaching careers.

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Land More Interviews

How to Land More Interviews with Your Resume    We all take resume as a formality during job application but we all  actually dont know the importance  resume because we all think that   a hiring manager has no time to read a useless resume and just because   of this we get rejected.Here are some points that show how a resume works.    1.An organized resume.   If you want to take more and more interviews with same resume,then you have to   organise it and give it a professional look.If hiring mananger wants to recruit  anyone then a person with an organised resume is his first choice.    2.Proper resume structure   Resume should be desined or written in a proper pattern.It is notable to use the  semi colon,brackets,bullets at desired places.Never mix these line indicating   signs with each other because it will show that you were not interested while  writing your resume.    3.Show how impressive you are   It is not bad  show how impressive you are. Your resume should have lists of awards   you've won, accomplishments that stand you out from the crowd because just because   of these thing hiring manager may get impressed.    4.Customizing your resume  An intelligent job applicant is one who regularly customises or upgrades his resume.  Search internet to know about the current pattern usedby job applicants.Do research   on each company and position you're applying for and mention in your resume that you   will eagerly wait for response.

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Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook?

7 Reasons Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook?

Google plus has made a head start in the social networking arena. It’s been only eight months and Google plus has already touched the 100 million mark in February 2012. With further estimates that Google may reach 400 million users by the end of 2012, it is all set to give tough fight to the present social networking leader- Facebook. Let us now analyze some reasons how Google plus fares over Facebook?

Clean And Simple Design

Google plus has a clean, simplistic yet productive design which has become one of the main reason why most of the people prefer Google plus over Facebook. Also unlike Facebook, Google plus pages are free from those annoying advertisements!


In facebook, you are either friends with someone or not. Google plus on the other hand understands that there are lots of other relations in the real world other than friends and provides you the option to add people based on these relations. (Family, acquaintance, co-workers, crushes or whatever you want to add)

Google Plus In Mobile Devices

Nowadays people are using mobile devices like Smart phones and tablet PCs more than before and more so for social networking. Although Facebook provides its own Facebook mobile application; however, it is no match against the huddle application provided with Google plus. It is fast and integrates well with mobile OS especially if it is an android device. Also it provides chat function to communicate with people on G+.


Google plus provides the hangout option where you can make video calls, which is pretty much similar to facebook with the new Skype integration. However there is one major difference- unlike facebook, one can chat with up to ten people in the Google plus hangout at a given time. This can be helpful in video conferencing.

Game Updates And Requests

Facebook walls are filled with irritating messages like- ‘so and so has reached level 3 in so and so ville’, ‘so and so sent you a request to send them a gift’ etc. which sometimes can get quite annoying. Google stream on the other hand strictly means business.

Integration With Email, Documents And Other Services

The best thing about any Google plus product is that it is integrated with others so well that you can easily seamlessly change from one to another, so you can easily change your status while you are sending email.

Divya Rawat likes to blog on various topics like social media and search engine optimization. She works in an SEO Company in Content Wriying field and love to explore on tech topics.

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Poor Jokes



Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in world..
Student: ZEBRA
Teacher: How..
Student: Because it is Black & White

What do you do when your chair breaks..
Call the chairman.


A bus driver was heading down a street. He went right past a stop sign without stopping, he turned left where there was a ‘no left turn’ sign and
he went the wrong way on a one-way street. Then he went on the left side of the road past a cop car.
Still – he didn’t break any traffic laws. Why not?

Answer – Bus Driver was not driving the bus, He was walking on the road.


Q:- Can you name the Fitness Freak Hollywood actor who carries all his body building machines with him to wherever he goes….
A:- Gym Carry.

What do you call a chicken in hot water tub


What do computers like to eat..



How do cows do math?
With a COWculator!


Teacher: Why is the little ant always confused?
Student: Because all his uncles are ants.


Teacher: What is the best part of a Boxer’s joke?
Student: The PUNCH line.


Teacher: What kind of house weighs the least?
Student: A LIGHT house.


Why did you change your last job..

Because the company shifted and didn-t tell me where..


Q: If an electric train is travelling south, which way is the smoke going?

There is no smoke, it’s an electric train!

Q : If a blue house is made out of blue bricks, a yellow house is made out of yellow bricks and a pink house is made out of pink bricks,
what is a green house made of?


Professor: How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects..

Student: Don-t bite any !!!

Signboard on one side of a super highway..

You are not looking at the road


There were 7 frogs in a well.
one died. how many left……

Seven only, after dying , the frog wont come out of the well !!!!


