Lawyers cover letter

                                                                                          Lawyers cover letter

With the increase in demand for the legal personnel and lawyers, the professionals in this field are finding ways to impress their recruiters in a best way. One possible way of impressing recruiters is by using cover letters that effectively pose candidates skills and experience. Since the present market is highly competitive there is a need for job seekers to be perfect from all the angles and by writing good cover letter you can achieve that perfectness. A lawyer forms the important part of the society as he is the one who deals with all types legal and law issues and thus helps people to solve the problems as soon as possible.

In general terms a lawyer is the one who works on someone’s behalf to settle his matters legally. If you are a lawyer and looking forward for some attractive job opportunity in a reputed Law firm then it is very important to write a suitable cover letter stating the need perfectly.

A lawyer cover letter should be

  • Concise and precise

  • Systematically structured

  • Well reasoned and convincing

  • Correct both in punctuation and grammar

These days writing cover letters has become a mandatory task because it supplies two important purposes. One is it gives detailed picture of the person’s merit and the other is it highlights the candidate application for the chosen job. While writing cover letter makes sure that you don’t make any sentence mistake as it depicts your professionalism. It should be like a business letter not exceeding more than single page.

With the help of cover letter a law student can make use of his opportunity to differentiate his experience, credentials and attributes from the other job aspirants. A thoughtfully composed, creative and a well written cover letter always help in getting the right job easily.

Lawyers cover letter example

Dear Mr. MacAulay,

I am writing this letter with respect to the ad posted in news paper for the position of Corporate Attorney. I have potential experience in disability Law, insurance Law and commercial litigation. In my career spans over 15 years I have successfully handled hundreds of personal as well as professional litigations. At present I would like to convey my skills and knowledge for your organization.

My litigation background helped me to prepare lot of trails. I am equally good at preparing depositions, arbitration briefs and researching motions. My responsibilities comprise working on behalf of clients in social security groups, disability boards, Medicare and Magistrate courts. I am highly skilled in authoring legal documents, preparing trial exhibits, evidence and interviewing witnesses. I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

I am here by stating that I have always committed to the work at the highest level possible thus by utilizing my presentational and communication skills where ever and when ever necessary.

I am expecting reply at the earliest. Thanks for your consideration and time.


Mark B. Brandy