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How to Land More Interviews with Your Resume
We all take resume as a formality during job application but we all
actually dont know the importance  resume because we all think that 
a hiring manager has no time to read a useless resume and just because 
of this we get rejected.Here are some points that show how a resume works.
1.An organized resume. 
If you want to take more and more interviews with same resume,then you have to 
organise it and give it a professional look.If hiring mananger wants to recruit
anyone then a person with an organised resume is his first choice.
2.Proper resume structure 
Resume should be desined or written in a proper pattern.It is notable to use the
semi colon,brackets,bullets at desired places.Never mix these line indicating 
signs with each other because it will show that you were not interested while
writing your resume.
3.Show how impressive you are 
It is not bad  show how impressive you are. Your resume should have lists of awards 
you've won, accomplishments that stand you out from the crowd because just because 
of these thing hiring manager may get impressed.
4.Customizing your resume
An intelligent job applicant is one who regularly customises or upgrades his resume.
Search internet to know about the current pattern usedby job applicants.Do research 
on each company and position you're applying for and mention in your resume that you 
will eagerly wait for response.

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