How to add music to Google websites?

How to add music to Google websites?
Creating and maintaining a web site requires a great effort and a lot of work, especially for those people who are unfamiliar with the process and programs that are involved in the web site development. Everyone wants their site to look professional and make more people want to visit.
So, adding music to your site is a good idea to add life to a web page. It is relatively a simple task and this task can be done in a number of ways.
Google pages are personal web pages provided by Google. Making an account in Gmail is very easy and anyone who has Gmail account can access their own page as well as the free personal Google pages. Adding music to your Google page adds a little entertainment.
If you want to add music on Google web sites then some instructions have to be followed and some of those instructions are listed below:
· First thing that you have to do is login to your Google account and access the Google page. If you don’t have an account on Google, then first create an account using sign up option.
· The next step is to click on the “Edit page code button”. An HTML code opens fore your Google page. This is the area where you can add music to your Google page.
· You can find the music online so that you can use their source code on your web site for direct music links. Different music sites are MySpace, Imeen and Yahoo music. The source code is given on the sites in a box named as “Source Code”.
· The next thing to do is to copy and copy and paste the embedded music   code from the source web site to your Google page. Embedded codes can itself be of three kinds- If your embedded code says Auto Start=True then the desired song plays when you open the page. The other kind is a music player that begins when you press the start button. The last kind is a multiple song player that makes a play list of different songs and plays them in the order when you press the start or play button.
· Click the Save button to save the music to your Google websites.
· You can also click the view button to test the music player.