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Musicians cover letter    Believe it or not, a cover letter is very important for any musician who is looking forward  for some good opportunity. Normally we attach a cover letter with the resume while  sending application for the desired post. At one or the other point of time you may  have got some doubt related to cover letter and its presence. You can ask is that  resume alone is not enough to impress the recruiter? Yes what you have asked is  right. If you don’t know much about the musician cover letter then read this article  by spending some time. Even though your resume gives enough information to the  recruiter, no recruiter will have the time to go through your resume in detail and in such  circumstances it is very important get the attention of hiring manager by making him to  read about you in short term. The only way to impress the hiring manager in short form  is by using the cover letter.    Any professional musician cover letter should contain information about candidates  work experience, educational qualifications, skills, any concerts given, opportunity he is  looking for, how he heard about this opportunity and how he can contribute his best to  the industry. It is also important to mention what kind of music learnt.    A cover letter is like first option to create good impression on the recruiters mind. A  majority of companies are found not accepting the resume without a professional cover  letter. Always don’t write cover letter in the same format of resume otherwise both will  make no difference. It is a waste to write cover letter without following its proper format.  Different people follow different formats and choose the one that best matches with  your requirements. Online is the best place to find quite good number of musician cover  letters and make use of them to enhance your career for the good cause.    Musicians cover letter example     Dear Sir/Madam,    Subject: Candidature for the position of musician    Allusion: Ad posted on    I recently saw your ad mentioning the vacancy for musician at www.  website. I would like to apply for the same position. I have been practicing violin from  past 10 years and also completed necessary qualifications and courses to become a  registered violinist.    I have respected music throughout my life and shown the interest towards it in both high  school as well as college. I possess liberal arts degree from the Akron University. My  experience in giving the musical concerts and qualification better suits your needs. I    have greatly inspired by my life to learn music all the way.    I would be happy if you consider my cover letter as the application for this post. I am  looking forward to meet you in person if you can arrange for the personal interview. It  will be honor and pleasure working with such a wonderful music institute. Thanks for  your consideration and time.    Sincerely,    Sunny Moran


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