Cover Letter With Salary Requirements


How To Write A Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

cover letter with salary

The cover letter is a very fundamental document when it comes to making a job application. It is the first point of interaction between you the job seeker and your potential employer. it basically gives a potential employer some basic facts of your capabilities and what you have in store for the company. For that reason, it is necessary for it to have the vital information so as to grab that attention. One likely piece of information that some employers insists on is the salary. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find a cover letter with salary requirements. It is however, not a must that the salary has to be indicated in the cover letter. Nonetheless, if it is demanded for in the post advertised then it becomes essential to include it in a cover letter. This is attributed to the fact that, your application could just be rejected irrespective of your qualifications just because of not including that in the cover letter. It is not an easy task to mention the exact figure as regards salary especially for first time job applicants or those without much experience.


Things To Consider

There are ways in which one can easily go about this. It is without a doubt that money is very important and individuals might be tempted to quote high figures. It is a corporate world hence; one has to exercise some wisdom and logics before quoting any figure as a salary.

What one should do is to carry out some research to be able to determine the salary scale for that particular position. Also take into consideration the size of the company, the duties and the responsibilities outlined.

Another thing that you should also factor in is your experience and qualification.

After settling on a figure it is good idea to always put it in a range. Establish a range that is neither too low nor too high for that particular position. This will mean that you are flexible and always ready to negotiate.

It takes some great steps to become confident enough to be able to quote a salary scale that you believe is within the range of the job applied hence, undertake it with the seriousness it deserve.