Diagnosis andTreatment of basal ganglia stroke

Diagnosis and treatment of basal ganglia stroke

Diagnosis of a stroke is based on

1)individual’s history,

2)neurological examination

3)brain imaging.

4)CT scan

During the acute phase of a stroke, treatment ranges  from conservative treatment  to  invasive treatment. conservative treatment consisting of:

1)Pain medication

2)Stabilizing vital signs

3)Lowering pressure inside the head

 invasive treatment  consist of:

a)Surgery to remove any blood to relieve pressure

b) shunt operation to drain the system

After the acute phase Rehabilitation therapy plays a vital  role to getting the patient back to health as quickly as possible.

  Basal ganglia stroke recovery

Most of the individual start  recovery process from a stroke virtually moments after the stroke happening. Recovery which is spontaneous usually explains the  progress in the first month after a stroke. Recovery mainly depends upon

  • Brain damage extent
  • Individual’s attitude
  • Skills of the medical professionals
  • Assistance of friends and family
                                  Basal ganglia stroke prognosis                          person will progress from basal ganglia stroke depends on several factors – such as:

  • Severity of any impairment
  • Exact location of injury to the brain
  • Individual’s age
  • Individual’s general medical condition