The Advantages of Good Grammar in the Workplace

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3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements

Top 3 Most Exciting Medical Advancements of the 21st Century

So far, the 21st century has brought a number of tragedies to the world, such as the devastating attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the economic crisis of 2008, but the past decade has not been entirely grim. In fact, the medical field has produced an astonishing number of advancements since 2000 that have already improved many lives. The following major medical breakthroughs show that working today in the healthcare industry has never been more exciting.

The Human Genome Project

Scientists involved with the Human Genome Project kicked off the new millennium by announcing the completion of an early map of human DNA. The U.S. government-funded project, which began in 1990, has revolutionized the field of genetic research by providing an indispensable gene database that scientists around the world can use for their own research.

Already, the project has led to a number of fruitful discoveries regarding the structure of human DNA and its origin. For example, geneticists can pinpoint the prehistoric origin of diseases by tracing the migration of minor gene variations between human populations. Not only does this enable people to learn more about their family susceptibility to certain diseases, but it will also allow drug manufacturers to design products tailor-made for an individual’s genetic makeup.

Stem Cell Research

The past decade has also brought many advances in stem cell research, especially when it comes to the method used to harvest them. Initially, viable stem cells could only be harvested from embryos that would be destroyed during the process. This has led to a great deal of ethical debate that has prompted governments to impose numerous restrictions that have slowed research progress.

Today, however, research organizations have discovered more ethically sound ways to harvest viable stem cells. One recent example involves scientists from the University of Central Florida, who have been able to transform umbilical cord stem cells into oligodendrocytes, the brain cells responsible for producing the insulating material needed for nerve cells to conduct electrical impulses. These findings represent a huge step in developing a cure for spinal cord injuries and debilitating nervous diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Nanotechnology is no longer the stuff of science fiction, as it is now being used by the medical field to create more sophisticated delivery systems for drugs, vaccines and other substances. Unlike more traditional delivery systems, these molecule-sized nanoparticles target specific cells, which enable them to provide an effective dose in much smaller quantities.

One of the most promising examples of nanotechnology, for instance, is currently under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using mice infected with malaria, scientists and engineers have designed a fatty molecule to provoke an immunological response similar to the harmless viruses used in traditional vaccines. Not only could these virus-free vaccines lead to safer immunizations, but they could also provide an answer to diseases (such as HIV) where the virus cannot be rendered harmless.

These examples are only a few of the many major inroads that the medical field has made over the past decade when it comes to treating diseases and other debilitating conditions. Every branch of the healthcare industry, from medical assistant training schools to research and development organizations, should expect to see significant changes resulting from these discoveries over the course of this century. By starting a career in healthcare today, you can be a part of this exciting future.


Brandi Tolleson is a prolific and dynamic freelance writer who covers topics from healthcare to entertainment.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/02/2012

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Interview with HgvTrainingCentre

Interview with HgvTrainingCentre


HGV Driver Training Centre is known for delivering the highest standard of HGV training, Driver CPC and HGV jobs.hgvtrainingcentre

Some facts:

  • Silver Associates of the RHA (Road Haulage Association)
  • Members of the FTA (Freight Transport Association)
  • Highest pass rates in the UK
  • RHA Direct Access Course

So, here we got a chance to speak with HgvTrainingCentre


Jobisite : Thanks for your time. Can you tell about HGV Driver Training Centre?

HgvTrainingCentre : HGV Driver Training Centre offers best HGV Driver Training and it has access to the very best HGV training locations throughout the UK.

All of our instructors and vehicles are regularly checked for quality so that the trainee can train with 100% confidence.


Jobisite : What are the courses offered by HgvTrainingCentre?

HgvTrainingCentre : We offer various HGV training courses. Most popular are CAT C1 LICENCE, CAT C1+E LICENCE, CAT C LICENCE and CAT C+E LICENCE


Jobisite : What are the Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) that are offered.?

HgvTrainingCentre : There are 3 different Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) that are offered.

Drivers CPCP initial qualification, mainly required if you are under 21 years.

Periodic CPC training, which is to be completed after the Initial Qualification and is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure it’s done.

Operators CPC training, which is required if you operate a goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in weight.


Jobisite : Do you help in recruitment?

HgvTrainingCentre : Yes, one can easily upload their resume in our recruitment site and browse through our vast library of jobs in your area.

They also get useful hints & tips for writing covering letters, interview techniques and much more.


We at HgvTrainingCentre regularly inspected schools and test centers for quality checks.

