clerical jobs

The Two Sides of Office Jobs

Those who take up clerical jobs are required to work at a fixed location of the organization and they have to perform the day-to-day duties under the supervision of the officer in charge of the section or department. The entire work will be distributed among a group of employees who are entitled to receive a fixed monthly salary and other benefits as per rules of the organization.


This type of job enables the employees to lead a comfortable life and maintain a decent standard of living. However, various studies and surveys reveal that the clerical jobs have its advantages as well as disadvantages. While considering some of the aspects we find that it is a comfortable and promising job. However, many people are of the opinion that this type of job has many disadvantages also. While some people find that working as a clerk in an office is interesting, comfortable and easy others are of the opinion that in this job one has to face various problem also.

Advantages of office jobs

One of the most interesting aspects of clerical jobs is that it is highly educating in nature. The job provides the incumbents opportunities on daily basis to learn many new things in one’s career as well as life. The individual who takes up the office job becomes a well experienced as well as well behaved person within a few years. The rich experience that people are able to gain from clerical jobs enables them to climb up the ladder and reach higher positions in the organization. Their experience makes them more responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable. When their knowledge expands they become more creative and become capable of using new methods and techniques to get better results. As a result of acquiring new skills they become capable of accepting new challenges.


The office environment teaches them how to behave in front of other people. They come to know how to build up relationships and also to maintain the relationships. They also learn how to impress other people and with the professional approach they establish their reputation.

Since those who are in clerical jobs have to work according to a fixed time schedule, they quickly acquire the skills for proper time management. They realize the importance of maintaining punctuality. The office environment and the job make them disciplined. The job in the office provides them good exposure to the business carried out by the organization. Since they have to manage important files pertaining to various business transactions, they have the opportunity to learn a lot about the organization, the business and the market. The office staff also has the opportunity to meet many people like vendors, contractors, government officials and other visitors.

Disadvantages of office jobs

Just like all other jobs, the office jobs also have some disadvantages. Hours of work every day at the desk makes a person lazy and may tempt him to have a sedentary lifestyle. Besides straining the eyes, neck and back, the office job can cause obesity also. Those who take up office jobs are required to view the computer screen for hours daily and as a result their eye vision gets affected and ultimately they have to wear specs. Secret rivalry and monotonous way of working may sometimes lead to problems in relationships. Unless it is a large organization, those who are in the office jobs are paid less.