Non-friable asbestos

Non-friable asbestos:
There are two types of asbestos- friable and non friable.Friable means which can be crushed into powder by hand pressure while non friable cannot be crushed by hand.Non-friable asbestos is hard to break into smaller pieces.
Non friable asbestos is less dangerous than friable asbestos, however it should still be treated with caution and disposed of properly.
Some properties of non friable asbestos:
  • It has low probability  of releasing fibers into air.
  • Difficult to break or crush  by hand
  • Fibers are bound or locked into matrix of binder material, such as cement, vinyl or resin.
Examples of non friable asbestos:
  • base flashing
  • asphalt/cement roofing products
  • asbestos cement  pipes
  • siding
  • vinyl asbestos floor tile
  • gaskets
Categories of non friable asbestos:
Non friable asbestos is broadly categorized into 2 categories:
Category I Non-Friable: It consists of asbestos which are very tough or unlikely to be made into friable.
Examples include vinyl floor coverings, vinyl asbestos tile
Category II Non-Friable: These materials are more likely to be made friable, as they are not resistant to weathering or crushing forces.
Handling of non friable asbestos:
Never break up or smash an asbestos product this will release asbestos.
For example :If you are removing asbestos tiles, you can do so safely if the tiles can be pulled without shattering, pulverizing or crumbling.
You shouldnot sand, grind, saw, chip, pound or use hand or power tools on the VATs so that it creates dust. You must remove the tiles intact.