Anyone can get in touch with us from our website: HgvTrainingCentre for information or quote about HGV Trainings



Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2017

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9 Strategies to generate traffic for your website.

As a marketer or business owner the very first thing that comes to your mind is “customers”. If your business is online then you always make strategies how to grab the attention of visitors and attract more customers to your site. There are different ways by which you can generate traffic for your website. let’s discuss them.


generate traffic
when you want to engage people and drive traffic to your website, you need to advertise your brand. You can do it by paid search, by social media advertising. If you are hoping to generate traffic as well as sales for your business you need to focus on commercial keywords. Adjust your paid strategy according to your goals.

2) socialize through social media icons–

generate traffic
Writing a blog with a good content is not enough. To generate traffic it is important to share it with people by means of social media. By using different social media channels you need to promote your content to the target audience so that they can read your content and find it informative and share it with other people. If you want to share some articles or some tempting links you can go on Twitter and if wants to share your website images or videos you can do it with social channels like Instagram or Pinterest.

3) Compelling Headline–

generate traffic
Without a compelling headline, nobody is interested in reading your blog. Therefore Headlines are the most important part of your content.If your headline is unique and contains long tail keywords then everyone attracts toward your blog and wants to read it. In addition to this optimization will be good and your content will be in good ranking that drives traffic to your website.


4) Focus on social optimization–

If the readability of your blog is good then the search engine will optimize your content ranking. You can do it by paying attention to on -page SEO.  Try to make most of the image alt text.Creating internal links and focus on meta descriptions. This will boost your website traffic.


5) Start guest blogging–

These days most of the people post their content on other blogs, try to invite more and more people to share their content on your website, it will bring new readers to your site. Just be sure that the content they are sharing will be of high quality and original. beware of spam because this will decrease traffic on your site. If people find spammy content on your website then nobody will share and degrade your website image.


6) Share your content on LinkedIn–

Linkedin is one of the best professional platforms where you interact with the new people and find many opportunities to get a job. Try to share your content on LinkedIn in daily basis that will help you to grow your name within the industry and if people find your content informative they will share it on their LinkedIn profiles that will automatically generate traffic to your website.


7) Email marketing–

Like content marketing or social media marketing, you can also generate traffic through email marketing.Don’t bombard people with your irrelevant emails. Try to send friendly update email of your new services to your existing customers.


8) Mobile friendly  —

generate traffic

Always remember it’s not necessary that the customer open your website at home only, maybe he is in bus, market or at the train station, therefore, your website should be mobile friendly and easily viewable from any place. Make sure your web page is technically optimized so that it will not take more time to upload.


9) Track your google analytics–

generate traffic

Your google analytics will show your efforts. Before start with promotions and growing business for your website look at your google analytics and set some goals to increase your targets. Pay more attention to page per visit, page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, average time, a source of traffic and exit pages. while paying attention to this analytics you know where you need to put more effort and apply new strategies to generate more traffic.


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Why Recruiters Don’t Call You Back?


Candidates who had gone through the interview process, have a right to know whether they are chosen for the job or not, if not they expect some explanation. It is noticed that most of the students feel grateful to get feedback about their resume content, what skills they lack, what things they need to improve and some post-interview performing tips. According to some recruiters to tell the job-seeker that they are not eligible for the job offer is not an easy task. Here we can discuss the reasons.


 why are recruiters not calling back?

1) sometimes you feel that you are qualified for the job, but the result is you will not get any feedback from the recruiters. Let’s take an example. there is a lot of candidates who are applying for the job, and you are quite lucky that you will get an interview call. Your interview had gone very well and you are expected the job offer but after someday you will not get any response, behind this there are many reasons .. it include might be the other candidate who is also qualified for the job agree to do job with less salary, or there may be some other reason like while interview if you mention that you have multiple jobs offers that also prevent recruiters from responding.

2) Many jobs offer demands relocation. During the interview, if you say the chances of relocation are low or you need to think about it or in some case if you say you are ready to relocate to the new place for the job but you need more salary are the reasons which make recruiter rethink and prevent to respond back.


3) Most of the time there are a number of applicants for the job and notify everyone becomes impossible. Due to the large volume of candidates applying for the same job it becomes difficult for the recruiters to review every submission results not getting a personal response.

4) Before going for an interview check your resume with multiple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you don’t do that recruiter while reading your resume feel that you are careless and not invest any time and effort for the application and resume preparation. This leads to rejection chances and you will not hear back from the recruiters. To overcome this issue get the second opinion like ask your friend to check your resume for mistakes or you can also use some apps that can automatically correct your grammatic mistakes.