PJ for math students!
If pj is poor joke; then wat is p+ij..

Ans: Complex Joke 😉

Y didnt u laugh on this joke..
Because Joke part is imaginary!


What did baby corn ask mom corn..

Where is PopCorn..


You walk into a room with a match, a karosene lamp, a candle, and a fireplace. Which do you light first?

The match.


A dad and his son were riding their bikes and crashed. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals.
The man’s son was in the operating room and the doctor said, “I can’t operate on you. You’re my son.”
How is that possible?

Answer – The doctor is his mom!


Q: which liquid turns 2 solid upon heatng..

Anser: Pancake!!


Y do u wear ur left shoe last..
Ans-Cos when you wear one shoe the other one is left.


Q: Why do people who have so much pressure drink so much..
A: Well, people drink at a bar.. And bar is the unit of pressure


When we throw a ball in the air why does it come down….


because no one is there up to catch the ball.

Teacher: Why is a river rich?
Student: It has two banks.


Teacher: What is faster – heat or cold?
Student: Heat – you can catch cold.


Teacher: What kind of room has no door or windows?
Student: a mushroom.

Teacher: What word starts with an ‘E’ and has only one letter in it?
Student: an Envelope


Teacher: What do you call a blind dinosaur?
Student: Do-you-think-he-saur-us

Name a place where caves has marks


A man jumped in to the river & never came back.
Another man jumped, he too didn’t return

conclusion:Man is soluble in water.

Q – In a pond there are 10 fish, one of them dies, and the water level of the pond increases. How?

Ans – The other 9 fish are crying……………..


Q. Once 5 house lizards : Mona, Teena, Heena, Seema and Karishma were crawling on the wall when all of a sudden,
Karishma started to sing a song. The moment Karishma stopped singing the song Mona,
Teena, Heena and Seema fell down from the wall !!!… WHY ???.


coz, they all started clapping !!!!


Whats the Similarity between a Mango tree and an apple tree……

Both don-t give Oranges..!!!


Why were ancient Egyptian children confused..

Because their daddies were mummies!


How can you lift an elephant with one hand..

YOU dont find elephants with one hand


Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to School..

She had bright students!


Q. How can you  cheat the railways..
Buy the ticket n don’t travel!

Q:- What-s the difference between a fly and a mosquito..
A:- A fly can fly but a mosquito cannot mosquito

One engineer and a doctor were in love with same girl. The engineer used to give her an apple every day. Why..
Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Do you know why orange juice is so smart?

It concentrates!

A man is pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts, “I’m bankrupt!” Why?

He was playing Monopoly.


Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Because seven was hungry and ‘seven ate nine’ (7, 8, 9).

Can you name four days which start with the letter ‘T’?

Tuesday, Thursday, today, and tomorrow!


Q:Why is everyone so tired on April 1..
Ans:Because they-ve just finished a long March!

Why do gorillas have big nostrils..
Bcoz they have big fingers.


Why does a dumb cat fall while walking….

Coz the cat is dumb so it cant Mew. So Mew(coefficient of friction) is = 0.

Why did you put his Radio in d Refrigator..
I want to hear some cool Music.


wat wud u call, when the dolls line up for movie tickets…..


Why are Fire Brigeds red in colour..

Fire bridgeds have ladders,
ladders have steps,
steps are one foot to each other,
a foot is measured by a ruler,
a ruler may be a king or a queen,
but elizabeth was a queen,
elizabeth was also a ship,
ship sails in water,
water has fishes,
fishes have fins,
fins are the people of finland,
the flag of the finland s red in colour!


Why do cows have bells hung on their neck..

bcoz there HORNS dont work!


Sir:Why is Electric Wire placed so high……

Boy:If it was not placed so high, people would use that wire to dry their clothes..!!!


Q. You are in a boat in the middle of a river. You have 2 cigarettes and have to light any one cigarette.
You don’t have anything else with you in the boat? How will you do it?.

Answer: Take one cigarette and throw it in the water. So the boat will become LIGHTER.
Using this LIGHTER you can light the other cigarette



Why should u not drink water while studying..

Because It will dilute ur Concentration..


An egg fell down from a 20 ft table … but did not break .. !

Do you know the reason ..

Guess …. ….

it was “Lucky”..

An old lady met a young guy outside an ATM. She asked him to check her balance.
So the young guy pushed her and she fell.


Some ppl have the ability to lie..Do u know what this ability is called..

