Cover Letter For Internship


Writing A Top Notch Cover Letter For Internship

Most college or universities have in their courses a period in which a student has to undergo through some industrial attachment. This is indeed a requirement for graduation. In most of the institution of higher learning this is known as internship. It is a great stepping stone to one’s career because getting an internship opportunity in a company of your choice guarantees you the much needed experience in the job market. Unknown to many students; applying for an internship opportunity require some level of professionalism especially when making an application.  This has seen a number of applications being turned down.

As you prepare a resume for that internship you should accompany it with a cover letter. A cover letter for internship will give the employer an overview of the kind of person that you are and the area where you are interested as far as job is concerned, your personally and your level of experience. A well done cover letter will surely land you that internship opportunity from that company that you’ve always yearn to work for. It will be worthy to mention some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to writing a cover letter for internship.


The do’s

Be precise try as much to use few paragraphs as possible. Exercise some level of professionalism when writing such a cover letter. This is because just like any cover letter, this is an official document hence; the language used has to be professional. Show them reasons why you need the internship and why you are up for the challenge.


The don’ts

Do not write a generic cover letter it is an official letter hence; ensure to include all the necessary details. Don’t be passive, do not let the company work with their convenient time; make it clear that you will follow up with them on a regular basis to check on the status of your internship. A cover letter is a brilliant opportunity to make an impression and thus, one should make it count.