5) Many companies while posting job offer they mention” must” factor. It means they ask you that for this job you must have X experience. But you ignore this section and apply for the job results in rejection because you don’t have the experience which company wants and they put your resume in the spam folder.


6) Sometimes due to last minute budget change, company eliminates the job posting before it’s even filled. This is also the reason that you will not hear back.

7) As we know recruiters job is not that easy. They remain busy, that they are not able to take time from their busy schedule to call and communicate with you despite having good intentions.Never feel bad if they don’t call you back after the interview, wait for 1-2 weeks and then follow up or send email to check.

8) Sometimes the fault is not yours. they lose your application form before even looking at it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s stuck in the tracking system or due to some staff negligence it lost, results in no response.

9) During a job interview, if the recruiter asks you about any plans for a holiday in a couple of months, and if you do have, then probably you will not hear back.

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How Resume Tips Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

resume tips

Before talking about resume tips. I think we should discuss what is resume? ” Resume” sometimes also known as CV (Curriculum Vitae) right? Technically these both terms have little difference.Resume describe as a shorter account of your educational and professional history whereas CV refers to your professional awards, accomplishments, and recognitions in more depth.
We can describe resume as a written document which relates your work history. Resume defines your first impression on the hiring manager.Based on this resume he or she will decide whether you will eligible for the interview or not.Therefore while applying for a job your resume include your education, qualifications, your skills, experiences and moreover your accomplishments. During the job interview, it also matters how qualified and how good you are, but at the same time if your resume is not well written or poorly presentable then you will
find trouble in getting a job.

Therefore take time while preparing your resume as this resume will decide whether you get interview call or not. While writing resume certain things always keep in mind.
*what is the purpose of the resume?
* what you should include in your resume?
*what your resume should not include?
* What is the format of the resume?
while keeping these things in mind here are some tips that will help you to make your resume well written and presentable in front of the hiring manager or the employer….

1) Appropriate Text–

resume tips
The very first thing when an employer sees your resume its “text”. Therefore for a good impression, you should use professional Fonts.Sans serif fonts are the popular one but you can also use Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica to use in your resume.Never try a special character or Font in the text of your resume try to write in a common format. Instead of using multiple fonts try to use bold or italic selection for the text. Make sure use more white space and avoid fancy or small fonts.

2) Work on Layout style–

resume tips
As we know there are generally three formats of writing resume.. chronological, functional and combination resumes. Therefore always work on what type of job you are applying and according to your work history choose your layout style.
Chronological resumes are used when someone wants to show their career path or want to describe their growth in a particular field over time.
Functional resumes are mainly written when someone needs to focus on their skills and experiences.
Combination resumes are the combination of both a chronological and a functional resume. With this type of resume, you can show your skills while working in a different variety of fields.

3) Write Best points–

resume tips
A   Resume is a marketing tool, you need to demonstrate it.Resume describes your first impression. therefore make sure you should write your best skills and experiences and reward on the top list. The most important thing is to provide useful and correct information. For example, if your experience or education history is not that relevant for the job try to put it in the end. Try to tailor your resume in such a manner that it shows how your experience meets the requirements of the job

4) Contact information–

resume tips       It’s not necessary to put home address anymore but you need to provide your phone number and your professional email id.Nowadays recruiters easily find you on the web like LinkedIn or Twitter, therefore make your social media profiles suitable for employers. Include your contact information in the header portion of your resume where it becomes prominent.

5) Strength and Skills–

Your resume includes at least 5-10 skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Don’t panic in case of no relevant experience, focus on your transferable skills, college internship programmes or academic projects along with the strong cover letter that shows why you are the ideal candidate for this job. Highlight if you have any volunteer experience.


6) Education–

If you are not the recent graduate, always mention your education information after your experience. try to show your higher level of education.Also, include your rewards you won during your school or college. Add some educational experience like training programs, seminars etc in your resume. Your education displays your knowledge and expertise, therefore, try to keep it simple.

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5 ways to get job by using LinkedIn

find job using linkedin

We can call LinkedIn as a platform where professionals set up their profile and build connections. Many of the hiring companies used LinkedIn to fill the open position in their company. Therefore it is important to make your LinkedIn profile more powerful so that its worth to review your profile before taking any hiring decision by the recruiters.

Therefore, first of all, we need to know how LinkedIn is different from other social media networking. As we know Facebook is a social networking site which is mainly about your identity and brand, in the form of the personal and business page.While Twitter is mainly about blogging where people generally publish their latest blogs. But LinkedIn is the only channel where you can make contacts with the people and the companies that can hire you. let’s discuss the ways by which LinkedIn help us to get a job.

