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Top 8 Online Marketing Tips Free

Designing a website alone is not sufficient. To drive the sufficient amount of traffic to website is of major concern. There are various marketing tips to promote the website and get listed in the SERP’s. Know about the best marketing tips free of cost. There are various ways to promote your site, some are free and some are paid.

In this online marketing tips free article, we are going to look at how to promote a site online.

  • Article Marketing

One of the best strategies is article marketing. The articles should be on relevant topics. Article writing is not the only task to do, but the articles have to be submitted in the article directories in relevant categories. The author resource box provided will help you mention about you and your company. The article will work wonders for you. But bear in mind that the article should have the fresh content, and try to be simple with your language.

  • Blogs

The blog is the most efficacious way for business promotion. Make use of the website link in your blog and by doing this high traffic could be generated to your website. Blog writing is an easy way to promote the website, and easily accessible and easy to edit also.

  • Press Release

To tell about the new product launch or new service, press release is used. Writing a good press release and then submitting the press release in various press release sites can prove to be an effective marketing way. But as the press release is provided to media, the press release has to be well written.

  • Link Generation

To generate more traffic, link building is another method that is used. But the links should be from relevant sites, i.e. sites those are related to your business, product or service. Links have to be worthy for more effective results.

  • Forum Marketing

Forums are the discussion boards. There are numerous forums, so choose the relevant one. Be active over there and participate there. You can even place links in the signature box. While commenting or posting anything your signature will also be displayed.

  • Directory Submission

Submit the website to various directories. But choose the appropriate category for directory submission.

  • Offer Some Special Services

Try to provide some free services to those who link to your site. You can even offer free software/application downloads. It will really be a gainful method for your business.