One Page Resume


One Page Resume 

 One Page Resume

The one and most important issue that vexes the job seekers is the resume length. Some people say that a resume should be short and should not pass more than one page. While on the other hand, some people say that a resume must be detailed and should contain every little detail of your educational and previous job career. They say that it is important to impress employers and resume must be at least on two pages. This conflict confuses the job seekers because they do not know if their employer will like to have a detailed resume or a brief resume and this matters a lot because they can lose their favorite jobs in this process.


Every length of a resume has some pros and cons and you must decide your length according to them. Resume length also depends upon the requirements of your job e.g. if you are applying for a job that needs a lot of experience and you have got that experience then you must write it in detail in order to get attention of the employer.


Pros of one page resume:


Some people think that one page resume is ideal length because of the short attention span of recruiters. If you make different resume for every job then you will know that every job does not need to mention all of your capabilities and qualifications. You must mention your skills related to the job in which you are applying and it is useless to mention all the other things if they do not relate to that job. The recruiter will be able to judge you in short span of time if you have just one page resume and it is good for you if you have good communication skills. This is because a short resume will leave more questions for your interview and you can explain things in a good way if your communication skills are good.


Some things mentioned in a resume may be misunderstood and can be red in a different way than they were meant to be but you can explain them clearly in an interview. A short and to-the-point resume will also give a good image of your aptitude and decency.


Cons of one page resume:


As every other thing in this world, one page resume has also some cons. First of all, the employers who like detailed resumes will be annoyed with the short and brief resumes. They may not understand them well and consider them useless because they will have to spend more time on the interview. This is also a trouble for a person who does not have good communication skills so they will have to speak up a lot during interviews because short resumes will raise a lot of questions in the mind of recruiter. This means that people, who are not good at talking, must write detailed resumes so that you will not have to make things up during your interview and save yourself from talking and explaining.


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