Creative cover letter

                                 Creative cover letter

In  competitive environment , it is important to differentiate yourself from rest and great cover letter will do that. When you heard for a job, before you respond always look at your cover letter. If its form letter, don’t send it. You can differentiate yourself through well- written, clear, concise cover letter. Your cover letter should attract the attention of the recruiters. Here are some of rules for writing good and creative cover letter…..

1)  Adress your letter to the appropriate individual. Before send, confirm, person’s name, title of the job. if you are not able to get information , adress it to the ” Dear Hiring Manager”. don’t use “Sir or Madam”.

2) Always start strong  with powerful paragraph and explain how you heard about the job position  and why  you are intrested for this job.

3) Next, you are going to describe your skills and experiences. You should  touch on what you  have done  and what makes you such a dynamic candidate and  right fit for the job.

                           In this paragraph you can also explain something unusual. For example gaps in your career or lage number of moves in very short time period. You can also give your volunteer experience here that will be helpful for the job.

4) Put yourself in the  position of recruiter and then prepare your cover letter. Your letter should be clear  and direct with good sentence. Mistakes will give negative impressions . Try to write how much you know about the organisation. If someone refers you begin your letter with that.

5) Don’t complain about your present  position if you are unemployed. Never offer salary requirements. If salary is requestwd in an Ad, then you will be comfortable with a competitive salary for the position.

6) Your cover letter should be good. There should be enough space so that letters doesnot look crowded.

7) Always close your letter by outlining your next steps and ask them them that you will contact them to follow up.

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