How to end your cover letter

 How to end your cover letter or Best way to close your cover letter


when you complete your effective cover letter, try to put momentum in the cover letter that brings you nearer to your goal i.e. an INTERVIEW. the main purpose of your letter is that  you put an interest in the letter so that employer definitely read your resume and being motivated to take your call for an interview or to contact you for an interview here are some of best ways to end cover letter—

1) summarize your previous paragraph-

After written about your excitement for finding job or why you are good for this job, now its time to close it. you can do this by three ways-

a) Action close– Close your letter by setting an agenda to your reader that you will follow up with action step by writing as I”m  ready to make money for your company and look forward to speak with you personally and will call you early next week.

b) Action close plus— it is the best choice for many situations. it suggest that you are organized and end up with such a line like I”ll call you, but if you are ready to roll, you can call me right away.

c) No action close— it suggest that you are waiting by the phone for an employer to call. this is the weakest way to close the letter. e.g copy of my resume is there for your review. if you are interested in my background, i would please to hear it from you.

2) write thank you to the reader-

Always ask ” THANKS”to the reader for their time and consideration. it shows that you are respectful  and value their busy time.

3) Sign the name-

Choose words like ” YOUR SINCERELY”. leave the space of two lines and then sign your name or you can directly title or type your name. If you send your letter electronically , then no need for written signature.