Job Searching Tips And Ideas

Job Searching Tips And Ideas


With the tough economic times, securing a dream job in the line of your career can be quite a task. Many people have to wait for months and even years before they can land their first real job.  This however doesn’t mean you too should go through the same. Outlined below are a few tips on how to get a new job with ease.


  1. Prepare and Plan

You will need a working voice mail system, and a professional email address before you can start sending out job application letters. Experts recommend creating a separate email account for each job search. This helps you remain organized should you be called for an interview. Remember to add your cell phone number in the resume too.


Although you may already have a job, it’s advisable to ensure your resume is kept up-to-date at all times. It is with an updated resume that employers will know your expertise and what to expect from you. Remember to create a LinkedIn profile to start connecting with professionals in your line of work. This includes potential employers.


  1. Take the necessary measures

Should you be laid off (from your current position), you then need to file for unemployment benefits immediately. This can be done by phone or online as well. Filing for unemployment benefits early means the benefits check will arrive soon too.


  1. Seek Help

Taking on programs that can help you secure a job quickly is recommended too. Some of the best areas to seek help include college career offices, State Department of Labor, Local Public library, and recruitment agencies. You could also take advantage of low-cost or free career counseling services which could hook you up to an employer. Here are some good tips from DST on job hunting.



How to Use the Local Public Library to Secure a Job

  1. Create templates of your resume. Having a template at hand can save you lots of frustration in the future, especially when asked to send a resume on short notice. You will also need a template for the cover letter as well. These are much easier to edit and add necessary information than drafting it from scratch.

If you are an MS Word user, you can then find plenty of cover letters, email messages, and resume templates that you could                                      personalize.  Take some time to look at several sample cover letters and resumes to have an idea of what to include in yours.

Some of these materials and samples are readily available on the internet.


  1. Make use of job search engines. Many companies, HR departments, and employers post job vacancies on major job listings. You can use a local job search engine to find your dream job/career. Since many people already know and use this feature, expand your search by using the ‘Advanced Search’ function if any. This should help refine results for you.


  1. Sign up for job alerts: Signing up for job alerts makes it easy to find an opening without struggling a lot. You can have personalized alerts delivered to your phone or email. Have a friend or colleague help you with these if better acquainted with the same.


  1. Have references ready. You’ll need at least 3 references in an interview. Remember to include their name, job title, company, email address, and phone number in the referee’s section. Have an extra copy of these referees whenever going for an interview.


How to Create a Reference List

  1. Use your network and connections: Most job openings go unadvertised, yet find candidates for the same. Letting everyone know that you are looking for a job can help find one pretty fast
  2. Use the social media: Twitter and Facebook are excellent channels to use when hunting for a job. Most employers will advertise a vacancy on their social media pages before listing it elsewhere. Take advantage of this to identify positions you can fill.
  3. Be patient: As indicated earlier, finding a job can be tough. Using every avenue and channel you have can help you land your dream job. Some level of patience and hard work is however required.


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