Job search visa for Canada

Work Permit for job seekers in Canada from foreign countries

Job search visa for Canada is very important for those who have applied for immigration to Canada or those who have plans for immigration to Canada. For those who are not Canadian citizens or not permanent residents of Canada, the work permit is essential to work in Canada. The work permit is issued for a specific period and also for specific job. The work permit is issued by the visa office only if the worker is legally admitted to Canada or if he is a citizen of Canada.

The work permit does not allow a person to be in Canada permanently. Those who want to apply for the job search visa for Canada should already have a written employment offer or a written contract of work from a Canadian employer. The employer should obtain the permission from the government of Canada to hire a foreign worker. This permission is known as Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The worker has to provide the evidence to prove that he meets all the requirements as mentioned in the job offer.


Different types of work permit

The application for job search visa for Canada is to be made from outside Canada. In some cases the application can be made when one enters Canada or after getting into Canada. In all these cases, the requirements are almost the same. For some kinds of jobs the work permit is not required. The job seekers who are from a country which requires temporary resident visa to enter Canada need not apply for the work permit. Job seekers who want to come to Canada must have obtained a letter for temporary employment the duration of which can be a few days or a few months or even a few years.

Those who have already obtained the offer of temporary employment can obtain the job search visa for Canada and during that period the person will be permitted to work only for the job mentioned in the work permit. When the person wants to switch over to a new job he needs to get a new work permit for which the application can be made from inside Canada.


Job offer letter from the employer

When a person enters Canada with the offer for a permanent employment, he or she can directly apply for permanent residency in Canada. In such cases, the job search visa for Canada is not required. Since there are chances for getting job offers that are not genuine, the job seekers must ensure that they receive job offers only from genuine employers. In case an employer demands money or asks for the credit card details of the job seeker, it is obvious that he is not genuine and in such cases the job offers should not be accepted.

The genuine Canadian employer will issue the job offer in writing. If the job offer letter from the Canadian employer which is printed on the official letter head of his company contains specific details like the job description, hours of working and salary and other benefits to which the worker is entitled and is signed by the employer as well as the employee, it can be used for the immigration process.



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