Front Desk Assistant interview questions

Front Desk Assistant interview questions


If you wish to have good prospect as the front desk assistant, you have to learn about the way to answer some Front Desk Assistant interview questions.


Question 1: How well are you trained?

Although the question does not require you to cite an example, you are actually expected to provide some answers supported by real life example. You would need to think about the work experiences that you have got related to personal interaction and choose the right way to use the example to show that you are well trained.


Question 2: Tell me little bit about yourself?

This is a very typical question when you interview for a job which requires you to talk. You would need to grab this opportunity to introduce yourself and to let the interviewers think that you are talkative and you are able to communicate with the other efficiently.


Question 3: What are the responsibilities of front desk assistant?

To many of the people, this type of question may seem to be silly. They may think that they must know clearly about the job description of the front desk assistant before they apply for the job. However, there are some people in this world who are not that well-prepared for the interview. They would not look at the job description carefully and they may answer something irrelevant.


Question 4: Did you encounter difficulties in your previous work? Share some.

You need to share the real experiences that you have got. The experience should indicate the difficulties that you have encountered. You are also expected to share your solution to the difficulties. If you do not mention about this, you would be very likely to receive a follow up question on this and you would still need to elaborate more on that.


Question 5: Where did you attend schools?

This is a basic and factual question. You just need to answer the information mentioned in your resume.


Question 6: How do you relate your study to the job?

This question is common when you are a fresh graduate. If you study some of the curriculums which are not related to communication or businesses, you would typically be asked about this question.


Question 7: How long can you work in a day?

You just need to follow the normal statutory working hours in your workplace and it would be fine.


Question 8: Why do you want to work in this company?

Since the job of front desk assistant is almost the same in all companies, it is inevitable that you would be asked about this question. You should search for the advantages of joining the company instead of others before you have the interview.


Question 9: Share with me an experience that you are proud of.

You should find some experiences which show that you tried your best to communicate with the others and make your guests satisfied.


Question 10: What do you want to learn from this job?

You can answer things like “I want to grow with the firm” if you are joining a small or medium sized company.