Liability! 😉

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Acute Ischemic Stroke

ACUTE ISCHEMIC STROKE  Stroke is defined as loss of brain function due to disturbance in blood supply to the brain. This can be due to lack of blood flow caused by blockage which may be due to thrombosis, arterial embolism, or a haemorrhage (leakage of blood) As a result, the affected area of the brain is unable to function, which might results in inability to move one or more limbs of the body, inability understand speech, or an inability to see one side i.e. visual disturbance . stroke may cause permanent neurological damage, complications, and death.  Strokes can be classified into two major categories: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are those that are caused by interruption of the blood supply, while hemorrhagic strokes are the ones which result from rupture of a blood vessel or an abnormal vascular structure. About 87% of strokes are caused by ischemia, and the remainder by hemorrhage.  Ischemic stroke  Strokes can be either ischemic or hemorrhagic. In an ischemic stroke, the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off because blood clot or some form of plaque stops blood supply to brain Blood clots can travel to the brain from another artery (artery-to-artery embolization) or they can come from the heart (cardioemblic stroke).  Ischemic strokes can be caused by a blockage anywhere along the arteries feeding the brain. The blockages can occur for a variety of reasons, including:  The formation of fatty material (atheroma) along the walls of an artery, which reduces blood flow  Breaking off of atheroma from the artery wall. The material can flow with the blood and become stuck in a smaller artery, causing a blockage.  Blood clots that break loose from the heart or one of its valves, known as an embolus. The clot can travel up the arteries of the brain and lodge there, causing an embolic stroke or cerebral embolism. This type of stroke is most common in people who have recently had heart surgery and in people who have defective heart valves or abnormal heart rhythms (especially atrial fibrillation).  Inflammation or an infection that narrows blood vessels that lead to the brain  Consumption of Drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines, which can also narrow the blood vessels  Strokes may also cause swelling in the brain. The pressure that results can damage brain tissue more, making neurologic problems  worse, even if the stroke itself does not enlarge.

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Teacher Resume Templates

write teacher resume


Teacher Resume Templates

 write teacher resume

Are you looking for a job in the educational sector? This is considered to be very difficult because your capabilities and your educational career must shine among all the others. This can only be achieved through designing a good CV for your job application. A lot of people may be applying for the same job and they may contain your class fallows and toppers of your university. Teaching jobs are most often offered to people with higher grades and conveying capabilities. This is because they are considered more intelligent and full of knowledge.


You have to prove yourself to be the one required person in order to proceed for the interview call. The main purpose of a resume is to get a call from the recruiter and everything else depends upon the interview and your communication skills.


Design a resume for teaching job?


Consider yourself in a need of a job and a job option is available as a teacher in any school or college. This will make you think that you need to have this job but you were not the highest scoring student in your class so you may not be preferred for this job. This is a very difficult situation but you can cross it like nothing if you have got some good resume writing skills. You have to mention all the other requirements of this job in bold format to make it visible to recruiter. Let’s take an example of your skills that you have been teaching you friends in your student career.


Now you have to mention this in your resume but it cannot be mentioned as it is. You can mention it as having good communication skills. If you have got a prior experience of teaching, this may also be mentioned in your resume to impress the recruiter and you must write in a way that it seems better than employing a university topper without any experience.


Samples of teacher resume:


Now coming towards the requirements of a resume for a teacher, you have to know all the necessary factors to mention in your resume and person applying or the first time may not know them at all. This is not a big task because you can get a sample resume of any friend working in this area and change it according to you and the company in which you are applying. Keep in mind that you must not copy the resume and you are just allowed to take the basic points and headings of the resume as necessary things to mention.


You can also find teacher resume templates online and they will contain the detailed requirements along with headings and spaces are given for you to fill them out. You just have to fill out any one template which you consider as most suitable. These resume templates are for the beginners and you can change them according to your own will, latter on. This will help you to design a resume of your own will.


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Cashier interview questions

Cashier interview questions


Although some people think that it is not necessary to prepare for interview of job application for cashier, there are some types of Cashier interview questions that can kill your employment opportunity.


Question 1: What do you think about customer satisfaction?

Cashier would be responsible for collecting money but making customer satisfied is part of their job. Therefore, you have to answer things like ‘customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of a business’.


Question 2: What do you think a cashier would do?

General job responsibilities of cashiers should be mentioned, but you have to read the advertisement of job recruitment in advance and to make sure that the cashier responsibility for this particular company would be mentioned when you answer the question.


Question 3: Why do you think you are suitable to be the cashier?

