Dentists interview questions

Dentists interview questions


Answering the Dentists interview questions would be one of the steps that you need to take in order to be hired as dentists in some clinics. Therefore, you need to know the way to answer them.


Question 1: Why do you prefer to work in this clinic?

Usually, you can tell the interviewer that the clinic has good reputation. You can tell them that you are willing to contribute to the growth of a clinic if you think that the clinic is a small one.


Question 2: What are you good at?

This is another way of asking you about the strengths that you have. Therefore, you would need to tell the strength of yourself. You would also need to explain with examples. If you are not able to elaborate your answer with concrete example, you would not be able to please the interviewers because they would not think that you are answering something true at all.


Question 3: What are the skills that you think dentists should have?

There are a lot of skills that dentists have to demonstrate. Therefore, you just need to tell the interviewers one or two that you think are the most important.


Question 4: How long do you need to complete full mouth extraction?

This is a technical question so you need to prepare for the technical answer. Apart from giving the time, you would also need to give the steps.


Question 5: What would you do if you are complained by clients?

Answer: This would need you to demonstrate your communication skills and let the interviewers know that you are able to apply these skills in the real case.


Question 6: Did you make any mistake before?

It would not be appropriate if you answer ‘no’. It is because the interviewers would assume that everybody makes mistake. Therefore, you would need to find some in which you had reflected and learnt from the mistakes.


Question 7: What do you look for in your life?

Apart from working, you would need to find some other things that you are interested in pursuing.


Question 8: Introduce yourself to me

This question is a very typical one and you would usually be given a time limit to do the introduction. Therefore, you need to take the time and tell the most interesting part about yourself instead of mentioning something boring. Otherwise, you would waste the introduction time and you would not be able to grab the chance of working in that clinic.


Question 9: Did you do any personality tests before?

There are some types of personality tests that some organizations would create for people to complete. These tests may help the interviewers know about you in a better way.


Question 10: How long would you stay with us?

Obviously you would not be willing to stick to a clinic for your whole life. Therefore, you can tell the desired time that you would like to work in the field and let them know that you are at least going to stay with them for several years.


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