iphone apps for travel

iphone apps for travel
Vacations can be quite complicated. Finding flights, booking hotels, procuring transportation,
scouting tourist locations, and grabbing a quick bite to eat are just some of the daily tasks you’ll have to juggle.
Fortunately, your iPhone makes the perfect travel companion and can make all of these tasks a lot easier.
Some of really nice Iphone Apps that can be helpful in your trips:
TripDeck – Travel Itinerary Manager
Manage your hotel reservations, car rentals, flights,
cruises, restaurants, meetings and more with easy-to-read Trip Decks for each itinerary. You can also view your entire
itinerary on a gorgeous map. And now you can add some amazing flight tracking features to make your itinerary managing even better
The Landmark Finder
Whether you’re on vacation in a new city or just have a day off in yours, use the Landmark Finder to get yourself exploring.
The Bar Findr App
The Bar Findr was born for Cinco de Mayo drinking, but year-round it’s just a regular bar locator so you can easily
find your next margarita or frosty bee
Travelocity (free): Speaking of never ending flights, one can keep track of our flight numbers, departure times,
layovers and connections with the Travelocity app. The flights  booked using the discount travel site automatically
downloaded to our iPhone
KAYAK Flight, Hotel Search
KAYAK for the iPhone connects to kayak.com, the best travel search engine in the world. Compare hundreds of
travel sites at once. Find airfares and hotel prices quickly, for free! Why pay for looking up airfares when
Kayak gives it to you for nothing
GateGuru – featuring Airport Maps
Do you get frustrated in airports? Not sure where the freshest food is or where the closest
gift shops are located? Stuck with a long layover only to have a terrible meal? Walking around aimlessly in hopes of finding a good book for your flight or that last minute souvenir for your loved one? Standing on the security line forever only to find your best food options were pre-security?
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