You should think carefully about your strengths. Normally, cashier should be detail-oriented and they should be able to stay focus when they are working. They should also have good calculation skills so they can spot any potential mistakes from the cashier device.


Question 4: What would you do if there is a loss of money from the cashier kiosk?

The situational question aims at testing whether you are able to deal with the stress and the circumstance which is critical. You should let them know that you are able to ask for the seniors and tell the truth instead of hiding any.


Question 5: Tell me a tough time that you experienced in your work.

You should recall your memory and find a time that you really worked in a frustrated way because of some difficulties in your work.


Question 6: How did you deal with the tough time in your work?

This follow up question is usually asked when the previous question is given. You would need to tell the interviewer that you could manage to find a solution to the problem.


Question 7: How would you deal with an angry customer?

If you had any previous experience of dealing with an angry customer, you just need to list it out and tell the interviewer the way that you followed to deal with it. You have to make the experience real so that it would be convincing.


Question 8: Did you consider working in other positions of this shop?

Usually, there are a lot of related jobs in the shop or supermarket when you interview for the cashier. You just need to tell the truth as this question does not aim at getting any standard answer.


Question 9: What is your goal of working in this company?

You cannot be the junior cashier for your whole life. If you encounter this question, you have to let them know that you are proactive in learning and growing in the company.


Question 10: Do you have anything to ask?

This is probably the trickiest question in the world. You have to ask something instead of saying ‘no’. Otherwise, the interviewers would feel that you are not actively looking for opportunities to learn. You can ask questions like the shifting of work or some other details that you did not find from the recruitment posters of the job.

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Job Cover Letter Sample For Resume

Proper Utilization Of Job Cover Letter Sample For Resume 

When you are searching for an appropriate job, you certainly need to have a professional resume. At the same time, it is important to include a perfect cover letter to grab the attention of the recruiter. Candidates can easily obtain job cover letter sample for resume from the internet according to their qualification and skills. There are different types of job cover letter samples on the internet but you need to select the most appropriate job cover letter that best describes your potential and skills. Job seekers looking for cover letter samples must check typing, spelling and grammar mistakes. It is very vital to include a cover letter that is free from mistakes.

Benefits Of Job Cover Letter Sample

A good cover letter for resume can go a long way in swaying the decision of the recruiter towards the candidate. It is good to run the job cover letter sample for resume through spell check. Candidates should read the entire job cover letter sample thoroughly to detect possible errors. It is important to make a good first impression on the mind of the employer through well-written job cover letter. The job cover letter should be short and simple. It should address the designated person hiring you for the job. It has been observed that numerous job cover letters tend to hibernate; therefore it makes sense to address the cover letter to the designated authority.

Candidates are suggested to prepare job cover letter in their own words. The letter should make an impact on the psyche of the recruiter instantly. There is absolutely no need to incorporate difficult words or phrases in the cover letter. It should be simple and easy to understand. The employer must be able to know you through your cover letter. It is a good idea to research the company before attaching the job cover letter.     

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Physiotherapy for Children below 18

Title : Physiotherapy for Children below 18 – 4 Things You Must Know!


F?r tho?e wh? ?re und?r th? ?g? ?f 18 ?e?rs, a ch?ldren’s ?h???other?pist would b? r?qu?red t? d??l w?th an? k?nd of ?r?blem that ne?d? th?? sort ?f th?ra??. S?m?t?me? ?hildr?n ?njure th?m?elves and thi? call? for ?hysi?th?ra?? too.


1. Wh?t r?quir?? th? ph??i?th?r????t’s ????st?n??

If the problem i? n?t due t? an ?llne?s or a dis?rd?r b? b?rth, th?n there ?s u?u?ll? ?n ?n?ury th?t ?? not h??ling th?t ??lls for th? h?lp ?f ? ph?s??th?ra???t. Th??? ?r?blem? ??uld be br?ken bones, spr?in?, ?njur?es t? j??nt? ?r ?v?n ?urg?ry r?lat?d ?r?bl?m?. Unlik? th? full? gr?wn adult b?dy, a ch?ld’? b?d? is still d?v?lo?ing and ne?d? t? be t?ken c?r? ?f ?rop?rl? t? ensure that the d?f??t d?es not hamper their gr?wth ?r?gress ?nd their ??t?v?t???. If th?s ?? n?gl??t?d it w?ll r?tard th? ch?ld’? motivat??n t?? ?nd the child w?ll feel l?ft behind ?nd n?t ?ven try t? b?tt?r hi? perf?rm?nc?.


