Lawyers resume example

Lawyers resume example


A lawyer is always regarded as somebody who is important to the justice of the society. Although there are a lot of negative comments on the functions of lawyers in the market, there are generally a lot of people who trust the work performed by the lawyers. Therefore, people who want to work in the lawyer field would need to tell the others that they are the professional guys. When lawyers try to apply for a job in a firm, they would need to pass their resume to the recruiters to take a look.


In many of the cases, the recruiters would be lawyers as well. Therefore, it is very important for the applicants to make sure that the words mentioned in the resume are true and fair. If not, the recruiters would usually spot the mistakes or the misleading parts and this would make you lose the chance to get the job. This may seem to be something very trivial but some of the applicants just fail to do this. They would try to use some misleading or unclear information to fool the recruiters but they would fail in doing so because the recruiters are never stupid.


If you think that it is difficult to create a resume for a lawyer, you can read the Lawyers resume example below. There would be comprehensive information for you to understand the way that the resume of lawyer would look like and this can help you create the one for your own and have a higher chance of being selected for the next round of recruitment, which is usually the interview session.


If you are required to write expected salary for the job, you should try to search for the relevant information before you put down a number. It is because many of the firms would have a standard regarding the salary of lawyers. If you are the experienced ones, you may choose to put down a large number there.


Lawyers resume example


Lillian Fuller

239 DSM Drive

AS 23010

Cell: 767-560-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career Goal

To obtain a position as a lawyer in a firm which has the determination to grow and develop well together with the lawyers in the future


Professional license

State Bar ofCalifornia

State Bar ofIllinois

Federal District Court–California


Previous Employment

Junior Associate, Law Office of D.D. and O.

Attorney, SD Attorney


Awards and Honors

Excellent Student Bar Award, 2010

Award for Free Speech, Speech Association of Barrister, 2008

Constitutional Law Research Award, 2008


Teaching achievements

–          Guided a team of law students to perform legal research for different criminal cases and assisted them to finish the report and papers for the evaluation

–          Conducted teaching session in some law lectures

–          Was invited as the guest speaker for some law lectures


Summary of skills

–          Able to communicate with clients efficiently

–          Experienced in research for constitutional law as well as criminal law

–          Able to work in the tort field and also the family law field