** Make the attention-seeking LinkedIn profile-

You can do this by following these steps–

– you can customize your public profile URL. Customizing will help you to google search your name easily.
– write detail summary of your career that includes your skills and accomplishments.
– write an online resume.Most of the people only mention their current jobs but try to enlist the jobs that helped you to build your career.
– After your experience mention your education and you have a chance to write about endorsements.You can show your potential to the connections what you can do.
– Try to get more recommendations you can. because they not only reflect on your LinkedIn page but also on the page of recommendation writer and is shared by all his connections.
– Add the link to the websites that show your work and in case if you are dealing in sales you can link to the customers.
– Make connections. whenever you send request always add a personal note as it appears more influential and powerful to others.

** show your presence on Linkedin.

If you want that recruiters hire you through LinkedIn, you need to maintain a visible presence. You can do this by making comments and liking other posts. Try to share the photos, videos and some provocative stories that are related to your interests. If you are a blogger, you can write a blog on your LinkedIn page and share it with your connections. Send congratulation note to your connections on their birthdays, new positions, accomplishments, and job anniversary.

** Search for job openings that match your criteria.

As we know LinkedIn acts as a great platform for suggesting the companies that have job opening according to your skills.

** Join relevant groups

Join relevant groups and follow people who are connected to your career interest.After joining professional groups you can comment on various discussions, share your views which will help you to seek the attention of the recruiters. Make business conversations and share your goals and strategies.

** Follow-up companies

.                      You can take advantage of the LinkedIn where you can follow up the companies you want to do work. With this, you can automatically notify when a company posts some job openings and you can also get updates when someone joins the company or left the company.

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5 tricky Ways to find Jobs With No Experience.

job with no experience

whenever employer asks you about the experience it means he wants something different. As we know these days start-up level jobs also ask for 2-3 years of experience and this makes the candidates with zero experience get frustrated or irritated for not getting any job. But the main question is if nobody hires without any experience then how we gain experience? Therefore in order to break this scenario, we need skills which decreases the experience gap.

–Try to gain your own experience–

 job with no experience
As we all know that education is not experience and these days many employers think that the fresh graduates don’t have that skills which are required by the companies. Therefore in order to break that cycle, we need to gain our own experience.
for example — If you want to pursue your career as a writer but you don’t have any experience in that. start writing some blogs on regular basis with some freshen up content on your social media account. you can also share your blogs on LinkedIn ( which is a professional platform social site ) and connect with the recruiters. Nowadays there are many platforms where you can post free blogs. This will help you to gain experience on your own and if somebody likes it, they will offer you the job as a blogger for their website.

–Join internship–

 job with no experience
One of the best ways to step in job industry without no experience is to join as an intern. To work as an intern you need to do some research and target various companies which provide internship jobs. I personally join and seek to apply as an intern. You can join LinkedIn and connect with companies you are targeting and chat with the hiring person to inquire about an internship program. You can also use other channels like twitter and facebook for connecting.

–Gain credentials–

 job with no experience
first of all, pick your interest and then do some research and if you find that gain credentials in this field will help you to get your first job then definitely go for it.
for example. If you want to work in the computer field and you don’t have any experience in that try to gain some credentials so that you can show some skills or what you learn while applying for the job. In case if you don’t have any specialized experience gain some credentials so that you can stand out of the box.

— Join some volunteer work-

 job with no experience
Sometimes companies also hire if you have some volunteer experience. volunteer work enables you to gain some experience as well as learn at the same time.
for example – If you just completed your physiotherapy degree and you are not very confident that you can see the patient independently. therefore join as volunteer physio in health care and gain some experience and learn how to treat patients at the same time.
If you want to join some retail work but you don’t have any experience. Join the team for the volunteer work and gain some experience. At least with this, you can make contacts and step in the work industry. While working as a volunteer they see your confidence, teamwork spirit, and good customer skills which will help you to get the job offer from the same industry.

— Previous skills-

 job with no experience
sometimes you relocate to a new place and you are not able to find the job in your field and you plan to change your field, but you know without any experience nobody hires you. Therefore prefer that companies where your past experience skills can fit and you can join the new field.
let’s take an example previously if you worked as the head nurse but now you relocate to the new place and not able to find the job as a nurse. Therefore you decide to change your field so prefer to target that work where your skills like
– teamwork,
-work under pressure
-leadership qualities
-good communication skills matters.
In this way, you can change your field but your previous skills for the new job is counted and recruiters can hire you.
I hope these tips will help you to grab job without no experience. Good luck!

