contract employment

Pros and Cons of Contract Jobs

Nowadays many people opt for contract employment. When jobs are offered on contract basis, it will be only for a fixed period of time. The duration of contract jobs may be a few weeks or few months or for a few years. The majority of job seekers search for job opportunities that are for permanent jobs. When they focus only on permanent jobs they are likely to miss the chances of getting contract employment in various organizations. By hiring skilled workers on contract basis, the companies are also considerably benefited.


They need not spend time and money for selection and training of new employees. The recruiting agencies will provide them the right type of skilled workers who are trained as well as experienced. Once the project is complete, the company can send the contract workers back to the recruiting agencies. Other than paying the agreed wages for the work done the employers need not provide any additional benefits to the employees.


Benefits of contract jobs

Those who take up contract employment have many advantages though the job is only for a fixed period. The workers who are more qualified and are older have more chances of getting the jobs since employers always prefer to appoint more matured as well as experienced people to perform the task. Those who perform exceedingly well in the contract jobs are likely to become the most favorite candidates for the permanent positions in the company which may come up at any time.

Hence contract employment enables the workers to easily get selected for the permanent positions in the company. Once the contract job is over in a particular company, the workers go back to the recruiting agency which will be immediately sending them to another company for taking up a new contract assignment. In this way, not only the workers get regular work but also valuable experience of working in different places and in different working conditions. The work-related expenses of contract workers will be less when compare to that of permanent employees.

Contract employment provides the workers the opportunity to show their performance to a number of employers and also they get work experience in different fields as well as industries. The result achieved by the contract employee is the most important aspect of contract based jobs. Contract workers are immune to rivalry at the work-place and they need not get involved in the politics which is very common in workplaces.


Other aspects to consider

The contract based jobs may not be suitable to all. In contract jobs, one has to work for different employers frequently and as a result in each job the contract employee has to impress a different person. Unless the employer is impressed with the performance, he will not hire the employee for another project in future. Hence, for the contract worker, each job is a test to assess his efficiency and skill. For those who are not prepared to take up this type of challenges, contract job may not be suitable.

Since the contract employees are going to be in the company only for a limited period, the permanent employees may not be willing to consider them as equals and to share information with them.  Contract employees are not entitled to extra benefits like casual leave, vacation pay, allowances and pension.