good coverletter

Good professional cover letter

Important tips how to write your professional cover letter—

good coverletter

A cover letter  is  letter that gives your introduction to the employer, your purpose of writing, your experiences or skill. As, first impression is very important so your cover letter should be impressive and very effective. With this letter you not only show your achievements but also reveals how effectively you can communicate. So, whenever you write a cover letter ,take care of small things because small things make a big difference. Here are some of techniques how to write a cover letter with your resume to apply for  job.


1)      Always write facts or make yourself stand out—

                           Whenever writing your resume cover letter keep in mind that the employer or reviewer is interested in one thing that is “FACTS”. Never write your cover letter as an autobiography. It should be straight and to the point. It should convey that you are interested in job and you accepted the position if offered to you. Always sells your unique or exceptional qualities.


2)      Target the right person—

                        Try to send your cover letter to proper person. Avoid general salutations such as “SIR” or “ MADAM”. Try to find out the name and title of the person who does hiring for the job in which you are interested. Always confirm the correct name or company address.


3)      Make it simple and clear—

                        Keep your cover letter clean and easy to scan. Reviewer has hundreds of cover letters and resumes to look at, so your cover letter should be brief, not more than page , instead of an introduction or an argument for why you are good candidate for job. First four lines of your letter should grab attention and make clear what you want to do for the company.


4)      Keep it shine—

The visual impression of cover letter is as important as your content. If you are sending your material electronically, use sensible font, make it simple, not too fancy( e.g.- green font on black background). If you are sending via mails, make sure t use quality stationary.


5)      Grab attention early—

Never waste your first paragraph by dull introduction. Grab the employer attention by stating how you can make difference for their company. Start off your letter by saying why you are excited about working for the company.


6)      Avoid negatives—

                   Never use negative effects or bad words, which harm your chances of new position. Take time to write a letter. Don’t try to explain why you left previous job or put down your former employers or  colleagues.


7)  Avoid exaggeration—

Don’t write mastery of skills you don’t posses or connections you don’t have.


8)  Salary history—

Never write salary history in the cover letter. If the job ad says resumes without salary history will not be taken, give historical salary range .


9)      Follow- up—               

                After sending your cover letter , always follow up. I increases your chance of getting an interview if you directly call your employer after writing, rather than just sitting and waiting for call. “ Getting job always depends on you”. Employers appreciate your concern and want to hire the people who are interested, so always show them what you have , that they will hire you for the job.