Cover Letter Tips for Economist

Cover Letter Tips for Economist

The Business policies of a private organization are heavily dependent upon the government policies regarding the regional/ national economy, which in turn depends upon mathematical and statistical studies carried out by the expert people called as economist.

An economist can work in government sector as well as may find employment in private sector. Vital functions carried out by the economist are:

  • Collecting statistical data about the use of resources by people, communities, groups, organization, and re-arranging it in standard, revisable format.
  • Finding interesting trends and patterns of the data and drawing decisive conclusions out of it.
  • Assisted senior officials in decision making by providing quality advice.


Here there are some cover letter tips for Economist position:

  • Keep your CV to a reasonable length.
  • Use a clear, uncluttered layout, without too many special effects. If you want to use bold text, indentation or even frames, feel free but keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to make the CV a quick read.
  • Use the reverse chronological format.
  • Describe your role and how many people you were responsible.
  • Make your achievements quantifiable.
  • Explain all significant breaks in your career or education.
  • & At last proofreading is required. Check it thoroughly and carefully. Spelling mistakes, typography errors, and inconsistent dates.