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dropped search engine ranking

dropped seo ranking

Need not to panic if all of a sudden the ranking in search engines drops. It is important to check out the exact cause of dropped out rankings.

1.) Changes in Website

It is good practice to update the WebPages. Small changes won’t affect the search engines but if the website is redesigned and the website is being optimized for a new key phrase or keyword then the search engines will re-calculate the search engine rankings. So, try to change the website pages with utmost care if you are having a high search engine ranking.

2.) Change in Links to Your Website

All of a sudden change in your linking structure can make your website suspicious. The site rankings won’t drop if you have an old website with grown inbound structure. But if the links are paid one and they disappear then the ranking will drop. Try to have the inbound links as they last longer and then only you will have a high rank in search engine results.

3.) Search Engine Algorithm Changes

The algorithm of search engines keeps on changing. Some algorithms have a major impact on the rankings. Just wait for some days to check if the drop of ranking is temporary. And if not, optimize the WebPages according to the latest search engine algorithm.

4.) Check out the Strategy Your Competitors Follow

Watch out your competitors, their optimization might be better than yours. So, they might be listed in the top results and your ranking drops. Always try to have the better content and best seo for your website in order to be listed at the top.

5.) Never Indulge in Spamming Techniques

Never try to make use of spamming techniques for gaining a high rank in search engines. Search engines do not like spam-cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages and other spamming techniques.

6.) Some Technical Problems

The web server can even be the one reason for the dropped rankings. If the website is down, the search engine won’t be able to access the website. The search engine won’t access the website and thus the low rankings. Ensure that the website is hosted on reliable server.