Farmer Resume Tips

Farmer Resume Tips


The competition for rental acreage is ever increasing. Aggravating this problem is the increased distance tenants are willing to rent land away from their base establishment. It is now common for a tenant to rent land as far away as 30 miles. Selling your services becomes especially more complex when wanting to crop-share rent. In this situation, the land owner is at risk, and he/she wants to be sure of tenants’ management skills. No longer does the land always go to the highest bidder. Now environmental factors come into play. One method of promoting and distinguishing yourself as a manager is through development of a farm resume.

Much like a prospective employee develops a resume to a potential employer; a potential land tenant should develop a resume to provide to a potential landlord. Also, this resume should be updated as your farming operation changes. This resume should include, but not restricted to:

  1. Biographical Background: By providing the background information you may find a common thread.


  1. Objective: A brief statement of the ideas you have for the future and how they distinguish you from your competitors.


  1. Experience: Things included here are: 1. show long you have farmed? 2. How many acres you have farmed? 3. Special technologies or advance training 4. License held.


  1. Risk management strategies: state your knowledge of crop insurance, forward pricing, and future markets. However, do not go overboard with this issue and give the impression that you spend more time trying to mitigate marketing risks than mitigating production risks.



  • Information on insurance coverage and limits.


  1. Reference: Have these ready upon request. Mention the detail of the current land owner you are renting. Additionally include financial institutions where you perform your majority of business through. Make sure you have permission of the reference before you provide their name.


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