New Year’s Resolutions for SEO

New Year’s Resolutions for SEO

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Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. These small promises of change are seldom carried out. However, in SEO, the changes promised are often implemented and those in the biz are made aware of them. 2012 seems to be full of SEO promises that will change the way websites are marketed and ranked. Here is a list of SEO changes we should prepare to see.

Integrating Social Media:

The biggest change in SEO we can expect to see in 2012 is the integration of social media in page ranking. This is what Google Plus was truly about. Links posted with social media that hold longevity will be ranked higher than those posted on a page for link building. Also, the use of social media on a site, for instance, Facebook fans and friends, will increase page rank. Google and other major search engines are going to be turning to human interaction on websites as a metric now that tracking it is now easier.

Quality over Quantity:

In the past, the quantity of posts and links has helped increase page rank and SEO standings. This spawned the link farm sites which led to changes in SEO and how pages are ranked. In 2012 we will see more value toward quality rather than quantity. The quality of content and links will increase the ranking rather than the amount. This is a welcomed change for those who are looking for valuable information rather than a quick post that is placed simply for SEO. This will also allow blogs and websites to concentrate on creating a valuable resource for their readers. Those sites and blogs that have always been proud of the quality of their pages may benefit from those values shortly.

SEO’s will need new tricks:

In the past few years, SEO professionals have used their knowledge and remained successful. However, in 2012 we will see many of these professionals becoming SMOs. Social media optimizing will become a necessity for all SEO professionals. With more social interaction between readers and the site, this is going to play a key role in all page ranking systems. So current SEO professionals will be hitting the books to learn a new skill set to keep themselves marketable to their clients.

Smaller Blogs will be Bigger Business:

In the past couple of years we have seen an increase of smaller individually owned blogs that have become successful. This has led to the change in 2012 where these smaller blogs will erupt in numbers and more people will begin sharing their personal lives online.

Multi-Media Blogging:

In the next year we will see an increase in the use of multi-media in blogs. Audio and video blogging will become more popular as the technology utilized for this has become simpler to use. Even smaller blogs will be turning to audio and video blogging rather than simply posting articles. This will also spark new metric changes to include the use of multi-media in SEO and page ranking. Don’t be surprised when sites that offer video rather than written content begin to increase in ranking faster.

The next year proves to be an exciting and confusing time in the world of SEO. Preparing your blogs and websites early for these changes may prove beneficial. With SEO metrics in constant evolution to keep up with the ever-changing internet, site owners will need to keep up as well. Be sure to catch all the changes as they occur and outfit your SEO strategy accordingly to remain successful.

Author Mark Williams has been in the web design Melbourne, Australia industry for over ten years and loves to share his ideas. As a freelance writer, he is able to bring a fresh perspective on many topics like this one.