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How Phone Interviews Can Help You to get a job?

phone interview

When a company starts hiring they generally go through the phone interview and then face to face interview.

The reason behind phone interview??

Nowadays whenever company posts some job there is huge competition for that, because there may be plenty of the applicants are qualified for that job. Therefore it becomes difficult for the hiring manager to select the applicants only by their resume so they conduct the phone interview to see the personality and skills they are looking for their company.
when recruiter or hiring manager conducts phone interview they accomplish certain things in the candidate. with the help of phone interview, they check your phone skills. They need to sure whether you are good in making phone calls or not. During a phone interview, there is a mutual exchange of information. Therefore you have an opportunity to exchange your views and knowledge about the company that determines you to be interested in the job.

Preparations before the phone interview.

When you start applying for a job while sending your resume, you should prepare your mind that in the near future you will get a phone interview . Therefore certain thing you should keep in mind and brace yourself for the interview.
1)Google company-
To gain success in the phone interview it is important that you should know about the company and the job requirements.
During the phone interview recruiter might ask you about the company and if you confidently answer his questions and show interest that you know about the company goals and tell them your strategies to increase their goal requirements definitely increase your chances to get the job.
2) Make cheat sheet-
This is the main advantage in the phone interview that you can make the cheat sheet and keep it in front of you while giving the phone interview. In the cheat sheet mention your skills, experiences, your hobbies, and accomplishments so that when hiring manager will ask you about it, you don’t forget anything important.
3) practice is important-
It is obvious that you are nervous during the interview that makes your speech little slow and breaks, therefore before the interview gives a call to your friends and ask them to take interview on the phone and tell you where you need an improvement.This will help you to remain alert and confident during the phone interview.

How to answer during phone interview??

– whenever you are expecting a phone call always answer with your name. It looks professional and the person on the phone will impress with the way you talk. For instance, always answer like this is ________.
– the way you are talking reflects your body language, therefore it is important to talk confidently and with enthusiasm.
– During the phone interview you have very less time to share your skills and accomplishments, so be short and answer the questions very wisely and be honest.
– It is a good thing if you note some points which are being told by the hiring manager. They will help you in the face to face interview and put a good impression on the recruiter.
– Ask for follow-up. This demonstrates that you are interested in the job and you have paid attention during the interview.
– try to make a good impression and always end your call on the positive note. After the phone interview, send thank you email note and appreciate him taking time to talk to you.
These tips will help you how to stand out in a phone interview and help you to get job offer easily.

The common expected question during phone interview??

*Are you willing to relocate for this job?
*will you travel for this job?
*Why we will hire you? give a reason?
*Tell me your strategies to increase the company goals?
*If you are hired, when will be your availability?
Therefore, before interview prepare yourself with these expected questions so that during the interview you will not confuse and give an honest reply.



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Roles of Retail assistant you should know.

Just like any other jobs, retail jobs are very helpful, interactive and unique. Whenever we enter a store the very first person we see would be the retail assistant. If you are relocated to a new place and you find difficulty in finding a job in your field, you can start with the retail job to interact with the new people and survive into a new place. many retailer companies hire people with no experience in the entry-level position. If you have good customer skills, and fluent communication skills then its good choice for your career.


        Role of retail assistant–

The main and the important role of the retail assistant is to provide help, recommend products, give a satisfactory answer to the customers and attempt to increase the sales of the company for which he is employed. whenever the shop is open he must take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the shop. His role is to make the shop presentable for the customers. He should have knowledge of all the products in the shop they are selling and answerable to the questions asked by the customers. He should be responsible and helpful to the customer in any manner. He can analyze the stock and arrange the product which is in great demand and also stock the shelves with the new items.
The retail assistant has the duty to make the store presentable for the customer so that more and more visitors attracted to their store. he is always ready to listen to the complaints and knows how to calm down the situation and solve customer complaints. Sometimes the situation like theft happens retail assistant always ready to deal with the situation and knows what his next step will be.


       Skills required for good retail assistant–

The retail assistant has to perform various multi-tasking and organizational duties. he has to know how to perform well under fast paced environment without stress. Therefore there are certain skills that are must for good retail assistant.

1) customer skills–

customer skills
The primary duty of retail assistant is to interact with the customers in very good manner. he should satisfy the customer in such a way that when the customer leaves he will come back . retail assistant also has good customer skills so that he can attend customer phone calls and reply them via email.

