Cover letter Dont’s

Cover letter Dont's    We often know that mostly in writing a cover letter we commit   some mistakes and this will be the reason for the job rejection.  It is only your cover letter through which you are able to get   the job.So try to make your cover letter the best but as told   before you will commit some mistakes.  HERE IS THE LIST OF SOME MISTAKES THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE DURING    WRITING A COVER LETTER.    1.Do not start wwith a weak point  Remember that your cover letter always speak good of your so never think   to write your weakness in the cover letter because might your weakness is   harmful for the company.Think about the positive attitude and also write  some good life experiences during the  past job.    2.Dont use same stuff everywhere  The problem with our pressent generation iss that we are too much lazy in   doing work so instead of writing a new and different resume we copy and paste   it to all the organisations.Well this thing is not good for you because always  writing a new stuff will increase your knowledge.    3.Dont focus on your needs  We all know that we are doing jobs for our livelihood but besides this some   people have private reasons for the job.Never share these reasons with the  hiring manager because at first he is not there to solve your problems,secondly  it shows that you will work in this company till your needs got fulfilled.    4.A long stuff  Never think that a hiring manager will get impressed if you are writing a cover   letter of 2 or 3 pages.Instead of keeping it so long try to make it of one page   and must add relevant data like contact,qualification,your hobbies,your qualities  and your awards of the past job post.

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