engineering cover letter

Engineering Cover Letter


Engineering Cover Letter – Important Facts 

engineering cover letter

A professional letter that is normally sent together with a resume is known as a cover letter. it basically supplements your resume therefore, to ensure that it creates that most required attention one should first of all right down the key points that he or she intend to put down on the cover letter. For entry level candidates, an engineering cover letter should focus more on your interpersonal and technical skills, achievements, education, and work experience.


Guidance to writing a cover letter for an engineer job  


Highlight technical skills

Most of the job applications are normally sent to the human resource departments; therefore, chances are the people in that department have little or no technical knowledge in regards to engineering. Therefore, it is your cover letter that most of them depend on in ascertaining your tech knowledge. This therefore, requires one to mention their technical proficiency right on the cover letter in brief. To make it easy for the recruiter, you can use bullets to enumerate these skills.



A cover letter is an official letter hence, this is not different. Ensure to maintain a professional tone by using a language that is considered professional. Ensure to apply the right format of a cover letter such as where you’re contact details should be, date, the salutation as well as the valediction. Since it is an official letter it should be made of three key parts the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction part should include the information regarding the position be applied for, the work experience, and the skills and in this particular case technical know-how as well. The body should contain few paragraphs in most case two is enough to prove your worth. This is where the applicants get to mention some of their previous achievements, projects and the roles they played in the particular projects that they undertook. For an entry level candidate mention your education and internship programs that you went through.


The final part of a cover letter and an engineering cover letter is not different is the conclusion. Here one gets to appreciate the employer for going through their cover letter and ultimately their resume.