2) balance schedules–

it’s quite obvious that every store can be busy therefore it is the duty of retail assistant to manage schedule and keep the flow balanced and organized.

3) flexible–

retail assistant

The retail assistant should be flexible to the challenges and knows how to respond in a stressful condition. whenever working as a retail assistant you should have teamwork capabilities and decision-making qualities.

4)smile on face–

Retail assistant
The retail assistant should be a type of person, who has the smile on his face whenever someone meets you.

5) show professionalism–

Proper attire, grooming, politeness in your voice are the good qualities possess by the retail assistant.

6) physically fit–

as you are working in a store as a retail assistant. sometime you may not be able to sit down during your shift. to cope with that situation you make sure to remain physically fit and pick comfortable shoes and garments.

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How Group Interviews Become the Best? Find Out

group interview


Hello, everyone… have you heard about group interviews. If YES..that means you are quite familiar with it..but if your answer is NO then this blog is for you. In today’s life everyone wants to be independent and live their own lifestyle but for that, you need a job right? These days many companies prefer group interviews for the hiring process.

   what is group interview?

Group interview means when multiple no of candidates interview by an employer at the same time. Many candidates like group interviews because in this you don’t have to say much and not everyone attention is on you.

  group interviews

Benefits of group interview?

Nowadays employers conduct group interviews because during group interview they can select some candidates who meet their job requirements in less time and the candidates who successfully pass the group interview will go for the one to one interview process.
Group interview helps to know each other. It includes multiple employers so that every job seeker efficiently introduce himself or herself to the person whom he/she will work in the future.

   Things to keep in mind before group interview?

whenever you are going for the group interview, there are certain points that will help you to become successful. here are the key points to remember.

1) know about the company–

During group interview sometimes an employer will ask you questions like.
– From where you heard about the company?
-why do you want to join this company?
– what will you do to increase company target?
– why will we hire you?give reason
In order to do well for these questions, you have to know about the company targets, and what are the benefits this company provide to their customers. If you know these things about the company during an interview this will make a good impression on the employer, that you search for the company and you are interested in this job.

2) Talk about your skills–

whenever you are in group interview be confident and keep 3-4 skills in mind that will help you to become successful. Tell the interviewer about your interests, hobbies, strategies for the company goals, good communication skills . with these points the interviewer may be impressed and will offer you the job.

3) Raise questions–

raise hand
Always come with 2-3 questions in your mind when you come for an interview. This will make you more focus and demonstrate that you have some knowledge about the company `and you are serious about the job.

4) Practice before going to the interview-

If you want success in the interview, rehearse yourself before going. stand in front of the mirror and practice, with this technique you become more confident and you know how you perform in front of the employer. you can take help of your friends and tell them to take your interview and give answers to them, they will tell you where you need to improve yourself. The most important thing is whatever you practice ..always speak loud and clear.

5) Bring copy of your resume–

Have a copy of your resume when going for an interview. This will impress the employer and in case if the employer misplaces your resume copy, you will give and save time. This shows you are a time saver and responsible person.

6) Be short and concise about the introduction-

group interview introduction
The very first question in an interview will be ” tell me about yourself ” well, you are in group interview so don’t have too much time to explain about your family or how many siblings do you have? Therefore, be short and explain your skills and share your experience and tell about your goals and strategies to fulfill the requirements of the company.

7) Appropriate body language-

well-dressed in business attire, eye contact, good posture, firm handshake with the employer, smiling face, confident and speaking clear are the main things you should care while attending the group interview.

group interview quote
I hope this blog will help you to know about group interviews and what are the things keep in mind before going for a group interview. I will be glad to know about your experiences in a group interview. Please share in the comments section below……

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Behavioral interviewing

How to get through the behavioral interviews?

Today, the methods of behavioral interviewing are followed by more number of employers to screen the candidates for various jobs and as a result now it is all the more important for job aspirants to learn how to perform well in this type of recruitments.


While the traditional methods for screening the candidates are not so predictive in nature, the new method of interviewing which is adopted by many employers is found highly predictive of future behavior of the candidate on the job. When compared to other methods of interviewing, behavioral interviewing is found more objective. This new interviewing method is very different in nature and it looks highly probing. The new method of interviewing makes the candidate to expose his true nature and in this method it is very difficult to hide the truth. In this method it is very difficult or even impossible for the candidate to give answer just for the purpose of impressing the employer. From the answers given by the candidate the employer will identify the specific aspects of the candidate’s behavior.

