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Among the best products made by Microsoft is the Visual Studio Express, the product is a lighter version, but developer Visual Studio are really finding it helpful in creation of various different kinds of web sites. Microsoft is the king of the web development tool providers and there are various different versions of Visual Studio. The Express versions of the web development tool had been launched keeping in mind the people that did not have proper skills of web development and more precisely speaking, it was for starters that did not have computer software related education.


Developer Visual Studio found the Express versions to be really easy to learn IDE and the first such version had been released in the year 2005, service pack 1 was also released that year. The versions that had been launched in the beginning could be run on Windows 2000 service pack 4 and the versions that came after it. The developer Visual Studio loved it and that is why Microsoft made a decision to make those editions available for download without any charges. More Express versions of Visual Studio got released in 2007 and 2008.


The latest versions of the Express editions required XP SP3 or even higher as an operating system and that is why developer Visual Studio had to upgrade their operating systems in order to use the latest versions. People that have not used any Express edition of Visual Studio can download the 2005 version for free, and they should be quick in taking this step as there are certain chances that Microsoft shall make the version unavailable. Working in Visual Studio has been made really easy with the launch of the Express Editions and a reason for the popularity and interest in the pro version is the Express Edition as it develops interest in learning more.



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