2. H?w do?s a children’? ph?siother???st b?gin tr??tment?

Just lik? tr??tm?nt f?r adults, ?v?n f?r ?h?ldren the fir?t and for?m?st thing t? b? d?n? i? a ?rop?r d??gn?si? ?f the probl?m. On?e the ?hys??th?rap??t h?? a?c?rtained the r??t of the ?r?blem then the th?rapy begin?. Th? ther????t ha? to ??n?id?r ??ver fa?tors ?n the tr??tment ?f ?h?ldr?n su?h ?? ?m?t??nal ?nd ment?l he?lth, nutr?t?on ?nd e?t?ng h?b?ts, m?t?r ?k?lls ?nd the gr?wth and d?v?l?pm?nt ?f the ?h?ld ?h?s???ll?.


A ?edi?tr?c??n ?tudi?? th? early d?v?lo?m?nt ?f ?n inf?nt from birth t? ??e if th? mus?l?? are d?vel???ng prop?rl?. In new borns thi? i? ??sent?al ?f the n??k mus?l?? t? ??e ?f the head ?? su???rt?d ?uffic?ently and if the ?h?ld ??n rais? the h??d. The mov?m?nt? ?f ? child ?re ? ?lu? t? th? d?v?l?pm?nt of th? org?n?, mus?l?s and b?n??. If th? gr?wth rat? ?s s?t??f?ct?ry ?t ?s f?ne, but if thi? ?? l?gg?ng behind f?r ??me re???n th?n th? ?au?? w?ll hav? to b? found ?ut ?nd tr??tm?nt st?rted t? en?ur? th?t th? gr?wth rat? ?s enhan??d ?nd br?ught t? th? normal c?teg?r? ???n.


3. Ar??? ?f ph????ther?p? f?r ?hildr?n

Ch?ldr?n ?om?tim?s require ther??y with reg?rd to th??r ?p??king ?b?l?ti?s and l?ngu?g? d?v?l??m?nt too. Other ?r?a? that ne?d therap? ar? the lungs ?nd ?h?st th?r?p?, ther??y f?r th? b?n?s or orth?p?d?c th?r?p? and mas??g? ?f th? ?ff??ted ar?a?. Childr?n ?f d?ff?r?nt age gr?ups requ?re phy??cal th?r???sts t? h?l? th?m with v?r?ou? ?robl?m?. A ?h??i?ther?p?st helps kid? w?th postur? ?duc?ti?n, s?f? ?tret?h?s, j??nt manipulation, mobiliz?t??n ?nd ex?r????s. Th?? ?l?o h?v? method? of ass??t?ng ?h?ldren ?nd h?l??ng th?m t? live w?th ?nd ??p? with d?wn ?yndr?m?, d??pr?x??, mult??le ?cler?si?, mu?cle w??kn??s, ?ll?rg?e?, head?ch?s, injur??s of the ?p?n?, c?sti? fibros??, ??r?br?l ??l?? and man? ?th?r d??order? ?nd disea??s that effect ch?ldren.


4. Manual m?th?ds of ph????th?r??y

Th?se who h?ve und?rg?n? train?ng ?n ?h?s??thera?? and ?r? full? qu?l?f??d ?n th?? method ?f tr?atm?nt, us? ma??ag? ther??y to sooth th? ?reas that ?re affect?d and ?l?o to str?ngth?n muscl?? and b?n?? ?nd t? g?t r?d of the ???n in th? aff??t?d ?r???. Apart fr?m th? m????g? th?? al?o us? ?qu??m?nt like ultras?und inst??d ?f ?n?e?t?ons, narc?ti?s ?nd drugs t? rel??ve th? d???omf?rt ?nd pa?n ?nd ?l?? ?well?ng?. Qual?f??d physi?th?r???sts ?l?o tr?in ??r?nt? t? use the d?ff?r?nt t??hn?qu?s t? help th??r ?h?ldr?n ????c??lly if it ?s d?ffi?ult t? find ? phys??th?r?p??t ?n the are?? wh?re they r?s?de.


Phy?i?th?r??? f?r ?hildren ?n??m?a?ses man? ar??? th?t ar? r?qu?r?d f?r th? dev?l?pm?nt ?f ?h?ldr?n, l?k? the ??r?ulat?r? ???t?m, re??irat?r? ???t?m, muscle? ?nd bon?s and t?nd?n?. Th?s will as?i?t the child ?n the?r gr?wth and well be?ng right through th??r lif?.






About the Author : This is a Guest Post by Rohit Naik who is a freelance writer and presently blogs on KBC and KBC 5 Gameshow.



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