Preparing for the interview

Behavioral interviewing is aimed to identify the experiences as well as behaviors of the candidate so as to decide whether he or she will be successful in a particular job in future. The interviewer will try to find out whether the candidate has the professional experience, capabilities, skills, behaviors and aptitude that are required for the particular position.

Behavioral interviewing enables the interviewer to assess the candidate on the basis of a set of characteristics that includes professionalism, self-confidence, critical thinking, leadership qualities, willingness to participate in teamwork, self-starter qualities, willingness to learn as well as travel and various other characteristics. Pointed questions will be asked to find out whether the candidates possess the qualities that are essential for the particular job. The rating system is used by many employers nowadays to evaluate the candidates.

The candidates are expected to give thorough answers. By way of knowing the types of skills that are required for the particular job, the candidate can prepare well for the interview. In order to find out the particular kinds of behaviors that the company requires, the candidate should research and gather maximum information about the company and also should discuss with people who are already employed by the same company.

Describe situations with apt examples

In behavioral interviewing, the candidates should avoid giving answers in general terms since the interviewer will be expecting specific and detailed answers. While speaking about a particular situation the candidate should provide a brief description and then highlight the action taken by the candidate that facilitated a positive outcome. The candidate should frame his answer in three different parts – task, action plan and outcome. The candidate can present his answer in the form of a story with apt examples. However, since a variety of questions can be asked in this type of interviews, it is not easy to prepare for the same.

The candidate can be equipped with a few stories that can be presented as the answers to various questions about behaviors. The candidate can prepare in advance a set of apt examples if he could find out the kind of questions that are going to be asked in the interview. The examples may be taken from his internships, previous jobs, school projects, team activities, community services, hobbies or any other activities.

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/01/2017

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Tips for preparing an interview with recruiter

In today’s market interview  with the recruiter’s is one of the most difficult task, especially when the companies have recruiter’s expertise to match candidates for their companies. so whenever you meet with the recruiter, arrive little bit early and always show your best skills. Some of the basic tips you have to follow while preparing an interview  with the recruiter..

1) Get informed about company–

First of all, research for the company and their specialty areas. Find out whether your skills meet their requirements or not.Then check if the company or agency handles what kind of placement e.g. temporary  full time or freelance, so that you can manage your expectations.

2) Research the recruiter–

You can learn about them on linked in,  most of them are listed on it. Try to review the specialties of the recruiter and be prepared before you go in.

3) Dress–

As we all know ” FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” so , always present yourself as you meet a potential employer. Wear a suit or professional outfit. Your presentation is one of the important factor to get a job.

4) Bring copy of resume–

Always bring clean copy of your resume. Many people assume that recruiter will print copy of their resume and have it ready  at the interview. Do not assume and always keep a copy of your resume with you.

5) Timing–

Try to arrive 15-20 minutes early, not more than that because staffing agency is not a waiting room. If you are late or need to reschedule  , you must call your recruiter.


Most of the recruiters ask unusual questions with hope that you will respond quickly  ,directly and they will know more about you. so ,anything you tell recruiter will contain some information .


Article publié pour la première fois le 25/02/2013

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Top summer job skills on your resume..

summer job skills

Even if you have only summer or part time jobs, your resume should be such that it attracts any employer. In that resume you not only reveals the skills that you performed, but also mention what you can bring to the company if you have full time job.  Here are some common skills which employers are looking for–

summer job skills

1) Good communication skills__

In order to give presentation or interact with a client, you have good communication skills. You can make sure that while written or express yourself you are very clear and accurate. This will help you to run things more smoothly within office and you also put good impression on your colleagues or clients.

2) Strong work ethic___

You are always motivated and positive towards your job. always try to do your best in the job. If other workers need your help, always try to help them. highlight such type of skill on your resume.

3) Technical skills___

If you learnt new software or computer language, list those skills on your resume. Some jobs demand specialized skills so you should mention your computer skills on your resume.

4) Team work skills___

If you have an ability to work well within group, it might be impressive. If your job required you to work in a team, mention your team work skills on your resume. Experienced team player helps the project to move faster and make it interesting for others. If you have any volunteer experience highlight that also.

5) Creativity___

Try to think creative, no matter where you are or what position you hold. A list of successes on your resume tells your employer that you have skills for bigger things.

6) Work well under pressure___

Never lose hope during stress. Try to focus on your work and do your best. Take rest and remain calm. Mention on your resume that you have an ability to work well in stress.

7) Time management___
Sometime you have to handle more project at a time. In that situation you have to work hard and try to manage your work in time. put on your resume that you have a potential to do bigger projects .

8) Research and information gathering skills___

Every company needs people who know how to research and gather information from others. You will help your company to gather information for upcoming articles or projects. Highlight these skills on your resume.

9) Self confident___

Try to believe on yourself that you can do it. While during project always stay calm and inspire confidence from your manager .

10) Ability to learn from criticism___

Try to handle criticism. Be positive and calm towards your work.

11) Adaptability____

Always adapt yourself according to the situation. If you get any challenge , think on it, adapt yourself according to that and try to solve it. Always be open to new ideas.


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Montezuma’s Revenge Covers More Than Just Travel Only to Mexico

Montezuma’s Revenge Covers More Than Just Travel Only to Mexico

It seems that mankind is wanderlust.  Even with high fuel surcharges for air travel in 2012 people seem to be traveling and traveling abroad more and more. Although pleasurable, traveling to different countries also pose high probability of contracting diseases. Thus it is important that we prepare ourselves before we take off. First aid kits and travel medicines can provide the solution for this.


Buy or Prepare a Basic First Aid Kit:


Get the readily purchasable first aid kits or take the time to personally prepare one for yourself. Bring along all the medication that you take-in in a regular basis. However check if your meds are permitted in the country destination and do not require actual doctor’s authorization and documentation. It is also wise to invest extra dollar on travel insurance that can come very handy in case you contract infection during your trip.

Traveling Off the Beaten Track – Make an Appointment With a Travel Medical Officer:


Developing countries can offer a lot of health hazards. It is therefore important that we set an appointment with a travel medicine expert that can assess the possible health risks and create essential counter. To ensure appropriate work against health risks is enforced for you, visit travel expert around 21 to 32 days before your travel date. This gives an ample time for your immune system to be boosted and well-prepared against certain disease agents.


Which Vaccines Are Necessary For Your Specific Travels:


To boost your immune system and make it work against specific pathogens, immunization is carried out. The usual vaccines recommended by experts to tourists are Hepa A and typhoid. Yellow fever vaccine on the other hand is among the mandatory vaccines for people who are planning to enter South America and sub-Saharan Africa.


Tropical Countries – Think Malaria Prevention:


Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases in tropics and it is increasing in frequency in the past few years. That should make you think twice when planning to visit tropical countries. This disease can lead to complications in the kidney, lungs and livers that can kill the infected individual if not properly treated. No effective vaccine has been developed against malaria however this can easily by avoided. The disease is acquired through mosquito bite so keeping away from mosquito bite can also keep you away from malaria. The use of repellants, mosquito nets and long sleeved tops and pants especially during the sunset can effectively shun one from infection. Prophylactic medication is available too which can be discussed more effectively by travel medicine expert.


Traveler’s Diarrhea or Montezuma’s Revenge – Not Only in Mexico:


Traveler’s diarrhea is obviously a disease contracted by tourists during their trip. This is acquired through ingestion of virus, bacteria or protozoan contaminated food and drinks.  Thus this can be successfully prevented by taking only bottled or purified water and sanitarily prepared food. Symptoms of this disease can range from mild to severe and last only for several days despite no medication. However you can take in loperamide to aid in the healing process thus shortening the duration of the disease. If the symptoms do not stop after several days and you are already having bloody stool it is better to consult a doctor.


Consult Your Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist & Other Health Care Providers:


Preparing for a health risk free trip is easy as long as you take advices of the right people like your doctor, pharmacist and travel medicine expert.  Another option is you can log on to any travel medicine website which can also provide wide-ranging information for health secured travel.



Laura Morelos

Laura is an experienced & competent medical /dental vacation organizer as well as being fluent in the concepts and logistics of medical tourism with a specialty in medical tourism travels to Cancun Mexico
Being bilingual in both Spanish & English languages has its benefits

Laura can locate for you an English speaking Cancun dentista or alternatively provide riki reflexology beachside in Cancun , Playa del Carmen and indeed the whole Mexican Rivera in either the English or Spanish languages

Laura es un organizador de vacaciones con experiencia y competente médico / dental, además de ser fluido en los conceptos y la logística de turismo médico con una especialidad en turismo médico viaja a Cancún, México
Ser bilingüe en ambos idiomas, Inglés y Español tiene sus beneficios

Laura puede encontrar para usted uno de habla Inglés Cancún dentista o, alternativamente, dar riki junto a la playa de reflexología en Cancún, Playa del Carmen y de hecho toda la Rivera Mexicana, ya sea en los idiomas inglés o español

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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